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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 5, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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2015, excuse me. >> perez hilton getting a lieutenant of attention over this picture. you can see he is posing in the shower with his son but now people are wondering is this creepy or is it okay? why he is fighting backlash this morning. plus did you see this. >> i'm hillary rodham clinton. >> great name, i'm val. >> yeah, hillary clinton was on saturday night live, how she makes fun of herself, plus, why miley cyrus cried on stage during the show. mr. and mrs.? well, not so much. children these days, they are address ago adults differently. but critics are blaming for the informal change. >> it is straight up 9:00 o'clock. can you help me out for a second? would you take alex and role her out of here, turn her back to any monitor. >> roll her out. >> we have a different kind of
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food truck out today and i want her to sample the the food. >> i can hear flu i made a graphic. there is the the truck. we will go out and sample. so alex will do the taste testing but she won't know what she's eating but i have it here graphically, don't let her look, okay. that is what she will be eating. she's not an adventurous either. so we will see how that goes. >> someone tweet me. >> no, don't tweet her. >> give me a warning, seriously. >> did you just take my phone. >> this is not fair. >> i wouldn't do this to you. >> that is fine. >> yesterday, on facebook, i posted a picture, and asked the question, is this real? is burger king really making a whooper for halloween. kit cat, do you have it? there it is. it has black buns.
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>> had halloween burger, halloween whooper. >> i wanted to try it. >> so we went out and got one this morning, and there it is. >> what a dig big difference from the the picture to real life. >> yes. >> so it looks good to me. >> most people, 90 percent of the people on facebook said would i not get near that. it is not appetizing. >> here you are. >> juice, squirting out here. >> i don't have any napkins, sorry. >> he says you need a bib. >> what do you think. >> i don't know but i'm bleeding. >> is that ketchup or a1 cause >> a1 sauce and then they have have have a food coloring, to dye the buns black for halloween. >> okay. >> taste like a whooper to me. >> taste a little different because of the a1 sauce that makes it taste different but i think it goodies. >> would you recommend this to
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someone else. >> yeah, it will be around for a few weeks until after halloween. >> i thought you meant in your system, it will be sitting there. >> well in, a related story. >> oh, no. >> it says that there is a big article on line that says you eat the whole thing, it turns your poo green. >> why green fit is black. >> i don't know because of the way the food coloring mixes green is the the new black. >> it probably has clear fill in it and that will turn your poo green. so i will i have you an update tomorrow. >> okay. >> look forward to that update. >> please, no pictures. >> in, is there pictures on line. you have been posting a lot recently. >> it would be a heck of the post. >> would you like to see that. >> it is on social media. >> anyway, and i will give you an update tomorrow morning.
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>> and, enough kail or vegetables, and you eat enough salad or green things,. >> that is true. >> while watching the eagles game. >> our team has gone to well... >> in a related story. in honor of the 50th birthday cosmopolitan magazine, i call it cosmo. >> all right, ill will's take over. >> thank you. >> kardashian, jenner girls together for the cover. but there is a little controversy with it. >> because of the phrase, america's first family. are you kidding me. >> yep. >> so people are very upset about this. people are tweeting pictures saying this is america's first family. >> yes. >> so, some argued that maybe they were word that had way because they are trend setters and people are constantly following them to see is what new. you want to be first to post things, first to comment. maybe first family was that. but still, you don't want
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there to be any question. >> people in the white house are the first family, that is the only first family in the country. >> maybe cosmo is smart. if they did that people will talk about it. people will get upset. people will get magazine. they are still trying to have a controversial cover. >> i will not even mention it the. >> we kind of already did. >> too late. >> okay. let's turn to the real first family. president obama and first lady michelle obama a celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. >> the president tweeted, 23 years, and still going strong. the white house also sent their own congratulations along with these pictures from the the obama's wedding day. >> ahh. >> married in 1992 at trinity united church. >> and it was last wecht when she walk out in that beautiful gown. the way he looks at her, it is beautiful. >> he is in love. >> twenty-three years later. it gives me hope. >> you are engaged.
