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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 4, 2015 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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the area stepping up security after the fbi warns of a local threat. two local colleges specific tom mentioned on the only threat. >> what's next or the battered jersey shore? the news in 30 seconds. . right now, new devastation down the jersey shore, after days of heavy flooding. sections of beach gone. what looks like a cliff were piles of sand. one stood in stone harbor washed
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away. we will head live to cape may coming up. >> local college campuses on alert. the feds worrying of an online threat target schools particular in the philadelphia, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. >> brad sattin live in university city tonight, bradford. >> reporter: in this day and age, schools waist no time putting out the alert when they get an alert. in this case, from the fbi and atf alerting parents, alerting communities, alerting the students here, university of pennsylvania police putting out the alert this afternoon, telling their students here they will be increasing patrols, asking students to be vigilant tomorrow, and other college campuses around this area are going to be doing the same thing. >> visit any philadelphia area university and chances are it won't take more than a few moments on sunday before you'll see campus security. from penn to villanova to temple. we spotted officers on each campus in less than a minute this latest threat will bring out pour police on monday.
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>> scary threat. we got to stay alert. >> reporter: the fbi insists the threat is vague but said out of an abundance of caution. the philadelphia office notified local colleges and university of a social media posting which threatened violence at a philadelphia area college or university for monday, october 5th. no specific college or university was identified. all schools were quick to put out e-mails and text alerts. by mid afternoon most students were already aware. >> i'm scared myself honestly. i'm always tired of this whole thing. >> reporter: it comes three days after the shootings in a community college in oregon that left nine people dead. at his new philadelphia area threat was for 2:00 p.m. upon somewhere. >> i'm still walking back and forth between buildings. i i will be. >> reporter: a vague internet threat that some students worry. >> it's a regular experience
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that we're not taking it as seriously as we should. >>. >> reporter: area police will be backing up the schools with extra patrols but as for what students should do specifically somewhere. >> i have no idea. we don't know if it's coming or if anything is going to happen. we can't really do much. regular day and keep owing over your shoulder. >> keep your friends close, i guess, and watch out. that's what imon a going to do. >> reporter: we can tell you it's not just the immediate philadelphia area. earlier tonight, west chester put out the alerts, so did the university of delaware and stockton university in new jersey. obviously, schools across the area taking this very seriously, lucy. >> thank you very much. new video shows a new problem down the shore after days of flooding. beaches washed away in the pounding waves. look at the drop-off in stone harbor with the sand was piled high. fox 29 kathy orr is tracking when this weather will finally let up. we start with obscene if a
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kuriakose live in stone harbor, dramatic images. >> reporter: one of the reasons behind all of this things we're seeing are constant driving winds been here past several days. big problem tonight is sand erosion and to give you an idea of what i'm talking about. if i had been standing on this beach even just three days ago, i'd be eye deep in sand. >> i was sitting right probably where that red stick is coming out of the beach. weeks ago, marina was sunbathing on the sand by 111th street in stone harbor now the beach is all but gone. >> it's just a mess. i can't believe it. >> reporter: winds and publishing waves pounded away at the shore line carrying away sand and leaving steep carved out clips. officials say beach up and down cape may county are badly eroded. >> it was only a few days ago it was a normal beach. after sandy it was similar.
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seems worse now than it was then. >> reporter: hours after afternoon high tied, streets still flooded were i photo of water. the bay pouring pavement into garages and home. tree torn from it's roots. check out the sailboat, water logged and stranded off the bay. >> we didn't expect to have to walk to grandmom's for dinner. we can't get off our street. >> reporter: the demarco family is picking their way around flood waters. >> the ocean being brought to you at your house. the only way to get out and walk. it's right there. >> reporter: the residents who were preparing for the worse, this is the best they say they hoped for. >> hurricane. would have been awful. that's for sure. >> reporter: now, officials say that the next step is to figure out a plan to refurbish all of the sand. they say because of the state of emergency was declared. they expect that process to go quickly.
