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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> i'm not sure yet. >> what time do you crucially show up? . >> 8:15, 8:20 mentally. we have a job for scott williams. can you duplicate yesterday? it was noise yesterday. >> made a few phone calls. yesterday was a ten. yes, today was going to be a 10 as well. a lot of smiling faces. beautiful sunshine yesterday. 75 degrees was the high temperature. today is actually going to be for you degrees warmer than yesterday. take a look at the satellite and radar, notice the clouds that we have overhead. that's kind of acting like blanketed insulateer, it's not as chilly as it was yesterday. 60 degrees right now in philadelphia. sun comes up 7:03. temperatures north and west. upper 50's pottstown 59 in wilmingtonly here's a look at the fox cast, 77 degrees for the high temperature today, mild overnight. coming up above average temperatures and changes.
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looks like rainfall by the end of the week, bob kelley we'll time that out with the seven-day coming up. i'm going to start taking is that clear peak at sue's valuation request forms. she's on vacation. fantastic week. good morning, everybody, 6:01 on this wednesday. so far, so good fork the folks on the blue route, the schuylkill expressway and 95, but we're going to zoom in on an accident on the northbound northeast extension is heading north approaching lansdale. if your heading to lansdale, quakertown be watch for delays. maybe use your 309. still wrapping up construction, live look at route 1 hundred out in chester county between 1132013 and the downingtown interchange, you're going to find that uneven pavement out there as well. they pulled up probably by the end of the wachov the week they that pleat. ben franklin looking good, time to make the doughnuts, pockets of volume here from south jersey on the freeway. you can see in background some blinking lights, left over
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construction on 42 near 55. good news for the gather from phoenixville. penndot opened up the route 23 bridge over pickering creek. it had been closed the past couple months. upwards of maybe 40 minutes to kind of take the detour because you had to use 422. good news, it's a win, win for everybody. win, win for the folks in the township and the bus drivers and a win for everybody that you don't says 422. things could be a little lighter beginning this morning at septa using shuttle busses. cold mar and doylestown during the mid day, otherwise, mass transit off to a good start. the search is on for a group of killers who viciously attacked a trans journey person in north philly. >> steve has the details to roundhouse this is right now. >> reporter: you wonder what kind of possibly are like this in the city, detectives here at homicide say, they deal with murders every day but nothing like this. 22-year-old kiesha jenkins just got out of a car 2:30 in the morning yesterday, when the
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detectives found out somehow that five or six guys started beating her up, heavies lying face down on the ground, one of those guys shoots her in the back twice killing her. neighbors say this park here the a 13th and within hocing in the hunting park section has been known as a meeting place for prostitutes and lately they told dave schratweiser last night robbing prostitutes too. >> the streets out here. was assaulted five or six unidentified mailed, while victim was on the ground, shot the victim twice. >> our trans gender community faces far too much violence and
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unfortunately, far too many lost lives. those of you who are in the community, in the lgbt community or in those neighborhoods who are afraid to call the police or who are apprehensive, know that there is assistance, there are people that can be there with you, know you will be met with respect and that the police department needs your help to solve these cases. >> so while detectives look for these killers, they're also looking to see if there's some pattern of attacks on people like kiesha as neighbors told dave last night, the last thing alex and mike that city and police leaders are going to tolerate for a moment here is having any crimes of hate in the city of brotherly love, especially when or if hate turns to cold blooded shoot you in the back twice while face down in the dirt ground cowardly killing of people. >> unreal. nellie will be in here and talk live in a little bit. 6:04. also we have a fire, fire rips through a barn in mercer county, new jersey. that you say thing got pretty
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big. >> crews were called to the scene along the 300 block, in pennington around 11:00. took about an hour and a half to get this blaze under control. nearby units vehicles were stored in the fire, no one and we're not sure what caused the fire. investigators trying to piece together the incident that happened yesterday morning at the community college of philadelphia on spring garden. police raised to to campus. a lot of police, including swat teams after reports of a man with a gun on campus, cell phone video shows police sweeping the school after it was placed on lockdown, you see it, a student claimed a teenager pulled a gun on him. detectives found the suspect at 18th and callowhill but no warmup was found. authorities say they won't take reports of guns at any campus, high school or college lightly. the 17-year-old taken into custody does not have a criminal record. he has not been charged with anything as of yet.
