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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 6, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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awesome. >> right now a tragic scene turns into a violent one. a three-year-old hit by a car on a philadelphia street. the driver does the right thing, stops to check on the boy but then he's attacked. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. neighbors had to step in to safe him. fox 29's dave schratwieser leave at police headquarters tonight. first, dave, how is that little boy? >> reporter: iain, the last word from the family was that he was in critical condition under going a cat scan at saint christopher's hospital. as we said, the driver of that car did stop be get out to check out boy. he was immediately attacked by two to three men. police tonight are looking for those men they say the driver may have also been robbed. >> seen a little boy flying up going underneath the car. >> reporter: neighbors were in shock after police say a three-year-old boy stepped out into the street on wagner avenue between these two parked cars. >> three-year-old male darted out between two park cars. subsequently struck bite vehicle and knocked under the red suv
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over there. >> reporter: police say the driver stayed at the scene and got out of the his car to check on the boy who neighbors identified as dough nel banks. when police say the crowd turned on the driver. >> he was assaulted by several of the male spectators who were going on police rifle. >> captain brown says another group of neighbors rescued the driver from the angry crowd and called police. >> this contributes to why sometimes people don't stop because they're scared. in this case this was an accident he did the right thing and stopped but was assaulterr assaulterred. >> he was shooken um. he was really shooken um. he was scared. i guess, you know, little boy was real little. i didn't really see him. i'm sorry. >> neighbors say the usually boy plays outside while his mother watches. the child was taken to einstein in critical condition and then transferred to saint christopher's. >> i'm feeling her pain. she was heart broken. >> reporter: neighbors say something needs to be done by speeding cars on this street. the speed limit is posted at 25 miles an hour. >> speeds down here every day. >> like a runway to them.
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>> second hit-and-run on this block. the first one wasn't that bad. >> they go here day and night as fast as they possibly can. east and west. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: the driver was escorted from the scene by accident investigators and questioned. no charges have been filed tonight. family members who remain behind at the scene did not want to talk to us on camera. lucy? >> dave, prayers to that little boy. a driver is dead tonight after crashing into a septa bus. sky fox over the scene on are a rat street and frankford right around 8:30 tonight. police tell when you say the bus stopped at a stop sign the other driver rear ended it. that driver died at a hospital. 19 people on the bus including the driver went to hospitals with minor injuries. a local man accused of lying about being a pastor to steal almost 200 grand. this is previous mug shot of 52-year-old mark post stelle tell he went to cash checking store and present add refund check from peco for more than
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$180,000 made out local church. us attorney's office says he pretended to be a pastor witness church of jesus cite of ladder day saints f convicted he faces 20 years in prison and $250,000 fine. >> this chester county woman accused of a crime hard for most parents to even imagine. police say she injec injected hn freer queen old daughter way heroin and another teen. it's a crime prosecutors can only describe as incredibly sad. fox 29's chris o'connell talk to the district attorney. he's live in west chester. chris? >> reporter: that's right, lucy. police here in chester county could hardly believe it themselves. a mother supposed to be protec protecting her children is charged tonight with helping her teenaged daughter get high on heroin. >> for a mom to do that's out of control. >> reporter: chester county residents can't believe what police say went on inside this west colwyn township home. a mother accused of shooting up her 14-year-old daughter with heroin.
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>> she actually was shooting them up. she was tying off their arms with string to raise up the veins and then injecting the heroin into their veins. report roar chester county district attorney tom hogan says, 34-year-old jessica lynn riffe not only bought heroin but helped her daughter an 16-year-old friend feed their addictions. her boyfriend jamison burn was also arrested on drug charges. >> anybody to be helping someone that age do hard drugs like that it's sad. it really is sad. >> reporter: police say the woman shot up and snorted the drugs with her daughter and friend several times in september. but it wasn't until a welfare call came to police asking to check on the home in rural chester county. that's when they say the teens admitted to police what was going on. >> try to protect your kids you don't try to hurt them. >> reporter: parents we spoke with say they can't imagine how a mother could be accused of such a crime. >> i could not imagine anybody doing that to your child.
