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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 6, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> but a place fun for kids is trying to appeal to parents by offering a wider range of beer and wine. and that may be the only way to get me back into that place. i think this is a different story. i'm telling you that is mcdonald's, not the the place i was talking about. >> mcdonald's will have beer and wine. >> no, no. >> hold on. >> one is about chuck e cheese and other is mcdonald's they are all making changes, okay. if you went to bed last night, watching monday night football and thought it was over. >> um-hmm. >> oh, man referees made a big mistakes and the seahawks should not have won the game. we will show you the illegal play that was not caught and it cost detroit lions a victory. >> i don't think they have won yet. >> and then getting dressed for work this morning, you might want to try on something new how about ripped up jeans. >> here's the thing, you see women wearing ripped up jeans, right. >> right. >> how much is too ripped up
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to wear to the office. is it okay to wear ripped jeans, to your job? >> um-hmm. >> i see some women they are falling off, they are getting giant gash in their jeans. >> you see that at work, going out for cocktails. >> one of our interns has a rip in her jeans right now. we fired her. she gets paid $5 a week. >> a at least, this morning, we're talking about temperatures in the 40's and 50's plus a beautiful sunrise out there. take a look at this picture sent to me on my twitter from geekwitch out of south philadelphia. good morning south philadelphia. predawn shot. sunnies upright now. beautiful conditions. 51 degrees. that is typical this time of the year. it is october. look at 40's showing up pottstown, 43 degrees. forty-four in allentown. we have some 40's in south jersey and delaware, and 46 degrees right now in dover,
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as we take a a look at the that fox cast though you cane temperatures climb, because of that sunshine we are looking at temperatures by noon already at 65 degrees. high temperature by this have afternoon, 73. that is 7 degrees above average. we need light jacket, sweat tore start with. it will be a beautiful day bob kelly, what about the traffic. >> we have had a couple problems so far this morning. 7:02. good morning. delays in and out of the town on the schuylkill expressway, big jam heading south on the roosevelt boulevard. here's a live look at the accident, southbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard, right before you get to the schuylkill expressway. here it is right here only left lane is getting on through and we are bumper to bumper from say broad street all the way down folks trying to get on the schuylkill expressway, you can jump off right below here for kelly drive or leaving the house right at the moment use hunting park avenue to get you past this delay and on to the kelly without any problems. northeast philadelphia,
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heading to work southbound i-95, heavy from academy to girard. morning rush hour is underway, on the northbound side, we had a disable we gave this guy a push off to the girard avenue off ramp from the bottom of the hill there. we have got delaware avenue, frankford a avenue, sugar house casino. northbound i-95 looking good. concord delaware county 322 still closed. we had an overnight accident. they cleared the crash but the accident took down overhead power lines. they are still out there. it is peco power play. use concord road, as the the alternate this morning, coming in from south jersey, 42, 55 freeway, slow go heading in toward whitman. eastbound on the schuylkill, 24 minute trip so far and 42, again, slow go from the black horse pike into approaching the walt whitman though. mass transit looking good. mike and alex, back to you. lets get back to breaking news. two police officers injured in
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the car accident in southwest philadelphia. >> davis over at the hospital, what happened? >> reporter: that is right, we have been following this all day here at hahnemann university hospital where one of those officers, a female officer is being treated for a broken leg. she was joined by members of the 12th district or collogues at 12th district where she works. we will go to video right now. she was banged up front passenger side of that vehicle there as a police suv that crashed on bartram into a tree in southwest philadelphia. this all happen in the 1:00 o'clock hour and has been developing all morning. what we understand is that the driver a male officer also from the 12th district crash in the tree after losing control of that car. no other vehicles were involved. the driver of the vehicle is dealing with head and neck injuries at this time. that officer was taken to presbyterian hospital. the officer in the passenger seat here at hahnemann
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university hospital, police are investigating this trying to find out exactly what had happened, as we are talking with those officers. yes, the accident investigation division was out at the scene looking for evidence, looking for surveillance, police do not have any witnesses because this happened so early and investigators also say they don't know if these officers were going to, into a pursuit or if they were going to a call. in fact, the lights were on at the time but a crash, a look at the video, damage, and that damage was very, very severe but officer and passenger seen dealing with the broken leg, driver dealing with neck pain, back pain, that sort of thing. the case under investigation and a a lot of questions, looking for the answer, guys. >> 7:05. >> we have more breaking news, this one out of north philadelphia, police are investigating a double shooting that claim life of at least one victim. >> lets get to the round
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house. there is steve, what happened. >> reporter: very busy homicide team here almost over work this year they are trying to keep pace and keep an awful count as they do of the number of murders in philadelphia this year now already up to 210 with this latest just before 2:00 in the morning. our video shows car that the two men were in is an older model lexus neatly park on north eighth street. notice license plates, virginia license plate, one dead inside the car where detectives got there, other critical at last update from the doctors. they have spoken to at the hospital. you can see driver's side windows shot out of the lexus and it is parked apparently right in front of the victim family homes. we say that because when we were out there grieving going on, hugging and families showing up and family talking to police about what they knew. the car as you can see park right next to a large parking lot for a pretty new grocery
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store and strip mall with a family dollar and burger king in it. they may have some new surveillance cameras around that parking lot as well and that could give police a look at the shooter either as it happened or as the the shooter was trying to get away because they heard from a witness that he was running toward lehigh avenue a very big, busy road. fill will a now with an 8 percent increase alex and mike in the murder rate over last year at this time when there were 194 people killed and 16 less then they have already at this time. >> okay, steve. police are investigating a car crash in west oak lane that happened last last night shortly after midnight on the 7700 block of theron avenue. the driver, woman in her 30's was hurt and has a broken arm. an 11 year-old child was hurt with cuts to the face. both were taken to einstein hospital. police say a group beat up a driver who mistakenly hit a boy with his car. it happened on the 1200 block of wagner avenue in philadelphia's logan section.
