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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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security all across our area. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly what we saw lucy much the threat came in and schools responded with heightened security and philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay says credible or not, you have to take these types of threats seriously. >> i was at the coffee shop anton of armed guards with like vests. >> reporter: drexel university was among many local colleges with increased police patrols and end hasn'ted security procedures. in light of a threat of violence posted online. allegedly planned for 2:00 p.m. today. federal investigators notified schools in abundance of caution. >> no specific college or university was identified. >> when i spoke with the atf over the weekend, they didn't think it was credible, however, in the avenue math of oregon, obviously, you know, we wanted to make sure we took appropriate steps. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay says his officers provided coverage for smaller
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campuses like the community college of philadelphia. fortunately, all remained quiet. >> my biggest concern is always copycats but then you start doing similar things and of course we have to investigate them all. >> reporter: drexel university freshman clayton, says he noticed police on every corner. >> i think it's a little bit blown out of proportion possibly but it's good that they're taking the precautions. >> reporter: others say they wish the school did more to make the students feel comfortable. >> there should have been a university wide e-mail sent out saying classes are canceled because as of now, um, i've only really seen certain professors canceling class. >> i'm nervous. i'm not going to my one class over in center city. but definitely am nervous. >> reporter: commissioner ramsay wants people to remain vigilant. if you see something or someone that seems suspicious, get police involve. lucy? >> all right, thank you jennif jennifer. to a developing story out of philadelphia fair hill neighbor. sky fox over a house fire on the
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3400 block of north mascher street. neighbors reported hearing an explosion right around 1:00 this afternoon then saw flames shoot from the home. investigators are looking into what set off the explosion. then fire. one person is at temple university hospital with burns. to an alleged crime hard for a parent to even imagine chester county woman is accused of repeatedly inject allergy 14-year-old daughter with hero heroin. fox 29's chris o'connell just spoke to the da. he's live in west chester tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, this is a case that has even shock police officers here in chester county. as you said arc mother is in jail tonight for providing and injecting her own 14-year-old daughter and another teenager with heroin. her name is jessica lynn riff fee. she's of honey brook chester county arrested after police got a welfare call to the family's honey brook home. that's where they found the 14-year-old girl and 16-year-old
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boy west colwyn township arrested her boyfriend jamison burn. he was taken in on drug charges. the district attorney says, it happened several times last month. both teenagers told police they had gotten the drugs and were using them with the help of the girl's mother. >> she actually was shooting them up. she was tying off their arms with string to raise up the veins and then injecting the heroin into their veins. >> for what reason? >> why was she doing that? >> there is no good possible reason that a mother would be injecting her own daughter or any child with heroin. >> reporter: she's behind bars tonight at the chester county jail on $50,000 cash bail. as for those teenagers, they will not be charged. the district attorney tells me they are in the process of helping those two teenagers get drug counseling. lucy? >> all right, thank you, chris. 40 years to life in prison for a woman convicted of
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kidnapping and sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl. today a judge handed down that sentence in a case that just horrified our area. that little girl snapped right out of her kindergarten class. bruce gordon is live in the newsroom. young victim in this case actually spoke in court today. >> reporter: yes, she did lucy in a brief but powerful vick impact statement saying of her kidnapper and attac attacker. i think what she did do to me was wrong and i think she shouldn't do it to anyone else. moments later the judge through the book at 22-year-old regina regusters. we've blurred her face to protect her privacy but the now eight-year-old victim left this morning long sentencing with the faintest smile on her face. said the family's attorney -- >> she was a remarkable child when she literally broke the case. led the police to the home, gave the police the key clue with the talking bird, and now she's a remarkable girl in recovery. i would suggest to you a recovery that will last for the
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rest of her life. >> reporter: this grainy security camera footage from january 2013 sent a chill through every pan in the region. then 19-year-old christina regusters kidnapping the little girl from her west philadelphia kindergarten laugh after bluffing her way past security an substitute teacher. regusters would later sexually assault the child. then leave her half dressed to wander nearby play ground. it was in fact the little girl who broke the case. leading police to the home where she was held. the give a way, she remembered a talking bird. a parotin side the house. for the moment she was arrested regusters denied sole responsibility for the crime. defense is still making that claim. >> she does not in any way take responsibility for the sexual crimes that she was charged with. she didn't have -- she didn't have anything to do with any of those thing. >> reporter: prosecutors insist regusters acted alone after much deliberation. >> i think it's very clear she put a lot of time and energy
