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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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investigators searching for person responsible for double shooting in north philadelphia, steve keeley live on the scene as the case unfolds, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, two philadelphia police
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officers are, where their vehicle crashes in the tree, we will tell you how they are doing and how investigation is going, chris? what in the world. >> well, little girl suffering from a condition so rare, doctors don't know what to do. >> sneezing, thousands of times a day, it has got her kicked out of school. one thing experts think could be starting these sneeze attacks. but on a serious note we will look at that condition. >> okay. >> scott williams, good morning. how are you hanging in. you are not used to these hours. >> i'm normally in rem around this time of the day but i'm hanging in pretty good there. i have got some good weather
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to report as well. weather conditions right now, clear skies out there, however, if you are stepping outdoors, grab that paper, morning jog, walking the the dog, grab that jacket or sweat shirt. it is chilly outside, bus stop buddy has on that jacket. temperatures in the 40's and 50's across the area. 52 degrees currently in philadelphia a, wind north at 7 miles an hour. take a look north and west upper 40's in the poconos mountains. we have 44 degrees in al-zawahiri even town. lower 40's in pottstown. mid 40's in lancaster. forty's in sections of new castle county delaware. wilmington 48. forty-seven in dover. high temperature, by this afternoon around 73 degrees, so that is above average this time of the year. by tonight, temperatures are a little cool again in the mid 50's. so your head lines for the day, we're talking about that chilly start, lot of sunshine and a pretty nice stretch of wet's head. we will talk about it with that seven day forecast coming
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up. will your traffic cooperate this tuesday morning, bob. >> admit it, you you know, you love the morning. >> i do, you guys are great. >> you guys are great. >> no traffic in the morning. coffee is always hot. good morning, everybody. >> what are you doing here. >> yeah, i don't know. getting here, there is no traffic getting here. that chris murphy. >> 322, we had an early accident this morning, police are starting to let traffic through here between route one and i-95 in concord township. we have a situation, davis standing by to give us more details but accident involving a police vehicle near bartram avenue and essington avenue in southwest philadelphia a outside we will go construction crew is still here, they are every where, they are loving cooler temperatures and they are trying to catch up with our pope weekend here, with all of the construction that was put on hold. this is a live look at i-95 where the off ramp from i-95 north to girard avenue here in the fishtown is still block,
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the the inner drive of the roosevelt boulevard still blocked, between ryan and woodward. they are working here on woodhaven road, they are working on i-95 at route 413, we are getting in the act north on the new jersey turnpike, watch for construction crews at exit number four which is route 73. otherwise, coming in from south jersey, heading toward the city, we are seeing volume pop here on the freeway heading toward 295 but overall bridges, light volume so far and no delays on mass transit, chris and lauren, back over to you. we have breaking news. two police officers injured in the car accident. >> dave kinchen is live where it the happen. good morning to you, dave? >> reporter: good morning to you, bartram a avenue between island and essington is back opened because police just all the way, towed away that vehicle involved in the crash. lets go to video right the now and we will show you the police suv from the 12th district that crashed into a tree. they were on bartram avenue
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going toward holstein earlier this morning when somehow, the the driver lost control and they crashed into a tree, major damage on the front end, side, more toward the passenger. we know passenger has a broken leg which is hard to believe when you look at the video, the extensive nature of that damage but a broken leg for the passenger, female officer and driver, male officer has, a back and neck issue there. back and neck pain. they were both taken to different hospitals and being evaluated and being treated, police say it is not clear where police vehicle were going to and whether they were on a car or in a pursuit or if the lights were on at a time. police were out here from the accident investigation district as they were checking to see if there was any surveillance video in the area, they were looking at the vehicle, all of the forensic, air bags being deployed, the