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early yesterday evening, police say a three-year old child ran out, between two cars, into the street and the toddler was then hit by a car, knocked under a parked suv. police say the driver did get out and check on the boy but you when he did a group of men came up and started to beaten him. another group of neighbors stepped into help him. >> he was scared. i guess little by little, i said i'm sorry. >> the child was taken to the hospital in critical condition. no charges have been filed against the the driver, and police are looking for two to three men who attacked the driver who did stop. and a chester county mother is in jail accused of injecting her own 14 year-old daughter with her win. >> jessica lynn rippy was arrested after police got a welfare call to the honey brook home. the 14 year-old daughter and
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16 year-old friend told police her mother provided drugs and helped teens inject the heroin on several occasions. police arrested her boyfriend jamison burn on drug charges. >> she actually was shooting them up. she was tying off their arms with string to raise up the veins and then injecting heroin into their veins. >> i could not imagine in a million year doing something like that to your child. >> rippy is behind bars in jail on $50,000 cash bail, the two teenagers are in the custody of family members. justice finally for a little girl kidnaped and horribly damage in west philadelphia. >> this video from january 2013, and it shows young girl who was five at the time being snatched from her west philadelphia school, woman seen here, cristina regusters. police say later sexually assaulted the girl and left her half name wondering around in upper darby. yesterday that brave little girl, who is now eight years old addressed the court. >> she has been horribly, physically and emotionally
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damaged, yet she testified in front of a judge and a pack courtroom today. >> it was brave little girl who helped police nab her attacker. she remembered a talking bird and weird back door. throughout the trial regusters maintained she had help with this attack. police say it is a lie. regusters was sentenced to 40 years to life. her attorney says they will appeal. all right. 7:10. >> yankees they are hosting wild card game against a astros tonight. >> tonight, yeah. >> they are doing it without a major player. >> cc sebathia. this is really interesting, what do you think of this. the night before the team's first playoff game in three years, the pitcher announced that he would be checking in to rehab for alcohol addiction. so yankees general manager brian cashman a applauded cc for his decision. as foresee bat use he says he hopes that this will make him a better role model especially for children but people are
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saying, wait a minute, you have been dealing with this for quite a while. it is the night before we have started the playoffs, could you put it off two or three weeks. >> that is terrible. >> but apparently there was a situation that precipitated him saying i have to go, right now you. >> yeah. >> this could be a life or death situation, if it comes to the point i need help you have to stop what you are doing. that is why it is a great role model for his kid, you have to step back and take care of you. >> even though he is letting down the team because they are going to the playoffs for the the first time in ten years. >> how do they feel when they won and something unfortunate had happens. >> a apparently something happened. he said i got to go right now. well, c a.m. chancellor is a good player showing his importance to the seahawks with a big punch to the football, boom. it saves the game. no, something illegal happened. i would imagine that the the detroit lions probably would have won this game. did you see what the
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infraction was. nobody did. nobody on either team did. the referees didn't. so lets a's role the play again, cam chancellor it looks like lions will score a touchdown, no, it is a fumble but did you know as an opposing player you cannot then touch the ball and knock it out of of bound. did we stop the the tape too relevant i. infraction on is after this as the ball, that is legal but a player comes over foresee hawks and knocks the ball out of the even zone. we cut it too quickly there. from the ball is bouncing and the player knocks it out of the bound. >> yes. >> so what should have happened. >> here we go. >> that is illegal. the ball should have gone back to the 1 inch line, or 1 yard line let's say, for detroit lions with second ticking off the clock. they have won the game, or kick the field goal to send it
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into overtime. the team got on the bus and just left and after the game, wait a second, that wasn't legal. they should have at least tied the game. >> maybe refs felt like seahawks need that had win after the super bowl. >> no. >> hey, you messed that one. >> seahawks couple years ago they had a weird call like that in that same end zone. >> that is what happened in case you went to bed early and didn't get to see this for monday night football. coastguard believes cargo ship that lost power and got caught up in hurricane joaquin did just break apart and sink. >> coastguard released this video of the life boat most likely from the el faro, two life boats and 46 survival suits were on the ship, officials confirmed human remains were found in one of the suits. twenty-eight americans and five polish nationals were on board. two debris field have been discovered, and search for survivors will continue,
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probably in a few minutes a at first light. coming up at 7:14, callus fifth state to make it legal for terminally ill patient toss end their lives with the use of doctors prescribed medicines. doctor jerry brown signed legislation into law yesterday a after lawmakers passed it in september. this is video from back then. brown noted his decision to sign the bill was personal saying he was want options if faced with those issues in his own life. the law requires to doctors to approve the medication with the patient physically taking the drugs themselves. still opponents say it legalizes premature suicide and puts terminally ill patients at risk for coerce ed death. officials released a statement about a amtrak derailment. officials say that derailment in a remote part of the new england was a result of the rock on the track. there was a rock slide. >> amtrak versace meanter was on its way from vermont to washington d.c. when it crashed in the rock slide. it happened just been rebuilt too as part of the 220 in
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million-dollar program. the governor of vermont says natural rock formation just forced it off the track. it was naturally formed rock slide there. seven people on the train were hurt but luckily in one died. it is exactly 7:15. faculty, staff and students returned back to the umpqua community college in roseberg, oregon. officials say classes will not resume however until next week. grief counselors are also there for support, of course, news media not being allowed back on campus. it was last thursday when that gunman killed nine people before killing himself. well, 7:15. president obama is declaring parts of the south carolina a disaster zone. >> this comes after historic flooding rips through state and claims nine lives. >> in the last hour they have reported three more deaths, so it is up to 12 now, alex. disaster declaration ordered aid to the areas. federal funding will be available to those in charleston, and the surrounding counties. this assistance includes
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grants for home repairs as well as temporary housing for those who really need it. i don't know if i have ever seen anything like it, 17, 18 inches in a day and a half. >> and this many more is coming. >> it is raining right there right now, scott. >> still raining in eastern sections of north carolina and i grew up there, went through hurricane hugo and some folks are saying devastation is worse than that back in 1989. but for us, bought full weather, a a perfect ten out there. bus stop buddy looking at a chilly start, grab that light jacket or sweater, temperatures to start in the 40's and 50's out there. right now in in center city we are looking at 51 degrees, wind are light, at 3 miles an hour, look at the fall chill, pottstown checking in at 43 degrees. forty-four in allentown. forty-seven in trenton. upper 40's in wilmington. forty-six in central sections of delaware, dover 46. forty-six in atlantic city. look at the afternoon high temperatures 73 degrees with
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sunshine, out there don't forget sunglasses if you are stepping outdoors as well. a beautiful sunrise across the the area. so chilly start but a mild afternoon and a nice stretch over the next several days. satellite and radar showing us a lot of sunshine, not a lot of clouds out there, that is because high pressure to the north, here's that disturbing rain still bring showers and clouds to the sections of the carolinas. joaquin heading out to sea and could make a run to europe by upcoming weekend. here is that high pressure system prominent and come event in. joaquin dominant hurricane. 85 miles an hour wind. take a look at the project path that will lose tropical characteristics but weak men to a remnant low and continue to make progress, perhaps towards sections of europe, as early as this weekend. beautiful weather over next several days. we are looking at 73 degrees for the high temperature today. seventy-six on your wednesday, so well above average. lower 70's on thursday, friday
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as fox 29 solutes the military, looking pretty good, clouds increase, maybe late day shower, rumble of thunder, we should clear out and cool down by the upcoming weekend. how is traffic, one. >> hey scott, lots of sun glare up there. here's a live look at the example of the sun glare i-95 in delaware county as you roll northbound from highland up toward commodore barry bridge. pack your shades this morning and be ready for sun glare in the normal spots. sun splashed, benjamin franklin bridge coming into downtown, not that bad through toll plaza but right about here on the upside, is where we start to see the beginning of that volume. tuesday mornings are always nuts, everyone seems to get to the office on a tuesday. monday, maybe a work from home day. but tuesday just seems to be one of the busiest of the five days of the week here in the morning. southbound i-95 heavy from academy through girard. combination of the morning volume and construction. for gang leaving say,
7:19 am
pottstown, collegeville, east on 422, delays with some sun glare coming around your saint gabriel's curve and coming from new jersey north on the freeway put 21 minutes on the clock from the ac expressway into the walt whitman. ninety-five jammo at the moment here 35 minutes from woodhaven, into downtown, and then there is still repairs made here along 322, in concord township, an accident early this morning down wires right here near garnett mine road. best bet from painters cross to go get down to i-95 would be to use concord road for next hour of so. alex, back over to you. well, join us this friday as we solute the troops. it is military day on fox 29. so come on down to fourth and market we will shut down the entire street, we will have have a block party to honor men and women who serve our country. joyous friday, october 9th. this is i great event we love having, every year.
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well, all day breakfast begins at mcdonald's today but will all have of your favorite items be included? this is a big debate on my facebook page right now. you should take a look alex holley fox 29 because something may be missing. here's is what not missing? your lottery numbers.
