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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  WTXF  October 7, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> this is fox 29 morning news. thousands of federal inmates serving sentences for drug crimes are set for early release next month. the new way lawmakers reviewing decades old non-violent cases. and speaking of that, lets guess to dave kinchen. good morning. >> good morning to you, chris, in bellmawr, new jersey outside of the new eggs medical dis tens are you set to open up on the garden state monday. we'll take you inside coming up. >> while we were reporting on murder number 2010 -- 210, mudder second had happened there is one may involve a hate crime, as well as murder to make it even worse. >> all right, steve keeley. we've heard a lot about what it will take to make atlantic city boom once again.
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what new jersey politician proposal to make ac more appealing to a-listers. >> get it, ac, a-listers. >> you got it. >> i see what you did at 4:00 in the morning, you're quick. >> she's good, guys. >> it is wednesday, october 7th, 20156789 i give all of the credit to candice. >> oh, wait. that's not original? >> no. >> our star producer, yes. >> you know what scotty did? he did all his own maps, all his own work, he's on it. >> he is a one man show. >> good morning. >> good morning, chris, lauren, did i my math this morning, and i can tell you what, we are talking about wonderful wednesday out there. yesterday was so nights. we had a ten. why not give today another ten? so looking pretty good out there. take a look. satellite and radar showing dry, quiet conditions, few passing clouds, so temperatures not as chilly this morning as they were yesterday. pretty quiet along the eastern seaboard, finally getting a break from the rain, in sections of the carolinas
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after the devastating floodingment look at the numbers, currently 61 degrees in philadelphia, about 10 degrees warmer than this same time yesterday. sun comes up this morning, little after 7:00. temperatures north and west, mid to upper 50's, 53 current in atlantic stilet. so look at the wednesday planner, mild start. warming fast by lunchtime, temperatures approaching 70 greets, and talk about october warmth, high temperature today right around 77 degrees. we'll talk about that seven day forecast, plus, our next chance for rain and what to expect this weekend for the temple game as well as sunday's eagles game at the linc. guys, back to you. >> they got it double up down there, two games in a row back-to-back, they said temple on saturday, eagles on sunday, they also got the hero thrill showdown there, on saturday, as well. good morning, everybody, 4:02, crews are still working out here along i-95. this is one of number of crews on 95 this morning.
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southbound, right near the ramps for 476. they're also working up near route 413. there is a work crew in the middle near cottman avenue. and then another crew down there, allegheny. so south 95 between bucks county and delco, we put about four, five, different work zones in there. just keep in mind, where the crews are working, the speed limit are reduced therefore the safety of the workers. and then north on 95 down in delaware at the christianna off ramp at exit four, crew, still paving on the roosevelt boulevard. the inner drive, between rhawn and woodward here in the great northeast, watch for some construction. for the gang over in new jersey, no problems on the turnpike, or 295, but the ramp from 295 to 42 closed until about 5:30 or so, with construction, the rest of the majors coming in from the suburbs looking good. mass transit running with no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. search on for group every kill heres physically attacked a transgender person in north
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fill. >> i steve keeley on this story for us. steve, good morning. >> wedgier you see the hashtag say her name. the name is keisha jenkins, 22 years old, that's the name on the lips of homicide detectives, here at the round house, right now. and let's go to video. discovered shot and killed, very cowardly, after being beaten up, shot twice in the back, 2:00 a.m. yesterday, and police initially are hearing that it is possibly a case after robbery, why? because the park where this happened, is a known prostitute park, and maybe this group went looking to rob who they thought may have been a prostitute. and maybe that was it. they're also looking to the possibility because this is transgender person that this could be a hate crime. here's the head of homicide, james clark. >> when they got there, they found decedent, 22 year old transgender individual who goes by the name of keisha jenkins. the individual had been shot two times in the back, preliminary investigation reveals that the de seed hadn't just gotten out after
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vehicle, at that location, was assaulted by five or six unidentified males during that assault one of the males pulled out a gun and while the victim watts on the ground shot the victim twice. right now we don't have any motive. we don't know if it is a potential hate crime, if it was robbery, we really don't know. the investigation is too early in the investigation to tell. >> reporter: so this is what police were looking for. not only any other witnesses, any video, but they do know this, somehow, obviously, from some witness, that they didn't detail. but the key witness they think may be a man seen dropping keisha off in the park, just before this happened. and they want that man to come forward. unfortunately, when the police said that, in the news conference, they didn't say to the man come forward and we will not bus you for ac job for prostitute. if that's the case, they're obviously not out to make cheap little minor advice bus, they want to crack this major crime and maybe that's why
