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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 7, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> ♪ right now, the search for group of killers police say they attacked a transgender person on the street. beat her, shot her in the back. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at police headquarters. what's happening here, targeted dave or not? >> reporter: well police haven't determined that or the motive for this murder at this point. they are looking for five or six young men who they believe could be from the very same neighborhood where this murder occurred in logan. police say it was here at 13th and wingohocking 22-year-old keisha jenkins was attacked by a group of fiber or six men just after 2:30 tuesday morning. >> during that assault one of the males pulled out a gun, and while the vick testimony was on the ground shot the victim twice. >> reporter: captain clark says the brutal attack on the young transgender individual
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came after jenkins was dropped off by an unknown male in a car. police and neighbors say this area is notorious for prostitution. the motive for the murder is unclear. >> we don't know if it's potentially a hate crime f it was robbery. we really don't know. the investigation is too early in the investigation to tell. >> tragic loss for the city of philadelphia. especially for lgbt communities. our trance jent community faces far too much violence. >> reporter: the victim lived here on the 1700 block of south 32nd street. his mother told fox 29, her son instead of fan was a fun loving cheerful person. he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. she was told he was killed during an itemed robbery. this woman asked not to be identified. she lives near the murder scene. she, too, heard it was a botched robbery. >> these guys out here trying to rob the girls and she fought back and they shot her homicide detectives are searching for
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surveillance video as they try to identify the killers. they're also trying to identify whoever dropped jenkins off near the murder scene. >> this would go out to that person that was in the vehicle. we need to you contact homicide unit and let us know what if anything you saw as well. >> for anybody to lose their life in that manner, to be shot twice in the back, why you're on the ground, it's absolutely unacceptable. it is unacceptable human violence and it has no end. >> nellie fitzpatrick from the mayor's office says 21 transgender individuals have been murdered nationwide this year. 18 those have boy been minorities. she urged anyone in the lgbt community to come forward if they have any kind of information that might help police. no suspects and no arrests to report tonight. police are looking to see if there have been any other attacks like this along wingohocking. iain. >> dave, thank you. developing to night investigators still trying to piece together an incident that occurred this morning at community college of philadelphia in spring garden.
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fox 29 cameras were there as officials were back on the scene tonight. police race to go that campus this morning after reports of a man with a gun on campus. cell phone video shows police sweeping the school. a student claimed a teenager pulled a gun on him. authorities put the school on lock down. swat teams went room to room searching for the man. he was found but a gun was not. authorities say they do not take reports of a gun at a school lightly. >> we hear school, obviously, we're coming hard. we understand especially in light of recent events. >> the 17-year-old police took into custody at the college does not have a criminal record. he hasn't been charged with anything as police continue to investigate. our bruce gordon was at the scene as students left that campus fed up. >> reporter: sidewalk at 18th and callowhill was not the classroom these students would have envisioned when this day began. but with reports of an armed man inside the community college of
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philadelphia, it was likely the safest place to be. that did not make the situation any less frustrating. >> i have four more classes and i wanted to go back in there. this is inconvenient. >> i have exams on thursday, and interfering with, you know, interfering with life. >> reporter: not everyone was locked out. the incident led school officials to order hundreds of students to shelter in place via text alert. >> how did you feel about this whole thing playing out and you're sitting there. >> i was really scared. my heart was racing. everything going on. >> reporter: what's going on college campuses all over the nation on high alert. just a day earlier, a vague internet threat promised violence on a philly area camp campus. it was a false alarm. but just last week, nine people died in a mass shooting at an oregon community college. >> it's kind of messed up. we're here to study and not to mess around. >> reporter: in the end this incident did not involve a violent predator nor a copycat criminal. just a beef between two people
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one of them allegedly armed. once again, the lives of hundreds of others were disrupted in what has become the new normal. >> happening all the time now. regular occurrence. >> a little sad if that's the case? >> it's just life. it is what it is, you know. >> reporter: that air of resignation may be the saddest part of all of this. the threat of violence, a massive police response, hoe, hum, just another day at school. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> so sad. on your radar clouds rolling n live look at reading to night we're not talking rain just yet and these clouds are actually a good thing to start our dame kathy. they'll keep the temperatures up overnight. and they're a sign of warmer air moving in for tomorrow. right now we're looking at temperatures mainly in the 60s. but some 50s sneaking in on the screen. 56 in the pocono mountains. 55 in millville and down the shore temperatures basically in the mid 50s. we have high clouds rolling through during the overnight. come tomorrow morning wake up
