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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 6, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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we begin breaking news at 4:00 o'clock, we will talk about a live report in southwest philadelphia where not one, but two police officers were injured in the car crash. also steve keeley, good morning to you. >> reporter: more breaking news and unfortunately sad violent kind. we're here at eighth and lehigh and we are looking at a a body being removed out of a car and very upset family screaming in the background, a sad way to start the the day a and thinks just two hours old, lauren. it is really sad. >> this is a shocking story to have to see to believe, it is giving drugs to a minor isn't bad enough wait until you hear how the woman knew that the
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teenagers. good day, it is tuesday, actually, october 6th, 2015. >> we're not the revisionists we are in the moment here in this october month. >> yes. >> good morning, lauren welcome back. happy birthday belatedly to you. you had a nice day off to sleep in. >> good weather. >> do you know who is in for sue serio this week, hi, scott. >> good morning, chris, dawn, in speaks of the weather it is a chilly start but it is a fantastic day for your tuesday. how about weather by the numbers in the scale of one to ten, look at the this we will give it a a ten. temperatures will go a little bit above average for this time of the year. the bus stop buddy will need that jacket or sweat shirt. temperatures to start with the clear skies out there in the 40's, and, in the 50's a across the area. but thankfully looking a at satellite and radar we are dry, quiet. look at carolinas, still dealing with rainfall right now after some locations received over 2 feet of
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devastating rain. temperatures right now, mid 40's poconos mountains. forty-four allentown. low 40's chill any pottstown. fifty-two in philadelphia a. forty's in millville. 49 degrees right now in dover. so the high temperature today, 73 degrees. then for tonight, we are looking at temperatures dipping back down in the mid 50's. coming up we will talk about more change's head with that weather authority seven day forecast but how is is that traffic on this tuesday. >> scott, good morning shall. 4:02 on this tuesday. we are in good shape on the major roadways. there is a a lot of construction out there from last night but if you are coming on the the schuylkill expressway getting an early start in problems in or out of the city. we will zoom on town to the situation we will tell but in a moment but in a traffic standpoint an accident involving a police vehicle a at bartram avenue right here nearesting ton. if you are coming down i-95, bartram avenue off ramp right where it meets up with
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essington have avenue in southwest philadelphia a more on that in a moment. in northeast philadelphia here's a live look at i-95 with the off ramp to cottman avenue is block until about 5:30 or so. all part of the overnight reconstruction on have that i-95 cottman interchange. they have been working on the boulevard all night long. roosevelt boulevard inner drives are block between rhawn street and woodward, again until about 5:00 o'clock this morning. they are also working on i-95 near 413, they are working on woodhaven road between 95 and the the boulevard and slower than normal speeds here on the pennsy turnpike, between the the bristol interchange, over to the philly bensalem, again, that active construction zone. otherwise turnpike from bensalem, is looking good, as i mention nod problems on the schuylkill expressway, and gang coming from south jersey, we're good to go on the 42 freeway. chris and lauren, back over to you. time is 4:03. we have breaking news this morning. two police officers injured in the car accident.
