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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 7, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> 5:00. thousands serving sentence for drug crimes set for early release next month. new you with a, decades old non-violent cases. dave kinchen, good morning. >> good morning to you. we are taking you inside the newest south jersey medical marijuana dispensary where the first tv station to give that you look, and we'll show you how it operates, coming up. steve? >> well, phillies lgbt community and homicide detectives, wonder if they have a victim of hate, and that community says they are already victims after lot of hurt. lauren? >> all right, thanks so much, steve keeley. and we've heard a lot about what it will take to make atlantic city boom once again. one new jersey politician proposal to make ac more appealing to a-listersment good day everybody, it is wednesday, october seventh, 2015. this is a talker, while were you out of the studio for few second there is got bob kelly little real up. >> i know the controversy here is you get tax breaks to the rich. >> right. >> and all of just to pay the taxes on the ticket, then you
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got to go pay for parking, and tax for the food. britney spears won't get taxed. >> no, and probably give her little free chips to gamble with every night, too, on the house, scott. >> sounds like you guys are in a little debate this morning, that's going to continue. i tell you what, what is going to appeal to everyone today? the weather. because, yesterday, was nice. a lot of smiling faces, above average temperatures, and weather by the numbers, all right, wait for it. on scale of one to ten, today it is going to be wonderful wednesday. we give it perfect ten again. satellite and radar, showing dry, quiet conditions. few passing clouds, overhead, so, guess what? temperatures, not as chilly as the same time yesterday. in fact, low 60s right now. pretty good. the sun will come up this morning, shortly after about 7:00. we are dealing with numbers right now, in trenton, 56 degrees, 58 wilmington, 58 in dover, low 50's in millville. 55 degrees right now in wildwood. so, 77 degrees for the high temperature today. looking pretty good. tonight, the mostly clear, quiet, and comfortable, coming
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up: we will talk about chance for some rain in that seven day forecast, plus, what to expect saturday, for the temple game, as well as sunday, at the linc for the birds. how is the traffic on this wednesday, bob? >> not bad. 5:02 this wednesday, we are kick being it off, getting things started. looking good here on the vine street expressway -- the schuylkill expressway between the vine street expressway and city line. all of the construction pick up and gone off of the schuylkill. no problems coming in up and over the ben fry south jersey, in toward downtown at eighth and vine. we got an accident, though, north on the northeast extension, north of mid-county. so between mid-county and the lansdale interchange, one of the two lanes are blocked, again, that's on the northbound side. this is about five different construction projects in the process of wrapping up here, littered along 95. southbound between bucks county, all the way down to delco. there is also a crew out here on the christianna off ramp in wilmington. now, they are paving on the
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boulevard, the end err drive of the boulevard, close to about 5:30, between rhawn and woodward. outer drive is open. just be ready to hit the brakes as they push everybody through the cross-over there. and for the gang leaving south jersey, no problems on the new jersey turnpike, but there is still construction here both 295 and 42, as you work your way through bellmawr. mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> search on for group every killers who viciously attacked a trans jenner person in north fill. >> i steve keeley live thon one for us, steve, good morning. >> well, detective here aren't just looking for a group of killers, but looking for a key witness, the last man to see keisha jenkins alive sheet was almost instantly attacked, as soon as she got out of this witness' vehicle. the driver, man who dropped her off, may have taken off himself to avoid being robbed or beaten himself. and, so, they may have got good look at this group of five, six guys, who did this. but, because this hunting park area is known, according to neighbors and police, at 13th and wing hocking as a place for prostitution
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meet-ups, maybe the man is afraid of being arrested himself if he comes forward. but police hope he'll contact them, and they would almost likely instantly tell him that they're not interested in a minor bus, but major violent crime here. >> when they got there they found the decedent, 22 year old transgender individual who goes by the name of keisha jenkins. the individual had been shot two times in the back, preliminary investigation reveals that the decedent had just gotten out after vehicle at that location, was assaulted by five or six unidentified males during that assault one of the males pulled out a gun and while the victim was on the ground shot the victim twice. right now we don't have any motive. we don't know if it is potentially hate crime if it was a robbery, we really don't know. >> i don't think that the solution happened or that the assaults when these cowardly
