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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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down the shore, as well. >> reporter: no doubt about that. yesterday's high tide creating some massive erosion here in stone harbor, and coming up, we will show you how people are dealing with it and more importantly, what local officials, plan to do, to fix all of this damage and here's the thing, there is another high tide expected today, chris. >> wow, with that said man struggling in the surf off the coast of new jersey, coastguard, just happened to be passing by, what he was doing in the the water in the first place before he was pluck from the ocean. and some advice jeb bush you are not supposed to say anything if it is not nice, same rules should apply if you are an answer that isn't thoughtful. the shocking comment that the presidential hopeful made about the college shooting in south carolina last week that left speechless. lauren johnson is celebrating her birthday today. happy birth the day, lauren. even though i know, scott that she's sleeping right now. there is no way she just heard us say happy birth the day.
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>> she's probably asleep and she probably has those curlers still in her head as well, but happy birth the day to lauren. let's talk about this weather. much improved. we are talking about weather on the numbers. on the scale of one to ten we will give it an eight but we still have a coastal concern as far as what is happening this week, we're still watching showers around carolinas. high pressure building off to the north. that will give us breezy conditions, wind out of the north east. mixture of sun and included today, here's the latest on hurricane joaquin still a category one hurricane, maximum sustained wind at 85 miles an hour. movement north north east at 13 miles an hour. coastal flood advisories still in effect for cumberland county, cape may county, kent county and sussex county. high tide cycle later on for back bays and then again, that afternoon high tide cycle we will to have watch out as that one begins around 4:00 o'clock lowe's right now.
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we have numbers in the the 40's north and west. look at pottstown 46 degrees. forty-seven lancaster. mid 50's right now down the shore. wind out of the north east from five to about 17 miles an hour in wildwood. so 67 degrees the the high temperature today, after a cool start, and we will do it again, tonight, low temperatures in the city in the lower 50's. the the burbs will be in the the 40's. how is traffic on this monday morning? bob kelly has the answer. >> hey scott, good morning everybody. 5:02. actually not bad at the moment. we are off to a good start. live look at the schuylkill expressway behind me here. everything is still damp from all that rain. then in the neighborhood watch it as that wind knocking down some of the leaves and those leaves being wet the on the road surface and could make things slippery for the morning rush hour. coming back with the poconos this weekend, in problems at all on the northeast extension. northeast philadelphia, looking good, on i-95 from woodhaven into downtown. even coming in from new jersey, coming into philadelphia, the the freeway
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looking g we have construction, and then those new traffic patterns as we head through bellmawr but so far, so good. for the gang watching us down the the shore maybe you'll head down the the shore to check on your property, no problems on the the atlantic city expressway or parkway. there has been traffic back and forth to the shore as folks checking on their properties. keep in mind shore towns respect the closures that are there, and watch for the debris. the even though water may go down at some point today there will be debris that could be in the road surface and then as scott mentioned high tide coming back again this afternoon at 4:00 o'clock. delaware beaches, same scenario. respect the closure and you're still under a coastal flood advisory down in delaware. now the the bridge close another that is went into effect as part of the vine street expressway construction. nineteenth street, the bridge over the vine street expressway is block. we will have to use any of the odd numbered streets. pedestrian overpass is also shut down there as well. septa, they are beginning a tree trimming operation over
