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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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danger. >> all of this happened after someone told police they saw one man pull a gun on another. police locked down the campus telling students to shelter in place. a short time later they had arrest add teenager. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we've got live team coverage tonight. bruce gordon has been talking to students and faculty. let's begin with dawn timmeney who's been on the scene since it all began. dawn? >> reporter: iain and lucy it all started right here outside this building and just within the last couple of minutes detectives from the philadelphia police department arriving on the scene. initial reports were that there was an argument a gun was pulled, the guy took off and that sent the school into lock down leaving students here scare for their lives. >> teachers stood by the door. i don't know what he was going to do if a gun came to me i'd be like whoa whoa whoa whoa. >> students at community college of philadelphia unleashing a wide range of emotions after being on lock down for about two hours this morning. it started about 9:30 when police received a call that an individual had threatened a student with a gun.
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>> i was freaking out. because the hallways were very empty, and that made me even more scared. >> reporter: philadelphia police officers, detectives and heavily armed swat teams descending on the scene. >> we hear school obviously we're coming march. >> reporter: students and faculty told to shelter in place while swat members went room to room look fort suspect. this is student cell phone video from inside. many learning about the threat through texts or phone calls. >> get all these messages and i started like worrying like what am i going to do if he comes up here. >> police commissioner ramsay says this was personal between the gunman an student the confrontation started outside the bon nel building and when the student threatened to call security the suspect ran into building across the street. >> i don't know what they were fighting over. but they were arguing over something at some point in time this individual paul's gun. >> oh, my goodness, what's really going on, because the guy was supposed to have been in our building. >> at about 11:30 police
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announcing a 17-year-old had been taken into custody in a classroom at the college of business and industry at 18th callowhill. students were immediately dismissed and classes canceled fort rest of the day. >> we was scare. i was about to crime just nervous. i can i thought something was going to happen to me. >> reporter: many breathing a sigh of relief this ended peacefully. hugging their friends extra tight. >> oh, my gosh. i was scared. >> reporter: now detectives just arriving again back here at the scene. they've now gone into this building across the street from where this all supposedly happened. we don't know exactly what they're looking for but no gun has been found. no shots were fired and no one was hurt. coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock, we'll hear from a student here who says he knew the suspect and says he never would imagine in a million years that he would do something like this. iain? >> dawn, thanks. we'll see you then. many students and faculty as you can imagine visibly shaken even
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after police led the suspect away. >> fox 29' bruce gordon is outside the school where it all ended today. now, bruce another day, another threat of violence on a college campus. >> reporter: absolutely, lucy. the signs behind me give you some sense of what happened. dawn mentioned it. classes canceled today. come back tomorrow. when students do they will no doubt be talking about this latest chapter in the national story of college campus violen violence. in this case, played out right in their own front doorstep. for about 90 minutes late tuesday morning, students at community college of philadelphia experienced the newest edition to this nation's college curriculum, lock down. the interruption of the school day because of violence or the threat of violence on campus. >> it's sad everybody has to, you know, live their live in fear. >> reporter: in this case the report of an armed man inside a campus building lead school officials to lock some students out and others in. >> i was like, um a little bit
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nervous, a little bit scared. and i wanted to leave. i didn't want to be confine in the building. >> reporter: just a day after a vague internet threat of violence on a philadelphia area college campus passed, and just five days after the massacre of nine people at an oregon community college, police were taking no chances. tim purchase sell was on the phone with his sister locked inside the bonnell building much this is crazy. >> this is the new normal? >> yeah. >> reporter: in the end it wasn't a violent predator or a dee ranged gunman looking to send a message not even a copycat. just a simple beef between two people one of them armed. these students are growing up in a world where such incidents are all too common. they are more frustrated than fearful. >> that's the days and times we living in. it's just unfortunate because i have a lot to do today. this is just ridiculous. >> reporter: just ridiculous. that was the sense we got from any number of students we talk to today. more annoyed that their daily routine was interrupted by
