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tv   FOX 29 Weekend  FOX  October 4, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> good sunday morning on this october 24th 2015. good morning.
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>> good morning how are you today. >> i think i'm pretty darn good. i think the weather is better than we thought it was going to be. a lot of stuff we are going to get into we're going to keep track of a lot going on. >> take alive look outside. today there's going to be right in that neck of the woods the parkway there's going to be the port reek can day parade. palsski day pay raid. not going to rain on the parade. >> wait until you see the forecast much better weather. have to get through a few high tides. going down moderate to minor flooding last night. in stone harbor. it was moderate not quite as high. every other high tide a little higher. that could happen again this afternoon. going down now it will flood again. not much change in the wind direction. coastal stood warning is still in effect. 12 hours 25 minutes about we'll have another high tide along the
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ocean. two three clock this afternoon that will be in the back base. those roads will flood again. minor flood with high tide delaware river 7:52 tonight. continue to gust 30 to 45 miles an hour today. a little less to the north. that's the sign of the change coming he in. temperatures in mid have the. 10 degrees to go from woo where we are right now. a lot warmer though. that's coming up a little bit later. >> thanks dave 8:0 two. attempted robbery turned deadly in strawberry mansion overnight. common pleas called to the intersection of north 29th and west come bar land street around 2:00 this morning. the robber and a person inside the home got into a gun fight. the robber was killed other person is in critical condition. >> investigation a murder in tioga section a 52 year old
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woman was killed happened last evening 27 hundred block of 18th street. victim rushed over to the hon pronounced dead shortly after arriving. there is a 54 year old man under arrestin connection with that shooting. one man is dead and another injured after a double shooting on the 300 block of east wister street in east germantown. it happened about 6:40p a 19 year old man was shot once in the chest and taken to the hospital pronounced dead a short time later. police believe another man who walked into the same hospital with a gun shot wound is the shooter. and he's now under arrest. we're talking about shooting and violence. we now have new details in the college shooting in oregon. douglas county sheriff's office says the suspected gun man shot and killed himself after opening fire in a classroom. murder ring at least nine people. that shooting prompted hash
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words from president obama. >> we are not the only country on earth that has people with mental illnesses. or want to do harm to other people. we are the only advance country on earth that sees these kinds of masses shootings every few months. >> now, this was the front page of the new york daily news on friday. county ting the number of gun deaths since sandy hook elementary school shooting nearly three years. definitively news says nothing changed. gun advocates say congress doesn't need to pass knew laws and president obama is appellate sizing the shooting. >> you are not going to change the sector amendment. i have a right to protect myself all right. because there are craved animals like the guy in oregon. >> reporter: shooting as people on both sides all fired up. joe says as a military veteran
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and expert marks man, i love guns. as a member of society, i'm pro sensible gun control. but he says those that want gun control so bad move to the south side of chicago they have the strict gun laws you want with 10 times the crime. joining us this picture to help break it all down doctor chuck williams. how are you this morning. >> thanks for having me bill ant son. >> we freshet appreciate appreciate you. it always seems to come down mental health versus gun chrome from 84 perspective as a therapist things you work with him health side of it how do we change things. >> president obama made a gunpoint. while mental health is an important issue we have to figure out ways to screen in people who should have guns as my colleague bill o'reilly mentioned he does have a right to protect hippings you do i do we all do. we have to be able to screen out the people who are fratch july enough to the extent we think that if they had a weapon they would use it to harm themselves
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or someone else. that's only part of it as at president mentioned we have a pretty decent mental health system. it's not the best needs to be improved. we have some challenges. compared to the restiest world, we're in pretty good state. why is it that in other countries where they have a poor mental health system and presumably citizens who have mental health challenges they don't have mass shootings. since sandy hook we had 145 mass shootings. 45 this year alone. believe it or not since august we had three. this as major issue we have to address. it's about more than mental health. about a culture of aggression a culture of violence. when i want to get appoint across if i'm upset the way i go about it is using a gun that's what we have to address. >> we have to look at it, we tend to be pole lar received its either gun control or mental health changes impact. what do with do so that those
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two things can company exist and actually help each other. is there legislation that can help you do your job as a therapist. >> i think what's important is people from all sides be willing to give up something since this is political. the president says he wants it to be political. both sides have to be willing to give up something. we're not going to take a way rights completely. how about background checks, how about we wait a couple days, do mental health screening. we support that. it makes sense. you should be able to own a gun if you are not stable we should think twice about that. make sure family members, friends, community members under what some of the signs are for people who may be a bit fratch july. may be on the edge. this is about more than mental health about a culture of violence. we don't want to address it it makes us tons of money from tv shows, to music, like hip hospital, we glow few and celebrate violence. there's a consequence for that. we saw that a few days ago.