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next couple of months here, on the the lansdale doylestown line. they will run trains during the morning and evenings but midday they will be using shuttle buses between colmar and doylestown. it has been a crazy couple days in and out of the philadelphia international. if you have a flight scheduled out this morning, would i check with the airline. there were a lot of cancellations, delays, disruptions through the the weekend not just here in philadelphia but the whole east coast. check with the airline to make sure your flight and flight status is on time before you head down to the airport. outside to the live look at the boulevard kind of quiet as we wake up on a monday morning and mass transit looking good. bob, back to you. universities are on high alert after an fbi issued a warning about a credible threat. the threat made anonymously on line targets an unname philadelphia area school. lets go to steve keeley with the very latest on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: it is an unspecified threat and we are nine hours away and that is why you will see the sidewalks
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here of university city not as busy today as would you normally see because we had a lot of kid telling us they will skip classes for early this afternoon. while local college crowd was watching football, most started getting their campus alerts from practically every college and university in philadelphia and within an hour and a half drive. as far as stockton on the way to the shore outside atlantic city. local schools passed on disturbing notice that they had just received from the fbi and this is just days after the oregon college shooting. someone posted a similar threat about a similar attack at i school quote near philadelphia. would it happen at 2:00 p.m. today. >> it could happen anywhere, so i gust you just want to keep your eye out, stay in your dorms, is probably the best bet. >> keep your friends close, i guess, and, just watch out. that is what i will do. >> it seems like such a regular occurrence that we're in the taking it as seriously as we should. it is not a good thing. >> just be smart about where i
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am, what i'm doing, the the rooms i'm in, you you know, just kind of of analyze every situation and just hepp and prepare for the worst and hope for the the best. >> reporter: universities and colleges all urge students to be on alert, for anything unusual which should be a daily standard for them. also let them know that campus security will be increased, as a precaution. so they will see a lot more officers then they normally would. some students say they may not go to classes at that time simply because they will be worried, looking around, and unable to really concentrate or keep their eyes on their books or computers, because they will be thinking about this the whole time, chris. so that makes sense. they have e mailed professors saying hey, i'm's not skipping class because i'm a bad student i'm just realizing it is not making sense to go to class if i'm not paying attention to what you are saying and what i'm supposed to be learning. >> absolutely you can
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understand why they would be distract, steve, thank you. 5:07. new problem down the shore after days of flooding beaches have been wash away and pounding waves. lets go to dave kinchen in stone harbor with a look at what is going on there, hi, dave. >> reporter: chris, it is incredible to see right now what we're able to show you with the camera. i will step out of the way. we're on the edge of the ramp here and you can see where the sands have literally dropped off because of the erosion that has taken place here. we will pan more to the right and you can see again, the carve out because of the erosion that has happened and thinks all will due to the high tide that came through yesterday. powerful wind. we have very strong waves that just crushed the the beaches here. you can see we have another high tide coming today. so that makes a lot of people nervous. when talking with folks yesterday here's how they reacted to what they saw. >> i mean, it has only been a few days ago it was just a
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normal beach. >> i was sitting right where that red stickies coming out of the beach, and now it is gone. it is just a mess. >> pretty much the ocean being brought to you like at your house, just you only need to get out ape walk, it is just right there. >> so wooden steaks right there, showing you just how sharp these edges are. it is almost like standing on a jagged edge. we are a few feet in because we are looking out for our safety as we come back over here. the big question now is what will beach officials do to fix all of this? and that is something that will take place in the series of meetings. by the way this isn't just here in stone harbor but all across cape may county. really significant situation here. local officials are relying on a state of emergency declaration sign by governor christie that will help remedy this process and speed that up, guys, back to you. >> okay, dave live for us in new jersey, thanks very much.
