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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 7, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> did you see when the building with was he rengted down the street. >> i'll guess. >> 1865. >> i'll look it up. good day, october 7. >> nice to have you here. >> you look fantastic by the way. >> thank you. >> i showered and put makeup o on. >> you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> your job may require yearly review, right, they call you into the office and it's time for your yearly review. what if you you use that same concept in your marriage. why experts think couples should get checkups once every twelve months and i like the idea? >> okay. plus a fumble for victor cruz. hear what fiancee -- here's a pick of him and his fiancee at happier times. the group text she sent to
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alleged side chicks we have to talk about it. >> oh, yeah and phillies spin on oktoberfest. we're talkingburgers, beer, music and life size jenga but it's not just for adults party where you can bring the kids this weekend everyone loves jenga. >> i have never seen life size jen dw a. >> yes you have. >> not this color. >> it's usually in a bar. >> and you're looking at women. >> that's it. >> no, i see jenga at the boot leger lounge on second streets. >> jg boot leger. >> but normal size and they play while in there. >> people bring jen dw a and it collapses i jump every time it falls. >> i seenp jumbo jenga but i don't think i've seen a life size one. >> remember it was at the officialal this summer. >> who is she? >> i'm sure you'll go find out. >> again you've probably seen her but you were with other
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women. >> chris murphy. >> here we go need your opinion again 9:02 this wednesday. anne a mother in idaho said her dinner and entire trip to this restaurant was ruined because of a note she got from a diner in the restaurant. the notes with a complaint about her crying baby. >> what was complaint lauren. >> they were pretty mad. let me introduce you to katie lee she was in texas road house idaho with 10-month-old and gainy was doing what babies do. leach was not expecting what came next someone from another table two women handed her this note said thank you for ruining our dinner with your screaming kid. leak says she tried telling other diners who she said were in late 50s, early 60s her baby is just a baby and learning and they told her their grand kids don't behave like that. she took to facebook to vent. she's gotten plenty of support online. get this she reported group of
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mean girls to manager and manager then asked those two to leave. not the mom with the screaming baby but the mean girls at the nearby table. >> wow okay that's interesting. >> i know. >> i have to say, if you have a baby and the baby is crying you are more embarrassed on airplane, restaurant, anywhere than anyone else impacted sorry but it's true. it's true. freaking out because you feel it. >> especially on airplane. >> but -- they literally touch the seat one time and flip out. >> i have people that aren't babies that come to restaurants and you can say like jiggle fork a little too much i do what you say i'm sorry they were bad and everybody was like they were fun, they were cute. >> when my baby started screaming in restaurants i took them outside. >> yeah, of course.
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unless it's look a little tiny baby and sound like a kitten like that things there. >> they get to wailing take them outside. >> they don't always sound like that. >> on an airplane i took them out once it was awful long fall -- no you're stuck on airplane is the worse. >> i took them to bathroom one time in airplane because he was crying and i tried to change diaper but he kept crying. >> maybe like in churches they have cry rooms. >> yes. >> maybe do that in a restaurant. >> yes. >> when it's cold outside. >> how about take the baby outside feel outside air change of sceney they do stop. >> okay. >> and sandra bullock you know her love her she's america's sweetheart right sharing fears about being a mother as it relates to raising her adopted son who is african-american. >> and it's in the november issue of glamour magazine you
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see how far we've come and i want my son to be safe and judged for the man he s she fears all the positive work of civil rights could be destroyed ifing in is not done. >> should still lives in austin, texas. >> yes. >> it's good she's speaking out about. it how many potential moms are worried about their kids. >> it's a real fear in this country right now especially. >> especially for young, black kids you know? >> yeah. >> probably really worried when he becomes a teenager and young adult. >> most of us usually get an annual perform as review at work. >> how did yours go. >> didn't go well last time. >> we go into our news director office it's news director assistant news director and life size cutout of alex. >> last i heard i was in gashling. >> excuse me you're the good
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girl can't you be more like alex. >> they didn't say that. >> that's what he this sti me. >> they don't. >> any way, what is assistant news director name. >> vaughn. >> mary anne vaughn and then jim and they look at you across the way. sometimes he'll give you the verbal report. last time he just pushed a piece of pain area cross his desk. just you read it. >> ohh that's not good. >> it's about you. >> it was on yellow piece of paper. >> yellow. >> you have had one yet. >> i have not had mine yet i'm sure it's coming any day. >> there's a maximum of five they give you paper and like no one gets a five. >> make you feel better of yourself. >> scale of 1 to 5. >> i can't get 4.75 or 4 about the 89. >> 4.9. >> maybe if you looked more like alex. >> they did not say these things. >> they do. >> i got a five. >> they probably say be more like mike. >> i think all of us go through this at our jobs.