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the lights, or i should say the glass on the ground and checking general area to see if they can get a clue as to what happened. there might have been a mechanical failure in the vehicle that is another thing they will look at also, data processors on board the stuff, that they will look at. they do not have any witnesses in this case, so, they don't have that option to help them as they try to figure out what happen. a male officer was driving this vehicle from the 12th district has neck, back pain, also female passenger, on the passenger side where mess of that damage seems to be has a broken leg, both taken to different hospitals. we understand they are expect to be okay but this investigation is continuing, guys. >> dave, is live at that scene, thanks much. we are following breaking news out of north philadelphia one person kill in the double shooting. >> steve keeley is on this for us, steve, good morning. >> reporter: just three hours old and we are in the parking lot of the relatively new strip mall, and grocery store, you can see there, that
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is lehigh avenue one of the main strips through north philadelphia for sure and as we spin around you can see right outside parking lot of the strip mall police have their lights on the right now as they guard the scene, homicide crew, and crime scene unit the team, has left but you can see the parked car neatly parallel park with virginia plates. the lets go to the video and you will see closer shot. virginia plates on the car, older model lexus that these two were found shot in one dead, one at the hospital right now and whole lot of family, right in the row who house right where the car was park. the perhaps people just leaving the the house or coming home to the house and we are finding out as we look at other side with our camera where we can get a closer view the driver's side window shot out. maybe somebody approached the driver and passenger just as they got to the car or just as they arrived home at quarter of 2:00 this morning. the family heard the shots, called the police and it was a very sad scene out here.
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this makes murder number 210 for philadelphia in 2015. there were 194 at the this time last year. i never want to see a murder rating down, and maybe one day down to zero, but we are probably always from that never happening. >> yes. anywhere in the world for that matter. and 7700 block of, theron avenue. was hurt with the broken arm an 11 year-old child was also hurt with cuts to the face and both taken to einstein hospital. no word on their condition. police say a group beat up a driver who mistakenly, struck a boy in the car in the 1200 block of wagner avenue in the philadelphia's logan section earlier yesterday evening.
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just after 9:00 sunday night, sexually assaulted her. this happened in the parking lot of people bridge apartment at creek road in levittown. he grabbed her and tried to pull off her clothes. >> and they are picking me up and threw me down, off the ground and threw me between two bushes and it was so dark, that i knew nobody was going to see me. i screamed one time and he smack me in my face. >> and went back and scared off the man. falls township police say wearing a dark colored baggy sweat shirt with the logo on the back and dark pants.
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so disturbing. chester county mother is in jail accused of injecting her 14 year-old daughter and her daughter's friend with her win. jessica lynn and, honey brook home, and, 16 year-old friend provided drugs and then help, inject the teens with her win. but several occasions. police arrested the boyfriend james burn as well who was taken in on drug charges. and she was tying her up to raise the vein and injecting heroin in her veins. >> i could not imagine, if they do something like that to her child. she's behind bars a at chester county bail, at $50,000 cash bail. two teens are in the cuss toyed of family members. they will not be charged. 5:10. philadelphia police thanking the public for capture of two men wanted for stealing a refrigerator. do you remember this video we
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showed you. the two thieves are pushing a stainless steel refrigerator down 1500 block of south fourth street after several tips, steve earn foda and angelo were arrested. as for that stolen bridge they found it in his home. >> what. >> i'm guessing that fridge race filled with beer. >> yeah. >> they weren't thinking straight were they. >> yeah. >> at 10:00 o'clock at night. >> yes. >> how many people with beer, let's steel that fridge. >> investigators in washington trying to understand why a high school football player is dead, this comes after he was injured during a game last week. >> so sad. >> could u.s. military be in trouble why the armed forces is changing its story about a deadly air strike in afghanistan.
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dang. >> and i still get jealous. >> wait for these guys. is it any hotter. then that .
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it will be a pretty nice tuesday. take a look at this.