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that man isn't coming forward because he is figuring i did something wrong, i don't want to get in trouble, i don't want anybody to know. but perhaps police will keep him anonymous, and keep him off the books if he comes forward. so that's what they are looking for right now. and that guy may be scared to come forward, too, knowing the person he was just with was savagely brutally murdered, chris, lauren? >> good perspective, thank you. >> thousands every federal inmate set to be released last month part of measure to reduce the prison population. >> the prisoner being let out, serving drug sentences, more than 5500 inmates will go free in november. and eventually, tens of thousands will be eligible for release. the mass release was triggered by a federal commission, which lowered maximum sentences for drug offenders last year. reform advocates, rooted in the 1980s, with "war on drugs". >> federal prisons are 40% over crowded, ex or want costs, the unfairness of send ends from the 80s and 90s, to
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change the drug policy going forward for future drug offender, to make it retroactive. >> under the program a judge will try to make sure that the prisoners are not a threat to public safety, released inmates will go to halfway-houses then they'll go home to home confinement and will be under the supervised release of probation service. >> happening now, the newest medical marijuana dispensary is open in new jersey. >> so, at last count, this would be the fourth in the state. and the closest to philadelphia. let's go to fox 29's dave kinchen in bellmawr with more on. >> this hype, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you guys, i'm standing in the middle of a industrial complex that houses the newest medical marijuana dispensary here in new jersey, we're in bellmawr, and behind me it is compationate sciences, the name of the company, let's go to video right now inside the walls here, some high grade cannibis with exotic names like blackberry curb and blue dream, steady flow of production lives here, as well, the cannibis is flowered
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no small plant here, hair develops dollars over nine weeks, then it is trimmed and packaged, way, set for sale, as well. the only cry end at the time allowed her are the 5,000 new jersey resident with medical marijuana cards. we talked to some of the people involved. listen in. >> a lot of people coming here that have serious conditions, and ailments, and they're looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical. >> you are looking at me, i'm a healthy guy, h iv-positive for more than half my life. since i was actually a teenager. that is a long, long time, to battle this disease and to thrive with the disease that will ultimately kill me. medical cannibis for me personally alleviates the side effect of the powerful medicines i take to keep my hiv in check. >> now, patients who will be coming here will have to have one of dozen qualifying conditions, like ms, cancer, also glaucoma, and of course
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delaware, new jersey, those states are already involved in medical marijuana. so some wonder what about pennsylvania? well, of course, that's up to harrisburg, guys. >> yep, that's right. dave kin den chen, thanks so much. >> still trying to piece together an incident that happened yesterday morning, community college of philadelphia. police raised to the campus after report after man with gun on campus. shows sweeping the school. student claimed a teenager pulled a gun on him. the school was placed on lockdown by school leaders and police, and detective found that the suspect, they did evidently not have a weapon. >> they found the suspect not the weapon, i should say. >> that's right. authority say they don't think report after gun at a school very likely. >> we hear school, obviously, we're coming hard. we understand in light of recent event. >> seventeen year old taken into custody does not have a criminal record. he hasn't been charged with anything in this situation
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either. police continue to investigate. >> and we spoke with student yesterday, who were either left outside or forced to hunker down in classrooms. while police searched the school. many said they were frustrated as they had classes annex arms to prepare for. others told us they were pretty frightened by the entire ordeal. >> i had four more classes that i really wanted to go back in there. >> i have exams on thursday, and interfering, you know, interfering with life. >> i was really scared. my heart was racing with everything going on. >> some student told us it is sad, but this is what life has come to, violence at schools, and police lock-downs. >> teenage freer long island said he was attack by fraternity member at penn state after he revealed he was gay. john says he was attacked while visiting the campus on sunday. he posted these photos to twitter with the caption don't let a frat guy know that you're gay. he said a brother admit that he hated gays, then beat him up. the university released a
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statement saying those responsible should and will be held accountable. the teen has filed a police report. >> group of local protesters is hoping to send a clear message to the president of philadelphia's federal reserve. members of action united demonstrated at seventh and arch yesterday calling out research president, patrick handwriting err. the group says handwriting err has backed out after promise he made to philadelphia's working class families, and the african-american community. fed up says handwriting err vowed to tour some of those neighborhoods and meet families about a year ago. handwriting err says open meetings and tours are being discussed his office released this statement saying in part, quote, our approach is to work with community organizations that is her after common interest of creating economic opportunity for all communities and people. >> 4:11. imagine an armed man in your garage at your home. well, this homeowner decides i'm fighting back. how many the intended target gained the upper hand on the armed intruder. >> unintended us bombing of hostile in afghanistan continues, why this fed
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secretary ash carter says his department is in deep regret.
