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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 3, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ >> right now on fox 29, flooding at the jersey shore and a new threat is just hours away. looking live at sea isle city it is a windy and rainy evening. flooding is closing streets as you can see right there and the next high tide is expected to bring more trouble. ocean city just one of the places that is seeing dangerous street flooding. high winds are a big big part of the problem and they're not expected to ease any time soon. hurricane joaquin pounding the bahamas. 130 miles per hour winds and flooding destroying homes and
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businesses tonight. joaquin isn't expected to make a direct hit on the united states. it is expected to go out to sea, but its impact will still be felt here along the east coast. good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. eighths chilly and wet friday night and the weekend well it could be a wild ride down at the shore. let's get right over to fox 29's meteorologist dave warren. dave. >> not much relief from the wind of the wind continues to increase. do you not normally see it lasting for like five days persist at the present time northeast whipped. each high tide gets higher. still some rain come through the area a little break so that steady heavy rain everywhere today. that will be clearing out. it's pushing to the north now. this is the last of this heaviest band of the next hour or so. this will slide through philadelphia pushing through northern new jersey. needed rain warranted drought little too much at once here. we actually set a record in philadelphia for the daily rainfall today. here it is and there it goes. starting to see a break up a little bit. look for a few showers tomorrow.
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but not a solid area of steady rain this is by tomorrow morning. just some light green and clouds around so a few breaks in those rain showers. no relief from the wind unfortunately. do not want to see this wind continue to gust 40 to 50 miles an hour along the coast. maybe 20 to 35 miles an hour here inland and that piles that water up. so the coastal flood warning continues all the way through sunday. high tide along the coast right about now here within the next hour. a little later in the back bays tonight. and again tomorrow about 12:45. another threat for a coastal flood inland there along the tidal sessions second of the delaware the afternoon high tide at 6:44. at stone harbor low tide now but each high tide gets higher and higher. there is major coastal flooding expected here again and this is just with the next high tide. you have to get through the weekend that black line is the record tide height set during hurricane sandy. scenes like this likely this
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will continue here all weekend because that wind continues to gust. now the hurricane the latest track coming into oppilate date at 11:00 o'clock liking being farther out to sea. 8:00 o'clock advisory still a category three storm but the storm expected to turn to the northeast so by sunday and monday moving rapidly into the north atlantic. now eventually we'll start to dry out here. in the seven day forecast we'll see what that means for our temperatures. that's coming up a little bit later. >> look forward to that, thank you dave. fortunately for us it looks like we won't see the worst of joaquin will bring don't tell that to the folks ceiling seeing a whole lot of water at the jersey shore. shawnette it feels like the big storm is already there even though it's not. >> reporter: you know what, dawn, i confirm exactly what dave said. the wind is a huge problem out here right now. but again talalking about the weather conditions earlier, high tide as you mentioned isn't early morning. but take a look behind me. you can see flooding has been a problem here all evening.