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>> lets get to dave kinchin. he is the bartram avenue. dave, can you tell what happened here. >> reporter: accident investigators are on the scene as you will pan over you'll see the vehicle, police su very. from the 12th district that crashed into this tree on bartram, and we will go to some video right now and we will tell you more about what happen. investigators on the scene tell us that these officers from the the 12th district were coming up bartram, and they somehow lost control and crash in the tree. a male officer was driving and suffered neck and back injuries. also some complaining of pain. female officer in the passenger seat has a broken leg we're toll. they were both hospitalized and being treated at this time. police have not said where the the officers were going, or if the the lights and sirens were on. no other vehicles were involved in this case. accident investigators are trying to see if there was a mechanical issue with that vehicle, but again, the the officers being treated right now, and in the meantime bartram between essington and
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island remains closed as you can see crews on the scene right now. you can see air bags deployed and it looks like most of the damage is on the front passenger side there, and you can see the brush left but clear away from the tree that took the majority of the impact here. again, two officers of the 12th district injured. we do not know their names. we don't know how long they have been on the force. but one the the driver a male officer, has neck and back injuries, complaining of pain and also a a female passenger, has a broken leg at this time, and crews are on the scene trying to find out exactly how this happened, guys? >> much more worse, thanks dave. we have more breaking news in north philadelphia, police investigating a double shooting that claimed the life of at least one victim. >> steve keeley is on this for us now, he steve, good morning. >> reporter: this this is just two hours old so police don't have all of the answers obviously but what we know is there is an older model lexus
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thaw cannot see behind those bushes or perhaps you can behind that police van and that police van is where the victim's body was just taken in the front of the police van, several family members in the row house with all of the lights on, both floors, obviously that tells you that the victim obviously close to home, because these people didn't just arrive here. they have been coming and going out of that house very upset to get the news, apparently, two people in the car shot, one killed, we don't have any idea about the status of the other. crime scene unit is there. homicide detectives arriving on the scene here just getting word themselves ape patrol units here trying to get answers to try to figure out what happen. to give you a scene where we are eighth and lehigh a very big corner. we will spin around and show you... and it takes you to a burger king over to chris's right right now. so, a very busy a area during the the day time for sure. this is right across from the parking lot that is likely
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filled during the the day. again, sad thing, at quarter of 2:00 this this morning. we will get some update likely from police real soon to see if they figured out what this is all about, chris and lauren. >> we will check back in. steve keeley live for us, thank you. police investigating a a car crash in west oak lane. this happened late last night just before midnight in the 7700 block of theron avenue. the driver was hurt with the broken arm. an 11 year-old child was hurt with cuts to the face, both were taken to einstein hospital. 4:07. police say a group, beat up a driver who mistakenly hit a boy with his car. this happened on the 1200 block of wagner avenue in philadelphia's logan section early yesterday evening. police say a three user old boy, stepped outside into the the street, he was behind two parked cars and the toddler was then hit the by a car and then knocked under that suv. police say the the driver got out to check on the the boy and that is when a group of men beat up that innocent driver. another group of neighbors then stepped into help.
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>> he was shaken up. really shaken up. he was scared. i guess, you know, when you are little, you know, you feel. >> just a three-year old. that child was taken to the hospital in critical condition. no charges have been filed against that driver. now police are looking for two or three men who beat up that driver. woman opens up to fox 29 about a terrifying situation. she said a man crept up behind her and try to do the unthinkable. she said just a after 9h sun day night man tried to sexually assault her. this happened in the parking lot in the village of timber apartments in levittown. she said that he grabbed her and tried to pull off her clothes. >> he threw me down so hard on the ground and true through me between two bushes. it was so dark that i knew nobody was going to see me, and i screamed one time and he smack me in my face. >> a friend, walk go ahead of the victim heard her screaming
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and she ran back and scared off the man. falls township police say the the suspect was wearing a dark colored hooded sweat shirt with the logo on the back and dark pants. chester county mother is in jail accused of injecting her 14 year-old daughter and another teenager with heroin. >> and not just once. jessica lynn was arrested after police got a welfare call to the family's-i brook home. the woman's 14 year-old daughter and 16 year-old friend told police her mother provided drugs and then helped the teens inject that heroin on several occasions. police also arrested her boyfriend, james burn, on drug charges. >> she actually was shooting them up. she was tying off their arms with string to raise up the veins and then injecting the heroin into their veins. >> i could not imagine in a million years diagnosis something like that to your child. >> she's behind bars at chester county bail on $50,000 cash bail and two teenagers are in the custody of have
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family members. 4:09. a toddler wand's way missing for day. rescue crews and volunteers almost give up hope until a miracle happened. where they found the two-year old safe and sound. rebuilding after the devastating shooting is a at a oregon college campus last week. officials believe it is time to move on. how community is not letting fear stop them from living.
