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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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whoo! i mean, whoo. police officers banged up, dave kinchen 2349 hospital. this mommies charged with child abuse. what she's accuse of injecting teen doubt their shock veteran officer. attempted secretaries you'll assault in bucks county what the victim says prompted her attacker to runaway. thankfully. it is tuesday, october 6th, 2015, sue is off, scott williams is in this morning. anybody who has purple on get on the sit right away. >> it is funny, that you are looking at scott. three tea bags, this morning. >> you got to work on the
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boys. i'm to typically asleep at this time have of the morning. >> did you notice. >> i have one of your ties on. >> yes. >> did you notice, scott. >> yes, i did. >> yes, it looks good. >> he wasn't going to say anything. >> i cannot tell a lie the pope was just here. >> yes. >> so, it is a beautiful day already. it is chilly, but i put off putting on a coat. i will not put on a coat until november. >> it is chilly right now. you will not need that later on. it will be a ten. we will give it a a ten. terrific tuesday, we're ready to go. take a a look at the numbers right now. 51 degrees, the fall chill out there but it will be a nice day. take a a look at how chilly, north and west, we will take a tora cross the the area, 47 degrees in dover. forty-eight right now as we move into the sussex county area, brigantine, lower 50's.
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44 degrees right now in mays landing and also, medford lakes. waking up in doylestown, 42 degrees, we have 45 in reading right now, so cool to start but take a look at the climbing temperatures by 9:00, nearing 60, have your lunch outdoors, we are looking at mid 60es a, mild conditions and then take a look at this, 73 degrees by this afternoon. a lot of sunshine out there, bob kelly, will the traffic be as nice. >> probably not, we will have some sun glare. good morning everybody. 6:02. grabbing your coffee, keys, and 95, we have got some delays southbound into girard avenue. crews have within working northbound near girard. we are getting ready to pull away here on woodhaven road up here in northeast philadelphia crews are working north on the 42 freeway, towards city. left over right here, before you get to i295. they are loving the cooler temperatures overnight, remember, we're behind a week or so because of the pope's visit. he we have all of that rain,
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all of the construction project, certainly at least a few days behind. so they are staying out longer, to get caught up, king of prussia, seeing volume off of 422, we had an overnight accident here in concord township route 322, eastbound side is closed right here at route one. this is just about, a half mile up from that busy, painter's crossing interchange, 322 is that main drag to get you down to i-95, they are making repairs to the overhead wires. you will use 452. down the shore south on the parkway, if you are watching us, between avalon and wildwoods, watch for an accident on the southbound side of the parkway and septa using shuttle buses during midday during colmar and doylestown, otherwise turnpike a 23 minute trip from philly over to valley forge and so far so good on the schuylkill expressway coming into downtown. mike and alex, back to you.
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we have some trouble overnight here. >> two police officers injured in the car accident. >> lets get right to the accident, dave kinchen at hahnemann. dave? >> reporter: we are hearing at hahnemann university hospital where they see the female officer that was taken, one with a broken leg, she's joined here by other members of her 12th district colleagues, several 12th district police colleagues. we will go to video right here and we will see how banged up that car was on the passenger side where that officer was sitting, the the officer who had the broken leg. the driver, a male officer had neck and back injuries and is complaining of pain, and taken to presbyterian hospital. police tell us what happened was the the officers were coming up bartram, towards hol stein avenue in southwest philadelphia when somehow they lost control, and they crashed into a tree. now we're told that the officers did not have any other vehicles involved, in
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that crash, and a id investigators said that the investigation district for the philadelphia police department they were out there looking for, surveillance video, looking at the forensics of the crash scene, shattered glass and so forth trying to figure out how this happen. police say they don't have any witnesses, it is not clear if that police car was going to a call or if their lights were on. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what they were doing at the the time but again here at hahnemann university hospital you have female officer, was in the passenger seat, being treated here with the broken leg. you might be able to get 12th district police cars there, and a three of them, joining her collogues, at her bedside and we're told that they will be okay but again the investigation into how this all happies ongoing, guys? >> all right dave, keep us updated. another breaking news story out of north philadelphia this time. >> one person is dead after a double shooting police were
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called to the 2700 block of north eighth street, right by lehigh by 1:45 this morning. one of the victims was found dead at the the scene inside of his car. second person was taken to the hospital, we do not know the the second victim's conditions. steve will have have a live update in a little bit. police say a group beat up a driver who mistakenly struck a by with his car. it happened on the 1200 block of widener avenue early yesterday evening in leg an section. the boy was taken to the hospital in critical condition after police say he ran in the street. police say driver got out to check on the boy and that is when men began to beat up the driver. police are looking for two to three men who attack that driver. other neighbors came out there and pulled their neighbors off of the guy because he did stop, a little kit ran in between the the cars right in the street. what search teams looking for survivors of the missing cargo ship found that may lead them to this wreckage.
