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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 5, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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on the university in philadelphia, increasing security across our area after the fbi and atf warns of a media posting, threatening varietiens, this afternoon. the eagles blow it big time. redskins ruled the field after another embarrassing upset. there is the winning play right there. die heart fans are asking what is chip kelly doing. we will ask you to weigh in on social media. big changes coming to the school district of philadelphia, intend to go give families better options closer to home. we will ask what makes this latest plan to improve city schools, any different. our superintendent of schools, doctor william hite is in the studio sitting right where you are, scott, about 5,000 students affect, 15 different schools affected, some people not the happy, others thrilled with the idea. >> all right. >> hi everybody. >> hello, everybody. >> good morning. >> teresa on twitter says
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mike, you guys don't seem yourselves today. what is up. >> i think we're just tired. >> it is monday. >> that game was draining. >> it will be a long winter. >> we, let's turn things up. >> energy up, focus. >> i can tell you this we will see more in the way of sunshine. that is some good news. weather on the numbers, scale of one to ten we will call it a eight today. sunnies autopsy cross the the area. you can see we are looking at a little bit of sunshine out there, however, it is going to be chilly out there so grab those jackets and sweaters this morning. more sunshine this week as we expect a dry pattern. but look at the the fall chill, 41 degrees in the poconos mountains. forty-five pottstown. forty-six in allentown. upper 40's in wilmington. lower 50 ease in millville and atlantic city. wind right now still a breeze out of the north and east, 13 miles an however in philadelphia, 12 miles an hour in atlantic city.
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that coastal flood advisory still in effect through late this evening, next high tidies a at 4:00 o'clock watching out in cumberland county, cape may, kent and sussex especially in the back bay. here's the setup joaquin headed out to see, showers clouds still in the the carolinas, high pressure will dominate our weather. a chilly start out there by lunchtime 60 degrees. sunshine mixing with cloud, 67 for the high. that seven day forecast will come up and we will talk about what other changes are ahead later in the broadcast, how is traffic. >> we have jammos ahead at the live look at the schuylkill expressway on the westbound side, heavy from the boulevard past our camera there at city line avenue. everything is wet and slower than normal will from that rain we had over the weekend. but in the neighborhood where the wind knocked down leaves already off in the trees and they are matted down and wet, watch it, it could be slippery coming to the first stop sign or traffic signal. south bound i-95 heavy from cottman in through girard on
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the new jersey side, some volume here, between black horse pike and walt whitman bridge. the chase in and out of the new york's airport because of the weather and that will have a domino effect here in philadelphia a so check with the airline before you head down to the airport. if you are heading down to the shore to check on your property and valuables no problems on the majors. it was like a friday afternoon in july, this past weekend with folks heading down the shore, to shore up all of their items, maybe bringing in the furniture but no problems on the majors. it is when you get off in the neighborhood is when you get in the the shore towns respect the closures. they are still there for a reason. there could be a a barrier up, you don't sea water any longer but there is still some debris left over from the weekend and then we're watching high tides as the scott mentioned again coming back our way at 4:00 o'clock. same deal for gang in the delaware beaches like rehoboth, coastal flood advisories for still in effect. watch for closures and debris. we have work crews out there
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as well making repairs. the septa using shuttle buses beginning today on the lansdale doylestown line between colmar and doylestown during the midday after the morning rush hour. mike and alex, back over to you. >> 7:04. we have a problem on our hand here. >> universities in our area are on high alert after the the fbi issued a warning bay credible threat against them. >> the threat made anonymously on line yesterday afternoon. it targets an unnamed philadelphia area school and philadelphiaes the second largest or biggest clemington in america. i think we have hundreds in our viewing area. >> reporter: i would say close to a hundred help you think about the community colleges as well, i mean not just in philly but around philly. we're talking as farrah away as the shore down at stockton they put how the this leather and all along the main line and in the outer suburbs as well likely high. so this is a huge college area, especially right the here in university city where we are, and look at the
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sidewalks. they are very bus toy day. they are taking it seriously but not lying down. we didn't hear about anybody canceling classes or even changing the class schedule to work around the times. so the warning about a threat of violence at a college or university near philadelphia around 2:00 p.m. has no schools canceling classes scheduled for 2:00 p.m. it does have parents war filed their kid have classes in the early afternoon and some students we have heard from say they are considering maybe staying home if they commute or staying safe in their dorm on campus they live at school. >> it could happen anywhere, so i guess you should want to keep your eye out and stay in your dorms, that is probably best bet. >> keep your friend close and just watch out, that is what i will do. >> it seems like it is such a regular occurrence that we are not taking it as seriously as we should. it is not a good thing. >> just be smart about where i
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am, and what i'm's doing, the rooms i'm in. just kind of analyze every situation and just hope and prepare for the the worst and hope for the best. >> reporter: this comes after a week after what happened in the mass shoot ago that the oregon community college. when you think bit, alex and mike, community colleges have a tougher job today because they have multiple campuses, for instance, bucks county community college, three campuses and head of the security there is telling reporters that they are working closely with local law enforcement around all three campuses. it is not just one area and one group of buildings they have got to watch but three and that college's case. that tells you how much high alert there is, in and around philadelphia right now. >> my goodness, what a story. we just got a tweet from a dad saying he would go pick up his temple student. >> he said yesterday he pick up his child, he didn't want to take any chances, can you blame him. >> no, i cannot.
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look at the front page of the daily news here. if you weren't on twitter, maybe yesterday afternoon, is this shocking, isn't it. after the former president of the philadelphia chapter of the naacp jerry mondesire has died. the six five-year old was rush to the hospital on friday with a brain aneurysm and his kidneys were failing. doctors say mondesire were on life support but he never regained consciousness. he was surrounded by family and close friend when he died sunday at jefferson university hospital. funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. we will keep you updated. we have a problem down the shore. all that flooding, all that rain and all that wind over the last three days. a lot of the beaches are gone. >> so lets get to dave kinchen because he is live in stone harbor. >> hi, dave. >> reporter: hi guys, beaches completely wiped out the here in stone harbor. i will step out of the way. this is one of the beaches look at that jagged edge right there.