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good morning, welcome back a at 4:12. is there nothing like giving back to the young men and with men who put their lives the line for our nation. local world war two he veterans took a trip of lifetime to the nation's capitol as part of the honor flight philadelphia a free bus trip to arlington national cemetery and major war memorials was courtesy of our sponsor parx casino. for 200 veterans they honored fallen comrades who were honored for their military service. they returned home to a hero's welcome of hundreds of people. join us friday as we solute the troops, our military day, from fox 29, we do this each and every year. it the ace the lot of fun. come down to fourth and market. we will shut down the street, throw a block party to honor men and with men who serve our country. again, that is this friday, october 9th, from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. scott williams good morning to you. >> it looks like the weather will cooperate toward the ladder part of the week and talk burr headlines. it is another crisp, chilly
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start. grab those sweat jackets and light sweat tours start. by this afternoon we have a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the the lower 70's. it will be a nice stretch for much of the seven day forecast. look at the temperatures right now though in philadelphia, into the the lower 50's. the the wind are calm, relative humidity at 80 percent. sun will rise this morning at 7:02. take a look north and west, it is chilly a at 43 degrees in, pottstown, allentown, good morning to you. 44 degrees. the mid 40's in berks county and we are looking at upper 40's inland, at the the atlantic city international airport. 48 degrees right now. we're looking at upper 40's in dover. wind are relatively light to calm across much of the area. with those calm wind, those temperatures were allowed to drop overnight. looking at the satellite and radar you can see pretty much clear skies across the the area, that will give us a lot of sunshine today. look at sections of eastern north carolina still dealing with that tropical moisture. now joaquin is rapidly pulling
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away so it won't be a factor anymore as far as parts of the eastern seaboard. as far as our conditions over the next several days looking pretty good. we will stay high and dry, and that tropical moisture head on out to sea and it is not a factor for us. as far as latest with joaquin, still a category one hurricane and take a look at the path, it the will likely, lose its tropical characteristics but head all the way towards sections of europe, as we approach ladder part of the weekend and early next week. we will keep you posted. 73 degrees for tonight. tonight turning cooler back in the mid 50's. look the a the seven day forecast, wednesday, 76 degrees, well above average, lower 70's on thursday and then friday a front arrives with more moisture, late in the day, into the evening with a couple of scattered showers and rumble of thunder back in the 60's for highs for the upcoming weekend but looking good for tailgating, and eagles sunday at the link, bob
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kelly. >> tailgating? got to get down there early for some hot the chocolate before the game. we know that. 4:16. in problems coming from the burbs, 422, 202, portions of the turnpike we're still dealing with the closure of bartram avenue nearesting ton, the the police officers injured in the crash, this morning, and that will impact anyone exits 95 at bartram avenue. crews are still working on the new jersey turnpike as we faux for a ride, northbound up near exit number four, route 37 in mount laurel, on the northbound side of the turnpike. septa doing some track work. they will than using shuttle buses for next couple of months on the the lansdale doylestown line between colmar and doylestown station. that will kick in after the morning rush hour. so they will do trains for the the morning and afternoon rush hours, and then ride the bus during the midday. crew is still working here, a live look at woodhaven road, out near the roosevelt boulevard. so anyone heading west from
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i-95, franklin mills, you are squeeze over in the one lane and they should be out by 5:30. they are good at picking up before we get in the height of the rush hour. they are still working on the the roosevelt boulevard here, the the inner drive is closed, between ryan and woodwar. little will bit of the slow go here southbound i-95 into girard avenue and they are working i-95 up near route 413. bridges look fine and mass transit running with no delays. chris and lauren, back to you. seven people recovering from injuries after amtrak train careened off the tracks yesterday morning in vermont. train had 98 people on board, on its way to washington d.c., officials say, it the hit some rocks, and fallen on to the track setting the train cars down a steep embankment in the town of northfield. the vermont governor calls it a freak accident. he said once those rocks were on the track the the conductor could not have done much to prevent the wreck. the national transportation safety board is investigating that derailment. after days of searching the the coastguard believe car