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hopefully 23 years from now that will be you. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i love one of my favorite moments when he started singing al green and i'm so in love with you. >> yes. >> yes. >> what do they say relationship goals. >> that is right. >> what are you thinking, mike i'm just thinking. >> you know, never mind. i'm thinking about, willie live to see the rest of the day. >> perez hilton, you know, he is a gossip guy, right. >> yes. >> he find himself in a little bit of controversy. he posted a picture over the weekend, it is him naked in the shower with his two-year old son. >> so yes, this is a photo. he posted it with the caption our family motto is hashtag fun. we incorporate fun into as much of the every day things we do, hashtag bat time. you can see perez, he is 35. he is in the tub with his two-year old son mario in the
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background. it didn't take long for social media to react. some calling it creepy. others say nothing wrong witt. perez told daily that everyone does what they see fit as a parent. he added he enjoys taking a shower with his son as often as possible. >> he has swim trunks on. >> yeah. >> so what do you think. >> i had my phony would be able to contribute but someone earlier tweeted that they don't see a problem with this problem was posting it on social media. >> yes. >> that is it. >> i cannot tell you my parents have picture of me playing in the tub and they show that to people. they don't post it to social media. but people say look at alex. >> when were you two or whatever. >> yeah, i have have a bunch of pictures. we had so many kid in the house. i took a bath with my two sisters on saturday. >> yes. >> why saturday you didn't shower every day. >> saturday was bath night, conserving water. >> okay. >> you wouldn't want to be
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around me on a friday, a week later. >> oh, god. >> but i had to take baths with my to sisters. >> that happened when i was 23. >> you and austin do you take baths or austin. >> no, he is three, he is ready to realize is there other stuff going on. >> other stuff. >> but did you ever when he was two or one. >> yeah, got in the shower with me, yeah. >> i don't see anything wrong with that just don't post it on social media. >> are we surprised though, folks. we are in the day and age where people post everything. are you surprised that people are posting that picture with their kids. >> i have been posting recently. >> you have been posting anything and everything. >> that is not moving, i took a picture of it yesterday and posted it. fifteen different times. having respect for authority is an important life lesson, but it used to be anyway in this country. >> welshing mike is there a trend now where kids are calling adults by their first
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names. >> it is rub people the wrong way. >> it used to be kid called every adult mr. or mrs. or ma'am, sir, but today's youth are prone to using first names. >> my gosh. >> so, on social media making the world more accessible and less formal. you have to show that they are the adults, you are the kid as a form of respect. >> know that my wife, i was stunned when i met her at 18. >> yes. >> she called her parents june and john. >> okay. >> somebody just get chris murphy. >> that is what i need. >> she would call her parents by their first name. >> yesy know some people that did that. >> claire, you are so funny. whenever i tried to do that with my mom she said you know my name, my name is mom. >> mom. >> call me mom. >> and they would be like don't try it. i'm your mother. i'm proud to be your mother.
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don't take that away from me by calling me by my first name. that is just respect. >> right. >> right. >> i know that my, what would they be, my son in law's three children from a previous marriage, call me mike and they are probably, 13, 11, nine. >> are you okay. >> did you a say my name is mike. >> i'm not their grandfather. >> that is the new trend, don't call me grand mom. my grandmother she wanted to be called mommy, don't call me that. >> don't call me grand pop, please, i'm poppa mike. >> yes. >> it is a good thing for kids to have some form of respect. it almost shows thaw are on the same level and i feel like, i don't know, way i was raised that would not fly not in my house. >> no i would get in big trouble. i wouldn't think of doing something like that. >> hi, sharon and glenn. >> even know when i see adults, i feel weird calling people by their first names. >> you still call your mother
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mommy though. >> i noticed that. >> isn't that sweet. >> she's my mommy. >> well, that is her name. >> if i want something, then yes. >> mommy, can you please. >> can you make me a pie. >> make me a pie. >> who watched saturday night live. >> i watched it. >> kick off their season, miley cyrus was the host for the premiere episode this season. >> and a musical guest. >> she sang two songs. >> there was a big appearance. hillary clinton, yeah. of course, we roof how they do hillary clinton impersonation. well, she was a bartender the real hillary clinton. >> i'm hillary rodham clinton. >> hey, great name i'm val. >> i just realized i never check your id. >> please. i have a one year-old granddaughter, she calls me madam president. >> it really is great how long you have supported gay marriage.