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>> we always preach you level head add prejudice. we will have you back as we explore some of the other things you suggest. >> enjoy your sunday. >> always want to hear your comment you can post them on fox 5, tweet us at fox 29 philly. use our hashtag fox 29 weekend. 72. >> phillies edge beyond mike submit difficult in playing in a tough town like philadelphia. the he can at a see of victory followed by agony overreading about it the next day t i was reminded of that quote when city of first met with recorder this week for what should have been a celebrator news conference following a successful world meeting of families. mayor nutter for weeks ahead of time predicted, a million to a million and a half visitors would flock to philly to see
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pope francis. they look great on tv. clearly fell far short of the mayors guesstimate. he couldn't take, he said something like i'm getting out of the crowd estimating business. all i know is there were lots of folks there. and they seemed to be having a great time. really that's all that matters. instead, this is what he said to recorders. >> smythe that in some instances you all cared the shit out of people with some of the stories. the sentence is barely left nut mouth when every once story changed from city leaders best about successful event to mayor blames media for disappoint ting crowd. and the can you say word, well, that just guaranteed that nutted's intemperate remarks would make it to the top of every once web page. interestingly just moments later when i pressed the mayor on accusation he quibbling acknowledged his own administration shortcomings in the papal run up. almost no one reported that.
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instead the new story line was already taking shape. mayor blames and cases out the media for ruining the papal week end. two observation s the mayor badly miss handled his response to questions about attendance of the visit. maybe we the media o should get out of the business of keeping score on big events no matter what the actual attendance and we'll probably never really no for sure. the parkway was packed most folks seemed to be having the tile of their lives isn't that what was really important. city officials ecstasy of victory following by the agony overreading and hearing about it the next day, only in philly. >> upcoming up there's a way to get your kids to eat vetch jeez really. they will actually like them. when a five pound dog comes face-to-face with a bear. it has everyone talking this
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morning. >> done day fun day turns at this time up the way you love it. with all knew episodes of the
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>> college student died yesterday after accidentally falling several dozens feet up a cliff. the student fell 40 to 50 feet at the back of the schools main campus where people often walk bike and hike. the school identified him as anthony a so for from bay side new york. there is counseling on campus.
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>> naacp leader is in critical condition at thomas jefferson university hospital according to friend and family. monday zero whose 65 was having dialysis attaches must hill hospital on friday suffered a brain aneurysm. friends say he was transferred to jefferson where he was placed uneven later. he is a former recorder row reporter and editor. in 2014, mondasier and three board members suspended over feud over allegations of misses use of funds. in health news big news there is a way apparently to get kids to eat vegetables. we know that they can be picky either. we know it takes a lot time cost gets in the basement people are talking about this on social media. i folded up a piece of cold
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pizza. hashtag packing lunch. melissa says thanks mom for packing carrots on celery. so our fox medical team doctor joe is here to give us some good tips to get our kids to eat their vetch jeez good morning to you doctor joe. >> good morning, track packing those lunches when you are checking the bag you look to see what did they eat. what didn't they eat. how can i make this better. but you know i think when we start packing that lunch a great rule to follow is that my plate, my plate took the place of the food per mid super confusing with my plate you make half a lunch with vegetables half going to be grains and proteins then you can throw in dairy. you can use leftovers from the night before, maybe chicken. maybe rise. maybe salad. september rate ted plates are great. there's lots of other things that you can do. you can also have wraps or
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sandwiches or anything that your child may like. maybe its even a tack company. but try to find what they like and then you can, work with those food groups and kind of mix and match. >> well the problem is kids always go for the good starch key stuff, if they are going to be offered potatoes or french fries. its the order we put the foods in to get them to eat. schools start serving vegetables then proteins and car bs last kids will eat more vegetables. >> they will because they are hungry. they are going to go for whatever you put in front of them. when you are packing that lunch as well, you know, its tough to do that. because you can't really offer it to them in that particular order. but if you make the vegetables interesting if they have something to dip it in perhaps, you know, maybe humis, maybe something else you put together maybe a yogurt type of dip, they'll have fun with that. they'll want to do that. it can be due combers or crottle or celery. another interesting way to make