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three hours from right now, you can stroll into a mcdonald's and in this country, and just sit there and wait, as it passes 10:31, 10:32 and you can just walk up there and say i want breakfast. i don't care if it is past 10:30, i want breakfast. >> and i want it now. they just may give it to you, mike. >> adam, it is finally here, 24 hour breakfast at mcdonald's, if the place is
7:24 am
opened 24 hours. >> yes, how did we ever survive without it. we had canned food, right. the the the mcdonald's, nationwide, 14,300 stores now offering breakfast anytime you want it. in the northeast, in our part of the country as well as the west and most of the 48 -- i'm's getting a little interference but there is most of the country, the mcmuffins popular. in the south it is biscuits that are popular. i will shut up so you can fix this thing. you can have breakfast. hash browns not at all places. >> you cannot get hash browns in some places and we don't know what places will have that and what will not. what is breakfast without hash browns. >> it has to do with the frying and the the passage in shall make any oils. but it has to do with equipment at different restaurant that either don't have the space or they don't have the right equipment because frenchfries in the frying but you also do the
7:25 am
hash browns in. >> yes. >> it is only a few that won't have have the hash browns. >> we have check with the philadelphia mcdonald's and we do have have have the hash browns. >> all is good in philadelphia a. >> yes, is there still new jersey and delaware we will worry about. >> we will make she is calls because it is very important. >> you know, last time i was at chuck e cheese was when my doubters were really small. i thought my head would explode. >> yes. >> the big bears. >> um-hmm. >> yes. >> guess what? now you can get that booze. >> poor kids. >> cher exploring offering wine and beer for at adults. eight years old don't get a wine or beer until they are 21. they have to wait until they are 21. but they are thinking of involving wine and beer at different chuck e cheese stores as a way to reach parents. >> sure to get them through it. >> and to reach millennial moms. >> don't you think you would have a baby-sitter on the menu so parents can have a beer off
7:26 am
to the side and having the kid scream and well while the machine does the work. >> yes. >> all right. that confirms it, i will have more children. >> you are. >> only reason why. >> lovely. >> yes. >> i have been putting it off, i didn't want to to go to the ice shows, disney on ice or chuck e cheese. >> i'm sure your fiance will be happy to hear this. >> did you ever see blades of glory. >> yes. >> i love the the ice contact paids rip off in the evil wizard, very funny, we cannot talk bit because we don't want to scare kid. >> the reason, we love to have you in but lauren simoneti did have her baby, was it yesterday. >> yes. >> do we have a name. >> yes, don't you have the the picture it is ray, who arrived yesterday morning a little will after 11:00 a.m. she came in at 6-pound, 5-ounces. do you have the the picture. >> yes, we are showing it now. >> full head of hair, healthy,
7:27 am
and happy, mom dad and baby are all a dog well. the lets see if that is the case when rae is a teenager many years down the road. >> i will be r-a-y -e. >> r-a-e. >> say it again. >> r-a-e. >> say it again. >> you can call me yah but don't have to call me john. >> r-a-e though. >> yes. >> that is best wishes to her and her family. >> way to go, nicely done. >> we are all very happy for her good she is a lot of fun, nice woman and so is adam. he well, he is a nice man but he has strong feminine side. >> and you will get kids. >> we thought were you gone, we were talking about you. >> bye, adam see you tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow. 7:27. a drug that saved so many lives will now be sold at a major retail drugstore. why some people are not happy
7:28 am
about this. it involves heroin. >> it is getting chilly out there so what do you wear for day, night or casual happy hour or what about to work? jen, people are saying they are wearing ripped jeans. >> reporter: mike on my facebook page says he hates ripped jeans. tell me what you think. we are talking about date night looks and happy hour and by the way, hi, your mom says hi, lots of moms here that want to say hi to their kid. come on right back we are in bryn mawr.
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it is 7:31. are you or is someone you know, addicted to shopping? i know people looking at each other in their kitchens right now, the seven signs that your retail habit may be a problem? we will break down those seven signs, see if you are addict. and then there is hope sports fans, flyers will soon take the the ice, and our chris murphy is getting flyered up the at wells fargo center and maybe to save us all. >> is that howard eskin in the front. >> no. >> this is jake, thinks wayne, this is claude. hey jake are the flyers going to have a good season. >> yes. >> claude, are you going to be the best player this year, in the nhl. yes. wayne, are you going to rock it again. >> yes. >> totally. >> had hey, coming up we will
7:32 am
preview flyers season, forget the eagles flyers season starts this week, guys. >> you got it, chris, we will check back with them. >> they have new merchandise that is kind of cool will this year too. we will go through it all. >> let's do it. >> good morning to you. >> hi, i have to tell you this because people eat cheerios, before you pour that bowl of cheerios you better check the box. >> because there has been a recall, general mills is recalling 1.8 million gluten free boxes of cheerios and honey nut cheerios because they may contain wheat and put people at wheat al-zawahiri geese a at risk. for more information on the recall head to fox we will put recall right there on our home page. well, good news for the wawa lover in all of us. they are bringing back the credit card. um-hmm. the the wawa card. it can be used on any food, wawa item, at any location, and you can fill up your tank with gasoline and you will really see savings apparently. customers who use credit card
7:33 am
to buy gasoline will save 5 cents a gallon, up to 100 gallons per month. how about that. >> nice. >> we're all over as far as retail. cvs is expanding easier access to anti overdose drugs. >> the the new jersey and pennsylvania will now ab monk 12 states where it will be available over the the counter. now lauren johnson, some consider this to be a little controversial. >> that is right, the the drug known as narcan is used for those who overdose on drugs such as heroin. under cvs policy you can order the drug at pharmacies and it will be available the next day. the critics say prescription free availability goes a little too far and it only provides a crutch to addicts but supporters say this drug saves lives and that family members need to have it if a loved one struggles with a drug addiction. >> they need on get educated on this medicine and learn that this is a medicine that saves lives and if you are a family member or somebody with a heroin addiction, please go out and get yourself narcan
7:34 am
and keep tonight your house because you never know when you will use it. >> someone overdosees, it must be administered within minutes. first responders from new jersey are already equipped to use the the drug according to the cdc. rate of heroin overdose deaths in the u.s., mike and alex, has triple since 2010. now it is a big discussion people are asking is it a life safer or an enabler? >> yeah, yeah, almost an epidemic in the high schools. >> right. >> excuse me. >> thank you. 7:34. >> bob killie somebody. >> bob kelly, why don't you do some traffic. >> lets do some traffic. >> we are looking live, at an accident in glenn olden, glenn olden avenue at willow way. it looks like it is actually in a parking lot, maybe parking lot of an apartment complex there. it looks like we have had a couple cars, a concrete blocks there. i'm not sure if this is an accident that started out on the roadway or maybe some sort of domestic dispute.
7:35 am
it looks like a tow truck in the middle there but police just pulled up to the scene and we got sky fox over the scene as well, again, this is in glenn olden, we will figure it out and bring you an update throughout the morning. or wise if you are stepping out of the front door pack your shades with some sun glare all around on i-95, schuylkill expressway, as well as, there you go, there is i-95 northbound, from say highland avenue, up through the commodore barry bridge. look at the benny already backup stack and pack here all four lanes from the tolls up and over into downtown at eighth and vine. i-95 southbound coming toward our camera here heavy from cottman into center city. sun glare, delays on 422 heading out of the collegeville heading in toward king of prussia, much better day to day, no delays at philly international and mass transit looking good as well. mike and alex, back to you. >> that sky fox shot looks like police activity. >> it is some sort of domestic
7:36 am
situation there in that apartment complex which we're looking at parking lot of what looks like a parking complex. we have a lot of police there. >> they are boxing somebody in. >> yes, exactly. >> look at the officer standing there, on that blue door that looks like an unmark car, you are right. this could be something not accident related, some or the of police activity. >> they are trying to block pick up from getting out. >> police on the scene. local world war two veteran just took a trip of the lifetime to the nation's capitol. >> it is all part of the honor flight philadelphia, they do this every now and then, one of our camera people is very involved with this, george roach. this was the the group's largest under taking yet, free bus trip, to arlington national cemetery, and major war memorials courtesy of our sponsor parx casino, for 200
7:37 am
vets. they paid tribute to the fallen and honored for their military service. crowd of hundreds was there waiting for them when they return, boy talk about a hero's welcome. it was really nice. speaking of that, friday. >> yes, we will solute troops because it will be military day on fox 29. so come on down to fourth and market we will shut down the entire street and throw a block party to honor men and women serve our country, again this friday october 9th from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. we hope to see you there. >> please bring pictures of the loved ones who are serving or who have served.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. thursday and an away game. a a lot of people are described, and, after a 17 year career in the nhl. that is a long, long career. so what has life been like after retirement? for a man who is also celebrating his birthday today. >> happy birth the day danny. hey chris, what is up.