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residents expect this will get worse as we move through the night into the morning. >> started seeing fish floating cross my windshield time for me to stop. >> mario and his wife christina are trying to keep a sense of humor as they tread through flood waters. others stopped short and turned around. >> we didn't think it would be this bad. >> jim mccullough watched from his front porch on landis avenue in sea isle city as high wind and high rain made it tough to be outside. >> usually this street doesn't get flooded up and down it gets flooded on the corners. >> reporter: earlier reports hurricane joaquin could wreak havoc on the jersey shore changed now that its track is projected to remain at sea. >> we're just glad it's not hurricane. we don't have to evacuate. it's good. >> reporter: still coastal flooding remains threat here. >> it was further up the street and it started to come up the driveway. we moved the cars back. >> the bad weather couldn't have come at a worst time for linda and newt mcneil. >> we're here for wedding and
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she was sound are count owing an beach wedding tomorrow. terrible. >> trying to make the best of that are visit here from downingtown. they were forced to park the car and walk through rising water to make it to the rehearsal dinner. >> flooding conditions it's just incredible. moo husband tried to drive up the street when he to turn around. had to turn around on landis. it's just awful. >> reporter: back here live. it is awful. i don't know whether to hold on to my hat, my hood or my body the wind is whipping so strong out here. but again flooding is the major problem out here along with the wind. also, we spoke to couple who said they went down to the beach. they said it doesn't look good there. and a beach replenishment project was just completed not too long ago. chris? >> all right, a lot more of the same about 10 miles north of where shawnette is right now. high winds heavy rain rains kicg up monster waves in ocean city. some folks brave enough to venture outside. they had to shelter under music pier. up undown the boardwalk
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businesses are closed. residents aren't seeing direct impact from joaquin but they're still dealing with effects from other nasty weather. >> we're lifting everything up in the garages that's for sure. >> reporter: get stuff up to higher ground. >> yes, we are. i wouldn't drive through this at all. >> this is horrible. >> reporter: despite all this weather that's rolled through most of atlantic city electric customers and cape may county still have power tonight. to a developing story now. our first look at a man police say is a suspect in the rape and robbery of a temple university student earlier this week. he was caught on video just prior to the attack. fox 29's brad sattin is here. brad, this man could be a part of a larger crime spree? that's what investigators are saying? >> they are, dawn. getting pretty serious here. we can physical that you. this apparently case has been upgraded from robbery now to rape. police really need to get him off the street. they will do feel someone out there will recognize him. >> we believe this is our suspect. >> reporter: this video taken monday from broad street subway
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line near broad and erie. showing the man police are calling a suspect. recorded just prior to the rape and robbery of a temple university student around 11:15 monday night. the young woman was headed home from the library when she heard a man approach from behind on the 1400 block of carlisle street where many students live off campus. police say the man hit her in the arm with a small silver handgun. pushed her against the wall hyped a dumpster and sexually assaulted her. >> this is our suspect. this particular crime. he has yet unidentified. we're asking the public to help us to identify this mail, to let us know where he might be. >> reporter: police say the man may be tied to other robberies at gun point in the same area. there were four around here just last weekend. 18-year-old has been arrested but police believe someone else is still out there. as you can see police describe him as man in his 20s about 6 feet tall with a goatee
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wearing a gray baseball cap turned around and a dark colored vest and blue jeans. >> someone knows this male. >> reporter: and as you saw that video certainly clear enough police think someone nose exactly who he is and in fact after we even did -- put that video out at 6:00 o'clock someone called us saying they knew who he was. we of course then directed that call to police. they do think they'll get him, dawn. >> hopefully that will be soon. thank you brad. a man in police custody tonight accused of inn pro yetly touching female students in campus residence at rider university. lawrence township police say in the past month two women have woken up to find a man touching them in another incident at sorority house unknown man was seen walking around in a hallw hallway. no word on the charge that is man is facing. former eagles wide receiving irving fryar will spend the next five years in prison a judge handing down that sentence today for his role in mortgage scam. fryar and his mother were convicted in august of applying for multiple mortgage loans while using the same property as
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collateral. the former pro bowl receiver says he was the victim of a con artist who told him to carry out scheme. fryar's 74-year-old mother was sentenced three years probation. tonight new details about the massacre at an oregon community college as we hear from fox's dan springer calls for change are even coming from the white house. >> reporter: president obama ordered flags around the nation to be thrown at half staff in honor of those murdered at a community college in oregon. the president talked about what it will take to end this form of violence. >> when it comes to reaching every diss affected young man, 99% of -- 99-point 9% of whom will hopefully grow out of it, i don't think that there's a silver bullet. >> reporter: death toll stands at nine. body count could have been much hire had it not been for one student. 30-year-old chris minutes reportedly tried to stop the gunman from getting into a classroom. minutes says he was shot three
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times. when he pleaded for his life by telling the gunman not to kill him on his son's birthday he was shot at least two more times. he is expected to recover. >> president obama says there's not something inn hernialy wrong with americans. >> no sense somehow this is -- it's something in the american character which is creating this. levels of violence are on par between the united states and other advanced countries. what is different is homicide rates. and gun violence rates. >> reporter: in an odd twist of fate, one of the three americans hailed as a hero for stopping terrorist attack on a french train in august is a student at the college and would have been on can campus. 22-year-old alex scar lot toes was on the set of dancing with the stars. when asked if he would have attempted to stop the gunman he said i would have tried. in roseberg, oregon dan springer, fox news. >> a local cold case contracted how detectives tracked down a young girl killer 30 years later and secrets they were forced to keep from her grieving family.