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look out the window you may say, hey, it's cloudy. i thought kathy said it would be a nice day. these clouds are early giving way to sunshine. morning clouds at 7:00 a.m. partly sunny by 9:00. temperatures in the 60s then by midday looking real nice. around noon look for increasing sunshine a temperature around 70 degrees. we have rain in the seven day forecast. could impact your weekend. more on that coming up with the seven day later in the broadcast. i'll see unthen. >> kathy, thank you. skyfox over i-95 in newark, delaware earlier tonight. evening rush hour moved little slower in the southbound lanes of knife after a bus and two other cars were involved in an accident. it happened around 5:00 tonight right near route it in 896. six people were taken to christiana hospital. all with minor injuries. one lane was blocked as crews cleaned up that accidenent. >> busy day in the air for sky fox over roebling park hamilton tonight investigators are trying to figure out the identity of a woman whose body was there this morning. hamilton police believe she's about 40 years old. autopsy results sew though are
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pending. mercer county homicide task force is also investigating. no charges for the driver of a car who hit a young boy on the street lights of logan. he stopped and then strangers assaulted him. the three-year-old boy is in critical condition. police say he stepped out from in between parked cars into the street on the 1200 block of wagner avenue. the driver hit him and ended up under an suv. police say the man got out to check on the boy and that's when a group of men began to beat him up. police are still trying to find those men. open for business. new jersey's latest medical marijuana dispensary is the fourth in the state it is the closest to philadelphia. our chris o'connell got look inside at the facility today. he joins us live now in bellmawr, camden county. chris, they opened their doors yesterday and we're the first tv station to actually step on inside. >> reporter: lucy, that's right. it was a busy place today. about 100 people patients walked through the doors of new jerse jersey's medical marijuana
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facility. the fourth in the state and the first closest to the philadelphia area, and expected to be one of the busiest in the state. jay las si that are just bought a quarter ounce of high grade pot. >> this is a strain of marijuana that is good for daytime. >> reporter: it's a day he's been waiting for for years. >> medical cannabis for me personally alleviates the side effects of powerful medications that i take to keep my hiv in check. >> reporter: behind the walls of this nondescript building in a bellmawr industrial park sits compassionate sciences. new jersey's newest medical mr. want dispensary. >> they can stop here to see what we currently have. >> reporter: general manager mike nelson took us on an exclusive tour of the dispensary more like a pharmacy than head shot shop on display samples of high-grade cannabis with exotic names like blackberry curb and blue dream. >> this is the mother room.
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>> reporter: behind the seats a steady stream of pot product. >> this is where they flour and then we harvest them. >> reporter: from small plants to the harvest. then to the trimming and packaging room where buds of cannabis are weighed, bagged, labeled and ready for sale. >> a lot of people coming here that have serious conditions, and ailments and they're looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals. >> reporter: the only customers allowed in the 5500 new jersey residents who hold medical marijuana cards. patient that is suffer from a dozen qualifying conditions. >> like multiple sclerosis, cancer and glaucoma. just to name a few. but some are wondering with the garden state and delaware now firmly planted in medical marijuana is pennsylvania next? right now, it's up to harrisbu harrisburg. >> the legislators in pennsylvania are doing a disservice to pennsylvania residents by dragging their feet on medical cannabis. >> reporter: and managers here tell me they've already hosted a
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few pennsylvania lawmakers who wanted a tour of this facility to bring back ideas in terms of pennsylvania law. this facility, this dispensary opened seven days a week. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. a group of local protesters hoping to send a clear message to the president of philadelphia's federal reserve. members of action united dem stated at seventh arch tonight calling out reserve president patrick harker. harker backed out of a promise he made to philadelphia's working class families in the african-american community. he vowed to tour the neighborhoods and meet families about 12 months ago. harker says open meetings and tours are being discussed. his office released a statement a few hours ago saying in part "our approach is to work with community organizations that serve a common interest of creating economic opportunity for all communities and people" ♪ >> a guy on a stolen bulldozer on a rampage. police say he's taken out everything he can.