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this was a ramp to get on to the beach, you can see some of the broken wood right there. even fencing downing there. the as we pan off to the right you can see all of this around high tide yesterday in the afternoon and that is when powerful waves came through and slammed up against the beaches and really took out massive chunks of sand, and this is what was left behind. we will go to video right the now that afternoon tide brought in not just the strong waves but, of course, wind as well in this area has been getting pulverized by heavy rains and so forth over the the last few days a lot of people are worried about another high tide coming in this afternoon, because here's how people are react to go what you are seeing right now. >> it has only been a few days ago it was just a normal beach. >> i was sitting right where that red stickies coming out of the beach and now it is gone. it is just a mess. >> pretty much the ocean being brought to you, like at your
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house, so you don't need to get out and walk. it is just right there. >> the water is a lot closer to the housees right now because of the erosion taking place not just here in stone harbor by the way but all across cape may county authorities are reporting major severe beach erosion and the problem now is how they fix it. that is what local officials are trying to figure out. they are relying on the state of emergency declaration to help out with that process. the as we come back around we want to show what you looks like a black tarp, some kind of protective, net ago this may have given way in this case. we will to have see how that is repaired with this overall process and not to mention the the flooding they had here. water, mostly receding already but yesterday several feet of water, a across the street is here in stone harbor, and across cape may county and again, another high tide
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expected this afternoon so folks are on edge and literally as you can see here really on edge and worried with all of this. >> three years after sandy we have to replenish beaches one more time. it getting ridiculous. >> reporter: yes, one more time here we go again. 7:10. coastguard responds before anyone could call for help. >> a passing helicopter, yeah, happened to be going by, spotted a man who was falling off his jet ski, this is on the new jersey shore here, a big wave, knock this man off his jet ski. aim not sure yes was out in these conditions. manasquan inlet near port pleasant beach. pushed him toward the the rocks the waves did. he was in big trouble. coast gar helicopter spotted him and quickly moved in. there is a camera pulling him up here, cable lowers him, picks him up, this crew, within the m id st of the training mission off of point
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pleasant when they just happened to spot the the guy who fell off his jet ski. wow, lucky. 7:11. folks in south carolina are still without drinking water due to heavy flooding from last weeks storms. officials say water main breaks are to blame. people living in the downtown area are mostly effective about this but they warn this could be a problem for next three to four days. they issued a boil water advisory. the last weeks rain storm dumped a foot of rain in colombia. eight people were killed. homes and business where is destroyed. this is affecting ought of south carolina i was in touch with my friend in myrtle will beach, schools are closed, they are told not to leave their homes. we will have a live report from south carolina in a little will bit. >> one town get 17 inches have rain in 24 hours. >> can you believe it. forecasters say hurricane joaquin's eye passed we of bermuda still sustain winds of over a hundred miles an hour. experts say although wind are slowing down surge from the
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storm can be life threatening. locals are warned to stay indoors until the storm passes completely. well, president obama, took time to pay tribute to fire fighters and cops across the country who have lost their lives in the line of duty. heartfelt word from the president yesterday, paying tribute to fire fighters who died in the line of duty. the president is speaking at annual national fallen fire fighters memorial service. this is in the state of maryland. they honored 87 fifer fighters, most of whom died in 2014. there are good stewards serving their neighborhood and their communities, our nation with courage and fortitude and strength. >> among those, mentioned, philadelphia fire fighter, joyce craig. joyce died while fighting a house fire, in west oak lane, in december. and the philadelphia fire department, and september air
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teaming up to promote fire safety, today, septa employees will join fire commissioner derek sawyer, to pass out informative fire preconvention cards. inside septa buses this years theme is freedom from fire and aims to promote fire safety especially in your kitchens in your homes. a pastor in oregon confirms the gun man from last thursday's school shooting left a flash drive for police to look through. >> you remember we had heard last week that the shooter christopher mercer left the manifesto for police. the man mass for is father of laci skrogins a survivor from the shooting. he said laci told him about the envelope with the flash drive. the shooter instructed another survivor matthew downing to watch as his classmates were killed. nine people died in thursday's shooting a and police now believe that mercer killed himself. >> yeah, shot himself.
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republican presidential candidate jeb bush is in hot water after comments he made about the mass shooting in oregon. bush was a at a for number south carolina when he was asked about gun violence and legislation stemming from the the shooting. he told the crowd look, stuff happens. is there always a crisis. the impulse is always to do something and it is not necessarily the the right thing to do. >> well, new jersey governor wants to come to washington d.c. but in the just for any opportunity. he went on sunday morning shows and said he would rather jump off a bridge then be in congress. interesting he used the the bridge analogy. brooklyn bridge, to be specific, that is the one he will jump off of. he then went on to talk about the the school shooting out in oregon last thursday and talked about mental health issues as well. whirlwind tour of the u.s. poach francis gets down to business. >> he got down to business. 300 catholic bishops around
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the world met at the vatican for the start of the synod sunday. >> discussions included a potential issue of whether divorced catholics can receive communion. pope francis called marriage an -- >> you cannot dissolve a marriage. >> it is a bond cannot be dissolved, the church must also be accepting and merciful to hurting couples. the pope is facing deepening divisions between conservatives and progressives within the church over this and other topics including same sex couples. those who divorce, and others living in non-traditional family situations. >> what do you think of that, scott. >> we like to hear your thoughts on that. >> let's talk about the weather a and bus stop buddy. he will be chill which that sweat shirt on. we have temperatures in the 40's and 50's ought there. so feeling like fall, and feeling like yes, october. 51 degrees right the now in center city. wind north east at 13 miles an
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hour. the the sunnies up, humidity. 71 percent. look the at the chill north and west. forty-one poconos mountains. forty-six right now in allentown. mid 50's as we move into pottstown and take a lot numbers in south jersey. fifty-two atlantic city 567891 millville. fifty-two in dover. so grab a light jacket or sweat they are morning. still a little bit of the breeze out of the north and east and 12 miles an hour in millville and atlantic city. we have that coastal flied advisory at 7:00 tonight. next high tide to note 4:00 o'clock this afternoon watching out in the back bays, extreme south jersey, central southern sections of delaware. so here's the the current pattern and set up, high pressure off to the north, still dealing with the rainfall in the carolinas. joaquin is pulling away from bermuda abe so as we take a look at the forecast for today, we will see rain in the carolinas, joaquin pulling away. we will stay dry and quiet through tomorrow, tuesday morning, and sunshine high
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pressure in control by end of the day and nice. a dry pattern high temperature today 67 degrees. lower 07's on tuesday into wednesday, and then thursday, high of 70. and then friday in, to saturday a front arrives, maybe an evening shower, weekend high temperatures mid to upper 60's. how is traffic, on this monday, bob? >> well here's an example of the flooding and high water i have been talking about this morning when you get ready to step out the front door. this is is a live look at airport road just off of i-95. now again, respect the closures they are there for a reason some barriers are still up and yeah, maybe water has receded but where that water was there could be key brings. i could be a dangerous. could be a sinkhole or pothole. this is a live look at i-95 northbound down near high land avenue and a live look the at blue route, as folks starting to step up and out in delaware
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county between i895 and schuylkill expressway. jammo on the vine street expressway across town from i-95 over to the schuylkill trying to get that first train out of 30th street station. an accident east on 422 right at stowe interchange and westbound about a half an hour. schuylkill sun glare popping up. mike and alex, back to you. >> let's go flyers. >> orange is the new green at 7:18. flyers kick off the season i believe on thursday, sean brace from philly is here. am i right on that thursday. >> yeah, yeah, beautiful. >> yes. >> and that is your eagles report. >> that is all will there is to say. >> where should we start. >> you know had the kicker. >> i knew he is knew. >> has he kicked that field goal and extra point we could have used those four-point.