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violence or the threat of violence. which of course in and of itself has become all too routine. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, bruce. you'll find a breaking details on we're posting those details there. remember you can watch live coverage on our web page any time news is break look for -- actually links on our home page. a murder investigation in philadelphia's logan section. police say someone dropped off a transgender women on winging street overnight. she ended up dead. police are asking for the public's help in finding her killer. dave schratwieser joins us live at police headquarters tonight. dave. >> reporter: about 2:30 this morning in the logan section of philadelphia police were called to the 1300 block of wingohocking street for the report of a shooting when they arrived on the scene they found the victim, the victim was race to do einstein hospital and pronounced at the hospital a few moments ago captain james clark from the homicide unit held a
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news conference. he picks up the story from the there. >> when they got there, they found decedent, 22-year-old transgender individual who goes by the name of keisha jenkins. the individual had been shot two times in the back. preliminary investigation reveals that the decedent had just gotten out of a vehicle at that location, was assaulted by five or six unidentified males. during that assault one of the males pulled out gun and while the victim was on the ground shot the victim twice. right now we don't have any motive. we don't know if it's a hate crime, if it was a robbery, we really don't know. the investigation it's too early in the investigation to tell. >> reporter: now, at this point, police are looking for witnesses. they're also looking for information on the car and the individual who dropped keisha jenkins off at that locate. they're also looking for surveillance video in the area see if they can get video of the four or five individuals who were involved in this murder.
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tonight police have a full court press on this. they continue to work hard looking for leads in the case. we'll have an update and another report coming up at 6:00 and again at 10:00. iain. >> dave, thank you. a teenager from long island says he was attacked by a fraternity member at penn state after he revealed that he was gay. 19-year-old john ma tear was attacked while visiting campus on sunday. he posted these photos on twitter with the caption, don't let a frat guy know uruguay. he says the brother admitted that he hated gays then beat him up. the university released a statement saying, "those responsible should and will be held accountable. the teen has filed a police report. he's gaining support on social media as well pictures have been retweeted more than 13,000 times. two philadelphia police officers recovering from injuries after their police cruiser crashed into a tree. it happened around 2:00 this morning on bartram avenue in southwest philadelphia. officials say the officer driving somehow lost control, he's at a hospital with neck and
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back injuries. his partner broke her leg. no other cars were involved and police are now investigating what happened. a man is dead. teenaged boy in critical condition after a shooting in north philadelphia. shortly before 2:00 this morning, on the 2700 block of north eighth street. officers found the two victims in a car, both shot in the head. the 25-year-old died at the scene. the 17-year-old is in critical condition at temple university hospital. witnesses saw two men running from the area. no arrests as of yet. may be hard to imagine were you things are getting even better in our fox 29 weather authority. here's live look at wilmington, delaware. three night out there. after a chilly few days, things are starting to feel like what we expect from early fall. meteorologist kathy orr is outside to enjoy it all in out old city. kathy. >> it is very crowded out here. everyone smiling, iain, and i wonder why. the skies are blue. the temperatures are warm. normally we see temperatures around 70 degrees for this time of year. we've gone well above that. take look at the high so far
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today. these numbers pretty impressive. in wilmington, it's 76 degrees. in philadelphia, 75. reading and allentown 74. trenton 73 degrees. right now in the city, 75. 64 in the pocono mountains. 67 down the shore in atlantic city. and 73 in dover. some high clouds moving in overnight tonight. so we'll start off with some clouds tomorrow morning, but then we'll be clearing it out once again. so here's a look what you can expect through the evening period. 69 degrees at 7:00 p.m. with a few clouds partly cloudy later tonight and by 11:00 p.m., still mild. the temperature a balmy 63 degrees. back here live, we're seeing some changes in our fall foliage remember these warm sunny days and those cool crisp nights are perfect for the change in the season. i'll see you back a little bit later on in the broadcast with your seven day forecast. for now we'll send it back to you. i miosta stay out here little while. >> i'll bet you will, kathy. don't even have a jacket on. >> sunshine in south carolina this morning after days of rain. but residents are still feeling the effects of that historic