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attack remembers arrested, solved. when we fix the problem within the society, when we ends the stigma, when we ends the horrible violence, our transgender communities. >> detective are now checking a lot of 25th district crime stats to see if there has been pattern of attacks like this on people like keisha in this park area. some maybe even afraid to report them if they have happened. they doubt keisha jenkins new her killers, she just got dropped at the worse possible time as this group was on the hunt for either a victim to rob or a victim to hate, or both. lauren, chris? >> all right, steve, thank you. >> thousands of federal inmates are set to be released next month, as part of measure to reduce the nation's prison population. >> the prisoners being let out are serving drug sentences, the justice department says more than 5500 inmates will go free, in november, and eventually, tens of thousands will be eligible for release. the mass release triggered by
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a federal commission, which lowered maximum sentences for drug offenders last year, advocate have long criticized sentencing disparities rooted in the 1980s, "war on drugs". federal prisons 40% over crowded, exorbitant costs, and the unfair necessary of sentences from the 80s, 90s, to change the drug policy going forward for future drug offenders and to make it retroactive up. >> the program, a judge will make sure if he or she can do that, that the prisoners are not a threat to public safety, released inmates will go to halfway-houses then go home to home confinement, it will be under supervised release probation services. >> happening now, the newest medical marijuana dispensary is open in new jersey. >> so this is the fourth in the state. and it is the closest to philadelphia. fox 29's dave kinchen in bellmawr with closer lock at this. dave, good morning. >> good morning to you. that new he medical marijuana dispensary in the garden state is in the middle of a industrial complex in bellmawr where we are now.
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i'll step out of the way, and gave you a look. you are looking at compassionate sciences here in bellmawr, and as we go to video, it is a non-descript building. inside high grade cannibis, with names like blackberry, kush, blue dream, steady flow of pro tuck sean that lives here. cannibis flowered into small plants, harvested over the course of nine weeks, then it is also trimmed, packaged, and sold here. the only clientele allowed are the 5,000 new jersey residents with medical marijuana collared including hiv patient we spoke about who just bought quarter ounce of high grade pot. >> for people like me, for patients with deadly diseases, that we fight every day, having one more tool in our tool box to thrive, to be well; incredibly important. there are patient that are a lot sicker than i am in this program, people who are dying, who are in hospice, for them it is specially important. as we get up and running, and everybody gets cleared, we're capable right now today of
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serving about 1800 patients a month. that's kind of based on what we see the average within the state right now. >> now, this facility cares to patience suffering from a dozen of qualifying conditions, like ms, cancer and glaucoma. this is only one after handful in the state of new jersey, delaware and new jersey, of course, are involved in medical marijuana. so many people ask: is pennsylvania next? well of course that's one of the subjects after heated debate in harrisburg that continues to go on at this time. back to you guys. >> and we'll keep an eye on that debate. thanks, dave. >> investigators still trying to piece together an incident that occurred yesterday morning at the community college of philadelphia. that's on spring garden. police raised to the campus after report after man with a gun was on campus. cell phone video shows police sweeping the school there. a student claimed that teenager pulled a gun on him. >> school officials and authorities placed the school on lockdown. detective found the suspect but never found a weapon.
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>> authorities went ton say they don't take report after gun at school lightly. >> we here at school obviously we're coming hard. we understand, especially, you know, in light of recent events. >> the 17 year old that police took into custody at the college does not have criminal record. he's not been charged with anything, as police continue to investigate. and we spoke with student yesterday, who were either left outside or forced to hunker down in classrooms, while police search that school. many of them saying they were frustrated as they had classes annex ands to prepare for. others told us they were pretty frightened by this entire ordeal. >> i had like four more classes than i really wanted to go back in, inconvenient. >> exams on thursday, and interfering with, you know, interfering with life. >> i was really scared, my heart was racing, but everything was going on. >> some student told us it is sad, but his is what life has come to. violence at schools and police lock-downs.