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at 5:09. u.s. coastguard lives a man from the rough waters off the coast of the north jersey. big wave knock a guy off his jet season sunday in machine mouth county. his jet ski was pulled away in the surf while he was just floating there in the water. lets look the at this coastguard's point of view this crew was happened to be flying by doing a training mission. they were able to pull this guy to safety. they posted this video to facebook. president obama took time out over weekend to honor our country's fire fighters. heartfelt word paying tribute to the fire fight hours died in the line of duty. the president was speaking at national fallen fire fighters memorial service in maryland. they honored 87 fire fighters, most of whom died in 2014. >> they are good stewards, serving their neighborhood, communities and our nation, with courage, and with fortitude. and strength. >> among those who died in the line of duty last year fallen philadelphia fire fighter
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joyce craig the first female will fire fighters to die in the line of duty. craig died while fighting a house fire in west oak lane last december. 5:10. also in new jersey officials say court offices at a huge justice complex in trenton will reopen. that building closed last wednesday after a freon leak. repairs have been made and fresh air has been pumped in. back here in philadelphia one of the oldest churches is more likely to grab your tension. saint john's advantage list at 13th and market in center city new has a historical marker out front. founded in 1830, saint john's is an active parish. original roman catholic church burned down in 1899 and rose again. state and city leaders join parishioners to unveil the new marker over the weekend. >> this search has been a part of a very important historical events and stood the test of time, even with anti catholic riots, here in philadelphia, as it the is hard to believe it survived and saint john's
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advantage list has constantly put the need of the congregation ahead of everything else. >> that guy looks like he could be edward norton's brother. the church served as the roman catholic church for pennsylvania, new jersey, parts of the new jersey from 1838, through 1864. don't you love the history all over our area. 5:11. now on to some sad news for you, this morning, former president of the naacp here, has passed away. jerry mondesire's family said he died yesterday at jefferson hospital. friend tell us that the six five-year old was rush to the hospital on friday. had a brain aneurysm and his kidneys were failing. the doctors put mondesire on life support but friend tell us he never regain consciousness. his family says he was surrounded by family and close friend. details of the memorial services are in the works. coming up a hugh ton area mother calls a textbook's characterization of the slavery an interesting name. what the company is doing to make sure that they deal with this. hundreds of bishops called
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to the sad can to discuss pressing issues over the weekend. what pope francis is asking the church to do to stop a potential divide. synod.
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hundreds put on their running shoes yesterday, to raise funds for daniel sweeney memorial scholarship fun. fun was established in memory of a fallen fire fighter sweeney and a lieutenant were killed when a bidding collapsed during a kensington warehouse fire in 2012. runners gathered to help raise
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money for this fund. bad weather for running. it is always too warm to run. that was not the case throughout the weekend, scott. >> yeah, we were socked with the clouds. little cool. if you are going for that relevant i morning jog, dress in layers. have that sweat shirt and then take it off as temperatures warm later this afternoon. we will climb in the mid to upper 60's. but a fall chill this morning. look at the temperatures. this is in center city. 52 degrees right now. wind are breezy out of the north/north east, and then this morning at 7:01. look at, bus stop budd which that sweat shirt on. we're talking cloud around early this morning, temperatures in the the 50's and 40's for some. weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten, it is not that bad. we will give it an eight today. stays breezy. temperatures once again below average in the upper 60's but we are looking at some more sunshine, returning this week. along with that dryer pattern. so as far as the dryer stretch, ahead, high pressure
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off to the north. that will continue to bring us, more sunshine, over the the next several days, and wind are around that high pressure, clockwise, so we will keep those northeasterly breezes. hurricane joaquin a category one storm 85 miles an hour wind, movement north/north east at 13 miles an hour. we will still have have a a coastal flood advisory central southern sections of delaware, cumberland, cape may county right now dealing with that high tide cycles and then again, the afternoon's tide cycles right around 4:00 o'clock. that one could be worse. but look at the fall chill, temperatures right now we're talking about numbers, lower 40's poconos mountains. 46 degrees in pottstown. lower 50's in philadelphia 50 in wilmington. mid 50's right now in atlantic city. still a little breezy, those wind right now out of the north and east from five to 15 . that weather authority seven day forecast will show a cool start today. 67 degrees for the afternoon high. that is below average. seventy-one on tuesday, and a lot of sunshine, low 70's