7:41 am
>> hey, briere's birthday today, happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> what will you do on your birth the day. >> spend the day with the kid. usually i'm on the road somewhere. i get to celebrate a birthday with the kid. >> how old. >> fourteen, 16, 17. >> wow, you are busy. >> sometimes. >> are they happen that i dad just retired. >> they are happy for the most part unless we start talking about school and homework. >> reporter: when kids were born were you very actively in the nhl and whole lives you have been a nhl player. >> especially last two years being away was tough. it is fun to be back home with them. >> reporter: we have mentioned your retirement. you have a retirement night here at wells far go center coming up. >> it is a amazing. this is home too for me so to have it here at home, in front of my family, my friends and all of the fans that i have, so many great memories here in this building it is cool. >> this building rocks. >> that retirement night for danny will be on the 27th of october. we also have other retirement night, november 17th, with
7:42 am
simon gagne. >> that is right. >> you played with him. >> i played with simon. we played a lot of games together on the same lines, my first goal, playing with him, so it is a a lot of good memories too. >> you played with kimmo. >> i played with kimmo my whole time. we came in the the same year, same summer and all my six years with the flyers was with kimmo. >> kimmo timonen retirement night is coming up on october 14th. what else is going on this year that you are excited about. we have a new gm and new coach both with the name hextall, hacks stahl. >> makes it simple for everyone. i'm exited to see what the new coach, new system. i could tell training camp just watching the guys there is jump. guys were practicing, getting ready with a little bit more intensity because everything is different. new coach. you want to impress right away. they want to make sure they have their spot in the line up. >> we didn't make playoffs last year. >> that is another reason. you have to be ready to go. >> this year we're ready to go, opening night this monday, mike.
7:43 am
if i remember correctly too, opening night, the night before, my first day on air, you took me here, late, thanks, man. that was an auspicious start on air. >> there was no sheep involved that night. >> that is usually how your nights always end up. >> we started on the orange line. >> did danny briere look great, happy birth the day to danny. >> very well rested. >> great guy too. >> 7:43. jen fred will tell us what you need to consider shopping for those fall fashions. >> hey jen, al-zawahiri ex, we started a question today on the air. can your jeans be too ripped, to wear to work. >> we are going to serve that problem. >> we will solve that after after this we will hang out with the owner, here, lady boutique owners getting together we will have have some fun. come on back we will talk about ripped jeans you could wear to work.
7:44 am
we love, love,
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coming on this tuesday morning, we are taking a live look right now at trenton, new jersey. the beautiful conditions. a lot of sunshine out there, it is chilly out there, to start, so grab a light jacket, you will shed that by this afternoon. also grab shade because you can see the sun, it is a a shining. weather by numbers scale of
7:47 am
one to ten a perfect ten to take. we are looking at beautiful weather, area wide. take a look at this sunrise earlier in the first state, you can see in delaware looking pretty good. center city right new lower 50's. there is that cool fall chill, it is even chillier north and west, pottstown, checking in at 43 degrees. forty-four a allentown. forty-six at the ac international airport, mid 40's right now you in dover, as well. so as we take a look at that tuesday planner, by lunch, mid 60's. 73 degrees. that is your high temperature by this afternoon. wet are authority seven day forecast shows that high 73 degrees, above average, even warmer by wednesday, and lower 70's looking good on thursday, and friday, cloud, start to increase, a frontal boundary a approaches, looking a at scattered showers and rumble have of thunder but should be out by week end. cooler temperatures saturday, 66, upper 60's on sunday looking good for tailgating
7:48 am
and football. bob, how is traffic. >> we have this situation we have been following here. 7:48. we are looking live from sky fox over the scene of obviously a police situation along glenn olden avenue in glenn olden where there is a a number of police vehicles push in with cars that were park in what looks like an apartment complex. a lot of times police try to serve warrants early in the mornings in order to catch some of the folks by surprise. not sure what the actual situation is but there is a a lot of police activity on glenn olden avenue in glenn olden. we will or it the out and keep you up to date throughout the morning. lets go outside to the major roadway, jammo on i-95 from the delaware state line all the way up through the commodore barry bridge. the tuesday mornings is always a busy one and we will throw in sun glare but no complaints because it is warming us up, but slowing us down. up and over bennie, stacked and pack from the tolls into downtown at eighth and vine. we're moving no real accidents
7:49 am
on the majors at the moment but just a a lot of volume during this, seven -- second half of the 7:00 o'clock hour. ninety-five south heavy in the city, half an hour north on the freeway from the expressway, all the way into the walt whitman. forty-two minutes on the clock out of northeast philadelphia, and we still have power lines, being work on route 322. anyone coming out of the concord township that 322 is main drag to get you into 95 here. we are still making repairs. use concord road or work your way down 452 as you come through aston. coming from the burbs, 422, that heavy from collegeville, all the way into king of prussia a we are looking good on mass transit and in delays today at the airport. mike and alex, back to you. >> 7:49. we have been asking this question all morning everyone knows they like to wear jeans with all of the holes in it but is it okay to wear to work though. >> look at these jeans. i have been looking up ripped
7:50 am
jeans pictures. might as well shorts. look at all of the rip age there. they are very white. and i saw a pair of jeans for $950 all ripped up. >> all ripped up. >> yes. >> let's ask jen because jen, some women want to be able to wear these to work. >> women want to wear to it work. the first of all say hi to jordan winter, good morning. you are the owner of rowan in narberth and we are here. this is what i love a all of the boutique owners here getting together. we talk about these jeans. could you you wear a pair of jeans like this to work. >> yes. >> well, it depend. how do you know if you can. >> you have to ask your boss. >> i love it. >> pennsylvania maybe a casual day. >> maybe on a friday. >> maybe. >> we have a bunch of looks here and we're talking about taking your work look and trans sixthing it into happy hour. >> right. >> how does this work. why is this good for happy hour and work. >> this is good because is
7:51 am
there a flirty shift drug from rowan and a k nit witt blazer and it is cool and it has cool designs. it has necklacees that are layered which give it a sparkle for the night and transitional work to happy hour, or date, which is fun and tote bag with fringe from rowan. >> i love it. that is cool. i think that would work. she's on fire. everybody is talking about her. she looks adorable. >> right. >> yes. >> that is same type of jean but not ripped also from rowan. >> why did you pick that one. >> they are a great blue dark solid, clean jean thaw can wear to work, you can wear outside. it is just great. >> as we wrap up, one thing i wanted to show mike is that jean why did you pick that jean from rowan. >> great jean, great for all ages because you can get rip distressed laid back effect without showing your skin. >> yes. >> not as cold. >> right. >> they are good. >> i love it all, it is
7:52 am
awesome, i love that we have blended two boutiques, way to go, girl friend. back to you guys. again, this is cute. >> it is cute. >> i like the look. >> but when you see more leg then jean. >> that is when it is a little bit more difficult. >> it gets difficult. >> who wants breeze blowing up on your pants. >> it could be fun. >> you or someone you know addict to what we just saw there, shopping. >> so is there seven signs your retail habit the may be a a problem, and we will tell you those signs right have after the break. >> alex, you may have a problem. >> mike. >> nick jonas is on the show today. >> we will put him in the hot seat. we will ask him about his career and scream queen but we really want to know who is he dating? you heard kate hudson rumors. are they true?