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>> i could have supported it sooner. >> well, you did it pretty soon. >> could have been sooner. >> fair point. >> i'm just so darn bummed. all anybody wants to talk business donald trump. >> donald trump, do you think he is the one that is like, you are all losers. >> maybe you should take a vacation. >> a vacation. >> a vacation. >> a vacation. >> somebody say vacation. >> oh, my god, they are multi flying. >> it was great. >> it really was. >> oh, shoot i should know this women's name, would the man who plays hillary. >> at one point she said i sure wish i could be
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president. >> hillary clinton says yeah, me too. >> that big moment was when miley cyrus cried. she performed a song written for her dead pets. and she got choked up. >> ♪ >> yeah. >> so, those aren't the animals on the the piano, are they. >> no, they are pictures. >> pictures of her pets. >> yes. >> but her album is called miley cyrus and her dead pets. >> is that the new cd. >> can't you get it for free. >> yes, it is free. >> so scott, will you pick up that. >> it sound like you should be free. >> i don't know. i don't know, maybe. >> let's just hope miley has better luck with her pets in the future.
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that is kind of sad, right. >> i would not be one of mayly's pets because they all end up, you know. >> better luck, miley. >> let's talk about what is happening in the weather. joaquin is heading away. so certainly some good news. the right now it is still a a category one hurricane churning in the opened waters of the atlantic. the the movement right new to the north/north east at 14 miles an hour, maximum sustain wind at 85. 160 miles north of the bermuda so we have dodged a direct hit from that storm, however, a lot of flood concerns lingering down the shore. the lets talk about the concern. the coastal flood advisory for kent, sussex county, cumberland, cape may county and extreme south jersey. next high tide to note 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. lets take a look at the radar out of the carolinas, devastation there, a lot of very heavy rainfall, they are still dealing with the rainfall right now in sections of the north and south
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carolina look the at the the radar from columbia to charleston, over a foot and a half of rain, high water rescues, flooded homes, washed away roadways as well as numerous cars still under water there. so for us we saw several inches of rainfall, over the past several days. here's the bottom line a fall chill out there. light jacket the or sweater. more sunshine is a pattern as we progress throughout the the workweek with high pressure in control we will see dry conditions and also a little more sunshine. 55 degrees right now. forecast for today 67, by this afternoon another cool night, mike and alex, out to you. you know scott, i'm a little nervous because mike still has in the the told me what i will be trying because apparently i'm a taste tester. he is working on behind me. always working behind my back he is. what are you having me doing. >> it is a new you food truck. it is called, lost in the woods. so what we will do is you will
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bring you stuff and you tell me what it is. >> i'm already feeling lost. >> you are like a bait in the wood. >> hi brian. >> is what your last name. >> hello, brian. >> lost in the the woods. >> this is alex. >> i have no idea what you made, okay. >> lets a's open up the the first pack there. give her that. >> which one do you want to do first. >> that one. >> it is only an hour show. >> pop that open. >> so cool. >> now, those are wontons. >> go ahead. >> is it spicy. >> a little spicy. >> what is the red sauce. >> it is a homemade red pepper ketchup. it smells spicy if that is possible. >> it is good. >> what is inside. >> that is rabid won ton.
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>> it is bambi, rabbit. >> next up. >> don't tell her what it is. >> it is good though. >> what kind of bread is that. >> it is a rye and marble. >> bacon. >> that i can get with. >> basically this is just bacon. go a ahead. >> do you like it. >> it is sweeter than bacon. >> what is that. >> it is game bacon. >> oh. >> wild pig. >> okay. >> i didn't know they were so sweet. it is really sweet. >> is it boring, no, not at all. you know i love bacon. >> last up. >> lets see what we have got going here. >> the last one. >> let's see what it looks like.
9:18 am
what is underneath it. >> that is a mozerella a cheese wedge under the the meat itself. that will not be easy to do. >> it is not such a big piece. >> what a wuz. >> that is not bad. >> it tastes different but not bad. >> that is skunk. >> that is our al capone burger. >> elk. >> it is elk with mozerella wedge with a roll. >> cool looking truck. >> how long have you had it. >> as of right you this we have been opened for six months. >> where can we find me. >> at 34th and drexel, right in front of the drexel will on 34th and market or late night at frankford and girard. >> that is a good spot. >> yeah. >> this is good. >> thank you for showing it to us. >> thank you. >> i serve identify. >> it is lost in the woods.