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>> take a look at this, this is the flooding that's devastating the area in south carolina from record rainfalls over the week end, from hurricane joaquin. this aerial video shows various country clubs, marina's, gated communities, all of them still overflowing with so much water here, chris. >> so west columbia about 100 people were trapped in their
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homes, and required rescue crews to help evacuate. so far the official death toll is at 15. more rain on the way in the southeast, we'll keep an eye on that, meantime, scott is in for sue looking at our wet they are morning. >> good morning, chris, lauren. yesterday was beautiful. high temperature made it up to 75 degrees. take a look at the numbers this morning, so bus stop buddy, yes, right jacket on as opposed to the sweatshirt that he had on yesterday, temperatures to start in the low 60s out there. we had clouds out, there really comfortable. it will be pleasant october day. mixture every sunday and clouds, above average temperatures, do have front that will arrive by latter part of the week. to provide couple of showers, maybe even a october thunderstorm. but look at the temperatures right now. currently in philadelphia, 61 degrees. we have a nice little breeze out of the northwest at about 6 miles per hour. the sun will come up, shortly after 7:00 this wednesday morning. temperatures, right now, not in the 40's, north and west.
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mid to upper 50's, near 60 right now. berks county around reading, we have upper 50's, pottstown, 57 degrees currently for you. upper 50's right now in dover. low 50's currently in atlantic city. so that high temperature by this afternoon, what about a pair of seven's, then for the over night, looking at temperatures dipping back into the mid to upper 50's across the area. satellite and radar on this wednesday morning, showing a few more clouds across the area during the overnight. so, acting kind of like an insulator, keeping the temperatures not as chilly as what we saw yesterday. so, as we time everything out, you can see, dry, few passing clouds, move toward your thursday, looking pretty good. sun and clouds, then we watch that frontal boundary approach during the day on friday, mainly friday afternoon and evening, showers, some scattered thunderstorms, but it is out of here just in time for the upcoming weekend. hey, remember joaquin? well, still a hurricane, but take a look at the path. it will cross the atlantic ocean and likely still have
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some impact as it moves toward spain by the upcoming weekend, with a lot of wind, and also some heavy rain. so that forecast for today across the area, 77 degrees in the city, looking pretty good down the shore pocono mountain upper 60s, nice fall day. lock at the weather authority seven day forecast, a ten today, ten thursday, and then friday that front arrives late in the afternoon, evening, maybe impacting the evening rush. but it looks like much cooler air for the weekend, temple game, grab that sweatshirt, 65 for the high temperature, then great for tailgating, great at the linc on sunday, so all-in-all not a bad seven day forecast. how is traffic on this wednesday, bob? >> teachers in a good mood today throwing out some ten's couple of times this week. good morning, everybody, we're in pretty good shape. 4:17 on the majors, still working, a loft work crews still out here, live look i-95 in northeast philadelphia right near the the cottman avenue, again, cottman avenue off ramp blocked until about 5:30, 6:00 or so.
