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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hour. they are still here now. police sources telling us there's no evidence of an actual fight or video showing a confrontation or a gun being pulled. investigators tried to figure out what really happened here that caused quiet a scare and also resulted in classes being canceled for the rest of the day today. >> thank you god. community college of philadelphia students breathing a huge sigh of relief after school lock down comes to a peaceful end about 11:30 this morning. for two hours, they were stuck in their classrooms as swat team members went room room searching for a man with a gun. >> she was scared. i was about to cry. it was just nervous. like i thought something was going to happen to me. >> i was freaking out because the hallways were very empty, and that made me even more scared. report this is student cell phone video from inside ccp. moses vega says it was pretty unsettling when heavily armed swat members entered his classroom. >> there was like 20 of us reviewing a section, swat team runs through.
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my heart was whoa. >> police commissioner ramsay says it starre starred when a 17-year-old reportedly pulled a gun on a student outside the bonnell building after an argument and ran into another building which trigger the school wide lock down. >> we hear school, obviously, we're coming hard. >> reporter: suspect was found in a classroom at the college of business and industry at 18th and callowhill where he was taken into custody. >> he had been in contact with an individual who was a witness here. so we were able to kind of trace that down. >> reporter: freshman keith nichols says he knows the suspect who he says is a student at ccp. >> i didn't see him as a bad person. he came to school every day. he did his work. he came in on time. he actually helped me with a couple assignments. that's why i feel -- i really feel shocked at the situation i knew him on personal level. >> reporter: back here live, still a lot of questions tonig tonight. police sources tell us the 17-year-old does not have a criminal record. at this point he has not been charged with any crime. as police try to figure out what really went down here.
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iain and lucy, no gun was found and again no video showing any kind of confrontation. lucy? >> all right, dawn, no matter what happens with this investigation, today was an anx ridden day for students and faculty. >> police out in force. many students watchin watching t teams move through their hallways. fox 29's bruce gordon is the business center tonight where the teen in custody was led aw away. bruce? >> reporter: iains the signs are plastered all over the business center here. basically, the message, class is canceled, come back tomorrow. the community college of philadelphia the latest campus to experience what has frankly become all too familiar in colleges around the country. the lock down. the sidewalk at 18th and callowhill was not the classroom these students would have envisioned when this day began with reports of an armed man inside the community college of philadelphia, it was likely the safest place to be. that did not make the situation any less frustrating. >> i had four more classes and i really wandered to go back in
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there. it's inconvenient. >> i have exams on thursday and interfering with, you know -- interfering with life. >> reporter: report not everyone was lock out. the incident led school officials to order hundreds of students to shelter in place via text alert. >> how did you feel about this whole thing playing out and you were sitting there. >> i was really scare. my heart was racing. >> what's going on has college campuses all over the nation on high alert. just a day earlier, a vague internet threat promised violence on a philly area camp campus. it was falls alarm. just last week nine people died in a mass shooting at an oregon community college. >> kind of messed up. we're here to study and not to mess around. >> reporter: in the end this incident did not involve a violent predator nor a copycat criminal just a beef between two people one of them allegedly armed. once again, the lives of hundreds of others were disrupted in what has become the new normal. >> happening all the time now.
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just regular occurrence. >> reporter: little sad that's the case? >> it's just life. it is what it is, you know. >> reporter: that air of resignation may the saddest part of all of this. the threat of violence a massive police response, hoe hum, just another day at school. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, bruce. you can fine all the details on what happened on fox we'll post any breaking details there just look for links on our home page. traffic moving slowly tonight on i-95 in newark, delaware. skyfox over 95 right near route 8 nick. that was is where police are telling us a bus and two other cars were involved in an accident. this in the southbound lanes. six people have been taken to christiana hospital. all with minor injuries. one lane is blocked because of that crash. hamilton police trying to identify a woman found dead this morning investigators say they got a call about a body discovered in the part of roebling park overrun with weeds. authorities believe the victim
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was about 40 years old. autopsy results are pending. so no official word on the cause of death. mercer county homicide task force is investigating. murder investigation in philadelphia's logan section. the victim 22-year-old transgender person left in the middle of the street, and now police say they need your help finding who is responsible. >> when they got there, they found decedent, a 22-year-old transgender individual who goes by the name of keisha jenkins. the individual had been shot two times in the back. preliminary investigation reveals that the decedent had just gotten out of a vehicle at that location, was assaulted by five or six unidentified males. during that assault one of the males pulled out a gun and while the victim was on the ground shot the victim twice. right now we don't have any motive. we don't know if it's potential al hate crime. if it was robbery. we really don't know. the investigation -- toots early in the investigation to tell.