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that shifted and lost power and drifted in to hurricane joaquin likely sang. guard released this video of the life boat. nobody was on the life boat. three people were on game the ship when it took on water after losing power. officials have not heard from the ship since thursday. search and rescue teams have found cargo containers and they are still looking for survivors. students, and staff, are slowly returning to the oregon community college campus where nine people were shot and killed last week. the campus reopened yesterday, but classes will not resume until monday at umpqua community college. grief counselors are being provided to help students, and staff, cope. meanwhile president obama will travel to oregon this week to meet with victim families. in ohio they are calling this a mere will california. a a two-year old girl who disappeared friday night was found alive and well. little braden peterson wand order way from north bloom field friday night and triggered and exhaustive search in northeastern, ohio. well, sunday two searchers
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found her, she was asleep in the field. she spent two cold, dark nights outside without shoes, coat. she was all alone. she's in the hospital right now and appears to be okay. >> this whole community was united in one thing and asking god for a miracle. he gave us a miracle. tonight he gave us a miracle. >> i bet the she's not the only one crying in that town. the reign's great grandparents were watching her and two siblings while the the mother was out. they found no evidence that the family did anything wrong here but thank goodness that little kiddies okay here. all right. eagles fans we are calling for big changes. you want a new head coach but chip kelly says in the so fast, all we need to do is take the deep breath and let the birds fly. >> and better play calling. plus, the the eagles, toyed with the eagles but then they cut him. was there someone better they should have been looking a at. we will tell you about the quiet quarterback killing it on the field this season.
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>> but first your winning lottery numbers. we will be right back.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles to have correct many things, in the the all big ones but enough that has put them in the the one and three start this season. the the drops, in running game to speak of and many missed scoring opportunities. but chip kelly is in the about to change things. >> so you don't throw the the baby out with the bath water and say we will change our offense, change our defense and change everything in our approach. we just need to settle down, take a keep breath and when we have an opportunity to make a play we have to make the play. we know we have right players here. it is a may here, play there. we have lost a game by two and lost a game by 36789 and lost a game by ten. we lost three games by 15 points. defense took responsibility for the last game. they allowed redskins to move 90 yards. mal conn jenkins said you always think about what could have been done. >> you can look through the tape, from the beginning to the end to the end of the game and see one play here and there that would make a difference. we have to find a way to come up with it. >> that is sports in a minute.
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i'm howard eskin. so, buffalo bills quarterback tyrod taylor said he wanted to be on the eagles squad but they chose tim tebow inside. >> they say taylor asked eagles to consider him because he thought offense would be a good match up for him. former virginia tech player is not doing too badly either. he is ninth overall, thrown eight touchdowns for three interceptions, but still, sports insider says signing him would not solve all of the eagles problems. it the is breast cans's a awareness month and projects all around our area like right here in south philadelphia a. the eagles are teaming up with foundations family live on to die socks pink. this happened at yesterday. south philadelphia high football player will wear those socks when they play their game on thursday. >> that is cool. >> yes. so, you like -- can we play a song real quick. in 1969 the beatles released
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this song something which i will play for you. george harrison they say it is his best recording, great song. 150 artists have remade this song in particular the late great frank sinatra. he said this song when it came out was greatest love song in the past 50 years. the that was in 1969. we will tease this. how you can save some serious cash next time you fill your tank. we will play some more of the song something for you to go to break.
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police officers injured in the car accident dave kinchen has more from the scene from a live report. woman responsible for kidnapping and sexually assaulting five year-old girl will spend 40 years behind bars. what she told the child, to think, other people may be involved.