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and what this local mom that we're going to show you after this wreckage video, was this local mom, in danger of her teenage daughter is called child abuse the crime police say just doesn't make sense you won't believe what she did.
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we have ray story that shocked all of us, it is a national story because it is so
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shocking. >> unbelievable. the chester county mother is in jail this morning accuse of injecting her 14 year-old daughter and another teenager with heroin. >> four year-old daughter, and a 16 year-old boy. >> there she is, jessica lynn rippi, was a arrested after police got a welfare call to the family's, honey brook home. the women's 14 year-old daughter and a 16 year-old friend male told police that her mother provided drugs and help the teens inject the heroin into their arms, on several occasions. police also arrested, rippi's boyfriend, james burn. on the same drug charges. >> she actually was shooting them up. she was tying off their arms with string to raise up the veins and injecting heroin into their veins. >> i could not imagine in a million year doing something like that to your child. >> so rippi there is in the chester county jail, $50,000
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bail, and the two teenagers are in the custody of family members. 6:11. we will tell you why investigators are calling amtrak derailment in vermont a freak accident. we will give you an update on it, bob. good morning everybody. 6:11. what has been a construction zone all night long now an accident scene. what do the penndot the guys doing? let's zoom in and check out the tire pressure here, an accident westbound on woodhaven road if they can show us it involves an overturn vehicle and it is in the actual construction zone where penndot has been working most of the night here, fire fighters, just responding to the scene, we will get them to keep the the camera straight and get details as we say good morning to olde city, philadelphia grab a cup of coffee and come on back.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ 6:14 on this tuesday morning, chilly start taking a look at bus stop buddy, you can see he has on that jacket that sweat shirt, we're looking at temperatures in the 40's and 50's out there to start, however, it is going to be a pretty nice afternoon, lieutenant of sunshine out there, a nice stretch of weather, over the the next several days. take a look at the numbers right now in philadelphia. 51 degrees, that fall chill out there, wind north at 6 miles april hour. look at the temperatures in
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the 40's once you head north and west. allentown 45 degrees. forty-five as well, in pottstown, looking at upper 40's in trenton. 46 degrees at ac international airport. we're looking at temperatures right now in wildwood right around 52 degrees. satellite ape radar shows fairly clear skies outdoors. that is why we will see unshine, and really a nice sunny day ahead. high pressure in control to the north, still watching some clouds, some showers toward, eastern sections of the the north caroline, joaquin heading out to sea. a as we look the at future fox cast we are looking pretty good-bye this afternoon and this evening. few high clouds streaming by but dry and quiet. that tropical moisture just continues to head out to sea by middle of the week. even warmer then today. we will spell it the out with the weather authority seven day forecast. 73 degrees for the high to today. then even warmer for your wednesday, we are about 76 degrees, the average this time have the of the year around 70.
