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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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people are asking this unsettling question, is this the new normal? good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's get straight to fox 29' jennifer joyce at the community college of philadelphia in spring garden. jennifer, the fbi and the atf put out this warning after that online threat surfaced. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, that's right. fbi and other federal authorities did notify local colleges of a possible threat, and that prompted this. signs notices of enhanced security procedures at several campuses throughout eastern pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. 2:00 p.m. came and went. all was quite at the community college of philadelphia. >> i feel relieved but still scared a little bit. >> reporter: student gray simon left campus prior to the 2:00 p.m. threat time. she didn't want to take any chances. >> i have a class at 3:00 so i have to come back. >> reporter: the philadelphia
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police department provided coverage to the community college and others smaller campuses. police commissioner charles ramsay says every threat must be taken seriously. >> you can't ignore it because we got got a lot of idiots in the world then have guns and they'll go and do things like that. >> reporter: campuses including south jersey and delaware sent alerts to students and heightened police patrols. some students on the campus of drexel university felt a little uneasy going into the school d day. >> i'm nervous like i'm not going to my one class over in center city. >> i feel like they should have canceled all classes today. >> every street corner there's at least tightened security. >> every class we go to we have to show id. >> reporter: some students think this should become standard procedure. >> stuff like this could happen all the time. you never really know. >> reporter: and commissioner ramsay said he had talk to the atf and those officials did not think that this threat was credible, but you can never be too safe. he's urging students and staff at local colleges to remain
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vigilant and follow that old motto if you see something, say something. lucy yes. >> acting out abundance of caution, thank you very much, jennifer. in the dead of night teenaged girl and her grandparents buck county home recognized intruder and thank good she d this man shaye mcmichael broke into the house on forest avenue in bensalem last night. he was dressed in black, wearing a mask. they say he hit the teen in the face and choked her. investigators say the teen recognized mcmichael and called out his name. that's when he took off. police arrested mcmichael at his home and they say he has confessed. the woman responsible for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl will spend at least the next 40 years in jail. 22-year-old chris keen in a regusters sentenced in a case that stunned our area back in 2013. bruce gordon joins us in the newsroom tonight. the young victim actually spoke in court today? >> reporter: in a brief but powerful victim impact statement. what an impact. what happened to this little get sent a shiver down the spine of every parent who heard this
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story. now the woman responsible for the heinous crime will do 40 years to life behind bars. >> i can tell you that they believed the justice was done today. >> reporter: the words of family attorney tom klein as the now eight-year-old girl left the criminal justice center with her mother. little girl had just given a victim impact statement to the judge in this case. saying of her attacker christina regusters, i think what she did to me was wrong. i think she shouldn't dobb it to anyone else. >> she has been horribly physically and emotionally damaged yet she testified in front of a judge and a packed courtroom today. remarkablely and in a fashion that just is unparallel to my eyes. >> reporter: this grainy january 2013 security camera footage shows regusters snatching the victim from her west philadelphia public school after faking her way passed security an substitute teacher. regift boss later sexually assault the girl found the next day wandering half naked in a
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nearby play ground. it was the victim herself who broke the case. leading police to the house where she had been held. notable for the parrot little girl remembered talking bird inside. from the moment regusters was arrested, she claimed she was not alone in the scheme. in fact she told her victim there were others involved including unnamed man responsible for the sexual assault. that debate continued through zen tension. >> i don't think the evidence even shows that she did this by herself. i think the evidence is clear that there was somebody else involved in this case. >> we have absolutely no evidence to suggest that anybody else was involved in this case from the very beginning. we believe that the mentions of other names were the defendant trying to mislead a small child and we are completely confident that the sole person involved in these crimes has now been convicted and sentence and will be in custody for most of the rest of her life. >> reporter: prosecutors said they do not know what regusters motive neighbor nor do they need a motive to gain a convict. we do know regusters worked at
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after school daycare the little girl attend. the defense says it will appeal this 40 year to life sentence. luce glee thank you bruce. one man is in the hospital tonight after flames ripped through a home in fair hill. the fire broke out around 1:00 this afternoon on the 3,000 block of north mascher street. neighbors heard an explosion right before they saw flames but investigators have not yet confirmed what started the fire. one person at temple university hospital for burns and the red cross is now helping one person who the fire displaced. >> happening now, work to fix some of the damage done by a wild weekend of weather. skyfox over north wildwood today the jersey shore took a beating this weekend gusting winds and high surf causing severe beach erosion in cape may and atlantic counties. it carried away sand and carved out cliffs and now officials in several beach towns have to work out plans to replenish dunes. they say the process should be begin quickly because of last week's state of emergency declaration. trouble stretched i don't know the beaches this weekend. high tide flooding streets,