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what officers final hal to do to stop this path of destruction. and one dad's scary surprise he shows up to big up his five-year-old and no one can find the little boy. >> in the bus and nobody even nose. >> lock in the daycare's bus for hours. who finally found the boy and saved him. >> secret to making sure you find the best deal online. the one thing you should do after you put something in your cart to save some serious cash. and -- it's bleep. you're bleep. witnesses call it a drunken tyrant on campus. what the student union wouldn't serve this guy that set him off.
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♪ philadelphia police are trying to anything out why an officer lost control of his cruiser and crashed into a tree. it happened right around 2:00 this morning on bartram avenue in southwest philly much the driver is at a hospital with neck and back injuries. his partner broke her leg. no other cars were involved. simple act of kindness that turned into a full fledge display of community support. residents in one delaware county town are showing how much they care about the men and women protecting them. >> it started as friendly gesture now getting a whole lot of social media attention fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in collingdale tonight. you got my favorite story of the
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day a lot of support there for our men and women in blue. >> reporter: lucy, so much so the chief of collingdale police actually posted about it on facebook and guess what, he used the hash tag collingdale proud. >> i'm just tired of dunkin' donuts getting bashed and the police getting barbed. >> this post by the chief of collingdale police department lit up facebook describing a morning unlike any other. >> i never had a day start like that. positive tiff, positive, positive. unbelievable. >> what great start to the day. at dunkin' donuts getting my morning coffee a gentleman next to me offers to buy my clerk coffee. the clerk says no i got it. then another customer asks about the police support signs in cooling day then another gentleman gives me a donation towards more signs. >> we apologize haven't some problems with the video there. but essentially this dunkin' donuts behind me where the police chief of collingdale went in this morning for his normal
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coffee. he says a customer in line first offered to pay for the coffee and then the clerk there said no i'll take care of it. and that same turn another customer approached the police chief and said can i hug you? he said 75-year-old woman who said she appreciates all the department does here in the borough and that she was just rod proud to be here in the township, and so the police chief tells me that he actually went ahead and posted on facebook because he was upset that people were bashing police as well as dunkin' donuts you may recall a day or so ago dunkin' donuts received criticism because a franchise in connecticut an employee actually refused to serve a police officer. so the chief here at collingdale robert adams says that he wanted to give a shout out to to speak to our local dunkin' donuts for offering to show police some support. iain, definitely a feel good story. we wish we could have shown you the whole thing a lot of support for the police here in collingdale. >> great job recapping that. a feel good story, shawnette.