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you say you kate tear. >> we do corporate catering, we did a wedding a week ago. anything that you can feed a person we will do it. >> weddings, just pull the truck up to the reception. >> they have us do and bring the food with us or we can bring the truck to the reception. >> that would be kind of a cool reception. >> we also do roast rib rack, we do pull pork roast, and everything. >> okay. >> thank you for that. >> you should have your wedding maybe. >> we will talk after the show. >> serve elk. >> coming up next we will talk about the top bars in the area. >> yes, new survey came out, 50 top bars in philadelphia, why don't we do the top five. >> okay. >> i believe i have been to most of them. >> you probably have.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform
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you know, people, you are just out of it today. >> i'm out of sorts. i'm tired. >> yes. >> hopefully, the eagles game. i just called after you were eating rabbit, i called it bambi, he was a deer. >> you are thinking of bugs bunny. >> or thumper. >> that is right. >> lets get back to this over weekend, philly magazine released their list of the 50 bus bars in philadelphia, they asked bartenders, beer representatives, foodies, bloggers, booze connoisseurs, to suggest their favor bars and they went from there. after a year of drinking, i mean, research, here are the top five on their list. >> okay, number five, kitchen
9:24 am
in graduate hospital. they call their cocktail selection why they are in the top five. >> kit cat kline says she has been there many times and loves it. >> many times. >> many times. >> number four, townsend i have been there ones on east passyunk, a french cuisine earned nomination for bone appetite magazine best restaurant in 2015. but it is, bar is worth checking out as well they say. >> and, number three, abar. >> i have been there many times 18th and walnut. >> this is attached to the aka hotel in rittenhouse but ever changing menu attract foodies love it, decoration and delicious mixed drinks. >> here, shockingly, this place, is right around the corner from the tv station and i have never been in there. >> i have been there. >> so, kayber pass pub is in the olde city. it is men for comfort food and its, barbecue sandwiches, and
9:25 am
i will go there today. >> i was talking with matt cord and he said khyber pass, great food. >> it is always on these lists. >> always. >> number one i have been to. i went to it once, once i will go back. american czar dean bar, point breeze, and they have czar dean can, and they are friendly bartender do they only serve sardines. >> in, very tasty sandwich necessary there. they have a backyard space. and they really pack them into that place, sardines bar. get it? >> low class, clap. >> great one. >> it was. >> this will be the best part of the show. >> we just met this woman. >> incredible story of survival this young woman beat breast cancer and now she's helping those fighting. her lingerie line. and why you may see her on a super bowl ad.
9:26 am
>> yes. >> way to go, dana. >> we will talk to dana after the break.
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test. test.
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>> october is breast cancer awareness month. one organization folk you go on attention of needs of young women, survival coalition. so for those under the age of 40, so people like dana, dana, you're here to tell us about your own personal battle also about whatting this zero sayings does, as well, were you diagnosed at interesting time, just about to turn 28, right? >> yes. >> were you about to get married? >> yes. >> then what did you do? >> i mean, my entire wormed came crashing down around me. i mean, my friends were shocked, my family was
9:30 am
shocked, my fiancee, myself were even more shocked, but, you know, everybody gets something. this was our card that we had to, you know, play out. and figure out how to get treated and get healthy again and keep going. >> so you went through six month of chemo, right? >> yep. >> and then now here we are, celebrating five years? >> we are. >> cancer me? >> yes. >> amazing, congratulations. >> thank you so much. you created a business to help other women? >> i became extremely uncomfortable after my surgery, un wire because causing soreness around my scar tissue, around my reconstruction, so i had to go on hunt to find bra's that even fit me. the only thing i found myself comfortable in was sports bra or cam saw. i was 28 years old at the time. professional, and i wanted to feel confident about myself. so -- >> so you created some?