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storm. the widespread flooding caused 14 deaths in that state. two more died in north carolina. hundreds of roads and bridges are still closed. flood water flowing to coastal areas which could cause some new evacuations and more road closures. clean water is also a problem. roughly 40,000 homes in the columbia area do not have drinking water and hundreds of thousands more are under a boil advisory. officials warn it could be several weeks before conditions get back to normal. pennsylvania first openly gay lawmaker says he wants to challenge philadelphia congressman facing corruption charges. today state representative brian sims added his name to the list of democratic candidates hoping to unseat 11 term congresswoman chaka fattah. 37-year-old is an advocate for marriage equality, pay equity and conversion therapy ban. meanwhile fattah is denying charges he misused hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funds and charitable donations. philadelphia ward leader dan mur love and commissioner brian
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gordon are also running against fattah in next year's democratic primary. a florida college professor under arrest and accus accused f trying to kill her disable husband way pillow. >> i will always love her. >> tonight what he admits about his wife and who showed up just in time to safe him. >> some are calling it the britney spears tax. new plan to big names perform in atlantic city so the question will it work is it fair. we've got the debate. >> discouraging clues in the search for a cargo ship that seemed to disappear near the bahamas. who is now involved in that search and the surprising message to the families of the missing. describing slaves as worke workers. that comparison is actually in -- how it happened and what the bookmaker is promising to do to make things right. >> coming up at 6:00 the business now going green in south jersey. the latest medical marijuana dispensary is now open for
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business and we're getting a tour. what it could do for the first time ever in the garden state.
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♪ back to our story that was breaking throughout the morning here on fox 29. here's some video just into our newsroom of the suspect arrested inside the community college of philadelphia. just after he was arrested a 17-year-old was apprehended after a brief manhunt. witness says he saw the suspect pull a gun on another man. we have more team coverage coming up here on fox 29. the national transportation safety board is joining the investigation into the el faro cargo ship now under about
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15,000 feet of water off the bahamas. the agency's mission is to find out exactly what happened to the 800-foot long vessel. the container ship vanished five days ago. so far, out of more than two dozen crew members on board, rescue crews only have one body. the coast guard says it is still looking for survivors. the ntsb telling family members in florida to continue to hold on to hope. >> i'm not giving up hope until i hear something different. >> the whole community is coming together and we al live them and hoping for the best. we're not giving up. >> el faro had two live boats on board but only one turned up so far. investigators say hurricane joaquin's 140 miles an hour winds and 40 to 50-foot waves tour it apart. passenger on patco commuter trains can now update their status check e-mail and play online games at stations in south jersey and philadelphia. the train line has announced it will offer wi-fi service
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permanently now at all 13 of its stations. patco which is owned by the delaware river port authority has been testing the service since july. the free wireless is being provided by comcast xfinity wi-fi. a long time complaint for customers on the line has been their phones didn't work when the trains go underground in camden and philadelphia. we've heard lots about it. what will it take to make atlantic boom once again. a lot of people think name entertainment is a safe bet on bringing in money. >> one politician has a proposal that will bring in more people. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson joins us from the newsroom. bill, i wouldn't mind taking a quick drive to ac to see some really fun folks. i was so close to maroon five but i had to work. >> reporter: a lot of people would agree with you. do you want to pay more so they don't have to pay taxes? celine dion, prince, boys two men and britney spears have all had long running shows in las vegas and most people would love to have them do the same in atlantic city.