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>> 24/23. >> it is chip kelly. the guy is paid one of the highest paid coaches in the league 6.5 million-dollar. how about you give half that back because that is how much your team plays for you. every single first half they just don't show up this year. i don't understand it. chip kelly decision making, offensive line is in shambles, play calling down the stretch has you scratching a ahead, they could have pick apart redskins secondary. i'm smashing things here. it is all on chip kelly. >> do you understand we said this watching the game okay, we really lose this game we will see hashtag fire chip, do you think people should start saying that. starting to see it. >> i'm not one of these guys that say it that early because is there still plenty of season to go. >> one guy said he made such a big mess you cannot fire him and it makes sense. >> it does make sense. >> he has decent players, jordan matthews, nelson
7:20 am
agholor, but he should have made those plays. >> and then when they started throwing football. when seven minutes to go in the game chip kelly decide, shuts it down. >> wants to run the football. >> you are scratching your head. chris crawliver were picking him apart. i don't understand it. >> they could in the stop that final drive. >> no. >> fifteen plays, 90-yard. defense was gassed. everybody was saying. so mal conn jenkins said the adrenaline was flowing. we make a stop we come out with a victory. there is something to be said when they are on the field for 41 minutes. >> i don't want to look at that. >> they had some things. >> demarco says he is not getting the ball. >> look, how many times he touch the foot ball last year, 450 carries. what does he have right now, 20 something right. >> twenty-nine. >> so it is just like, of course, he is frustrated. everybody is frustrated but dallas losing late last night,
7:21 am
still. >> i went to bed what happened to them they lost to the saints. >> they did lose in overtime. >> that is good. >> thing of beauty. >> great. >> you know who is upset, after the game, kelce. my gosh. he was saying some stuff, i was like wow. >> kind of toward the coach. >> he is speaking about his unit as a whole, because that is where it starts. everybody wants to place problem on sam bradford, kickers, but it is about offensive line. they don't have have time to throw football. it starts up front. they are failing as a unit. >> he was taking the blame. >> how about temple owls. >> how about that. >> yes. >> this is just crazy, obviously matt rule has a great program going on right now. >> great guy. >> solid head coach. but one of the things when you look at the the schedule in july you don't have have temple marked down for an undefeated season so far. i was looking forward to the future of the notre dame game
7:22 am
on the horizon but noter tame just lost on saturday. we're above them right now. >> will they be in the top 25 today? >> no, no. >> they won't be in. >> no, they have to step up some of the plays a lit built. >> when is their notre dame game. >> couple weeks from now. >> is it here. >> no, south bend. >> we have got problems, guys. we've got problems. >> let's go flyers. >> hate paying for access tour own money? of course, you do. it business to get worse. why atm fees be are going up. you know, some are four or five bucks. >> yeah. >> to get money out.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. we have breaking water news lauren simonetti is breaking water in new jersey. >> i got the phone call very early this morning and i will keep smiling when there is something to share i'm sure that lauren will give us permission but i will tell you this lauren is doing just fine. >> great, great. >> lets get to the big story here, atm, they always charge
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a fee if not your bank. >> can a fee get higher. >> is it going higher. >> it is going up, through the the roof. bank, watches this stuff for us a and we are seeing a record amount if you go out of network. you bank at your bank but use someone else's atm average is $4.52 but cities with the the highest at tm fees are atlanta, new york, phoenix, miami, milwaukee. atlanta is paying $5.15. >> overdraft fees every now and then people make a mistake and of draft and get hit with the fee. $33.07. in milwaukee, tell them to stop banking. offer draft fee is $34.79. atlantic $34.50. cheapest place for atm, san francisco and cincinnati. >> is that right. >> most expensive city, san francisco. they want you, they want you to overdraft, yourself. that is why they don't warn
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you that you don't have enough money. you have asked for a hundred dollars. they still give you a hundred dollars to get you that over craft fee. >> but one bit of advice and i don't want to give you too much information but having experienced some of these things a phone call to the bank, you know on the first offense you can usually get that fee reversed. >> yes. >> thirty-three bucks, it is worth it. >> thanks. >> apparently we need to go to a commercial. >> let's do it. ññ
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new plan to turn things around. superintendent doctor hite is here and will explain what it means. eagles blow it again, our jen fred talking to the fans, hi general ren. >> we are talking to fans, how to you feel about the eagles. >> they suck. >> that was a good interview. >> thanks, jen. >> 7:30 exactly. in a movement, to improve, educational opportunities for more than 5,000 students, in the philadelphia school district, the superintendent announced big change that he is would impact about 15 schools, and cost up to $20 million. >> well, hope that is will give students better options of schools close to where they live.
7:31 am
now in response to the announcement philadelphia federation of teachers president jerry jordan released a statement saying the district is once again plowing ahead with major changes to our schools without offering additional resources to the affected schools and a without input from educators or the the community. he goes on to say doctor hite's claim this new claim that will give access to the programs and resources needed for future success is laughable given how much more money will be drain from the philadelphia's traditional public schools. >> a pol guys for put ago this statement ahead of allowing to you speak, i was supposed to come later, superintendent doctor william hite, good to see you. >> 5,000 students, involving 15 different schools. can you you state it simply for everybody who is watching. >> yes, it is exactly as you introduced it, it is better schools, to where children live. better schools in the neighborhood. these will be change that he is will impact roughly 15 schools, impacting 5,000 children and improving conditions for those children.
7:32 am
it is not for all children, but we're working toward that. this is for 5,000 children impact by these 15 schools. it is a series of recommendations. one recommendation is turning around low performing district schools. so that is three of those that we will identify. developing two new schools, and then expanding, grade schools that we have already. one is, the science leadership academy that will go to a neigh hood non-selective, middle school up in -- out this west philadelphia the other one is a partnership with a tremendous high school provider, call big picture, a non-profit provider that is an apprentice type model for certain children. we have renaissance schools as well. these are renaissance charters designed to serve children inbound dry or in other areas. final one is a set of consolidations. these are mergers. these are two historically low
7:33 am
performing middle will schools that have better school that feed them elementary schools that feed them. what we are recommending is that the children stay in the elementary schools longer and then those schools will still serve children in that neighborhood. >> what about this middle school. that is good example of something that will change and how it will change. >> so it is a great exam. as beaver, they are 84 percent of the families that lived in the beaver area are choosing not to attend that school good they are going outside of their area. >> yes. >> but those numbers are much higher for three elementary schools that feed beaver. >> okay. >> two of which goes to fifth grade, within of which goes to sixth grade. >> are they all taking off do they not feel it is up to par. >> it could be any number of reasons. maybe they don't feel it is safe. academic program is not challenging or rigorous enough. >> how can you make beaver better. >> the way we make beaver
7:34 am
better is number one, we look in the future for expanding the s l.a. schools, that is in beaver. perhaps drawing down to the middle schools, the middle-aged children are there so that these children will have access to a great better program at beaver. at the same time allowing children to stay in gumpers, overbrook accounts and cassidy longer because those are high perform schools. >> now will this be put to the vote will community have a say. >> renaissance charter is a series of recommendation that is i'm making for three low performing schools. the renaissance provider, that would be in response to an rfp. the renaissance providers will then submit that rfp where we will a lot of conversation, between now, and january 21st when the votes is taking in renaissance. plenty of opportunity for input from the communities. we plan to have community meetings every week.
7:35 am
>> and src has to okay this. >> src has to vote on this in january and we made this recommendations october 1st. it gives us plenty of time to talk about how this process will go for. >> when it comes to charter i know parents are concerned about the wait list. it may sound great but how do i get my child into that school. >> this is different because in renaissance it is just that neighborhood and just that area and we will, see by the way, 1800 parents trying to get in the renaissance school last year. we are trying to respond to a need. >> you know, school advocate. she treated deeply trouble by school closures, hitting north win and lack of community voice in charter conversions for philadelphia education what do you say to that. >> we will have a lot of opportunity for voice. one meeting per week at every school. and, in addition, it is our goal to really begin adjusting these schools and making them better. we are not closing any of these facilities but these
7:36 am
facilities will be improving, the educational environment for children. >> okay, again, this is just changes that do not the go in effect. they have to be voted on and discussion bit. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> 7:36. >> scott. >> speaking of school lets talk about bus stop buddy. it is a chilly start north and west in the 40's. we are looking at lower 50's in the city. hurricane joaquin is north of ber mood, category one hurricane. it is moving away from bermuda but we still have a a coastal flood advisory down the shore later on this afternoon. temperatures today 67 for the high. lows again, chilly tonight in the lower 50's. city. forty's north and west. what is the the traffic situation on this monday morning, bob kelly has details. >> hey, scott, good morning everybody. 7:36. jammo monday morning, back to work, back to school, come on back your lunch and let's go. northbound lanes of 202 heavy from the bypass all the way up
7:37 am
through to route 401, north east philadelphia, southbound i-95, heavy from cottman avenue down through girard and even across town on the vine stacked up from i-95 over through the schuylkill expressway. there is construction now south on the northeast extension approaching quakertown, taking out one of the lane and then turnpike itself westbound bensalem to valley forge about a 35 minute trip. just under a half an hour in bound on the the schuylkill expressway. mike and alex, back over to you. how social media is helping breast cancer survivors feel comfortable in their own skin, they want your support. this is a good thing. >> here's last night's lottery numbers.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ city is looking good this morning doesn't it. >> it does. >> 7:40 on this monday morning. as you know this month is breast cancer awareness month this month of october. >> they want pink to be a reminder for women to schedule
7:41 am
a mammogram. >> susan komen three take walk ended yesterday, yeah, as sun came out in the afternoon at the navy yard. more than thousands of men and women took part in this years journey. and the 60-mile hike began friday at willow grove park mall, and then they raised, more than two and a half million-dollar for breast cancer research, and treatments. in a related story, listen to this breast cancer survivors launched a new hashtag movement in response to a recent campaign. the campaign hashtag show your strap, shown here was started by charity marge spencer. breast cancer survivor says this criticized movement saying it is sexual icing a disease. in response a group of woman start aid new response saying show us your scar. they wanted to display true reality of the cancer rather than glamourized it. nfl, you have watch the game yesterday, the nfl was playing its part during this month with the players
7:42 am
wearing, well, pink cleats, they have pink gloves on, and pink all over their uniforms but the buff le bills did you see the game. they took it a step further, instead of cheerleaders, they had 50 breast cancer survivors welcome the team on the field yesterday. cool move. they tweeted out the photo afterwards along with the hashtag, belief, buffalo bills, instead of it. i see what they do. i think bills lost, didn't they? i think giants beat them. >> wonderful that they gave them that opportunity. >> really good. >> you talk about losing? the eagles are now one and three. jen fred. we're only one game back. the whole division stinks. >> we're going to try this again, no poddy talk, what do you think about the eagles. >> i'm disgusted. >> high five coach, that is nice. >> you can go, class dismissed thank you.