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iian. >> thank you. radar what could be released from the wind we just saw behind the waves. >> just amazing when you look at those pictures, it's like a sustain wind about 35, 40 miles an hour at least, and as you can see, our ultimate doppler, not a lot of rain activity, but still a lot of wind. we do have that coastal flood advisory down the shore and along the delaware. until tomorrow afternoon. we do have a few pour high tides to go through. the good news is that i do not threat will slowly diminish. take a look at the future bind. we'll start the clock off tonight into tomorrow. getting more of a northerly wind component. you're not going to have the continual on -- northerly wind tomorrow morning, atlantic city 26. philadelphia gusting to 23. impose by monday afternoon. in philadelphia, we're only gusting to 14 down the shore, 20 to 30 miles an hour gusts. by tuesday morning, a big improvement. you can see the north and west, no gusts at all, down the shore gusting to about 20 or 2005.
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we have to talk about that on shore flow continuing overnight with a few scattered sprinkles especially through south jersey and down the shore come tomorrow morning. for the rest of us, we will be seeing improving conditions. we want to say go by to joaquin. it will, impact, bermuda and swifting move toward the north and east. well far away from the mainline us. coming up we'll talk about changes. return returns october warmth in that seven-day and the next chance of rain. i'll see you later. >> make sure you're prepared with the weather with the fox 29 weather ap, live radar and alerts send right to your phone, you'll find it in apple and google? >> history making rain not letting up. massive floodings led to hundreds of rescues like this one in columbia, firefighters using ropes and ladders to rescue people trapped in they are cars. as you can see. the flooding is disasterous, nothing this state ever seen. this right here once a road, in the town of columbia, more
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rescues in the town of somerville, fire crews had to rescue family and after family, the flood waters kept on rising, this one well, they grabbed their pets. whatever belongings they can carry and hopped into a rescue boat. >> it was all over the house. coming up. >> just came out. moved around. >> so scary. emergency shelters opening up across the region. president obama has declared a state of emergency in south carolina freeing up several help. . the eagles could not overcome a pityful first loss. howard eskin is here, howard? >> i might use the word wow in a different way. with what's happening to the eagles. ugly would be a if word, maybe brutal is better to decide the eagles. if they're not scoring again in
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the first half, missed field goal helped with that too, looked like the eagles had come back to win the game late in the game. looks today were deceiving, let's go to land over maryland. this is sam bradford. he throws it to miles as you citizen. eagles down and now up 20 to 1639-yard touchdown pass, final drive redskins, 90 yards and converted two third-downs. this one inside the eagles 20 for a first-down and that sets up a touchdown of four yards to the same receiver, pierre gar zone. the eagles lose it 23 to 20. head coach starteds at the same things about the problems, and becoming the master of the audience. >> all the way. into the end zone. >> there were clearly more issues than the find drive. we'll hear from the coach, i
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promise you we'll hear from the coach. kicker cost the eagles four points. the offense against only showed up for one-half. we will break it down. also hear from the players and demarco murray all of a sudden is not happy again. coming up in sports. >> thank you. we caught up with eagles fans after the game. i don't think you could be surprised with what they had to say about today's loss. >> third game they lost? i don't think there's a whole lot the rest of the season. >> eagles do, they're doing here. killing us. >> it was an awful game. played terrible again. chip kelly got to go. >> ouch. you heard the king himself he'll be back with sports sunday right after fox 29 news at 10:00. police tell us a lot of people have been shot. it happened late tonight. we don't know how many people. you can see all of the police cars and officers, this was north along 21st street right around 9th, just before, police are not telling us much.