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but with jersey needing tax revenue, do you want the stars in town bad enough to wave their income taxes? ♪ >> reporter: atlantic city by most accounts is struggling. the atlantic club, showboat, trump plaza and of course the revel have all shut down and the city is in need of a spark. one new jersey senator thinks the potential jackpot could be giving celebrity as pass on some taxes. >> if you have this predictable economic model where individuals would come perform at least four times in atlantic city, that could be a very positive economic growth model in the entertainment area. >> ♪ >> reporter: the bill affectionately called the britney bill after britney spears would wave a list celebrities from having to pay taxes if they perform for more than four days. policy analysts said this is just the rich getting richer. >> it's another example of incorrectly saying that the people who are most in need of
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tax breaks are wealthiest people in the state. one of the wealthiest people who travel to the state. >> reporter: senator tom kean who sponsor the bill told me atlantic city needs a boost and this type of incentive is working well in las vegas. >> britney spears for example, according to business and cidar, with a net positive $20 million over a couple of years. so we saw there was a huge positive economic impact. long-standing shows. >> reporter: the bill passed out of senate committee on monday. and awaits a full vote in senate. then we'll see if the britney bill is just attacks break for the rich or the economic stimulus that atlantic city desperately needs. now the critics argue that property taxes are already threw the roof in jersey and resources are needed so now isn't the time to give the rich tax breaks. it's also interesting in the bill doesn't define what an a list celebrity is. think about it. that first time that they turn down attacks break because the
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performer isn't a big enough star, that drama could be entertaining. >> absolute, bill. all right. thank you. police departments in bucks county will be working together to fight crime by using the latest inn forensic technology. officials announce dag that all 40 police departments in the county will be sharing dna database program. the program allows for departments to summit forensic evidence to a lab. the results will be shared on a database that's accessible to all jurisdictions. officers say instead of waiting for a specialist to come take dna samples officers can now do it themselves. >> that's what makes this unique as well it's not crime scene technicians. it's every officer. this is really although dns rocket science this real is not rocket science because cops can process dna. it's very very simple. it's not that difficult to process it. >> the county will send their dna samples to a lab in virginia and will get results within a 30 day period. officials say before this new program it took up to 12 months for dna results. special day for the
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children's hospital of philadelphia. officials help cut the ribbon at chop's newest care facility this afternoon it's a 44,000 square foot specialty care and ambu larry to surgery city in glenn mills much it makes more pediatric experts available to people in delaware county. >> so you really do get chop quality here in your area and the goal for us is to really try to build the health of community by bringing all of our services here. >> chop says new center will help children who need same day surgery close to home. it also includes services such as cardiology, neurology and orthopedics. a dunkin' donuts under fire for something a police officer found written on a cup. what the restaurant admits about that message. >> plus two brothers swimming in waist deep water. one of them attacked by a shark. but his brother wasn't about to let the shark go. how he saved his brother's life. >> first, a story of the airline pilot who died mid flight on a plain full of people. to night his family is talking.
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what they say they are hang full for. join us on friday as we absolute the troops. military day on fox 29. come on down to fourth and market. wee we'll shut down the end door street and throw a block party to honor the men and women who serve our country. again it's this friday octobe october 9th from 7 to 10:00 a.m.
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we're hearing from the family utah pilot that died in the middle of a flight from phoenix to boston. captain michael johnston died monday morning while at the helm of american airlines flight 550. the first officer landed the plane with 182 people on board in syracuse new york because of the emergency. johnston's family says they're brought full for all the years of memories they're family shared together. >> i know i will see him again. we believe it. that we are together forever. that we are forever family. i know that he will be there and that i will be able to see him again whoo i go from here.
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>> the captain raised eight children with his wife bj the couple have five grandchildren. investigation into what exactly caused his death continues. the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan telling congress a deadly air strike on a hospital there was a mistake. general john campbell adding some 5,000 american troops could remain stationed in afghanistan threw 2016. he says the country's only military is not ready to fight the taliban on its own. the us is dealing with fallout of deadly accidental bombing of a vital doctors without borders run hospital. >> the hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. >> he adds the decision to provide the air strikes was made by the us. the general promising a full review of training and u.s. military's rules of engagement following the accidental bombi bombing. >> federal investigators are reopening a probe into the latest us secret service scandal. the agency's director is now publicly acknowledging that he
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knew some of his agents were trying to embarrass a member of congress. secret service director joseph clancy says as many as 40 secret service agents accessed an old job application from to you congressman jason chaifetz that. document ended up in the hands of the media. shave has been critical of the agency after series of security lapses he says that touched off the effort to discredit him. >> question one, why do they still have security clearance. you can a secret service agent if you don't have security clearance what is the department of justice doing? >> none of those agents in question are facing any discipline as of yet but the secretary of homeland security says a decision is coming soon. florida college professor under arrest accused of trying to kill her disabled husband with a pillow. who showed up just in time to save the man. and washing a dog -- watching dog show off expert diving skills much that's entertaining enough, right? once you learn this pooch's back
5:27 pm
story you'll be even more impressed. kathy. >> in weather temperatures soaring into the 70s today. can we do it today and tomorrow we'll take look at the seven day forecast and show you the next chance of rain comin coming up x 29 news at 5:00 continues.