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thank you. teenager from long island says he was attacked by a fraternity member at penn state after he revealed that he was gay. 19-year-old john ma tear says he was attacked bile visiting the campus on sunday. he posted these photos on twitter with the caption "don't let frat guy know that uruguay". he says the brother admitte admd hates gay guys. he beat him up. the university released a statement saying those responsible should and will be held accountable. the teen has filed a police report. fight for 15 taking center he itch stage again in philadelphia. dozen workers met in northern liberties calling for increase to pennsylvania's minimum wage. residents shared their personal stories of struggle asking for help and calling for change. the event was inspired by a similar wage board meeting in new york. we've heard a lot about what it will take to make atlantic city boom once again. many think big name entertainment is a safe bet. one new jersey politician proposal he hopes will make ac more appealing to a listers and
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therefore you. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson explains. ♪ >> reporter: atlantic city by most accounts is struggling. the atlantic club, showboat, trump plaza and of course the revel have all shut down and the city is in need of a spark. one new jersey senator thinks the potential jackpot could be giving celebrities a pass on some taxes. >> if you have this predictable economic model where individual would come before at least four times in atlantic city, that could be very positive economic growth model in the entertainment area. >> reporter: the bill affect natalie called the britney bill after britney spears would wave a list celebrities from having to pay taxes if they perform for more than four days. a policy analysts said this is just the rich getting richer. >> it's another example of incorrectly saying that the people who are most in need of
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tax breaks are the wealthiest people in the state. one of the wealthiest people who travel to the state. >> senator tom kean who sponsored the bill told me atlantic city needs a boost and this time of incentive is working well in las vegas. >> britney spears residency according to business insider was a net positive $20 million over a couple of years. and so we saw there was a huge positive check impact. long-standing shows. >> reporter: bill passed out of senate committee on monday and awaits a full vote in senate. then we'll see if the britney bill is just attacks break for the rich or the economic stimulus that atlantic city desperately needs. ♪ >> critics argue that new jersey property taxes are already through the roof and resources are necessary so it's not the time right now to give the rich additional tax breaks. another thing to note is that the bill doesn't define what an a list celebrity is. it could get interesting the first time attacks break is
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denied because the person isn't a big enough star. that part would the least be fun. here in the newsroom i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. armed with a gun, a man barges into this guy's garage but that homeowner fights back. how the victim got the upper hasn't on the armed intruder. >> college professor accused of trying to kill her husband. who is paralyzed. >> when you asked her did you try to kill me, what did she say to you? >> that's the point. bleep. >> who showed up just in time to stop her. >> a new mom about to board plane she has one question for the agent at the gate. why the airline is apologizing to night for what happened next. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. work crews are out and about loving the cooler temps on the overnight and probably going to be out early tomorrow morning here along the 42 freeway heading in toward that whole 295 bellmawr interchange. crews are repaving the stretch
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of woodhaven road between 95 and route 1. there's also a work crew going to be hitting 95 right near 413 they've been working on the cottman avenue on and off-ramps they're closed through the overnight into early tomorrow morning. then of course watch for the delay into girard avenue. if you use septa the lansdale doylestown line using shuttle buses during the midday between colmar and doylestown and another sunny day on tap. we'll fine out when we join you bright and early tomorrow
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ homeowner turns the tables on would be robber who normal his garage with a gun. surveillance video caught the fight as the homeowner tried to wrestle the gun away. he's able to pry the weapon out of suspect's hands runs out of the garage and points it at the guy. the suspect was able to get away and san francisco police released this video hoping it will help catch the guy. no rain in south carolina tonight. but residents across the state they're still hurting more than 2 feet of water has fallen in some counties since friday. more than 2 feet. at least 17 people have died in the carolinas. hundreds of roads and bridges remain closed. clean water is a big problem right now. roughly 40,000 homes in the columbia area do not have any running water.
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for the hundreds of thousands who do city leaders issued a boil water advisory. it could be several weeks before thing get back to normal. national transportation safety board is joining the investigation into the cargo ship that likely sung when it entered hurricane joaquin in waters off the bahamas. they're hoping to find out exactly what happened to the ship. rescue crews only discover the body of one of the 33 crew members on board. officials located one of the ship' twos life boats and it was empty. tragedy in the skies after a pilot dice in the mill of the flight. >> one day later we're hearing from the family of the utah pilot captain michael johnston died monday morning while at helm of american airlines flight 550. the flight was heading from phoenix to boston. the first officer made an emergency landing with 182 people on board in cira cushion new york. johnston's family says they are so grateful for all the years and memories their family shared together.