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garages and some homes. this is stone harbor on sunday afternoon. trees were torn from their roots and boats were strande stranded. many people who experience experienced flooding are count their blessings they see what's happening further down the east coast. >> people in south carolina in the middle of historic and deadly floods and the danger has not yet subsided. >> something you wouldn't expect in a million years. the water was just mind boggling. >> water has swamped streets across south carolina. a massive storm of historic proportion behind deadly flooding in the state where governor nicky hail system urging people to just stay inside. >> this is not a fun event. we don't want to have to come out and rescue and much worse we don't want to have you added to this number of fatalities. >> weather cut off power and hundreds of roads and bridges across the state. are closed. officials worn traffic conditions will be dangerous even as the rain let's up. >> what you will see happen is as the water shifts down, we're going to pre position where the roads are closed.
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so roads are closed now in the upstate you'll start to see road closures down from the mid lands down to the low country has that water flowed. >> officials are asking residents to start compiling a list of all the damage while they wait for conditions to improve. and help each other whenever possible. >> if anyone out there sees something that doesn't look right whether it's a road condition, whether it's somebody in distress, dial 911, let us know because you are our eyes and ears out there. >> even for people who have been able to stay in their homes columbia live remains difficult. officials are telling everyone to boil their water before using it. and closer to home we are fairinfairing much better with e weather ahead. it has been rough of rough down the shore. meteorologist kathy orr is live in old city with welcome good news, kathy. >> my gosh, lucy, look at this behind me. what a three day. people walking out with light jackets on enjoying the day. young girl just jogged by. terrific day to be outside and
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good news for our friends down the shore. take look at our ultimate doppler. i'll show i was few lingering clouds down through the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. the weather will be getting better. still have the rain though through the mid atlantic and you can see there hurricane joaquin moving further out to sea. now, we do have that flood advisory in effect threw 7:00 o'clock tonight for low-lying areas through our shore points and also the lower part of the bay and definitely the back bays could have some flooding during the evening period. right now 68 so far the high in philadelphia. atlantic 62. in the poconos 60 much these are sustained winds. in atlantic city out of the north northeast at 9 miles an hour. in philadelphia 10. so very comfortable out here. skies will be clearing, even down the shore overnight and come tomorrow morning, we will not have any issues as far as cloudy skies or flooding is concerned. that is the good news. so for this evening, it will be pleasant at 7:00 o'clock in the 60s falling into the 50 by 11:00 o'clock. you can see the temperature of
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57 degrees. back here live, just a three d day. above me plenty of deep blue sky and that means low humidity just the way we like it this time of year in the fall my favorite time of the year. i'll have the seven day later in the broadcast feeling a little bit more summer like. i'll tease you with that. >> i'll take that. thank you kathy. >> crucial clues this morning in the desperate search for a cargo ship that seemed to disappear in the midst of hurricane joaquin. 33 people were on board including 28 americans. crews just discovered life jackets thousands of peaces of styrofoam an cargo door nearly a farrow's last notion near the bahamas. they found one body. the coast guard lot of contact with the ship thursday morning when the hurricane was raging in that area. the ship's crew last reported they lost power and were taking on water. frighteninfrightening and tc develop on board american airlines flight. the first officer had to land the plane after the captain died four hours into the red eye flight. flight from phoenix to boston
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diverted to syracuse authorities have not yet released any details about what happened to the pilot or the name. flight crew from philadelphia took the 147 passengers on to boston. the former pressed the philadelphia chapter of the naacp jeremy montgomery desire has died. the 65-year-old was rushed to the hospital friday. he died yesterday surrounded by family and close friends at jefferson university hospital. he had a brain aneurysm and his kidneys were failing. dr. put him on life support but he never regained consciousness. city leaders shared their thoughts today on the passing of a civil rights advocate. >> he was always in your face about trying to do the right thing to move a progressive agenda forward torque move community forward. and we appreciate that about jerry. >> funeral arrangements for montgomery desire have not yet been released. local mom under arrest not only do police say she had heroin. she injected night her teenaged daughter, a young teen and
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another teen. the case that has a local community stunned tonight. and fox 29 investigators is already introduced you to this guy. a local bankruptcy lawyer accused of taking clients money and leaving them high and dry. he's facing criminal charges but now authorities say he could be in trouble for something else. a story peaking a lot of folks angry. a police officer refused service is a restaurant because he's a cop. why the restaurant says really happened. >> later a military veteran gets a service dog. she says is saving her life every day. how that dog has inspired the vet's new mission. it's a drug that saved countless lives and now a big named pharmacy is silt over the counter. to night at 6:00 why so many are so upset over this potential lifesaver.