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it is a little chilly and crisp out there to start. we will see, a lot of sunshine and that will warm your temperatures up. take a look at this, 52 degrees. in center city, wind north, 7 miles an hour upper 40's in sections of the poconos as well as atlantic city at the airport in the lower 50's in center city at 9:00 o'clock. and lunchtime temperatures. and warming up rapidly with your sunshine and mid 60's. with that sunshine. 73 degrees. low temperature tonight 56 degrees. another cool overnight as we
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take a look at this afternoon, we can see sunshine across our area, you can see that pattern locked in as well. it looks like a nice stretch for this week. that seven day forecast showing you that high temperature later this afternoon, 73 degrees. seventy-six, on your wednesday, low 70's on thursday. mid 70's on friday. maybe a late day front with the scattered shower. rumble of showers around here. take a look at temperatures dropped in the 60's for highs in the saturday and sunday, for the burbs. bob kelly. good morning everybody. 5:17. off to a good start. we have left over construction, crews, hitting the button here. ready, set, go. it will go to black.
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hold on. live look, at i-95. northbound leaving center city, and, into girard avenue. they still have the the off ramp blocked into the fishtown interchange. look at this guy going over the barriers here, trying to if the off at girard avenue. this is a left over crew, all night long, loving cooler temperatures on the 42 freeway, headlights heading in towards philadelphia, starting to pick up volume here, as a tuesday morning rush hour here starts to pop. westbound on 422, watch for an accident near arm and hammer boulevard interchange. septa, started a shuttle bus operation on the lansdale doylestown line. using buses from colmar during the midday. running are trains during the morning, and evening rush hours and ride bus during midday. coming into center city, notice detours around the the 19th street bridge, overpass here to take you over the vine
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street expressway that is closed and pedestrian bridge all there in center city. mass transit looking good. chris and lauren. over to you. president obama declaring parts of the south carolina a disaster zone after flooding ripped through the the state claiming nine lives. disaster declaration ordered federal aid to the affect area federal funding will be a railable to those in charleston and surrounding counties. it includes grants for home repairs and temporary housing for those who might need it. u.s. military is changing story about air strike, that led to a deadly attack, hospital in afghanistan. top u.s. general in afghanistan, general john campbell now says afghan forces who reportedly under taliban fire had request that u.s. air strike. u. is statement had said that the strike had been launched because u.s. forcees were threatened. do you. it was run with doctors without worders. head of the charity says the explanation does not ab solve u.s. of blame and demanding an
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independent, investigation. meantime coming up on 5:20, a seattle high school football player is good after he was injured during a game last week. >> evergreen high school senior got hurt in the fourth quarter of the schools home coming game. he was taken to the area hospital and pronounced dead three days later. at this time, what kind of injury you you sustain. >> our hearts go out to the players family and all who know him. >> we are very, very conscious and safety of our student athletes and, above and beyond our safety. he was seriously hurt during football game, player at another school, broke in two vertebraes in serious condition. a controversial right to die bill becomes law in california. governor there jerry brown signed it yesterday. life long catholic, brown says that the bill forced him to consider what he would want in the face of his own death. callus the fifth state to allow the terminally ill to use doctor prescribed drugs to end their lives.