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>> i know that i did see him again. we believe that we are together forever. that we are forever family and i know that he will be there and that i will be able to see him again when i go from here. >> the couple raised eight children together. they also have five grandchildren. an investigation into why he died continues. a couple of thieves hit the same company not once, not twice, three times. they're only after one thing. what they spent hours trying to haul away. i tried to kick the window so the window would open and push the wip doughs up. >> he was trying so hard. he was locked for hours on the bus outside his daycare. nobody there to help him. how this five-year-old finally got free, kathy. >> smart little guy. n weather we're talking about a few clouds moving in for tonig tonight. but then some rain in the seven day forecast. what it means for your weekend coming up. >> the ugly side of social med
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>> clouds are rolling in. wilmington the clouds tomorrow will actually help start off the day warmer but we've got some rain on the way. my garden needs it. kathy orr putting new details into your full forecast as we speak. it's minutes away. >> atlanta man selfie cost him the job. it wasn't the become which are but the comments posted online about the picture. >> taken with co-workers very young son the picture has gone viral. many saying the response it got is racist. fox's marissa mitchell spoke to both sides. >> reporter: in a matter of seconds, what you post can go around the world and last forever. sidney will never forget adults calling for three-year-old nam names. >> names like toby and cun is a kin thai. >> he admits to calling her child farrow. >> i didn't mean he's an animal g that's up for interpretation. >> marking professor dennis shaw at georgia state j mack robinson
3:30 am
college of business hey pay attention how your photos or comments are received. >> the fact that the person who posted it did not remove the, you know, the selfie right then and there makes him a party or a silent supporter of whatever was going on. >> reporter: companies you work for have a final say. that's why shaw says employers should consider setting social media p.m. sees. guidelines that will outline how employees should act and interact online. >> you can always have two sites to the -- sides to the story. one saying this is personal freedom and other saying this what we stand for as a company. >> reporter: in the end companies brand matter and their employees are a part of that. rob understands why he got let go. >> i feel like, you know, that's something that they had to do to keep the spotlight off of themselves. >> reporter: shelton sends this message to other parents. >> parents, be careful of, you
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know, who you bring your kids around. >> three little boy. girard roth e-mailed the toddler's mom a personal apolo apology. she's not yet responded. >> dad goes to pick up his five-year-old from daycare and he was nowhere to be found. >> on the bus and nobody even knowed. on the bus all alone. >> the little boy was locked in the daycare bus in the texas heat foreclose to three hours after his dad showed up it took workers 15 minutes to find the boy. he remembers trying to find way out of the van. >> i was like pushing the door and i tried to kick the window so the windows could open and i tried to press the windows up and that didn't work. >> he was sweating, his eyes were all swollen. he probably was crying on the bus. >> the family filed a report with the austin police department. they're pulling their son out of that daycare. daycare declined comment. >> nobody knowed he was in there just breaks my heart.