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comfortable as we move towards thursday, 72 degrees. seventy-five the high temperature on friday. friday afternoon into the evening a frontal boundary approaches, a shower, rumble of thunder and then it clears as we head in the upcoming weekend but cooler behind that front as highs dip only in the mid to upper 60's, bob kelly, any jammos. >> we have one up in northeast philadelphia, 6:16. good morning. woodhaven road, westbound, right here near a academy road. here's the story. they were working all night long in the construction zone here, between a academy and woodhaven. you can almost see, where the difference in the road surface they have put down the the new you blacktop and this is right there where there is a speed bump. they are in the process of picking up the cones and then this accident occurred. i don't have any word of any injuries. hopefully none of the workers were injured. that is one of the things that we're concern about with the overnight construction is guys coming up on some of the work crews, a little bit too fast. hook and ladder passes us
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here. this is woodhaven road westbound right here near academy road down to only one lane. another problem, left over from the overnight an accident in concord township along 322, right now all lanes block at route one to make repairs to the the overhead wires that were damage. painter's crossing a block or two away here that busy interest section of 202 ape route one. if you need to get to i-95 work your way over to 452. the northbound i-95 leaving center city left over work crew a 20 minute jam there in to girard avenue. schuylkill, actually behaving, no problems yet between conshohocken and center city. here we go time to make the doughnuts, 42, jammed up from acx in toward 295. mike and alex, back over to you. >> we had another amtrak derail many, officials say derailment in remote part of the new england is as a result of the freak act of of nature. >> the the amtrak the verier was on its way to washington
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tc when it crashed in the rock slide. it had rust been rebuilt as part of the 220 million-dollar program. governor of vermont says natural rock formations forced it off its track. seven people on the train were hurt but luckily no one died. >> there is in reason at the this time to believe that there was any negligence on anyone's part. landslides happen. where there is a ledge, it can move. >> it felt something, like a boom, and then next thing we knew we kind of swerved to the left and swerved to the right and we all went um-hmm, and then pretty soon it just stopped. really fast. >> i would be saying more than that, my goodness. would i start praying. ninety-eight passenger and four crew members a game the vermonter when it derailed. callus now fifth tait in the union to make it legal for terminally ill patient toss make and end their lives with the the use of the doctor a's prescribed medications. governor jerry brown signed legislation into law yesterday after lawmakers passed it in
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september. this is video from lawmakers debate, then. governor brown noted his decision to sign the bill was personal, saying he would want options if faced with the issue in his own life. the law requires two doctors to a approve the medication, with the patient physically taking the the drug themselves. supporters hope that adoption of this right to die legislation in the nation's most populous state will spur approval to all states. >> i think what this does, and what will do will will you people to have those conversations a at a higher level. we know with two decade of experience in oregon that people only people that a actually get the medication actually take it. just knowing that the option is there that brings people incredible amount of peace. >> some california resident in the past moved to oregon to get that done. still opponents say legalizes premature suicide, if it is
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terminally ill patients a at risk for coerced deaths. faculty, staff and some students returned back to the umpqua community college up there in oregon. roseberg, oregon. officials say classes won't resume until next week. it was last thursday when a gunman killed nine people before turning the gun on himself. grief counselors are also there for support and news media, however are not being allowed on to the campus. well, 6:20. coastguard believes car get ship that lost power and drifted in to hurricane joaquin sank. guard released this video of the life boat, and two life boats and 46 suits were on the ship, officials confirmed that human remains weren't found in one suits. twenty-eight americans a a and five polish nationals were on board. two debris field have been discovered. search continues though this morning. and 6:20. eagle as preparations, we will tell you the player who wanted to come to philadelphia but
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got beat out by tim tebow. we all necessity how that story ended. and then what eagles coach chip kelly is saying now about players strategy, are you buying what he is selling yesterday? >> you want some chips this morning. >> barbecued. >> but first lets look at last night's lottery numbers.
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welcome back. well, oops, how about this buffalo bills quarterback tyrod taylor. >> who is playing very well and starting for buffalo bills now he said he wanted to be on the eagles squad but they chose tim tebow instead. >> well, let's explain this. i don't know if that is totally true. insider said tyrod asked eagles to consider him because he thought the offense would be a perfect match for what chip is trying to do. the former virginia tech player, isn't doing too badly, he is ninth overall, in the nfl, and he has thrown eight touchdowns for three interceptions. still, sports insiders say signing him would not solve all of the eagles problems. here's the thing, i believe we sign tim tebow a month after tyrod went to the bills.
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so, i don't know what he is saying is exactly the truth. >> why is he saying anything at all then. >> people asked. >> well, there is that. >> but he would be a good backup, wouldn't he. he is smooth and he is quick and can get out of trouble. >> i think we could use him but we could use a lot of things at this point. >> we could use a better record. >> we can also use 50 seconds worth of sports, right now. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. the eagles to have correct many things, not all big ones but enough to put them in a one and three start this season. the drops, no running game to speak of and many missed scoring opportunities. but chip kelly is not about to change things. >> so you don't throw the baby out with the bath water and say okay we will change our offense, defense and change everything we're doing and our approach. we just need to settle down, take a deep breath and when we have an opportunity to make a play we need to make a play. we know we have right players here. it is a play here and play there we lost a game by two,
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three and zero. we lost three games by 15 points. >> the defense took responsibility for the last game. they allowed redskins to move 90-yard and score a winning touchdown. mal conn jenkins says you always think about what could have been done. >> people look through the tape from the beginning of the the game to the end of the game and see one play here and there to make a difference, you know, we have to find a way to come up with it. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> maybe defense wasn't on the field the entire game they wouldn't be tired at the end. >> do you want to be coach. >> no, no. >> we have been one and three before. to years ago we were one and three. that was a completely different team because we trade add way all of the players. >> yeah. >> there is that. >> 6:26. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane, yes, she still is the the attorney general, has been slapped with a lawsuit by a former employee. the real reason he says that he lost his job. but two philadelphia a police officers injured in the
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crash, dave kinchen is at a hospital right now, dave. >> reporter: we're here at hahnemann university hospital where one of those officers is being treated by a broken leg, joined by her collogues, her brothers and sisters in blue, we will tell you how they are doing and how the investigation is going in to this case after the break.