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wednesday. thursday, 70 degrees for the the high temperature. our next best chance of rainfall, late friday evening into saturday that rainfall chance is about 30 percent. cooler conditions by the up come weekend with highs back in the upper 60's, bob? >> scott, good morning everybody. 5:17 on this monday. back at it, back to work, back to school, a live look at the blue route, 476. kind of quiet this morning. this flatbed here probably just waiting to see if he gets an accident call on that blue route there heading south what do they call that the the tow truck ambulance, something like. that ambulance chasers, there you go. the schuylkill expressway, eastbound, slow as you pull out of the valley forge services plaza but otherwise, no problems at all east or westbound on the schuylkill expressway. the just watch it this morning. everything is still wet and damp from the rain we had over the weekend and, of course, wind started to income down the leaves on a lot of the trees and those wet leaves matted down on to the the road surface and feels like you will stop onizes specially in
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the neighborhoods and keep in mind our little ones will be out waiting for the bus very shortly here no problems on the schuylkill. i-95 looking good out of northeast philadelphia south jersey, 55, heading northbound up in the freeway at the the construction there in bellmawr. and then 42 again, that construction, new patterns that come into play working your way up toward walt whitman bridge until we get daylight. watch out in areas that don't have have overhead street lamps. if you are watching us down the shore no problems on the majors like the expressway, garden state parkway, all looking good this morning but in the shore towns, any of the areas that impacted by the the floods, respect the closures. some may still be out there we may see barriers across but you don't sea water. the reason they are still closed is because of the debris that called could be dangerous and then as scott the mentioned we will to have deal with it again this afternoon, high tide, coming our way again at 4:00 o'clock. the chris, back over to you. 5:18 is the the time. the pastor in oregon confirms
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that the gunman from last weeks school shooting left a flash slide for police. we heard chris tore mercer left a manifesto. the pastor is father of laci. she's one of the survivors from that shooting and he said laci told him about that envelope with the flash drive. shooter also instruct another survivor matthew downing to watch as his classmates were killed. nine people were killed in thursday's shooting. mercer killed himself. and republican presidential candidate jeb bush is in hot water over this over comments he made about this mass shooting in oregon. bush was at a forum in south carolina when asked about gun violence and legislation stemming from the shooting. he told the crowd look, stuff happens. there is always a crisis and the impulse is always to do something and it is not necessarily the right thing to do. so, isis, there is fall out from that, of course, we will get more on the campaign coming up. meantime isis militant have reportedly destroyed a
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2,000 year-old arch in the anxious syrian city of palmyra. syrian activist say the arch is latest victim, islamic state's campaign to destroy historic sites. arch of triumph was one of the palmyra's most recognizable historic sites having linked the roman empire to percent a. it is after isis militant blew up two famous temples in the same city this summer. the eye of the hurricane joaquin passed west of the bermuda still sustaining wind of 100 miles an hour. although wind are slowing down a bit surge can still be life threat edge. the locals are warned to stay indoors until that storm passes, entirely. nearly 300 catholic bishops from around the world met at the vatican to kick off synod, discussions included potential issues of whether divorced catholics can receive communion. pope francis called marriage an bond between a man and a woman but francis also says
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that the man must accept and be merciful to hurting couples. pope is facing deepening divisions between conservatives and progressives over this and other topics including gays, those who divorce, and others and non-traditional family situations. long horn is slashing more than just prices in arkansas, why retailer says big number cuts now could mean more jobs later. bad news for beef eaters, love affair is over, meat experts say americans are piling on their plates. but first here are your winning lottery numbers, good luck.
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for your money, major job cuts at wal-mart. sat take the company announced it laid off more than 400 of its corporate employees in arkansas. the it is all part of the wal-mart's restructures plans. the director of the business and economic research at the university of arkansas says while the cuts are a big number, the number of jobs that will be created, will off set those layoffs. a loss of 450 is a a big number, but when you put it in kind of the perspective of the overall growth that we expect it the will knock a couple percentage points off of that. >> company officials say hundreds of employees, who lost their jobs will be paid for two months, with benefits. members of the grateful dead and john mayor are playing in new york city next month and they are giving away