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it is tuesday, october 6th, 2015. lauren dawn johnson is back in the house. >> yes. >> welcome back. happy belated birthday. >> scott williams in for sue serio. sue is enjoying some nice weather where ever she's on vacation. hard to beat today's weather here, right, scott. >> we're looking at a ten across the area chris and lauren. take a look at satellite and radar, it is dry, quiet, however it is chilly out there to start. grab those jackets and sweaters. the look at the numbers right now in philadelphia, 52 degrees. the wind are calm, sun will come up this morning at 7:02. look at the the temperatures north and west right now, it is chilly, 44 pottstown. forty-three right now across much of the area north and west. you can see wilmington 47. upper 40's in dover as well as millville. so, here's your planner, cool conditions to start, mostly in the lower 50's around center city by 9:00 a.m. we are looking at sunshine, upper 50's, warming pretty rapidly by lunchtime, lunchtime 65 degrees and then take a look the at the high
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temperatures, by this afternoon 73 degrees. that ace above average this time of the the year. average right around 7o that complete seven day forecast is coming up and new traffic on this tuesday, bob kelly. >> hey, scott, a lot of overnight construction still out there with this, guys are loving the temperatures here, on the the the overnight, so we will get ready to step out of the front door grab your coffee and keys, good to go between king of prussia and mid county no problems there. looking good coming down the extension. we will zoom down to this situation, involving a police vehicle, more on that in a second. bartram avenue is blocked right nearesting ton avenue near the auto mall and southwest philadelphia a construction crewness chester county, live look at route 100 between turnpike and 113 as part of the overnight repaving project. i-95, they have been working all night long on the ramps from 95 to the blue route, 476, and they are in the process of putting the cones, in the the back of the truck, but the the cones are still
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down on the roosevelt boulevard here. this repaving project, inner drive is block, between ryan, and woodward in northeast philadelphia, stay to the out are drives and these guys should be out by 6:00. they are working on woodhaven road near roosevelt boulevard. a lot of this construction was put on hold, last week, or week and i half ago when the pope was here in town. the so they are playing catch up here, southbound i-95 they are working near route 413. also, construction crew on the new jersey turnpike, on the the north bound side in mount laurel near exit number four which is route 73. or wise bridges look fine and mass transit the no problems there. chris and lauren, back to you. lets get to breaking news. two police officers injured in the car accident. >> dave kinchen live at bartram avenue just before who will stein, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we have two officers hurt in the hospital right now. take a look you can see a tow truck getting ready to tow this police suv from the 12th
4:32 am
district a away. we will tell you exactly what happened as we move into some video that was shot from earlier. investigators on the scene tell thaws this vehicle was on bartram just before holstein in southwest philadelphia where we are, when it somehow lost control and slammed into a tree, no other vehicles were involved in this case. the driver, complained of pain, and neck and back injuries, as well. the female passenger complaining of a broken leg, both being treated at this time. it is not yet clear what they were doing, whether they were on a call or anything like that. police have have not said anything like that. what they have told us is they will certainly check, accident investigators will check and see if there was a mechanical issue in the vehicle, they are checking for surveillance around this area. they say there were no witnesses or anything like that, that could help them, piece together exactly what had taken place. again, vehicle will traveling
4:33 am
from bartram up toward holstein street when there was a crash, into a tree. major front end damage but more so on the passenger side. and when you look at that damage on the passenger side it is amazing that the officer only had a broken leg, thankfully, and, sound like they will be okay, right there. this is also, an area between essington and bartram, essington and island remains closed because investigators are working on this right now. but again, extensive damage here, as you saw in the video. both air bags deployed, lots of glass every where, two officers recovering right now from the 12th district, and this continues to come together, and, as crews work here, they will be out here for a while. they will get ready to to w this truck away but they will still be here looking for evidence to try to figure out exactly how this all happened. generally they will look at
4:34 am