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well, breaking right now officers are hospitalized following a crash in southwest
6:30 am
philadelphia, and our dave kinchen is at the hospital right now. >> a woman is moments away from being sexually assaulted in bucks county and then what happens? what she may have caused this guy to do to run off. and remember this video a girl being let out of the philadelphia public schools by a kidnapper. why the -- how the girl's good memory played a part in the conviction and sentencing. >> that woman is going away for 40 years. >> good day, it is october 6th, 2015. it will be/10 out of ten. >> it is perfect. >> scott, it is chilly right now. >> it is chilly to start. >> good morning mike and alex. beautiful sunrise out there as well, lot of unshine, out there, so, send me your best sunrise, photo at scott fox 29, tweet it to me and i will try to put it on the air. beautiful conditions out there, for today as mike was saying it is a ten. chilly out there to start but sunshine will meet a mild
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afternoon and a nice stretch of weather over next several days. 51 degrees, right there in olde city, ben franklin bridge there beautiful sunshine, little cool, 51 degrees. it is even chillier as we head further north and west, mid 40's right new in pottstown. forty-five in allentown. forty-seven in dover. we will take a tora cross the the area, milder toward the delaware beaches right now, lewis, rehoboth upper 50's. cape may 50 degrees is your current temperature. atlantic city 46. lower 50's in beach haven and brigantine. moving further inland we're talking lower 40's medford lakes, upper 40's right now, perkasie, 41 degrees, cool to start by 7:00, 52 degrees, sunshine, warming up pretty rapidly though. we are looking at mid 60's by lunchtime. a high temperature this afternoon 73 degrees, light wind, north at 5 miles an hour. satellite and radar showing the dry conditions across our
6:32 am
area, so really no weather worries, high pressure is in full control, well that is our dominant weather feature. not only today, not only is a day a ten but look at wednesday. 76 degrees. seventy-two on thursday. more cloud on friday. late day front. rumble of thunder and a shower and clear things out on saturday morning, cooler temperatures. highs in the upper 60's. >> good morning, everybody. another accident in the jam cam 6:32 on the city avenue bridge, approaching the schuylkill expressway, so anyone coming off to the lincoln drive and kelly drive, coming across the city after have knew bridge, accident right there in the far right lane and already that is causing delays for folks coming down the the boulevard, trying to exit there, at city avenue. another accident in north east philadelphia it is westbound woodhaven road right here near academy road. just as they were picking up construction cones this crash occurred, overturn vehicle
6:33 am
involved there in northeast philadelphia. i got the latest here from concord township 322, we had an overnight accident pulled down some of the offer head power lines. they cleared the accident out but that will be making repairs here, crash occurred between garnett mine road and creek road, your best bet, it runs parallel through the neighborhood and will get you back on your road to i-95, concord road. ninety-five north leaving center city up to the the north east they have pick up cones at girard avenue. that ramp is now opened again. eastbound on the schuylkill seeing delays from conshohocken into center city, speaking of center city, all red brake lights crossing town and folks getting toward 30th street station, catch that first train out of 30th street. southbound lanes of the boulevard, we are jammo, as a result of the accident that we showed you the first time around there a around that city avenue bridge. coming in from new jersey, freeway, starting to see volume pop, between 55, and
6:34 am
295. mass transit, looking good, mike and alex, back to you. two philadelphia police officers injured in the car accident. >> so lets get out to dave kinchen at hahnemann university hospital, dave. >> one of those officers was taken here immediately after this crash, that happened on bartram avenue, in southwest philadelphia, a female officer with the broken leg is here, joined by her collogues of the 12th district. we want to go to video right now, that officer with the broken leg was on the passenger side, of this vehicle, police suv and it is really banged up, amaze ago this she only had a broken leg but you that is what they are telling us, a driver, male officer a has back and neck injuries at this time. he was taken to presbyterian hospital. investigators tell us they were driving down, bartram, towards holstein when they lost control and crashed into
