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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 7, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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. live from the fox 29 studios. this is good day philadelphia. brutally beaten, shot in the back, a member of the trans gender community is murdered. here in philadelphia. was it a hate crime? investigators have not announced officially yet. child care is a necessary and he knows, but how much does it really cost you? what money managers learned that may have you considersing a move. >> what are you going to do? count them. ten former phillies now in the playoffs. can you name them all? get started do it on twitter, facebook. we're going to name them all. we're going to show you their faces just to drive us all crazy. >> it happens all the time.
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doesn't it? by the way, i just posted something on my facebook page, which is, mike, behind scenes of alex holley during the commercial break. i'll have to look this up. let's turn to scott williams, we're only going to need a half day of forecasting here, because there's a church in cherry hill, pennsylvania, ebible fellowship and their founder chris mccann says it's the end of the world today. if you just get us up to noon, i think that's going to be it. >> how do we know we hit the evening the final sunset? >> mid day. >> mid day, it is, we have some hours. >> give it to noun, to noon. >> if it is, looks like it's going to be a nice day.
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weathers by the numbers on a scale of one to ten, going to be a ten, beautiful weather out there. take a look at this, a noise sunrise, we're talking about 60 degrees right now, pretty mild, and not as chilly as it was the same time yesterday, rate in pottstown, 59 right now reading, 55 in atlantic city. 77 degrees is the high temperature for this afternoon. as we move ahead to tonight, 57 degrees, another quiet run coming up, we'll talk about how long this nice stretch of weather will last, and also, we'll talk about rainfall in that seven-day forecast. how are the roads on this wednesday morning? bob kelley? does? >> isn't it nice to be spending the last day together? good morning, everybody. southbound i95 jammo as you work your way into academy because of an earlier accident. we got a new one here for you, this on the schuylkill
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expressway inbound, right at the rams for the vine street expressway expressway coming into center city a delay beginning at city hall as we go for a ride inbound on the schuylkill. watch for an accident near the vine expertise way. kelly and martin luther king drive looking good. the boulevard stacked up approaching broad street from an earlier accident. if you're heading to the mountains, poconos, northbound on the northeast extension an accident approaching lansdale interchange. septa looking good, but useing shuttle busses. mid week during the mid day between cold mar and doylestown, good day to fly in or around philadelphia international airport. we had rough going over the weekend with the rain, good news for the gang if phoenixville, the route 23 bridge that goes over pickering creek, penndot completed that project and the bridge is open this morning for the rush hour and that's a god
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send. things will get lighter on 422. the bus drivers are happy they can use bridge now, east on the schuylkill, under a half hour, 422 delays, oaks into king of prussia, but looking good up and over the bridges, mike and alex back over to you. 7:04. search is on for a group of killers who viciously attacked a trans gender. >> as many as five. >> reporter: we were here just yesterday, we reported on a underwent the same half hour as this one, the 25-year-old man killed, 17-year-old, still extremely critical from that case. while as the detectives were there, they then later hear about this case where tow-year-old kiesha jenkins just got out of a car 2:30 in the morning yesterday when they say five or six guys almost instantly jumped her. beating her up, maybe trying to rob. maybe she resisted. then while she is lying face down on it ground, one of them shot her in the back twice,
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killing her. now, neighbors around this park at 13th and wingohockinging in the hunting park section say it's been known as a it am iing place for prostitutes and lately a bad place for prostitutes getting robbed too. >> the streets here, this would be, you know, target the trans gender, you know, to rob them and, you know, just, this is what they do. >> preliminary investigation reveals that the decedent had just gotten out of a vehicle at that location. was assaulted by five or six unidentified males during that assault, one of the males pulled out a gun and while victim was on it ground, shot the victim twice. >> the trans gender community faces far too much violence, unfortunately, far time lost lives of those of you in the trans community in the lgbt community or in those neighborhoods were afraid to call the police or who are apprehensive, know that there is assistance, there are people that can be there with you, know you will be met with spect and
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that the police department needs your help to solve these cases. >> the same goes for a guy that was with kiesha and had let her out of a car who took off. maybe he saw the attack going on, was afraid for his own safety or didn't come forward because maybe this did involve prostitution. we just don't know. police want him to come forward, because maybe he saw something, and maybe he knows something. if you're somehow watching or getting word of this, police want you to come forward. now, detectives also tell us they're looking to see if there is a pattern of tack attacks. you heard people like kiesha the last thing city and police leaders are going to tolerate in a split second is any crime of hate in the city of brotherly love. >> that's for sure. ridiculous. 7:06. we had a big fire last night in a barn in mercer county new jersey, we have footage of it. >> flames went up pretty high. crews were caught on the scene
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along the 300 block in pennington around 11:00. about an hour and a half for crews to get the blaze under control nearby storage unit and some vehicles also destroyed in this fire, but no one hurt and still under investigation. the newest medical marijuana citize citizens. >> reporter: it's right behind me. we're talking about compassionate sciences, only the fourth, a nondripped building on the outside, inside i grade cannabis with names quite exotic like black berry, cush. made the very big harvest. the cannabis is floured into
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small plants and harvested over nine weeks, trimmed, packaged, weighted, bagged, labeled, set up for sale. the only clientele allowed here are the 5,000 new jersey residents with medical marijuana cards and we spoke with an hiv patient who just bought a quarter ounce of high grade pot. >> for possibly like me with deadly deadly diseases we fight every day to have one more tool is incredibly important. there are patients that are a lot sicker than i am, people dying, hospice, for them it's especially important. as we get up and running and everybody gets cleared, we're cable. right now, today of serving about 1800 patients a month. that's kind of based on what we see the average within the state right now. >> they're looking for that number to go up. again, just four facilities now in the state of new jersey. nowing of course, delaware and new jersey are involved in medical marijuana, so many
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people ask, well, what about the other state in the tri-state region? what about pennsylvania? of course, that is the subject of a very heated debate in harrisburg. should we have medical marijuana expenses or not? investigators still trying to piece together an incident that occurred yesterday morning about 10:00 over the community college of philadelphia on spring garden. >> lasted the afternoon. police raised to the campus after reports of a man with a gun on campus. cell phone videos show students sleeping, a student claim a teenager pulled a gun on him. detectives found the suspect, but they didn't find the weapon. authorities say they won't take reports of a gun at a school lightly. the 17-year-old i was taken into custody, and does not have a criminal record. he hasn't been charged with anything. >> it was an argument between two students there seems like. 7:09. how to of federal inmates
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set to be freed next month as part to release federal prison population. >> most of them serving drug sentences, the justice department says more than 5500 inmates will go free in a couple weeks. eventually tens of thousands will be legible for release. the mass release was triggered by a federal commission which lowered maximum sentences for drug offenders just last 84. reform advocates have long criticized sentencing disparities on the in the 1980s war on drugs. >> prisons are 40 percent over crowded, exorbitant costs and unfairness from the 80's and 90's, to change the drug policy going forward for future drug offenders and to make it retro active. >> under the program, judges will make sure the prisoners are not a threat to public safety. that's their goal, anyway. released nape inmates will go halfway houses, home confinement
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and then under the supervised release of probation services. probation officers. >> coming up on 7:11, no charges for the driver of a car who hit a young boy on the streets of logan. when the driver hit the boy. he stopped, got out of the car, strangers assaulted him. the three-year-old boy in critical condition this morning. employees say he stepped out from in between parked cars into the street on the 1200 block of wagner avenue monday. a driver hit him and he ended up under an suv. police say when the driver got out to check on the boy, that's when a group of men began to beat him up. officers are still trying to find those men. >> scott i have to tell you i met a woman last night her name was maryland. she does because the summer i was mild and she believes the fall will be mild and she doesn't think we're going to have a hard winter. i said we're going to mention this today because if we do, i'm going to blame her.