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>> punches on a public bus. a vicious fight captured on cell phone video. there are plenty of witnesses but most did nothing to help. the shocking thing they did instead. and she ordered a toy sword for her child but ended up with something very dangerous. what showed up on this mom's doorstep that she's glad did not end up in her child's hands. police new recruits on the job in philly. the valuable lessons department leaders say they're learning on the valuable lessons department leaders say they're learning on the streets right now. mirrors. they show us all our problem areas...
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♪ a break in a 31-year-old cold case. 14-year-old barbara rowan was murdered back in 19 eighty five 84 in bucks county and just today police announcing the arrest of her accused killers. fox 29's karen hepp tells us investigators never ever gave up. they were determined to try to find justice for whoever killed that little girl. >> reporter: free-year-old barbara rowan loved little children. she would spend time here at this trevose home watching her neighbor's little birl girl. police say it was the child's father george shaw who drugged barbara on august 3rd of 1984, aimed and killed her. her lifeless body was found 13 days later in the woods off of north river road by route 1. this man robert sander social security accused of helping dispose of her body. this week both suspects were arrested and charged. >> we don't quit on these cases if you've committed a homicide in bucks county look over your
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shoulder we're coming for you. >> reporter: all these years detectives have kept at this case trying to chip away at the suspects stories. interviewing and reinterviewing witnesses using wire tap an grand jury. vowing justice for barbara. >> if two people know a lie, somebody will break eventually and that's what happened. >> reporter: just last week, robert sanders finally confessed to grand jury admitting he helped to dump barbara's body after shaw killed her. >> i'm relieved. >> detective chris mcmullen finally broke the case. he had been work fog years and her family never knew. >> i didn't want to go to them and stir up old wounds if i had nothing new to tell them, so we waited. >> reporter: finally, yesterday investigators made the call that barbara's family had been waiting 31 years for. >> they were obviously i think a lot of emotions were going through their minds, but they were gracious and lovely people. >> reporter: police say shaw went on to rape again in fact he actually went to jail for raping
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a 69-year-old woman right after that. they think there could be more victims out there. if you have any information, please call investigators. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. a good samaritan steps up to break up a fight then gets robbed himself. it happened at a mini market on fifth street in olney earlier this morning. the victim's backpack was stolen after he tried to break up a scuffle in the parking lot. inside that backpack was the victim's laptop. if you know anything about this incident please call police. a pennsylvania state trooper killed in an ambush at his barrack last year will have interstate exit named after him. the blooming grove exit of i84 is now being dedicated to the memory of corporal brian dixon. there was a ceremony there this morning. the 38-year-old was killed when he and another trooper were ambushed a year ago outside the blooming grove barrack. dixon was a u.s. marine corps veteran leaving behind a wife and two sons.