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jerry brown is in his 70's. coming up at 5:21, later u.s. will be introduced to the country a's new millionaire. >> winner of the 310 million-dollar power ball drawing will speak to the media today in michigan, only one ticket matched all of the winning numbers. ticket was sold in the small town of three rivers michigan, which is about 30 miles south of california a man sue. medical mystery solved may be one reason that this girl cannot stop sneezing. how women over 40 who have insurance can get their mammogram for free. lets look at last night's winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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it is breast cancer awareness month and asking what is your last check. thanks to the affordable care act mammograms are more acceptable. >> women over 40 who have insurance can get mammogram for free. federal law mandates this. before this, mammograms could cost up to a 120 bucks out of pocket. doctors recommend all women over the age of 40 get checked and some experts say it is really as 30 with a a family history ofes were cancer. mammograms can detect cancer
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three years before a clinical breast exam. okay. this story is so, strange, right? it is out of texas a 12 year-old girl battling something so rare doctors have no idea how to treat her. she can hot in the stop sneezing. >> doesn't even sound real, does it. >> caitlin sneezes as many as 20 times a minute. 12,000 times a day. her neck must be in pain. >> her nose. >> she cannot even go to school her parents say it started more than three weeks ago after one of her lessons. they thought she was allergic to something but it never went away. six doctors later found out that this could be, stress. >> all right. >> it is just in the fun at
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all. >> anything you talk to her about that irritates her slightly you can see it just like continuous, sneezing, you know, really easy to trigger. >> i don't care what they do. i just want it to stop. >> so caitlin says that she's trying to stay positive, so her doctors think it is stress, right. so she needs to relax. how is she relaxing. >> you like this. >> she listens to the beatles. >> she's your new favorite girl. >> probably listening to something like here comes the sun or something like that. >> i'm not feeling any of those things but however that is very unique to me that a 12 year-old likes the beatles. >> everyone likes the beatles. >> shocked. >> love, love, love. >> john, paul, george, ringo.
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>> yes, it goes back to the day you and i first anchored together. trying to educate you. >> all right. the cars, clothes, cute baby, kim kardashian west may look like and act like she has it all but now they are saying it is worst time of her life. >> kanye or two chains.
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it is october 6th, 2015. hi, scott. >> good morning. bus stop buddy has a sweat shirt on, jacket, it the is will cool, crisp out there to start. temperatures in the 40's north and west. low 50's in center city. we have clear skies, it will turn into a pretty comfortable afternoon. look at the satellite and radar as we combo hour by hour, we have cloud cover, late last night, and we have clear skies, and it will translate into a sunny day out
5:31 am
there. earth is going to be pretty nice for your tuesday. fifty-two in philadelphia wind north at 7 miles an hour. as we look at numbers north and west. in the 40's. 45 degrees right now in lancaster. upper 40's wilmington. 47 degrees in dover. fifty-two in wildwood. so, 7:00 a.m. we have temperatures of 52. we are chilly to start. we have sunshine out there. near 60 by nine. look at temperatures by noon in the mid 60's, and high temperature today tops out a at 73 degrees. the that is a above the average for this time of the year which is 70 and then tonight we will dip back down in the mid 50's in the city. coming up we will talk about how long this nice stretch of weather will last, our next chance for some rainfall end, what to expect sunday at the link. in traffic looking as good as the weather on this tuesday. >> probably. i would say this morning things are looking good. wonder how they move those concrete barriers around? here's a live look at penndot
5:32 am
cameras zoomed into the construction zone here at girard avenue as crews relocate the barriers here, north on i-95, right here near girard avenue. so now that 95 off ramp is block at girard these guys are running late here. they have been out for most of the night and a a lot of the crews are out, longer this morning. they are making up for pope weekend and they are loving cooler temperatures here. this is live look at 42 freeway coming toward the city with the off ramp from creek road and 295 is still block. there is an accident on 422 as we go for a ride westbound near arm and hammer boulevard, out toward pottstown, still working on boulevard where inner drive is block from ryan to woodward. they are picking up cones along woodhaven road near the boulevard, an overnight accident has been cleared, but they are doing some repairs to the overhead wires. and this is a stretch of the
5:33 am
322 here and concord township, between route one, and i-95. kind of getting conflicting reports as to whether they are letting traffic through, intermittently with the work crews there. i would avoid 322 eastbound down toward i-95, and working your way down 452 instead. a crash from the overnight, and now they are trying to make repairs to the overhead wires. hopefully a better day to fly then yesterday, no delays on a arrivals and departures at philly international. chris and lauren, back over to you. one person is dead following a deadly shooting overnight the in north philadelphia. >> steve keeley on this story for us, steve, good morning. >> reporter: we're at police headquarters now. you see the homicide office lights back on and it seems like those lights have been on a lot this year, this is murder number 210 for 2015 and that puts murder rate at 8 percent above last year at this time when we had 194
5:34 am
murders. that is hard to say only 194 which is still a terrible number but it looks a little bit better when we talk about 210 for 205. lets go to the video. latest murder happening at quarter of two according to the philadelphia police department when we got call of the shooting inside this car. notice car has virginia plates on it but car was parallel park on north eighth street, right off lehigh and right next to the relatively new save a lot grocery store and strip mall over there and it looks like family of this victim was in the row house right where the car was parked in front of and we saw, at least 20 family members out, sobbing and hugging and dealing with the police department. we don't have any details yet as homicide was just getting back here and talking to any witnesses who may have heard things at that house. we don't know if the victim was just arriving at the house or just getting in the car from leaving the the house.