6:35 am
a tree. male officer, get injured, with back pain, neck pain, female officer injured with the broken leg. police say there were no other vehicles involved in this crash, so accident investigation, officers are trying to figure out exactly how this happened. this he he were out at the scene for at least a couple hours, they were looking at the damage vehicle, looking at the shards of glass, looking for surveillance video, unclear if they found any, they did not have have any witnesses a at this time, police say they don't know what the officers were doing whether they were on a call, and lights, siren where is activated on that road, but again, here at hahnemann, university hospital, an officer with the broken leg, being treated here joined by collogues, from the district at this time. investigators pick up that vehicle and took it over to a lot where they will investigate that and look at possible data, information, in the car, that can help piece
6:36 am
all of this together, guys, back to you. >> have of course, we will do an interview with him to find out what happen. we have more breaking news out of north philadelphia this morning, police are investigating a double shooting that claim the life of at least one person. >> steve keeley is at the round house,. >> reporter: lots of lights on, in the homicide office. busy 2015 and just got busier five hours ago just before 2:00 a.m., two men inside this older lexus, that was parallel park neatly here on north eighth street, right above lehigh, one dead at a scene, right in the car, detectives tell us the other is critical at last update to them from the hospital staff. you can see driver side windows shot out on the lexus, which had very license plates that was park it appears right in front of the victim family home. we say that because there were many outside grieving, hugging, talking to police, and car was park right next to the large parking lot. save a lot family dollar
6:37 am
burger king in a relatively new shopping strip at north eighth and lehigh. maybe because of that, a camera captured something, possibly a shooter, getting a way, towards busy and big lehigh avenue and detectives tell us. number 210, in terms of the killings, in 2015, that is an 8 percent increase in the cities murder rate over this time last year when 16 viewer murders were going on, 194, only as this date and even that number is staggering, but we are above, last year by 16 murders already in 2015. alex and mike. 6:37. woman opens up to fox 29 about a terrifying thing that happened right outside of her home. she said a man creeped up behind her and tried to do unthinkable. to protect her we will not show her face but just after 9:00 sunday night a man tried to sexually assault her, and it happened at village of pennsburg apartments at mill creek road in levittown. she said she grabbed her and
6:38 am
tried to pull off her clothes. >> pick me up and throw me down so hard on the ground and throw me between two bushes and it was so dark, and i know no one was going to see me and i scream one time and he smack me in my face. >> friend was walk go ahead of the victim heard her screaming. she ran back and scared off the man. falls township police say that the suspect was wearing a dark colored baggy sweat shirt with the logo on the back and also dark pants. and a crash involving a septa trolley leaves one person dead, and more than a dozen injured. sky fox over the scene, in frankford, just after 8:00 last night, police say that the trolley was stopped at a stop sign, when a suv rear ended it, that driver, died at the hospital. nineteen people on the trolley, including an operator were treated for minor injuries. justice finally for a little girl kidnaped and
6:39 am
horribly damaged in west philadelphia. >> so we will show you video from january 2013, this video shows a young girl who was five at the time being snatched from the west philadelphia a school, women seen here cristina regusters police say later sexually assaulted a girl and left her half name wandering around a playground in upper darby. yesterday that brave little girl who is now eight years old addressed the court. >> she has been horribly, physically and emotionally damage but yet she testified in front of a judge in a packed courtroom today. this brave little girl helped police nab her attacker. she remembered her talking bird in the weird back door. throughout the trial, regusters maintained that she had help with this attack. police say it is a lie. regusters was sentenced to 40 years to life. her attorney said she will appeal though. former lawyer has filed a lawsuit against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. >> yeah, james barker claims kathleen kane fired him in