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♪ >> mass texting for mass amounts of drugs less to massive bust a joint effort by law enforcement of montgomery and berks county. police showed us what they found. look at that more than a thousand bags of heroin. 109 bags of cocaine. guns and cash. they arrested four men that are still on the run. dealers would rent rooms at local motels and text the room number to dozens of users who would show up and buy the drugs. prosecutors say this bust is only the beginning. >> we will continue to make a difference in putting heroin dealers away, and we will be trying to prevent young people from getting engaged in these activity, because of the lives and the epidemic that we are
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facing here. the lives that are being destroyed every day. >> the case against these five suspects began when the father of a young man who overdosed and died last year discovered one of those text message and took it to police. and cvs make wagon some consider a bold move in the fight against the ravages of heroin. it will now sell narcan in local stores without a prescription. narcan can reverse the effects of heroin overdose. officers and several local police departments carry the drug and it does save lives. critics say easy access to it could become a crutch allowing addicts to take more risks. a local mother of an addict says if you understand addiction, that argument does not make sense. we have her story new at 6:00. there's more trouble tonight for south jersey bankruptcy attorney who was the focus of a fox 29 investigates report. investigative reporter jeff cole has the latest on philip drink water from the newsroom. jeff? >> drink water is facing six counts of theft. the gloucester county new jersey
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prosecutor says he took clients money for bankruptcy work but often didn't perform the services. now, he has more trouble. attorney philip drinkwater is on the lamb says the county prosecutor. this is his mug shot posted by the county. drinkwater is called a wanted fugitive. after being criminally charged pitman new jersey attorney was supposed to have a meeting with prosecutors. he never showed up. now gloucester county fugitive unit is looking for him and posting his mug shot is part of that effort. now in may fox 29 investigates spoke with his former clients who claim they paid him but many instances got nothing in return. back then, we found mr. drin mr. drinkwater living in the rolling hills of schuylkill haven, pennsylvania. not clear if the fugitive unit has looked for him there yet but they are still looking for him. now drinkwater facing jail time for those criminal charges and today a local prosecutor says that when they do find him, he
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could be jailed but this time without bail. jeff cole in the newsroom. iain, back to you. >> all right, jeff, thank you. pennsylvania liquor control board plans to offer a lottery so customers will have a better shot in buying limited quantity liquors. the first lottery is set for october 13th. featuring two dozen bottles from the buffalo experimental collect. two varieties are the kentucky bourbon will be available only pennsylvania residents can register for the auctions. >> u.s. supreme court rejected an appeal from american indian groups and jim shore's sons to move the remains of the ledger danny athlete from pennsylvania back to oklahoma. jim thorpe of course is a very big deal in our area. we often show you this live picture from our pocono mountains camera of the carbon county town that bears his name. his current resting place. the court today left in place a court ruling that ordered thorpe's body to remain in this town. thorpe' twos surviving sons have been hoping to bury thorpe on oklahoma land.