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there's a relationship expert that says how about the same concept for marriages? wow go see a marriage counselor once a year to get a little checkup right? so they -- you can identify goals for future and avoid conflict and therapists say the review should not take -- you don't take it lightly be serious about it and you want to be constructive and fair in discussion in meeting and research shows regular checkups improve marriages. >> what do you guys think. >> i like it. >> i like the idea it's really scary. we had a recent thing where coach thought he what was nervous about something a coach had me and steve aside my husband steve keel iy and he said everything is okay at home right on scale of one to teb. >> it's a nine. >> he said the same to steve sdmri sedan 8 because we with always work on our family. >> well he's true.
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>> no way. >> it could have been 3 1/2. >> if i say nine it has to be nine. >> i didn't say what he needs to work on i didn't need to know. >> how you got an 8 i'll never know. >> oh, mike. >> i think as -- you're not married either but about to be as single person at the table i think it's bet to address issues before they become issues. it might be up comfortable to baulk talk about it once you have a an argument and it's a big problem then it's late and you have feelings about it and it's newt recall ground. >> is there anything that irritates you about your mom. >> about my mother no, i love my mother. >> i've seen you look at her weird. that look you give people. >> well what here he goes. >> it's that look of what, like mom? >> you're already -- >> i give that look to you not anybody else. >> you know the look you gave
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to mike you don't want to bring it up because you don't want to get in a fight so you litter simmer. >> it's like let it go sdl that's how that work. >> here we go again. breaking news this time in germantown martin luther king high school is in lockdown. right now for possible threat. the school is on 6100 block stenton avenue very well nope school steve keely is is headed there and he should be there. sky fox is headed there too. they're three, four minutes away. we're trying to get more information. another school in lockdown just like we had yesterday. >> and remember the people in the school they never know why they're on lockdown. as scary as it is for all us, boys, girls, teachers in the school don't know what is about to happen. >> uh-huh. >> and even i talked to keepers yesterday ccp they're saying some of the students they don't know what to do. what's proper protocol for lockdown. >> it's interesting you had
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conversation with that young lady yes she didn't know what to do they had at the same school a year ago same situation we covered it line. >> and training the day before because of that potential 2:00 threat. a lot of people let's face it it's community college going in and out and maybe that individual was not there during training i spoke with professors yesterday on the phone despite training 24 hours before they heard -- they ran from the building and that's not what you're supposed to do. >> maybe training should include students so they feel safe. we practiced this this is what you do. >> first week they're there on campus. remember last year. there was a kid with gun and they found him south philly at his house and still had gun on him. we don't know if it's gun situation or what the heck it is but it's a lockdown martin luther king. it's hard to go from that to this we'll attempt. i promise as soon as sky fox get there we'll punch it up.