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shooting suspect eric frein led police on a 48 day manhunt before u.s. marshals captured him. he has plead the not guilty. workers are preparing for the opening of south jersey's newest medical marijuana dispensary. more than 100 patients have selected compassionate sciences alternative treatment center ahead of the bellmawr facilities opening on monday. general manager says the dispensary prepared to serve 1800 patients. people eventually will be able to choose from two dozen medical marijuana strains. so far nearly 5300 patients have registered with the state's marijuana program. the newest members of the philadelphia police department and today they received their marches orders. fox 29's joanne pileggi was there as these new officers started their new beat. >> loyal and dedicated service. >> reporter: it's a new day an new start a dozen recent police academy grads getting their awards and assignments moving on moving up and moving out. >> one of the things we wanted
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to do to make our officers more aware of the community needs. >> reporter: after graduating from the academy, these new officers spent the last six months in philly's 19th district. >> we didn't just want to put them in a metal box and not have interaction with the community. >> reporter: part of their training the foot beat making sure police know their turf and better understand needs and response in the community where they work. >> biggest challenges when you first become a police officer is trying to get -- unthe area. people you're dealing with. not everyone comes from the same backgrounds, and there's barriers between us. you got to try to break those barriers. >> the constant trust we build with the community that's long lost of lasting. >> modern crime fighting and prevention strategies that police brass hope will go a long way for safer communities. the new officers enthusiastic about their new jobs. i love helping people and i want give back to the community. i always wanted to be a police
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officer and my dreams came true. everything just fell into place. >> the new officers going to five different police districts ready to protect and serve. in west fill, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. in a rare move the vatican comments on a controversy brewing here in the united states. what it these say about the pope's meeting with the county clerk who refused to issue same sex marriage licenses. plus, philadelphia parking, you know it can be a nightmare. but there's a new app that promises to mack it a breeze. how wade it works coming up. they look beautiful but experts say these stunning images of mut tow's moon includes surprises watch nasa is seeing in these pictures that it never expected. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening, everybody. busy weekend here in town. tomorrow we have the dragon boat ways races along the schuylkill river and the kelly drive. on sunday two big parades on the ben franklin parkway and then
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through the weekend septa will be shuttle busing along the media elwyn line between the media and elwyn stations and get ready for monday. they'll start a shuttle bus service midday all through the week on the lansdowne doylestown line between colmar and the doylestown station. we'll track the crazy weather bright and early tomorrow morning on fox 29 weekend.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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nasa is showing off stunning new images of pluto' moon karen. new images reveal what you could call a geologically violent past according to one expert it looks like the entire crust of the moon has been split open. scientists expected the moon to be flat. instead they found mountains, canyons and landslides. a controversial revelation just days after the pope's visit to the united states. >> tonight the vatican is scaling back the significance of a pontiff's meet wig kentucky clerk kim davis. you might remember davis went to jail instead of issuing certificates for same sex marriages in her state, and days ago, we learned that she was granted an audience with pope francis when he was in the united states. but today the holy see took the unusual step of issuing a
3:23 am
statement to put distance between the pope and the controversial kentucky clerk. their meeting is being characterized as a casual encounter, not an endorse many of her cause. >> he shook people's hands and gave those them rosary. we understand it at that. in terms of why this person was indicted you have to ask those questions of the nuns cher. also learning pope francis met with an openly gay couple during his united states tour one of those men is a former student of the pontiff. a shake up in president obama's cabinet. secretary education arnie duncan is stepping down. duncan one of obama's original cabinet members. he served as education secretary for nearly seven years and even shares the president's hometown of chicago. president obama says duncan is moving back to chicago to be with his family. duncan will leave his post in december. the president is asking deputy secretary john king to replace arnie duncan. two of the world's biggest food and beverage companies are asking fifa's president to step down.
3:24 am
a weeing a swiss authorities placed seth bladder under criminal investigation it's all tied to corruption scandals within the fee at a world cup organization. well tonight both mcdonald's and coca-cola say it's in their best interest if he walked away. lawyers have already said he has no intentions of giving up his position. mcdonald's is a world cup sponsor and coke is a marketing partner for fifa. anheuser-busch and visa among the other companies calling for his resignation. >> cargo ship caught in the path of hurricane joaquin is suddenly missing. the desperate search on the high seas next. >> apple wants to put a ring on it. first the apple watch. hear what else the tech giant has planned for your hand coming up. >> dave. >> we lied to break up with his weather pattern here it will persist this weekend. winds continue to gust close to 40 miles an hour. that continues causing more
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>> you are looking live at the ben franklin parkway. it is very wet, very windy day
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in center city almost 2-inches of rain fell today and testimony temperature never left the 50s and that wind and rain also causing problems down the shore. fox 29 viewer sending in this flooding video in north wildwo wildwood. more coastal flooding. lots of beach erosion expected with the next high tide in just a few hours. >> hurricane joaquin does continue to batter the bahamas he's expected to move out to sea away from the east coast of the united states but new jersey and delaware shore towns feeling the impact. they will all weekend long. meteorologist dave warren with new information about joaquin in just minutes. and now to a essential right inside that hurricane. >> the us coast guard is trying to find a loft cargo ship caught in that storm. the crew of the he will farrow reported thursday that it had lost power and had been taking on water but that flooding had been contain. however, the coast guard says it has been unable to re-establish contact with that ship which has 33 people on board.