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i'm so happy, kathy, it wasn't that hot because, you know n would have been disastrous. >> absolutely. we all know somebody that at some point something like that happened to. let's talk about the october warmth here in the delaware valley. high temperatures today pretty respectable for his time of year. the normal high around 70. wilmington, philadelphia mid 70s, reading, allentown and trenton in the lower to mid 70s. so realigns day. right now in philadelphia, 67 degrees. the wind is calm. it is a three evening with low humidity and northerly winds. in the pocono mountains 55, 62 in wilmington. 55 in millville. wrightstown 56 and lancaster 62. you can see in reading we have 63 degrees. allentown 61. few high clouds will be building in during the overnight period. a sign of some warmer air moving in. so during the morning hours, we'll be waking up to some clouds but mild temperatures in the lower 60s. during the afternoon clearing out. watch a frontal boundary approach by thursday morning. the only thing you'll see with this temperatures a few degrees
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cooler by the afternoon that's just about it. looking for mostly sunny skies for thursday. high pressure in control. the next chance of a shower will hold off until friday with this area of low pressure an cold front that will be moving through. so let's start the fox future cast off thursday morning. you'll see some high clouds but basically a mostly sunny morning and afternoon. friday morning still dry if you're watch going day, it will be dry. and then by the time we reach the noon hour some spotty showers the lehigh valley also down the shore. it's after the noon hour i think right around the evening rush bad timing we'll see some heavier rain in the evening some showers maybe even a few rumbles of thunder where you see the oranges and yellows that would be our best chance of seeing a thunderstorm october thunderstorm they even happen in the winter as we know. overnight in the city 58. in the suburbs 54 with increasing clouds. we have that nice northwesterly breeze. just about 5 miles an hour. now, during the day tomorrow, morning clouds. some increasing sunshine. the high temperature 77. look at the seven day forecast,
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just three. wednesday pleasant. thursday still above average. friday even though we see the rain in the afternoon strong southerly winds warm us up to 78. and then some morning clouds for saturday afternoon sun. nice for the birds on sunday. maybe that will be lucky winning weather. monday, 76. tuesday, 74. anything you want to do outdoors looking pretty good. saturday morning i think the rain will be out in time for anything you wanted to saturday morning. maybe an early tee time perhaps. >> i love that. what do you think? thank you kathy. >> i think we need to invite the pope back so the eagles can start winning again. that's what i think. >> might need that. >> that's the magic. >> need him for the whole season. >> uh-huh. we can set him up real nice around here. a guy on stolen bulldozer on rampage much employees say he's taken out everything he can. what officers finally had to do to stop his path of destruction. >> what he noticed in one teen that could have killed him in days. >> in new mom about to board plane.
3:35 am
she asked one question for the agent at the gate. why the airline is now apologi
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>> chaotic scene plays out after a man stole a bulldozer and
3:38 am
tried to reach as much havoc as possible. you're looking at the aftermath. there's rapid city south dakota. 21-year-old man went on that rampage hitting everything in his path including a scale house and a chevy avalanche. not looking so good. officers had to use a bean bag shotgun taser and pepper spray to arrest the guy. in your money night, breakfast does not end at 10:30 in the morning any more. >> finally here all day breakfast the mickey d's make its debut today. mcdonald's began testing breakfast all day in march. the move comes in response to slumping sales by the fast food chain. mcdonald's first rolled out the egg mcmuffin back in 1972. they expand the the breakfast menu in 1977. so go ahead have an egg mcmuffin for dinner or lunch. >> passengers on patco can update their status, check their i.e. mail, play online games at stations if south jersey and philly. it will offer wi-fi service permanently in all 13 of its stations. patco which is owned by the
3:39 am
delaware river port authority had been testing the service since july. free wireless being pro have id by com cost xfinity wi-fi. long time complaint for passenger on the line had been their phones didn't work when the trains go underground in camden and philadelphia. mother of two was looking for mace in washington, d.c. airport to pump breast milk for her ki kids. >> she says where monday one employee told herring to made her feel like an animal. liz cooper had a stop over at washington dulles airport. chef sought out united airlines employee looking for place to pump milk for her four month old son. that employee offered two options. cooper was not happy with the first choice. she was mortified when she heard the second. >> she said, you can go to the bathroom. and i said, the bathroom is not san tower she says we also have a pet relief center and i just look at her. so she said, there haven't been a lot of dogs in the airport today. >> dulles spokesman four new
3:40 am
rooms for breast feeding mothers are set to open this year. meanwhile united airlines will offer an apology on behalf of the employee who spoke with cooper. college professor accused of trying to kill her husband who's paralyzed. their son showed up just in time to stop her. why the victim says she has an excuse. and -- you're a bleep. you want to -- >> this went on and on and on witnesses call eight drunken tyrant on campus. what the student union wouldn't serve this guy that set him off. plus the secret to making sure you find the best deal online. the one thing you should do after you put something in your
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♪ couple crooks caught on surveillance video at the same place again and again. they've hit this detroit trucking company three times in the past few week. so what are they after? truck batteries and they're big. they each weigh 80 pounds. owners say they show up in the middle of the night and load as many as they can. owners helping that this video will help catch them before they strike again. florida college professor under arrest tonight accused of attack herring husband whose quadriplegic. that husband said she put on
3:44 am
pillow on his face and there's no way he could fight back. >> thank goodness the couple's son burst in just in time. >> josh casio talk to the man who says he still loves his wife. >> reporter: when you asked her did you try to kill me. what did she say to you? >> that's the point. bleep. >> reporter: perhaps even more shocking than that, james olds words for his wife now. the same woman who allegedly tried to smother him in his sleep with a pillow. just a few days prior. >> i don't think my wife was bad person at all. she was the love of my life. remains that way. and i think she snapped. >> reporter: he believes it's related to his worsening condition. olds has ms an quadriplegic. unable to fight his wife off, his son stepped in and saved his life. >> steven was here. and he's my hero. steven is truly my hero.