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10,000 free tickets. the legendary band and mayor joined forces to create super group, dead and company, for a u.s. tour this fall. the show is on november 7th. you can enter to win on dead and company's web site. mcgraw hill book publishing company said it will ray write textbook after a mom complained. mom, ronnie dean burn of houston voiced her frustration over wording of a passage in her son's textbook about the african slave trade. the the book called slaves workers and immigrants. her post got more than a million views and mcgraw hill quickly got the message. they said we believe we can do better and we will update the caption. revision will appear in the on line version immediately and will be in the book's next printing. in the country men for burger joints and oversized steaks, americans are starting to eat less beef and more pork, on a per person basis, a man, is at its lowest in more than four decade and prices
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here could to be blame. the experts are saying another slow patch in the economy is inevitable and americans are bracing for it by skipping beef ape opting for less expensive pork. meat prices poured when drought caused u.s. cattle heard to drop to a all time low and virus was killing baby pigs. while both industries, pigs multiply much more quickly then do cows which has made the hog industry bounce back more quickly. for thousands of people in need lincoln park in denver was the the place to be. how much a convoy of hope is changing lives in colorado. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> reporter: authorities say it is an unspecified threat but something real specific about it, the threat, to a college near philadelphia. >> we will be right back live with you with that threat. chip kelly, i tweeted out what do you think of chip kill think morning. boy, we got some interesting responses to. that we will take a look at that with big daddy graham in 15 minutes. what another disappointment. good day, it is monday
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october 5th, 2015. back to the football game, scott, initially we thought game would be canceled all together because of joaquin moving inland but it never moved inland. it went back out to sea. darn it, it would have been nice if the game was canceled. we wouldn't have lost. >> we cannot blame it on the weather. very disappointing loss there for the bird. the weather is looking improved heading in to your monday. kind of dismal the first half of the weekend, yesterday was a little chilly but we saw some sunshine. temperatures right now in the lower 50's, but still a breeze out there but once again as we look at the headlines a fall chill this morning. so grab that jacket and sweater. more sunshine this weekend. it looks like a dry pattern. lets look at the overall scenario, joaquin out to sea. rain pummeling carolinas, high pressure off to the north. that is a dominant weather feature for this week giving us more sunshine and dryer conditions. over last several days as we look at radar estimates you can see higher totals, central, southern sections of
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delaware over three and a half inches and then take a look at this in parts of the carolinas, between columbia, charleston, over a foot and a half of rain, high water rescues, continuing there. latest on joaquin a category one hurricane max wind at 85 miles an hour but take a look at the coastal concern, ongoing this morning. we're dealing with the high tide cycle right now and then again in the afternoon it could be worse. cumberland land county, back bay watching out for more coastal flooding and beach erosion. temperatures are chill a cross the board. we are looking at mid to upper 50's in delaware. the south jersey, low to mid 50's, mace landing 51. we are looking at temperatures north and west, mid to upper 40's here so it is chilly. perkasie 46 degrees. forty-six right now in west chester. that weather authority seven day forecast will come up later on but take a look at the forecast for today, temperatures topped out at 67 degrees. for now we will head down in
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the shore. dave kinchen how is the coast, looking right now and also the high tides this morning. >> reporter: yeah, you know, it is not looking good as we see the high tides yesterday. i'm standing on a bit of an edge here, this is the ramp area to the stone harbor, one of the stone harbor beaches and you can see where it sharply drops off there in the camera there because of the erosion, and then will pan over a little bit the more. you might be able to see wooden steaks there just those jagged edges. we will move further toward the right and you'll see this better as sun comes in later on this morning but you'll still be able to see right now all of that edge right there where the the sand was carved. we had powerful wind and some very strong waves, pounding the beaches here, not just in stone harbor but all across cape may county, and, it is created this situation, severe erosion all over the beaches here, and now local officials are trying to figure out how they can deal with this. they are hoping that a state
5:33 am
of emergency recently declared by the the governor of new jersey could help remedy this situation, but again, we're not out of the woods just yet in terms of the high tide, now back over to bob. >> thanks very much, dave. 5:33. down the shore respect the closures. we may see a barrier and think wow, water subsided, i will go around it. there is debris as dave just showed us woody brings from the the boardwalk, debris we will call it debris that could be out there that could be dangerous. then we have to deal with high tide coming our way at 4:00 o'clock. for the gang in the delaware beaches, same scenario, coastal flood advisory still in effect. respect closures that are there. they are there for a reason. watch for that debris. we have to deal with the high tide again. if you are going to head down to the shore, check out your property, your belongings, the the expressway, parkway are opened. no major problems there. again, as you get into the secondary road and into the the shore towns, things could change.