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>> sad times. 5:09 the time. teenage freer long island says he was attack by a fraternity member at penn state after he revealed that he was gay. nineteen year old john matier said he was attacked while visiting campus sunday. posted these photos to twitter with the caption: don't let a frat guy know that you're gay. he says the brother admitted that he hated gays, and then beat him up. the university released a statement saying, quote, those responsible should and will be held accountable, that teen has filed a police report. >> a group of local protesters hoping to send a letter message to the president of philadelphia's federal reserve, members of action united demonstrated at seventh and arch yesterday. calling out reserve president patrick handwriting err. the group says handwriting err has backed out of promise he made to philadelphia's working class families and the african-american communities. fed up says harkev vowed to tour the neighborhoods, meet the families about a year ago. says open meetings and tours are being discussed. his office released this statement saying, in part, our
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approach is to work with community organizations, that serve a common interest of creating economic opportunity for all communities and people. >> i don't think he should be here to be honest with you. >> president obama getting mixed reviews ahead of his trip to rose berg, oregon, following the deadly campus shooting there. why some resident in oregon say the president should just stay home. >> saving money on line shopping, the one thing all of us should do for big discount before we buy. is your head so congested it's ready to explode?
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>> ntsb launched investigation into the singing of us container ship during the bahamas joaquin last weekends, 33 people, including 28 americans, were on the ship when it is believed to have gone down on thursday. >> meanwhile, the coast guard has continued the search for any sign of survivors, one unidentified body has been found. >> and we're still feeling the effect of joaquin, scott. >> yes, still, some pretty rough surf out, there as well as rip current threat. but water temperatures are cooling, a loft folks are not even swimming this time of year right now with the lifeguards, really not being out there, as well. bus stop buddy, take a look at the temperatures, looking at numbers, in the low 60s out there, so mild start out there. so just light jacket, that should suffice. and we're looking at temperatures above average again today. satellite and radar, showing we have a few more clouds overhead, acting like blanket, that's why it is not as chilly
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this morning, as what we saw yesterday, remember, we were looking at numbers in the four's, for some. 61 degrees currently in philadelphia, winds out of the northwest, about 6 miles per hour, sun comes up, at about 7:03. >> 56 degrees, right now, in trenton, looking at numbers, in berks county, near 60 in reading, 55 degrees in wrightstown, 54 right now in atlantic city. so, compared to the same time yesterday, look at the 24 hour temperature contrast, 14 degrees warmer in reading, 15 degrees warm nerve pottstown, 10 degrees warmer in wilmington. so with that milder start, we warm pretty rapidly. nearing 70 by lunch, 77 degrees, that will be the high temperature for today. and as we take a look at the headlines, mild to start, above average temperatures, yes, looks like little bit of late week rain. weather authority seven day forecast will show beautiful weather today, thursday, low 70s, and then by friday, 78 degrees, frontal boundary arrives, late friday, into early saturday, showers,
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rumble, thunder, could interact with your friday evening plans. and then, the weekend cooler conditions, mid 60s, on saturday, but great football weather, for both the temple game as well as the birds at the linc. let's just hope for a w. you got it, 2w's there. >> and, we also got the hero thrill show, the motorcycle crew are down there, on saturday in the parking lot of the wells fargo center. good morning, everybody, live look at the blue route, 476, can conshohocken in the background, and then an accident on the northbound, northeast extention, condition. of miles north of mid-county. so pretty much between mid-county and lansdale. taking out one of the two lanes, so if you are headed north up toward lansdale-quakertown, be ready for a delay, this morning, southbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard, kind of quiet, as you work your way down through the schuylkill. no problems 95, pick up all of the cones, in the back back of the truck and all of the construction crews are gone, so we are open and ready for business here this morning on