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>> was her last name almanac? >> i don't think so. . just a hunch. >> watching latest trends on this upcoming winter. we're going to have to factor in that he will nino taking a hold. we'll have a complete forecast later on probably next month on to to expect for the upcoming winter. what to expect this morning looking pretty good. bus stop buddy it's a mile start out there. temperatures right now right around 60 degrees, not as chilly as it was the same yesterday. look at the numbers 55, upper 50's, pottstown, 60 already reading, berks county 55 right now in atlantic city, upper 50's in dover as well as wilmington. so looking pretty good. compared to the sam time yesterday, take a look at this, 14 degrees in allentown, 15 nwarmer in pottstown and almost ten degrees warmer in wilmington as well as philadelphia. here's a look at your planner 60. 70 by lunchtime, 77 by this afternoon, looking pretty good.
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satellite and radar, dry, quiet, few clouds, but in rainfall today. tomorrow looks dry as well, a frontal boundary moves through overnight, by tomorrow, a couple degrees cooler than today, but still looking pretty good. mostly cloudy friday, and take a look, friday afternoon, there's a cold front off to the north and west. that will be moving through during the afternoon and evening, giving input a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms moving through by 10:00 friday still watching some of that activity with the front but we start to dry out overnight friday for a saturday, cooler for the weekend. how much rain are we talking before all is said and done? likely on average, a half inch to three-quarters of an inch around the area with that front late friday. again, remember joaquin is headed out into the open waters of the atlantic. all the way to europe likely by the upcoming weekend to cause problems there. in the meantime as we talk about the next seven days, looking good, 77 degrees high temperature today, low 70's for
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thursday. friday, watching that late day front. clearing skies, turning cooler by the upcoming weekend with high temperatures only in the 60's, grab a sweatshirt if you're headed to the linc either saturday or sunday, perhaps, bob kelley both days. >> of course we got the hero show down there on saturday during the mid day. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound you see cars pulling off to the shoulder were involved in an accident in the left lane. this is eastbound. looks like the two dump trucks here tandemly stopped traffic so the cars can get out of the travel lane and safely over to the shoulder, this is going to set tone here for the inbound schuylkill expressway as we take a fly here from 476, it's just east of the conshy curb. you can see the center city picking up the slowdown, we'll have police on the way. even westbound on the schuylkill
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heavy from the boulevard. good morning to cherry hill new jersey. live look at 295 right near route 70 heading down to the 42422, no problems for the shaders 16 miles an hour on i95, that's pretty much deal from academy down through girard avenue. we've had an early at academy on the blue route starting to see delays from 95 up to the schuylkill and conshohocken and westbound on the pa turnpike under a half hour from philly, bensalem over to valley forge sgfrj we're going to try to drive ourselves crazy, sometimes we are glut ensfor publish. . the yang yankees lost last night so they're in they're going to play the kansas city royals. i have counted ten former phillies who are in the playoffs. >> ten? >> let's drive ourselves crazy with sean bell, what do you say ask. >> are you going to join us with
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the crazy? >> yes. ten phillies. this situation is like when you break up with your girlfriend, ok. when you see her somewhere he will, you don't want to see her with someone -- i don't want to see how xwith bradley cooper. i want to see her doing ok but i want to see her with, somebody like mike, looking a little rough. you know what? you want to say. >> let's start with chase utley and jimmy rollins, the keystone combination of the dodgers who are in the playoffs. >> they're not doing that great. they're along for the ride. batting in the low 200s. chase and jimmy, they're -- you know, they're just there really. i don't feel too bad that we traded them. good to see, guys who are getting older, they're not really getting it done. no xs are. >> do the dodger taking it all? >> i like the mets.
7:17 am
i think the mets have a real san francisco giant like feel, where it's like pitcher after pitcher after pitcher after stud. they look great. >> i want to really drive myself crazy and watch cole hamels pitch to jimmy chase. rangers, dodgers. >> listen, cole is with the best looking girl in the world. we looked real forum pie and bad. >> you see them celebrating. >> if the playoff. >> he was the man, the ace they needed to be. got them in the playoffs. he's the boss. they have a real chance doing some things, and cole. >> what about ben reveer? how is he looking now? >> fantastic. he's looking better than he was. >> had we known that he had this type of greatness in him? i'm not going to say greatness but he could be this level of player, we would have kept him,
7:18 am
batting over 300 base percentage close to 400. he's been great since he got there. >> where is he before you jace? in toronto? >> listen, we made these decisions because guys weren't looking great in our uniforms, we needed to get better players, hopefully get a star. but ben, come on, man, if you did that for us, we would have kept him. >> let's talk about the pittsburgh phillies. we got your joe -- five of them. >> there's -- i mean, these are older guys we got rid of awhile ago. >> hat, burnet, it's not a fresh wound, there's so many, it's not like they're the main stars, main studs of that staff of that unit, so. >> feeling better about that
7:19 am
one. >> i'm feeling better. >> ryan mat son good story with the royals. e r a is as low as it's ever been, 213. that's a couple comeback attempts in '13, 2014, one able to bring back, this year doing great, royals in the playoffs. he's going to be a big contributor for them. he's one of the guys that you want to see do well. good guy there for the champion years and he made a comeback for the city. >> as you can tell we're doing anything to avoid talking about the eagles. >> why did you have to bring that up. >> because we do want to have an injury report. a bunch of guys didn't practice yesterday. when do they start -- do they hit during the week anymore. >> they hit a little bit but the nfl is a little softer now. really, they want to look at thursday, the guys practice thursday, they say it's a go.
7:20 am
limit practice, lane johnson probably going to be out. jason peters, game time decision. that's what i'm getting the he didn't practice yesterday. i think he'll see a little bit times are limited. we're not sure. mychal kendricks. >> byron maxwell. >> out. byron maxwell is expect to do play. he's in practice, he should be full participation on wednesday and thursday. expected to play. even though we might not want him to play because let's be honest of he was pretty awful. byron, your money. >> white male to those health shakes? sean, good to see you. oh, no. you may have to go through a halloween without a pumpkin, alex. >> what? you can't do halloween without a pumpkin. >> you may have to. do you hear me? . >> why? . >> we'll tell you. >> well, here's the lottery numbers.