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>> we hear school, obviously, we're coming hard. we understand, especially, you know, in light of recent events. >> everything going on. >> the cops did go in there hard for sure. the 17-year-old taken into custody. does not have a criminal record. as i mentioned, and we'll see if he's charge later today. >> open for business, new jersey latest medical marijuana dispense seer is the fourth in the state and closest to philadelphia. we got an exclusive tour of compassionate sciences. ly own customers allowed in are new jersey residents that hold medical marijuana cards. patients who suffer like multiple sclerosis, cancer, glaucoma, medical marijuana is legal in new jersey and delaware. pennsylvania has yet to make the leap. coming up at 6:30 dave kinchen will give us a closer look at the location, in fact, he's there right now. 6:07, rosy o'donnell's
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oldist daughter say she did not run away. she said the real rosy is nothing like the woman you see on tv. we'll tell you what the thousands of federal inmates set for early release have in common skrshg freedom? >> we'll have that soon, yes.
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♪. we're taking a look at at the ben franklin parkway this morning. thousands of federal inmates are set to be released next month as part of a method they don't roundhouse the prison population. >> prisoners being let out in jail serving drug sentences the justice department of the united states says more than 5500 inmates will go through next month and eventually tens of thousands will be legible for release. the mass release i was triggered by a federal commission which lowered maximum sentences for drug offenders lastier, reform advocates have long criticized sentencing disparities rooted in the 1980s war on drugs. >> prisons are 40 percent overcrowded. unfairness of sentences from 80's and 90's to change the drug policy going forward for future drug offenders and to make it retro active. >> back if the 80's, people were
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getting many years for marijuana possession. >> a judge will make sure the prisoners are not a threat to public safety. they will go to halfway houses then home conif i'm and will be under the supervised release of probation services, officers, in other words. 6:11. one of the sister wife's admits she had an online affair but says she cat fished. >> from that show? >> from that show. cat fish is off the show. we'll talk about it. >> reporter: good morning, coming up on 6:12. live look at an accident southbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard near broad, we'll check the rest of the roads, check in with mass transit as we say good morning to wilmington, let's grab a cup of coffee and come on back.
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. good wednesday morning, waking up a few more clouds out there. if you're stepping out early this morning, you'll notice that it's milder to start. temperatures right now around 60 degrees. so bus stop buddy only has on, well, a light jacket this morning instead of that thicker sweatshirt that he had yesterday. thick at the satellite and radar. it's dry and we have a few more clouds acting like a blanket
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overnight an insulateer, trenton 56, upper 50s in pottstown, 58 right now in allentown, low 50's in the poconos mountains, as we take you into delaware, wilmington, good morning to you, 59 degrees, we have 52 waking up in millville, 54 degrees right now in atlantic city, so compare to the same time yesterday, look at this, 13 degrees warmer in allentown as well as reading down to the pottstown area, 12 degrees warmer in wilmington, 77 degrees will be the high temperature for today. tonight, another quiet and comfortable one, temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. as we look at the headlines we're talking about the mild conditions to start above average temperatures. yes, changes by at least your friday with a front that will likely bring scattered showers maybe a rumble of thunder, along the eastern sea board midatlantic down to the carolinas finally drying out after all of that heavy rainfall, we'll get a dry break as we go hour by hour, weak
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front moves through dry, into thursday, tomorrow tad chair than today, but still low 70's, boy friday morning, clouds increases kind of muggy to start, moult, watch the clock. by noon on friday, that front still off to the west. and approaches by the afternoon and evening rush, you'lling dodging a for you scattered showers, and some thunderstorms potentially and then by 10:00 p.m. friday, looking kind of wet with the front but all of this clears out in time for the upcoming weekend. that weather authority seven-day forecast, 77 degrees high temperature today, front moves through dry later on this afternoon and evening, low 70 tomorrow, but still looking beautiful, then friday, it's mild, muggy, 78 for the high temperature, a late shower or thunderstorm clearing out, turning cooler on saturday for tail gaiting looking good for the temple game sunday football weather, we need a win, is the winning traffic forecast this
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morning. >> everywhere except for the the boulevard right now. 6:17, an accident on the roosevelt boulevard southbound southbound here at broad street, as you can see we're stacked up all the brake lights hitting if broad street on down. police in what would be the two let lanes only that far right lane for first school bus in the morning heading past accident scene, northbound on it northeast extension, watch for delays lansdale, bennie pockets coming cross, so far, so if as you work your way into philadelphia, if your heading into new jersey, the construction for this week's set up on that eastbound side on the right lane, 42, headlights, as you head south on 295 watch for that construction as you head down toward bellmawr, they shuffle some of the bare years around over the weekend. philadelphia international airport looking good, great day to fly.
