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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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down. >> joel: they've got ten so creative here at the end of the game with how to run the ball and yet stay away from the middle of the defense. kenny clark has been such a bulldozer in there at the nose tackle position. you have to give mike norvell a ton of credit. remember, he went from upstairs in the booth last woke against usc to down stairs this week. he has a better feel for what's going on. he nows that kenny clark has been a beast. he's gotten the ball on the outside and run it in order to keep the clock moving. masterful job. >> gus: so arizona state coming off the loss to usc. the natives were getting restless. head coach graham says i expect our fans to be disappointed. i'm disappointed. i don't have one problem with the fans. all we got to do is win and they'll be positive and pull
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together. they're 2 minutes and 53 seconds away from knocking off the 7th ranked team in the nation on the road. third and 2. play fake for bercovici. delivers. first down kohl. mike bercovici has had all the answers tonight. >> joel: this is just another great play call. kohl comes in motion. he blocks and gets out into the flat. bercovici with a great play fake to ballage in the backfield. he gets out quickly. dumps it off immediately with the end in his face. gets the first down. that about sews it up with no time-outs left in jim mora's pocket. >> gus: 2:24 and counting. richard. he gets it. ucla cannot stop the clock.
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80,113 attendance this evening for this pac 12 matchup. todd graham had his guys well-coached for this one. some disappointment in the eyes of the bruins. >> joel: this team was better than a 2-2 team coming in. >> gus: no doubt. >> joel: that score against usc not indicative of that game. 28 points off of turnovers for the trojans. richard again. >> gus: here's the dr. pepper one of a kind play of the game. >> joel: it goes from that run to bercovici. a great fake. drew not only the defensive end but the safety across the entire field. then mike bercovici who is not going to be confused with a
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running quarterback. takes it the distance. gus, we call this a trip game at the start. ucla takes the cheese. >> gus: well-put partner. mike bercovici a terrific night. ballage popping it through. first down. that will do it. look at him go. ballage still running holy mackerel. what a play. touchdown asu! >> joel: you get the sense that all the frustration from a disappointing opening four weeks of the season was taken out on
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that one run. carrying the ucla defense into the end zone. >> gus: extra point up and good. what a run by caleb ballage. >> joel: obviously helps out because ucla is not worried about getting him to the ground. they're trying to rip the football out. how tough and strong is ballage? just kept going and going and going. all 23 yards after contact. mike norvell. his game plan in particular in this fourth quarter gave asu a chance to win. the drive that didn't end in points but took ten minutes off the clock allowed the defense to rest. they got the big stop inside the five yard line and norvell goes out there with four minutes left. everybody knows they have to run the football and still did it.
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great creativity. toughness from ballage, a resounding win for asu. >> gus: this could be considered the second biggest upset in the college football season. alabama losing to ole miss and now ucla ranked 7th losing at home to asu. gonzales sends it off. fuller brings it out of the end zone. fuller brought to the 20. downed at the 22. mike bercovici, what a game tonight for this young man from california. he may get a call from kim kardshian after this one. his home girl. >> joel: we had a great game this week. looking forward to another great game next week.
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gus, you and i are going from los angeles to manhattan. >> gus: yes, we are. tcu and kansas state. the little apple. >> gus: here's nate starks running it. he gets out-of-bounds with 34 seconds to play. >> joel: can't wait to see trevone boykin. talking about a frustrating opening. a loss of whispers and tcu and the defense. they came out and put it on texas today. >> gus: second down and three. starks again. picks up the first. >> joel: you know, i know this was an unranked team playing the number 7 team in the country. all week, didn't feel that way. this asu team better than the
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2-2 record. within seven of texas a&m with four minutes to go in that game in week one. four turnovers last week, a great win for todd graham. >> gus: how about todd graham? a signature win. his biggest previously, he beat number 8 notre dame. now he beats number 7 ucla. a snap-back moment for the coach that got blitzed last week against s.c. 38-23 the final. ucla losing for the first time this season. 0 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator,
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>> gus: 38-23 the final. arizona state knocks off seventh ranked ucla. they will be celebrating in phoenix tonight. mike bercovici, what a game for the quarterback. molly mcgrath caught up with him. >> molly: coach, a tough loss last week. but with your backs against the
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wall, your players responded. what does this say about your time? >> i'm so proud of our players. we haven't played to this point. it's disappointing. with our fans and stuff, man, it hurts us not to let them down. to come back out here and respond, that's what our program is all about. look at the fans in the end zone. proud of our players. our coaching staff, unbelievable job. coming, preparing to win. a big win for us here on the road. proud of our players and proud of our organization. proud of how they bounced back. i love these players. your true character is exposed when facing adversity. love these guys. >> mike bercovici did a little bit of everything. how valuable is his poise in tight games like this? >> yeah. how about read zone for a touchdown? that was nice. proud of mike bercovici and mike norvell. we struggled offensively but i believe in him.