3:45 am
>> reporter: couple have been married 25 years. recently note polk county sheriff's office says sherri has been mentally torturing her husband and alleged to be having an affair. >> this is horrific. what even make it more horrific is when we learn that she's a professor at polk state college teaching tubes. >> reporter: in fact she's been with the school since '02 professor of information syste systems. >> couple of my friends they said she was a good professor to take. she taught the class well. once again you don't expect that from her. olds a facing abuse of an add dull. her husband filed for divorce. but he says he can and will forgive. >> i still love that woman tod today. and i'm deathly afraid to be alone with her and but i will always love her. >> big heart. sherri old social security on
3:46 am
administrative leave from polk state college. pending the out come of the investigation. a florida man is hit to the ground his dog killed in their own backyard after a bear attacks. it happened last night in orange city. alan bryant let the dog out for bathroom break around 10:00 o'clock when he heard his little yorkie tigger yelping he turn the corner finds a bear mauling his beloved pet. the bear started charging him. then more terrifying moments. >> i slipped here on the corner, and when i look over he was already on me. he's that fast. then by the time i could get up on my halfway on my feet he -- that's when he swiped me and pretty much knock me down with one swipe. >> his wife called police and by the time they got to the home, the bear had run off. wildlife officers have set traps around the neighborhood. 18-year-old colorado student back on the field this week and he's got his athletic trainer to thank for helping to save
3:47 am
hisself. josh boat wright collapsed during a practice in july. he cannot slow his racing heart. the school's trainer piper thompson called his mom advising to get him held attention. doctors found a very rare heart condition that could have killed josh during his next practice. he's going to have procedure in december to fix the problem. until then, josh is on medication and is not missing a beat on the field. no more endless searching online to find the best deal. one expert is breaking down a few simple things you can do to find that bargain faster and the one thing you should do before you check out for some final savings. fox's dana jay explains. >> has to contain the word blue tooth. >> reporter: matt webber runs roar internet marketing he uses his no how to help his clients get you to spend money. >> merchants on the other side know what people use in their search when they're ready to buy. >> reporter: today we're turning the tables and putting him to work showing you how to score deals faster.
3:48 am
webber says make sure your search is specific. that tells the search epp gin you're doing more than browsing and prompts web sites to put deals in front of you. >> they might take to you a particular page on their website when you view a particular search which may indeed have a better deal on it. >> reporter: remembering google 101 can help. >> so the negative sign the plus sign and the quotation marks can help people refine their searches quite a bit. >> say you're in the market forehead phones and you want them to have blue tooth technology. search headphones the symbol for plus and then blue tooth that narrows your search. next tip, don't waste time going from website to website. google reviews right away. >> that search right there reviews of whatever it is that you're buying shoes, shirts, is a critical step in the purchase function. >> reporter: it tells companies you're serious about a product. and just a few clicks away from buying. >> they probably now know that when people search this
3:49 am
particular combination of words they're at the intersection of buying. so therefore instead of landing them on this page, we're going to land them on this page. >> reporter: finally webber says when you know what you want, go ahead and put it in your cart. but don't buy just yet. if you put something in the cart, and you don't buy, they're going to e-mail you or through what's called retargeting show you an ad on the internet with a discount to that product to propel to you come back and finish the purchase. >> hopefully with these tips, when you do purchase, you're saving some money. dana jay, fox news. >> you can do instead, just not -- >> not buy. >> that saves a lot of money. >> saves everything. >> one college student late night craving lands him in handcuffs. >> when you see this on video you'll know why. check it out. >> you're a bleep. >> you want to -- >> give me bleep.