7:43 am
he didn't swear. he didn't say that other bad word. we will talk about the eagles and everyone is disgusting so come on back to havertown, thank you. we are paying attention to the rules.
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now, and, now pack the
7:46 am
pocono pocono mountains. and, and, and, the weather, it is a fall chill, to start out there, and light jackets, sweat shirts, more sunshine this week. the it looks like a dry pattern as well, a as we take a look at coastal flood advisory, still in effect, at 7:00 o'clock in the house, cumberland, cape may, sussex county, next high tide to note at 4:00 this afternoon. chilly start this morning, temperatures right now in the city 51 degrees. looking north and west, 41 in the pocono mountains. 44 degrees. lower 50's in millville. high pressure will dominate our weather, and, joaquin is heading out, to sea, still heavy rainfall in south caroline, look at devastation here from columbia, charleston, almost 2 feet of rain in some spots. for us the past several days. one to two around philadelphia higher amounts in central southern sections of delaware. the as we go in time, quiet
7:47 am
conditions for us as high pressure settles in overhead through the the middle of the week, that storm impacting the carolinas will head out to sea along with joaquin. as we talk about the forecast, 67, and chilly again in the city, 52 degrees. forty's far north and west. sixty-seven for the high today and then mostly sunny on tuesday, lower 07's. and wednesday, thursday not bad, friday a front approaches, late in the day and evening, overnight the in to saturday, and, temperatures again this weekend, cooler back into the mid to upper 70's, 60's, bob, over to you. good morning everybody. 7:47. new accident just popped up here southbound lanes of 295, as you roll out of south jersey from cherry hill, mount laurel. accident at route 30 which is white horse pike right before you get down to the 42 freeway. delays in and out of new york airports because of of the wet they are morning. upward of close to an hour, hour and 15 minutes. so check with the airline that
7:48 am
will have a domino effect here in philadelphia watching us down the shore scott just mentioned respect the closures, they are there for a reason. we went through an early morning high tide, even though that water is receding you can see barrier up. don't give it a chance to get stuck in the debris. there is also, construction crews that are down there working a as well. then we have another high tide coming our way at 4:00 o'clock. same deal for delaware beaches. watch for that debris and respect closures that are in play. later on today septa begins a project that will last through december, actually. they will use shuttle buses on lansdale doylestown line between colmar and doylestown station. outside we will go live look at i-95 southbound your normal delay from academy through girard a avenue construction zone, ben franklin not that bad at all, looking good up and over in downtown philadelphia. as we look live, just a backup here, southbound heading in
7:49 am
through schuylkill expressway. mike and alex, back over to you. ivory named wawas today. >> okay. >> we are now calling them wawa in honor of the eagles one and three record now, wawa, wawa, wawa. >> it means when you think about the season we have a lot more games to go. it makes you emotional you know what i'm saying, jen. >> jen is at a wawa in havertown. we are one and three but we're only one game back. there is an eagles fan that is flyered up. >> mike and jer it says it is not a big deal. zachary michael, good morning. you are an eagles fans, right. >> yeah. >> your mommies right there. >> what happened yesterday with your dad was he happy or sad. >> he was happy because eag also loss. >> did you hear him say loss. >> no. >> they lost. >> no, they didn't. >> they really didn't. >> look at mom's face.
7:50 am
>> buddy, they lost, they lost. >> was daddy happy or sad. >> sad. >> i love you you. >> come be on tv anytime, all right buddy. >> all right. >> don't hurt your knee getting in mom's car. thank you very much. it might just be bet they are way. let's all think that they won. >> we should you, maybe it will give us some hope. >> so we have been asking people, he ace adorable. you are awesome. you are in line to be the next howard eskin. just wait for it. bye, bye. >> i have been asking people what they thought on twitter and facebook because people are mad and swearing mad but lets go to some of these twitter comments. first of all from my twitter bubbles the bull dog. this is what i did after the game, i bit upset about the loss, not that happy. he chewed the remote. that is cool. that means he has to watch fox 29 for the rest of his life. the here's the next one, fire chip. his football voodoo is bogus.
7:51 am
he trade add way the franchise. good riddance. over to everybody favorite facebook pennsylvania page, jen fredrick fox 29 facebook page, lynn, i'm just sick to my stomach and one sheep will not get me over this i thought we took a step up last week against the the jets but to be beat by redskins, welshing not sure where this team will go from here. i asked people, can sleeping one night help a little bit. john says we need an offensive line. bradford and murray can't do anything with no room to do it. that is ace ventura. so remember go to jen with 2n's, fled rick fox 29 facebook. mike, other thing i have been doing i have been hose tipping live chats and people can comment there. it is super fun. anything you want to say about the eagles. don't swear, don't swear. >> i haven't been watching eagles lately i have been work ago lot. >> he has been working. >> yes. >> it is national world teacher day.
7:52 am
>> yes. >> it is world teacher day. >> keeps it in pictures and tweets burr favorite teacher. >> this is from tyrone. i guess the pope effect has worn off. now eagles will continue to walk in the shadow of the valley of lost games. >> that is a well crafted tweet. >> let's pray. >> i will go with little a zachary and pretend they won. >> i like his idea. >> they scored three touchdowns and they won. >> yes. >> sure. >> all right. 7:52. closing time for american apparel, why the the company says they could in longer stay afloat. >> american apparel is closing. um. look at the kardashian's on the cover of cosmopolitan magazine. wait a second, there is something about this the country does not like and readers are very upset bit. >> i see what it is. um-hmm.
7:53 am
7:54 am
mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. delicious and packaged with nothing to hide. no secrets. just like our family. well there is one. folks, i'm not your grandma. just a handsome kind hearted drifter who wandrered in years ago and stayed for all the yummy sausage. feel bad about lying. nap time. i got her. seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage.