5:34 am
majors right now though starting to see, volume pop here on 422, leaving the neighborhoods, the rain, wind over the weekend, knocking down some of the leaves, already, so those leaves are mathed down, and they are wet and causing for some slippery conditions especially, in the the neighborhood where we hit the brakes for that first stop sign, south on i-95, no problems at all, starting to see some volume pop with the brake lights there and coming toward the the sit on it 42 freeway just watch for some slow spots as you work your way through construction zone in bellmawr. chris, back over to you. time right now is 5:34. and we will turn to this, university's in our area are on high alert after fbi issued a warning bay credible threat. the threat made on line target an unname school right here in the philadelphia area steve keeley is on this story on a monday morning, hi there, steve. >> reporter: college students have have plenty to worry about whether it is getting a job after graduation or getting an a on their next exam or just getting through
5:35 am
class, now even more things to concern themselves about, more police, more security and more worry for the college crowd around philadelphia just a few days after oregon college mass shootings, local universities and colleges sent out mass alerts right around half time of the eagles game yesterday passing on notice that the schools got from the fbi that federal investigators learned of the threat on social media said to be car it out at a campus near philadelphia at 2:00 p.m. today. no specific and no surprise that local students started wondering whether to even go to class again around that time. >> it is a pretty scary threat. i guess we have to just stay alert and just keep an eye out, you know, that something might happen. >> i didn't really think anything of it and then i thought about the the shooting at oregon and i said it is kind of crazy that it was threatened. >> i am starting to question whether or not we should control guns in the the
5:36 am
country more or not. like/don't know how to feel about that but enough is enough at some point. >> i'm pretty scared myself honestly. i'm also tired of this whole thing like shootings, and, i don't know, i mean honestly the past few shootings that have gone on like they are really sad but i haven't really felt surprised or anything. it is just like oh, another one. >> reporter: well, campus alerts also told students what they are told almost every day in life now no matter what they are doing whether it is school or just on the street or home with their families and that is, just to report anything unusual, and to always be on the look out. one thing they will see today chris, as they are on the look out is plenty more police on campus with the students. >> understandable. of course, steve, thank you 567:89:36. denver will hold a event offering free service for less fortunate, the convoy of hope giving everything from her cuts to health screenings.
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no jammos in northeast philadelphia right now 5:39. hey, for thousands of people in need lincoln park in denver was the the place to be, the convoy of hope president rolled into town offering help to change lives and bring volunteers and guests together. fox's john bowman shows that the convey offers everything from haircuts, to health
5:40 am
screenings. >> wow. >> reporter: for youngsters a convoy of hope means more just trying to get a treat or have fun in the bounce house. this is a day in the park where kid and parents get services without being made to feel. >> we're here in denver just hoping to bring a sense of community to denver. >> reporter: molly erickson says volunteers and donors to the program are able to provide. >> job services, health screenings, family pictures, haircuts, anything that anybody might need that they can come get it for free no questions asked. we want to provide a sense of hope and poverty free day. >> reporter: and any number of themes in favor of the a family picture. >> let's put grand mom in the middle because she's so cute. that is perfect. come right in the middle, gram. you guys lean forward into her. through go. >> reporter: snapshots to real shots to learning how to do your own breast cancer exams. this was a convoy of hope with purpose. >> i loved that. they have breast cancer center over here. we have to learn how to check
5:41 am
for breast cancer. the kids get free shoes, and everything, haircuts, food, you can't beat it. it is all free. >> they have all kind of services and they even, cut my hair. >> do you like it over there. >> reporter: for many who might not visit a barber shop very often, paul mitchell folks were there helping people get the right look. everyone was given a free lunch as well. the for most it was a four carrying bag day. >> we have got the new shoes, we have referrals for clothes, flu shots, we have had a lot of food, and kid got to eat. >> reporter: catherine taking her day of care to 28 sit thinks year. >> we rely on churches and business toss donate money, resources, time to really bring something like this together. >> reporter: they say. >> thank you so much for everything. really appreciate it. >> i want to say thank you very much. >> reporter: along the park, jeff bowman, denver.
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all right. not to worsen your mood on a monday but we are one and three. what is going on with the bird. big daddy graham from wip will be in next to talk about what has happened.