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
♪ >> addicted to love ♪ >> 7:55. certainly a a lot of us are addicted to love, i believe i a a.m. >> oh, are you. >> oh, yeah. >> thing is, i'm addict to shopping. >> which is worse. >> there is a new tool to help you and your doctor to figure out if you have a problem when it comes to shopping too much. >> let's take a shopping dixon test. >> are you ready? >> gentlemen. >> we think about shopping a addiction, in terms have of a obsessive compulsive disorder, washing your hand and everything. is there more evidence that this is actually an addiction and you can take this test right the now. >> how many questions are on the test. >> seven questions. >> do it real quickly. and what you do is if you agree or completely agree, then you put a check. all right. number one, you think about shopping or buying things all the time. >> what do you mean about all the time. >> well, a lot of times. >> every day. >> every day. >> every day. >> you put agree, completely agree or leave it blank. >> you shop or buy things in
7:57 am
order to change your mood. i think that was in sex and the city, you buy you something that makes you feel better. okay, number three. you shop or buy, so much, that it negatively effects your daily obligations. the. all right. next. number four, you feel that you have to shop or buy, all right, more and more to get the same satisfaction as before? >> man, you are really in trouble. >> agree, completely agree or leave it blank. >> next, you have decided, you have tried to shop less, but. been able to. you have a problem. >> yeah. >> all right. next, one more, you feel bad if you're prevented from buying things. so alex, you want that purse. you cannot get it today
7:58 am
because you have to work and you really get upset. >> or you are out of money number seven, you shop or buy so much that it has impaired your well-being. >> all right. now, if you answered yes or agree or completely agree to four of those things, then you, my friends, are addicted to shopping. >> one, two, three, four, five, i have seven disagrees. >> you are off the hook. >> i have three. >> if you are out there. >> i might be but it is sometimes. >> complete lay agree. >> change my moody do, if it is a bad day. sometimes something new cheers me up a little bit. >> what can we do about it. >> get help. >> i mean, see a doctor. it can lead to depression. it can even lead to death. so if you are out there and your loved one is doing this you need to have a talk with
7:59 am
them and try to deal witt as a real medical condition. >> you can probably see a specialist. >> yes. >> sure. >> before you get out of here, kit cat kline in the control room, roll the tape of this girl. >> she's sneezing over 20 times in a minute. >> yeah. >> 12,000 times a day. >> i saw this story when we aired it last night. the thing is, could it be allergies, could it be medication, could it be different things? i will tell you what i think it is something called a conversion disorder where it is from stress. i think this young lady gets stress and by the way between nine and 15 years of age is when you see things like this when someone gets stressed out and they have a physical response to that. if they've val waited or cat scans and all kinds of allergy tests and it is all negative, it is a conversion disorder. >> just started three weeks
8:00 am
ago. somebody mentioned pandas. >> pan a a as. >> no, not the bear, but periods in between. >> yes, it might be. but i think it is a conversion disorder. >> how do you treat it, less stress. >> she needs to be treated, hopefully she will grow out of it. >> scarring her won't work. >> no. >> thanks, doctor mike. good day, tuesday october 6th, 2015. your a's fired. over a facebook photo. a man is in hot what the they are morning. why his comment led to big backlash and why the boy's mother is responding. are you getting ready to eat some breakfast? not so fast. millions of boxes of cheerios are being recalled, people at risk right now. um-hmm.
8:01 am
and, put on your sneakers and then put on a ball gown. fashion trend that everyone is cashing in on. why you may want to trade in those heels for some chucks. >> ♪ >> and nick jonas is on "good day philadelphia" this morning. we know he can sing but what is next for his acting career? we will find out at 9:30. is he really dating kate hudson? >> ♪ >> change for your love. >> yes. >> shaping and everything else. >> yes. >> it can hurt. >> really. >> do you want to get something off your chest. >> yes. >> the squad is ready to go again. here we go. >> it is looking good out there. >> fantastic. >> you can see folks out and about at fourth and market. they have light jackets,
8:02 am
sweaters on but it is a pretty nice day. we have sunshine out there. >> more than just a nine but a ten. >> lets look at that scale, going up, going up. it is a terrific tuesday. the it is chilly. bus stop buddy is dressed for the 40's, 50's out there this morning. looking north and west, 46 pottstown. fifty right now in wilmington. upper 40's in atlantic city. chilly to start. that sunshine will warm us up rapidly. mid 60's by lunchtime and what about 73 degrees bob kelly. that will be a high temperature of 3 degrees above average, it is traffic average this morning. >> not at all, things have been going crazy in the last had half an hour. here's an accident on the westbound schuylkill expressway, it just happened as scott was telling us to weather. i had focused on sun glare shot on the eastbound side as you can see right there. this is eastbound schuylkill between king of prussia and gulph mills and then look at
8:03 am
this fellow here rear ending the guy here on the westbound side approaching king of prussia so westbound on the schuylkill expect that is with the crash. the eastbound there is wicked sun glare this morning. south on i-95, heading down towards girard. nothing out of the ordinary there. so south on the boulevard, heavy from broad street down to the schuylkill we had an early morning accident, bad start there but schuylkill rug slow in both directions. watching us down the the shore just outside sea isle an accident at route 47. the mass transit looking good. no delays a at the airport. mike and alex, back over to you. two police officers were injured in the car accident early this morning, happening around 2:00 a.m. at the bartram avenue in southwest philadelphia a2 office are lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree. driver was taken to presbyterian for neck and back injuries and passenger was taken to to hahnemann with the broken leg. police have not said if the officers are responding to a call or if their lights or
8:04 am
sirens are on. we will update you on that story. after a short rainfall and flood waters, tear through south carolina president obama signs a disaster declaration. it will give aid to the effected area federal funding will be a available for those in charleston and surrounding counties. the assistance includes grants for home repairs and temporary housing for those who need it. >> twelve people lost their lives since that rain began, 17, 18 inches in south carolina in some areas. of course, all of the different meteorologists on a national level went down there to assess the damage and forecast what joaquin, the the hurricane was doing. one of them was al rooker a very famous weather guy. he likes to take selfies. he takes a bunch of them every single day. he took this. you have to remember what location you are in. he is apologizing for this selfie, because people thought it was insensitive because he is laughing, smiling with people with disaster in the background. >> you can even see a car
8:05 am
there. >> yes. >> ruble there. >> so, couple of his collogues there and they got to thinking well, the story is over, we are about to go home and have a good time. he says you are absolutely correct. a will pol guys for being insensitive. would the man in that car got out without injury. we should not have been in the the picture in the first place. >> he delete that had original tweet. >> yeah. >> he is a nice guy, i'm sure he is really upset about this. >> i'm sorry for those who i a fended who lost so much. >> seemingly innocent picture on facebook goes viral, for all of the wrong reasons. >> we will show you the picture. so many people say it is, and it is racist, you can see the atlanta based marketing firm. little boy is his co-worker a's son. there is a reason they are calling it racist. is it because of the comments, lauren. >> that is exactly happened. >> it wasn't the the post but all that came with it after
8:06 am
that post went up. man in the picture, girard roth has lost his job. he posted picture without a caption on to his face book page. he made it his profile picture. his facebook friend started commenting racially charged things. some hard to repeat. one person asked if he was the three-year old's slave owner. he commented saying little will caden jenkins was sterile when asked about wild kid roping the office. he said it was all taken out of context. child's mother says she's heart broken toe people bashing her child. >> i feel upset, not only with myself, but also with a character that was based off of the comments on my friends. >> people posting and it gets taken a completely different way. i don't believe any of these people were joking. >> the company's president called the post disgusting and said roth was fired for an unrelated reason.