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we're back on track where we want to be. proud of the guys, proud of coach norvell and the players. >> molly: congrats, coach. >> thank you. >> gus: joel, coach graham has a reason to be proud of his team. they fought tonight from the very beginning. it started with the safety. it started with their defense. >> joel: their defense early gave them a chance. it was sloppy for both offenses in the first quarter, in particular in the first half. the defense stopping paul perkins in the run game. in the second half it was about mike bercovici. his character was pressed upon the entire team. that is the mark of a great leader and a great quarterback. when you look at the crunch time, the third quarter, the third down situations, bercovici was time and time again stepping up and making plays. >> gus: let's take a look at the highlights. >> joel: start with the zone
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read. that hadn't shown that all year and all game. they come out running with the quarterback. that got the outside opened up behind the linebackers. he threw the strike for the touchdown. that was the biggest throw. the third down conversion. when the game is on the line, ucla needs a stop. they put the game on mike bercovici throwing the ball. norvell did a great job calling place. this senior gets a huge win, the biggest of his career so far. now at 2-2. now 3-2 and great position in the pac 12 south. >> molly: and molly mcgrath has mike bercovici. >> molly: mike, how are you able to push through and get the win? >> ucla did a great job coming back but in the end, defense played great, special team even better. >> molly: you say this was a
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must-win game for your team. what does this say about your players after last week? >> we said when we step back on the plane, we'll be 3-2. mark my words. we have the tightest group. we love each other. that's how we win. >> molly: congratulations. >> thank, molly. do devils. >> gus: the final score here at the rose bowl, arizona state beat the seventh ranked team in the country, ucla 38-23. october means baseball. fs1 is your home for postseason action starting with the american league division series thursday. that wraps it up from here in pasadena. for joel klatt, molly mcgrath, i'm gus johnson saying so long, everybody.
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we are! fox sports!
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x-finity, the future of awesome. >> right now on fox 29 news, high winds still causing problems at the jersey shore. crews are working hard tonight to keep the lights on. several streets under water and the next high tide just hours away. it's expected to cause even more flooding.
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>> and hurricane joaquin is still a threat. tonight it's southwest of bermuda and it's getting stronger. the question out there tonight how will it impact the eastern seaboard of the united states? good evening, everybody, i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn timmeney. we have team coverage of the severe weather impacting us right now and the hurricane behind it all. fox 29 meteorologist mike masco is live in atlantic city but we begin with dave warren. it's been a rough couple of days, dave. >> yup. we have to deal with one more rough day, maybe a day and a half. here we go again. tide is going up. this is the latest tide gauge. already hit low tide on its way back up but the high tides have been fairly steady they haven't been increasing like they've been the past few days and this tide tonight is not quite as high as the one you see in the afternoon. so, still could see some moderate flooding overnight tonight. it will be getting worse over the next few hours. the wind continues to gust out of the northeast. that's causing the problems. no change there. it will continue to gust.