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into planning this and to trying to make sure that she didn't get caught and to coming up with these different ideas that she planted in the victim's head but ultimately the information that we had that there were other people came from a blindfolded five-year-old had was specifically told that there were other people. >> reporter: evidence turned up in a search of regusters computer showed she had watched animated images of child torture and look up information on thou destroy dna evidence. prosecutors told me they were unsure of a motive, not that they needed one to gain conviction, they did discovery gusts work at the after school daycare the little girl attend. lucy? >> thanks very much, bruce. breaking news out of philadelphia's logan neighborhood. let's go to skyfox right now live over the scene. where a three-year-old has been hit by a driver. first responders say the child was pinned under the car at wagner and north 13th street. it happened just about half hour ago right around 5:30. the three-year-old is at einstein. we do not have any official word on the child's condition. days of gusting wind and
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pounding surf caused severe beach erosion in many spots along the new jersey shore. some beaches including one devastate beside super storm sandy sandy and not yet replenished appear to have lost most of their sand. many places where protective dunes stood between the ocean and the home the surf cut large cliffs into the sand leaving drop offs up to 10 feet. sand is being trucked into several places to repair the damage. >> strong winds over our weekend held water in the inland base make fog he can treatmently high tides throughout the state. several roads remain closed and the coastal flood advisory remains in effect for kent and suss connect counties until 7:00 tonight. at least nine weather related deaths reported since historic rainfall hit parts of south carolina this weekend. neighborhoods like this one in columbia still underwater after days of torrential rain. emergency crews had to rescue hundreds of people from flooded streets. numerous roads and bridges have
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been washed out. thousands of people are without power. most of our area dodged a bullet from hurricane joaquin. what a difference a day makes. it's been rough down the shore right now a live look from our camera at the wyndham garden hotel in trenton. bright and sunny today hope hopefully for days to come. kay kay is tracking that forecast. it's so nice you had to get out and enjoy it yourself. >> we'll have to go out for dinner tonight. everybody in a murray to get home because they want to enjoy the sunset before sunset. let's take a look at ultimate doppler i want to show you what's going on. we have a few lingering clouds down the shore and those will be van waiting over the neck 24 hours. we have that flood advisory in effect flooding likely in the back bays and then that threat will be over overnight. temperatures comfortably in the 60ings pocono mountains already in the 50s. we're watching as the skies will clear overnight with more of a northerly wind drying thing out. so sun even down the shore
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tomorrow. so it will be pleasant this evening in the 60s. clear by 9:00 p.m. and look for comfortable conditions, even late tonight at 11:00 p.m. back here live, we have a few clouds mixing in with the sunshine. but drier moves in overnight tonight and we're in for a sunny stretch. when i join inside i'll have that seven day feeling like summer in the 70s. >> see you later. >> perfect. talk to you soon kathy. philadelphia police are catching the public for the capture of two men wanted for stealing a refrigerator. we showed you this surveillance video last week. two thieves are pushing a very expensive stainless steal refrigerator down 1500 block of south fourth street. they bunch of tips and led to the arrest of the steven and angelo. investigators they didn't have to go far to find that stolen fridge. they found it in one of the man's home. both face burglary charges. your full work week forecast coming up. >> meteorologist kathy orr
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rejoining us with your weather authority outlook. >> if it wasn't available my son wouldn't be alive today. >> that mother says the drug narcan saved her child. if you want it, you'll be able to get it over the counter at cvs but not everyone wants it so readily available. we've got the controversy neck. and trouble for donald trump it's not on the campaign trail. what the fbi is investigating at some of his properties. ♪ >> eagles as we know have issues. demarco murray has an issue with the number of touches he's getting in the game and chip kelly responds at today's news conference. we'll have it coming up later in sports. ññ
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♪ trouble tonight for donald trump and the it department for his hotels. according to fox news, seven of the presidential candidates hotels have been hack. customer credit and debit card numbers may have been stolen. hackers gaining access between may 2014 and june 2015 at front desk of those hotels, restaurants and gift shops were