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by the way, we pmight stop. a flag of my facebook page. thank you, reading. whoever did that. >> why is your facebook getting so much love and mine isn't at all. >> mine has really interesting pictures on it that i posed. >> i had a wonderful post, more than 200 comments. >> using your parents to get facebooks. >> i'm not using my parents. >> we go down the shore every summer? friday? people suggesting go to the poconos to a different ski resort every friday like in the month of november. >> that would be fun. it was josh who suggested that. thank you, josh. >> maybe february were there's more snow. >> are we going to an anchor outside? >> ski lodge, big fire, stay the weekend with bob. 7:24. i pose this question, adam shapiro, what costs more upkeep
7:25 am
on your car, mortgage or child care services? >> got to be child care. right? adam? >> the answer is child care, but i'm a car nut, so i would say, if you're driving yourself around in a mercedes, sl550, the upkeep might exceed that. i drive around on the subway. but child care is a no brainer. it's expensive but economic policy institute crunched numbers. what they found was in a lot of places 500 neighborhoods out of 600 -- they were using a formula of two working parents and two children, cost of child care in some places can exceed the average cost of rent. i'm going to give you some numbers. i don't have philly but around philly. boston, two working parents paying almost $30,000 a year for an infant and a four-year-old in child care. in rollly north carolina, it's about $16,000, almost 17,000, actually and yet that two-parent couple are earning about 60,000
7:26 am
a year. chicago is 22, $500 a year, the cost is up since 1990 be on average, people are what paying from 20 to 30 percent. we have one colleague, he has one in child care and one getting out and he and his wife are paying $2500 a month for child care. makes your eyes bug out. >> thank goodness. you got the big over there. >> thank you, adam. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> see you later. >> how often do you think adam gets called a baller? 7:26, nice guy. the simple request one mother made that led to major
7:27 am
embarrassment for her and later embarrassment for the airport. >> manna is marking a big anniversary, they've got a lot of work to do. jen? >> reporter: we're making soup. this is sort of what i do at home. look at this, can you imagine a lot people think about manna just for pie in the sky. they're feeding people all over the delaware valley every day. we're going to talk about that as they turn big 25. can i stir it? i'm going to stir it. people are going to feel good.
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be unusual but not uncommon. it's survival tactics used by fire ants in flooding conditions. thousand can form a raft and stay afloat several weeks. >> i find that fascinating. >> you talk about nature. >> it's amazing. >> you don't want to be bitten by one of those fire ants it hurts. >> as least you know where they are altogether. >> look at nature. >> they put ot a call. >> i don't find it. >> huddle together and walk out as a news group. >> fire apts on the bottom of the pile. >> tucker has broad shoulders. >> that's what i do like i see where this is trending on the bottom of the pile. >> few cloud out there early. but we have mrep plenty of sunshine to look forward to. temperatures top out mid to upper 0s. we should be dry. if you have outdoor plans we want to get out and rake leaf. we're in great shape for. it we're not expecting rain later today. today, tomorrow, looks great, we're getting clouds friday. cold fronts friday night. which will bring us rain showers. and friday night into early saturday sean saturday will wake up gray. we should get afternoon sunshine. eyes in the 6 0s. that's a weather update. more coming up let's do more traffic with erin. >> 7:26 and sky fox right now offer a backup. this is 5 southbound we're continuing an accident blocking right how older sean part of right lane that's by maryland 212 and significantly slower moving traffic that we normally see leading past the season to the beltway. we'll update you on that one. 95 northbound silver lining moving along round without any issues. we'll let you know as sky fox pans back. that goes several miles. legislation go to maps. we'll help you around other problems around town. 66 eastbound side. checking in 30 miles an hour mannasas and drop to 15 miles an hour as you head to the slow mannasas and drop to 15 miles an hour as you head to the slow slow downs here as well. of of
7:30 am
>> 7:30 exactly. the school shooting in oregon is not unique, of course. how tragedies like these sharpen our fears and impact the way we handle future threats. my goodness. we had a situation in philadelphia that i could have brought up. >> member of the transgender community is shot and beaten in the back twice. why police have yet to call the murder a hate crime. >> all right. >> this is a story a lot of people were talking about. it was trending with #sayhe #sayhername. >> police are searching for a group of men maybe five or six who brutally attacked and then shot a transgender person in north philadelphia. shot her twice ft. back. >> yeah, this happened
7:31 am
yesterday morning after 2:30 intersection 13 and winghockin in north philly. she was brutally beaten and shot twice by a group of five or six men after dropped off by unknown person. right now police say they're unsure if it was hate crime or what exactly was motive. victim's mother says she was told it seems like it looks like possible robbery. >> so let's bring in the city director of lgbt affairs nellie fit patrick. good to see you. sorry about this there's a picture in the paper today of kiesha. so, do we know specifically that this had anything to do with the fact she is transgender. >> i think that's the question everybody has. police are doing their investigation right now. they're working hard. they're working through the night to try to get an understanding of what happened. they're conducting their investigation. i think the difference we have
7:32 am
here is that when the police say hate crime talking about a specific statute and ethnic intimidation under 2710 a statute in pennsylvania for crime that is out of a particular malice or hatred towards somebody based on race, color, on religion or national origin. so when you say hate crime in pennsylvania, prosecutors do not have the opportunity to prosecute somebody -- >> i didn't know that. >> correct. >> so how would it be called a hate crime what if it's hate crime. >> this could be a crime that federal prosecutors could look at under sheppard bird act. when you say hate crime generally it's absolutely no doubt within the community and within the city you both are looking at me now like how could it not be a crime fueled by hate of course it s any time someone is beaten in the ground and executed in the street to the two gun shots in the back that's a crime fueled by hate. that's a malicious act that
7:33 am
only somebody with a truly de praivrd and hate filled heart could commit. >> they say they had robberys in the area this is much more than that. there was five or six guys against one person. they didn't have to shoot the person. >> that's what the preliminary investigation is showing. of course, police as they have more details will release them. and they will release them in any way and shape they can owe to help us get a suspect and make arrest. >> are are transgenders of color more at risk. >> transgender individuals are seeing far higher rates of violence. >> this is 20th transgender woman. >> 21. >> 21. >> 21st murder this year. when you look at numbers she's 18 person of color within those numbers. >> wow. >> wow. >> whoa. >> and she's the all these victims for the most part are under 40. >> the statistics are horrifying. when you start going through the people we lost, london chaniel was 21.