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life look right now at the three town of reading. it is just great day. what would mr. rogers say a three day in the neighborhood? it really is. temperatures are starting to
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warm up right now. this is the beginning of a great stretch of whether. fox 29's meteorologist kathy orr is coming up with allowing this could last. >> at philadelphia college tonight. swat official locking down the y college of philadelphia. witnesses told investigators he may have threatened another student with a gun. but as of tonight. police say there's no indication that he had a weapon. >> philadelphia police are trying to figure out why an officer lost control of his cruiser and crashed into a tree. it happened right around 2:00 this morning on war tram avenue in southwest philadelphia much the driver is at a hospital with neck and back injuries. his partner broke her leg. no other cars were involved. a florida college professor is under arrest tonight accused of trying to kill her husband with a pillow. the husband's disable and would have hard time to defending himself. >> the couple's son burst in, saw what was happening and saved his dad ton night his dad says he still loves the woman police say tried to kill him.
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here's fox's john casio. >> you asked her did you try to kill me, what did she say to you. >> that's the point. bleep. >> reporter: perhaps even more shocking than that, are james' words for his wife now. the same woman who allegedly trying to smother him in his sleep with a pillow a few days prior. >> i don't think my wife was a bad person at all. she was the love of my life. and remains that way. and i think she snapped. >> reporter: he believes it's related to his worsening condition. olds has ms and is a quadriplegic unable to fight his wife off, his son stepped in and saved his life. >> steven was here, and he's my hero. steven is truly my hero. >> reporter: the couple has been married 25 years recently though the poling county sheriff's office she is sherri
5:32 pm
has been mentally torturing her husband. she's alleged to be having an affair. >> this is horrific. what even makes it more horrific is when we learn that she's a professor at polk state college teaching students. >> reporter: in fact, she's been with the school since 2002 a professor of information systems. >> a couple of my friends they said she was a good professor to take. um, she taught the class well. so, you know, like once again you don't expect that from her. >> reporter: olds is facing attempted second degree murder and abuse of a disable adult. her husband has filed for divorce but he says he can and will forgive. >> i still love that woman tod today. and i'm deathlily afraid to be alone with her. and but i will always love her. >> sherri old social security on administrative leave from polk state college pending the out come of the investigation. let's get back to this
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weather because day was -- today, if yesterday was a 10 today must be 10.5. >> the scale only goes to 10. >> then it's a 10. >> it's a 10. maybe a 10 plus. >> exactly. >> tomorrow a repeat performance. i mean hits just keep oncoming in the seven day. we'll talk about that with our next chance of rain will move in but let's just live in the moment. >> i'm with you on that. >> shall we? right now in center city philadelphia the temperature is 75 degrees. that's the high so far today. winds out of the north northwest at 9 miles an hour. so preventing any clouds from rolling on in. we have a very dry wind out there with low dew points, low mule humidity. right now in the pocono mountains it's 64. 74 in reading. 73 in dover. and you can see down the shore a little bit cooler. but very comfortable and of course dry. it is 69 degrees in lewes, delaware. in millville 73. even in dover, 73. along the coastal planes temperatures in the 60s as we go to the north and west in our suburbs looking good. reading 74.
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pottstown 72. perkasie we're looking at 72 degrees. now, we're dry for now, and we are going to be seeing a few clouds rolling in during the overnight hours ahead of this frontal boundary, but no big weather issues at all. wednesday the sun comes back out. then early thursday morning, this front moves in but the only thing you'll notice is temperatures will be knocked down a few degrees by thursday afternoon. still plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the 70s. so everything looking good right through thursday. then by friday we'll watch this are a of low pressure moving on in with a few showers and maybe a few rumbles of thunder by friday afternoon. take look at the fox future ca cast. thursday no issues a few clouds mixing in with sun. then by the afternoon into the evening still dry, friday morning the clouds role in. and then the next chance of precipitation late morning some spotty showers but i think the heavy rain will hold off until friday afternoon. unfortunately, it could be time right in time for the evening commute. joaquin moving toward the uk. yes.