7:55 am
7:56 am
i have a personal question for you, alex holley. did you ever shop at american apparel. >> no, in the really. >> did you. >> no. >> do you. >> no, but my fiance, she was shopping at american apparel on saturday in new york city. i called her. she was in that store. >> did you hear about this? they are filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. >> what? >> some say it is not the too surprising because in august, they had a quote, well, it was said that they had substantial doubt that it would stay in business. american apparel lost legal fight with the outfit with the founder and ceo. they say restructuring plan will not affect u.s. retail stores that will continue to operate. >> they are not closing but just restructuring. >> okay. >> i always wondered, you know. >> it is pricey. >> yes. >> they are pretty expensive. >> yes. >> if your holiday plans,
7:57 am
include boarding an airplane, now is the the time to book the trip. >> according to orbitz, today through october the 12th is the best time to buy a plane ticket for your thanksgiving and christmas and new years eve trips. well, while it may seem early to make travel arrangements buying tickets now apparently will save you some money. i don't think it is too early. >> well, it is going on right now. >> yes. >> lets see what i can book. >> eighty days from christmas. >> something like that. >> eighty-two. >> it is coming up. >> well, how about this, book publishing giant mcgraw hill said it will rewrite its textbooks after a mother complained. one woman. >> so, this mom, ronnie, in houston, voiced her frustration in facebook over wording of the passage this her son's textbook about the african slave trade. book called slaves workers and immigrants. her posts got over a million
7:58 am
views and mcgraw hill quickly got the message. they said we can do better and we will update the caption. the the revision will appear in the on line version immediately and will be included in the book's next printing. >> they called slaves immigrants, and workers. did no one read the book after they printed it. seriously. >> even still, next book printing. problem is schools by textbook they keep them for years and years and years. they need to did more than that if they want kids to see this. >> a cost of a pretty penny. >> it should. >> that is rewriting history. >> immigrants. >> good day, it is october the fifth, 2015. and oregon life threat for philly, universities across our area stepping up security right now, the specific time mentioned in an on line threat. record breaking flooding, from the shore, to the south,
7:59 am
the torrential downpours, rescues and closures, how the east cozies staying afloat. >> chip kelly has got to go. >> and a crushing loss begins the washington redskins, can the bird bounce back from this? plus, could demarco murray, who he is blaming. rhonda rouse i is proving jay brown wrong it is not a man's world. how she's making every woman proud this morning. >> it is 8:00 o'clock. scotties in for sue. bob is in for bob. >> who are you in for. >> alex you are in for you. >> i am in trouble. >> but guess what alex did over the rainy weekend. >> i started baking. >> wow. >> this is big for me. >> what do you have.
8:00 am
>> strawberry sunday cookie, and i tyedye cookie. >> act like you like it. if you don't like it, don't tell me. >> that is fantastic. best cookie i ever had. >> it is good. >> it is moist. >> it is moist. >> really. >> really scott. >> give me my cookie back. >> i thought i would share it with you guys. >> it is really unusual. >> they are strawberry sunday cookies. >> because normally you bring bacon and stinks the whole studio up. >> my bacon stinks. >> this is the the first. >> my bacon stinks. >> you know, hey thank you. >> thank you weather doesn't stink. it is not that bad. folks had cabin fever over weekend. weather by numbers on a scale of one to ten, it will be an eight. we are looking better out there but it is chilly to start, down the shore we still that have coastal flood advisory, kent county, sussex, cumberland, cape may, next
8:01 am
high tide to worry about at 4:00 in the afternoon. wind is still breezy but look the the at chill, 43 mount pocono. forty-six pottstown. forty-nine wilmington. lower 50's down the the shore. high temperature today 67 degrees. we are looking at temperatures tonight the at another chilly one, 50's in the city, 40's north and west. and what about traffic, on this monday, bob any jammos. >> we have some jammos, you know it, some sun glare, no complaints. we will take it. live look here hello downingtown, 30 bypass heading eastbound out of downingtown and bypass, and heading up toward 202, and king of prussia. we are seeing morning rush, and some sun glare, hopefully that sun will dry up those leaves that are wet and that is out on the road surface from the weekend. rain southbound lanes of 295, jammed up with the accident, approaching route 30 white horse pike over there, and, in the airport this morning.
8:02 am
because of the weather. it is a crazy couple of days. would i check with the airline if you're scheduled to have a flight in or out of philadelphia scott mentioned down the shore towns respect the closure. they are there for a reason. even though water may have subsided you might want to watch for debris still sitting in the roadway and then we will get hit with high tide again this afternoon at 4:00 o'clock. same situation for everybody down in the delaware beach. we have coastal flood advisory and high tide again, this afternoon. septa running with to delays but they will give you shuttle will buses beginning at 9:00 between colmar and doylestown to the lansdale line. mike and alex, back to you. universities in our area on high alert after the fbi issued a warning yesterday afternoon around 1:00. a credible threat begins universities in the philadelphia area. >> it was made anonymously on line and targets an unname philadelphia a area will school. that covers a wide range in our area, steve. >> hi, steve.
8:03 am
>> reporter: only specifics were the time and take ape, of course to take monday october 5th and the time 2:00 p.m. philadelphia time but oddly in the very vague threat on social media, it said 1:00 p.m. central time. why would someone write central time when they talk about schools near philadelphia in the eastern time zone? one odd thing that jump out to me. so no specific school just threat of violence at a college or university near philadelphia which now has all colleges and universities in the suburbs and down the shore in contact with local college towns, police departments and they can work with campus police and security to add extra patrols. for two reasons, to be on the look out and to give students, teachers and very worried parents at home some strong sense of security. >> pretty scary threat. i guess we just got to stay alert and just keep an eye out, you you know that something might happen. >> i really didn't think anything of it and then i
8:04 am
thought about the shooting at oregon and it it was craze that i someone would threaten them. >> i am starting to question whether or not we should control guns in the country more or not like i don't know how i feel about that but enough is enough at some point. >> i am scared myself honestly and really just tired of this whole thing with shootings, and i don't know, i mean honestly past few shootings that have gone on like they are really sad but i haven't really felt surprised or anything. oh, another one. >> reporter: as we come back live, the sidewalks are packed today. that tells you you that nobody is sitting home, worried, cowering in fear for sure because very busy here in university city. you can see stream of people mostly students carrying books and lap tops coming out of the 30th street station and headed to their early class. we will get word from a lot of these people and their professors about how pack, how empty or how distract those
8:05 am
2:00 p.m. classes were today because in many classrooms focus won't be 100 percent on schoolwork but many people check ago this classroom door and watching every classmate real closely every time they reach into their backpack to make sure it is just for their phone or something to eat or a penny. >> yes. >> we will be covering this all day long at that 2:00 o'clock hour approaches. former president of the philadelphia chapter of the naacp jerry mondesire has died. the six five-year old was rush to the hospital on friday. he had a brain aneurysm and his kidneys were failing. doctors say mond sire were on life support but never regained consciousness. we are told he was surrounded by family and close friend when he died yesterday at jefferson university hospital. funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. >> he just got engaged at july. >> at naacp national convention here in philadelphia a he was 65 years old. 8:05. >> new problem down shore after days of flooding,
8:06 am
beaches have been washed away and it has been a tough weekend. >> beaches are gone again. that is where davis. what does it look like right now now that the sunnies up. >> now that the sunnies up, it looks like a big, big mess. this is one of the beach necessary stone harbor. this was, what was the ramp to get you down to the actual water but you can see it is just completely leveled off. broken wood, pieces and jagged edge. the a as you can see just where the grass stops that line drastically shortened because of all of the erosion that has taken place here. we will go to video and show you what it looked like not long after it happened when the high tides came in yesterday after noon. we're talking strong wind and powerful pulverizing waves that literally rips chunks of the the san and beach and took it back into the ocean creating quite a mess.