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>> police say they are looking for witnesses. any surveillance video and the person who dropped the victim off. no charges for the driver of a car who hit a young boy on the streets of logan. he stopped and people on the street assaulted him. the three-year-old boy is in critical condition now. police say he stepped out from in between parked cars into the street on the 1200 block of wagner avenue. the driver hit him, and he ended up that little boy did under an suv. police say the man got out to check on the boy and that's when a group of men began to beat up the driver. police are still trying to find those men. two philadelphia police officers are recovering from injuries after their police cruiser crashed into a tree. it happened around 2:00 this morning on bartram avenue in southwest philly. officials say the officer driving somehow lost control. he's at a hospital now with neck and back injuries. his partner broke her leg. no other cars were involved and police are trying to figure out what caused the wreck. man is dead and teenaged boy is in critical condition after a shooting in north philadelphia. shortly before 2:00 this morning on the 2700 block of north
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eighth street. officers found the two victims in a car both shot in the head. the 25-year-old died at the scene. the 17-year-old is in critical condition at temple university hospital. witnesses saw two men running from the area. no arrests as of yet. apartment complex worker in delaware county is in the hospital tonight after a man led police on a chase and hit the man with a car. it happened this morning at the contemporary village apartments in glenn olden. police say a man led police on that chase from prospect park. he hit several cars and a man who work at the complex he was pinned under the car. rescue crews took him to crozer-chester medical center we don't know how he's doing. that driver however is in police custody. hang now, sunshine in south carolina after days of historic rain. the people are still feeling the effects of historic storm widespread flooding caused 14 deaths in that state. two more died in north carolina. hundreds of roads and bridges are still closed. flood water is flowing to coastal areas which cause new
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evacuations and even more road closures. clean water is also a problem. roughly 40,000 homes in the columbia area don't have drinking water and hundreds of thousands more are under boil advisory. much better weather closer to home in your fox 29 weather authority. here's a live look if we can take it, please, otherwise we can look atwater because water is a good thing. we all need water. anyhow, we're not going to get any weather as far as water comes from the sky. here you go. that's what i was looking for. very nice outside. kathy orr is outside as well because it's so pretty out. i can't even coax you back into the studio. >> no, don't even try. >> i found a place for to us eat dinner later lucy i'll show that you in a second. right now it's three outside. crowds walking beach everybody in a good mood. why not? we still have sunshine before sunset which is just a few minutes away. and warm temperatures. take a look at these numbers. right now in philadelphia still sitting at 74. the high for the day alter at 75. it's 70 in pottstown.
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70 in allentown. 71 in millville. and down the shore we're in the 60s. wind speeds generally about five to 10 miles an hour out of the northwest. that is a dry wind for us. obviously, humidity very low. a few high sirius clouds moving in and that is an indication of warmer air in the oppler levels of the atmosphere and warmer day tomorrow. this evening about 70 at 7:00 o'clock. by 9:00 o'clock partly cloudy 65. and by 11:00 p.m. still mild with a temperature of 63 degrees. back here live, i want to draw your attention right behind me, see those white lights. there's a little restaurant there and lucy i think we can dine el-fresco, iain, of course, you're invited, too. >> always. >> that's where we're hoping we'll be this evening outside. why not? i'll join you with the seven day later in the broadcast. >> i'm in. okay, talk to you soon, kathy. thousands of pennsylvanians went online to register to vote in the first year of a new digital system. yesterday was deadline to register to vote for november 3rd's general election right around the corner amazingly.