7:34 am
she was first individual murdered in our city here. >> back in may. >> stabbed to death. mercedes williams in rocky broke alabama beaten to death on my 30. kiesha 33 shot this death in aurora illinois march 7 the list goes on. >> in your research, why is it? let's take a group of man -- let's say it's a fact she's transgender what's scary to them. >> we need toe sighty to wake up and understand you need to stand with and transup to transgender individuals we've seep mez of the lgbt community and specifically non gender targeted by hate and violence. people when they do not understand or accept who somebody is believes they can take it into their own hands and injury or truly eliminate somebody's life. >> there's another case a
7:35 am
teenager from long island says he was attacked by a fraternity member spen state he said it happened after he revealed he was gay. he was attacked while visiting campus sunday. he posted these pictures on twitter with caption don't let a frat guy know you're gay. he admitted he hatedgies and beat him up. the university said they won't tolerate that. >> there's far too many lucky though we have media sources listening and it's helping to spread this understanding at that point that everyone is human every year work is happening and every year this goes before the legislature in harrisburg and every year advocates push. it will i'm sure it's there again and it -- >> got to get it done time to
7:36 am
get it done. keep us updated on this particular case if you would. >> i will, thank you. >> thank you. >> here's scott. >> time now 7:35 a few scattered clouds out there and we're dry, quiet and mild star start. coming up, we'll talk about our next weather maker and when you might need to pull out an umbrella that all come up with the 7-day forecast. house traffic looking on this wednesday. we'll talk about that coming wednesday. we'll talk about that coming up. >> hey, 7:36 good morning everybody a live look decent here 309 southbound 3409 nair susquehanna they -- 309 near susquehanna they just pulled it off. impact from the tolls up and over in to downtown 8 and vine and coming in from new jersey, 42 northbound watch for delays from atlantic city express ray in to 295 and that running slow from king of president bushia to the con hocken curve there's an accident off to to the
7:37 am
shoulder and that picks up westbound from the boulevard out to belmont. good morning to cherry hill. this is a live look at route 7 0 with the mall there and otherwise delays 02 and north to chester county. >> we're. >> did you hear what might be special about today. >> what? >> about the search in our area. >> sharon hill church in sharon hill. >> ebible fellowship. >> the founder says the world will come to an end. >> today. >> today. >> so should i not plan to come in tomorrow at this point? >> oh, mike. >> send us your pictures. >> pictures of what? >> no, no, we're saying if today was your last day i think what would you do? >> oh, >> is there something wow want to accomplish, like to do, experience, if today was your last day. >> i should have called out sick today. >> i should have called out sick today. i used to have
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. >> the shrine of church christ the king. >> this has been raging in chicago for an hour. we'll keep an eye on. it 7:4 1. closer to home, let me put up the cover of the daily news first of all. look at this. this is a situation that happened yesterday on spring garden at the community college of philadelphia. yeah. up in arms. and then look that other headline on inside. let me take this out and put this up. we live on edge. boy, isn't that the truth. especially lately? >> and then this happened of course a 17-year-old allegedly pulled a gun on student at community college of philadelphia and prompted lockdown. a lot of people on twitter wondering what was going on.
7:42 am
police closed down the area and surrounding school. >> and the day before that all colleges and university were on high alert because there was word there may be attack 2:00 in the afternoon and then think become to a week aing go tomorrow all those people killed on a campus in stateive oregon. so how do you deal with all this fear. we de said todd bring in a guest, kermit roosevelt author of a book we just talked b. roosevelt, yes he has a relation we'll talk about that in a bit too. you studied feared. what would you stay to parents who have college kids throughout about going to school. >> i would say it's a scary world and the media keeps us very well informed of all the threats out there and but the important thing is do is react to the threats that are real threats. so if you look at what kills americans heart disease. cancer, car distance, schools
7:43 am
are safe. we should not react to things overly dangerous. >> i have a mother that tweeted me yesterday and said her child called her at one of the schools very scared and i think she just -- it seems to be so random you know? >> yeah there's lot of reasons why we take certain risks ass significant. like something scares us more than others. often those reasons don't have anything to do with how dangerous they are. people are terrified of sharks and sharks kill few people. >> let's bring up isis. that's happening halfway around the world. but we still feared them. >> they're scary. isis is a group of very scary people. they don't however pose a lot of threat to us in the united states rights now on a daily basis. and you know we hope they won't in the future. >> so it's really all about putting it in perspective. real quickly we can't hard wrap because we need to talk about this man's book because it's really, really, really good. your last name is roosevelt how
7:44 am
are you related to teddy. >> i'm his great great grandson sdmri see fdr on the front how are you related to him. >> second cousin four times removed. >> and book is -- has to do a wlot him what is basis of the book. >> book is about over reactions in a time of fear. so after pearl harbor the united states government forced 10,000 people mostly birth right american citizens to leave homes on west coast and confined them me camps because japanese americans and because of their ancestory. >> okay. >> so what's the basic thesis of the book? >> well the point of this is, this is example of fearing people not because they're dangerous because they're different. it this was a group of loyal americans because they looked different and looked like enemy the government thought they could not be trusted and it imposed this immense hardship on them in order to make a safer when it fact it didn't make it safer.
7:45 am
>> this relates to what we were just talking about. >> 7:45. >> good history lesson too. >> going to take a break. >> good history lesson too. >> going to take a break. scott has a new forecast (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient?
7:46 am
corn? wheat? in new purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy,
7:47 am
with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate. >> you can believe mana is 5 years old this month. they helped so many people throughout other area. thousands ever people are impacted by mana.
7:48 am
happening out in the kitchen showing us what they do. >> good morning, yeah, and bit way this friday night, this friday -- can you hear me? yeah. hi. hello. >> you can hear me? >> okay. hello. this friday night they're having a huge party #party of the year. even though this is where do you loading this will be part of vip area right? >> correct. >> pretty cool. >> let's go in and what's really cool your cooler here that is like vodka bar. >> empty is out and turn it to vodka bar that is cool. >> let's go to the kiffin people hear about manna around. are you feeding and getting nourishment to literally thousands of people in nine counties they don't know how to works day-to-day. as we talk about it these are meals going out. they get 21 meals at a time correct? >> that's correct. >> and you have to make sure look at all these modifications you make sure low lactose,
7:49 am
basically each patient each client can get up to three modifications. >> each client gets three modifications on all diets and we modify their food cook their food accordingly. >> i love it. >> what's going on here breakfast. >> we're packing breakfast bags the clients will get and they'll get 7 break facts and 7 lunches in each bag and then to go along with their dinner entre bags and if you turn around here these are what the bags look like when done and modifications picked to the outside. so drivers know which meal goes to which client. >> and you know with these it's critically ill people. food is medicine to these people. you have to make sure each person is getting dietary what they need and also restrictions to make sure it it doesn't hurt them. that kind of way. >> yeah, i mean like a lot of our -- all our renal clients cannot have lactose like milk
7:50 am
and american cheese we have to modify and use parmesan with not a lot of lactose in it on changed recipe to fit a diet. >> it's crazy what you do. you work hand-in-hand with dietitians and you're the chef and make sure it all taste goo good. >> it has to tight good. if it doesn't taste good doesn't matter what you do nobody will eat. it it's like giving a kid bad medicine. >> so there's still some tickets available. it's this friday night. celebrity chefs coming in to help you out. >> people from the gars group and veteran group and eric gantz and myself and it's going to be a big shing dig. >> i like it. the street will be shut down and again we have vip action happening. it's pretty cool. thank you for letting us come and take a peek. people know what you do and have not seen a top of it. >> thanks for coming the more exposure we get the better off
7:51 am
for clients and mission we're trying to do here. >> i lovety can't get over the food. alex did you see the soup, it's like what hundreds of gallons of soup. >> two 60 gallon kettles. >> wow. >> 120 gallons. >> because they feed so many people. >> and you have to chop everything up. >> i'll go friday night. i have been to parties where they shut down racid street it's so fun. >> they make specific meals for specific people it's amazing project every day 25 years. >> hey scott. >> that i will mike, alex, beautiful weather again today. it will be wonderful wednesday. why not another ten. what about numbers on scale of one to ten. beautiful weather stepping outdoors. mild conditions, scattered clouds out there. by lunchtime 70. have your lunch outside. pack your lunch. bring your lunch. have it outdoors. 77 degrees. october warm. so dry, yeahet conditions nothing on ultimate doppler. it will be a nice day.