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new york giants wide receiver this guy became so popular so fast because of amazing catches he made. >> the victor cruz dance he has not been plague much due to ail be knee injury but apparently keeping himself bus busy. >> he's been plague all right. >> somebody is making him feel better. he's a good catch. >>en fwaijed to this woman alana and she allegedly found out about the numerous side chicks victor has had console him since he can't play football and apparently she sent text messages to lady friends aka side chicks to introduce everybody. >> hold on you're tell me she got involved in giant group test with affair women? >> it was a group text all right sfwlr it was good. >> read in part i'm sure he told you how we don't exist but the fact that you meet him in hotel rooms only we all know that is a lie. she then ends with ladies, meet
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one another and exchange notes because not only did she say to these alleged side chicks that i know about you, i'm sure each one of these chicks thought they were only side chick and then it's like side chick on top of side chick. >> she said you must know you're a side check and only place you meet them is owe tell rooms. >> i was surprised we talked about this on social media. were you surprised at the reaction. >> when i saw this was i was like fist of all was there ai good idea then wait a minute i had to analyze the screen shot this could not be true because no way -- if you look at top of group text you see people included and numbers and saved contactch the first number was victor cruz. there's no way she has him as victor cruz in the phone or ba e. boo, vc, heart there and people oh, my gosh they started
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tweeting that's a good point and someone said nobu no you if you look at text the way iphones work the fact text was white someone received a text if her it was side check. then we went to this discussion aside chick how would you save the name in phone you don't save as victor cruz right there has to be a protocol, vc or -- >> if you're the side chick maybe you're a hairdresser in the street and -- if he's victor cruz if you really are connected with him in that way you don't want him knowing you're out with victor cruz. >> what guys normally do is put other people's names you work with like oh, that's megan will will by and it's actually your francesca at the club. >> you're expert inside checks. >> i'm just saying that's what you do.
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>> scott williams calling me and it's veronica. >> is it like baby or boo. >> there's nothing in my phone. >> or darryling or her name. >> it's just her name. >> now i will say my people i was surprised on facebook i was like way to go. stepping up. calling people out. my people some of them like you look at this here's bianca oh, snap kim said bravo to her and melissa said will she leave him. that was overwhelming thing with me. why is this fiancee even wasting time ding this group text. >> what's the purpose. >> it surprised me. >> it's like throwing out clothes on front lawn. isn't she saying i'm out. >> i don't think that's what she's saying. >> she said let's swan notes that is it not hurricane irene i'm leaving class that means study up you give me some answers and i give you mine and maybe work it out and get an a
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plus. >> how do you name where you are mistresses. >> side kick. >> what's the side chick fot protocol scott. >> there is none. be honest and taken full. >> he ahas that done. >> i finds you very attractive all of a sudden. >> all right. mike, you don't look too bad yourself. all right, let's talk about the weather. pretty pleasant if you step outdoors on this wednesday. a little bit of cloud cover out there. but we'll see sunshine. temperatures to start milder as well. and take a look at this. above ranch continue use and rain by friday. look at numbers. climbing in poconos mow tanz, 60. 60 popular number, reading, pottstown, lancaster, atlantic city checking in at 60. we have low 60s in dover as well as wild wood. really dry. quiet. along the eastern seaboard
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carolinas geting a break after all that devastating flooding. a dry front moves through later this and and ever night just wind shift. flightily cooler moving to to thursday and by friday cloud thickening. first part of day is dry and we warm up ahead of the fronts. look at the blue line and look at greeb that's showers moving through late friday now back to you. >> rox borough brewing up some fun. mike and alex outside for a full preview of the philly spin on this oktoberfest event. >> it is well it's oktoberfest event for goodness sake. >> rocks. it over fest. >> it's a great family republicanly from noon to sex. great pick for family. >> it's on ridge avenue sgle
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you're shutting down ridge. >> that's big. >> it's third annual event. >> will you have pier. >> we'll have comment beer and sklebt food and we'll talk with you more about what we'll have that day. >> let's do the beer. >> let's start with the beer what do we have here. >> goose island and goose island oktoberfest and goose item awd up mail is traditional and they been etch traditional style marzan and shock top pretzel em. >> okay. which one does. >> this one here taste look a pretzel. >> taste look a pretzel. >> i never had that in my life. >> like a salted pretzel or pretty em. >> salted pretzel. >> that's twisted man. >> what's this one then.
9:18 am
>> and final one we have is tella acstria any non beer drinkers it's a good opportunity. >> you know mike i love hard sideer i'll try this one. >> i have to tell you pretzel one was good. >> very good. >> and actually these two beers pair perfectly well. >> is anyone -- we opened a new restaurant in west chester. >> i'm assuming this sandwich will have toe natos on it. >> the salad will and sandwich will not. >> what kind of swand witch is it. >> sideer braced pulled pork carpalized onions gouda cheese and house made you barbeque sauce. >> what do you mean by sideer braised. >> we cook pork insider. >> how long. >> six hours. >> six hours that's sounds good. >> should i put anything on it.