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as we go for ride on the blue route, i'm up. guess who else is up? santa santa claus. check it out. twenty-four days until halloween, 50 days to thanksgiving, 79 to christmas, 88 to the new year. >> all right, nice little tweet from the real santa. you know that's the real santa. south on 95, couple different work zones between bucks county all the way down to delaware county again until about 5:30, 6:00. they're loving the cool overnight temps. they got a lot of catching up to do. they had couple of days off with the pope visit. then of course all of the rain we had there put a lot of the project behind schedule. shuttle bussing on the lansdale-doylestown line. during the midday between colmar and the doylestown interchange, looks like another good day to fly. no problems in or out of philadelphia international airport this morning. doesn't hurt though to check with the airline. good news will ring the bell, penndot ahead of schedule here, finished the reconstruction that far route
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23 bridge over the pickering creek there in chester county that's a god-send for all of the folks that had been going all the way out and around on 422 as the detour, so see some three cheers to the school bus drivers, they'll be back in bussing able to stay in the neighborhood to get the little ones to school this morning. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, the so-called brittany bill is one step closer to becoming law in new jersey, bipartisan bill exempts celebrity to perform at least four nights in atlantic city from having to pay state income taxes on all shows. monday state senate committee approved it, now awaits full vote. measure is the latest effort to put for the to really help the struggling seaside resort. lawmakers want stars such as britney spears to take up residency. sort of like they do in las vegas. >> britney spears residency, for example, according to business insider, was a net
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positive $20 million over couple of years. and so we saw, there was huge positive economic impact, long standing shows. >> opposers of the measure say the cash strapped city needs resources and should not be giving the rich tax breaks. >> defense secretary ash carter says the agency has deep regrets about the deadly air strike that claimed lives of more than two dozen at medical clinic in afghanistan. yesterday on capitol hill the top us commander in afghanistan general john campbell addressed the issue before senate committee. general amber says will undergo indepth training to review rules every engagement. the white lust also says several investigations are being carried out. officials say they were responding to an afghan request when an us gun ship fired on a medical clinic run by doctors without borders on saturday. >> a homeowner turns the tables on would be robber who stormed into his garage with a gun. >> take a look for yourself. surveillance cameras caught the fire. homeowner tried to breast they
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will gun away. he was able to pry the weapon out of the suspect hands, runs out of the garage, points it at the guy. the suspect was able to get away. san francisco police released this video hoping it will help catch him. wow. >> gearing up for the game against new orleans, the eagles trying to figure out their problems coming back to practice. but can the birds fly high missing two key players this weekend? >> and nba's mvp takes risky shot at monday night's game before fouling out for the night. he is so daring he doesn't hold back giving his teammate on the bench a high five before he knows it is even in the bucket. for life...
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(husband) hon! it's grover cleveland! (female announcer) ...when you play the new cash4life, from the pennsylvania lottery. (husband) let me get this. (female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning.
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(wife) look who went shopping! (female announcer) every day... (grover) your chariot awaits! (announcer) ... for the rest of your life. (wife) jump on! (grover) nothing like a new mower. (wife) what? (grover) see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. >> good morning, eagles back at practice yesterday, for their game against new orleans on sunday. now, lane johnson, jason peters, mychal kendricks didn't practice, the only players not likely to play sunday are kendricks and brandon bair who will probably be out two weeks. byron maxwell will also be back sunday. chip kelly said monday, if you hit two kicks this season, the team would be three and one. really dilutional, with many other areas of mistakes, but they know they should not be in this position. >> it is frustrate that it hasn't gotten better. and go back in the film, you know, first games, positive's,
4:25 am
negative's, things to take from the film. the problem it is not getting better. that's what's frustrating. that's what is in disgrace right now, we are not getting it fixed. >> to come in and say there is an urgency to get better, you urgency to win is obvious, but at the same time it is not time to panic or doing things out of character or out of what we believe we win games for. >> sixers lose last night. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> sixers starting their season like they ended last year? >> they have new shooter though there is nick, his birthday today, by the way, 22 years old. >> let's hope he bridges the heat. >> we need someone to shoot the ball into the net. >> speaking of that, steht pulled out an incredible feat on the court monday night. check this out. >> (cheers).