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more than 32,000 people use the online system including 20,000 new retches advance. very impressive word. two months ago pennsylvania became the 23rd state to allow online registration. new at 6:00 the business now going green in south jersey. the latest medical marijuana dispensary is now open for business. we're getting a tour. what it could do for the first time ever in the garden state. >> armed robber pick the wrong target homeowner fought back gained the upper hasn't. how this whole thing ended. howard? >> the fans, they node a win out of eagles before they completely jump off the ship. the players are trying to figure out how and the coaches think they have it all figured out. hear from both coming up in sports. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings.
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homeowner turns the tables on would be robber who storms into the garage with a gun. surveillance video caught the fight as the homeowner tries to wrestle that gun away. he is able to pry the weapon out of the cuss suspect's hasn't he runs out garage and points it at the guy. the suspect got away. san francisco pleasure ceased this individual hoping it will help catch the guy. >> a new medical marijuana dips pennsylvania zero open its doors in south jersey. >> our chris o'connell got an inside look in bellmawr, gloucester stow. should you business. >> new jersey residents are getting the chance at their first taste of legal marijuana here in the garden state. take look behind me. business was brisk today and a non-descript business in corporate park here in bellmawr. used to house a t-shirt factory. well now inside growing hundreds of marijuana plants and we were the first tv station allowed inside. this is the compassionate sciences alternative treatment center. you could say more pharmacy than
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head shop. we walk in the first thank do you notice is that unmistakable smell of raw marijuana. facility not only distributes cannabis but also gross and cultivates four different strains. this is a non-profit organization opened its doors yesterday. so far they've seen about a had hundred patients so far all of them required to have new jersey medical marijuana card signed by an authorized doctor and you have to have one of about a dozen qualifying conditions. >> a lot of people coming here that have serious conditions and ailments, and they're looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals. it's really that simple. >> reporter: and so far no complaints from neighbors. this is a non-residential industrial park and as for the patientpatients, i've talked toa dozen of them. i can tell though come from all socio economic backgrounds. all walks of life. we'll talk to some of those customers, though patients
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coming up tonight at 10:00 o'clock. iain, lucy? >> all right, chris, thank you. we look forward to that. also going to look forward to more nice weather. >> i can't wait. >> kathy has it right here right now. >> yeah. we're talking about a stretch of really warm weather. october warmth across the delaware valley. just how warm did it get where you live? wilmington 76. philadelphia 75. 74 in reading, allentown and trenton. down the shore temperatures in the 60s. right now in mainly in the 70s with the exception of wrightstown, atlantic city and wildwood. pocono mountains still holding on to 60 degrees. so plenty of sunshine and dry for now, but for how long? that is the question. we turn to the future cast and you can see some high clouds building in during the evening and the over in it. but that's usually an indication of a warmer day tomorrow. and that will be the case. the clouds clear out in the afternoon. then we'll watch a weak front move through early thursday morning. temperatures a little bit cooler but still comfortable on thursday. as this canadian high builds back in. plenty of sunshine for thursday.
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the next chance of a shower will come with this area of low pressure and a front. this comes through friday afternoon with some showers and maybe even a rumble of thunder. let's take closer look at this. here the clock. thursday at 7:00 a.m. no problem whatsoever. mostly sunny skies. during the evening into the overnight a few clouds. friday morning at 5:00 a.m. you have the clouds but then later in the morning a few sprinkles in the lehigh valley possible down the shore as well. but the heavier steadier rain will come in the afternoon. i think during the evening commute. so for tonight, 58 in the city. in the suburbs 54. increasing clouds but very comfortable. during the day tomorrow, we'll be seeing clouds to start. 61 degrees at 7:00 a.m. by 9am partly sunny, 60. and by noon, warming up very quickly with sunshine, mild conditions, the temperature 70 degrees. but during the afternoon making it up to 77 degrees. the normal high is 70 this time of year. some morning clouds and sun.