3:29 am
>> so the concern they became disabled right in the vicinity of the eye of joaquin. so they were in very dangerous situation. they were disable. we knew they were listing. all day yesterday we tried to establish communications with them. we have not been able to do th that. >> coast guard crews will remain on scene and will continue search efforts friday -- by friday both by air and sea he will farrow the big ship was carrying nearly 300 trailers and automobiles in its hull in addition to 400 shipping containers on its deck as it battled 20 to 30-foot seas. on your radar tonight, shore really getting hammered and it's not even joaquin. dave. >> really not that storm there. it's this persistent northeast wind. normally you see it for a day or so it piles up the water and all drains. a number of days we're seeing now. each high tide gets higher and higher. not the sight you want to see.
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not much changes with this future wind graphic here. except for the time. we're still getting that northeast wind by about 40 to 50 miles an hour throughout the day tomorrow. so here's what to expect. these coastal impacts the big one major flooding happening now. we've had minor flooding moderate now may sore flooding with each high tide. six to 10-foot waves leads to beach erosion scenes like this here that high tide comes in higher than it normally does. eats away at that beach. a lot of the beaches have been replenished. not the best thing to see now. this beach -- these coastal flooding that water comes in and covers all the roadways and the sidewalks. don't drive through it. it will get even worse. because each high tide is getting higher and higher. this just one gauge but they all look the same. right now it's low tide but as it climbs up, we can be into that major flooding this is the great ham there at stone harbor. close to that record height that was achieved there for during sandy. here the times to watch. high tide along the coast. 11:58 to tonight.
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about an hour or two later, and then the high tide tomorrow during the tidal second of the delaware could be 6:44 in the afternoon. we'll also see another high tide tomorrow at noon. so each one could get higher and higher. certainly want to watch that. on to the rain we set a record today. in philadelphia we're still at fief team rain so far 1.58-inches. 1.52 is the record it's moving out there all of this steady rain is pushing north. so we may not talk about a lot of rain here over the next 48 hours, but we're not completely dry. computer for cat throughout the day tomorrow shows just a few showers not a steady solid area of green here but passing showers are likely throughout the day tomorrow and even on sunday it won't meetly dry out. but we're not talking about that drenching rain like we've had. 50 now. dropping a degree or two down into the upper fours overnight tonight. now the latest information, these are these plots that we look at. finally showing some consensus
3:32 am
and really takes the storm to the north. may try to circulate around this area of low pressure, just a little bit saturday or sunday as the storm may drift a little to the northwest but certainly the consensus shows it will certainly track over the north lap once again we get as far north as philadelphia. this will increase the swells. create more dangerous rip currents and also more beach erosion as it passes by to our south. category two storm between sunday and monday. but by tuesday and wednesday there it goes. rapidly moves out. we'll look at this new track that comes in at 11:00 o'clock but most likely it will show pretty much the same here a bit more consensus as that track goes well out to sea. 57 tomorrow. after about 48 in the morning. we'll have some steady rain then it tapers off to showers. wind continues though gusting 30 miles an hour inland. a lot higher down the shore. that will lead to more coastal flooding not only today but tomorrow. this is another 48 hours at least before that wind starts to get a little better on monday.