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to problems yesterday, no problems in and out of the airport, at least at the moment. 95 out of the northeast about 20 minutes on the clock from woodhaven into downtown. things should be lighter especially since they opened up the route 23 bridge over the pickering street. alex, i just called to say i love you. steve wonder is in town. he did that pop-up concert a couple weeks ago? beautiful. he's in town tonight in south philadelphia going to be a good show. of course, that will bring us stevie jambs later on this afternoon. >> one night only. >> one night only. hey, it's 6:18 investigation is under way after a body found in hamilton new jersey. >> police believe she was murdered. >> investigators say they got a call about a body yesterday morning. this is skyfox over as police look for clues, the woman was found in an area overrun with
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weed. fillers believe she was about 40. autopsy under way to determine exactly how she died, so far police have been unable to identify her. the evening rush hour moves a little slower after a bus and two other cars were involved in an accident. it happened around 5:00 last night. skyfox over the scene here. one lane was blocked as crew cleaned up the accident. six people were taken to christiana hospital. we're told their injuries were minor. >> look at the back of that one car is gone. 6:19 on this wednesday. no charges for the driver of a car who hit a boy three your boy on it streets of logan. he did stop the driver did stop but then neighbors started beating him up. the three-year-old boy is in critical condition. police say he stepped out from between two parked cars into the street on the 1200 block of wagner avenue on monday. the driver hit him, and the little boy ended up under an suv. police say when the driver got
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up, a group of neighbors, mostly men, began to beat had my up. officers are still looking for those men. philadelphia police still have not determined what caused an officer to lose control of his cruiser and crash into a tree. it happened around 2:00 yesterday morning on bartram avenue in southwest philly of the driver is in the hospital with neck and back injuries. his partner broke her leg. no other car were involved. a group of local protesters take to the street helping to send a message to the president of philadelphia's federal reserve. members of act united demonstrated at 7th and arch, calling out patrick harper, he says he backed out of a promise he made to philadelphia's working class families and the worker class families. he does he vowed to tour those neighborhood about 12 months ago. harper says open meetings and tours are being discussed. his office released the statement, our approach is to work with community organizations that serve a
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common interest of creating economic opportunity for all communities and people. teenager from long island says that he was attacked boy a fraternity member at penn state. >> he told police it happened after he revealed to everybody that he is gay. 19-year-old john mateer says he was attacked while visiting the campus on sunday. mateer posted these pictures to twitter with the caption. don't let a frat guy know you're gay. mateer claims the suspect admitted that he hated gays. then beat him up. the university released a statement saying, those responsible should and will be held accountable. 6:21. the astro s advance. >> they started their preseason, man, didn't go well.
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. 6:24. >> the washington wizards defeated our sixers last night in dc. >> it's only preseason. they beat them badly 129 to 95. by the way, i saw -- well, a guy who used to play a little bit
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was sidelined, with a sprained ankle. it was quite evident his former team could have used his help anyone's help. many key players are hurt. sixers coach brett brown said his team will get hope for the bodies in the not too sedan future. tjmic couldn't knell and kendall marshal will be back. ok for looked pretty good. >> they said he referred to him as the first true point guard avenue ever really played with. >> he hadn't been around that long. the astros advanced beating out the new york yang keys. pitcher dallas baffleed the yankees. the team one three to zip, so the yankees out, now the houston astros will head to kansas city to take on the royals.