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bad enough for your child but your child unbelievable. >> really shows us exactly how far the her row wip epidemic is infiltrating into all levels of society. >> reporter: now she's being held on $50,000 cash bail. as for those teenagers, they are in the custody of family members tonight. they will not be charged. iain. >> chris, thank you. on your radar get ready for a chilly morning. here's live look from wilmington tonight after gorgeous fall afternoon. you'll need a jacket to start it day tomorrow, kathy. >> already a chill out there now, iain. ultimate doppler showing the skies clearing even down the shore. clear sky and light or no wind that is the perfect combination for chilly weather. look at these numbers. wake up to 41 in the poconos. we'll wake up to 45 in allentown and in philadelphia we will only wake up to 51 degrees. start off the day at 7:00 a.m. at 54 degrees in the city. by 9:00 still in the 50s at least we have the sunshine wine
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the noon hour warming fast with temperatures in the mid 60s. coming up we're talking about a major warm up in that seven day forecast. not feeling like fall. i'll have that later in the broadcast. >> all right. kathy. the jersey shore took beating this past weekend. sky fox over north wildwood today. wind gusts and high surf causing severe beach erosion in cape may and atlantic counties. plans are now in the works since self beach towns to replenish dunes. the rain finally stopped in south carolina but the governor says the state is not out of the woods yet. a solid week of rainfall has caused deadly flooding and swollen dams are still in danger of bursting. crews conducted search and rescue operations in the air all weekend pulling families stranded by rising water to safety. on the ground, drivers had to be helped from stalled cars on flooded streets at least 12 people have been killed. about 40,000 people in columbia do not have safe drinking water tonight. developing to night, in vermont, seven people are recovering from injuries after
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an amtrak train careened off the tracks this morning in the town of northfield. the train had 98 people on board. it was on its way to washington, d.c. officials say the hit some rocks and fallen on to the track sending the train cars down a steep embankment. vermont's governor says once those rocks were on the tracks, the conductor could not have done much to prevent the wreck. the national transportation safety board is investigating the derailment. university officials and students breathing a sigh of relief tonight after a threat posted online appears to have been just that, the fbi and atf put out a warning after anonymous threat target add school in the philadelphia area. the alleged violence was planned for 2:00 this afternoon. no specific school was targeted but that did not stop campuses throughout the area from beefing up patrols today. >> when i spoke witness atf over the weekend, they didn't think it was credible. however, in the aftermath of oregon, obviously, you know, we wanted to make sure we took appropriate steps.
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>> commissioner ramsay adds that students and staff members should always be onley look out if you see something, say something. the woman responsible for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl will spend at least the next 40 years behind bars. the case stunned our area in 2013. fox 29's bruce gordon was in the courtroom for today's sentenci sentencing. >> i can tell you that they believe the justice was done today. >> reporter: the words of family attorney tom klein as the now eight-year-old girl left the criminal justice zen with her mother. little girl had just given a victim impact statement to the judge in this case. saying of her attacker christina regusters, i think what she did to me was wrong. i think she shouldn't dobb it to anyone else. >> she has been horribly physically and emotionally damaged yet she testified in front of a judge in a packed courtroom today, remarkablely an in a fashion that just is unparallel oh my eyes. >> reporter: this grainy
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january 2013 security camera footage those regusters snatching the victim from her west philadelphia public school. after faking her way past security and a substitute teacher. regift boss later sexually assault the girl who was found the next day wandering half naked in a nearby playground. it was the victim herself who broke the case. leading police to the house where she had been held. notable for the parrot, the little girl remembered a talking bird inside. from the moment regusters was arrested, she claimed she was not alone in the scheme. in fact, she told her victim there were others involved including an unnamed man responsible for the sexual assault. that debate continued through sentencing. >> i don't think the evidence even shows that she did this by herself. i think the evidence is clear that there was somebody else involved in this case. >> we have absolute follow evidence to suggest that anybody else was involved in this case from the very beginning. we believe that the mentions of other names were the defendant trying to mislead a small child, and we are completely confident that the so person involved in
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these crimes has now been convicted and sentenced and will be in custody for most of rest of her life. >> reporter: prosecutors told me they do not know what regusters mow tough may have been for the crime. of course they didn't need one to gain a convict. they do know she was employed at after school daycare the little girl attended. the defense will appeal the sentence. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> a former top lawyer for attorney general kathleen kane' office is suing her. james barber filed a federal suit today claiming kane fired him in retaliation for grand jury testimony that helped bring charges against her. cane can is charged with releasing grand jury information and then lying to consist up. she denies any wrongdoing. kane' office says shale review the lawsuit. >> ♪ >> we showed you this last week. a couple of thieves rolling off a stolen refrigerator in south philly. police say they caught them. where officers found that fridge hidden in plain sight.