9:31 am
>> i created some. >> here we r let's look at the brass. i love the colors and they're very different. like you said, built like sports brass? >> some are interesting, and sexy sports brass. >> look at the back of this one, wow. >> this is great. my sustainable bamboo collection, the america is for hot flashes. i removed the side seem, no irritation, up against your scar tissue. and women, with all sort of surgeries, lumpectomy, masectomy, reconstruction, no reconstruction, really love this bra, so comfortable. >> one every my friends, her mother had one of her breasts removed but used to always say it is so uncomfortable, i have to make an extra pad in thereto try to make it fit. do you have brass for women dealing with, that as well. >> i'm developing a pocket line as we speak there is got my first three prototypes in this week, super excited, fitting it on real women now. but we do have this bra that we call the kelly. and it is this lays sports bra, which is really just an awesome fit for women, that
9:32 am
have had an unilateral masectomy it, does fit your body, you don't fit it. so nice little comfortable piece that you can still wear, still feel feminine, still goal good about yourself. >> looks more like a traditional bra? >> yes, my most traditional fit, also motion popular, called the rachael. all of the brass named after women who have model them on my website who are also survivors, wire free bralet, the apex removed, has more circular shape to really fit you aneurysm plants a lot better than traditional bra would. >> this one is dif different, too, buckles in the front? >> this option i designed, i wanted something comfortable after surgery. once you get out of your iron made encouraging, your surgical bra, still have limited mow bell at this, still sensitivity, soreness, this is awesome version for during that healing process. it is super soft sustainable bamboo, front closure allows us ease to get in and out, great bra to transition to into your new life.
9:33 am
>> this is amazing, i have to say, if i were to create a bra, i won't even know thousand start. how would you know how to put these together? do you have experience in making brass? >> i've been in the fashion industry for over ten years, but spoke to a lot of women, a loft survivors, i want to make sure i understood why we were all so uncomfortable. so research and development took me a long time to decide what tweaks and changes i need to make to a bra to really make you feel comfortable and beautiful. >> this may not be the last time we see there is right? you had an opportunity to have an ad for these this line, the name of the line? >> anna ono. >> to be in the superbowl, really? >> it is, yes. we're top ten companies, right now, that are in the running for a commercial, in the superbowl, sponsored by into it. you can go to anna uno. com. avenue link to the contest, vote every day until november 3rd. and you can also go to small business big game. com. >> and you will get to have an ad for these brass, in the superbowl. you know this is worth like $4 million? >> with survivors, i think huge opportunity, you know, on
9:34 am
day where women are overly sexualized due to, you know, who is the hottest chick in the commercial. i think it would be awesome to have survivors out there, showing empowerment, beauty, confidence it, would be amazing for the entire community. >> it would be quite a message, for sure. also, so busy, also doing the tour de pink? >> i am, yes, and we do proceeds to the young survivor coalition in our sustainable bamboo group i showed here today, riding toward pink, bike ride, three days, 200 miles, starts in lancaster, and ends at rehoboth. and it is a really awesome community, and group of young women, and their supporters to get together and really pull the community together. >> we certainly support you, dana. this is wonderful what you're doing, this is amazing, october 9th, to october 11, for more info, what's that ysb, tour de if they want to learn more about your bra, social media? >> everywhere on social media.
9:35 am
anna uno intimates, on line at anna ono. com. >> spell it? >> anaono. >> thank you so much. good luck. we will be rooting for you. >> mike, we will vote right now. so nice to meet you. this is amazing, 9:35. one hundred years of wedding dresses, probably the most important dress you'll ever wear. but how is it changed in how has it changed over the last century? the surprising evolution. and then, friday's a big day. join us as we salute the troops. it is military day on fox 29. come on down to fourth and market, we're going to shut down the entire street, throw a block party to honor the men and women who serve our country, again, it is this friday, october 9th, from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. we want to see you there. >> ♪
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♪ caress presents the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. dove that's why we created the bdove quench absolute. this system deeply nourishes curls... to quench dryness... for 4 times more defined, natural curls. dove quench absolute.
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>> can't get enough sun after the weekends that we had. >> got -- got that right. >> what are you eating over there, son? >> ♪ >> we're going to get a big report. >> i don't know how big the report will be. >> someone tweeted me, my son will be able to give us report tomorrow. because that won't come out for years. >> i hope not. one goes: i won't be able to sleep tonight. waiting for your poo update. >> all right, agree, and it better be green.