5:35 am
but we did notice that the the windows as you can see the window of the driver's side shot out. we don't have have an update on the conditions of that second victim that was rush to the hospital and still in the emergency room at einstein, chris and lauren, thank you. young man's traj being death from the heroin overdose leads to a text message that helps local police pull off a drug bustt. law enforcement work together on this bust, they pulled more than a you this bags of heroin, guns, cash. investigators say dealers would rent rooms at local motels and catch the the room number in the group text to dozens of users. follower of the 22-year old man who overdosed in pottstown last year fund one of those texts and then took it to police. >> to put it in this we welcome the community's involvement in providing information to law enforcement, it goes a long
5:36 am
way. >> imagine your son overdoses and then you get a text about a drug deal? four accused dealers are under arrest and another man is on the run. teenage boy is recovering in texas after being bitten by a shark. how quick thinking may have saved his life. blank
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i'm there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles to have correct many things in the all big ones with you enough to put them in
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a one and three start. drops, no running game to speak of and many missed scoring opportunities. but chip kelly is not about to change things. >> so, you don't throw the baby out with the bath water and say we will change our offense, defense and change everything we are doing in our approach. we just need to settle down, take a deep breath and when we have an opportunity to make a play we make a play. we know we have right players here but it is a play here, play there. we have lost i game by one and loss a game by one and lost by ten. we lost by 15 points. defense took responsibility for last game they allowed redskins to move 90 yards and score winning touchdown. malcolm jenkins says you always think about things you could have done. >> we looked at tape from the beginning to the end of the game and see one play here and there make a difference. we have to find a way to come up with it. >> eagles play new orleans at sunday. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. don't change anything. don't change the the coach.
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>> let's talk hockey. flyers placed andrew mcdonald. >> mcdonald still had has five years left on his 30 million-dollar contract, extension, signed just last year. mcdoneal has struggled, flyers general manager said it was a tough call but they needed a roster spot and he expects mcdonald to return to the team later this season. >> horrible investment. that is a a lot of money. 5:40. buffalo bills quarterback wanted to come to philly but eagles chose tebow instead. taylor asked eagles to consider him because he thought offense would be a good match for him, the former virginia tech player isn't doing too badly. he is throwing eight touchdowns and three interceptions. sports insiders say signing him would not have solved all of the eagles problem. lets turn to the serious story that involves a well known baseball player, cc sebathia. we remember him in philadelphia because he beat us in 2009 as a member of the
5:41 am
yankees. he checked himself into alcohol rehab and this is interesting timing here. the yankees are going to host houston in the american league playoff wild card game tonight but he said i'm sorry, i cannot play. i love baseball, i love my teammates like brothers. i'm aware i'm leaving at a time when they should all becoming together for one last push toward world series. sebathia says it hurts me deeply to do this now but i owe it to myself and family to take it right. i want to take control of my disease and i want to be a better man, father and player. so our well wishes to cc sebathia battling alcoholism. >> you have to solute him for making that tough decision. >> yes. communities deciding which musical icon to induct in the song writers hall of fame, tweet us who you think should make the the list, we will show you the the the contenders coming up.