5:35 pm
as an area of low pressure it looks like it could be heading towards possibly ireland by the weekend. but obviously, not in its former state. in the city overnight tonight, 58 in the suburbs. 54 with a few increasing clouds. tomorrow another three day. some morning clouds, increasing sun the high 77 degrees. on is the seven day forecast looking good wednesday. three thursday 71. friday afternoon showers. but temperatures ahead of that front soar to go 78. then cooler saturday with morning clouds. sunday it looks good for the birds and then monday, columbus day and into next tuesday, 70s are wild. what do you think about that? >> i love that. 76, 78. upper 70s. >> it look like kathy's greatest hits. i love it. >> keep them coming. >> absolutely. >> please do. dunkin' donuts is under fire for something a police officer found written on his cup. what the restaurant admits about the message. and the athletic director whose being hailed a hero for recognizing something serious that could have led to a
5:36 pm
student's death in a matter of days. coming up all new at six armed robber pick the wrong target. a homeowner fought back got the upper hasn't. you're watching this right here. how this whole thing ended.
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♪ we have breaking news. sky fox over route 896 in newark, delaware. this is live right now. a bus as you can see has crashed along with a number of vehicles there. so this is a multi car x you know you're not going to want to be in this area right near the ramp of i-95 from 896. we are hearing reports that more than 30 people were on that bus that you see there. authorities are telling us that six people are now at christiana hospital. although and this is the good part here with minor injuries. of course we'll bring you more as the news warrants on this particular story. it's not just the east coast dealing with devastating floods to night. check out what is happening in las vegas. rain sent a river of water along
5:40 pm
decayed boulevard and sahara avenue. some drivers were able to make it through the intersection but not everybody was so lucky. emergency crews had at least two water rescues last night. so far though no major injuries. a frightening scare off the waters of galveston texas turns into a dramatic rescue. 13-year-old greg slaughter was swimming in waist deep water when something big swam up and bit down on his foot. greg's older brother bobby was also in the water. when he saw what was going after greg his instincts kick in. >> i could see the entire shark. and so then i like -- iran over to it i hit it. i grabbed him the shark -- i don't know where it went. the shark was gone and just went to the thing and wrapped up his wounds and called 911. >> greg still needs several procedures after injuries to his foot, ankle and fingers but his family says he's in good spiri spirits. >> another day another dunkin' donuts taking heat for its interaction with police
5:41 pm
officers. this one in rhode island. one of its employees handed an officer his coffee and on that mug it said black lives matter written on the outside of the cup. the officer made a complaint to the providence police union. in it he says, he received poor customer service and was offensed by the employee's decision to write on his cup of the union says what that coffee shop did is wrong. >> the black lives matter and posting stuff like this against our officers is unacceptable. we are seeing the trend of this organization which is anti police. they're condoning violence against police. >> dunkin' donuts released a statement reading in part "the franchise owner has apologized to the police officer on behalf of dunkin' donuts and counseled the employee had also apologized for the incident". you've heard it time and again. sex sells. you mitt say it's a driving force of ads you see. does the old motto still hold true? how our minds could be different now making us immune
5:42 pm
to those sexy commercials. >> describing slaves as workers. how it happened and what the bookmaker is promising to do to make things right. howard? >> eagles get ready for the game against new orleans on sunday hear from the players trying to figure it out and one of the coaches says he had -- he has it figure out. that's coming up in sports. ññ
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[woman] hey, amy! ññ [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this? [man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis. [man] with a private dock! [amy] beautiful! [woman] and a house on the lake! [amy] the house looks great, you two! [in unison] thanks! the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. ♪ textbook company under fire this week after a page from one of its high school textbooks goes viral. concerned mom in texas posting video of the text which
5:46 pm
described slaves as workers and tonight the book makers are apologizing and vowing to quote do better. fox's molly keith has more. >> you don't sort of sit by and watch those things happen. >> reporter: what do you think about the caption in this high school world geography book? it reads "the atlantic slave trade brought millions of workers from africa to the united states to work on agricultural plantations". >> yeah, they work for their lives literally. boy, did they work, right? ron dee dean burns says calling slaves workers implies they received a wage. fair treatment, were not tortured, kidnapped and treated as property. >> the fact that they mention the slave trade in the context of patterns of immigration in the book that's also problematic because immigration is a choice. >> reporter: dean burn posted her concerns on facebook and her video went viral. >> there are 45,265 shares, um,
5:47 pm