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i-95, still, some left over crews though, in new jersey, both here on 295, as you approach the freeway, then 42, between 295 and 55, again, maybe another 15, 20 minute or so. and they are working on the boulevard, notice, some uneven pavement, because they've been paving the inner drive, every night this week, doing little bit of a different stretch here between rhawn and woodward. so with the inner drive closed you want to stay to the outer drive. septa using shuttle buses, during the midday. so they'll use trains, mornings, and afternoon, but from 9:00 to 5:00 shuttle bus frost colmar to doylestown, good news for the folks, chester county, phoenixville here. penndot completed and opened up the route 23 bridge, that takes you up and over the pickering creek. what a hot mess it has been for the past couple of monthsment folks had to go almost 35, 40 minutes out of their way, to work their way over the creek. and a lot of that extra volume had to use 422, so, it is a
5:18 am
win-win for the folks in the neighborhood and for the gang that use 422 on regular basis. things should get little easier beginning this morning, chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:18 this morning. president obama set to visit roseburg oregon friday to meet with families of the victims from the community college shooting. but not everyone is welcoming him to the small town. some are upset about his comments on gun control just hours after the tragedy last week. critics of the president say this is about people not politics. >> i think it is something that is for the parent of the children that lost their lives, just have our top men, our president, come and talk to them. >> come into an area here where i would guess nine the 9% of us are -- have guns and hunt. so he's coming in to a lion's den on that order. >> the president stands behind his decision to pull politics into this hoping change will happen after so many mass
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shootings in our country. a gunman killed nine people thursday, on that oregon campus. >> defense secretary, ash carter, says the agency has quote deep regret about the deadly air strike that claimed the lives of more than two dozen at a medical clinic in afghanistan. the top us commander in afghanistan says forces will undergo training to prevent similar mistake from ever happening again. the white house also says several investigations are now being carried out. officials say they're responding to afghan request when us gun ship fired on medical clinic run by doctors without borders on saturday. >> this is a story that will make you worry. the associated press reporting russian gangs have made it a mission to sell nuclear materials, especially to is a.m. lake extremists. fbi has intervened four times preventing this from happening. the latest known case in february, but despite stopping some of those attempts, some key suspects were able to escape. new york attorney general opens a probe into two fantasy sport website, draft kings,
5:20 am
and fan jewels. >> this comes after report of a draft king employee having access to important company data, which led to them winning second place in a contest, casino of like insider trading. both companies maintain no one misused internal information. a lot of money in these days. oh, ya, huge money. so, so-called brittany bill, speaking of money, one step closer to being about g law in new jersey. >> exempts celebrity to perform at least four night in atlantic city from having to pay state income taxes on those shows. monday a state senate committee approved it, and now it awaits a full vote. the measure is the latest effort to put for the to help the struggling seaside resort town. lawmakers want stars such as britney spears to take up residency, sort of like they do in las vegas. >> britney spears, for example, according to business insider, with a net positive $20 million over couple of years. and so we saw there was huge positive economic impact, long
5:21 am
standing shows. >> opposing of the measure say the cash strapped city needs resources and shouldn't be giving the rich tax breaks. all right, the secrets to making sure you find the best deal on line. the one thing you should do after you put something in your cart to save some serious cash. >> first, here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck to you.