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thorpe was of course an american indian football, baseball and track star who won the decathlon in the 1912 olympic he died in 1953 at the age of 64. you already know this. eagles fans are not happy after another loss. this time against the washington redskins. eagles now one and three on the season. they better figure things out fast. before they host the saints on sunday. howard eskin live at chickie's and pete's. howard? iain you think they're really not happy. (laughter). >> how could you tell with one and three. oh, my gosh. the players aren't happy either. doing the radio show here with jason kelce and malcolm jenkins. jays see kelsey has a 24 hour rule. he's still within that 24 hours or close to it and you look back and you try to move on from it, but we look back and i'm going to look back, and there's so many different plays you can look at, one of them yesterday happened in the first half. it was a touchdown that because of a really a bad mistake by the eagles it was a nice pass by sam
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bradford to zach ertz. that's a touchdown. and it should have been a touchdown and the penalty again that's what hurt the eagles nelson ago go lore was lined up in illegal formation which again negated -- negated the touchdo touchdown. then they went for a field goal and you know what happened there. the new field goal kicker didn't get -- didn't make it. so now they get nothing out of it. now chip kelly said today at his news conference it's not because of players on the team. >> we know we have the right players here. we just -- it's a play here, a play there. we've lost the game by two and lost a game by three and lost another game by 10. we lost three games by 15 poin points. you hit two kicks and here sitting here three and one and nobody is happy. there's no difference. you either make plays or downplay make plays. if you are not making plays you have to continue to work at them so you can make play. >> every week you have to tell
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yourself you could have played harder. you could have focused more. you could execute better. so my responsibility is to make sure that i do my job and at the end of the day when we get in with our coaching staff and look at the big picture the coaches will give us great coaching points and you'll have to trust their coaching points. >> there's only so many times you can say you're not making the plays and there's only so many times when you say, we didn't lose by that much. it's one and three. i know the division is so bad things can happen. and they can get better. get healthy next week against new orleans but you got to make plays. coming up next hour, guile back and talk to the players and see if they've moved past that 24 hours. we talk about demarco murray not being happy with the number of carries he gets and chip kelly's response that will be coming up later in 6:00 o'clock in this sports. lucy, back to you. >> you want a response howard listen to iain he's not over it. he's not over it. >> all right. we'll talk to you soon at 6:00. so if you want to vote in the november 3rd election
5:21 pm
today is your last day to register and city leaders want you to know it's easier than you think. elected officials gathered at city hall this morning and urged voters to register online. they're encouraging all pennsylvania voters to take just a couple of minutes and head to vote all you need to have is a pen dot issued id. >> this is a great way. we're so thankful tour this opportunity to register to vote online because when people say i'm so scared about having my information out there, i don't want to register and just leave it with you, this is a great way to register people online. your information is secure. >> this is the first time pennsylvania has used online registration. you can of course still register in person at many state and county offices. treating breast cancer in one day. some doctors say a certain technique can do it. how it works and who it could help. but first new york university student released from north korea after months in captivity. just because he's free doesn't mean he's in the clear. the tough question questions hel
5:22 pm
needs to answer. >> rhee weekend search for a missing little girl. search and rescues clues were close to giving up hope then they found her. what led up to the discovery many are calling a miracle.
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♪ we're following breaking news. one person has been hit by a car in pemberton. sky fox over the scene on county road 530. authorities say this happened just before 5:00 p.m. no word yet on how bad that person was hurt. the driver of the car stayed at the scene. there's no word yet on whether anyone else was injured. search and rescues crews are still sift through what's an apartment building trying to find a missing woman. authorities say that woman was moving out of her place on saturday when the building exploded. no one has seen her since. investigators say the blast may stem from someone removing a stove from a gas line imprope improperly. one person who we know of has died. three others are injured. north korea release as 21-year-old new york university student after holding him captive for six months. south korean national detain in april after trying to cross into north korea via the chinese border. no word on why crossed over
5:26 pm
south korea women come his release but company's intelligent service is launching an investigation. they want to ask him if he had permission to cross the border. south korea prohibits travel to the north without approval. new fallout after deadly u.s. air strike on a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. today the pentagon promised accountability for the bombings on saturday. doctors without borders says 12 of its staffers and seven patients including three children died. dozens of others injured. defense department says afghan forces requested the series of bombings saying they were under attack by taliban insurgents in a statement doctors without borders says "there can be no justification for this be hour rent attack on our hospital". >> local mom under arrest not only do police say she had heroin police say she she injected it into her teenaged daughter much the case shock ago local community tonight. >> teen take to the water in search of big waves but finds a shark instead. how he fought back and wouldn't
5:27 pm
despite getting a nasty bite. kathy? >> what a weather story we have. joaquin going far out to sea. no longer a threat even no bermuda. we are in the clear and it's only going to get better. feeling a little bit more like early fall. we'll take look at that seven day forecast as we soar into the 70s as fox 29 news at 5:00 continues.