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vegetables a little bit more fun is to have something called ants on a locker, a piece of celery you cut. coat it with peanut butter. maybe humis even if you don't like those you can try cream cheese low fat cream cheese, do the it with a little fruit. you can have ray since and cran beer reese that's going to entice them because its sweet you are getting vegetable and runch and protein as well. >> into i used to do that with the celery and put peanut butter and two little carrots with wheel on each side with a little carrot guy. i think some of the order and find a mixture we keep pushing it we finally get there. thank you for your time we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and what are your tips forgetting your kids to eat vegetables and proteins before they eat all the car bs. let us know fox 29 weekend. taking a look at what's
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going on out in the weather we missed joaquin. take a lookout ben franklin parkway all sorts of things going out there people hopeful that they can do celebrations their walk, the festivities. the parade that we are taking a quick look at. will the weather hold up. winds whipping around. the wind continues to gust. still causing problems down the shore. and you'll feel it here across the philadelphia area. united way building ben franklin parkway nice and clear. cloudy. very little sunshine. at least we're not talking about study rain. joaquin is approaching bermuda. category three storm really going to impact that island over the next 24 hours. we have more coastal flooding to talk about. cathy baker sent us this picture this was high tide yesterday. strag mirror unand down the coast. seeing high tide cause moderate flooding.
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what was see that today. winds continue to pick up. wind die down or change direction. we start to see that just a little bit up north overnight tonight from 6:00 until about six am tomorrow morning. td windiest down and starting to change direction. still problems by tomorrow morning high tide but they are be starting to go down just a bit with each high tide much better work is predicted, coastal flooding wise monday night and tuesday. high tide already happens again 1:27. back base two hours later. that time is for the coast. maybe some minor flooding on the tidal section to delaware 7:42 tonight. can see flood roadways. this is just advisory not a warning. not expecting widespread extent of that flooding therein the city. the future cast shows we are starting to say brake. there's a little sunshine to the
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north. see what means in seven day forecast i'll have that coming up. >> all right dave thinks. the state of delaware has problems down there. jersey shore we have seen major problems there. the roads get flooded. then it dries out depending on the tide. the other day in atlantic city right now. good morning, dave what's it like that? >> reporter: well good morning right now its another mess coming through. i keep wiping my glasses because of all the rain. we are getting wind. we'll show you the ocean right in and out of the of course as you heard dave say we are under a coastal flood warning until 6:00 to advertisement we want to go to video right now of atlantic city sun the area last night. heavy rains hitting the shore area last night. the wind did not help the situation much. as you know it has been a brutal nor easter weeks hask all up and down the shore. two-story house was washed a way in middle township near wildwood thanks to these storms.
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and the wind even coming through again right now. people down here they've been bracing trying to prepare soon dunes. to make sure that they can protect the beaches. and a woman of course was also killed when high winds bleuatre down on her when she was driving her car through forth jersey to so a messy situation. back to you. >> thank you so much. we're going to stay on top of this weather. coming up there's the cargo ship it is still missing at sea. there's a new clue what the coast guard says it has found as it searches for the ship and the missing americans on board. talking about weather high tide and strong winds send a house crashing into the bay in wide wood. that photograph went viral. what the man who took that picture has to say. >> we got winning lottery numbers. we hope you have them. good luck.
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>> welcome back do fox 29 weekend as we take a look at love park. its pink for breast cancer awareness. the three day walk continues on. >> you were showing us your
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eagles spirit, its been a long week ain't that the truth. we also have this one from scott. me and my peeps, had had a are guilty ready. and then this one from frank key fox 29 weekend is best program in the morning go eagles. all right. time now for knocking the king. high howard i heard what you said, i have some thoughts on it. >> it's free training for the players. a great college experience. and good thing did everybody forget what many cases is the 60 thousand dollar tuition that players get for free with the scholarships. the students actually get to class have to find ways to pay those tuition costs. get over being paid and get a dose of reality just in case
8:26 am
those players need that education to work in the real world after college. >> athletes should get paid because tv networks are making a ton of money because they get benefits they are also students they go to class along with doing sports and working very hard. i believe they should receive a little bit more than benefits. they are already receiving because of amount of money the schools and tr make. >> do you really think half those athletes to go class. look at north carolina where the tooted took the test. because they never went to class. that happens a lot in college basketball. don't give me the no sense about tv networks paying. remember there are more sports programs than just basketball and football and college and you have to support all of them. 60 thousand a year, times four, 200 and 40 thousand if you go to school for four years. is that bad where everybody else has to pay the money they pay 0.