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and. heard a big bang. i was run through the house calling my son' name and he wasn't answering. i like, oh, lord. >> a car crashes into her teen's bedroom while he's fast as asleep. >> a little girl suffering from a condition so rare doctors don't know what to do. >> just listen. >> could you imagine? sneezing thousands of times a day. even got her kicked out of school. one thing experts say could be starting these sneeze attacks. >> you don't see this very oft often. a moose on the run sprinterring through a neighborhood and this only goes
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♪ attempted sexual assault leaves a bucks county woman terrified but determined to warn other women that her attacker is still on the loose. the victim says she was grabbed from behind near an apartment complex in levittown last night. >> she talked to fox 29's shawnette wilson this evening about what happened. the false township police they're investigating and that is where shawnette is life. shawnette? >> reporter: well, lucy, the victim says that she actually noticed this man standing nearby as she walked from the car to the apartment but she says she never expected what was about to happen until it was too late. >> it's emotional thing to go through. you always have, you know, thinking about it constantly not -- i haven't thought about anything else since it happened. >> reporter: this woman is haunted by the attempted sexual assault she suffered at the
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hands of a man she says snuck up behind and grabbed her. >> i'm not going to lime i was terrified. >> reporter: we're not showing the victim' face to protect her. she says it happened last night just after 9:00 near one of the parking lots ofville laugh of pembrook apartments. the on mill creek road in levittown. >> i was fight fog my life. >> she and a friend had just come back from the store but she stopped to look for something inside her purse while her friend continued walking. that's when the attacker grabbed her and tried to rip off her clothes. >> he ended up pick mowing up and threw me down so hard on the ground and threw me between two bushes and it was so dark that i new nobody was going to see me. and, um, i screamed one time and he smacked me in my face. >> reporter: she says her friend heard her screaming and came running back. scaring off the attacker. false township police say the suspect was wearing a dark colored baggy hooded sweatshirt possibly with a logo on the back and dark pants. victim says she wants others to know what happened.
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she hopes someone can help identify him. >> i want people to take this seriously, and i want people to know that this guy is still out here. >> reporter: and app management also sent e-mail out to residents alerting them of what happened. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. fox 29 investigates has learn fugitive unit for a south jersey community on the look for a troubled bankruptcy attorney on the lamb. his name is philip dingwater. fox 29 investigates reported back in may he took his clients money but never did the legal work. he was supposed to show up at a meeting with prosecutors but never did. he was his mug shot has been posted online and they're on the hunt for philip drink water. >> one big pharmacy chain is selling a drug over the counter proving to save lives. but that decision has a lot of people upset.