9,000 likes. 1.7 million views. >> reporter: textbook maker mcgraw hill posted on facebook, we conducted a review and agree our language did not adequately convey africans were forced into labor. we will update this caption to describe the arrival of african slaves in the us as forced migration and emphasize their work was slave labor ". >> watered down history isn't history. >> dean burns was a high school opening liberty cher for 11 years. she's in school pursuing her phhd. it's actually her 1584 old son's textbook. >> took picture and sent it to me and he said, we was real good workers, weren't we? >> she says when history isn't the whole story, you can't learn from it and are destined to repeat it. >> reporter: in molly keith, fox news. >> to your health now the importance of human contact. face to face contact imagine that.
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rather than e-mail and texting and all that stuff may have far more power to keep symptoms of depression at bay. investigators examined the results of a survey including more than 10,000 people. 15 and older. they found the amount of communication by phone, letters and e-mail did not impact depression rates beyond that those who had the least amount of face to face contact with friends and family had higher rates of depression than those who interacted regularly and personally. however, study authors say this research does not prove personal conversations are more valuable than e-mails and actual phone calls when you're hearing voices. you can find the study in the journal of american geriatrics society. meanwhile compulsive texting may lead to poor school performance in teenage girls. researchers studied 400 boys and girls in eighth and 11th grades. they found an association with the girls only. between compulsively texting and poor performance in school. more reason researchers say for parents to keep their children's texting in check. those findings appear in the
5:49 pm
journal psychologist of popular media culture. officers in one delaware county town getting to know their neighbors a little bit better. upper darby police department hosting coffee with a cop this morning at mcdonald's on state road. even some young ones came out to meet their officers. officials say the chance for police and the community to get to know each other just a little bit better. >> it gives us an opportunity to get out and talk to the community. talk to community members in an informal environment just to say hello and to say thank you to the community members. in return, the community members are thanking us. >> this is the fourth coffee with a cop event. superintendent chitwood says there will liking be more in the future. >> walking off a showing off expert diving schools center takenning enough. once you learn this pooch's back story man you'll like this even more. >> coming up at 6:00 we're back on the local college campus that was swarming with swat teams today. a lot of nerves on edge and police continue to investigate.
5:50 pm
what we now know about this chain of events and what happened to keep students safe. >> south jersey's new medical marijuana dispensary open for business. we're getting an inside look at the new business that is, of course, not without controversy. ♪
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♪ athletic director in colorado receiving praise for recognizing a medical condition that could have led to student's death in a matter of days. 17-year-old josh boat right collapsed on the practice field in july. he thought he was fine but he couldn't get his racing heart to slow down. his athletic trainer piper thompson toll his parents he should get it check out. they found a very rare heart condition one that could have killed josh the next time he tried to take the field. his family is now calling thompson a hero. >> he said hook do you have to thank for this? and josh said my athletic trainer was the woman i spoke to. you need to make sure to thank her because she saved your life. >> there you go. josh will have a procedure in december to fix his heart until then he's on medication and right back on the field. >> rio de janiero christ the redeemer statue lit up in pink last night. dozens of survivors and patients
5:55 pm
traveled to see the pink beaming night sky and celebrate their continued efforts to help find a cure. >> breast cancer is international. it has no borders. so we're here tonight to see the christ be lit in pink just as the eiffel tower is, just as the empire state building is. >> according to centers for disease control breast cancer is the most common cancer among american women. apparently sex doesn't sell quiet like it used to. so says new research tonight. ohio state university conducted the study this summer. researchers analyzed more than 8,000 people who reported on their memory attitude intentions of buying or not buying a product after seeing an ad on tv. turns out racy ads don't rev up people as much as they used to. or at least they don't motivate them to buy something as easily. don't tell that to some of the folks we talked with. >> sex sells because everyone loves it. >> that's why, you know, victoria secret is so big. that's why calvin klein is so
5:56 pm
big. >> researchers think people now have a more difficult time focusing on one thing. suggesting they often forget the actual product in that ad when the ad is itself too racy. apparently what their minds wandering on to other things. iraqi war veteran and former bomb technician found knew calling an new career back here in our area. diving. it's an impressive feat whether man or woman but we're talking about dog here. fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer has the story. >> are you ready? come on. come on. >> reporter: even on the most ominous of days lake aetna in medford lakes new jersey is the place for this three year old german short haired pointer to get some work. >> logger, get it, get it, get it. good boy. >> reporter: trying to get logger to cooperate on camera may be a little challenging. he'll keep going all day long until you shut him down. right? sit. >> reporter: once he settles in -- >> wait. okay, logger get it, get it, get it. >> reporter: there's no holding him back.