4:26 am
>> wow, excite interested. >> kind of hard to seep. what happens he shoots a three, but before it even goes in, he goes over to the bench and high five's andre iguodala. >> yes? >> basically being like ya, that's going in. >> you keep reading, because i am watching. >> it is okay, that's it. >> but yes, that's he is the mvp, he takes risky shots like that. >> he's good. >> end a he's confident, flight. >> let's hope nick is that good. we need him. >> we need something. >> yes, we do. happy birthday, nick. >> new mom about to board a plane has one question for the agents at the gate. why the airline is apologizing for what happened next. ññ
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>> patco passenger life just got easier in the fast lane. what you can do on the rails keeping you to up speed. >> shoppers get ready october prom i cents deep discount, if your sites are set on searching items. columbus day weekends, what it could mean for your wallet. >> i like. that will good day everybody, it is wednesday, october 7th, 2015. the week's halfway over. >> yes. >> i just asked scott how he was feeling. you know on this shift, when you are suddenly thrust into waking up in the middle of the night, just shocks you. >> physical manifestation, scott use this is as a warning, sometimes you just get this little twitch going,
4:30 am
right? >> that's right. you just have to iron it out, you know, get little twitch going. but the weather looking pretty good. so that's the good thing about being on the different shift this week. filling in for sue, as we take a look at the satellite and radar, it is dry, quiet, few passing clouds overhead. and temperatures, look at this, about 10 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. so, pretty comfortable if you are stepping outdoors, and with us early this morning, you, no 40's this morning. take a look at reading, 59 degrees, we have 59 in lancaster, 57 right now in wilmington, up ear's in dover. so, take a look at the 24-hour temperature change. it is 11 degrees warmer than this same time yesterday in allentown, 14 degrees warmer at pottstown, lancaster, 10 degrees warmer in wilmington. high today, 77 degrees, well above the average for this time of year, which is right around 70. for tonight, we are looking at quiet, comfortable conditions, temperatures around 57 degrees. so coming up, we will talk about the above average temperatures, yes, you know it
4:31 am
will come to an end, we have some rain to track with that seven day forecast, bob kelly, how is the traffic on this wednesday? >> a lot of construction traffic. we put it that way. 4:31, good morning, everyone, pretty good shape. no major jams in the traffic cams. we got a lot of construction, here is a live look at one of the crews. this is route 100 in chester county between the turnpike at downingtown, down to 113, again, overnight paving operation. benny looking good coming in from south jersey. no problems at all from the toll plaza, into downtown, there is about five different construction zones on i-95, as you head southbound, from bucks county, at 413, through the city, all the way down to delaware county, at 476. there is also a crew out here on 95, the ramp to christianna, which is exit number four there in wilmington. up to northeast philly we go, roosevelt boulevard get ago make over, the inner drive closed from rhawn, up through woodward, again, on the overnight. so closing that inner drive doing the paving. everybody pushed to the outer
4:32 am
drive. and then, south jersey, same deal. 295, southbound, as you work your way down in toward that bellmawr interchange. just watch for some ramp closures and the construction zone. septa looking good, but using shuttle buses during the week, on the lansdale doylestown line between colmar and doylestown, trains for the morning and afternoon rush hour, but they are using buses during the midday. and in center city, going to take little while for us to get used to this one, the 19th street bridge, shutdown, the bridge that goes over the vine street expressway, all part of the reconstruction of all of those ramps, all of those overpasses here, in center city. and if you are headed to the airport, good for you. no problems at all. philadelphia international airport, chris, lauren being back to you. thanks, bob. right now, killers viciously attacked a transgender person in north philadelphia. >> steve keeley live at police headquarters where they're trying to crack this case. hi, steve. >> reporter: second day in a row, here we are lead interesting hearing about a murder, but this murder happened yesterday, as well.