7:52 am
that weather authority 7 day forecast shows high today 77 degrees. low 70s thursday. friday we're watching front late in the afternoon and evening. scattered showers maybe a rumble of thunder turns out cooler bob kelly by upcoming weekend. >> mike you need a ladder? >> i have a little stepladder. >> trying to climb my way up. >> this is the blue route look going right over. this is blue route near schuylkill expressway on southbound side. we've been watching folks zigging and zagging here moving 65 miles an hour this fellow here will veer off on to the right lane. if you get a truck that veers left here we go here comes penndot guy good they'll pop that in and throw it in back of truck i'll give it to you half price. blue light special. tacked up academy to girard and in the middle accident at the bridge street on ramp that involves a tractor-trailer. mike and alex back to you.
7:53 am
>> thank you. coming up i'm going to attempt something bob kelly that's never been tried before on morning television. >> there's not much you have not tried. >> this is it. >> i'm going to talk with six very high energy beautiful women, including the five women from the show called "for real" we'll includeal next that and maybe jen will be involved i may up to 7 high energy women to talk to. may up to 7 high energy women to talk to. >> happy halloween
7:54 am
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will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up against north jersey casinos.
7:56 am
>> resident steve did you hear about this group called -- what's the name of the church. >> ebible fellowship. >> sharon hill pennsylvania their founder chris mccann is saying this is the last day we'll have on earth this is end
7:57 am
of wovld today. >> this is it. >> i heard about this. >> i'm always interested in these sort of things that come and go. remember last time around there were people selling -- there's a guy that did it twice two preductions and both failed and he still has followers how does that happen. >> do we know this failed yet the day is not over with. >> listen it's looking good right now. 75 degrees, partly cloudy. i can't see anything happening. >> but honestly if i'm going to go out i want to take the world with me i'm that much of as far as signatures. >> it was a while back one of the last big ones i remember i was at a like street fair or something like that and somebody handing out pamphlets i usually pass on those i picked it up it was all about how it says in the scriptures that the world is going to ends and people don't know about this and analyze it and it will end on this specific date and you know what, it did got happen. my question to these people is did you pay your visa bill? and if you did, why? when you knee the world would
7:58 am
end. it doesn't make any sense. >> if this is going to happen what -- personally let's start with you what would do you on last day. >> i would hang out with you manure at every single party in the city mike. >> true. >> i would be septd spending time with you. >> i love that. >> it's a way to go out in style. >> we do it right after the show it's supposed to happen this afternoon. >> steve. >> okay. >> well, no, you know what. if -- really. >> if it was last sends second on earth. >> spend time with family and. >> that's pretty much in. >> i would spend time with press ton's family. >> most likely. >> did you want to say something. >> i think this feels special because it comes from our area delaware county. >> from your area. >> from my area so this sort of feels like -- you tend to be more proud of your lunatics. >> i would spend my last hours with kathy ramano. >> that's what i would say too i would spend my last hours
7:59 am
with mike. >> mike are you having end of world party mike. >> i might do it. >> i have to organize quickly. >> yeah. >> i'll be over. >> get a nice jelly planner and rolls. and have a good time. >> martha too. >> marissa come on in. >> she already would know about it and be there. >> of course. >> she's there. >> she would be all white dinner en blanc and byob and a wedge of cheese. >> she would charge a fee to make appearance at the end of of the world though. >> oh, god. >> by the way thank you for coming to my appearance this weekend, mike and alex you're nice. >> you were good host for the eagles game. >> thank you, thank you for coming in it was not a great game. >> i think you hit is steve, champagne cheese and great party. >> and guy with a beard. >> settled. >> cheese. >> cheese is key. >> and alex. >> and alex. >> alex and cheese that's a date. >> i would bring the crackers.
8:00 am
>> are you talking about me? >> anyway we'll see you guys later. >> maybe we won't. >> the world might be ending. >> straight up 8:00, wednesday, october 7, 2015. >> live from fox 29 studios this is good day philadelphia sfwlxt a transgender person brutally murdered in philadelphia and police on the hunt for killers. the clues they have right now. >> airline apology a mom looking for place to pump at airport furious this morning. where she was told to go and why she says it made her feel like animal. and lost and found. this fordham university student now famous after losing her student id. the famous actor who picked it up and how he plans to get it to her♪ all alone i sit home by the phone♪ paul mccartney revamping this
8:01 am
duet and revamping michael jackson a new version of say, say, say, for michael fans. ♪ >> oh, yeah i know that song. it gets it a hook of say, say, say♪ >> it doesn't sound exactly like that. >> not at all. >> 8:01 scott. >> good morning. >> what's going on. >> not a whole lot. >> it's quiet. >> we like that. did you like yesterday's weather. >> loved it. >> i was so excited a scam pe perked through rittenhouse square park. >> did you make stops along the way. >> i did. ruth park, def gone. >> you can do the same thing again today. >> i love that. >> we'll give it a ten. looking good. bus stop buddy mild start out there. temperatures in low 60s. really doesn't need a heavy coat this morning. as we look at temperatures outside of our studios take a look at satellite dishes up
8:02 am
there. we're talking numbers right now in the low 60s. comfortable north and west as well. 59. and 58 lancaster and right now in south jersey upper 50s and millville, atlantic city, dover checking in 58. 77 degrees high temperature today. by tonight comfortable conditions. dry, temperatures mid to upper 50s. coming up bob kelly we'll talk about a front bringing showers by the end of the week. >> let's enjoy. >> guys rolling out another ten and actually not that bad here on 422. it's been stop and go the last 15, 20 minutes or so we had earlier accident eastbound near the schuylkill expressway. a live look curb side on the 42 freeway and delay heading in towards philly and also 295 backed up to belmar interchange and back up on the benny stacked up from tolls to downtown 8 and vine moving slowly but surely morning rush hour there. eastbound on schuylkill we had
8:03 am
accident right near here and ladder kind of getting kicked around on blue route. penndot picked that up. we're in good shape. delco northbound lanes 95 watch for delays commodores barry and also a delay 20 as you roll in and otts of painters crossing in delaware county, mike and alex back over to you. >> let's get back to top stories becoming a national story 8:03 search is on for group of five to six killers that viciously attacked a transgenter person in 2340r7b8g philly. >> live at police headquarters with or on this. >> this case 30 hours old and we're looking for key witnesses and looking for help. we talked to commissioner ramsey about this case. if you just joining us this is 22-year-old kiesha johnson killed here at this park 13 and winghockinq the transgepder beaten up by five or six and
8:04 am
shot and killed twice in the back cowardly and what police learned from neighbors and witnesses nearby there this park known as prostitution meeting place they know know if that is what was going on a man dropped her off second before. this group pounced on her and started beating her up. that guy is key witness and they're looking for him to come forward whether involved or no not. >> question need information to solve a muddier we reason sitting in the fact he ep gai gained in a kind of activity. that person or. >> if he was there he wouldn't have to worry about being arrested maybe that's a reason from not coming forward. >> only district attorney can give that assurance but we're not interested in that. we're interested in getting information about the murder. >> you have violent people out here i don't think that's a surprise to anybody and just seems like we go from one
8:05 am
heinous case to another. but we don't know right now who is responsible for it. the last update i got was we were not even certain if this had anything to do with individuals being transgender or robbery or argument. we don't know right now. what the commissioner was saying alex and mike they don't know for sure whether or not this is a hate crime or coincidence it involved a victim transgender. there's also another murter from yesterday we led with where maybe a double murder eventually the one surviving is critical. three murers within the same half hour span just in north philly alone. you heard him say they have a lot of violent people out there and unfortunately killers of all the people are still out there. >> still on the loose. >> of course doing all right people if you have anonymous tip submit that 251-686-tips. >> we put that on the web site fox >> this story getting more
8:06 am
interesting by the day. hbo producer now questioned in connection with death of beauty queen originally from our area. washington township. 38 years old. kirsten serveny seen non video from inside edition is from washington township grew up there glouster county. found dead in a new york city apartment on sunday just inside her doorway. mark henry johnson producer on the drama pilot "the duce" was questioned and released. surveillance shows johnson and another man carrying her down the stairs of apartment building in chelsea in manhattan. she was reportedly unconscious at the time. i don't know. police officials believe possibly it was a drug overdos overdose. seems as if she was living a double life. >> it does. >> dermatologist married to another dermatologist. >> three children.