5:57 pm
>> the day we brought him home we walked him right into the backyard and he jumped in. he's been trained his whole life. >> go get it. >> i think he just likes to ju jump. we knew it was obsessed with water. we wanted him to get used it to. we brought him home and i think there he goes again. >> he's the first dog we've had that wasn't a puppy that we brought up around the water and he just took right it to. >> reporter: brian and jenny adopted logger a month ago adding him to their other divers lemon jell-o and hooch. they take their dogs all over the country competing. >> his first time doing it he hit fix foot four and it was quite amazing. constant energy. never stops. >> reporter: with to know logger now, you must know his past. go get it.
5:58 pm
logger was an explosive detection dog trained to work for the government over in iraq. so he helped serve our armed forces over there the men and women helped keep them protected from devices whether they be in the field or in vehicles being checked to checkpoints. you ready? get it. let's go get it. >> reporter: after two years of service it was time for logger to retire. >> go get the report roar the government couldn't think of a better family to adopt. that's why i think he's taken so much to this. is because he did have serious job and he had to be on point and people's lives were at stake. and now, nobody life is at stake he just gets to jump in the water. >> reporter: who said you couldn't teach an elite military bomb sniffing dog new tricks. >> good boy. good boy. >> reporter: in medford lakes, bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> tonight at 6:00 terrifying moments in the halls of a local college. >> yo, everybody stay in place. >> swat swarmed the campus going class rom to classroom.
5:59 pm
what investigators believe set off this whole thing. ♪ plus, fighting back. a homeowner refuses to be an easy target for robber and what he did next that sent the wannabe crook running for his life. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first at sick entire section of the city comes to a standstill the community college of philadelphia locked down as police and swat teams take precaution to keep students safe. it was in one of these campus buildings where a witness told police an argument escalated with one person pulling a gun. police are trying to figure out what exactly happen. >> we've got live team coverage for you tonight. bruce gordon has been talking to students and faculty we begin with dawn timmeney whose been on the scene since this all began. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain and lucy, police continue to investigate just what happened. a dozen or so detectives return to go the scene within the last
6:00 pm
hour. they are still here now. police sources telling us there's no evidence of an actual fight or video showing a confrontation or a gun being pulled. investigators tried to figure out what really happened here that caused quiet a scare and also resulted in classes being canceled for the rest of the day today. >> thank you god. community college of philadelphia students breathing a huge sigh of relief after school lock down comes to a peaceful end about 11:30 this morning. for two hours, they were stuck in their classrooms as swat team members went room room searching for a man with a gun. >> she was scared. i was about to cry. it was just nervous. like i thought something was going to happen to me. >> i was freaking out because the hallways were very empty, and that made me even more scared. report this is student cell phone video from inside ccp. moses vega says it was pretty unsettling when heavily armed swat members entered his classroom. >> there was like 20 of us reviewing a section, swat team runs


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