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fox 29 weekend's bill anderson breaks down the controversial announcement by cvs. >> ♪ >> reporter:. nearly 45,000 people die every year in the united states from drug overdoses. many from opioids such as heroin in somewhat controversial move, cvs is announced they're now sell anti overdose drug narcan or know locks zone in their stores without a prescription. critics say that giving an anti overdose drug to addicts will be like a crutch allowing them to try more with no near fear of consequence. carol, who's son is a recovering addict said the critics they just don't understand. >> it's a medicine that saves life. if somebody was having a seizure and they needed an epi penn from bee sting or whatever and you give it to them, would you just not give it to them because that was a crutch? >> reporter: carol's own experience with her son led her to start the addict support group angels in motion and they
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interact with addicts tail daily they carry the drug and said if you understand addiction, the crutch argument just doesn't make any sense. >> narcan puts you in withdrawal. they don't want to be in withdrawal this is not a drug they're saying this is great drug. now we can get high. they're not. >> cvs told me via e-mail that the drug will not generally be stocked in the store but you can come in, tell them that you want it, and then pick it up the next day. something carol tells me that any family dealing with addiction should definitely do. >> they need to get educated on this medicine and learn that this -- this is a med sip that saves lives if you're family member somebody with opiate or heroin addiction please go out and get narcan. keep it in your mouse house. >> even with the overwhelming health benefit that we talk about critics say prescription free availability goes too far. of course, we want to hear what our viewers think. leave your comments on our fox
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29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. >> we'll get a lot of comments on that. absolutely. >> nothing like giving back in a small way to the men and women who put their lives on the line for their nation. were think mind local world war ii veterans took a trip of a lifetime to the national's capital. >> this was the group's largest undertaking yet. free bus trip to arlington national cemetery and major war memorial courtesy of packs casino. they were honored fallen comrades honored for military service when they returned home it was to crowd hundreds for heroes welcome home. join us friday as we absolute the troops. it's mill tar day here on fox 29. come on down to fourth and mark. we'll shut down the and tire street throw a block party to honor men and women who serve our country, this friday octob october 9th to 47 is to 10:00 a.m. car show turns terrifying when a
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porsche goes out of control crashing into a crowd. >> he look like an ordinary customer snaking sneak inside a fast food joint police say you're wrong. what's happening just feet away that has investigators on the hunt. >> a new way to hit your neighborhood wawa. how you can save serious cash the neck time you fill up that tank of yours. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. after all that rain over the weekend the crews are getting back at it later on tonight into early tomorrow. the inner drive of the roosevelt boulevard will be closed between ryan and woodward. actually all this week. that whole stretch there part of the repaving project here in center city penndot has closed 19th street overpass to the vine expressway. that's all part of the 59 construction project. and through the end of the year now septa using shuttle buses on the lansdale line between colmar and doylestown during the midd midday. pack your shades. sunshine on the way for
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tomorrow. scott and i will see you bright and e
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ cheers turned into screams at a car show when a porsche
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spun out of control crashing into a crowd of spectators this was on the island of malta which is just off italy's coast. close to 20 people are hurt including a six-year-old girl. the driver wealthy british businessman and author paul bail system hurt. event organizers are trying to figure out what went wrong. a controversial right to die bill becomes law in california. governor jerry brown signed it today. life long catholic brown says the bill forced him to consider what he would want in the face of his own death. california is now the fifth state to allow the terminally toil use dr. prescribed drugs to end their lives. after days of searching the coast guard tonight believes the cargo ship that lost power and droved into hurricane joaquin likely sank. the coast guard released this video today of a lifeboat most likely from the he will farrow. nobody was on the lifeboat. 33 people were on the ship when it started taking on water after losing power. officials haven't heard from the ship since thursday.