structural issues with the vehicles, they will look at possible driver error, they look at possible surveillance, if they find that in the area or any information, data systems, on the police cruiser that might indicate what might happen. but just really a lot of people praying for these two officers, the the driver, a male officer, with pain, neck and back injuries, and the female passenger, injured was a broken leg. they are recovering at this time. guys? >> dave kinchen, thanks very much. four credit 34. one person is dead after a double shooting in philadelphia's fair hill section. police were called to the 2700 block of north eighth street around 1:45 this morning. one of the victims was found dead at the scene, no word on the the condition of the second victim or about whether any arrests have been made. just to advertise, finally for a little girl kidnaped a and horribly damaged in west philadelphia just horrible. this video from january of 203. it shows the young girl, who was five at the time being snatched from her west
4:35 am
philadelphia a school. the women seen, cristina regusters, police said later sexually assaulted girl and left her half name wandering around a parking lot. that little girl, hoist now eight, addressed the court. >> she has been horribly, physically and emotionally damage and yet she testified in front of a judge and a pack courtroom today. >> it was the brave little girl who helped police nab her attacker. throughout the trial regusters maintain that she had help with the a attack. police say that was a lie. regusters was sentenced to 40 years to life. her attorney say that they will appeal. 4:35. why a new drug which can help stop people from overdosing is being called, controversial? and the one retailer who says thaw can buy it, without prescription. and the happiest place on earth just got more pricey, why disney business to start charging you more to visit its parks. ññ
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[woman] hey, amy! [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this? [man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis. [man] with a private dock! [amy] beautiful! [woman] and a house on the lake! [amy] the house looks great, you two! [in unison] thanks! the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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eye popular breakfast cereals recalled. general mills recalling 1.8 million gluten free boxes of cheerios and honey nut cheerios that could put people with wheat allergies at risk. for more information, go to fox it is right there on the home page. cvs is now selling a opiod, anti overdose. it is in stores in 12 states. this is an over the the counter medication.
4:39 am
>> that is states in new jersey and pennsylvania. narcan can be ordered in cvs pharmacies and will be available the the next day. critics say prescription free availability goes way too far but supporters say drug saves lives and family members need to have it, if a loved one struggles from drug addiction. >> they need to get educated on this medicine and learn that this is a medicine that saves lives and if you are a a family member with someone with a heroin addiction, please go out and get yourself narcan and keep tonight your house because you never necessity when you will use it. >> a according to the cdc, rates of the heroin overdose deaths in the u.s. has nearly tripled since 2010. >> that is disturbing. happiest place on earth just got a whole lot more expensive, but customers don't seem to mind. >> it is going to be really expensive to go to disney. annual pass to disney land and disney world now cost more than $1,000. no blackout dates though. officials say price hike will
4:40 am
ease overcrowding. some say, they are willing to pay more if it means smaller crowds. >> it is tough for a family to come very often if you are doing it that way. >> so besides, the park plus pass, which runs a $1,049, disney has the signature pass, it is $200 cheaper but blacks out 15 of the parks busiest days around the holidays. so disney world and land, is a thousand bucks, right? so going to an eagles game or a phillies game or any of the sports teams, for a family of four that will set you back hundreds. this is like an attack on the middle class and families. honest to goodness how do you take a family of four to see anything fun anymore. >> i don't know how people afford disney and they are there every day, all day, minivans, mayhem, i don't understand it. >> then you have your little kid in class and little will kid johnny sitting next to the kid in class talks about disney and other kid can we go
4:41 am
to disney. i don't have a thousand bucks to drop. >> per person, per family. >> and it is tough. >> let's talk about this, wawa if you love it, you have a new way to pay for your groceries very soon. was ways bringing back credit card. >> so the card will be able to be used on food, beverage, other merchandise at any wawa location. if you use it to fill up your gas tank you can see added bonuses. customers who use the credit card to buy gasoline will save 5 cents a gallon, up to 100 gallons a month. some of the wawa faithful tell us wawa offered a card in the past but it had been discontinue. all right. so, get ready to get giggy witt. >> no need to pull out that cd, do they still sell cd's. new reuniting with philly's favorite dj. you don't see this very often but you might here in alaska a moose on the loose in the neighborhood, what he did next to lose the crew on his
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how cute are these puppies. >> they puppies are in need of homes in florida. it is all because of worries this weekend about joaquin. they were part of the emergency transfer from lou san, to new jersey.