8:27 am
get over it. just play and get yourself ready for your future churr. you think you have what it takes to the king up load itas. you can up load it whatever you want to do it. i'll take you on this week.
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>> welcome back to fox 29 weekend. as we take a look at your news headlines. philadelphia police say they've arrested a person behind a string of gunpoint robberies
8:30 am
around drexel university. the suspect is 14 year old. >> that is a shocking element. 14 year old and the police say that teen is responsible for 15 armed robberies in 30 days. they say he was threatening many of the victims with a handgun baby a bb gun and beat them with his fist. he was identified after this video was relieved showing him trying to use a stolen atm card. us coast guards say they found a live ring that belongs to a cargo ship that went missing during hurricane joaquin. officials will be back out searching today. the cargo ship with 33 crew members on board of the lost power and communication on thursday right in the path of the hurricane. the coast guard says the live ring found was that 70 miles northeast of the last known position of the ship. >> high ranking decided -- was just fired after coming out as gay. this happened just hours before a three week long meeting of
8:31 am
business shops from bishops all around. this meeting is to discuss churches teaching on the family. the timing of monsignor krysztof olaf charamsa came to the general, prepares to discuss issues like homosexual will the. calls this decision to come out on eve of the opening irresponsible and suggested that he could lose his priest hood altogether. >> 8:30 we're checking in on the weather again. so many events going on as we look out wilmington delaware in new castle county pretty much the theme is going to be i'm guessing we are going to see gray throughout the day. that is from gray throughout the day will hold up enough for people to go out and play. throughout the day go play. >> he's a oh it and he knows it. poet and he knows it. trying to work its way in.
8:32 am
eventually we'll have t clearing. 86 the gray skys they are out there. this will be will be about the last day where we start to see the wind continuing to gust. it is starting to die down. that will be great news. more coastal flooding today impoving weather here over the next 24 hours. 44 mt. pocono. 50 north and western suburbs. philadelphia 55 degrees. 60 inbring began teen. mid to low 60 to the south. this wind continues to gust out of the northwest. about 20 miles an hour. higher gusts along the coast. so that is the big story today. i have to get outside tuesday afternoon to take the tennis picture. that's what andrew is asking we say yes, it is clearing up. looking at sunshine. the wind dies down as high pressure build in slowly the low moves out. look at the exercise clearing up. this is by monday and tuesday.
8:33 am
there it is sunshine just in time for your picture andrew and the wind dying down. temperatures warming up the numbers coming your way in a little bit. >> we told you about this yesterday morning as it was breaking here on fox 29 did you see the house in the bay with high tides and flooding this all happened in north wildwood area. we saw this. tweet ting it out, you tweeted it and shared it as well. let me get to the right person who saw this and put it out there blogger tony good morning to you. >> good morning how are you. >> so good. what did you see. how did you know there was a house in the bay? >> well, a friend of mine charry davis had taken a picture of the house when there was water up to it. looked like it was tilting a little. when i woke up the next morning someone messaged me and said that the house had come up of its, come up. and i went out to look for the house when i got up on the bridge, i saw it. people on the bridge and i saw
8:34 am
the house in the water. i got out and and i took a video. and my put it on my facebook page and it went viral. then i went back to see if i could get back to where the house came up and the gentleman took me back there that's the video that you see. >> what did you think when you saw the house, when we have flooding and storms and all of this what did you think when you saw that house out there? >> well, i really couldn't believe it. i never saw a two-story house float a way under the bridge anywhere. and then just landed on td other side of the bridge in the water. and i just said let me get a video of this and some pictures. and i put it on facebook and the next thing you know from reaching 168 thousand people. this morning i'm reaching 17.9 million people. this house we believe its vacant. >> yes, no one was living in it.
8:35 am
it was beggary molded. and you know they just, the people that are living there next to it, the house next to it they watched it all happened and they are still in their homes. but they told the gentlemen who worry doing the house and no one was living there at the time. >> all right. tony, thank you so much for taking those videos and share ring. it is remarkable to see. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> all right fill. all right. guys. coming up a little dog with a big bark. what this five year old french key did that has people all over the country talking this morning. we've got that story and that video you are seeing coming up shortly. fox 29 week end. ♪nt and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled.