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we do not know the extent of the injuries or shots or what's behind. we'll bring you more. trains are back up and running in burlington county after an suv crashed on the tracks. this was scene just after 1:00 this afternoon in riverton at broad and main. the suv slam up into a pole. medics just two people and the suv to the hospital. we don't know their conditions. the crash closed the road and suspended train service while crews cleared the scene. police searching for the person who opened fire on a strawberry mansion street killing to men. officers tell us it happened on 2400 block of north 29th street as you have after 2:00 this morning. police got that, they found one pan so the several times. he died at the scene. second was found around the corner. died at the hospital. no word yet on any suspects. philadelphia police are trying to find the woman who apparently walked into someone's home and tried to quit their food on the 800 block in fairmount. investigators say an elderly woman answered a knock at her
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door thinking it was her daughter, an unknown woman walked into the kitchen, grabbed pizza and a soda out of the refrigerator. the homeowner scared the woman off. a man struggling in the surf off the coast of new jersey, coast guard just happened to be passing by. what he was doing in the first place before he was plucked from the ocean. >> that girl walking home from school when a strange man pulls up and will not leave her alone. >> teach me not to talk to strangerers. he should have learned no to the talk to little girls. >> her mom want you to hear her story. what the guy did after this smart teen tried to walk away. small dog takes on these two bears getting two close to home. what this french bull dog does next to scare the animals away. >> we're working for you whenever and wherever you want.
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this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. . us coast guard lifts a man from the rough waters off the coast of north jersey, big wave knocked the guy off jet ski, his jet ski pulled away by the surf while he floated. take a look from the coast guard's point of view this crew happened to be flying a training mission. they pulled the guy to safety. the former president of the philadelphia chapter chapter of the naacp has died. jerry monday desire family said he passed away today. the 65-year-old was rushed to
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the hospital if i. he had a brain aneurysm and kidneys were failing. the doctors put monday monday desire on life support. friends tell us he never regained consciousness, his family tells us he was surrounded by family. a memorial service are you no in the works. president obama taking time to honor our country's firefighters, hart felt words from the president today, paying tribute to firefighters who died in line of duty. the president speaking at the annual national fallen firefighter memorial service. they honor 87 firefighters, most of whom died in 2014. >> they're good starts. serving their neighborhoods, communities, our nation. with courage and fortitude and strength. >> among those who died last year, fallen firefighter from philadelphia joyce craig, craig died while fighting a house fire in west oaklane last december.
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putting on their running sneakers. the fund was established in memory of the fallen firefighter, sweeney an lieutenant were killed when a building collapse during a kensington warehouse fire back in 2012. runners gathered in penny pack park to help raise money. two bears got a little too close for comfort at this california home and met their match. a little french bull dog stood a ground to protect her home. explains this isn't the first run-in with bears at this house. >> reporter: small dog, big threat, this 5-year-old wasn't having it by the afternoon were to bears jumped over the gate for a her territory. >> they're in her yard and there's children here. she doesn't want that. >> sprints down lunging towards one of them. watches the bear gets on his hind legs to defend itself and runs away. >>. >> i don't know where that came from. 20 pound of fury and she's 20
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pound of hart. >> reporter: second later cubs jump back. a second surveillance shows a different angles acting more like big scared di caps, he lived in there ten years sees more wild life in the area now than ever before. we caught the bears walking up the street saturday afternoon. bears aren't interested in people or pets. just looking for water and food during the drought. still the owner here tells us he never, if that happens, people could be partially to blame. he says some don't keep own eye on trash and others even feed the bears. >> here we go. >> reporter: feed a cub found in the dumpster. >> i understand having empathy for bears. but i'm more empty pathetic to humans. >> reporter: bears have attempted to slide over his daughter's bedroom window and crawl inside.
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>> i've had to put wood up there to calm things down. >> reporter: he knows the image of the small dog will get loafs but a serious message for everyone. >> don't feed the bears, leave them alone. they are not your pets. they can kill you. >> reporter: fox news. minnesota man sentenced to six months in jail for having wind turbine on his property. here's video from 2014. at the time he was the middle of some litigation. the city was suing and a judge ordering the turbine to be taken down. you thorough it all. he refused to give in. he was send to jail. his wife had the turbine removed but the court said that's not enough. the foundation, the machine was attached to. that needs to be torn out as well. >> i'm trying to do the receive a right thing for the country, and what happens to me? i end up if jail. >> sound like he'll stay that until that foundation is removed. a tall task is wife hopes to have done boy early next week.