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at what is this song. >> a song called levels by nick jonas will be joining us, on good day in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> okay. >> that is a video. >> well, if he could sing i would pay attention to the song. >> it is in the 9:00 o'clock hour. so yes, later on today, scott, you are the man because
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i saw three, ten's in your seven day forecast. >> it is least i can do. i'm a a guest here on the morning broadcast, nice weather for all, terrific tuesday, you get a ten, you get the eye ten, how about that as we look at the weather by the numbers. we are looking good on this tuesday. little chilly to start, so grab that jacket or sweater but a lot of sunshine, mild conditions by this afternoon, and really a nice stretch of weather over the next several days. current conditions, right now at philadelphia a international airport. 52 degrees. wind north at 7 miles an hour, take a look, the numbers in the 40's. 43 degrees once you move north and west in and around the pottstown area, we will take a tora cross the the a area as we head into sections of central delaware right now. 47 degrees in dover. upper 50's as you head towards lewis, rehoboth beach. but brigantine is chilly, 53 degrees for you. mays landing 44 as we head further inland into parts of the south jersey, medford
5:46 am
lakes looking at 44 degrees as well. doylestown checking in at 42 degrees. looking at allentown, 44, mid 40's right now in berks county. chilly to start, a a lot of sunshine out there, temperatures by 9:00 nearing 60. mid 60's by noon. beautiful weather. look at the high temperature 73 degrees by this afternoon. satellite and radar showing we have the clear skies across the area high pressure will be in control, giving us really a nice sunny day ahead, cloud, lingering showers still for folks in the carolinas, joaquin continues to head out to sea and that is the case later on today and this evening and as we move towards middle of the week, it will be another repeat, even a little warmer then today. that seven day forecast will show you the string of ten's, looking pretty good, 73 for a high. seventy-six on wednesday. well above average. the average this time of the year is 7o lower 70's on thursday, comfortable. front moves through late
5:47 am
friday and early saturday, shower, rumble of thunder, cooler by upcoming weekend but all and all bob kelly a fantastic seven day forecast. >> looking good. >> love substitute teacher here giving out ten's this morning. >> 5:47. good morning. 422, 202 to king of prussia area not that bad getting ready to step outside the front door. just talked to state police, here's 322, closed at route one in concord where the big home depot comes into play. 322 is the main drag that gets you down to i-95. there was an overnight accident that cleared the crash out of the way but now they need to make repairs to the wires that were damaged. this is a big game changer for everybody out of the painters crossing interchange that typically uses 322, which is a hot mess to begin with by the way during morning rush hour, single lane pattern, working your way to 452 and get down to i-95. late running crews on i-95,
5:48 am
this is a live look at northbound lanes of i-95, down to one lane here, heading in to girard. anyone leaving center city, stadium area and heading into northeast philadelphia, a late running crew they have the the far left lane opened, and last time around, i showed you they were moving concrete barriers around setting up with a new pattern. northbound on the 42 freeway, watch your delays towards 295, again, beginning of a morning rush hour there. good morning to wildwood we have a accident on the garden state parkway right here near wildwood interchange to look out for, and then 422 west, as you work your way out toward pottstown, an accident arm and hammer we are seeing volume heading eastbound in toward collegeville. as far as septa goes no problems on the buses, trains, trolleys, but they are using shuttle buses on the lansdale doylestown line between col mar and doylestown station, during midday, so trains
5:49 am
during the morning and evening rush hours, but buses are from nine to 5:00 due to track work and downtown we will go 19th street overpass is block here at the next overpass that will get demolish as part of the vine reconstruction. expect detours and delays in center city. chris and lauren, back to you. a 13 year-old boy in texas was bitten by a shark swimming with his older brother. >> can you imagine what he was thinking. thirteen year-old gregory slaughter said he was swimming in waist deep water at island beach in galveston texas. he bit his foot, angle and fingers but thanks to quick thinking by his brother bobby that the extent of the injuries. >> at first i thought it was another fish and then i looked closer, because after the waves, the water dropped down a lot more and i could see the the entire shark. and then i was running over to it and hit it, and called 911.