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>> miley cyrus playing in the background as we take a lookout at red ding that is a view from the candle wood sweet a beautiful shot not great weather. we'll play a little miley cause she's coming to town. >> take a look -- thank you so much. thank you, pal. redskins once and for all. go eagles. bring on them redskins.
8:39 am
fly eagles fly. >> let's get back to miley hours ago it was announced miley cyrus is coming back to philly. this is video from her from last night's season premiere. the follow her hannah montana star is going to be playing electric factory mark calendar saturday, ticket willing on sale dash. new york washington, boston and philadelphia. which brings us to instant reaction pole miley has certainly changed since the days of hannah montana. we want to know do you like old miley or new miley better. b and how did people vote. go to fox 29 in weekend section of fox 29 .com or on twitter. hashtag fox 29 old or fox 29 new. pretty simple one. results coming your way in just a few
8:40 am
minutes. >> she made that transformation right here in philadelphia. she was dating, engaged to him i think. >> we're so proud. >> let's talk about, you got younger children what's your favorite disney. >> i want to go with bell. >> beauty and the beat. >> we'll explain why we are talking about this story. stories trend sometimes we don't know why. but our job is to report them so we do. the whole, someone online row imagining disney parenthesis, that was your favorite bell. whose yours, dave. , pocahontas. aerial. >> i actually no that one. >> we don't have an he would zoo hot dog. that's it. that's what we got.
8:41 am
>> that's, its trending, why? >> we explained that, we don't know why we just report it. did you read the story? >> making princess hotdogs. maybe i can make a fox 29 weekend hot dog. >> help us we need your help we have to do halloween costumes. so if you have halloween ideas for the five of us please let us know. tell us about the dog. five pound french key comes face-to-face with a big bad enemy coming up the surveillance video that has everyone talking this morning. doesn't look mean does he? >> it's a bear jam. we'll be back. stay tuned. ♪
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>> welcome back. eye of the tiger but this as bear hunt. little tiny dog to scare away a big bear. >> all right check out this hilarius individual yost you will see two bears in confidential they jumped in california. jumped over a fence the jewels the five year old dog wasn't having it. she ran down the stairs and chased the bear.
8:45 am
look at jewels going at it. video may be cute but the only owner said it should also come with a serious warning. >> don't feed the bears leave them alone. they are not your pets. they can kill you. >> fair enough. the homeowner says this isn't the first time he's seen wildlife in his yard. bears slide open his young daughter bedroom window and crawl inside. looks like they got jewels on the scene handling it. >> so cute. thanks, jewels. let's see what neat at a has nita has for us of the your story is is about jewelry. >> brace yourself were you started by a mother and daughter with one thing in mind they wanted to give back to alzheimers association. >> there's more than meets the eyes. brace yourself creates jewelry with a purpose. mother daughter due oh sue and
8:46 am
amanda, may have started the company because of their love or fashion and style. now they do it for a big cause. their pieces are unique except for this purple bead it represents their fight against alzheimers december. >> we wanted to connect with an organization, unfortunately, because of our family history, the alzheimers association was in was a no brainer for us. my mother-in-law had alzheimers and my mother when she also passed alzheimers ultimately took her life. >> the pair work with in-house production team based just outside of philadelphia to create styles and edgy yet meaningful pieces. all the material is hand picked from all over the world and sold in stories all over the east coast. we are represents on the road and we find some stores that we really see our jewelry in and that we can make a differences to their store and they can help
8:47 am
our business grow and their customers enjoy our jewelry. a year ago we, so our, we are able to hit a bigger market. >> each year of portion of their proceeds is given to the alzheimers association in hopes that some day there will be a occur for this a cure for this disease. they want customers to see this little purple bead and remember those who who forget. >> in that is so cool. your neck has is edgy. got little skulls on it your little purple bead. >> oh, yes. >> right over here, its so cool, they are edgy interesting. where can people find out more information. >> we'll post a link on our website they have their own website. >> thank you so much. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you of course we do have stories for jr. recorder rash tag fox 29 weekend. nicely done.