8:07 am
boy's mother whom you various saw there says she's happen that i roth no longer works there go fund me page has been he set up to establish a college fund for little will kayden. that is the good news. man has this story taken off on social media. >> the guy needs new friends. >> really. >> he might have posted that necessary eventually. >> and then his creepy friend started talking racist. >> only reason he used that picture was it was last picture in his phone. so he load that had one up there didn't put any comments on it and then flood of comments started to come from his friends on facebook. >> i'm sure they thought they were funny but it wasn't funny >> his response was absolutely inappropriate. >> he learned his lesson. >> the child gets a college education. >> maybe so, lot of money out of that. >> lauren, thank you for that. >> check your cheerios box right now there is a major recall. >> general mills is recalling 1.8 million gluten free boxes
8:08 am
of cheerios and honey nut cheerios because they may contain wheat and people with wheat allergies at risk. for more information on the recall and what specific boxes, head to our web site fox 29 to the come and put recall right there on our home page. >> i have a stupid question. the the o's in cheerios are oaths, right. >> yes. >> there is wheat in there. >> yes. i thought there was wheat anyway. >> this is gluten free. they have been having commercial about gluten free cheerios. so i'm sure people were excited about this. >> all wheat taken out but there is some wheat in it. >> they didn't get it all out. >> maybe next time. >> lets get it out. kardashian controversy, here we go again, all kim apparently wanted to be was pregnant. so why is she complaining now? why she's calling it her worst experience of her life. yes, she said that. >> being a mother, being pregnant. >> quincy, we will talk about that later. >> yeah, guys 61st annual
8:09 am
thrill show is going on, this saturday and we will show you some tricks and maybe i'll hop on coming up.
8:10 am
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8:12 am
whatever. ♪ >> yes, thinks the temple university diamond band, at the art museum steps. >> now why would they be on the art museum steps looking down on to the parkway. >> because they are getting ready for folks to run up those rocky steps and this, of course, is what you have to play. >> they are not the just any people folks. get your eyes out there start looking down parkway because a few minutes ago from love park, three of the famous u.s. women's soccer team are doing their own version of the rocky run. we have alex morgan. >> julie johnson. >> and shanon box. they are all in town, for thousands of people. welcome to philadelphia a
8:13 am
forbes under 30 summit which has turned into a very successful event. >> run is 1 mile long so they are start agent love park and they are heading to the art museum. you have to have a big finish running up those rocky steps and go out there with their arms up, mike, rocky pose. >> now for a 1 mile run should take about let's say casually seven minutes. >> for me, 20. so scott, the minute we see them we will interrupt them. >> for me if i can even make it. >> it sound good. band sound good as well. the weather, it is, perfect for a run, a little cool to start out there. you may want a a layer or two but shed ago this because we are looking at highs in the 70's, for most. 53 degrees right now, sunshine out there, quiet conditions. wind north/northwest at 5 miles an hour. so really in problems whatsoever. it is chilly though. take a look across the board, we have 40's on the map. 46 degrees right now in pottstown, we are looking at upper 40's in atlantic city.
8:14 am
fifty in dover right now. milder though as we move toward lewis, rehoboth beach, temperatures closer to the water temperatures in some locations. take a look brigantine in the lower 50's. we have 45 degrees in medford lakes and you can see 40's moving north and west. 403 in doylestown. cool conditions to start but we will warm up rapidly. take a a look at this by noon temperatures around 65. have your lunch outdoors. as far as conditions across the area, 73 degrees. high in center city. high down the shore a sultry 71. pocono mountains looking good at upper 60's for a high. seven day forecast shows ten over next several days. next rainfall chance friday into early saturday. >> scottie, 8:14. fire fighters just pulled up to the scene of this accident, westbound on the schuylkill expressway right before 202. look at the guys front end here all bunched up.
8:15 am
obviously rear ended that jeep off to the shoulder. but the accident is westbound right before you get to king of prussia we are bumper to bumper from conshohocken on out to the accident scene. a crash east on the pennsylvania turnpike right here near downingtown interchange. some sun glare and delays along the the bypass, leaving downingtown heading up in to king of prussia a outbound 295, watch for a crash approaching the black horse pike, down into south jersey, and we have, and, the rest of us and wells fargo center. we saw chris's shot down there getting ready for hockey on thursday but wrestling tonight down there in south philadelphia a. and is there a live look at i-95 south from cottman through girard. mike and alex, back to you. runners are on their way. they started a at love park. they have a lot of friend, don't they. >> everyone coming to the forbes under 30 summit who woke up this morning to do this. >> highlight stars of this particular pack of runners, three of our u.s. women's
8:16 am
soccer players. >> i'm sure they are in the front. >> right there leaving the pack to the left of the screen. >> we have got your alex morgan, right. >> shanon box. >> excuse me, shanon box and come on, i challenge you to come up with the third one. come on. >> tell me mike. >> that is exactly right, it is julie johnson. >> these people are way out of the pack. >> so, soon they will be arriving at the rocky steps. >> yes, to help them. >> it is the diamond band. >> excuse me. >> temple diamond band. >> the temple owls are four and zero for first time since 1974. home coming thinks weekend. maybe scott will give us a weekend home coming forecast for saturday. they will play two -- seriously. >> can someone get this man a drink. >> the tulane green wave and we did find out that the notre
8:17 am
dame game, how big will this game be is october 31st at the link. temple/notre dame. >> that is a big game. >> we need to pack that stadium for our temple owls. >> has temple ever beaten notre dame? scott, could you look that up. >> i love you. >> wonder if sue told scott about sue google when she left. >> lets get to quincy. people are saying, hero thrill show will take place this saturday and these tricks i have to close my eyes. >> i know, scares the heck out of me. >> we're with the highway patrol drill team. if you necessity anything about the hero thrill show they do an amazing job. i'm's here with the ceo jimmy binz, how are you doing. >> thanks very much for coming up and covering this. it is saturday october 10th which will be the 61st annual consecutive annual hero thrill show here in philadelphia. >> you guys raise money for fallen fire fighters and fallen police officers as
8:18 am
well. >> yes we put their children through college. that his what we do. this is my tenth year as president. during my tenure we have put three children of chuck cassidy through college. we have put the son of gary skerski through college, young are sister who is in college. we have put john's son through college and we have timothy simpson in the the pipeline, two are seniors in school now, terence and samantha. so, it is one the of the most worthwhile endeavors a person could be involved in and ticket are $10 a piece. >> definitely. it is going on this saturday. >> i have jim trainer. you are my guy. last year i liked it. how long have these guys train. >> for several weeks. we had to work around a little bit of everything this year. most men on the team are veterans so they do very well, in order to get acclimated back into this style of riding.
8:19 am
so, yes, the fact that we would be starting you out with a minor stunt this year, this year we have something planned for you and we think you you graduated. >> we have to take it the to the next level. >> yes. >> last year, oh, can i hop on a met or ike will. >> yes. >> this year you are ready. you have been working out. you look great. i can tell. >> you are led i to go. >> next hour, guys, i will jump in with the the thrill show. >> i'm going to be the the thrill in the thrill show, okay, next hour i'm hopping in with those guys. >> good luck with that. >> lets get out to the parkway, rocky steps, we have our three very good athletes from the u.s. soccer teams. >> they have their arms up. they are probably tired. >> don't make fun. >> three of those are soccer players. staff. >> look at that. now they are dancing. there we go. somebody had their arms up.
8:20 am
that is how you do it. we need someone from philly to get them up on the rocky steps. >> julie johnson, shanon box, alex morgan. >> let's bring up some pictures. >> she's the brunette. >> i only know carli lloyd. >> she's our hometown girl. >> she threw out the first pitch at mets/phillies game other night. i told her not to do it. he did it anyway. i haven't even any footage. can you find footage of carli lloyd throwing out that first pitch. >> they all made it. >> hi, good for you. >> yeah. >> 8:20. baby blues we know moms can suffer from depression while pregnant but what about dads? why expecting fathers are also at risk. but first, all right a shark over the weekend in ocean city. on the streets of ocean city.
8:21 am
should we be scared or should we be laughing.