5:50 am
poor kid. he will recover from the hospital for a while and doctors are still unsure about the extent of the damage. officials say shark attacks are rare. they have seen about nine in the last 20 years, again, thinks off the coast of texas. i just saw this on instagram, rihanna on the cover of vanity fair, she talks about barbados, growing up, her ex-boyfriend chris brown and difference between her reality and her reputation. this is cover the right there of photos that go with the cover store write shot by a famous photographer who does all of the stars. >> this happened in cuba it was accompanied by a interview with the singer. when asked about her bad girl reputation, riri said i have been thinking about how boring i am. and to not trust every celebrity rumor that you hear. >> speaking of celebrities, kim kardashian west is expecting her second child in just a few months but she calls being pregnant the worst experience of her life. in a new blog post she says that she does not the
5:51 am
understand women enjoy the experiences. >> the end. >> like she's in her own skin when she's pregnant. she points to swelling, weight gain, other uncomfortable physical side effects of pregnancy. they are set to welcome a son in november. yes, hard to to live up to that perfect image. musical community is deciding among musical icons to induct in the song writers hall of fame. >> madonna is a contender. also tom petty, and mike cameron the guitarist, gloriaes stephan, marvin gaye and jimmy hendricks. there is a guy i would have loved to see live. i was like one when he passed away. eligible votes must submit their choices by december the 2016 song writers hall of fame annual addiction and award gala will take place next june. >> he's a dj, i'm the the
5:52 am
rapper. >> can anybody hear me. >> yes. >> you can? >> in a recent interview will smith revealed he and dj jazzy yes planning a world tour. he has recorded over two dozen new tracks and he has about six, really love. philly's fresh prince says he is still trying to find his voice after ago way from the studio for 20 years. okay. you probably heard of the clapper light. >> you know, clap on. >> how about the the slapper. is there a lamp you can slap to turn on. >> this is where i move over a little bit. >> guess what, it is shaped like a bus. >> i'm glad i moved over. >> it is called slap it and it is will light up. >> did you put this in the show. >> it is made of silicone. >> of course, it is. >> it lights up in ten different colors. >> if you are just happy, to have one. >> you got to slap it.
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>> you just can't tap it. >> you have to to slap it. >> and 220 bucks. that will wake you up, right. >> right, right. >> clap off. >> who wants that though seriously. >> kind of weird. >> yeah, whatever. >> more than one million new yorkers rely on non-profit to eat so new app enables users to help people and charities fill their plates. >> time for that. >> yes.
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you can see nick later today on "good day philadelphia" with nike and alex. meantime more than a million new yorkers rely on, food panary toss eat but there is a new app to help people help these non-profit. bar tenning after receiving a masters in economics, andre thompson identified a creative way to make a difference. her new app, spare, enable them to round up their bar and restaurant tabs to the nearest dollar. marginal difference is donated to food bank for new york city. >> capture large amount of money in the industry in new york on a knightley basis, rather than ask, business
5:57 am
owners because it is a process i to thought why not ask and not regular people to round up which is a negligible a addition, to the the restaurant. >> it may not seem like a lot, and according to that it cost 25 cents to feed someone in new york and participating restaurants are offering free drinks for users who repeatedly, round up. good for them. in the next hour, what eagles coach chip kelly is saying now about player strategy, and are you buying what he is selling? weigh in.
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whoo! i mean, whoo. police officers banged up, dave kinchen 2349 hospital. this mommies charged with child abuse. what she's accuse of injecting teen doubt their shock veteran officer. attempted secretaries you'll assault in bucks county what the victim says prompted her attacker to runaway. thankfully. it is tuesday, october 6th, 2015, sue is off, scott williams is in this morning. anybody who has purple on get on the sit right away. >> it is funny, that you are looking at scott. three tea bags, this morning. >> you g t


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