8:07 am
we have another high tide situation this afternoon but this is how people are react to go what you are seeing right now. >> i was sitting right where that red stickies coming out of the beach. >> it has only been a few days ago it was just a normal beach. >> after sandy, it was similar. it seems worse now. >> we didn't expect to have to walk to grand moms for dinner tonight we thought we would get in the car and drive over but we cannot get off the street. >> with the hurricane it would have been awful, that is for sure. >> reporter: really unbelievable situation. you also had all of the flood ago this went along with the continuing rain that happened, a at some point yesterday and that water receded on city streets here in stone harbor but there is still the threat of more problems like this because we have again another high tide tonight around this afternoon around 4:00 o'clock and not just stone harbor beaches but much of the beach
8:08 am
necessary cape may looking just like this in cape may county and local officials are trying to figure out what to do about this and relying on a state of emergency declaration to fix all of this, guys, back to you. >> thanks, dave. >> it is. >> reading the different papers up and down the shore. thanks, dave. some people are saying, for them, it was worse than sandy. isolated pockets up and down the the shore. >> just seeing those homes and stuff being washed away. >> homes out, off in the bay. well, lets get back to the eagles game because they just stung yesterday, loss to the washington redskins. sam brad forward got sack six times, the kicker missed a field goal, extra point, demarco murray barely played. espn asked demarco murray if he was getting the ball enough? he said what else, no. but he loves playing for the
8:09 am
eagles he saysment in three games he has only had 29 carries. last year with the cowboys he carried for a league high 392 times. >> fans, well, we're feeling pretty hopeless. we caught up with eagles fans after the the game and here's what they had to say. >> that is my first game they lost, i don't expect a whole lot the rest of the season. >> eagles don't know what they are going to do they played terrible again. >> that is the request, a lot of people want chip gone. too early to do that. >> i'm telling you i'm seeing hashtag, people are talking about it. we are depressed. something need to be done. >> here's the thing, we were talk about super bowl. on paper we looked like a super bowl team. good thing rest of the division stinks too everybody is two-two. we are one-three. you are only one game back. people are using the term
8:10 am
barbecue chip. >> roast him. >> yep. >> i came up with the new name for bradford, back to back sack bradford. >> back to back sack bradford. >> yep. >> he looked so tentative if i had my two acl's blown out. >> i cannot blame him. >> offensive line is not protecting him. >> somebody said this yesterday, had we not traded anybody, go back to desean jackson, all right. if we had not traded anyone, and just shourd up the defense, wouldn't we be looking pretty good? >> yes, you'd still have action jackson, shady, you would still have nick foles math us, maclin you are looking pretty good. >> todd herremans. >> yes. >> we have a cover controversy here. we will go to a cover of cosmopolitan magazine. do you see why people would be very upset with this the the
8:11 am
the magazine's 50th birthday. what is wrong with that cover and they are steamed about it. later paris hilton getting lots of attention over this picture here. he is posing in the shower with his son. we want to ask you is this creepy or is it okay. well, he is fighting backlash, this morning. take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at welcome back. 8:14. a fall chill but take a look behind me in olde city. we're talking about a mixture of sun as well as clouds, more sunshine this week, and also, a dryer pattern ahead. still a coastal concern down the shore, next high tide, 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. cumberland county, cape may, kent as will well as sussex still under a flood advisory. low 50's right now, a a breeze and then as we look at temperatures north and west in the 40's right now. definitely grab those sweat shirts. we have 51 in millville 53 in a at atlantic city. the here's the the surface features map. high pressure is our friend
8:15 am
later this week giving us more sunshine. joaquin is heading out to sea still catastrophic flooding in the the carolinas. that forecast as we take a look this morning chilly start 50's by lunch. right around 60. 67 degrees is the the high for today, but weather authority seven day forecast shows a high of 67, low 70's for pretty much the remainder of the week. next rainfall chance not until late friday and saturday, bob. >> 8:15. good morning. we have a new accident that popped in here in collegeville border between collegeville and limerick a along ridge pike and fire activity, police heading to that scene there. south on 295 we have a normal delay from route 38 down to 30 but in the mix there at route 30 white horse pike there is an accident. double jam on the schuylkill expressway, westbound, leaving town, heavy from the boulevard out to belmont, little sun glare, you can see shadows but no complaints. we will take sun glare,
8:16 am
hopefully warming things up and dry up leaves that fell over the weekend, mathed down on that road surface and that is like stopping on a sheet of ice there. be careful rolling out of the drive way. in center city they have 19th street bridge over vine street expressway shut down as part of the vine reconstruction. well, anyone who knows mark segal will will tell you he has been on the battle field for a long time fighting for the rights of the lgbt community in every way imaginable. >> always back, to when he was 18, in 1969 mark formed a group to fight for the right of gay is a after witnessing the stone wall riots where police and gay demonstrators clashed in new york city. then there was december 11th, 1973 when mark disrupted the live broadcast of the "cbs evening news" with walter kronkite, by sitting on the desk and yelling about gays protesting prejudice.
8:17 am
wow. mark, you have come a long way and philadelphia gay news, of course, he created. he serves as founder and publisher of that publication. it is a remarkable life that you can read more about in a very good new book and then i danced, traveling the road to lgbt equality. mark is in the studio with us. >> yes, you had me here for barbecue chip. >> that is true. >> yes. >> did you go to the game. >> yes. >> so lets talk about this book then. can you take us back to 1973 when you stormed that newscast. >> absolutely. in 1937, if you recall, which neither of you can. >> of course. >> since you are all children, there were only three television networks and pbs, there was nothing called
8:18 am
internet and there was no cable news. only thing people had were the three live networks. >> how did you do this. >> well, you know, i would like to believe i can break any security but we have to go back to that day. but in reality what i did was i wrote a letter to the producers, told them i was an r ot c student and would like to come in and watch the show to watch my thesis the newscast and they were very nice, humble to invite me in the studio. >> then what did they do. >> i was than the a very good guest. >> no. >> but i became friend with walter later which was incredible. >> what did he a say about that moment. >> walter, entered up testifying for me. we did invite them n he didn't get charged with trespassing. >> how about this. this one in philadelphia, that is where they used to shoot the mike douglass show. he handcuffed himself, middle picture there handcuffed himself to one of the cameras
8:19 am
and what did you say to the audience. >> you will not allow gay people on the show, we don't exist it business time you have fair representation of lgbp people in the media mike douglass show people a week later, had someone on the show. >> what does that mean. >> going through all of that, a as well as 18 and standing in front of the stone wall. i believed i had in future as a gay man. i had no money, in job, no prospects. i thought, a gay man meant nothing. >> we have you, there standing with the president. >> you have met everybody. >> and i got a chance later in life as a president's request to dance at the white house with the man that i love. >> and then you danced you say your point was you wanted to show the nation who gay people are. >> and people realize who we are, they will in the be afraid of us. way back when in 1969, 73, they had no idea who gay people were. they believed in mytheds and horrible issues that we were see who we are, learn,
8:20 am
brother, sisters, mothers, fathers. >> totally different now but you have people like the person in kentucky kim dave us, coming out to the rocky music. >> let me bless you, kim, read this book. kim, it will help you, kim, bless this book please. >> what did you think, a apparently the pope somehow met her. i don't think he is very happy about that. >> he is not happy at all about it. he got tricked into it and basically saying that. they then released 15 or 20 minute tape of the gay couple he met with. so vatican is not happy. >> where can we get this on line at amazon, barnes and noble or your local book store. >> thanks, guys. >> so nice to meet you. >> i'm never leaving philadelphia i love philadelphia a this is a love letter to philadelphia. >> it sure is. >> mark, good to see you. >> good thank you.
8:21 am
>> philadelphia magazine names the the best bars in the city. why don't we do the top five bars in this silt i. >> but first, tupack back the in the news where you can own something that he wrote, yes, it is not a song but it is selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars, a handwritten, what sit. blank
8:22 am
dear fellow citizen,
8:23 am
your home is your castle. but sometimes the castle needs a new roof or kitchen. i can show you how to borrow money for it and not break the budget. if you have a question about how a home equity line of credit could work for you, ask me. i can help. sincerely jose gomez fellow castle owner and fellow citizen.