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live look at bush kill falls from our pocono mountains camera right now.
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it's a bit chilly outside. doesn't get more three and with the sun will come a welcome warmup. see what's in store coming up in your fox 29 weather authority forecast. >> chester county to a story that defies belief. authorities in west wham palm arrested a mom for giving teen's heroin. jailed is jessica riff fee. authorities say she injected the heroin into her 14-year-old daughter and 16-year-old boy. her boyfriend james burns is also charged with providing heroin for the teens to snort. the 34-year-olds facing a list of charges in the chester counsel tie prison unable as of yet to make bail. university officials and students breathing a sigh of relief tonight after a threat posted online appears to have been just that. the fbi and atf pout out a warning after anonymous threat targeted a school in the philadelphia area. alleged violence was planned for 2:00 this afternoon. no specific school was targeted but that didn't stop campuses throughout the area from beefing up patrols today. students and staff members
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should always be vigilant and if you see something, say somethi something. small town of roseberg oregon umpqua community college has reopen but classes won't start for another week. thursday a gunman opened fire on the campus killing nine people and injuring nine other. >> now the nation's pie on that small community a group of mothers who write for the local paper are making sure their town is like beyond the tragedy. here's more. >> reporter: in her own words. >> dear world, before yesterday of us most of had never heard the city of roseberg. now when you hear the name you will link us to the tragedy that happened on our small community college campus yesterday. that is not who we are. >> reporter: wilson and a mom right about the roseberg they know. >> there's so much more to remember about us than this day, this tragedy tour into our lives and changed our community forever. >> we're a longing community tucked into a three valley with some of the most tree covered hills you've ever seen. the waters of the river flow
5:32 pm
through our town. >> you'll hear names and get to know a small bit of who we lost. we will hear the names and feel the loss. >> photographs of the injured are being rolled into the hospital doesn't tell the whole story either. most of our babies have been born at mercy. and lives are saved there every day. >> soon their minds wander away from those words. >> i'm in love with roseberg and this just -- my heartbeat even more seeing everybody come together for this. >> they, too, remember what it was like to get the news. >> there was a shooting at ucc. your daughter goes there, doesn't she? i felt the -- i just felt the blood rush out of my face and i'm still processing that. sean there, i was so grateful. sean there that day. >> they too are huring. >> emotions of please protect
5:33 pm
these people that i love and that i know that are integral in our lives but how can you pray that prayer knowing it means it would be someone else. >> they're protective of their town -- >> it's not a reflection of all of us. it's a very lost and individual. there's so much more to roseberg than just that day. >> all the places that you have seen have so much more depth to them. >> the moms say they're not trying to further any political agenda. they just want to teach people about the community they love calling home. it is around our parts just a three day outside. allentown, there you go. kathy orr. >> wow. >> spectacular. what a three day deep blue skies, low humidity perfect objection weather and these mild sunny days and chilly crisp nights in allentown, reading we're talking about lows in the 40s to night. make the most three fall colors.