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here's howard eskin. with the other stuff that happened in sports. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> i'm howard eskin, the eagles back at practice yesterday for their game against offense gravity score on sunday. lane johnson, jason peters, mikely kendricks didn't practice but i'm told the only players for the likely to play on sunday are kendricks and brandon bear who will probably be out at least two weeks, byron maxwell will be back sunday. chip kelly said monday if you hit hit two kicks this season the team would be three and one. delusional with many other areas of mistakes, they know they should not be in this position. >> it's frustrating that it hasn't gotten better. you go back in the film and first games there's been positives and negatives and things to take from the film. the problem is it's not getting better the that's frustrating. that's what is a disgrace right now. >> come in and say that there's an urgency to get better and win is pretty obvious. but at the same time, it's not time to, you know, panic and
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start doing things out of character or anything out of what you believe. >> the sixers lose last night. that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> thank you, howard. 6:27. rosy o'donnell's olderist daughter calls rosy a liar. she says the real woman is nothing like what we see on the screen. also pennsylvania lawmakerss are so interested in the new medical marijuana dispense seer that just opened in new jersey. dave is there now. >> reporter: we're here in bellmawr new jersey in what is essentially an industrial complex but as you said it's the newest medical marijuana dispense seer. eyes are on pennsylvania. we'll tell you why coming up.
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cold blooded killing in logan. victim was a trans gender person but that may not have been why the victim was targeted so-called brick key bill is being reviewed by new jersey lawmakers. what it could mean for the just for britney spears, but for others who play in the garden state. music, i'm guessing. >> it's an and he knows we can't live without, what money managers learned about the true costs that may have you
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reconsidering where you live. >> i have a quiz for you. what costs more? upkeep on your car, your mortgage or child care? it's obvious wawa the answer is. >> got to be child care. >>. good day it's wednesday october 7th, 2015. in for sue serio this morning. the weather is perfect this week, request was nice and today, take a look at this. weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten. yes, it's going to be a ten. beautiful conditions out there this morning, pretty quiet. as we look at the satellite and radar, you can see we're talking a few more clouds out there, so that means it's not as chilly as it was yesterday same time. in fact, 60 degrees right now in philadelphia, upper 50's in pottstown, 58 degrees if allentown as well as reading, 59, good morning to you, in wilmington, low to mid 50's right now in parts of south jersey. a closer perspective across the area, 54 in atlantic city, 57
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right now in wildwood. that wednesday planner now, mile start out there. temperatures right now in center city around 60. by lunch's time, already 70, 77 degrees the afternoon high, temperature that weather authority seven-day forecast will show a little cooler by thursday with a weak dry front that moves through tonight of the another front, little more potent with moisture friday afternoon and evening, that will give us a late day shower or thunderstorm >> cooling us down by the upcoming weekend, bob kelley feeling like football. we have two games on the weekend, one saturday temple and the birds on sunday. >> you got it double tailgating this weekend, 6:32. good morning, starting to see delays on this wednesday, slower than normal here on the schuylkill. 95 slow going, into girard avenue. big problem accident on roosevelt boulevard southbound look at everybody stacked up here, and what would be the left lane. southbound boulevard, right near broad street, if your leaving
6:33 am
the northeast and heading down towards the schuylkill expressway, be ready for some delays. an accident along i95 southbound slow going from woodhaven into academy, that accident off to the side, partially blocking that right lane. the slow go begins down to girard. northbound on the northeast extending approaching lansdale, half dozen offender benders. westbound, folks leaving town, heavy through center city out to conshy, east on 422, slow going oaks in towards king of prussia. good news for the motorists on 422. it's been a hot mess the last could believe months, folksing to about 40-minute detour to get around it, and that detour included a trip on 422 through the construction zone, so the school buss are happy. all the folkss in phoenixville
6:34 am
and chester county are happy and hopefully the gang coming in on 422 see lighter volume this morning. not the case here we're backed up on the bennie starting to see the beginning of the rush hour coming into downtown. 6:34. what a horrible story we have in philadelphia, the search is on for a group of killers who viciously attacked a trans gender person in north philly. >> steve keeley live at police headquarters with more. steve? >> reporter: this happened instantly as soon as kiesha jenkins got out of a car, these people were waiting for the next victim at this park. the neighbors told dave schratweiser known as a meeting place for prostitution. that doesn't mean kiesha was up to that. the neighbors say it's known for that and they've been telling dave prostitutes have been getting attacked and police are checking crack cocaine stat-- a of these attacks are not going
6:35 am
to get reported to police, but this one went way fore, involved a beating to the point where kiesha was lying face down if the dirt and the detectives somehow found out five or six guys started beating her as soon as she got out. while she's lying face down one of the five or six pulls out a gun and shoots her in cold blood in back twice killing her. >> when they got there, they found decedent, a 22-year-old trans gender individual goes by the name of kiesha jenkins. the individual had been shot two times in the back, preliminary investigation reveals that the decedent had just gotten out of a vehicle at that location. was assaulted by five or six unidentified males during that assault, one of the males pulled out a gun and while the victim was on the ground, shot the victim twice. right now, we don't have any motive. would know if it's potentially a hate crime. if it was robbery. we really don't know.