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high tides 1:10 a.m., that's on the coast a little later in the back bays tonight, again 1:27 tomorrow afternoon and just a coastal flood advisory, now this is very minor flooding along the tidal sections of the delaware. could see a little more of that briefly about 7:42 tomorrow evening. future wind gusts, we're looking for any type relief here. not seeing it. winds still gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour. diminishing just a bit late tomorrow night. now, this is the sign of things to come. of course we have to talk about more flooding tomorrow, just moderate flooding with each high tide improving. monday, not sunday, we have to get through another day of this where both high tide which is cause that flooding. ultimate doppler tonight seeing light showers, patchy drizzle. that will continue overnight tonight but another thing that's improving. sky conditions starting to clear up a bit to the north. there's a little sunshine. it will work its way south but we still have that drizzle throughout the day tomorrow pretty much from 95 to the south could see a passing
11:20 pm
shower or some light drizzle. what this means for us and our temperatures, i'll look at that in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> alall right, dave you said it. things aren't getting much better along the jersey shore. not yet. high winds and heavy rains causing monster surf up and down the coast and those waves are washing away the beaches in many shore towns. fox 29 meteorologist mike masco doing his best to stay dry in atlantic city tonight. mike, pretty nasty out there still. >> reporter: i think we're starting to regret the decision of moving north to atlantic city, guys, good evening, we joined you at 6 o'clock in ocean city. the winds weren't that bad. they are bad now. take a look at this ocean. dave alluded to tides riding. sure enough they are. when we got here they were no where close to the rocks. now they're coming in. we see people living in this building. the question is is the tide going to impact them? we tried to speak with somebody residing there. they did not speak with us but the question is will this
11:21 pm
reach that, and that is the concern tonight up and down the shore. i don't care where you are, if it's stone harbor, if it's avalon, watching us in ocean city, you're getting slammed tonight. take a look at this. powerful surf, whipping winds and coastal flooding that continues to slam the jersey shore. with hurricane joaquin safely off shore the powerful winds won't let up. >> been pretty windy. the ocean's been really rough out there these past few days. >> reporter: just north of wildwood the power of the wind and surf forced this home to collapse into grassy sound. luckily no one was home at the time. in ocean city, the few we found outside did their best to deal with the nasty weather. >> oh, it's kind of windy. >> reporter: yeah? >> i was riding down the boardwalk and i started going backwards because of the wind. >> reporter: with the winds came the rising tide. roads turned to rivers as
11:22 pm
great egg behar bore. no match for the pounding winds. >> there's actually no competition tonight. >> reporter: a saturday night not fit for most, we find glen. >> just doing some meet at a detecting trying to find some jewelry that may be exposed from all the wastes pulling the sand away. not a day down the shore for many, it was the perfect day for treasure hunting. >> it's actually a lot of coins, some copper wire. i don't know what that is. that possibly could be silver. >> reporter: ideal conditions for glen but a far less ideal situation for many as the biting winds and coastal flooding concerns continue right through the weekend. well, everybody is saying enough already. the winds will continue. dave warren mentioned this. we'll see this coastal flood warning through the rest of the weekend. we still have another series of high tides that will come in. if you live in an area prone
11:23 pm
to coastal flooding you need to be advised that this could come up and certainly flood you out in a brief amount of time. i'm going to clear out some of the salt out of my hair, guys. we'll send it back inside to you. >> all right, be safe, mike. thank you. and all this wet weather has led to problems all over our area. in south philadelphia a large tree came crashing done on second street between jackson and snyder streets overnight a few vehicles damaged but fortunately no one was hurt. a similar scene in north philadelphia. a large tree blocking the 3500 block of north sydenham street for most of the night t the problem is the winds are whipping and the ground is saturated which is definitely not a good combination. >> u.s. coast guard officials say they've found a life ring that belongs to the cargo ship that went missing during hurricane joaquin. officials will be back out tomorrow searching for el farrow. the cargo ship with 33 crew members on board lost power and communication on thursday.
11:24 pm
it was right in the path of that hurricane. the coast guard says the life ring found today was 70 miles northeast of the last known position of that ship. and you can track hurricane joaquin at plus you can find new information about the flooding at the shore and images of all that damage. just go to >> and developing news tonight out of university city. philadelphia police say that they have arrested the person behind a string of gun point robberies around the campus of drexel university. the most recent just four days ago. fox 29's jenny joyce is live in university city and jennifer, investigators say the man behind this crime spree is actually a young teenager. >> reporter: yeah, that's correct, dawn and philadelphia police told us they were surprised to see just how young this suspect s they were thinking that he was in his 20's. they made the arrest and realized just 14, accused of committing violent robbings and even carjackings.