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>> ♪ >> rock and roll ain't noise
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pollution, yeah, brian johnson, lead singer of ac/dc, as we look live at the great wolf lodge in the beautiful pocono mountains. it might be chilly up there to wake up. >> temperatures in the pocono mountains this morning, chris, are in the lower 40's. we might dip in the upper 30's for some later this week for our north and west. the lets look at the weather by the numbers on this monday morning. a chilly start out there. not that bad. more sunshine this afternoon. so, not perfect. with a ten but a eight, not that bad. 52 degrees in center city. wind out of the north/north east at the 15 miles an hour. sunrise this morning at 7:01. but talk about your head lines, fall chill that will greet you early this morning. grab that light jacket or sweater. more sunshine ahead this week as we enter a dryer pattern. take a look at rainfall totals over the the last several days, the highest amount in sussex county, close to four and a half inches, otherwise,
5:46 am
not as impressive as what the folks in south carolina have been dealing w take a look at the totals between columbia, charleston, high water rescues complete devastation in some neighborhood, flooded homes, as well as cars, we're talking almost 2 feet of rain in some spots. hurricane joaquin still a category one hurricane, its movement on off to the north/north east at 13 miles an hour, 125 miles, north of bermuda and it will continue to move out to sea, and weaken. the as we take a look at what is happening on the surface futures map we have clouds and showers in the carolinas. high pressure off to the north. that will be dominant weather feature that will usher in dry and breezy conditions out of the north and east, mixture of sun and cloud and dryer weather, that coastal flood advisory through 7:00 o'clock tonight dealing with a high tide now and then later this afternoon. see cumberland, cape may, kent
5:47 am
and sussex county but be mine full of that. lower 40's right now in the poconos mountains. upper 40's reading and allentown. fifty in wilmington. little will will chilly atlantic city, 55 degrees. that weather authority seven day forecast will show temperatures today topping out at 67 degrees, we will call it the partly cloudy and then a lot of sunshine by tuesday, lower 70's. both tuesday, and then into wednesday, and then by thursday, a few more cloud, later on in the day 70 for the high temperature. friday increasing cloud, a front late friday evening as into saturday, could spark off a couple of showers, about a 30 percent chance of that and then temperatures for the weekend in the mid to upper 60's what about traffic on this monday morning, bob kelly has details. >> hey, scott good morning. 5:47. talking about that water in south carolina my inlaws are down there they sent me a message saying the water is so high that the crocodiles, the alligators are actually floating around, swimming in
5:48 am
the streets and when water level goes down the crocks are sitting there saying hey, who emptied the bathtub on us here. you think you are having a bad start to the day you could be in south carolina live look the at ben franklin bridge seeing volume pop coming toward the city here. the road are damp and wet from the the weekend rain and those wet leaves. live look at the roosevelt boulevard heading southbound between broad street and the schuylkill, coming in from new jersey, northbound on the freeway watch for a disabled right at the black horse pike which is route 168, schuylkill expressway, starting to see volume pop here for gang heading in to 30th street station trying to get first trains out of town here on a monday morning but so far so good working your way through south philadelphia and up and over area bridges. septa lansdale doylestown line if you have a project for next couple months it start today where they will be using shuttle buses from colmar to doylestown during midday between 9:00 and 5:00. for gang leaving west chester
5:49 am
we are good to go on 202 and in problems on the blue route through delaware county from the schuylkill down to i-95. chris, back over to you. eagles fans not happy. we caught up with some after the the game. here's what they have to say. >> that is first game they lost, i don't expect a whole lot the the rest of the season. >> it was an awful game. they played terrible again. chip kelly has got to go. >> my goodness. big daddy, we have to bring you in here. >> you see what i'm wearing. >> phillies. >> ivory tired my eagles jacket, at least phillies won yesterday. >> what do we have to look forward to the flyers season. >> i don't know what to look forward to. that offensive line, jim brown could not run behind it, and joe montana could not play behind it the but chip kelly knew that. he went with a couple guard last year who could not play last year, and he went back
5:50 am