3:24 am
search and rescues teams have found cargo containers and they're still looking for survivors. a maryland police officer saves an infant's live on the side of a business sigh hee way. officer james herman was in the middle of a traffic stop on interstate 270 just outside of washington, d.c. yesterday. another car pulled off the highway and a frantic man and woman jumped out. they handed officer herman unresponsive nine month old baby girl. he quickly started cpr. >> then the baby started to come through, eyes began to roll back when the gentleman hand me the baby. the eyes were starting to roll back and she became attentive. it happened really -- it seemed like it happened real fast. >> the baby is now in the hospital and is expected to recover. one big brawl broke out on high school football field. investigators say a coach is behind all of this what witnesses say he did after he punched a ref. >> toddler wanders away missing for days. rescue crews and volunteers
3:25 am
almost give up hope. until what they call a miracle. where they found the two-year-old safe and happy. better weather in the delaware valley and down the jersey shore. and you will never believe where the remnants of joaquin are going to go. i'll have that plus a warming going to go. i'll have that plus a warming seven day comin
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right now at 10:30 the chill setting in. here's a live look from reading to night. you'll definitely need that jacket when you walk out the door tomorrow. but get ready 70's coming back. kathy orr will tell when you say in your full forecast that's just minutes away. >> one man is in the hospital tonight after flames rip through a home in fair hill. that fire broke out right around 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. the 3,000 block of north mascher street the scene. neighbors heard an explosion but investigators have not determined what started the fi fire. the injured man is at temple university hospital for burns. the red cross is helping one person with fire displaced. >> young man's tragic death from a heroin leads to a text message that helps local police pull off a dramatic drug bust. they worked together on the bust
3:29 am
and pulled more than a thousand bags of heroin, guns and cash off the streets. investigators say the dealers would rent rooms at local motels, then text the room number in a group text to dozens of user. father of 22-year-old man who overdosed in pottstown found one of those techs and took it to the cops. >> we need to put a dent in this trade. we welcome the community's involvement in providing information to law enforcement. it goes a long way. >> four accused dealers under arrest. another man is on the run. chaos on a high school football field in florida has a coach under arrest. deputes say he punch add referee in the face. then tried to speed away from the big game. >> fox's gina, explains how it all started. >> reporter: bystander capturing the moments just before youth football game turns from tense to violent. when depth responded to liberty high school they spoke with a referee had indicated that there
3:30 am
was a call that had been made that upset parents and coaches. >> reporter: according to the sheriffs office people then began rushing the field and arguing one of the coaches punches one of the referees. deputes say the man who threw in punch a leo davis a coach with the lakeland destroyers. >> he explained to deputes he was trying to brake up a fight that had occurred but there was witness in the stands that shed yo and that video substantiated the story of the referee and several other witnesses. >> reporter: sheriffs office says davis tried to quickly drive away but deputes were able to catch up with him. and take him into custody. authorities charged him with battery on a sports official and booked him into jail. >> we understand that games were get heated and people can become angry over certain events that may occur, but in this particular incident his actions... >> davis was released from the county jail on a thousand dollars bail. police say he's no stranger to the law arrested several times before for drug possession and
3:31 am
stealing a car. puppies are supposed to be heading to new jersey now in need of homes in florida all because of worries this weekend about hurricane what queen. 28 pups were part of emergency transfer from louisiana to new jersey. but with weather models at one time showing the possibility of joaquin marching up the east coast the jersey shelter said it could no longer accommodate all sweet pups of's pups. they ended up at the human society of tampa bay to find loving homes. they're spayed or neutered and ready for adoption hoping they all find wonderful homes. >> aww. >> i'll take couple. >> i know. >> on your radar tonight chilly in the morning but it will warm up, kathy. >> it's going to be a very cool night. in some locations down into the 40s. especial until our suburbs. even in center city right now, temperatures falling so you need a light coat or a sweater come tomorrow morning. in philadelphia philadelphia the temperature 60 degrees. the high today 69. the wind is calm.