11:25 pm
>> i'll be more careful if i go outside. >> i'm kind of scared actually. so i will not go on the street alone at night. >> reporter: 15 armed robberies in 30 days at the hands of a brazen 14-year-old boy has many drexel university students altering their own personal security plans around campus. >> yeah, i got a text message from drexel alert. they sent this alerting you not to go around a certain area. >> reporter: philadelphia police say the i don't know man who threatened many many of his victims with a handgun and beat them with his fists is charged tonight. he was identified after this surveillance video was released. the suspect was trying to use a stolen atm card while shielding his face. >> officers saw the bike and saw the male and saw the coat he was wearing. they immediately recognized that that was the person. >> reporter: the teen's name hasn't been released. the district attorney is deciding whether or not the boy who targeted mostly young women will be charged as an adds difficult or a minor. >> we still expected him to be
11:26 pm
as the victim described 1825. it was kind of shocking to learn when he was brought into custody he was only 14 years of age. >> reporter: the robber was usually riding a bike. the attacks either happened between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. or late at night. the most recent was september 30th. the teen approached a 21-year-old female drexel student and demand her purse. she resisted and he resorted to violence until he got what he wanted. >> she resisted initially and he grabs the purse, breaks the strap, punches her in the face. she then chases him. she catches up to him pushes him off the bike. he then beats her a few times with the gun and punched her multiple times in the face. >> reporter: and police told us that the victims are doing okay at this point in time. they are still looking for two additional accomplices. if you have any information that you think may be of interests to police give them a call. joyce. >> all right, thank you, jenny. tonight police are holding a man who they say beat a woman to death in north philadelphia. this afternoon officers found
11:27 pm
the 52-year-old victim inside a boarding house on the 3700 block of north 18th street. paramedics rushed her to the hospital but she died within the hour. officers took a 54-year-old man into custody. now, they believe he knew the victim but they are not saying yet how. police are still investigating this one. another homicide investigation tonight, this one in east germantown. police responding to the 300 block of wister street just after 6:30 tonight. officials say they found a 19-year-old who had been shot in the chest. he was pronounced dead at einstein medical center. then investigators say a second man also shot walked into einstein for treatment. he was placed under arrest because he is believed to be the one who shot and killed that 19-year-old. and philadelphia police need your help tonight tracking down a man they believe sexually assaulted a temple university student. you see him here in this video taken monday from septa's
11:28 pm
broad street subway line near broad and eerie. images captured right before the female student was raped and robbed. the young woman was headed home from the library when she heard a man coming up from behind on the 1400 block of carlisle street. police say the man hit her with a small handgun, pushed her behind a dumpster and sexually assaulted her. >> happening now an investigation into who bombed a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. 19 people killed and dozens wounded in the bombings this morning in kunduz. doctors without borders say it lost 12 staff members. the city has been the scene of intense fighting the past few days. according to the u.s. military, u.s. troops assisting afghan security forces were under fire when a u.s. military aircraft conducted an air strike to help them. afghan officials insist that taliban fighters were hiding inside the hospital but that has not been confirmed.
11:29 pm
sources telling fox news that a united states general has been sent to the scene to investigate that deadly bombing. doctors without borders is demanding an independent investigation. >> a deadly blast rocks a new york city neighborhood. what investigators say a former tenant did just before moving out that might have caused it. >> and a half naked man on the run and causing all kinds of trouble. hear from the homeowner who says she saw the pantless man in her backyard and couldn't believe what he was doing. dave. >> weather pattern causing all types of trouble. we're getting the coastal flooding but look at all this rain going over the same area to the south. a foot of rain in north and south carolina. everything starts to change. good news all up and down the eastern seaboard. i'll look at the timing of that coming up in the seven-day forecast.
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