5:34 pm
>> that's right. >> leaves start to turn. >> i want to see the. i need to see the turning of the colors. >> it's couple coming. wait a couple of week it will be here. outside right now three afternoon for the most par. ultimate doppler showing a few clouds especially down the shore and our delaware beaches. still a huge problem down through the mid atlantic through the carolinas but the good news is, this area of low pressure that was bringing in all this moisture and also tapping into some of the moisture from joaquin is slowing down weakening and as our storm hurricane moves farther away it will stop feeding all of this moisture as well but it's going to take very long time to clean up from all of the rain down to our south. right now in philadelphia, the temperature pretty nice, 68 degrees. that's the high for the day. winds out of the northeast at just 10 miles an hour. that is a huge improvement. in the pocono mountains it is 60. it is 66 in allentown. and you can see in philadelphia it's 68. let's take you down the shore where the temperature right now is 61 degrees you can see in cape may 64 in woodbine and even
5:35 pm
if you head for greenwich 65 degrees. dover 64. huge range in temperature witness sunshine and also with the breezy conditions. inland medford lakes 62. beach haven looking nice at 60 and our suburbs to the north and west perkasie looking good. pottstown 64. and in doylestown it is 62 degrees. so everywhere really experiencing a pleasant afternoon. winds out of the north in pottstown we talk about that last night on fox 29 news at 10:00. we'd see the winds more northerly and that's helps to shut off that easterly flow that created all those problems down the shore. you have a northerly wind in atlantic city and the same in wildwood only 8 miles an hour sustained. we're in this dry pattern high pressure dominating right now it will continue to do so. we really don't see any cloud cover at least till midweek as we see clouds approaching from the west with our next front but staying sunny right through the midweek period. we say goodbye to joaquin. well north of bermuda heading into the open waters of the atlantic actually heading toward europe as an area of low
5:36 pm
pressure, and we will just be seeing fair weather sitting over the delaware valley until further notice. overnight tonight in the city 52. cooler in the suburbs. an extra blanket crank up the pete heat a little bit. northerly winds about 5 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow the high 73. mostly sunny. our northerly wind turns westerly an indication that those temperatures will begin to bump up over the course of the next couple of days. on our exclusive seven day forecast, tuesday 73. i gave that perfect 10. wednesday 76. this is the peak of the warmth you can see pleasant for thursday. some showers on friday. saturday cooler, sunday in the 60s. not so bad and then by monday, columbus day already, 72 degrees with plenty of sunshine. so realing this is probably one of the nicest fall seven days visine in a very long time. follows very nice september. >> that's why i love fall. weeks like this. >> i used -- i just don't like
5:37 pm
what comes after fall. >> revel in the moment. >> get all that golfing in this weekend. >> exactly. >> a story making a lot of people mad a police officer refused service from a restaurant just because he's a cop? how that restaurant is trying to make things right and what the department says it will do from now on. >> dramatic video of a big rig explosion. this look terrible but what you don't see is the dangerous situation under this overpass. >> someone is starting off the week a whole lot rich err. where that ticket was sold that's coming up tonight at 6:00.
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♪ absolutely catastrophic. parts of south carolina are still underwater. officials are reporting a least nine weather related deaths since historic rainfall hit parts of the state this weekend. neighborhoods like this one in columbia are still submerged after days of torrential rain.
5:41 pm
20-inches in some areas. emergency crews have been rescuing people from flooded streets for days now. roads and bridges are wash out. thousands of people have no power. brush fires burning across australia after some record hot temperatures. australian bureau of meteorology confirming both victoria and south australia have broken records for the hottest ever temperatures in october. some parts hitting up to 100 degrees. the heat sparking a series of fires in port lincoln and tas mania. >> we've got at the moment inaccessible areas away from communities. if we're not able to contain a couple of these fires they may cause some impact on communities if the weather increases. >> for now the flames are burning away from the residential areas. local fire authorities are warning anyone in the area to get out before those fires spread. community in ohio celebrate wagon they are calling a mirac miracle. >> two-year-old girl who disappeared friday night is alive and well after a searcher
5:42 pm
found her asleep in field. little rain peterson wandered away from her great grand pare parent's house friday night triggered an exhaustive search of the rural area in northeastern ohio. that search that was was appearing fe few till until last night when two searchers found rain asleep in a field. she spend two cold nights outside by herself. she's at a hospital but appears to be okay. >> this whole community was united in one thing, it was asking god for a miracle. and he gave us a miracle tonig tonight. he gave us a miracle. >> understand the emotions rain's grand grandparents were watch herring and her two siblings while their mother was out. they found no wrongdoing by the family. treating breast cancer in one day. some doctors say a certain technique can do it. how it works and who it could help. >> the future of grocery shopping. maybe you're not into the whole self check out lane at the sto store.