3:32 am
so clear and calm conditions make for cool overnight temperatures. right now, still 60 in philadelphia. pottstown 48. allentown 49 and the pocono mountains 43. down the shore you can see in atlantic city 54. but don't be deceased that's at the airport 9 miles inland. in millville usually our cool spot. the temperature 49. we are in for a very dry weather pattern. high pressure dominating the weather. through the day on tuesday with plenty of sunshine. by wednesday, we're watching a few clouds make their way in the morning but sunshine developing during the afternoon a weak front moves through late wednesday into early thursday but doesn't bring much more than knocking the temperature down a few degrees. joaquin is still hundreds of miles to the north of bermuda heading toward the north northeast and look at this. it's sustains its strength weakens little bit an area of low pressure causing the central atlantic in hurricane forecast keeping some energy strong enough over these warm atlantic waters to possibly make a landfall or impact places like
3:33 am
ireland or even part to you gallon or spain. that's incredible for a storm to hold together that long. tonight the low temperature in philadelphia going for 51. in the suburbs we're just talking clear and cool. 47 degrees with northerly winds very light. about 5 miles an hour. now during the day tomorrow high temperatures boosting with that sunshine. 73 degrees. northerly winds becoming westerly and you'll see some high clouds possibly an indication that it's only going to get warmer. on the seven day forecast, tuesday we go 73. wednesday 76 at least. could go little bit higher. thursday 70 and by friday, the clouds and a to you showers move in with our next strong. could have a few rumbles of thunder friday afternoon. with a thunderstorm saturday morning clouds and clearing but it's cooler in the wake of the front. sunday we bounce up to 68 degrees. a little breezy but comfortable. and for your monday, sunny and breezy it's columbus day already. >> wow. >> monday's temperature 72. that's a nice looking columbus
3:34 am
day. >> that is. >> not always nice. a lot of times we get rain and wind. >> yeah. >> not the case. we're on roll. >> yea. >> 37 days really. >> enjoy. >> take vacation. >> i wish i can. >> we should go on bike ride soon. >> yeah. >> wouldn't that be good. yeah. >> maybe tomorrow. >> i think we'll do it. okay. tomorrow. >> i'm out but go ahead. >> kathy and i -- >> no exercise for me. >> we showed you this last week a couple of thieves rolling off a stolen refrigerator in south philly a comedy of errors these guys. police caught them. where officers found the fridge hidden in plain site. >> happiest place on earth just got pricier. why disney is about to to start charging you more to visit its park. >> a moose on the run sprinting through a neighborhood. what the animal does next to lose the crew hot on its tail.
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♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities.
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♪ philadelphia police thanking the public tonight for catching these two guys. wanted for stealing a refrigerator. we showed you this video showing a couple of thieves pushing an expensive stainless steal refrigerator down 1500 block of south fourth street after several tips steve and angelo were arrested as for that stolen fridge, investigators say they found it in in his home. >> you're going to have to deep deeper into your wallet for frequent trips to disney. the annual pass now costs more than $1,000. no blackout dates though. officials say the price hike will help ease overcrowding during popular park days. while many park goers aren't happy some say they're willing to pay more if it means a smaller crowd. >> it's tough for family to come
3:39 am
very often if you're doing it that way. >> besides signature park plus pass, i think i said that right, which runs $1,049. i know i said that right. disney has signature pass. it's about 200 bucks cheaper but blackout 15 of the parks biz busiest days right around the holiday. >> popular breakfast cereal. general mills is recalling gluten free boxes of cherrios and honey nut cherrios that may contain wheat could cut people with wheat allergy at risk. for more information head to our website you'll find it on the home page. i know that you would love a super wawa like open up right around the corner here. >> that would be great. >> he loves wawa. i love wawa. you love wawa, because you'll have a new way to pay for all of your goodies very soon. >> just at wawa today. get ready for the wawa credit card. credit card will be able to be used on any food, beverage or any merchandise at any wawa locate but put use it to fill up your gas tank you could see added bonuses.