8:07 am
>> they children. >> more on that. so many people in our area know her. >> and are shocked. >> wentz to high school in that area and grew up in glouster county 8:07. >> a boston mother getting apology from unltsed airlines after employee makes a snarky suggestion about where this money could pump breast milk. >> this happened during a layover in washington d.c. outside of d.c. at the big airport dulles international airport on her way to hershey, pennsylvania. >> so lauren how did this happen. >> new mom liz cooper was inner nerp for private area to pump her breast milk for her son. this is her first trip without the 4-month-old. cooper didn't want to use the public bathroom because of sanitary concerns. she asked united airlines employee for a suggestion and this is where things get ugly mike and alex employee suggested a pet relief center. cooper of course was apald. the mom says there was no door and she saw a red fire high
8:08 am
dranlt for dogs to pea and she was denied access to united club area because she's not a member. >> i find it apaling they don't have anywhere that a woman can go and express her breast milk. >> united says though many airport terminals that operate do got have designated private spaces it welcomes nursing mothers to breast feed or pump on aircraft or facilities and they apologized to this mom. a spokesperson says four rooms with being built throughout the airport to accommodate nursing mothers and miss cooper thinks it's unreal in 2015 we have to have these kind of conversations. >> it's unreal. >> right. >> seriously? >> common sense police. >> for real. . >> thank you, lauren. >> halloween. days away now. and one celebrity causing a stir with a costume idea she posted on instagram page here we good again.
8:09 am
>> at first look pretty little liars star is asking followers if they like this lion costume. but it's post that was more controversial what they thought of her cecil the lion outfit cease sill a lion shot and killed by mesh dentist this year. she edited the post to take out the reference for cecil just lion costume. >> i'm just -- well she is on show called liars and she did a lot of lying. >> there's that. >> she is like lion from wizard of oz. >> i would switch to that immediately. >> we knew what she meant. >> lion in general. >> we have to be careful what we post seriously i've been doing a lot of posting. screaming baby as i woman out for a bite to eat simply could not stand the sound of crying child behind her. what she did to the family and now mother of that family is file thing back. it happened in a restaurant. >> first you know what today is? >> this is quincy day.
8:10 am
>> no it's time to wake up my kid. >> wake up wednesday. wake up my kid quincy. >> we're in blackwood new jersey wake up my kid wednesday i'll wake up alyssa 6 years old megan and john you ready for me to wake up your kid. >> yes. >> coming up next. >> yes. >> coming up next.
8:11 am
8:12 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing...
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♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >>:13 now on this october 7 as we look at headlines. you can see we're talking about mild start out there above average temperatures. not only today but tomorrow too chen changes bilateraler part of the week. rain notice offing and leaves changed colors as well with the fall area. especially during other nights. adds we look at temperatures north and west now. 59 degrees. good morning to new allentown waking up with a trenton. 56 degrees. upper 50s in atlantic city as well as dover. compared to same time yesterday take a look at numbers twelve degrees warmer. in theably mild is that right wednesday. satellite and radar dry, quiet. few scattered clouds early this
8:14 am
morning. sunshine out there as well as dry conditions. so future fox cast showing weak dry front moves through late tonight and tomorrow behind that front a few degrees cooler and comfortable as we move towards friday morning kind of muggy and front brings scattered showers and rumble of thunder keep that in mind for friday plans. late friday overnight that front gets out of here and drying out and turning cooler by upcoming weekend. how much rain are we talking. 5:00 most of it accumulates north and west. and before all of is said and done maybe half an inch in philadelphia. joaquin remember joaquin headed towards europe over the next several days into the upcoming weekend we'll keep you posted on what it does there. 7 day forecast recapping today. it's a ten. 77 degrees for high temperatur temperature. low 70s thursday.
8:15 am
>> and as we move towards sunday more ever the same. great football weather. bob kelly how is traffic. >> 8:15 on monday good morning everybody schuylkill running slow. when he earlier crash near con hocken put it altogether a 40 minute trip to downtown. as we look live montgomery drive as you mentioned clouds out there and started with sun glare popping out through morning rush hour south on 95 maybe we'll slide the request list to stevie wonder.
8:16 am
south on 95 delays into girard avenue. if you are going to the stevie wonder concert tonight penn dot will be work ago long i 95 bucked country down to delco. be prepared for long trip home. north on blue route heavy 95 up to schuylkill. and over to valley forge. mike and alex back to you. >> it's wake-up wednesday. >> wake up. >> wake up my kid. >> here in blackwood energy tj a special wake up my kid wednesday. we have megan. >> hello. >> and josh. >> how are you doing. >> who are we waking up. >> alyssa. >> she's 6. >> yes. >> very grumpy. >> yes. >> she may get scared. >> little bit. >> now guys special thing about
8:17 am
this is we have a fan base her here. everyone say hi. >> hi. >> the whole family is here. >> this is kathy. she pleaded for us to come her here. this is the first time we have a whole family here for this where is the room. >> right upstairs. >> we'll go. >> following you we're going. >>. >> wake up [ screaming ]. >> i told you they were -- >> hey, wake up. >> everybody is here. >> how are you doing, wake up. >> she doesn't want to -- >> sing the eagles song. >> she's a big eagles fan. >> everybody. >> eagles fly, eagles fly on the road to victory♪
8:18 am
[ yelling ]. >> one, two, three, hit them low, hit them high,♪ fly, eagles fly♪ road to victory♪ >> come on. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! [ applause ]. >> alyssa is she's a little grumpy in the morning. guess alyssa doesn't really -- hi you want to say hi to everybody. >> no. >> she's 6 years old guys you want us to wake up your kid or have your kid extreme at us tweet us fox 29 philly. >> maybe we should do it thursday call traumatize thursday. >> yeah. >> because sometimes. >> here's a piece of video quincy shot afterwards when they made up. she's fine. >> well -- >> all made up sglp we have to start doing alyssa thanks for
8:19 am
being a good sport spoke to speak i guess. we need to do teenagers and adults. >> teenagers appreciate more. >> adults would be fun. >> cassie bake sayre friend of the show. >> kathy wanted us to wake up alyssa so we did it. >> we'll go to older people next. >> yeah. >> tenth anniversary of twilight. >> i read all the twilight books they're good. >> have you. >> there's a new book out this week and of course there's a catch. there's a big swap a lot of readers didn't see coming. >> is it about an apple? >> that's just the cover of book. >> sorry. >> plus lost and found this fordham university student now famous after losing her students id and a-list actor picked it up and how he plans to get it back to her. >> it was actor, male, did he cast it away or what happened. >> is that a hint? cast it away or what happened. >> is that a hint? >>
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
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8:23 am
>> listen toe this you read every twilight book. >> i have. it's been a while. >> vampires. >> and ware wolves all of that. >> author of twilight series switching it up. >>age or stephanie meier is changing it up by reversing lead character. bell ais bo, edward is edith and edward's love rival jacob is julie. it's called life and death on sale now and sold at duel publy case and along with twilight.