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she said they won't put it up again. one of philadelphia's old of the churches had a little more likely to grab your attention when you walk by. st. john at 13th and market in center city now has an historical marker out front, founded in 1830, st. john's still an active parish. the original church weren't burnt in 1899 but arose, and they unveiled the new marker. >> this church has been a part of very important historical events, stood the test of time. even with anticatholic riots here in philadelphia has survived and st. john has constantlyly put the needs of the congregation ahead of everything else. >> the church served as the roman catholic church for pennsylvania, delaware and parts of new jersey from 1838 all the way through 1864. the top young chefs are
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here in philadelphia. >> all part of the food under 20 food summit that runs until wednesday, showing off at the kimmel center. kicks off three days of performances showcases young chefs, wine maker. a small community devastated hit-and-run driver killed the pan they all knew as grandpa. >> really hard breaking when i heard the news this morning, i couldn't believe it. >> too damaged to drive away. the woman behind the wheel managed to escape. >> he stepped in front of a shooter's gun to protect a classroom full of students, overwhelming support of this army vet determined to save lives. forget waiting in those long lines when you hit the grocery store. new invention speeding up the way you check out.
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for the general assembly, will pauls and chris brown claim they're for us, but we know how to spot a sleight of hand. they're bankrolled by groups funded by north jersey casino backers. and you know what that means - north jersey casino bigwigs can count on them. but can we? it's a dirty trick. north jersey casinos would take our casinos, and our jobs, and ruin our economy. will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up
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against north jersey casinos.
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terrifying moments for wal-mart shoppers in georgia, officers forcing people to stay inside after gunshots rang out in the store's parking lot. witnesses say one man shot and
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ran to a nearby dairy queen for help. investigators still on the hunt for the shooter. no word on the motive. florida community hart broken after a hit-and-run driver killed a man so block ofed most everyone call him grandpop. tonight that driver turn herself in. official say 83-year-old larry lock hart was driving his car friday in tampa when the red cadillac reported to be stolen slammed into him. the woman shown in this surveillance video from a nearby gas station was behind the wheel. had he walked to the station after the crash to hitch a ride away from the scene, lock hart's neighbors are tuned. arc really heartbreaking. when i heard the news this morning, i couldn't believe it. >> he was always there, you know, if we needed anything, he was there. if he needed anything, we were that for him. >> authorities say the hit-and-run driver turned herself in today, she's now facing charges of leaving the scene of a crash involving a death. sad story of survival
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tonight if last week massacre at an oregon college campus. randy says his daughter lace si was in classroom were the gunman walked in and started shooting. she told her dad the shooter ordered everyone to crawl into the center of the room when he opened fire again, one of the victims killed by the gunman ended up on top of lacy and that's what her family says saved her life. >> he says then, over lacy, he says she must be dead. he steps over lacy and shoots the next one. >> lacy's family says they are forever grateful to the student who unknowingly saved here daughter's life. he kill nine people and then shot and kill himself in the middle of a shoot-out with police. one hero emerged from the ram page is overwhelmed. >> he tried to keep the gunman out of the classroom and shielded others when the shooting started. the gunman shot the army vet
10:26 pm
seven times. despite telling the shooter it was his son's birthday. his family started a go fund me page helping for ten grand to help cover his medical bills, more than 7 $30,000 and he posted a message thanking everyone a safe and speedy recovery. a girl walking home from school when a strange man pulled up and won't leave her alone. what the guy did after the smart teen tried to walk away. weather, we're talking about hurricane joaquin providing hurricane force wind to bermuda and then moving to the northeast. moisture moving toward the delaware valley, few clouds, few sprinkles at the shore. you see all this? this is dry weather, a stretch of sunshine in the seven-day coming up on fox 29 news at 10:00.
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. high winds finally starting to die down, live look from old city tonight.
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we seeing pretty strong gusts past few days, at the shore is taken the brunt of this system. strong wind behind a pounding surf that flooded several towns and left beaches eroded. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking and were we get back moot 70's, custodial frooft minutes away. scary situation pour one 14-year-old girl, a man started calling out to her even flashing her had she tried to walk away. >> didn't end there. dave spencer spoke to the teen about her run-in. >> they teach me at school not to talk to strangers. i wasn't talking to him. >> reporter: the second 14-year-old instinct told her he was no good. on the southwest side of the city, she says a 30 something white man roughly 300 pounds sitting me his black four-door dodge truck when he yelled to her. >> he was like you're the most beautiful girl i ever seen. i'm like i don't know why you're talking to me. >> he drives off but isn't done.