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also hacked. the company is offering affected customers a year of free identity theft protect. >> drug overdoses killed tens of thousands of people every year in the united states. now one big pharmacy chain is selling a drug over the counter that could help lower that number. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson joins us from our newsroom. bill, controversial to say the least though many do see this a as life-saving measure. >> reporter: it should be lucy. to many it is. narcan can save someone from overdosing by neutralizing the drugs in their system. it saved thousands of lives but some say it also promotes risky behavior. now, cvs has chimed in the debate made it available in stores for the first time without a prescription. ♪ >> reporter: nearly 45,000 people die every year in the united states from drug overdo overdoses. many from opioids such as hero heroin. somewhat controversial move, cvs announced that they'll now sell
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the anti overdose drug narcan in their stores without a prescription. critics say that giving an anti overdose drug to addicts will be like a crutch allowing them to try more with no fear of consequences. but carol, whose son is a recovering addiction said the critics they just don't understand. >> it's a medicine that saves lives. if somebody was having seizure they needed an epi penn from bee sting or whatever you give it to them would you not give it to them because that was a crutch. >> her own experience with her son led her to start the addict support group angels in motion and they interact with addicts daily. they carry narcan and said if you understand another diction the crutch argument doesn't make any sense. >> narcan automatically puts you in withdrawal like that. they don't want to be in withdrawal much this not drug they're saying this is great drug. now we can go get high. they're not. >> cvs told me via e-mail that nor can will generally be
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stocked in the store but you can come in, tell them that you want it and then pick it up the next day. something carol tells me that any family dealing with addiction should definitely do. >> they need to get educated on this medicine and learn that this is a medicine that saves lives and if you're a family member somebody with opiate or heroin addiction go out and get yourself narcan and keep it in your house. you never know when you'll use it. >> lucy and iain with the overwhelming life-saving benefits, critics are still opposed to prescription free availability. of course, we want to know what our viewers think as always you can comment on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly let us know what you think. >> iain. >> bill, thanks so much. if you play the lottery, that includes me and lucy. >> yes. >> you weigh may want to check your tick. mega millions ticket worth two millions from the friday drawing was sold right here in philly. someone bought it at the shy own in a news stan on the 2300 block of broad street. the winning ticket matched all
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five white balls in case you got them 04, 14, 29, 31 and 47. >> just was the one day i didn't play. >> you didn't play? >> i usually buy one when it's big like that. 300 million. i didn't buy. i need to go back to bobs newsstand the weather is great to go outside at the newsstand and hang out. >> stand in line and get all the lottery tickets you want. we might hit the lot row with this weather neck week. >> we're in for three day. we are looking forward to great conditions coming up. we're looking at a fantastic day coming in the next couple of hours. we are going to be seeing calm conditions. i'll step out right here shown was is going on. we're looking at a day that's going to only get better across the delaware valley. you can see the clouds giving way to the sunshine everywhere. there we go. i've got my ducks in a row. the temperature right now 65 degrees. the high today 68. winds out of the east northeast at just 6 miles an hour. this is a huge improvement. down the shore look at that
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northerly wind component. about 7 miles an hour winds about 7 miles inland in atlantic city. and wildwood a north northeasterly win at just six. we'll watch as high pressure builds back in the region over the next couple of days. our next chance of seeing clouds won't come in until later wednesday ahead of this cold front and then we'll just be seeing dry conditions pretty much from there on in. we're saying goodbye to joaquin. mack mum sustained winds with this about 85 miles an hour. it is well to the north of this dot which is we are mud today heading toward the north northeast it becomes an area of low pressure our spots plots take this well out to sea. we're taking it toward the britt turn aisles. toward france. still very strong storm as it crosses the atlantic so for tonight, temperatures will be falling through the 50s. weaver talking about 52 degrees in the city. in the suburbs down into the 4 40s. 48 degrees. mainly clear with a northerly wind. that northerly win shuts off the threat of flooding down the shore. so we don't have any issues as far as that is concern come
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tomorrow. in the morning, cool to start in the 50's. by 9:00 a.m. sunny and pleasant the temperature around 60 degrees. then by noon we're talking about temperatures warming very fast into the mid 60s. the normal high item which are for this time of year is 70 degrees. and we will go above that. so it is looking like it's going to be a very very pleasant day indeed. as we look ahead, conditions will be improving as well. temperatures will be warming. right through the day and into the afternoon. so all is looking good for sure as we look ahead temperatures will be warming in the seven day forecast. for tomorrow the temperatures 73 degrees. mostly sunny. and on the seven day look ahead to even warmer temperatures. wednesday 76. that's the peak of the warmth thursday very sunny but cooler. friday we have clouds and some showers maybe even an afternoon thunderstorm. saturday and sunday cooler. column yous day already on monday 72 degrees. >> hard to believe g no weather issues there. >> i love that forecast.