9:40 am
>> all right. >> eagles green. all right, 9:39. >> we want to wish a very happy birthday to our own lauren dawn johnson. of all pictures. >> she does look cute here. if you look cute in curlers, then you're cute for sure. >> she took a day off today to celebrate her birthday. >> happy birthday, lauren? drinking right now, maybe having some mimosa's or something, or maybe sleeping in, that is also very good. >> that would be fantastic. we know fashion and style is always changing, but sometimes, it is hard to believe just how much. >> well the people at mode making it east to see, how much wedding dressings have evolved over the last century. we'll go through them. take a look. >> ♪
9:41 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that's pretty cool. >> it is very cool. >> 2015. here we go. >> oh, yes, the lays. >> very nice. >> i'm trying to bring something up. >> it goes through 2015, part of the 100 years of fashion series. >> this made me think about my mother wore my grandmother's wedding dress in her wedding, and if i ever get married she
9:42 am
fully expect me to wear it, but i haven't told her that i don't want to wear it. >> you don't want to wear it? well, you just did. >> no, my parent, celebrating their anniversary, so they're not watching. >> they're not? >> nope. so i can say this right now, guys, what should dow? >> they could be watching, we live stream this on line. >> seriously i think they're enjoying the beach or something right now. so, kit cat kline is saying i can take parts of it. use t but the part of it, she literally wore the dress as; my grandmother wore. i don't want to cut it up. >> there was a wedding over the weekend. >> yes? >> woman i know, rosemary. now, that's a fantastic, i don't know anything about wedding gowns, that's a good looking wedding dress. >> yes, it is. >> instead every all of the flowing, yes. i'm just saying. >> all right, it is be nice to teacher day, what is it?
9:43 am
>> new york it is world teachers day. we're appreciating all teachers out there, jen has a surprise for one. >> oh, are you going to surprise the teacher live on tv? >> let december it. >> we'll supplies a teacher live on tv, principal, assistant principal, on my facebook page, people have been nominating all kind of haverford, middle school teachers. mrs. stumph, mr. reagan, we have all kinds of people, we'll go surprise the teachers? great, wonderful teachers, caring teachers. >> she doesn't know we're coming, so see you after the break.
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9:46 am
>> worlds teacher day, appreciate your teacher. >> jen over at haverford middle school, ready to surprise a special teacher. >> hey, jen. >> okay, so here's what's happening. common, this is the principal, by the way, it was your 50th birthday, over the weekend, so happy 50th. >> thank you very much. >> we're gooing ms. bonds' classroom, the kids say they love her because she is easy to talk to, calm, cool, collected, do you agree with that. >> absolutely. >> why is she so cool? >> connect real well with teachers? hold on. >> goods morning, it is world teacher day. i wanted to give you some flowers, how are you guys doing? everyone good? you're good? >> beautiful. >> your welcome, you're worth it. >> thank you so much. world teacher day. >> did you guys do this? >> a lot of your student did.
9:47 am
>> oh? >> you want to hear what they said about you behind your back? >> i guess so, if it is good. >> you're easy to talk to, fun and kind, calm, cool, collected and you run homework clubs. >> i sure do. >> okay, so let's talk. you're a math teacher? >> i am. >> i think being a math teacher and being well-liked, like that's casino of -- it is not like you're doing drama club. >> thanks, they make it easier. >> you have got a big smile on your fails. what's the best thing about being in her class. >> um -- >> say something good, you're on tv, you'll get all of this extra credit. >> i'm -- she teaches me things good. >> all right. >> good job. >> you're going to make fun of him? >> no. >> what are you good morning say about your teacher? >> she's very hopeful. she's a good -- knows thousand explain things so we can learn it. >> and that's good, because math is casino of hard, flight. >> ya. >> i know the math teachers hate what what when i say math s extra hard, but it is extra
9:48 am
hard. what do you like abouting in her class? okay, so what do you guys like -- i know it is hard, we are live on tv, good morning. >> i just like how it is easy to get work done, when she is around, because she usually can help. >> yes, always got big smile on her face, i can already tell that. so, now, here is the deal, guys, i can stay here all day, no work will get done, or i can go back to fox 29. what do you want knee do. >> stay here all day. >> oh. no honestly we are so happy. we came here, because we feel like middle school teachers, in particular, they don't get as much love as like a high school teacher or maybe a kindergarten teacher. >> yes, women, i taught kindergarten before. i do think the middle school kids get little lost in the shuffle. but we love them. their personalities are great. i don't imagine myself doing anything different. >> what are we teaching today? little bit about looks like -- >> review on some seventh grade math skills then just little bit of combining like terms, proportions, all of the good stuff. >> i love it.