8:22 am
8:23 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
8:24 am
jim nevel just tweeted me, she has red on. >> she has red on. >> julie is a blonde. >> all right. >> so, that is helping us out a little bit. >> they are probably staring at all three of them. there goes jared. this alex morgan. >> they are cuties, right. >> they are in town. >> so shanon must be in the middle will there. >> today is the lasso oh, no, tomorrow. >> yes, through tomorrow have afternoon. a lot of stuff going on in the convention center. >> um-hmm. >> more than 2,000 attendees. >> all right. i don't know if you saw this or not, but hold onto yourself if you live in the ocean city a area. >> hold on to myself so like this. >> hug yourself. >> i do it all weekend. >> anyway, you know work all
8:25 am
of the flooding down the shore. >> yes. >> you never know what might come out of the ocean. on the streets of the ocean city, look at this. oh, my goodness. >> what? >> son posted, a great white shark. well, first of all it is not a great white but a blue you shark if it is a shark a at all. >> so, this is in west ocean city, no. so here's the the problem. >> is it a a shark though. >> what do you think, folks? is this something you can weigh in on facebook, don't you think. >> i think so, is it on your facebook page. >> it is. >> what is my facebook name? mike jerrick fox 29. >> why don't you you go there and look at it and repost and share. >> thanks, bob kelly. >> here's the trouble with this is, when he gets to the other side of the road it goes out and goes into the the
8:26 am
house. >> maybe. >> that is where the string was coming from. >> i don't know. >> someone tried to trick us. >> i don't know, it could be real. >> okay. >> hey chris murphy, what is up my brother. >> but this, guys is the hockey socky, it is kind of fun. thinks new item they have at fan zone if you are a flyers fan. how about this we have new 76ers jerseys, and the ugly sweater for ladies this year, they have the mens ugly sweater. come back to the fan zone and come back for new food after the break.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
merrill streep blasted, why the actress is in hot water
8:30 am
for wearing this. and what about this? >> ♪ >> oh, would you welcome the idea of will smith, in concert? yeah, he is dropping some hints there. when he reportedly wants to go on tour and of course, he has toably somebody with him. who do you think that will be. >> jada a. >> well, she does have a rock ban. >> what about the kid? >> well, willow with my hair back and forth. >> yes. >> so, hockey season business to start. way we feel about the eagles, it business time. >> we are excited about this because with the the new season comes new flyers merchandise. >> and new food. >> my goodness. >> headless horseman. >> so, here's the deal, guys, i'm with tyler zigler and he is the head of the pr stuff
8:31 am
for the marketing fan zone. >> yes. >> thank you. >> we have got some exciting new stuff. >> we do. >> should i step out. >> you can show most exciting one. >> we will get to the food in a minute. what am i wearing, tyler. >> it is the hockey socky. >> go on. >> so, it comes with the back trap thaw can open up for easy convenience, and it is warm to beat in the in middle of the winter. >> for all of the couch potatoes watching what better way. we have other cool stuff, we have sixers, jahlil on the team. he will be great. >> these are new jerseys. >> yes. >> this is a away blue and home whites and alternate reds as well for this year. one of the biggest things is we tried to add tons of licensees, we have rocky balance boy a, bleacher creature with the flyers hat. >> yo, you have to cut me,. >> we have a female version.
8:32 am
and on top of the mens as well. >> so tyler, thank you. >> you know what this place is in the only fun to rome around but also fun to smell. richard you are executive chef with aramark. these are new food items this year. >> we spent time focusing on our barbecue concept. custom made smoker put n you can see that at our barbecue stand. >> go ahead. >> what we have here is bacon beer cheese. >> bacon beer cheese. >> elbow macaroni, carmelized onions, slow smoked brisket and garnish. >> that is so good. >> what about eating this in your seats watching the game. >> easily convenient in the plastic to go cup. they have choice to do pork or chicken. >> what is this? >> one of my focus has been our sandwiches. this is the special. it is slow smoked brisket, vermont cheddar and house made house gravy. >> last but not least. >> it is a slow roast pork.
8:33 am
hand tied in house, slow roasted, sharp provolone and long hot on a roll. >> you you can only find these items in these locations. >> it is available in concession. it doesn't matter what ticket you have. >> so forget, hot dogs, and nachos. you guys have stepped up the food game. >> that has been my focus since coming here trying to up our concession stand and our premium areas. >> this is phenomenal food, alex. i know how much you love to eat. yes, alex holley, will bring something back for you. >> that is what i'm talking about. >> by the way, mack/cheese is insane. this is so good. >> it looks good. >> so, save some right now. >> wait, wait, wait, richard, you didn't just do this for us. are they go to go get this much meat when they he buy this. >> yes. >> pork or chicken. >> you have to get down here just for the food alone. >> i am already coming, trust me. >> thank you so much, chris. >> what do you think, scott.
8:34 am
>> i am in. we need smell-o-vision that food looked good. weather by the numbers in the scale of one to ten. how about we go to the top of the scale. it already will be a perfect ten a cool start. look at the numbers 53 degrees. wind are light. still chilly. we have 40's on the board. forty-eight in atlantic city. 46 degrees right now in pottstown. so cool conditions to start with those temperatures rapidly starting to warm up, we are looking at numbers by lunchtime, take a look at this, 65 degrees. lets talk about the a area wide forecast. center city 73 degrees, nice fall breeze down the shore. upper 60's in the pocono mountains. those leaves have begun to change colors. that seven day forecast shows a pair of ten's over next several days and then take a look at friday into early saturday a front moves through, maybe an early saturday morning shower but looks good for tailgating, and then, also sunday at the link, it is columbus day that is on monday of next week.
8:35 am
>> busy weekend there. >> good morning, everybody. getting ready for a bridge opening. tacony palmyra, separate opening at 8:45. grabbing your coffee, keys, heading out front door betsy ross is your best bet because we will go in shut down mode on both sides there. we have sun glare coming eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, finally made its way up and over tree line so we are heavy from conshohocken on in. we have an earlier accident westbound out near king of prussia, causing a backup from the boulevard all the way out to kop. and then for gang in south jersey for shaders, delays, along route 73, keep in mind that tacony palmyra that opening up at 8:45. use betsy ross, delays south on 295 because of an accident near the black horse pike and out in downingtown, eastbound on the turnpike an accident near the downingtown interchange. mike and alex, back to you. did you hear 50cent verse empire. >> rapper is calling out the hit show but now he is having
8:36 am
to defend himself after a certain post on instagram. >> i didn't mean what i posted. how many times have i done that.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
♪ >> he's the dj. i'm the the rapper. can anybody hear me ♪ >> will smith says he and dj jazzy jeff are planning a world tour, for next summer. >> he has recorded over two dozen new tracks and he has about six that he really loves. >> so philly's fresh prince says he is still trying to find his voice after being away from the studio for ten years. >> ten years. >> here's the the question if will smith would bring his tour would you go? would you buy ticket. >> i believe people would especially around here for sure. >> yes, we have to support.
8:40 am
>> he still has got it. >> let's talk about 50cent because he is backtracking after repost continuing an instagram post that many consider homophobic. >> i saw this when he posted it yesterday morning he was attempting to take a jab at empire. ongoing beef with the creators and stars, claiming the show is a rip off of his show that he is an executive producer for called power. he said the show in ratings from the season opener. he said, he didn't realize that the post that he repose ted also blamed that dis on the gay stuff. >> too many gay characters and too much gay stuff. >> so, he removed it from his instagram, 50 says he didn't notice home owe comments before repose continuing it and representative says comments were not a reflection of his views at all. >> oh, little misunderstanding. >> why don't you read it before you post it. don't you check it, read it. >> you have to read it before you post. >> you don't do that, mike.
8:41 am
>> no, i have learned my lesson, because, who invented the typewriter keyboard? staff? okay. somebody is looking that up as we speak. >> okay. >> ibm. >> yes. >> let's see here. speaking of have that, people want an update on my burger king. >> on your bm. >> nothing to report yet. >> nothing to report yet. >> i'm starting to get nerve us one guy on twitter said it will take years before that comes through. >> okay. >> anyway, it looks like something i was going to look up. see on a keyboard i and o are right next to each other. other day i wanted to say hi to someone. if you hit the h-o instead of the h-i and they are right next to each other and post that back to somebody. >> what did you call me that for. >> so, what happened.