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>> enjoy. >> hold that there till april. >> yes. >> howard has been out enjoying it. that's about the only thing howard has been enjoying at novacare complex however. >> well, i was never saying hell throw joaquin i never did say goodbye. (laughter). >> the eagles are one and three. we'll talk about the problems and maybe one of the complaints coming up in sports. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one
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>> eagles are one and three much that's not good thing for lot of fans, and just because the eagles are only one game behind the first place team but they're in last place people say it's going to be all right. they've got to correct some problems but there's already been a complaint kind of a complaint i won't go full board complaint by one of the players. demarco murray. now, yesterday demarco murray had eight carries. he only had 36 yards. 30 of them were on one car carrt after the game he said he didn't get enough touch. >> i think, new york, i'm not. i don't think i am. but it's just how the plays are being called. you know, i'm, arc live this offense. i love playing with these guys. that's just how it is. >> i want all of our guys at the running back wide receiver spot
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to want the football. i mean i don't think you want someone that says i don't want the ball nor. it's what you're looking for. it's a team deal on the offense side of the ball. everybody needs the ball more. we need more than 51 snaps in game for us to be successful on the offensive side of the ball. >> you don't want people to complaint of complain. if you look at issues in the game darrin sproles has done great things but a big big play in the fourth quarter just under eight minutes left third and six if darrin sproles catches that ball eagles get a first down they can run more clock possibly score. but as far as chip kelly is concerned even though it was key play at 113 he says based on what's happening in the nfl he's not that far and this team is not that far away. >> the difference in this league right now is almost every game when you look up there's a less than one score game. it's a one score game in terms of 31 of the 62 games so far have been decided by less -- by eight points or less. it's a matter of making one more play they're your opponent.
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we had touchdown called back because we lined up wrong much that's the difference of a football game. missed an extra point an field goal. we get a completion on third down. we allow a completion on third down the difference in the football game. it's just one play here or there and it's a different story. so you don't throw the baby out with the bath water and say okay we'll change our offense, they'll our defense and change everything we're doing in our approach. we just need to settle down, take deep breath and have an opportunity make play we got to make the play. >> all right. well chip i'm going to dry off the baby if the game is close just have one more point than the other team. back to you guys. (laughter). >> exactly right. one more point. that's all we're asking. one little itty bitty point. >> that does it us for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. >> you're still not over it. >> no. >> ♪
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baby rainn is missing and the worst is feared. >> i found baby rainn and she's alive. >> a parent's prayers answered. >> hi, baby. >> oh, i just got goose bumps. then, hillary sings. ♪ always tomorrow >> and what donald trump is saying about her impersonation. >> oh, you're all losers j. and wedding day crisis. in the worst flood in a thousand years. nobody can get there. >> if anyone in the area can actually marry us, it would be greatly appreciated. >> the trapped grooms man hitching a ride. how they pulled it together. plus, he says the late ted kennedy was an alcoholic. >> you know someone in


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