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>> i don't think that the this happened or that it's an assault when those cowardly attackers are arrested. when we fix the problems within society. when we end the stigma, when we end the horrible violence as a whole that happens to our trans and gender communities. >> the homicide cap jim clark in that news conference made a public mr.plea for the guy thatd dropped her off. the problem is it may have helped to tell the guy through the media that, hey, if you come forward and say you were a john, you are not going to get arrested. we're not out to make any minor vice bust, we need to solve this page crime of maybe hate and homeless at the same time, and unfortunately, that message probably didn't get to the guy. this guy pay also be worried about his own safety interfering he may have gotten a good look at those five or six.
6:37 am
maybe they know that and maybe he's worried they will do the same to him. but at any need to guy to come forward. he probably saw and knows something. >> please come forward. 6:37. the newest medical marijuana dispensary is open in south jersey. pretty chose to philly. >> it's the fourth in the state and closest to philadelphia. dave kinchen got an inside look. dave? >> reporter: good morning to you guys, there are only four alternative treatment centers in the state of new jersey, and this one here in bellmawr, pretty nondripped building in an industrial complex, as we go you'll see we have i grade cannabis inside with black berry cush and blue dream. now, the cannabis here is flowered also harvested over nine weeks, trimmed, packaged, labeled and set for sale. the only clientele allowed here are 5,000 new jersey residents
6:38 am
with medical marijuana cards. we talked with some of the people resolved with facility. listen in. >> lot of people coming here that have serious conditions, and ail minutes, and they're looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals. >> you look at me, i'm a healthy guy, i'm hiv positive, i've been hiv for more than half my life. since i was actually a teenager, and that's a long, long time. to battle this disease and to thrive with the disease that will ultimately gill me. medical cannabis alleviates the side effects of the powerful medications on a i take to keep my hiv in check. >> there's still, of course, heavy regulations for facilities like these. patients suffering from a dozen qualifying conditions like ms, cancer, qualify for treatment. delaware and in that, many wonder if pennsylvania is next. well, of course, that's the
6:39 am
topic of a heated debate in harrisburg. we simply don't know. we'll watch that closely. >> not if it's going to happen probably when. president obama set to visit rosenberg oregon. not everyone is welcoming him to the small town. some are upset about his comments on gun control. just hours after the tragedy last week, critics of the president say this is about people, not the politics. >> i think it's something that's neat for our parents of the children that lost their lives to have our top man, our president come and talk to them. >> we come into an area here where i would say 99 percent of us have guns and hunt. so it's -- he's coming in. >> a gunman killed nine people
6:40 am
thursday on that oregon campus. >> friday rosenberg? very small town, less than 20,000 people. defense secretary ash carter says the, has deep regret about the deadly air strikes that claimed the lives more than two dozen at a medical camp the a afghanistan. >> yesterday in capital hill the top us commander in afghanistan general john campbell addressed the issue before a senate committee. general campbell says forces had under go in-depth training to review rules of engagement to prevent a similar mistake from occurring. the white house also says several investigations are being carried out because of this. official say they were responding to an afgan request for the air strike when a us gun ship fired on that medical cling run boy doctors without borders. that happened over the weekend. meanwhile, general campbell also told lawmakers that he
6:41 am
recommends president obama revive his plan to roundhouse troops in afghanistan because condition in the country have changed. the president want to reduce levels to 1,000 by next 84. about 9800 us military personnel are currently in afghanistan, but the taliban has taken back another city. it's in their control up in the northern part of afghanistan. things are get worse. 6:41. well, the swelled britney bill is a step closer to becoming law in the garden state. what it would mean not just for -- anybody else who has a musical performance in new jersey. scott? >> good morning. mike and alex. mild conditions out there to start. few pour clouds out there. temperatures right now looking pretty good. currently 60 degrees in philadelphia. going to be another nice sunrise, we'll talk about rain back in the seven-day forecast coming up.