8:42 am
>> i said oops, i hit the o instead of the i. a pol guys. >> oops. >> 8:42. call it 8:43. >> what? it is 8:42. lets get to jen. we're still talking fall fashion, aren't we. >> yes. >> okay. we have the person who can help the the fashion editor of philadelphia magazine and shoppers. so we will do this we will put this with a couple of things after the the break, guys and girls you will be surprised. come on back, this stories new, it is awesome. >> amazing, you will a a he love everything. >> it will be cool. >> can't wait to hear what people think about your shoe stuff. how much protein does your dog food have?
8:43 am
8:44 am
18%? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
8:45 am
welcome back on this tuesday morning. taking a live look at frenchmanor in the pocono mountains. fall is in the air, is there also a chill, out there this morning. so a light jacket, sweat shirt, but by this afternoon it will feel really comfortable. we are looking at, temperatures, topping out in the lower 70's. right now lets look at the temperatures currently in philadelphia, 53 degrees a lieutenant of sunshine out there. so have the shade, as well, winds are light out of the north/northwest. upper 40's still. 46 degrees in pottstown.
8:46 am
we have 47 degrees currently in reading. upper 40's still at the the airport in atlantic city. fifty-one in millville. fifty in wilmington as well as dover. here's a a look at that planner. we will have have sunshine today. temperatures warming by lunchtime, 65 degrees. what about by this afternoon, 73 degrees. so bottom line, chilly start, sunny and mild afternoon and a nice stretch of weather over next stretch of seven days. ten tomorrow. 76 degrees. seventy-two for the the high on thursday. friday late afternoon into the evening, early saturday maybe a shower, rumble of thunder but it clears in time for the temple game, mike jerrick. >> eagles game looking good for tailgaters. >> wonderful. >> you the the man. >> thank you. >> by the way, typewriter keyboard, that is the original one, it looks like this. it was invented by a guy name chris lathham soles in pennsylvania in september of
8:47 am
1869. so he is the the one who decided to put the i. >> he is from pennsylvania. >> he fridays pennsylvania. >> he is from pennsylvania. >> he invented tonight wisconsin. >> so he put the i next to the o and got me in the trouble with the hi instead of the h-o. >> blame him. >> it will be impossible to find him. >> you can try. >> we have to talk about this. this has been a trend that pops in and out where people wear sneakers or chucks with dresses. >> i saw this in the late 80's, early 90's. it is back. >> beyonce has been doing it, reese weatherspoon trading in those heels. >> i didn't like it then. is that gig ahabid. >> she posted this recently. >> lets get an idea what we're talking about here, recently, jen fred. >> so good igihabid, model of the moment.
8:48 am
>> it girl right now. >> emily guy let, fashion editor of philadelphia magazine and shopist. >> that is true. >> i know, good gig. >> before we talk about these shoes. >> yes. >> tell me what women are doing wrong in philadelphia. >> i think philadelphia is for better or worse a comfort first city. we have always been that way, right. >> yes. >> that will not change. >> we need to get away from wearing gym clothes outside. we need to step up from the lulu lemon, yoga pants. if you sweat in it, don't wear it out. >> i like it. >> so we wanted to see these, and i think this is cool. i like this look. mike jerrick says not a fan. these sneakers are not like what we are wearing to the gym. >> no, they are not. the creative director of celine started to show really elevated sneakers a few years ago in paris. ever since they walk runway with selena lieutenant of companies like randall, these boots she's wearing now, they are coming out the with really
8:49 am
cool, elevated versions of sneakers that you will in the wear to the gym. you will wear these for weekend wear and to go out. they look great with cocktail dresses. >> as erin moves away you have to own the look you cannot the go in not sure if it is cool. >> that is one thing about any trend you have to wear it with confidence. you have to stand tall and you will actually own it more than heels because you can walk in them. you are comfortable. you need to be comfortable in what you are wearing. great casual weekend look. we have distressed boyfriend jeans and sweater that is sexy. we have a cut up the the back. we have turtle neck that is slightly detached. you are looking feminine but also really stylish and cool. >> you said we have to own our off-duty look. i cannot be sweat pants. it need to be something she tried to do she clearly thought bit. >> but you you are comfortable. you are in the trying too hard. that is point. you want to look chic and polished but not like you are really trying. >> last year i bought like
8:50 am
sparkling vans, that is more like a skater look. i have sparkling vans with the dress or queens still match. >> absolutely. and you said you are a little bit shorter, no problem with that. but they have hidden wedges in some. we have been seeing that for several years. if you don't wanting to totally flat and want a lift look for a hidden wedge in the sneaker. you will be comfortable, cool and really stylish. >> i feel cooler just standing next to you. >> thank you. >> by the way, people are curious where we are, they will to get on twitter. you have to know on twitter. we are at ela grove. >> my favorite boutique. >> so, guys, come back, boho we will talk about that. >> yes. >> excuse me. >> but she says it is cool. >> everything. >> yes, mike jerrick. >> i got it. >> do you like the the look. >> i like witt jeans, yeah. it is the dress i'm saying. that is fine. >> nick jonas is on good day this morning. we know he can sing.
8:51 am
but is what next for his acting career. we will find out in a little bit. he has something new coming up >> um-hmm. >> lottery numbers. for life...
8:52 am
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(female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at good morning everybody, eight credit 54. slow go on both side of the tacony palmyra bridge from an earlier opening. at least traffic is moving. better on the bennie but still backup from the upside leaving south jersey leaving downtown and eighth and vine. sun glare are where this morning. coming off the vine street expressway into downtown, schuylkill heavy from conshohocken to center city. an accident south on 295, causing a delay from pretty
8:55 am
much route 70 all the way down here to the black horse pike in bellmawr, new jersey and 95 heavy from cottman, down through, girard. mass transit looking good and looking good at the airport as well, mike and alex back over to you. do you ever get sweet, salty, what did i miss. >> nothing. >> are you talking sweet, saferry i love combination of sweet and salty. >> yes. >> that is why i like you. >> are you saying i'm salty. >> at times. >> aim more sweet then anything. >> we will be the judge of that. >> well, how about this cotton candy and hot dogs, together on one bun. >> texas rangers thought it would be good idea to bring this out during the playoffs? you can get that at the texas game over the next couple of days. so it is a hot dog with the green causes candy infused mustard. the candy they are using is the the cotton candy. cotton candy infused must tar, and then they put real cotton
8:56 am
candy boom, right on top of it. >> is this real. >> it is real. >> they are $10. >> they are being sold alongside three other interesting items, one is a a 2-foot long browny with the rice crispy crunch this in funnel cake batter and deep fried. >> you know i'm going to breakfast soon. >> for texas state fair. >> maybe i should try that good they are trying to kill their fans. cole hamels doesn't eat it. >> 8:56. kardashian controversy. >> no. >> at first all kim wanted to be was pregnant. now she's complaining. why she's calling her pregnancy the worst experience of perfect life.
8:57 am
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♪ >> he is in chains. t-shirt is all ripped up. >> i'm telling you love hurts, man man. >> it really does. i hope he is okay. he is laying on his back. anyway, i hope he is okay to be on "good day philadelphia". he will join us next hour here. good day, it is tuesday, october 6th, 2015. birthday girl lauren dawn johnson is in. good birthday. >> yes, it was. >> you look beautiful. >> and purplish in a way. >> every staff member is in purple here. >> we have baby blues, but we know moms can suffer from depression, postpartum depression. also you can be depressed during pregnancy itself. what about dads? why expecting the fathers are also at risk for the blues. plus, merrill streep blasted over a t-shirt to promote her new movie. she's wearing it right there.


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