3:33 am
a little less wind, change in direct that will improve the coastal situation. not completely really until tuesday, though. a lot less wind temperatures 70 degrees. wednesday is nice, 73. partly cloudy skies. mix of sun and clouds. maybe just a little cooler on thursday and friday. dropping back into the upper 60s. so the end of the seven day looks a lot better than the beginning of the seven day. just got to get rid of this persistent wind causing a loft problems. never seen it last this long. >> we were talking about a hurricane watch we had over the past couple of days had nothing to do with the hurricane. >> just that wind coming in from the northeast. >> it just won't go away. >> i hate to see that beach erosion down the shore. >> tough. >> surprise move from will smith what the oscar nominated actor did for the first time in a decade, and it's got hollywood buzzing to night. >> and we know it's rude but here's another reason not to look down at your cell phone when you're talking to someone. you could have be hurting not only their feelings but their health. we'll explain.
3:34 am
a mom orders a little boy a toy. but something dangerous shows up at her doo door. what she found that left her stunned next. ♪ >> good evening i'm car rep help along with bill anderson coming up tomorrow on fox 29 weekend 8:00 a.m. iraq war vet now a competitive diver. the best part -- >> that iraq war vet is a dog, karen. >> the pope is in little bit of hot water. was the pope duped into mee meeg
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♪ new tonight the witness widow of robin williams and three children from previous marriages come to a settlement. they've been legal fight over the late act's estate. the terms of the settlement have not yet been disclosed. but a representative for william wither dough says she will remain in a san francisco home the couple shared and she will receive living expenses for the rest her life. williams committed suicide last year. from the first time in 10 years we're getting a listen to a new song by will smith. that's right. the fresh prince dusting off his rapping skills. this time teaming up with columbian band bomb ba aster row for a remix for a song called
3:38 am
fee teas. the last time he had a song out was with the album loft and found back in 2005. in your money tonight, big layoffs to today at wal*mart head headquarters. they laid off 450 workers. wal*mart says so it can better compete with other companies like the cuts were across the board from finance to globally commerce. wal*mart offering laid off employees 60 days of pay with benefits and employees will get severance equivalent to two weeks pay for each year of service. need a piece of jewelry to go with your apple watch. how about an apple ring. look like apple is working on the tech giant filed a patent for the new ring it would be linked to an iphone based on the patent the ring would be worn on your index finger and would be controlled with your thumb. >> interesting. >> they think of everything. right? well a virginia mom is still in shock about what she found in
3:39 am
a toy she bought for her son. >> she purchased a package for his birthday and inside, well, ammunition. jasmine stevenson says she ordered a mine craft foam diamond sword from the store's website for her son's seventh birthday. she says when the package arrived on tuesday at her have a have beach home, she found 800 rounds of 9-millimeter ammunition along with the box along with the sword. when she called toy r us they told her simply to zen the ammunition back. >> i was just completely in shock. what if i my son opened the bock. it was heavy and mine craft sword an whole bock of ammo. >> toys r us released a statement saying "it is in the process of looking into this matter with ship -- our shipping carrier to determine how diss may have occur. ". punch answer public bus. a vicious fight captured on cell phone video there are plenty of witnesses but no one steps in to help. a closer look at with.
3:40 am
>> the act that promises to make parking in philadelphia a little less painful. a local man claims he was fired for passing gas. the story b
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♪ punches are thrown on public bus in tampa, florida. cell phone video showing the violent scene circulating on facebook it man on top of another. the woman sitting next to them couldn't stop it. aside from that woman it looks like any of the witnesses are willing to do much to help. so why is that? fox's haley heinz takes a look. >> reporter: violent scene on tampa bus video circulating on facebook shows one man on top of another. >> verbal altercation changed to a physical altercation. >> reporter: screams and hits as the bus approaches the merion transport city. police say the guy in the blue shot and jeeps actually started the fight based on witness statements unedited video the woman who recorded says it was the other way around. she couldn't step in because of recent surgery and as for the driver -- >> we train them to deflect the situation verbally but never to interfere physically. >> reporter: he call dispatch, dispatch called police. people watching the video are asking why no one else helped.