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>> one expert breaking down what you can do to find that bargain, real quick. >> and the one thing you should do before you check out for some final savings. fox's dana jay explains. >> it has to contain the word blue tooth. >> matt webber runs roar internet marketing. he uses his know how to help his clients get you to spend money. >> merchant on the other side know what people use in their search, when they're ready to buy. >> today, we're turning the tables, and putting him to work, showing you how to score deals faster. webber says, make sure you're search is specific. matt tells the search engine you're doing more than brousing and prompts websites to put deals in front of you. >> so they might take you to a particular page on their website, when you have used a particular search, which may indeed have a better deal on it. >> remembering google 101 can
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help. >> so the negative sign, the plus sign, and the quotation marks, can help people refine their searches quite a bit. >> say in the market nor headphones, you want them to have blue tooth technology. search headphones, symbol for plus, then blue tooth, that narrows your search. >> next tip: don't ways time going from website to website. google reviews right away. >> that search right there reviews of, whatever it is that you are buying, shoes, shirts, is a critical step in the purchase function. >> it tells companies you're serious about a product, and just a few clicks away from buying. >> they probably now know that when people search this particular combination of words, that they're at the intersection of buying. so therefore, instead of landing them on this page, we lands them on this page. >> finally, webber says, when you know what you want, go ahead, and put it in your cart. but don't buy just yet. >> if you put something in the cart, and you don't buy, they're going to e-mail you,
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or through what's called re-targeting show you a ad on the internet with a discount to that product to propel to you come back and finish the purchase. >> hopefully with these tips, when do you purchase, you're saving some money. dana jay, fox news. >> emotional homecoming for hundreds every soldiers in colorado. we'll share their very happy family reunited straight ahead.
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i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now."
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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whatever. good morning as 5:30, new jersey's latest medical marijuana dispense seer fourth in the state how the new facility could affect us. a tiny kid with with a giant heart raising money to support local cold array are a dough police. learn house important it is to give back, it's wednesday, october 7, 2015, we can learn a hot from her. >> i would love when we learn a lot if the little ones, they inspire us with their insons and good will. >> hearts are so big. scott williams you're in pour sue this week, she left you with a nice forecast report. >> looking pretty good, yesterday a lot of sunshine, a lot of smiling faces. survive degrees was the high temperature yesterday with a ten
5:30 am
today, it's going to be a ten as well, satellite and radar showing pretty commonwealth conditions. few clouds overhead, and that is doing a number to the temperatures, take a look at this, it's milder today, 61 drowse right now, wind out of the field-test about six miles per hour, sun comes up about 7:03, we have temperatures in the poconos mountains right now, 53, upper 50's in reading, 58, good morning to you in wilmingtoning 57 right now in wildwood. so the bottom line, 77 degrees, that's the high temperature today. teevan, 57 degrees. mostly clear, a could not and comfortable overnight. you know some changes are ahead with that seven-day forecast. we will talk about some rainfall, but what it will mean for weekend details on all of that coming up is the traffic cooperating this wednesday morning, bob kelley. >> so far so g 5:30, good morning on this wednesday, live look at 422, take to make doughnuts. starting to see the volume pop here. between royersford and
5:31 am
collegeville for the gang heading into king are you sure, till of left over work crew on the 422, northbound 42 coming in toward the city right there between 295 and 55, that's probably one of the last couple crews that are still out there. we do have an accident, northbound on the northeast extension between mid county and lansdale, anyone heading north this morning, one of the two lanes are blocked as you approach lance dow, northeast philly heading to work, i95 looking good between girard and northeast philly. in new jersey, 422 construction there's also a crew here along 295 as you head in towards bellmawr, they're still working on the boulevard. that inner drive and although they picked up the cones, and getting ready to open it up, you're going to fine uneven pavement surface as you use the inner drive. and septa using shuttle busses all this week during the mid day between cold mar mardo you also