4:33 am
soap, two murders yesterday, right around within the same half hour. this one, 22 year old keisha jenkins, just got out after karat 2:30 in the morning yesterday. when detective here tell us that five or six guys almost instantly started beating her up, maybe trying to rob her, maybe she resisted. then while she is helpless, face-down in the dirt on the ground, one of them cowardly shoots her in the back twice, killing her. now, neighbors told dave schratwieser last night that this park at 13th and wing hocking in the hunting park section has been known as a meeting place for prostitute, and lately telling dave robbing prostitutes. >> that's what they do out here. they target, you know, to rob them, you know, this is what they do. >> preliminary investigation reveals that the de seed hadn't just gotten out after vehicle at that location, was assaulted by five or six unidentified males, during that assault one of the males pulled out a gun and while the
4:34 am
victim was on the ground shot the victim twice. >> it is a tragic lost for the city of philadelphia. and specially for lgbt communities. our transgender community faces far too much violence and unfortunately far too many lost lives. >> and so the man police want to talk to is who was driving that car that dropped keisha off just beforehand. they are hoping that he'll come forward, despite the fact that he may be scared, potential backlash from the killers, or maybe even be scared of being charged with being a john, if that was the case, from police. but, i'm sure, that police would instantly tell him, hey, you're not going to be charged at all. we just need to know what you know, what you may have seen, to help us crack this case. so here we go. murder 211 in the city, violence, two days in a row to report for you, unfortunately, to start the day. >> all right, steve. thank you. and speaking of violence, no charges for the driver after car who hit a young boy on the street of logan. he stopped, and then strangers decided to assault him.
4:35 am
>> three year old, saddest part, he is in critical condition right now. now police say the boy's stepped out from inbetween parked cars, into the street in the 1200 block of wagner avenue. the driver hit him and then he ended up under an s.u.v. police say the man got out of the -- what was going on, when he got out, to help the poor kid, a group of men beat up that driver. police are still trying to find those men. all right, listen up, parents, are you mom and dad to a daughter or son? one of them could be struggling at school because of compulsive texting. we want to tell you who to worry about coming up. 0bóñóñ@ú
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if you are headed to the stores this weekend specially for columbus day sales, few products to look out for that go on deep discount. deep discount, in the month of october. >> so here they are. this is according to consumer report, that you will want to buy this month. bikes, computers, digital cameras, gas grills, lawn mowers, and tractors, patio furniture, add that to the list. >> what about sporting goods for the summer? winter clothe. >> right? >> and then for columbus day weekends, look for deals on furniture, large appliances and mattresses so the one thing that i need right now is a laptop. because you know like these things get updated every few years, so mine is like a dinosaur, even though it is only like three years olds. >> can it log on to the world-wide web? >> it can. but that's about all it can do. then it is like taking two days for it to bring up the page that i want. >> what do you have, like a
4:39 am
dial-up? >> that's what it feels like. >> remember that old noise? >> you got mail. remember that? >> oh, ya, we're dating ourselves here. >> you've got mail. >> interns up in the news room have no clue what we are talking about here, passengers in the commuter train line can update their status, check e-mail, play on line games, with stations, in philadelphia. >> so the train ride announced it will offer wifi service permanently at all 13 of its locations, patco, which is only by the delaware river port authority, had been testing the service since july. the free wireless has so being provided by comcast, xfinity wifi. >> how about this? the fight for 15. taking center stage again in philadelphia, dozens of workers met last night in northern liberties calling foreign crease to pennsylvania minimum wage. residents shared their personal stories of struggle, asking for help, and calling for change. the event was similar wage board meeting in new york. >> now to your health. another reason parent should encourage kids to spend some time off of this.
4:40 am
put down the phone. >> a new study shows compulsive texting, may lead to poor school performance, in your teenage girls. >> shocker. >> researchers studied both genders, they only found the association in the females, compulsive texting more complex than just frequent texting. it involves trying and failing to cut back on texting, becoming challenged when exal challenged about the behavior, feeling frustrated when they can't stop. researchers advise parents to make sure their child's text something in check. study published in the journal psychology of popular media culture. >> wow. >> the way of the world. >> new wave, flight. >> wal-mart new waves, helping customers live healthier lives, will focus on preventive care and supporting overall well-being, wal-mart america's biggest health fair will take place in more than 4,400 stores across the us. it is coming up saturday october 10th, that this saturday n addition, more than 10,000 of wal-mart's licensed
4:41 am
pharmacists will offer immunizations and in select stores. >> all right, the end of the world happening today. >> oh? >> what's on the bucket list? >> there is a group that believes today could be the beginning of the end. we'll explain. >> bucket list. make it now. >> hurry.