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customers who use the credit card to buy gas will save 5 cents a gallup to 100 gallons a month. >> breast cancer a it wearness month and projects are going on across our area like here in south philadelphia. the philadelphia eagles are teaming up with the foundation family lives on to die socks pink. south philly high school football players will wear those socks when they play their breast cancer awareness game on thursday. a car crashes into this home slamming into a teen's bedroom the teenager fast asleep. his mom runs in frantic to check on him. why she didn't see him in the rubble. and -- >> i'm couldn't stan until pain with my abdomen and my legs are hurting because i've been weak and i can barely eat. >> poor thing. a medical mystery surrounding this 12-year-old. the one thing that may be setting off her sneeze attacks. >> toddler wanders away missing for days. rescue crews and volunteers almost give up hope until what
3:41 am
they call a miracle. where they foundnd
3:42 am
3:43 am
>> planes engulf a -- flames engulf a big rig in texas.
3:44 am
the truck hate car before bursting into flames. two people in that car died in the wreck. the truck was carrying lump which spilled across the road and spilling on the road below making more hazards for other drivers. >> scary wake up call for mom and her teen when a car slams into their home. broken con crete and scattered bricks outside of orlando. that car lands right in the teen's bedroom. >> i flew straight out of my bed and hit the floor. whoa! >> i heard a big bank and i came to the door just to see what was going on. and i saw this black car and i was running through the house calling my son's name and he wasn't answering. so i like, oh lord. >> it turns out when the teen was thrown from this bed he became wedged between the bed and chair and covered by blankets. he and had mouse w not hurt. the driver of that car did have minor injuries. police say he'll be cited for careless driving. there's no word yet on why he crashed into that house.
3:45 am
kind of careless, right. >> all right. this surveillance video shows what look like an ordinary customer sitting at a fast food restaurant. police say at the same time another guy is robbing the place near phoenix from a different angle you can see the gun in his hand as he force as clerk to give him cash. police think the two men actually worked together because that same customer is just sitting there doing the same thing at two other recent robberies. police say they've caught the gunman they're still after his accomplice n texas a develop-year-old girl is battling something so rare doctors have no idea how to treat her. >> it's even gotten her kicked out of school. the problem she can't stop sneezing. fox's sally mcdonald spoke to the girl and her parents who are desperate for answers. >> reporter: meet caitlyn thornily. >> i'm 12 years old. i'm in the seventh grade. >> reporter: her life is supposed to revolve around family and playing the clarinet. not be interrupted by this. (sneezing).
3:46 am
>> reporter: caitlyn sneezes up to 20 times a minute or 12,000 times a day. >> you must be exhausted? >> you have no idea. i'll just constable until pain with my abdomen and my legs are hurting because i've been weak and i can barely eat. >> reporter: she can't go to school either. >> you've tried going. what happens when you do go to school? >> um, some kid ends up making fun of me or something like that and it just gets... (sneezing). >> reporter: her parents say it started more than three weeks ago. i just started like in little spurts like i just, you know, started sneezing. >> reporter: caitlyn had just left a clarinet lesson. >> i thought i'm allergic to something or i didn't wash out
3:47 am
my mouth piece the right way. >> it never went away. >> hard to watch. >> sorry. >> it's just not fun at all. ♪ >> reporter: listening to the beatles help caitlyn relax. the only time she doesn't sneeze when she falls asleep after taking benadryl. >> sometimes i wish that i can leave my body for a little while so i can just watch myself sleep and be at peace. even in my dreams i sneeze. >.report. >> we'd love for this to lead to something. i mean it's just so rare and difficult. >> reporter: they've been to six doctors. viruses and allergies have been ruled out. no medication is working.
3:48 am
they believe it could be a stress related reaction. >> anything you taught talk to her about that irritates her even slightly you can see it spike and just continuous sneezing, you know, it's really easy to trigger. >> i don't care what they do. i just want it to stop. it's been going on for way too... >> caitlyn says she's trying to stay positive and keep up her sense of humor. >> she hopes to have a cure soon and be able to look back with a smile and say -- >> you know i was on tv once. >> any time anybody says i just can't stop sneezing, you've got an argument for that. >> in engle ton, sally mcdonald, fox news. community calling it miracle two-year-old girl who disappeared friday night found alive and well. rain peterson wandered around from her grandparents house in north bloom field friday triggering a search in the rural
3:49 am
area of northeastern ohio. yesterday two searchers found her asleep in field. she spent two cold dark nights outside without shoes or coat. all alone. rain is at a hospital now but appears to be okay. >> this whole newspaper community was united in one thing it wasn't asking god for miracle and he gave us a miracle tonight. he gave us a miracle. >> rain's great-grandparents were watching her and their two siblings while their mom was out. they found no evidence the familiar dull anything wrong. some video something you definitely won't see around here. >> moose running down the industry. we do have deer in south philly but that's about it. local television station in manchester new hampshire had its cameras rolling when the big guy ran just down the road. did you see him leap a car, boom, that's amazing. all right. where did he run off to we don't know. somebody safer than the mill road though. >> all right.