5:32 am
down looking good. the newest medical marijuana dispense seer is open in new jersey. this is the fourth in the state and closest to philadelphia. let's go to dave kinchen now in bellmawr for a closer look at this. hi, dave. >> reporter: good morning, we're in the middle of an industrial complex where a lot of goods are produced, now medical marijuana is well, take a look behind me. this is the compassion sciences building. when you go to video, you'll see eventually on the inside, the a pretty high tech and high grade operation with exotic offerings like black berry cushand blue dream, there's a steady flow of probable cause that goes on inside the building, the cannabis is floured into small plants and harvested over nine weeks and has been traned packaged and labeled and set for sale. the only clientele allowed are of five to you new jersey reusss who carry medical marijuana
5:33 am
cards. we spoke with some people involved in the operation on her, and they say that they will in time be able to grow but again, there's only a handful of operations in new jersey, and even fewer in our area here. we also talked with one man who says that he suffers from hiv and that the quarter ounce of medical marijuana that he picked up here will help him keep his illness in check. coming up at 6:00, you'll area from other people who use this facility as well. and we'll tell you if medical marijuana may be coming to new jersey, we'll take a little bit of a look at that debate as well. i should say to pennsylvania, we'll send it back to you guys. >> that's been a long debate in harrisburg. some of the other states taken it up and put it how to. thanks. morning fire rips through mercer county new jersey. 300 block of pennington road in pennington around 11:00, took about an hour and a half for crews to get the fire under
5:34 am
control, a nearby storage units and some vehicles were destroyed in this. no word yet on cause. we know trust me, we want to get it fixed just like everybody else. if you know then do something about it. ahead of sunday's game against new orleans. how coach chip kelly plans to lead the eagles to hopefully a win. lady gagaspace is starring on fifth season of american horror story. how the lead singer is preparing to be on the small screen.
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g fox in one minute. >> i'm howard eskin, the eagles back to practice for the game against new orleans on sunday, lane johnson, jason peters mychal kendricks didn't practice. i'm told the only players not likely to play are kendricks and bear byron back sunday. chip kelly says if you get two kicks this season, eagles will be three and one. that's dilutionnal. they know they should be in a better position. >> it's frustrating but has it gotten better? can we go back in the film and through the first games there's been positives and negatives. the positive is is not getting better. that's frustrating. that's what is a x-rays right now. >> we hate coming here after a loss, we got to hear it outside,
5:38 am
i am going to the store, stuff like that, i know. we know. trust me, we want get it fixed just like everybody else. >> they started their exhibition season to washington, i syria one of the guys being a point guard-129 to 95, they got killed against washington, sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. may have won the mvp trophy last season. but everyone agrees. >> kerry led his warriors to win the first title since 1975 last season, that's huge, but james harden with the big beard. he told i was the mvp. he made note he led the league, he says he doesn't want to take anything away from kerry but he's confident he deserved it. speaking of seth kerry he pulled off an incredible feet it's gone viral now.
5:39 am
check it out. it's kind of hard to see from nose bleed but we have a better angle what happens at the action down on the court. we can show you that of the basically, even before this three pointer goes in, kerry manages to high five his to me mate who was sitting on the bench watch it here. i believe you can see it better. pass to the corner. >> pass down to the baseline. feeds to kerry. kerry drains. and. >> that's where it stops but there's a high five before the bucket. that's confident. is that confidence or kanye west? >> cocky. >> curb kardashian. >> idiot.
5:40 am
>> chris murphy. >> critical. what happened when more than 200 soldiers reunited with their loved ones for the first time in about a year. >> lauren johnson confident. >> crazy.
5:41 am
after trying brookside chocolates, christopher b wrote: "why is this bag only 2 pounds?" we couldn't tell if you were joking, so we made a 100-pound bag. thanks george!