5:43 pm
so we'll show you knew technology that could soon make things a whole lot easier.
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♪ philadelphia police want to you take good look at this woman. detectives say she entered a home on the 1,000 block of schneider of a back in august claimed she was home care nurse. sent from a hospital and stole from the home. the elderly homeowner did not recognize the woman. she started asking questions. the woman left. surveillance pictures from nearby 7eleven. once that woman did leave the homeowner realized her drawers had been opened and she was missing jewelry. big rig catches fire on a
5:47 pm
dallas interstate ton night authorities are saying that two people have died. this video shows the 18 wheeler a blaze after it crashed and exploded. it snarled traffic and sent flames and heavy smoke into the sky. the truck was also carrying lumber which spilled across the road and falling wood had fire burning on the ground below that ramp. >> dunkin' donuts denies service to a connecticut police officer apparently because of the badge he carries it happened in west hartford saturday. the officer was waiting in line to buy a cup of coffee when an employee looked at him and said, he didn't get the message. we don't serve cops here. the officer then left the store. was approached by the manager and employee who apologized, saying she was only joking much she also offered the officer of a free cup of coffee he declined buwent to different store. they released a statement acknowledging the employees quote poor judgment wine ill sifting the donut company franchises serves a commit many to the well being and fair
5:48 pm
treatment of all guests. >> all of the people in there probably felt highly insulted because here's somebody called out for nothing other than the uniform they wear and the badge that they carry. the representation of what that means to the community. >> no word on whether the employee will be fired. the police department says they're not going to act any differently around this dunkin' donuts or anyone who works there. >> to your health now a treatment some say could revolutionize the way we fight breast cancer very focused type of treatment for a specific form of the disease but it only takes one day. a hospital in colorado is offering it. fox's julie hayden has the details. >> sheila smith got the call following her regular mammogram. >> she said first i want to tell you you're going to live a very long and happy life. you have cancer. >> reporter: she says nothing really prepares you for that. >> there's always a moment after a diagnose like that where your brain just doesn't funk. >> reporter: but she did her
5:49 pm
research and that brought her to the officer of dr. barbara schwartz berg a breast cancer surgeon at rose medical center. >> i place this balloon into the lump he can thome cavity. >> they proud vied one day breast cancer called inter tra operative radiation therapy. >> everyone knows we're over treating early stage brief cancer. i want to trim treatment to fit the patient. that's what this is all about. >> it's an option for women with early stage breast cancer. a single dose of radiation is administered at the time of the lumpectomy me. >> the entire radiation treatment all in one step in the operating room in a surgery that lasts about two hours. >> reporter: it allows women to replace six to eight weeks of traditional radiation therapy. >> it is efficient. it is effective. and it gives you the ability to
5:50 pm
regain your life and move on through the cancer experience and be active. >> reporter: year and a half later no recurrence for sheila. and how some she doing today? >> glorious. (laughter). >> some doctors reluctant to use this method. as always you need to talk with your doctor before making any decisions especially one as important as this one. military veteran gets a service dog she says is saving her life every day. hooshes live altering partnership came to be and the vet's new mission. >> forget cars, forget tvs, these thieves hot ticket items refrigerator. we showed you this surveillance video last week and now these guys are in jail. but wow, where police found that fridge. we've got it all new at 6:00. >> bad news for donald trump. fbi seen yet service are now investigating his hotel. tonight at 6:00 which trump staff may hear you're fired.
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surfers from all over florida flocking to the coast taking advantage of large swells but this morning one young teen got more than a good wave, he came face to face with shark.