8:24 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. we told you last week jim carry's girl friend committed suicide. jim carry said he didn't want to completely cut ties with his girlfriend but never got to explain that to her, before she did commit suicide. according to tmz sources close to the couple told them that he only wanted to take a short break from their relationship. friend tried to tell her that, that jim still cared about her but they say she was too distraught from the break up. >> he says it was supposed to be just temporary. she included the break up in
8:25 am
her suicide note that said that is why she was so upset didn't think he would ever come back. robin williams widow and his three children from previous marriages have come to a settlement. they have been in the legal fight over late actor's estate and details of the settlement are in the being shared but representative for williams widow says she will stay in the san francisco home that they shared. she will also living expenses for the rest of her life. personal letter handwritten by tupack shaker while being lock up on sexual assault charges goes up for sale. >> the letter is being sold for 225 you this dollars. do you think they will get that? in 1995tupack wrote he was changing his ways saying he wanted to getaway from the thud life. he a said to me, the thug life is dead. he wrote while detoxing in jail. he said he had been, a seed seed had been planted in his
8:26 am
head and seen path to the next level of his life. it was written to a women who worked for death row record and death row uncut magazine. tupack was shot and killed as you know in 1996. less than a year after being released from that jail. >> 225 you this dollars. we will let you know if they get that kind of of money. 8:26. record flooding in south carolina video and images are just unbelievable, we will go live to charleston up next. ññ
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
perez hilton is getting a lieutenant of attention over this picture. he is posing with his son. is this creepy or okay? yes is fighting backlash for people sounding off at twitter. >> kiddies two years old. >> he a has two bears, one
8:30 am
little dog, what the dog did next, that set the bears running. and, they discover, that it is the worst downpour, and, in one year, and, 17 inches, and, and 17 miles an hour. >> and, killing eight people. >> joining us from charleston south caroline, joe walled man. joe, what are you seeing down there. >> mike and alex, good morning. luckily what we are not seeing is rain no need to put hood on at least not now. a actually as sun came up, as day break hit, we have actually seen the sun. it has sort of disappeared. it was raining for a little bit more rain today. we are on the sidewalk here on the street and right over here street begins. i keep thinking i'm going to peel out on live tv which i have done before. it would be nothing new. this is basically chism street
8:31 am
and this road next to it which intersects heads into downtown charleston. the these are main thoroughfares. as you guys talk about this is a record breaking rainfall. the the most for the month of october. it is only october 5th. over the last 48 hours period some parts of the south carolina got more than 2 feet and keep in mind some people don't know that the topography of the peninsula but there is a peninsula, there is a river behind me the cooper river, the charleston harbor and with all of the moisture coming from the sky, and the confluence of those bodies of water this is the even result. now mike and alex, you might say it is not raining, things are looking up and up. the problem is charleston is low country, columbia south carolina where the the flooding is going on right now is high country. when water hits rivers up there it had has to head back down. so people here in charleston are very concern that the
8:32 am
flooding might get even worse. >> it will. it will. >> it looks like people could not get out even if they wanted to. what are people doing right now are they just staying in their homes. >> reporter: right over here, life goes on, still cannot get the shot but it ties tough to get but we have a dog sniffing for food trying to eat our breakfast which we do periodically see people walking their animals. obviously need to get out and about even through this flood water. one thing which we have seen which i cannot quite figure out is people bicycling through here. my legs i don't think are strong enough to do that but that is what people are doing there. is a car coming down this way. obviously the governor of south carolina nicki haley is urging everyone to stay indoors. turf tell you charleston has about 50 road closures and things are pretty bad but at this juncture it is probably worse up north in columbia, south carolina but all that water will head back down this
8:33 am
way again, guys. >> maybe through the rest of this week as the water goes down. >> joel, thank you. what town was it charleston that didn't have have any drinking water. >> charleston i think. >> it was columbia. >> yeah. >> merit will beach they are dealing with it a lot as well. >> 17 inches of rain, well, it is 48 hours. but nicki haley the governor said it hasn't rained this much in a thousand years. how does she know that? didn't they just start teaming record in 1880. maybe she knows noah. >> mike. >> the arc. >> 8:33. scott? >> i mean certainly catastrophic. i'm from the carolinas. topography, i grew up in the upstate of the south carolina topography does get lower as you head down the shore toward the coastline. they call it low country. look at the a satellite and radar. we're talking about almost 2 feet of rainfall in places like charleston and columbia.
8:34 am
complete devastation for us. for us over past several days we saw two to 4 inches of rain in central to southern portions of delaware 16789 to 2 inches in delaware. weather by the numbers for your monday not that bad we will see more sunshine. we will give it an eight. things looking up after a difficulties until start to the weekend, sun take was better, we saw more in the way of sunshine and as we take a look what is happening with joaquin and bob kelly. you don't want to get in the way of joaquin bob kelly. stay clear. you don't want a jammo. the lets talk about on a serious note the that coastal flood advisory through 7:00 o'clock tonight. cumberland county, cape may county, kent and sussex, be mindful next high tide at 4:00 . >> can i step in now. >> yes. >> here we go. >> good morning. 8:34 on a monday morning, sunshine. no complaints with the sun glare this morning. with you we are not bad at all on 422 working your way from collegeville in toward king of prussia sun glare on i-95 up
8:35 am
toward the airport. accident on 295 southbound where we're heavy from heavy, combination of the early morning volume and accident right here near the white horse pike. philly bensalem over to will veil forge. put 34 minutes on the clock. the eastbound on that schuylkill conshohocken to downtown just under a half an hour h no accident, just volume. and sun glare. and, take the beach these morning to check on your property, down there, in problems on the majors, is once you get off of the majors and into the shore towns where you want to respect closures. watch for debris as we saw from that live shot. you don't know is what underneath the water when are walking or biking. we have high tides coming back at us at 4:00 this afternoon. alex, back over to you. >> mr. and mrs., not so much, children these days they are addressing adults differently. what critics are blaming for the informal change. how would you like for a kid
8:36 am
to call you by your first name. >> ♪ >> is it? i mean rhonda rouse i has proven james brown wrong, how she's making every woman proud this morning.
8:37 am
just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda®... calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar... ...without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda®
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8:39 am
we all know ufc superstar rhonda rousey is tough but now she proves that she can beat men too. >> she made history by becoming first woman on the cover of the as you veil use's mens fitness magazine. the chris murphy has been on the cover here in the states with his abs. >> has he really. >> i cut down on the carbs. >> yeah. >> sure. >> australian publication shared ground breaking cover on the facebook page yesterday and like anything posted on social media it got mixed reaction. take a look, ufc is strike
8:40 am
force woman's champion posed on the cover with the word think you're tough? that is across her midsection. how rhonda rousey will make you tougher. first time woman as grazed cover of the mens fitness magazine in australia it garnered mixed reaction. or proud of rousey, and magazine. while others say the decision to fee tear her on the cover of the mens magazine is something that they were starting to question. it is worth noting that the u.s. version of the mens fitness is featured one lovely ladies there, is maria and stacy keebler if you know with perfect she is. >> maria works in the industry, entertainment television, et, right. >> yes, e news. >> by the the way, this new cover is perfect as rousey will be fighting in melbourne australia soon. >> that makes sense. >> it is all about money. the she's getting ready to square off against another boxing champion holy. because rousey is so bad. >> you know, how she got her start? she has a friend that grew up
8:41 am
in los angeles. they would be walking down third street promenade. >> yes. >> they wanted money for coffee they would fight for coffee. her friend would challenge some guy walking by and say would you want to fight my girl friend here. okay. rousey said she would take the the guy to the beyond and then arms being mangled she would take his money what guy would agree to fight a woman even if she go's offers, still. >> you can't do that. >> i think it is cool. mens fitness magazine, kit cat kline in the control room, bring up the current issue of mens fitness, every single cover in the united states, except for those two, there is a guy with his shirt off and telling us how we can get good abs. >> it is all about abs. >> it is always about abs. >> it is all about abs. >> alex, what do you find most attractive in the man, first thing. >> i guess i am supposed to say abs here. >> well, his eyes. >> his personality, of course. >> yeah.