8:48 am
8:prejudice taking a look at the weather. there we are looking out in allentown top of the hotel gives you a great view over all things allentown i'm not going to say it again. i sound like a broken word record i won't describe it find out how the weather is going to be. its gray. going to stay that way. its gray but allentown could be the place where we feel see a little sunshine today. that is assign of things to come. not much change with coastal flooding. we'll see flooding happen again ultimate depolar is clear we have clouds maybe a passing shower some drizzle. could we see some change we don't normally ask weather questions its been so career rehear comes one. we're getting ready for calling all dogs a walk to benefit philadelphia ronald mcdonald's house saturday october 10th at wilson farm park, marks kickoff of national dog show month in philadelphia.
8:49 am
register at national dogs charities do the organize. i hope the weather is better next week can you help us out there. you are not alone hoping the weather will be b first up let's talk about hurricane joaquin passing by bermuda. continuing to move up to the northeast we'll watch this closely. it will weaken. now our weather we've been in this pattern where its stuck. we have high pressure and low pressure to the south. wind continues to gust of the here's the change though starting monday and tuesday, a high starts to work its way south. there the exercise clearing. there's the sunshine coming back. except for a few clouds we can see this pattern changing by sticking around next weekend. it looks pretty good. finally seeing a break from the clouds and the rain lt wind changes direction. and dies down a little bit almost up shore leer by tuesday. no more coastal flooding after say monday night or tuesday. could see minor flooding early monday. but that should be the last high
8:50 am
tide when we see it go above flood stage. we have a few showers today. still windy. still flooding concern. getting a little better on monday. that will be the transition day where the cloud clear. we see a little more sunshine. much better tuesday. wednesday, thursday and friday, maybe just a passing shower. i have to put that in there on saturday a little cooler 75 down to 69. not the study heavy rain. gusty wind like we had this weekend even though there's a raindrop a much better week end looks like its shaping up. so here's hoping for the best. ♪ >> this weeks look at the scientific studies we can't believe researchers are taking on. we need to cut up coffee well before dinner time.
8:51 am
coffee can keep us up. a team of researchers from university of colorado along with a team from harvard set out to study it, guess what they figured out? >> people who think they can gauze sell the java then go right to sleep are kidding themselves. out doctor explains what they learn about that cup of joe and how it can mess with your sleep. >> if you have a double example suppress sew or regular cup of coffee before you go to bed it will shift, that clock that runs all your body functions is going to shift and will affect your sleep. if you are exposed to bright light, it can also affect your sir taken 81 rhythms if you want to fall asleep no cough fee, darkroom. >> thanks doctor mike. coffee is a perfect pick me up on a sunday morning and not much
8:52 am
of a night cap.
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what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. >> jason says he's considering a run for speaker of the house. he'll announce his decision on fox news sunday. then the russians bomb in syria and tell the us to get out of the way. we'll ask retired four star general and former us amebiases doreen what it means fort middle east. plus our sunday, masker in
8:55 am
oregon and president obama call for more gun control. all this week on fox news sun. >> and remember you can watch the eagles and redskins today on fox 29 as part of a full day of sports coverage at ten a.m.. the game day live crew. followed by fox 5 at 11 the redskins and eagles. we save the best for last. grown bay and san francisco kickoff right after. them get then get caught up on all news at 10.
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>> taking a lookout pocono mounts, that looks pretty nice. it looks good. almost looks sunny.
8:57 am
and we got miley plank the background. miley cyrus. which miley you like better overwhelmingly most people like old miley. the new miley not so much. >> thank you. high school football so exciting right now p my boy's happy to play two games in one week. way to go. fox 29 weekend. kid play football sports we like to show them up as well. car la has halloween costume ideas. avengers thank you because you are fox 29 weekend warrior. john anything else? >> yes, my wife suggests lt jackson five. yeah we can be the jackson five. we have five of us. that's cool. >> keep watching all morning all
8:58 am
day fox 29. thank you. >> go eagles. ♪ without the internet i would probably be like a c student. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost high speed internet into the homes of hundreds of thousands of low-income families. it lets students do homework and study at home.
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i'm chris wallace. a big potential shake-up in the race for the speaker of the house. congressman chaffetz says he's seriously considering a run to lead the republicans. today he'll announce his decision on "fox news sunday." everything thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, but we put together a benghazi special committee. her numbers are dropping. i did not intend to imply in any way that that work is political. >> kevin mccarthy was the front-runner for the job, but now is facing criticism from the republicans for his gaff. we'll discussion the future for the gop and a exclusive interview with jason chaffetz. and the crisis in syria


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