5:55 pm
it happened in 53 lucia county near orlando. officials say the toon was bit in the hasn't but managed to punch the shark and then paddle to shore and flag down a beach safety officer. beach officials say the weather may have played a role in the attack. >> there's lost bait fish in the water that can lend to more shark activity. the water is very churned up right now because of the storm. that creates kind of murky water, and it's confusing for the shark. sometimes they're going for bait fish they end up grabbing a surfer's hand. >> the teen was flown to local hospital. no word on his condition. is it it the feature of grocery store check out lanes? fast scan it's call has made debut in texas and shoppers apparently are loving it. here's how it work. the check out lanes at the lake line heb have towers that do a 360-degree snapshot of product. that means you can put your stuff on the belt any way at all and it will get scanned. >> it was very easy. you just place everything about a foot apart and then you put the little thing at the end and
5:56 pm
it tells that's the end and that's it. >> a lot of customers told me it's the wave of the future. something different. something different crazy. >> i love heb's. >> critics worry the technology will cost people their jobs. not so. cashiers will still be at the end of the lanes to take your money and deal with any issues you may have. a texas military veteran endured many battles over her nearly 10 year military career but some of her most difficult fights starred in 2011 when she returned home. >> but now has some help with those battles thanks newcomb rad who changed her life forever. fox's marcus officer has their story. >> reporter: since returning from afghanistan in 2011, retired u.s. army combat medic stacey dickie has spent the last four years fighting another battle. living a normal life. >> i don't leave the house. i stay indoors. i don't go anywhere. i turn down invitations typically it's about three to five days before i do leave that front door. it's been in this mode where i
5:57 pm
only go out the door if i have to and regret it every time. >> dickie service from ptsd. a condition that she says almost led her to suicide. >> i've almost taken my life three times. >> dickie is one of a growing number of veterans who have either considered or turned to suicide as a way to escape their pain. >> these emotions if bolted up can lead to bad things. suicide, you know, 22 veterans a day commit suicide in our country. we're just trying to knock that number down. >> reporter: jeffrey anderson is ceo and founder of rebuilding warriors an organization that provides veterans with a personally trained service dog free of charge. >> we give these dogs to these veterans and they have a constant companion. some of them have forgotten thou love people. i mean they don't trust anything. all they trust is their battle buddy. this is their new battle buddy. >> dickie's new battle buddy gito. >> he'she's asher man shepherd m
5:58 pm
germany. she's four years old. a wonderful dog. you'll see that magic bond. >> it did not take long for the newly acquainted friended to just that. >> sneaking up behind me. unknowingly they don't know she saw the opportunity. just to have that protective she will it's fantastic. >> for dickie she now has a new mission in life that will help her live her own. >> take care of this animal much she's take caring of me. >> the job she performs for me gives me the ability to step outside and live life. >> just had an invitatio inveige and it's an invitation i've been turning down for years. grocery shopping at regular hours instead of when there's hardly any people there. it's -- it might be hard at first but we'll push those limits and we'll do it. >> rebuilding warriors was founded in 2013. most of the dogs are bread especially for their mission. dogs are provided for any service member who was honorab
5:59 pm
honorablely discharged from any branch of the military. ♪ tonight at 6:00 no prescription needed. a drug that can save lives available to anyone who wants it. it can do so much good buy why are so many people so angry about it? a mother accused of giving two teenagers heroin. one of them her daughter. how police stumbled on to this case. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> so far so good for colleges across our area after the deadline comes and goes for the threat of violence that came with a warning from the fbi. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. online post threaten violence at 2:00 o'clock eastern time at philadelphia area campus. one them they didn't say which one. thank goodness none of it happened. fox 29's jenner joyce at the community college of philadelphia on spring garden. jennifer, campus beefed up
6:00 pm
security all across our area. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly what we saw lucy much the threat came in and schools responded with heightened security and philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay says credible or not, you have to take these types of threats seriously. >> i was at the coffee shop anton of armed guards with like vests. >> reporter: drexel university was among many local colleges with increased police patrols and end hasn'ted security procedures. in light of a threat of violence posted online. allegedly planned for 2:00 p.m. today. federal investigators notified schools in abundance of caution. >> no specific college or university was identified. >> when i spoke with the atf over the weekend, they didn't think it was credible, however, in the avenue math of oregon, obviously, you know, we wanted to make sure we took appropriate steps. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay says his officers provided


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