8:24 am
>> what is fascination with twilight. >> it's good. well written story. >> is it a woman thing. >> i don't think is it woman thing i think guys like it too. maybe not. >> i have no interest at all and drippy people that made movie. >> i deposit like the movie i read the books and when i saw the first movies was like hey no i'll stick with the book. >> one of my favorite movies is castaway. >> you have seen it? >> i have. >> wilson. >> yeah. >> you know why they named it wilson instead of some other -- >> i thought it was after his wife. >> right, rita wilson. >> lovely. >> i mean wilson makes balls. >> but a lot of other companies make balls. >> all right. >> why bring up tom hanks. because something got castaway. a fordham university student losses id. her student id. and we doubt she didn't mind considering who found the id and great story she has to tell
8:25 am
now. >> tom hanks found her id. yes and posted this picture on twitter and the caption read lauren i found your id in the park. if you still need it my office will get it to you. thanks. >> hanks. >> the post was retreated thousands of times and favored more than 10,000 times his post drew praise from followers who called him awesome. how will his people get it to her people. >> she'll say here's my address. >> you know how many laurens are like me, plea, contact me. >> his last name hidden by his thumb and id number hidden by thumb. >> so his assist abt has to go through ten thousand favorites and retweets. >> they could contact fordham university and ask is lauren wilson or whatever her last name would be magilcuty you could hel ter i have her id. >> that's true they would is her information in the system. >> i'm saying there's other ways to do it. that's pretty cool. so someone will pick up your id
8:26 am
and -- >> where -- >> is she alive. >> why is that. >> scott could you look up bridgeit bardo is she still alive. >> i think i would want maybe david letterman or something like that. >> so maybe a guest on the show or something. >> still alive okay i'm going to bridge of barod it came to my head she's alive i would like somebody alive to find it. bridget bardo. >> the saddest part of castaway movie he finally makes it back to the united states and his wife is remarried. but he still loves her he pined to wait five years for her and she loves him. >> she thought he was dead. >> they start to drive off together and make-out and she says i can't -- anyway, while children are working on wish list for the holidays, toy makers in already working on product for 0 16. next year. so how do we know -- how do we get advanced peak at this. >> we have season --
8:27 am
>> exclusive of top secret toys >> we have season -- >> exclusive of top secret toys out there you'll be buying next
8:28 am
since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> exactly:30 remind me who victor cruz is. >> he's dancing player for the giants. >> new york giants makes unbelievable catch what's a couple seasons he had. he just fumbled something with fiancee. >> here he is with her. this is happier times. i think they're happy. she's not smiling. question is is he faithful to her. group text she just sent to his alleged side chicks. >> oh, no. >> you have to see this.
8:31 am
>> it's fantastic and got two-minute tape we'll show you the whole things. >> here's the remax. >> watch them whip, whip, and watch them run plays. >> now watch them get distracted yeah so these pea we players prefer dance to playing football. >> it's future of the toy making business. and it's all happening under lock and key. >> it's a secret mike we found a way. >> there's a huge warehouse where they develop new toys and you cannot get in there. he got inside those top secret meeting. >> wor working on plans for 20 16. kind of think of this as santa workshop right these are ideas in the prototype phase many of them had to be tweaked tea toy show and to buyers and store shelves.
8:32 am
>> and we have the chocolate chip cookie here and gummy bea bear. >> and a chunky control for shawl hands. >> i want to point out to you guys you can see how familiar this stuff is even the boxes and stuff have pictures that point inside of them to show what the presentation might look like on store shelves and we got feedback here. also retro spudzy and played hot potato with actual potato
8:33 am
this for 1960s. i find wind them up and pass them around like play hot potato whoever tholdz you lose. >> this is a company in texas. looks like their old test but the speed that's for next year. >> this is nano nitro this goes three times as fast as original than say product kids love. i mean they have intricate things what i like about this it's small you can take it on good. >> and good price point as wel well. >> talk about connect and creativity here. >> one of the biggest trends we've been seeing is toys that encourage technology and engineering, warts and math. this is building set. not only are kids building they're learning about film making as they go along. >> really fun. >> and folks at laser tag light up action and pull back action. >> pull back car. it lights up and it will go. >> i love it because it's so simple but yet interactive and
8:34 am
fun and speaking about that drones. incredibly popular and difficulty they're hard to fly. folks at wow toys not only eliminated flying part this guy flies himself now we add car to chase it. >> it comes together it's regular drone not only is it flying you have battle mode drone can chase car and car can chase drone he. >> and they can all drive mom and dad caisy. >> okay we're talking about for 20 16 you won't find on store shelves this year but i have a good feeling if you look it will be making a place for them for next year. back to you guys. >> i know how steve the yellows got in there. >> how. >> he muscles his way in. >> yeah. >> and look out. >> looking good steve. >> there we go. >> good morning, guys, weather is looking good as well.
8:35 am
yesterday was nice. we saw a lot of sunshine. temperatures yesterday 75 degrees. today it's going to be another ten. a lot of sunshine. few morning clouds out there now. look at temperatures. already in the low 60s. milder start than yesterday. we have upper 50s north and west and upper 50s right now millville and atlantic city. 60 right now in bill ming ton. you can see twelve warmner pottstown and at the same time yesterday ten degrees warmner wilmington and atlantic city. satellite and radar showing a few passing clouds out there this morning and look at the weather authority 7 day forecast. 77 degrees by this afternoon. low 70s on thursday. friday, chance for scattered showers and storms. drying out and cooler for upcoming weekend. bob. >> scott, 8:35 good morning everybody on wednesday disabled truck on schuylkill expressway. this is a westbound in south philadelphia. looks like it's one of the cement trucks but it's in a tough spot right where you come west on the schuylkill you come
8:36 am
in oregon passyunk and past bear avenue looking there as you roll oaf the walt whitman and over the ben franklin not far at all. for the rest of the gang south scerzies delays along 4 and 295 and 7 heavy vor he's all the way up through mapleshade. alex back over to you. >> bob, you have had your yearly review yet. >> no my yearly review at the end of the month. >> you know how jobs have yearly review. ba what about marriage. why couples should get checkups once a year. is that a good idea. first listen to this♪ i love you, baby♪ standing here♪ >> paul mccartney revamping classic duet and reviving michael jackson. why releasing a brand new version of say, say, say♪ we want to know what you have to say about this.
8:37 am
we want to know what you have to say about this. prize in store for michael fan
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> i am here minding my business and all of a sudden, this bug falls down from the ceiling on to the desk and starts running towards me. i was like oh, my god oh, my god. >> where is it. >> it came from up there mike somewhere up there. >> what was it. >> it's in alex's pocketbook now. >> it's not in my pocketbook. >> was it a roach.