4:45 am
>> so, with the weather models a at one time showing a possibility for joaquin marching up the east coast, the new jersey shelter said it could in longer accommodate all these little pups. >> the the dogs ended up at the humane society at tampa bay to find loving homes. they are all vaccinated, spade, newterd and ready for adoption. they are hoping they will get wonderful homes down there in sunny florida. scott, that is where i got the my baby when iowas in orlando. >> little diamond. >> she was rescued from the shelter down there. >> we put up a picture of diamond on social media. >> did you and diamond have a great birthday yesterday. >> we did, thank you. cute little puppy. hopefully those will get adopted soon. our weather will be cool and crisp. stepping out early this tuesday to walk the dog let's look at weather by the the numbers. in a scale of one to ten, it will be a ten. it is chilly to start. temperatures by this afternoon will be above average. so as we look at your head lines, temperatures to start,
4:46 am
40's, 50's. by this afternoon a lot of sunshine will mean temperatures climbing in the lower 70's. a real nice stretch of wet's head. 52 degrees right now in philadelphia, the wind are calm, humidity at 80 percent. sun comes up shortly after 7:00. looking north and west we are talking about numbers in the 40's. 44 degrees in allentown. forty-eight in trenton. 47 degrees in wrightstown. upper 40's in parts of the south jersey as well as delaware. so cool to start, but temperatures, will start to warm up, kind of of rapidly once that sun comes out. by 9:00 temperatures near 60 degrees. mid 60's by lunchtime. it will feel comfortable as well. the get outside and enjoy lunch outdoors as well. 73 degrees the high. by tonight we will drop back down in the 50's. satellite and radar right now, showing dry clear skies across our area, as we take a look further south, take a look at the the carolinas, still dealing with that tropical moisture. joaquin, it is finally pulling away.
4:47 am
high pressure that will dominate our weather pattern for today, hurricane joaquin 85 miles an hour storm moving from bermuda that weather authority seven day forecast showing that ten for today. seventy-three for the the high temperature. then as we move toward middle of the week, look at that 76 degrees well above the average this time of the year with just 70. seventy-two on thursday. by friday mid 70's a front moves through late in the day, scattered showers, maybe rumble of thunder and then lingering clouds early on saturday back in the 60's for a high. upper 60's on sunday. the seven day forecast, looks good, what about traffic, on this tuesday. >> not bad at all, getting ready to step outside the front door, grab your coffee and keys a lot of construction crewness front of you here. here's i-95 where they are working southbound between bucks county and woodhaven road. this is the stretch right here near 413, the cones, barrels are down, so again, stepping outside the front door a lot of cop trucks guys are still out. like here on the boulevard
4:48 am
inner drive block between ryan and woodward here in northeast philadelphia outer drive is opened but again, remember where the crews are working, there is also a knock down in the speed, in the speed limit, in that active construction zone. they are working here along woodhaven road between i-95 and roosevelt boulevard, and here's their work crew i showed you in the camera near 413. even in new jersey they are getting work done. they are loving cooler temperature overnight. north bound on the new jersey turnpike, construction crews next to exit number four which is route 73. updating our top story injured officers, police officers that are involve in the crash this morning here. they are investigating right a wrong bartram avenue right here near, essington, and just off have the bartram avenue interchange of i9 56789 northbound i-95 leaving center city, south philadelphia a heading in the northeast crews are still out here near girard avenue. of course, you have your
4:49 am
typical southbound delay working into the construction zone and then in center city the 19th street bridge, the overpass, shut down, that is next one to get de molished as well as pedestrian bridge which is right there in front of the the free library. outside we will lah live at i-95 in delaware county where it is quiet and no problems up and over the bridge at the moment. chris and lauren, back to you. this is video you will not see around these parts. it the is a moose on the loose. >> we have been waiting all morning to say that. >> a local television station in manchester new hampshire had cameras rolling when the the big guy ran right down the road. then look at his jumping right over the car, right. as for when and where he went? not the sure where the guy ran? hopefully somewhere safer then right in the middle of the road. >> but if you see, if you net ised he goes through yards, but next to those cars you can see how big he is. wait for the the car, you will