with them and he has murray now, nfl's leading rusher last year he hasn't even run the ball 30 times yet, not even 30. it all starts with that line but it all starts with chip kelly the dm. >> demarco mur any four games has rush for 47-yard. >> that is right good all season. >> that is right. >> twenty-nine times he carried the ball. >> last year he carried the ball over 29 times, his first game. >> he was asked after the game and he said he was frustrated that he hasn't been given the ball more, which i found interesting he was so out spoke been. that what about chip kelly saying the problem is execution. when you say problem is execution it means your players are in the doing it right. it is not about his playing calling but about the the players messing up. >> you are right on the money, that is one thing my callers last night at 94 wip were calling about. it is in the him. at least andy reid even though it got tired on the end always
5:51 am
put the blame on himself. he always did that. kelly is just not doing right now. he is not doing it the. >> here's the the other thing with chip kelly he comes across as condescending, he is not very gracious in those press conferences, he gos not engage in the community and his team stink. >> his team stinks. he was this exact same way his first year, he was but they didn't stink back then. but now they stink. he wanted to do all of his own grocery shopping. lurie gave him permission and this is what we have seen. the it the is a disgrace. it really is. eagles fans deserve so much better. now we have drew brees is back in the line up with new orleans come sunday they beat cowboys last night, i'm very disappointed. can i hit you with one good thing. >> please. >> would good thing. >> cole hamels. >> this is great he leaves the the phillies and goes on to make playoffs. >> when he signed up with
5:52 am
texas they were eight games out of first, all right. the last ten games, that cole hamels pitched, he won all ten. >> all ten, texas did. he went seven and zero in them and now he is going to the post season. they won the division. i was always a cole hamels fan. good for cole hamels. i'm trying to give your viewers something nice to share this morning. >> thing i like about cole hamels is early on we knew it wasn't going to go well and he pitch well. he threw a no hitter for phillies. he never gave up. >> they never gave him any run support. they are giving him support down there in texas. look at what is happening. i'm rooting for him. there is so many ex-phillies in the playoffs, it is unbelievable. >> just a couple minutes what was biggest mistake making chip kelly the gm. >> no question, things change, they played a quarter of the season but if you are asking
5:53 am
me on this date what was the big mistake, that was it. lets get to the kickers. he knew that codey parkey was hurt at the end of the last season. he had the punter doing the kicking during the the preseason and he didn't address that. yesterday, he announced -- >> we need to smile, tell us where you can make us smile. >> i will make you laugh this saturday night at doylestown comedy cab receipt. that was a smooth segway: go to big daddy graham to get your tickets. all right, buddy 567:89:53 is your time. military bride is one step close tore walking down the aisle thanks to some help. we will tell but that straight ahead.
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probably a good idea, to just shout, couple of windows and just shout, get your anger out, from this eagles game. time right now 5:56. bride know you might the try on dozens of dress breast finding the one and some brides are saying the best part about their dresses is they got them for free. that is thanks to the non-profit group called bride is a cross america. the it is called operation wedding gown and it is opened to all military brides, brides who are serving, or who are bride engaged to someone who is, partnered with bridal shops all across the country as a way to give back to those
5:57 am
who served. >> i could not have the gowns unless i knew people in the industry who were also as intent on giving back, so it is kind of goodness passes from one to the other and wonderful things happen. >> you can find out more, donate, register to be select for a wedding dress at brides across pretty cool program, right. 5:57. temple celebrates another, after beating charlotte, this time they are starting the season at four-o. first time since 70's they have done. that we will break it the down play by play coming up.
5:58 am
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing...
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♪ standing by for fun. ♪ 2:00 o'clock this afternoon an attack on a university in or near philadelphia? increased security at colleges and university across our area, after the the fbi and atf, warns of a media posting threatening violence. this afternoon. the impact of this he can we even's storm is evident in our shore towns we will tell you where hurricane joaquin is heading right now. and, now they are crushing loss for the eagles, redskins ruled supreme yesterday, and fans want to know what is chip kelly's next move? what do you got coach. >> should he move on. what people to have say about that. >> he's moving on and we're still stuck witt. >> we're still off. >> sue is off today,


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