8:42 am
>> thanks, chris. >> you know, chris does have abs. >> he does. >> how do you know. >> i have touched his stomach. >> come on. >> you never touch my stomach. >> i have. >> we never been in the beach or anything, thinks getting weird, i'm leaving. >> this is getting weird. >> current cover, mens fitness , abs. >> boom. >> interesting. >> he doesn't have his shirt off. >> i love hugh jackman, six weeks tour perfect body. >> you can handle that mike, six weeks. >> eat carbs get ripped. >> okay. >> 8:42. our version of the rhonda rousey, jen fred. >> yeah. >> jen rousey. >> come on, i can take that. hi, guys. we're here because world teacher day. did you know it is world teacher day. >> no. >> does anybody know?
8:43 am
the evil table know? she has on a dinosaur dress what could be cooler. we will introduce to you great teachers on world teachers day. now you can nominate your teachers for world teacher day.
8:44 am
♪ ♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
it is a quarter to nine, take a live look at cammal will back mountain. no snow but it won't be long before we are talking about that s word. today, however we will talk about some sunshine, taking a live look right now at olde city. the it is chilly out there temperatures in the lower 50's. the is there a breeze, 40's even north and west, pocono mountains 43 degrees. we have 46 in pottstown. fifty in trenton. lower 50's right now in millville as well as, atlantic city. this high pressure will be in control of our weather, rain stays in the carolinas, joaquin is heading out to sea. for today a mixture of sun and cloud. lower 50's in the city. forty's north and west. dry stretch, and seasonal temperatures, our next best chance for rainfall mike and alex friday evening into saturday. back to you. >> so, friday evening, into saturday. >> 30 percent chance.
8:47 am
>> i can handle that. >> please. >> you can. >> 8:46. >> well, october 5th, which is today is world teacher day. >> you know what you should do go up to your teacher and say thank you for being a good human being and jen, she decided to go to the haverford middle will school where it all got started for her. >> where it all got started. >> i never went to haverford middle school, i was than the smart enough to get in here. good morning, guys. good morning, kid. >> he says. >> here's is what happening. i heard it would be world teacher day. i have a friend here who is an a assistant principal. middle schoolteachers don't get love. i mean, people care about their kindergarten teacher and person that gets them in the college. >> pretty much. >> so here you are, we have miss kim and mr. cardreli. miss kim, this is what your students have said about you, are you ready. they say you make teaching fun. >> wow. >> they say you are loyal to your job. that you love them. >> well, i do love every
8:48 am
second here. >> i understand when you teach math and you have moved over tenth you would bake things and make it into math. >> i don't know in that is true maybe in the microwave. >> what do you like about being a teacher. >> it is something i always wanted to do. riley believed the kids are the next future generation. i just like being in the process and checking to see how they will grow into the the awesome, people of this world. so that is most exciting to me. >> as a mom, now i know why you got pick. the bells are going off. no, no, do you have flowers here too. >> yes. >> here's what they are saying, about you. so, they are saying, pardon me thaw are fun. >> sometimes. >> they are saying you are a good teacher. >> i agree. >> supportive. >> very. >> and thaw connect with the students. >> my strength is connecting with students, i believe, yes. >> you are the the technology guy. >> i'm kind of like a seventh grader still. >> can do you video on my i
8:49 am
phone. >> but once i get my upgraded phony well. >> you will have a really fun environment. he is fun, he is fun. >> yes. >> okay. is mr. cardreli do that is so much fun. >> he is nice he is nice. >> he is kind of funny. >> when you heard you got pulled down here why did you think you were pulled in the library. >> well, my principal, i was than the sure. >> because he is a crazy guy with the bow tie. >> i thought wow get me this monday morning somehow and he did. >> what do you want parents to know about teachers, what they are doing in school especially middle school age. >> middle school is such a transitional time for kid it is just so important that they go down that right path after sixth grade, you know, they go one way or the other, and in haverford it is a great community that pushes children in the right direction. for me it is a link to the community and that is why i love being here. >> are you married. >> yes, ten years to a havertown girl. >> are you going to regift
8:50 am
those flowers. >> absolutely. >> i am just making sure. >> you got serious there. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> go to the facebook page jen fredrick fox 29. i'm sure you are on there. >> jen fredrick fox 29. nominate a teacher. we will surprise a teacher. we will go to the class at 9:45. do you have think there is any teachers that can handle that. >> i think so. >> a couple. >> we will find out. >> i'm not telling you guys. you guys will tell everyone. >> bye, guys. >> 8:50. >> well two bears, one little dog, what the dog did next to send the bears running. >> is that a french bull dog. >> yes. >> lottery numbers. the centers for medicare and medicaid services
8:51 am
8:52 am
recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
8:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:54 am
good morning everybody. 476, right here near route one in delaware county, we have delays in both directions and sun glare, hopefully warming things up and drying things out after rainy weekend. west on the pennsylvania turnpike, just over half an hour from philly bensalem over to valley forge. eastbound on the schuylkill in the real bad only 24 minutes from conshohocken through downtown. the then later today they will start project, a repaving project, on the roosevelt boulevard that will last all week long closing inner drives of the boulevard, up there in the northeast featuring rye and and woodward and southbound i-95 heavy from the betsy through girard. mike and alex, back to you. >> we ran a commercial for temple owls they are four-o for first time since 1976. >> notre dame, the game is at the link. >> yes. >> october 31st. >> halloween. >> can you imagine, we have to pack that stadium. >> yes, we need to. >> temple has a shot at beating notre dame.
8:55 am
>> yes. >> only good football team we have in town here. >> we have to support it. >> 8:54. little french bull dog stood her ground to protect her california home when two bears, they wandered into her territory. >> albeit cubs. >> but she said no, no, no not in my house 56789 year-old jewels wasn't having any nonsense friday afternoon when two bear cubs they jumped over gate and in through a yard where children play. she sprints down, and you can see one of the bears they pop up, to defend itself but they, runaway. i don't want any of this. seconds later the cubs they try to come back over the gate. jewels owner says he has been trying to slide open his young daughter's bedroom window and trying to crawl inside. >> they are starving to death out there. >> they say bears aren't interested in people or pets but they are looking for water, food, because this drought has affect a lot of animals and people. >> brave little jewels. 8:55 now. i think we have a cover controversy here. this thing just burns me when i see it, kardashian women
8:56 am
grace cosmopolitan's cover. it is magazine's 50th birthday. do you see what it says. >> really.
8:57 am
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hey, the apartments are done here at third and market in olde city and we are just days away from the 24 hour cvs opening from the bottom of it. >> i'm so excited it is opened. >> we missed it. >> i missed the ribbon cutting. >> let's go. >> we will go after the show and celebrate. >> field trip. >> across the the street. >> good day, monday october 5th, 2015. i'm sitting.
9:00 am
2015, excuse me. >> perez hilton getting a lieutenant of attention over this picture. you can see he is posing in the shower with his son but now people are wondering is this creepy or is it okay? why he is fighting backlash this morning. plus did you see this. >> i'm hillary rodham clinton. >> great name, i'm val. >> yeah, hillary clinton was on saturday night live, how she makes fun of herself, plus, why miley cyrus cried on stage during the show. mr. and mrs.? well, not so much. children these days, they are address ago adults differently. but critics are blaming for the informal change. >> it is straight up 9:00 o'clock. can you help me out for a second? would you take alex and role her out of here, turn her back to any monitor. >> roll her out.


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