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scott, i still haven't been to poconos mountains. i need to go. . >> yes, definitely. it's a short drive. north and west. take a look at some of the leaves there doing a little leave peeping, already begun to change colors. send alex to the poconos mountains. >> get me out of here. >> we got to send you on a road trip. >> let's talk about the headlines and take a look at old city. as beautiful sunrise. you can see the sun coming up on it horizon, it's going to be another spectacular day, a mild start out there right now, above average temperatures again, this afternoon, highs in the 70's, but some late week changes as we watch a frontal boundary approach our area. right now, 60 degrees currently in center city, sun comes up officially 7:03 but it has gun to rise. as far as what's happening north and west in the poconos mountains, alex holley, 52 right
6:46 am
now, allentown checking in at 58. 58 in pottstown. looking at numbers right now. atlantic city 54 degrees, 56 degrees in dover. here's to wednesday planner. you can warming fast. nice to have lunch outdoors, 77 for the high temperature this non, well above the average for this time of year around 69 or 70. as far as what's happening on satellite and radar, fairly quiet conditions. we have dry weather, once again, a few passing clouds. those clouds can act like a blanket. that's why it's not as chilly this morning as it was yesterday. a dry front brow poofs through later on this evening, dropping the temperatures few degrees forward tomorrow but tomorrow still another nice day, watch the clock. friday morning, mostly cloudy, mild, muggy as we approach a frontal boundary that will likely move through later on friday afternoon and evening. here's the clock 3:00 p.m. making your friday and afternoon evening plans, probably need an umbrella as we will be dodging
6:47 am
scattered showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. here's 10:00 on friday. good if you say is that frontal boundary will be clearing out of here in time for the upcoming weekend. a lot of football games taking place, temple at the linc on saturday. birds at home on sunday. remember joaquin? take a look at this, move toward the upcoming weekend, it's going to make a run toward europe. we'll keep you posted on that. >> as far as the seven-day forecast, it's a ten, 77, low 70's thursday, friday, warm, upper 70's, frontal boundary arrives later on in the afternoon and evening, decreasing clouds on saturday, turning much cooler, high temperatures in the mid 60's, upper 60's by sunday. weather, definitely looking pretty good for tailgating both days, and then on columbus day comfortable and mild, 72 for the high temperature. how is traffic on this wednesday, bob? >> couple problems. oath we can have a contest to take alex to the poconos for the
6:48 am
weekend. >> i would love that. >> wouldn't that be great. >> i can't believe i haven't been. >> i can't believe you haven't been to the poconos. you got to go. good morning, everybody, slow going on 95 through girard avenue. got an accident northeast philadelphia. this on 95 right near academy road. looks like we got the far right lane and right shoulder tractor-trailer involved there. this is causing a backup south on 95 approaching academy road. anybody leaving bucks county, get ready and and that then northbound on the northeast extension approaching lansdale heading up to poconos, watch for delays this morning as you head up toward quakertown. good morning to the shadeer, maple shade new jersey, to problems along 73. starting to see a little bit of a delay along 295 and 73 in that mt. laurel interchange but otherwise good to go heading down 295 toward bellmawr, eastbound schuylkill expressway starting to see volume half hour from conshy into downtown, 422
6:49 am
eastbound heavy oaks king of prussiative, to problems coming through center city. tomorrow, jump in the news van and having breakfast, the mercer cafe in the navy yard. take a look to at one of the coffees they have here. candy corn on top of the whipped cream. i would guess that's hot chocolate. who cares what's in there? we're having it. >> i love candy corn. >> me too, big fan. >> special edition of breakfast with bob. >> military day friday. >> excuse me on monday. >> we're going to mix it up a little bit. >> i thought it was friday. that was down the shore. by the way i have a solution to poconos thing. mychal kendricks of the eagles is injured right now. we have time to drive you there. >> plane of time. i was talking to him the other night about you. saw him in a restaurant, we had a nice conversation about you. >> and what did say. >> i said you were a lovely human being and he's single. >> he's like why are you telling