3:44 am
>> when there's a fight going on there's you're al crowd of on lookers with cell phone. rather than trying to stop the hits some are finding it easier to hit roar. like this rider who also documented the fight and last week we showed you this fight caught on video from temple terrace publics. >> i was filming and i realized i should probably call 911 because this guy is probably going to get really hurt. >> you can see another guy background in the back -- guy video in the back yawned. >> the more people around watching a fight, the less likely anyone is to intervene. >> this psychologist says people are not only afraid getting hurt that's right afraid of getting sued. >> we're thinking about who we're going to show this to and how cool this is for later and preserving it instead of being in the moment and being able to jump in and help is so much more important. >> reporter: waiting for this bus this man said he would. >> using your cell phone won't beau protect him for something that maybe if he just gotten a punch in the head it could kill him instantly.
3:45 am
>> police say it is tough to suggest bystanders step in a situation that could put their own safety in jeopardy. you never know someone might be armed but at the very least people should be using their cell phones to call 911 to record whatever is going on. a buck county woman claims a new jersey pork produce sr. fired her husband for passing too much gas. and she's suing. richard and lou an clem both worked for the case pork roll company in trenton. clem says the company president complained about his gas and the excessive odor. months later richard was fired according to the lawsuit richard clem under went gas tick bypass surgery and the gas was a side he can. the suit accuses the company of violating at dda. the clems were asked to take a pay cut and quit. >> are you spending too much time with your phone and not enough time with your partner? if so, experts say it could lead to a higher chance of depression for the person sitting across
3:46 am
from you. a new study from baylor university found that ignoring someone in social set buying looking at your cell phone could actually be ruin relationships. phone snubbing may create conflicts among partners and lead to money just a little dissatisfaction. more than thee hundred people were surveyed for the study. and 22% said it had caused conflict in their relationship. running to add time to the meter? we've all done that. well local man is created an app that he hopes can make parking a little easier. no guarantees that you'll get that out of ticket but it will remind to you pay that meter. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson shows us how it works. ♪ >> reporter: parking in philadelphia can be a nightmare. you got expensive lots, congested streets and a parking authority that was worthy of their own reality show. but now local developer has come up with a new parking app that
3:47 am
just might help this man lurched tack app. it hopes it will save us the head and wallet ache of parking tickets. >> you take a picture of the parking stub. >> the way the app works you scan your parking meter ticket into the app. it tells you how much time before your parking expires. gives you walking directions back to where you park, and calculates how much time it will take to you get back so you get back before you get the tick. >> a lot of people in philadelphia who park especially in the center city area do get a lot of parking tickets. when they get a parking tickets that's pretty march, $37, $4 ticket. >> reporter: he was working in silicon valley but wants philadelphia developers to know that philly has great tech scene for up and coming tech gurus. >> i really recommend that anybody working on their own or,
3:48 am
upping, free lancing, um, check out the co working spaces available in philadelphia as it gives you much richer environment to work in. >> the app is available in the apple store and play store. it may scan to other cities in the near future and the best part for all of us is that am mid wants the app to remain free it's not about trying to make quick cash much this his lift to his new neighbors. so i encourage to you download it. here in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. >> definitely going to download that. >> i'll do anything rather than get a ticket. very special night for philadelphia's fire department and a few residents that helped keep the city safe. >> that's right. the sheraton philadelphia university city playing host to an evening of dinner and dancing to help recognize few philadelphians who definitely do their par in the fight against fire. two city firefighters taking home some honors including batallion chief michael richie and tyrone good win.