3:50 am
mack and cheese. >> thinks he's a tough guy. 19-year-old luke gaddy. university of connecticut student. he's inside student union league sunday night. this video shows him rant fog minute upon minute be rating the manager even shoving him nor to the serving him. all top of h all he walked in wh an open bottle of beer. police arrested him last year they arrested him last year at a different college campus. >> here's howard with a look at what's coming up in sports. >> 76ers remember them, preseason started and the new look sixers looked like the old look sixers. eagles trying to figure out their problems coming back to practice. the player players have differig
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ the eagles back at practice today trying to get things straightened out for their game against new orleans on sunday. lane john ton son, jason peter and michael kendrick didn't practice. the only players likely not to
3:54 am
play are kendricks and brandon bear. mack well will be back on sunday. the team one and three you can't blame it on specific area. chip kelly said yesterday if you hit two kicks the team would be three and one. come on chip. that's dilusional. many other areas of mistake. they know they should better than being in this position. however players had differing opinions on the team. >> it's frustrating that it hasn't gotten better. you go back in the film and through the first four games there's been positives and negatives there's things to take from the film. problem it's not getting better and that's what's frustrating. that's what is disgrace right now we're getting it fix. >> to come in and say there's an urgency to get better, urgency to win is pretty obvious. but at the same time it's not time to, you know, panic and start doing things, um, out of character out what we believe will win games for us. >> the numbers are not good but the nfc east is a horrible
3:55 am
division. none of these teams are good ones right now. obviously that's one way to look at things. >> you just want to be focused on yourself. you don't have time to really worry about what everybody else is doing. with that being said obviously we understand what's going on around the league. what's happening in our division. we know exactly what we need to do to get back in this thing. >> the eagles coverage with the saints starts this sunday did the at 10:00. fox 29 "game day live" followed by nfl sunday kick off at 1:00 o'clock and we'll wrap it up with our game and post game report at 4:30. the 76ers played their first preseason game tonight. we are lucky. they picked up right where they left off last season. looks like brett brown still has what he called a bunch of gypsies. let's go to washington. that's what he called them last year. isaia cannon one of his point guards stripped by a big guy. that's a joke. it didn't stop there. third quarter okafor scored 12
3:56 am
points but that's a terrible turnover. 76ers nine for 30 for three. sixers lose it by a mere 34. 129-95. all right. baseball playoffs started to night and carlos gomez in the sixth inning homerun. i love to see houston win this game. they're up three-zero in the eighth against the new york yankees. >> i love to see teams like that get in there. >> full hour of entertainment news coming up next. tmz followed by dish nation, then chasing news. simpsons. >> back here at 4am for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". >> remember your mega millions
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>> this is fox 29 morning news. thousands of federal inmates serving sentences for drug crimes are set for early release next month. the new way lawmakers reviewing decades old non-violent cases. and speaking of that, lets guess to dave kinchen. good morning. >> good morning to you, chris, in bellmawr, new jersey outside of the new eggs medical dis tens are you set to open up on the garden state monday. we'll take you inside coming up. >> while we were reporting on murder number 2010 -- 210, mudder second had happened there is one may involve a hate crime, as well as murder to make it even worse. >> all right, steve keeley. we've heard a lot about what it will take to make atlantic


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