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. wolf lodge. >> i was jack johnson hawaii. 55 years old today. john medical camp 64. >> tell me one of his songs. >> little pink houses i need a lover who won't drive me crazy, how about little bit about jack and diane. mellon camp. he is dating christy brinkley evidently. she likes the musicians. >> speaking of music, you and scott have similar music tastes sometimes. that surprises me. >> do you play an instrument? i play an instrument. >> he place. >> show me up. >> good job, scott, i like that. >> i'm just asking. it runs in my family. >> have you never seem him in
5:44 am
action? >> check out. >> do you play an instrument. >> i don't, i used to play the piano. >> do you have atrium pet or piano playing on your instagram or social media accounts, ladies and gentlemen. >> scott people has a video. >> i play the trumpet. we went out to a school last fall. i posted i'll try and post it later today. weather boy numbers scale of one to ten, going to be 10. looking pretty good out there. again today we're looking at temperatures above average, so it's going to be comfortable if your stepping outdoors. bus stop buddy own a light jack. temperatures in the low 60s right now, so really, about ten degrees warmer tan the is not a yesterday. satellite and radar showing dry conditions, more clouds overhead, that means those temperatures are a little warmer this morning as well. in fact, we have 61 degrees right now in center city. winds out of the northwest at six miles per hour humidity at 75 percent, sunrise this morning, 7:03. it's going to be another nice one. temperatures right now, north
5:45 am
and west in the mid to upper 50's. yesterday 40s north and west. 59 right now in reading, 58 in pottstown, 56 right now in trenton and as we move down the shore, 54 atlantic city, 57 right now in wildwood. as far as what's happening, on the satellite and radar, you can see dry, could not causations, we have a few more clouds overhead, finally catching a dry break in sections of the carolinas after all of that tropical moisture and flooding. as we take a look at the hour by hour forecast, amount of money fox cast, dry conditions through this evening, tomorrow looking good, cooler with that frontal boundary moving through, dry front the first front, by friday morning, it's mostly cloudy, kind of muggy and mild to start. ahead of that frontal boundary we should stay dry most of the day, watch the clock. watch that front approach bite afternoon and evening with a line of showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder, so just keep that in time for your friday
5:46 am
evening commute stepping out doors for dinner on friday, lotion damp, dreary a rumble of thunder. that front going to be progressive, getting out in time for the upcoming weekend. temperatures will be dropping behind that front as well. 77 degrees beautiful. it's a ten today, a ten tomorrow. friday upper 70, that hate shower or thunderstorm chance clearing out turning cooler by the weekend. perfect for football, and all outdoor events. bob kelley. >> sounds good. scotty, 5:46 on this wednesday, hello king of prussia. the schuylkill expressway, right near 202, the ramps, no problems or delays at all. we're off to a good start. starting to see volume popping north on 95 as you work your way up toward philadelphia international airport. we do have an accident. it's northbound on the northeast extension approaching lansdale, only one of the two lanes are open. if your heading northbound this morning, be ready for some delays, and then as we go south, along i95, no problems but
5:47 am
tomorrow, breast cancer past we're going to go to the mercy cafe in the navy yardly we'll take you there live. take a look at this contraption they have, nice hot coffee, whip cream and candy corn. i just called to say. >> i love you. >> you got it. back at you. steve with wonder in town at the wells fargo, remember he did that impromptu concert in center city? set the stage up? he's in town tonight. that will throw extra volume going our way in and out of the stadium complex later on this evening. on the way home from that steve vi wonder concert, watch for the construction crews, set up along i95 or scheduled to starting around 8:00. you definitely hit that construction delay, grab a pretty he will on the way for the ride home. route 23, the bridge over the pickering creek, good to go, reopened. that is good news, folks in the
5:48 am
neighborhoods here to the township, phoenixville but also everybody that uses 422, because 422 is part of the dough tour for the last couple months. chris and lauren back over to you. 5:48 this morning, let's talk about an impossible home coming for 240 sold sclerose colorado. >> they've been away from families now nine months. they were on deployment in southwest asia and each of them could not have been happier to come back home to see their loved ones. >> exciting. we went that you a lot through this deployment. it's exciting being back after being gone so long. >> made eye contact. >> many of these soldiers were back to back deployment. >> i just returned the hug back. >> we can't decide whether it was good practice to break formation, i didn't have the heart to give my little baby a
5:49 am
hug. >> daddy is home. important little anna bella and her mom doing lemonade fund-raisers at local police departments and fire stations. her mom says she wants her daughter to learn about giving to others at a young age. >> customer service how to teat other people, but also the big thank you that there's people out there who did a lot for us. >> profit are used to buy treats to sell at other stations. jimmy fallon taking over the tonight show monday log. >> watch this that will be interesting. >> of course here's the tonight show. the monday log has to go on. can someone tag in for me, please? thanks for that. >> ralph nader called hilary
5:50 am
clinton a -- ralph nadervm is still alive? >> he's still around, be nice you might choke on your word. . >> i never liked him on the tonight show. fallon joked he pull a hamstring midway. then you saw the 65-year-old, jaylen know come up from the audience, went on a joke about the president and donald trump and the whole thing. miss si copeland, her and yoyostopped by the late show. >> fresh from her broadway debut and soon will be a star in a documentary about her historic promotion to the first african-american dancer. >> i was trying to find out if it was october 7th, 1955.