3:50 am
howard is here with a look at sports. >> top that one, howard. >> i can't top the moose. how about bullwinkle. >> there you go. >> rocky. >> yeah. baseball brawl broke out at a high school football game. this is one that is all-timer. and the eagles finally got a couple of deep throws in their game on sunday but there were too many problems which caught the owe -- cost the eagles another game. will chip kelly make any changes coming up in sports.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
>> eagles, they did not make the city very happy with another terrible loss yesterday. they have also had injuries going into the next game against new orleans. defensive tackle brandon bear out with a groin injury from what i understand. michael kendricks i'm told likely out for his week with a hamstring injury and byron
3:54 am
maxwell he's going to give us a break. he'll be back and play this sunday. but it's hard to get past yesterday. let's go back to landover, maryland. third and six. converted 23rd downs on that drive. can you imagine, 90 yards and then with 26 seconds left, kirk cousins they made him look like joe montana. the touchdown pass to pierre garzone. 26 seconds left. now, talking to malcolm jenkins there were a few things obviously he would have done differently. >> you can look through the tape from the beginning of the game to the end of the game and see one play here or there that would make a difference. you know, we just got to find a way to come with it. >> i'm taking responsibility for myself and like i said, you know, our offense did a great job to put us in the situation to wint game. you guys all watched the game. we had a chance to win and we didn't do what we needed to do to win on that last drive. >> some other plays will eat at you too. after a great catch by al
3:55 am
agholor. watches sam bradford he misses the block and he fumbles on the reverse. this a third and six in the fourth quarter, if you make the first down he's wide open, the eagles probably one off a lot more clock and even score. chip kell still not plan however on changing things with an interesting analogy. >> so you don't throw the baby out with the bath water and say okay we'll change our offense, change our defense and change everything we're doing in our approach. we just need to settle down, take deep breath when we have an opportunity to make play we have to make to play. we have we have the right players here it's a play here or play here. we lost three games by 15 points. >> have you figure out why you can't put two halves together? >> i men obviously not because we did it again today. i said earlier, if we knew what the answer was we'd get it fix fixed. somehow we do have to fine out what the answer is. >> the objective on sunday play four quarters of good football. all you have to do is score 24.
3:56 am
>> high school if the ball now getting out of control. let's go to spring texas. all right. spring is in the gray. westfield in the other -- the other color. the white obviously. now, 11 players were suspended after one player was called for two personal fouls in a row. the police were brought in. it's just ridiculous. this is high school football players. >> yeah. >> it's out of control. >> stupid enough to hit another guy when he's got helmet on. >> you're, right. >> friday nightlights in texas man that's big time. all right. thanks, howard. >> tmz followed by dish nation and chasing and the simpsons.
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we begin breaking news at 4:00 o'clock, we will talk about a live report in southwest philadelphia where not one, but two police officers were injured in the car crash. also steve keeley, good morning to you. >> reporter: more breaking news and unfortunately sad violent kind. we're here at eighth and lehigh and we are looking at a a body being removed out of a car and very upset family screaming in the background, a sad way to start the the day a and thinks just two hours old, lauren. it is really sad. >> this is a shocking story to have to see to believe, it is giving drugs to a minor isn't bad enough wait until you hear how the woman knew that the


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