3:49 am
the fire commissioner also recognizing local radio host patti jackson for her fire prevention efforts in the community. the eagles getting ready for washington trying to clean up some mistake. sam bradford talks about some of the things that playing the offense and the owls still doing work. having their best start in yea years. they went down to charlotte and did something the eagles are
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
♪ the best football team in the state isn't the eagles. it isn't the steelers. it's not penn state. it's the temple owls. that's right. the owls are three-zero they are best start since 2010. defense top five and their offense is doing things chip kelly can't do. they went down to charlotte taking on the 9'ers program that just started a couple years ago. in the rain third quarter temple already up 17-three. pj walking hitting robbie ant son for the 11-yard td pass right there in the corner owls are starting to pull away. later in the third quarter special teams getting it done. the owls with the blocked punt. nate smith accident took place and scores. temple had 20 points in the third quarter. the owls within, 37-three. the first time starting for hoof zero since 1964. the first time they won thee state road games ever.
3:53 am
now, the eagles wish they had that type of scoring power. they haven't been able to put up 30 points this year. something chip kell dull in his first two seasons. offense has been messy and sloppy. the weather well that isn't going make it any better. so far they've been playinged by mistakes. penalty, a missed block, dropped pass always something and three games offense has only look good two halves. second half of the falcons game and first half again the jets much lots to clean up before they play washington because it hasn't been just one area. >> there's small mistakes all over the place. and we've got to do a better job as an offense of being more consistent. it takes 11 guys to be successful. unfortunately, there just haven't been enough times we've all been doing the right thing. >> phillies marlins game postpone. they play double header tomorrow. their season is just about over any way along with the disappointing nationals, but
3:54 am
buys harper still having a way to have a little bit of fun. remember this about weeing a harper got into it with papelb papelbon. pap tried to choke him out. he has a sense of humor about it his hasn't shake with max scherzer has a choke in it. >> papelbon will not be on the team because you can't check out bryce harper. nba getting ready to start back up and the sixers in training camp of we'll definitely have another losing season. but we asked them to be hopeful about. okafor will be an absolute beast and the rest of the guys actually look pretty good. >> i think we got a lot mr. energy this year. i think everybody is working he can streakily hard. kind of similar to last year but at the same time we have a whole new team. i think it's going to be interesting to see. >> i'm definitely way better than i was last year coming in, you know, i feel more comfortable. i feel older, you know, bigger, stronger like i told you before. i just -- whole different feeling.
3:55 am
i just feel comfortable. >> a little preseason hockey the flyers lost to the devils in a shoot out thee-two. they end the preseason three-two-two. they kick off the season next thursday against the tampa bay devil rays -- tampa by lightning. we have lot of sports teams he here. we have penn state, across the stay. penn state, eagles, steelers, the best team in the whole entire state any sport temple owls right now. >> he's sitting over here with big big smile op his face loving it. >> was did you say before? we're going to beat notre dame. mark it. we'll beat note dame on halloween. four-zero. >> that's when you take it -- >> t for foam tell year. >> and get your who are crash. he's tweeting out pictures of his tickets and everything. >> i can't stan this right now. dave a lot of people today with inside out umbrellas. inside out umbrellas.
3:56 am
you can't tell somebody whose team is undefeated to calm down. >> exactly. in they're the best so far. let's look at his 11 track. 11:00 o'clock now focus really is no longer on joaquin as it continues to track to the north. not much of a change from the official hurricane center track. it's the coast a flooding will get even worse could see major flooding with this next high tide and that certainly continues with the neck each high hide happens 12 hours and 20 minutes later. that will continue all weekend. >> thanks guys. full hour of entertainment news is next, with tmz, follow beside dish nation and chasing news and the simpsons. isn't fox 29 weekend starts 8am. the simpsons. isn't fox 29 weekend starts 8am. mega millions drawing is mega millions drawing is
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>> announcer: their big day was set. >> judge judy: you and your partner were planning a wedding. >> announcer: now this deejay... >> we were right there at the rehearsal, and i walk up and tell her the deejay just canceled. >> announcer: ...has to face the music. >> judge judy: he's an idiot. >> t-that's not at all accurate. >> judge judy: did you return her money? >> no, i did not. >> judge judy: you can't do that! >> but she har-- she totally harassed me. >> judge judy: oh, get over it. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution jennifer buntemeyer and her wife, jessica, are suing deejay randy rosenbalm and his wife, christine, for canceling on them the night before their wedding. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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