10:31 pm
>> he came up to me and car magnum, i'm going to be standing here forever, he could come out and grab me. i walked in front of the car and almost got hit. i was like i don't care i'm not dealing with this guy. >> reporter: he yells again. >> he exposed himself to me and i got scared. i walked to my house and he came down mi street and saw where i was going and hurry up and went in the alley and turned around and left. >> she walked were any group of five and then she's half a block home. >> reporter: harmny broke down once she reach home. >> i called the police, they were here immediately. >> reporter: no one has caught up to this point. as for monday, harmny's after school ruin will so he changes at least until this guy caught. >> i'm 14 now, now walking with me, so she can protect me. >> that 14-year-old was able to give police a detailed description of the guy. officers say he is still not in custody. coast guard has found another clue in it's search for
10:32 pm
a missing cargo ship in the storm driven waters of hurricane joaquin. aircrafts appears to be from the -- yesterday's search and rescue team found a life rink carrying 33 mostly american crew members of authorities lot of lost contact as the storm neared the storm battered bahamas. one new device promises to get you through checkout fast. take a look. one texas grocery store is rolling them out. they have towers to take a 360 disagree snapshot. the cashiers are still going to be stationed to accept money and deal with any issues. three days of walking and the book wrapped up as soon as you three-day walk at the navy yard in south philadelphia, more than 1,000 men and women took part if the journey this past
10:33 pm
week. the 60 mile hike began friday at the willow grove park mall. raised more than two and a half million for breast cancer. it was great way to end. that must have been crazy for couple of those days, windy rainy, cold. >> kathy can tell us about that. >> did you see the end of the walk? sunshine, something to look forward to, on ultimate doppler i'll step out of the. the on shore flow continues, persistent easterly winds keeping it cool and cloudy down shore and keeping the flooding going on. but that's going to slow down as our persistent on shore flow relr rerelaxs high pressure to the north and low pressure to the south, historic floods to the carolinas. it had will be breezy, high pressure taking over, wind become more northerly and that's good for coastal flooding situation, and the per assistant
10:34 pm
on shore flow. you can see old glory waving in the breeze, wind sustained between about 15 and 20 miles an hour out of the east northeast. high 63 with the hate day sunshine, temperature 57 degrees. temperatures elsewhere in the poconos mountains, 48. 57 in dover. clouds in wildwood. still flooding, 59, lancaster 51 and reading, it is 53 degrees. sustained wind speeds, not gusts, just wind speeds. out of the east in philadelphia, 13, and atlantic city at the airport, nine miles inland, you see a 17 miles an hour sustained wind that. we're going to be under a dry influence, high pressure to the north, will slowly nose down and that means sunshine for your monday. increasing sunshine for tuesday. next chance of seeing any rain will come from this threat, but this doesn't even come to later on in the week. really, a very nice set up coming up through the region. something that we deserve. a little bit of an october warm
10:35 pm
break, so to speak,ing doctor the evening and overnight. overnight 48, suburbs 44. partly cloudy, a cool breeze. during the day tomorrow, a morning chill. 51 in the city. 40s in our suburb, partly sunny by 9:00 a.m., by noon, sunny, breezy, 63. high temperature for tomorrow, 67, skies mr. e to mostly sunny more clouds at the shore where the ocean influence will continue. on the exclusive seven-day forecast, monday 67. tuesday, 73, wednesday, a perfect ten. front moves through cooler thursday, friday, 72. saturday 69, sunday looks pleasant as well. quickly this from the shore, and bellmawr look at that crashing. we help that there's not too much damage on the beaches. >> absolutely. thank you very much. that will do it for us tonight at the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> you know who's got a lot to
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say? howard eskin. keep it here for sports sunday. . tonight on sports sunday. the eagles have more increase run them down, who is likely to play and who is not next week? also a look at where the problems are on this football team. more than a few. help me do that. john joins me in the studio, coming up on sports sunday.


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