4:50 am
see him going down the street. >> when they zoom in watch right there. >> no, that is not it. >> it is fun to watch this. >> i like that he is up and downhills, sidewalk, front yard, back street, allies. >> there is no one coming. austria played host to the world beard and mustache competition, championship. >> look at those things. >> 300 bearded men from across the globe gathered for hair raising competition. games were broken up in three groups, mustache, beard and full. they also are decided which categories participants belonged in. so three americans, won in the mustache category, two won in the partial beard category. the u.s. national championship will be held in brooklyn, insuring. >> you ever date a guy with the mustache and beard. >> i'm all about the facial hair but the mustache alone,
4:51 am
creeps me out. >> yeah. >> really. >> i can go forget t. >> yes. >> i can go for full beard and 5:00 o'clock shadow but single lone mustache. >> just too old school. >> it is like you are hiding something, it is creepy. >> really. >> i'm not a fan of just the mustache. >> for me when it is just this it is just a little bit like, is there more to the story. >> i never heard of it put that way but that make sense. demi lovato is speaking out in the wake of the shooting massacre at oregon community college. >> she has been lobbying congress about mental health issues and in an interview she said she's sick of people rushing to judgment about the the mental state of shooters. she also said it is important to remember those who suffer from mental health issues are more likely to inflict harm on themselves to others. she has been opened about her own struggle with the bipolar
4:52 am
disorder. fresh off release of new music, will smith says that he is going on tour with his buddy, jazzy jeff and in case you forgot, who is who, here's a reminder. >> okay. >> he is the dj, i'm the rapper. >> can anyone hear me. >> you can. >> hey in, a recent interview will says he has recorded over two dozen new tracks and he is still trying to find his voice after being away from the studio for ten years. fresh prince also revealed he and dj jazzy jeff planning to tour next summer. he says they have never done a full tour so he is really looking forward to this major event. ♪ whole new world
4:53 am
>> the force is strong. >> this is what we have been waiting for, disney bought luke as you film a mash up of disney classic and star wars. it adds in old favorites like pinocchio and dumb bow. >> it is not an official video but jj abrams has said it is darn funny. star wars: the force awakens hits theaters this december. >> go disney. we're about to blow your mind if you want to sell something, experts say you should not be sexy. after years of being told the opposite, while some are saying that sex does in fact not sell. >> do you believe this. >> no. nearesting ton. essington.
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
♪ >> love me tender ♪ >> we had this record when i was a kid. of course, elvis pressly. >> kid have no idea what a record is. >> really. >> a record. >> it is like you give them a phone book they say what will you do with them. >> railroaded are coming back. they are really popular now this song love me tender released on this day in 1956. >> throw back. >> i was 14 at the time. >> okay. >> let's talk about this. a according to a new study sex does not actually sell. >> interesting, right.
4:57 am
we have heard the opposite. researchers at ohio state university examined effectiveness of sex advertisement. they have conclude that had sex grabs our attention but we don't follow through and buy the product. ads got more sexy people were less likely to remember and like the product and buy it. people are wired to pay a attention, is that a sexy video. >> i was going to say is that a video sexy. >> there is not one person in this video that looks appealing to me at all. people are wired to be attention to sex and violence but we only have limited capacity to pay attention. well that bike is sexy. >> it doesn't sell as much as it used to. what sells is same thing that sells as being in the time, the idea of something better. >> we're in a situation where we are surrounded by sexuality so we need to concentrate more on just product that we're selling instead of all of the sexual dressing, or undressing. >> well, he is sexy. i like his glasses too. kim k is expecting her
4:58 am
second child, why is she calling this the worst time in her life. >> oh, i know.
4:59 am
5:00 am
investigators searching for person responsible for double shooting in north philadelphia, steve keeley live on the scene as the case unfolds, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, two philadelphia police


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