8:41 am
>> our floor director got. >> what was it. >> silver fish. >> in my mind i said it was this big okay. >> look how big she said it was. >> floor director says it's this big. i'm tell you this was this big. looked like scorpion and cockroach mix. >> roach. >> minimum of skorpon and roac roach. >> it was scary. i hope it didn't have babies. >> you missed it. >> he misses crazy moments. >> can we clean the place. all right. >> sorry i'm okay. >> anyway what she was talking about when screaming was that paul mccartney has dropped a remix and video of his hit say, say, say with michael jackson sglp here's original listen to that first. >> say, say, say say, what you want, but don't my games with my affections♪ take, take, take♪ >> so say, say, say, tops
8:42 am
billboard top 100 chart six weeks when released 30 years ago. here's a remix just released. >> say, say, say, what you want♪ but don't play games with my affections♪ take, take, take, what you nee need, but don't leave me with no direction♪ all alone, i sit home by the phone♪ >> i like it better. >> producers rearranged vocal seek quepss to give it a different feel and added some vok always it will appeal on special edition of pipes to pieces. >> new cd. >> you know what song i liked they did together the girl is mine. >> they did that? >> yeah, that girl is mine♪ >> yeah. yes. >> you are trying to make me doubt myself. >> you know beatlees are still
8:43 am
number one music making group in the world after all these years. >> i can believe it. >> quincy what are you doing now? >> i'm doing people's jobs is. i'm at lux mills 33 west girard avenue and going to attempt to be a nail stylelist. not a nail technician but nail stylist. not a nail technician but nail stylist. i think i can do the job.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> q does it best i think you write in facebook, twitter, suggest q come and do your job. can he do it? so, somebody at a styling salo salon, nail salon contacted hi him. >> lisa nian working at lux nails and getting appointment with her is hard. look at these designs. she can do special designs and people love it. so we want to know if quinncy will do nails will he do it with bun of the best. >> by away i know this woman i recognize her name she was sexy single in daily news. >> do we have her picture. >> let's look live. >> i was a sexy single i was in 2013 and then brought me back for ultimate they said we have
8:47 am
to bing you back. brought me back to all star. >> maybe after this you won't be sinle. >> it's a choice, by choice. it's by choice. >> you're the only one here at luxe nails and i didn't know it was so much that goes into women getting their nails done or anybody getting nails done. >> i don't think a lot of people understand the entire process. >> what's the first step. >> right now we have tiffany here. she's doing foundation. she's applying the acrylic for process of refill or full set. >> okay. >> what's this hire second step here? >> she actually already has nails on. and she's getting refill. so they're starting refill process filing off crystals she has on an then here. >> what's this here. >> mayor jury is starting full set process putting on extensions q you want to try that out. >> move out nana i like her she's a loud mouthed lady. >> you're putting on nail. >> you're putting on nail. >> okay. >> i know i can do this.
8:48 am
this is simple. if this wants to on up. right. okay. >> these are all different you have to figure what size works best for nail. >> this goes wellthon finger here. >> okay. >> nobu you put it here on tip. >> oh, >> you put glue on here. >> oh, my goodness. >> a dab of glue. >> why do you ladies do all this. >> squeeze a little. >> okay. okay. >> pick the tip off. >> don't glue yourself. >> make sure it's straight. >> oh, my god it's too high up. >> right here. >> that's pretty good. >> and what happens next. >> we cut it. >> jackie -- cut it down. >> stay right there. what's the next step. >> let's end everything off. >> end everything off. >> and we're going to go ahead and apply color. this ends off full set and refill process. >> okay. >> this is called head mistres
8:49 am
mistress. >> okay you. >> know it looks easy but it's actually pretty difficult. you have to have a steady hand here. >> okay. >> let me see if ki do that. >> you do it -- >> hey. >> i can do that hold on okay. >> i got hold. >> hold it steady. >> look at that oohh you didn't know i could do that. >> you're reping that shirt good. >> you guys didn't know i could do that look at that. next hour next hour i'm doing pedicure let everybody see that nail look at your nail and my fwhail do you think. >> it's a work in progress. >> nice. >> i'm getting there. >> look you're reping shirt. >> all right. >> continue to work on that we'll see your finished product next hour and next hour he'll move to work on feet. >> pedicure. >> i could never do that. >> i bet ivy would like for him to learn that. maybe he could give her pedicure, wife appreciation.
8:50 am
>> many pedy night. >> and i talk about the producer from 8 to ten right if you join me on my facebook page. >> here we go. >> mike jerrick fox 29 beautiful graphic i put an ad in there mike jerrick fox 29 i will post a picture of what kit-kat kline looks like. >> we've showed pictures of kit-kat kline before. >> don't ruin my day. >> you can go to my page i have pictures of kit-kat kline. you don't need more followers i don't have many compared to yo you. >> don't cry to me, wa, wa, wa. >> okay. >> now watch that whip. >> now watch them run plays. >> now watch them whip. >> now watch them run plays. >> now watch them get completely distracted. we'll show you the players that prefer to dance than play football. >> hold on it gets funnier and funnier.
8:51 am
>> hold on it gets funnier and funnier. >> okay. ♪ ♪
8:52 am
maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better. shop t.j.maxx... and maxx life!
8:53 am
ññ so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
8:54 am
there's a group of pee-wee football players in middle of a game in the middle of a play, they hear over the sound system the loud speakers at the little football field they start playing the song the whip and nay nay. >> so they forget to play football pretty much. >> half of them run the play anteother half start dancing♪ [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> the coach is
8:55 am
like come on guys. >> my dad would be like get your head in the game baby get your head in the game. >> the other team scored on them ! >> and that's so cute. i'm telling you you play that song snapt results. kids everywhere stwhoop they're doing. >> this might be over time or something to get the ball on the 20-yard line or 15-yard line. >> i didn't know pee-wee games they had music plague i thought that was high school and professional. >> that's for people in the stands because it's so boring you have to entertain themment they're called mighty mikes we're jimaging half time at high school varsity game in massachusetts.
8:56 am
>> that's why they have music. >> they're totally distracted. >> how cute look at those little kids. >> there he goes. >> number 18. >> look at half back there. >> 88. >> awe. >> they're cute to watch in the first place and then they start dance is. >> and this is how excited kids get. they play it too much. but kits are so excited. >> total chaos. >> if i were the coach i would be like you turn off that song we have a game to play. >> you know who sponsored that team, chip kelly. [ laughter ]. >> and he hired a couple of them. >> screaming baby as i woman out for bite to eat at a restaurant could not simply stand the sound of the crying baby. >> which she did and how the baby. >> which she did and how the mother is fighting back
8:57 am
8:58 am
[woman] hey, amy! [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this? [man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis. [man] with a private dock! [amy] beautiful! [woman] and a house on the lake! [amy] the house looks great, you two! [in unison] thanks! the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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9:00 am
>> did you see when the building with was he rengted down the street. >> i'll guess. >> 1865. >> i'll look it up. good day, october 7. >> nice to have you here. >> you look fantastic by the way. >> thank you. >> i showered and put makeup o on. >> you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> your job may require yearly review, right, they call you into the office and it's time for your yearly review. what if you you use that same concept in your marriage. why experts think couples should get checkups once every twelve months and i like the idea? >> okay. plus a fumble for victor cruz. hear what fiancee -- here's a pick of him and his fiancee at happier times. the group text she sent


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