9:49 am
>> new world application for sure. >> right,. >> if they would leave today and use the al gentleman were bra we are teaching them, as soon as they step-off the school grounds. >> and you are welcome, you are welcome. world teacher day, we want to say hi and thank you very much. >> thanks fox news, appreciate it. >> okay. we're going to go harrass the principal now in a little bit. >> good luck. >> bye, guys. >> i want her to be my teacher. >> i know, she is adorable. >> i have to say there is your teachers were all very cool. >> slutly. we only hire cool teachers? you only hire cool teachers, all right. so again go, to my facebook page, jen with 2n's frederick fox 29 and nominate your teacher. bye, guys. >> bye, jen. wonderful. >> okay, you know the last time i used algebra? >> when? >> i was junior in high school in my class. >> maybe you do it without realizing realizing it? >> probably true, that's what they say. certainly i use calculus every day. one of the best things about
9:50 am
being a parent watching your child react to new experience. >> so delaware county mom never expected this response, when she was teaching her baby about animals. >> moo. >> what's wrong? >> moo. goes moo. >> taylor hastings baby joey hates the way her, you know, she moo's, apparently. >> do you see him burst into tears? >> yes. >> so i wonder how she will responds? >> freak out. >> really. >> moo! >> don't make the baby cry. >> speaking of kids, well, i have a granddaughter named teddy, she's four and a half, she looks 20. >> look at her. >> what happened to her? >> what a model. >> i know. got ray bans the whole bit,
9:51 am
out picking pumpkins. >> that's an ad in a magazine. >> sure is. >> man she is getting olds. >> you should put her in modding. >> slow down. >> it does look like she is getting old, like a protein there. >> i know it. stop it. >> she looks good. >> oh, did you get sad when you saw it? >> little bit. but i am not going to cry. i am no kanye. crying over kanye, why philly girl amber rose got emotional while talk willing about her ex next. >> ♪ pea past .
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> before we get to win i williams, looking at the pictures that amber rose has. >> first one she put on. >> over the weekends, what's
9:55 am
the point of this, of this walk, that you wear scantly clad outfits? >> all depends on you what want to call t some people wear what you want to wear. might be sexy outfits, but they want to end -- they want to be sexual, they want to be themselves, express themselves in anyway, they shouldn't be blamed for what happens to them. >> there is a sign here that says what i have on is not consent. you know what i mean? >> exactly. >> no matter what i am wearing. boy, she had huge turn out. >> you can tell from this picture. so she even got emotional talking about her ex's, wiz, and kanye west, at this event. so this walk of course like we said, making women, you don't want them to be un ashamed about their body and clothe choices, she used to be a stripper. >> right. >> she was also comment kanye west made, kim kardashian made him take 30 showers before she would date him because he was with amber rose? >> right. >> so the philly native said she forgives both men because she wants to let the
9:56 am
negativity go. >> she hell up a sign at the beginning of it, that said, 30 showers. >> yes. >> well, a third word in front of it. >> you know what i mean, but great turn out, and she really want team power women. >> i think she is making a point. saturday night live takes on taylor swift. watch how the show pokes some fun at taylor, her ever expanding squad of girlfriends, right? >> yes, you have to see this. >> it will reach a critical mass. >> oh, my god. >> where did everybody go? >> in 2015 taylor swift created her squad. by the end of her tour the entire world had joined.
9:57 am
>> model, athletes, then it was everybody, police, fire department. >> daughters, two of them, squad took them. >> where are they now? >> i don't know. probably having some sort of of -- >> this is what the world looks like after everybody joins taylor swift's squad. >> i thought this was hilarious, i saw it on saturday night live. so well done. >> over the weaken i saw a picture every christy brinkly into her 60s now. she looks fantastic. >> well, she has a new boyfriend. >> who is that? >> john mellencamp. >> really? >> yes, they're into each other, joined at the hip, seen leaving new york city hotel together. ya, and they had a date night the night before. so, ya. they're into each other. >> little pink houses. ya, man, she looks good. >> darn good. >> and then there is us. i've got a whop nerve me. >> oh,. >> i can't wait for your
9:58 am
report tomorrow, mike. >> yes. >> no pictures please. >> okay.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. live from morning new york city, it's the wendy williams show. how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> now, here's wendy. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> yes.


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