6:40 am
retaliation for grand jury testimony that resulted in criminal charges against her. kathleen kane is accused of leaking grand jury information and then lying bit to cover it all up. she denies, and in an attempt to stay in the office of the attorney general of pennsylvania. kane's law license suspension goes into effect, a at the end of this year. we told but this a couple years ago, but what he is assaying about stepping back on to the stage for concerts, and, with whom, scott williams, good morning. >> if you are stepping outdoors, right the now grab a light jacket, sweater it is chilly, temperatures currently 51 degrees. wind north at 6 miles an hour. it is a beautiful sunrise, out there, send me your sunrise pictures, take a look at this one i received from andrea out of delaware, a boot to full sunrise there. use the hashtag, fox 29
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he doesn't really shuffle, he doesn't really walk. >> how is the weather out there. >> i'm doing the electric slide. >> yes. >> going around logan circle there. >> yes, exactly. >> now, i got to do the second one. >> yes. >> all right. >> let's work on that one. >> pretty nice weather. beautiful sunrise. we are looking at sunshine out there, little chilly, 51 degrees right now, wind north at 6 miles an hour. take a look at humidity, that sunnies coming up on its way. looking good. look at the chill though. we are looking at 46 degrees in atlantic city. forty-five in pottstown. forty-five in allentown. the as we zoom in closer here,
6:45 am
you can see mid to upper 40's moving in central sections of delaware but as we get closer to the beaches, water temperatures still mild, temperatures close to 60 degrees in lieu is. brigantine lower 50's to you, moving toward medford lakes, 51 in town but takes a look at sections of bucks county. forty-two for you this morning in bucks county, doylestown. on average by 7:00 we are looking at temperatures in the upper 50's by nine. mid 60's so warming fast with that sunshine out there. what about 73 degrees for the the high temperature by this afternoon, above average for this time of the year. satellite and radar, dry, quiet, so no rainfall expect. high pressure in control to our north. parts of the carolinas still cleaning up from the devastation and still lingering showers right now toward eastern sections of north carolina. once again that high pressure is our dominant feature, but we are looking at clear skies, a lot have of sunshine out there for today. joaquin still a hurricane, and
6:46 am
moving off to the north and east at 17 miles an hour, but get this, remnant moisture associated with joaquin as we move toward friday, continuing to perhaps, hang on, and approach sections of europe. so that will be interesting, we will keep you posted. otherwise, take a look at this beautiful forecast 73 degrees for a high. eighty-six. seventy-six rather, as we move toward our wednesday and then thursday, 72, we are looking good as we move toward the later part of the week. maybe a shower, rumble of thunder saturday in, to sunday. >> bob kelly. >> i'm working on that. >> what do you think. >> what do you think, mike. >> i'm working on my stanky leg. >> keep working. >> go to the left. >> and then to the right. >> take it back. >> 1hop this time. >> yes. >> slide to the left, slide to
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the right. >> yes. >> everybody clap your hands. >> look at bob kelly doing the dance. >> a pol guys for all of the white people. >> oh, no. >> what is it, 6:47 on a tuesday morning. having some fun, getting up, getting out and doing that electric slide on the bedroom there. southbound on the boulevard jammed up from broad street all the way down to the schuylkill expressway. we had that accident on the city a avenue bridge. here comes emergency crews trying to squeeze their way, up the delay side there. southbound i-95, heavy from academy down to girard. we had construction zone, we had a disabled in the mix there and then a live look at woodhaven road. we have an overturn vehicle out of there, westbound, between academy, and roosevelt boulevard, you see uneven pavement surface here that looks left over from the overnight crew, but if that had anything to do with the crash there.