6:50 am
me this. >> i was he was very interested. >> oh, i have a friend, i have a daughter, a sister, cousin. >> i'd say at least 25 day. the so-called britney bill, one step closer to becoming law in the state of new jersey. explain it. >> the with part send bill prevents celebrities to a from having to pay state income taxs. monday a senate committee approved it. the measure is the latest effort to put forth the struggling seaside resort. lawmakers wants stars such as britney spears to take up residency like they do in las vegas. >> with a net positive $20 million over a couple of years, so we saw there was a huge economic impact on long standing shows. >> why don't we take our show and do it for a week in atlantic city and they wouldn't charge us
6:51 am
income tax? >> and stay at the bore gaga at a or something. >> there are people who oppose this measure and say that cash strap city need resources and should be giving the rich tax breaks. >> it's just trying to encourage entertainers to come to atlantic city. >> giving somebody who's rich a tax break means we're going to get a rot of people come in and spend money? maybe? the question is if las vegas can get britney spears, jennifer lopez. who could we get. >> they tightened to go live there too. >> i wonder. >> snookie. other entertain news, rose o'donnell daughter is blasting her mom. >> she says the comedian kicked her out. this comes a few weeks after kelce o'donnell just 18 was reported missing and was found but she moved out of rose's home to be with herby logical mother.
6:52 am
chelsea says the daughter, that rose left her to be raised nannys as a child. chelsea also said rose would lock herself away at home and smoke weed. chelsea went on to say she became depressed when rose divorced first wife kelly carpenter. >> you did a very good job. >> rose is the mom chelsea the danger. sister wife's, she's one of the stars, mary brown admits to an online affair with a woman. brown told people magazine, she thought the woman was a man and regrets being hoodwinked and drawn into this situation. she says it was during an emotional vulnerable time in her large amount of. mary divorce husband cody earlier this year, so he can marry his fourth wife robin and legally adopt her three children. a lot going on on that show.
6:53 am
>> i never seen the show. >> it's something. it's something. 6:53. familiar faces make a name for themselves with the dodgers. we're going to talk about how the phils are fairing without utley and rollins. how are they doing. >> we have ten former phillies in the playoffs. makes you sick. in the playoffs. makes you sick. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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♪. 6:55. check that, 6:uv index. >> look at that. time keeps on moving. >> call me big ben. >> 240 soldiers in colorado. >> the soldiers had been away from their families on a nine month-month deployment and each of them comment have been happier to be back home with their loved one. >> very exciting, went through a lot. excited to be back after being gone so long. >> made eye contact in the crowd trying to say hello a little early, she may not be getting a beg hug. i just returned the hug back. trying to decide whether or not it was good practice to break formation. i didn't have the heart in me to not give my baby a hug.
6:57 am
>> the little girl dressed up in a flag? >> love it. >> a lot these soldiers, they were back from back to back to back deployments and speaking of our military. >> friday is military day, we're going to shut down the entire street, throw a block party to honor the brave men and women. join us this friday, 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. and bring pictures of your loved ones and relatives and friends who are serving or have served. >> when we come backing wait for it. the big story of the day.
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. live from the fox 29 studios. this is good day philadelphia. brutally beaten, shot in the back, a member of the trans gender community is murdered. here in philadelphia. was it a hate crime? investigators have not announced officially yet. child care is a necessary and he knows, but how much does it really cost you? what money managers learned that may have you considersing a move. >> what are you going to do? count them. ten former phillies now in the playoffs. can you name them all? get started do it on twitter, facebook. we're going to name them all. we're going to show you their faces just to drive us all


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