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♪ >> so yesterday was super special. you know why? >> why? >> because my girl camike. >> she's been on maternity leave for ten weeks. >> oh, boy. are you just having withdraw? >> whether i sat down in the chair yesterday, she was like lauren, your hair. >> so camike came back? is that you? >> i knew would you not like this. >> what? so camike is actually good at
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what she does? wait. you missed this for ten weeks? >> so listen, so i get it washed, right? then she blows dry t so at the below drying phase stage, right here, she is like your layers are messed up, your banks are messed up. it is a mess. >> right? >> then go to the next one, candice just showed, the ends product is all that matters. see that? >> looks great. >> that's a transformation, right? >> like med use a. beautiful. >> so, ya. look, that's it. >> gazel med use a. >> so that's the fin earned product. this week i'm so happy because last week we were battling rain, remember, i had curlers in my hair, wearing a hat. >> it is a struggle, isn't it? >> you know t you don't even have to worry about it, you don't get it. you don't know about the struggle. >> scotty, can you way in on this at all? >> wife sisters, so i know the struck sell real. i know, lauren, you woke up like that, right?
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>> well, you do have the weather going for you here today. we're not looking at many problems out there across the area, looking at milder conditions, because some clouds, they've overtaken the area. so temperatures this morning, low 60s yesterday, at this time. in the 40's, even 50's across the area, so it is casino of comfortable stepping outdoors early this morning, grab the paper, walk the dog. lock at the temperatures right now, 56 degrees, in trenton, mid 50's allentown, we have 57 degrees, wilmington, up ear's, good morning to you in central sections of delaware. warming up near 07 by lunchtime, great to have your lunch outdoors, look at the afternoon drive. pair of seven's, so temperatures well above average for this time of year. so mild start out there. above average temperatures. and then it looks like some changes by the latter part of the week, frontal boundery will approach with some
4:47 am
scattered showers maybe rumble of thunderment finally getting a break toward sections of carolina, dry, quiet for us, as we track what's going to happen weak front moves through. then as we approach your thursday, it will be pretty quiet, little cooler than today. watch what happens north and west early friday morning, watching that frontal boundary trying to approach the area, increasing clouds, and then, mainly after about 2:00, 3:00 we watch the front approach from the west lean of scattered showers, thunderstorms, that will be the second half of the day on that friday, but then looks like it will clear out of here in time for the upcoming weekend, but much cooler. recapping today, looking good, 777 degrees, thursday, little cooler, 72 degrees, and 78 for the high temperature on friday, with that late front, scattered showers, some thunderstorms, clearing out, turning much cooler by the upcoming weekends, but great for football both saturday,
4:48 am
sunday, a lot going on in the forecast. >> now the football, big games, of course the soccer games and the kids football games, pretty much all rained out last weekend. route one, 413, construction crews still out here. so hands full every crews still out, until about 5:00, 5:30 or so. no problems coming into downtown philly. looking good from end to end on the vine st. expressway. and as we go for a ride, tomorrow morning, i'm going to hit the road. breakfast with bob, you ready? take a look what they are syringe up here in the mercer cafe. >> is that candy corn? >> candy cane. can i corn for halloween. just one of the their great coffee selections. so mercer cafe, in the navy yard, they have a location port richmond, one in the navy yard, we go there tomorrow, from 9:00 to 10:00. meet you down there live. otherwise the rest of the majors in good shape.