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northwesterly winds creating that dry atmosphere. low humidity. those wind at about five to 10 miles an hour. now, as we look ahead on the seven day forecast, 77 on wednesday give that perfect 10. thursday a little bit cooler but still above average for this time of year. friday the showers move in in the afternoon. but still warm. southerly winds ahead of it. 78. saturday cooler some morning clouds afternoon sun. sunday for the birds looking good. hopefully that will be good luck and bring a victory. 70 degrees. and then warm for columbus day. 76 degrees with plenty of sunshine morning lows in the 50s and sunny again on tuesday. i'll tell i was really nice september, objection looking good as well. tuesday's high 74 degrees. society big question is are those temperatures or are those iain golf scores? >> oh, not so bad, iain. >> they won't be so bad. >> 65 is a little low for me. >> maybe one day. >> enjoy it. it will be a nice stretch. >> great day to play some golf.
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>> 71 is a little for you, too. >> okay, howard. >> below par. >> it is under. >> exactly. >> eagles need more than luck, kathy. >> more than sunshine howard? >> yes. yes. they need more than that. all right. for the eagles okay they'll get ready for the game against new orleans. that's sunday. hear from the players trying to figure it out. but the coaches say they do have it figure out. that's coming up in sports. for life...
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play for fun. cash for life. ♪ some of the planet's youngest entrepreneurs and game changers are right here in philadelphia this week. >> joining the forbes under 30 submit this morning. some of the best soccer players on earth. alex morgan, julie johnson and julie box hit the streets of philadelphia. they ended at the steps of the art museum. temple's university band greeted the trio and the rest of the runners make rocky themed song. ♪ >> another place in the city the eagles back at practice today to try and get things straightened out for the game against new orleans on sunday. lane johnson, jason peters, michael kendricks did in the practice. the only players not likely to
6:24 pm
play on sunday are kendricks and by the way brandon bear. he'll be out for at least a couple of weeks. byron maxwell will grace us with his presence he'll be back on sunday. team is one and three. you can't blame it on one specific area. chip kelly said yesterday if you hit two kicks the team would be three and one. that's dilusional with many other areas of mistakes. but they know they should be in a better position. it's their own fault. >> it's frustrating that it hasn't gotten better. um, you go back in the film and through the first four games there's been positives. there's been negatives. things to take from the film. the problem it's not getting better and that's what's frustrating much that's what, you know, that's what disgrace right now we're not getting it fix. >> we hate come in here after a loss. we got to hear it outside when i go to the store and stuff like that. i know. we know. trust me we want to get it fixed like everybody else. >> eagles and coaches and players still dealing with that 90-yard redskin drive to win the
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game. sunday a 4-yard touchdown pass billy davis said today he would not change many things he called on that final drive. >> i hope the neck 12 games come down to that same scenario because we'll win the next 12. this group guys will make those plays. i said after the game we didn't make it this time. it's not taking anything away from washington. they made the plays. they earn the win. they got it. >> billy davis 12 game winning streak. okay. coverage of the eagles and the saints starts this sunday at 10:00 with fox 29 "game day live" followed by fox nfl sund sunday. connect off run clock and wrap up with our post game report at 4:30. seattle seahawks won a game last night because the officials don't know the stinging reusse. seven officials on the field and not one knew the rule on a fumble in the end zone. that's a disgrace. matthew stafford joyce detroit down. 13-10 what could have been the
6:26 pm
winning touchdown. he fumbles the ball. the player right there knocks the ball out of the end zone kj wright intentionally the official standing right there. that's a penalty. you can't intentionally knock it out of the end zone. so the ball should have come back to the half yard line. the officials are a joke. >> seven guys and they don't know the rule. >> wasn't there a discussion too weather it was intentional or not? >> clearly it seems intentional. >> you can change it because it's a judgment call. >> it's ridiculous. it's a joke. >> be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00. forget searching on sight after site finding the best deal. tips from an expert on finding that bargain faster the one thing you should do once you put in your online shopping cart that will save you some cash tonight at 10:00. >> the one thing. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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donald trump verses screen legend kim novak. >> deborah: the one tweet trump says he wishes he could take back. and sudden death of a youtube teen sensation. clues to the mystery from his last video. then, what happened to this dermatologist after a night of partying? >> reporter: time line of her secret life. >> exclusive video. ♪ i will remember you >> her junior miss pageant past. plus, the girl who can't stop sneezing. 12,000 times the a day. >> i just want it to stop. >> where she ever stop sneezing? and the flower girl and


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