5:51 am
>> there you go. the fifth season of american horror story begins tonight and it has a huge star stepping in a pretty big role. agag gaga. lady gaga place the count testimony, pop star turned actress says she can't wait for audiences to see what she's working on. >> everybody has been open and available to me in an honest way. i'm able to be myself if a way i feel like i haven't been for a really long time. there, making me feel so alive. >> as in previous seasons several actors returning if different roles, including kathy bates and angela bass set. >> haven't seen her for awhile. the offer of twilight for the 10th anniversary. reimagineing the book by reversing the genders. if the new version, bella is now beau. downward is now edith and jake
5:52 am
could be is now julie. got that straight? life and death on sale now. for the 10th anniversary. 5:52 this morning, pennsylvania high school hockey player overcome incredible odds to be success, what he's proving he doesn't need to be a star on the field.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
♪ . ♪ . ♪. you are listening to steve wonder performing in philadelphia tonight at the wells fargo center. a pennsylvania high school soccer player has overcome incredible odds to be successful automotive the field. he plays despite the fact that he has no legs. one year ago, emmanuel hilton was in an or fan inch in the couldn't go now a sconeier at black hawk high school and playing goalie for the school's junior varts soccer team. man yell is allowed to kick with his arms, born without legs, emmanuel's mother abandoned him as a baby on the side of the road. he share that is tragic ordeal. >> i was born with to legs.
5:56 am
my mom couldn't take care of me and throw me away. didn't like me because i was a handicap and got me in the middle of the night in the road and in the middle of the road, so they can -- somebody can hit me and i can die. >> well, he was taken to an orphanage: they decided they would adopt him. 5:56 this morning, sixers off to a better start, how the wizards got the upper hand. good day up next.
5:57 am
we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ . live from the fox 29 studios. this is good day philadelphia. brutally beaten and shot twice in the back a member of trans gender community here in philadelphia is murdered. why police have yet to call it a hate crime a new medical marijuana dispense seer just opened close to philadelphia. we were the first tv station allowed inside. we'll give you an inside look. thousands on the inside will soon be letterheaded headed outside. while so many federal inmates are being set free and what the government is doing to insure our public safety. it's wednesday, oak october 7th, 2015. sue is off, scott is here, bob is here. as you can tell, alex is on her. >> you're here.
6:00 am
>> i'm not sure yet. >> what time do you crucially show up? . >> 8:15, 8:20 mentally. we have a job for scott williams. can you duplicate yesterday? it was noise yesterday. >> made a few phone calls. yesterday was a ten. yes, today was going to be a 10 as well. a lot of smiling faces. beautiful sunshine yesterday. 75 degrees was the high temperature. today is actually going to be for you degrees warmer than yesterday. take a look at the satellite and radar, notice the clouds that we have overhead. that's kind of acting like blanketed insulateer, it's not as chilly as it was yesterday. 60 degrees right now in philadelphia. sun comes up 7:03. temperatures north and west. upper 50's pottstown 59 in wilmingtonly here's a look at the fox cast, 77 degrees for the high temperature today, mild overnight. coming up above aver


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