4:49 am
northeast extension between lansdale and mid-county looking good. no problems 422 from oaks on in. see definitely new pattern change on 422 they find i shall the route 23 bridge over the pickering creek. for the past couple every months the only way to get across the creek is to go work your way over to 422 and go all the way to up route 29, probably, added 40 minute to the morning and afternoon commute. so specially for the school buses, so, beginning this morning, that route 23 is open, and that will be great news for the gang in there in chester county, in phoenixville. nineteenth street, the overpass, here in center city, remains closed that's all part of that ongoing long-term construction. headed south 95 out of bucks county about five different construction zones active from bucks all the way down to delco. chris, lauren, back to you. >> all right, bob, considering we're still here, and fire
4:50 am
hasn't dose to tried the work, looks like local prediction was wrong. >> e bible fellowship base in the sharon hill predicted the world would ends today. i guess they have a few more hours in the day, right? >> think say their leader according to the bible october 7th, today, was supposed to be the day god said the world would pass away. now mccann did say there was an unlikely possibility it wouldn't happen, so he left the room for being wrong. >> thank goodness. >> so this is like one of those could happen but could not. >> remember y2k, everyone, oh, gosh, the switchover. >> that was different. that was technology, i guess. >> if you had one thing to do today, if the world was going to end, what would you do? had one day to do it? >> oh, that's easy. i would walk two blocks up here, and i would get one of the sundays, they make
4:51 am
franklin fountain, yes, i would have like coconut, chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, probably put some almond on there, too, whip cream. >> that's it? that was easy. >> yes. >> tour the white house? >> you need to rethink that. >> liz coup her a stop over at washington dullos airport on her way to hershey. cooper says she sought out united airlines employee looking foreplays to pump milk for her four month old son. they offered her two options: she wasn't happy with the first choice, and she was mortified when she heard the second. >> she said you can go to the bathroom. and i said the bathroom is not sanitary. and she said we also have a pet relief center. and i just looked at her, so she said they have a lot of dogs in the airport today. >> really? >> seriously? >> right. well, dullos spokesperson said four new room for breast feeding mothers will open.
4:52 am
it will offer an apology on behalf of employee who offered up the service animal relief section for breast feeding moms. >> simple act of kindness that turned into full-fledged display of community support. how people in one delaware county town are showing how much they care about the men and women protecting them.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> forty-eight years old today. she is still young. seems like she's been around for so long. >> you should choke on those words. >> maybe that wasn't nice? i don't know. >> okay, i'll be kinds now, kindness turns into full pledge support, one delaware county community, people in the area showing how much they care about the men and women protecting them. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson shows what started a friendly gesture, now getting a lot of attention on social media. >> i'm just tired of dunkin' donuts getting bashed, police getting bashed and i just put little four, five lines out there. >> this post by the chief of column inning down police department lit up facebook, describe ago morning unlike any other. >> i've never had a day start like that, where it was positive, positive, positive.
4:56 am
just unbelievable. >> chief robert adams wrote. what a great start to the day. dunkin' donuts, getting my morning could coffee, and gentleman next to me offers to buy my coffee. the clerk says no, i got it, then another customer asked about the police support signs in collingdale. then another gentleman gives me a donation, toward more signs, he wrote. but that wasn't it. the chief goes on describing the final thing that happened as he left the parking lot of the dunkin' donuts on oklahoma and mcdade boulevard. >> woman gets out of the car, chief, can i gave you a hug? i'm like sure. i like the way you run your department, i love your town, i love collingdale, i wanted to thank you. >> chief said the casino gestures come at a time when police departments all over are under fire. >> because of the few bad apples, and circumstances have changed, we're challenged. >> support suffer where. not just on facebook and the coffee shops. collingdale fire didn't one and two have these police on their trucks and outside their station. >> do different jobs, but all in the same community, all in emergency services, so, we're all brothers and sisters.
4:57 am
we have each other's back in whatever we do. >> shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news". 4:57 this morning, secret to making sure you find the best deal on line. the one thing you should do after you put something in your cart to save some serious cash. >> put it back.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> 5:00. thousands serving sentence for drug crimes set for early release next month. new you with a, decades old non-violent cases. dave kinchen, good morning. >> good morning to you. we are taking you inside the newest south jersey medical marijuana dispensary where the first tv station to give that you look, and we'll show you how it operates, coming up. steve? >> well, phillies lgbt community and homicide detectives, wonder if they have a victim of hate, and that community says they are already victims after lot of hurt. lauren? >> all right, thanks so much, steve keeley. and we've heard a lot about what it will take to make atlantic city boom once again. one new jersey politician proposal to make ac more appealing to a-listersment good day everybody, it is wednesday, october seventh, 2015. this is a talker, while were you out of the studio for few second there is got bob kelly little real up. >> i know the controversy here is you get tax breaks to the rich. >> right. >> and all of just to pay the taxes on the ticket, thenou


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