6:48 am
delays on the schuylkill leaving town up the hill in belmont a avenue, 322 closed at garnett mine road. they are making least pairs to the the overhead wires from an early morning accident and a good day to fly. we had big delays yesterday, we are all back on track. in delays at the moment, in and out of philly international, north on i-95, looking good from center city up to the north east. in bound on the schuylkill, put 24 minutes and a jelly doughnut from the blue route into downtown. mike and alex, back to you. 6:48. do you remember bindy irwin? she delivers first perfect ten and emotionallal performance on dancing with the stars. here she is. >> ♪
6:49 am
>> she's 17 years old and her partner and her danced to every breath you take, in honor of her dad, the late steve irwin. remember bindy right after his death, just a little will girl. she also opened up about losing her father, and life since his death. that was nice. perfect ten. way to go. >> so cute. >> grand jury is reportedly being convened in connection to the death investigation surrounding bobbi kristina brown. according to radar on line grand jury will consider whether murder charges should be brought against brown's boyfriend nick gordon. he was in the home when brown was found unresponsive in january. he died six months later but cause of death has not been made public. gordon is facing a civil suit initiated by brown's estate. >> messy. misty elliott i haven't heard from that in a while, is being sued for skipping out on two concerts down in brazil. according to the lawsuit,
6:50 am
misty skipped a national tv appearance, on a very popular brazil show, the appearance was to promote her two concerts. the promoter told tmz that misty was paid a $75,000 deposit and they want their money back, darn it, plus interest. all that money. >> who wouldn't wanting to to brazil. >> i love brazil. >> amazing. >> claire danes sat down for an interview and shared her thoughts on breaking up a family. she said it was a lot to handle a as a 24 year-old when billy, left his pregnant partner for her back in 2003. she said that she doesn't want to bother her and she has in regrets. she opened up about why she turned down the role of rose in the movie the titanic. >> billy was one of the main stars of titanic. >> she said it would be redundant after she starred leo in romeo and juliett so she said nope, i will pass this one. >> so she met billy later on. >> i best she wishes she did
6:51 am
titanic though. >> i have a sinking feeling about the whole thing. >> 6:50. two of the philadelphia's favorite home town sons are planning to hit the road together. >> years after they quick performing together. >> will smith and dj jazzy jeff they are hoping to to begin their tour next summer, smith says two never got the chance to do a full tour because he began to act. last week though smith released his first sing until a decade so now they say next step is they are going on tour. >> i think people would go. >> i think so too especially here in philadelphia a. >> people have grown up in the late 80's, early 90's they would flock to that. they have families and children. >> even people now, i'm sure young ins, they have seen him after but they would probably want to see him on stage. any chance to see will smith, right. >> he was west philadelphia born and raised. >> on the playground where spent most of his days. >> should we stop now. >> i think we should. >> 6:51. >> he looks like an average teen but he suffered from a condition the doctors just don't necessity how to treat.
6:52 am
you probably seen a mild version of it the though every day.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:54. in texas, there is a 12 year-old, who is battling something so rare, doctors have no idea how to street her, and this has happened before in our country because i met a young woman who does this. >> um-hmm. >> she cannot stop sneezing. >> it is just heart breaking. her name is caitlin.
6:55 am
she kneeses up to 20 times a minute, or 12,000 times a day. she cannot even go to school. her parents say that it started american three weeks ago after one of her clarinet lessons, they thought she might be allergic to something but it never went away. six doctors later, they now think it could be just stress. >> it is hard to watch. >> it is not fun a at all. >> anything you talk to her about that irritates her slightly, you can see it just spike and continuous sneezing, you know, it is really easy to trigger. >> i don't care what they do i just want it to stop. >> so the the sneezing causes more stress and just becomes cyclal now. caitlin is trying to stay positive and one thing that
6:56 am
helps her relax is she likes to listen to the beatles. ten years ago i met a young woman from alabama a who was going through the same thing. it had gone on for three years. eventually it stopped but i don't remember how they got it stop. we will ask doctor mike if he has ever seen anything like that. wow. this friday, this friday, isn't it. >> yes. >> solute the military. >> it is military day on fox 29, come down to fourth and market. we will shut down the entire street and of course throw a block party to honor men and with men who serve our country, so come out, join us, we will have have food as well, october 9th, it is this friday from 7:00 to 10:00. >> good idea to bring pictures of the military members of her family. >> come early because it is always pack. >> very crowded. >> big change beginning today, a the at mcdonald's. that may prompt you to get your morning coffee, at mcdonald's, later in the day. ññ
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
two philadelphia police officers banged up after crashing in philadelphia a davis at the hospital. last night seahawks/lions game was close, game was jammed pack with excitement all the way to the bitter end. we've got to show you this.
7:00 am
>> but a place fun for kids is trying to appeal to parents by offering a wider range of beer and wine. and that may be the only way to get me back into that place. i think this is a different story. i'm telling you that is mcdonald's, not the the place i was talking about. >> mcdonald's will have beer and wine. >> no, no. >> hold on. >> one is about chuck e cheese and other is mcdonald's they are all making changes, okay. if you went to bed last night, watching monday night football and thought it was over. >> um-hmm. >> oh, man referees made a big mistakes and the seahawks should not have won the game. we will show you the illegal play that was not caught and it cost detroit lions a victory. >> i don't think they have won yet. >> and then getting dressed for work this morning, you might want to try on something new how about ripped up jeans. >> here's the thing, you see women wearing ripped up jeans, right. >> right.


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