9:19 am
>> sure you can. >> you dropped something on there. >> carpalized onions. >> what kind of cheese. >> fresh gouda. >> and -- >> ohh what kind of sauce is that. >> house made barbeque sauce, spicy and sweet he. >> all right. mike. >> oh, the love. >> can you taste the sideer. >> it's fantastic. >> six hours insider. >> i never heard of that. >> how much is the sandwich. >> rocktober fest we'll be doing sliders. >> okay. >> this year we have awesome games out at rocktober fest. human jenga. >> i have a feeling it may fall. >> mike is coming here. >> there we go. >> he should not play jenga. >> great activity for adults and children alike.
9:20 am
it should be a great day. we have in roxboro and pick on the ridge coming up this weekend. >> jim that means you can bring the whole family. >> rocktober. >> posted by accident arian agrand a up loads a video of herself kissing a certain someone. herself kissing a certain someone. find out who after the break
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>> martin luther king, jr. high school is locked do you remember. for a possible threat. police are lined up there. hopefully sky fox zooms in to show us what is going on. >> they have kept the kids inside shelter in place don't no, i what the threat is was it phoned in how they got the information? but you're right there is a just a bunch of police officers there already.
9:24 am
basically blocking front ep rans of that school. there again if germantown. it's on the conner of stenton and haines street. very well known school of course and kids go there from west oak lane chestnut hill, mt. airy, of course, germantow germantown. >> there's reports there's not active threat. this is precaution arie. we're working to get information. steve is on his way there if not arriving already. we can see there's several police cars there. they're on lockdown now for a possible threat. they have not stopped traffic though nearby. >> okay. there's about 1700 students in that school. there was a -- remind me every time i bring up the school there was pretty good documen documentary last year about the school. we could be king. >> uh-huh. >> that basically described merger of two high schools in that area. and it became martin luther king, jr. high school. so again stenton and haines street. i'll try to get bob kelly to
9:25 am
let us know is traffic is affected by that lockdown. 9:24. >> childcare may be biggest line item in family budgets. new study from check policy institute childcare costs can eat up more than 30% of monthly income that's more than rent in most parts of country average cost is 18,000 a year. now nat price went up more than 150% over the past 25 years. >> more than 18% in philly more like 21, 22% of income you spend on childcare. >> forget saturday night that's just to go to work every day and you have to do something on the weekend for work, you have to pay another amount of childcare i say it's a vacation home. every -- you pick, you know, it's a lifestyle. >> $20-25,000. >> that's not without back packs and pencils. >> dropping them off and picking then up and all the stuff inside the school.
9:26 am
my grandson jack what is he, 10 1/2 months his alreadyed in go godard school. >> is he? >> yes. >> it's due dual income and dual parent society they'll take your kids and teach then abc and at 10 months doing fine motor stuff and rolling over. >> my daughter got lucky they moved to denver which is in a wide area it's big city spread out over a wide area. so they had jobs on opposite ends ever city she got a job across the yard basically to her husband's job. >> cool. >> and they got the godard school right by there. >> will they move there. >> no. >> there she. >> that's a picture from last night jill posted all bathed autopsy and clean and ready to eat. maybe i should have done this in reverse. >> very cute. >> he's getting cuter and cute
9:27 am
cuter. >> let's get real this will be text at something i have never done on television before. i am going to speak to seven high energy, beautiful women at one time. this should be utter chaos and horrifying. this should be utter chaos and horrifying. we'll do it after the
9:28 am
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. let's get back to breaking news police activity all around, martin luther king junior, high school, of course, in the the germantown section of the city. they have been on lock down for about a half an hour, they continue that but they may have a solution here, we have been trying to piece this thing together. there was a threat, inside of
9:31 am
the school but now sky fox has moved, over to the fernrock transportation center, basically the the train station there where this police activity the is taking place, we heard possibly maybe an 11th grader had a gun, and then ran out of the school, but they caught up with the teen over at fernrock. >> yeah, there are reports that there was no one inside the school though at this point right now but they do believe there was an 11th grader who had a gun and they believe he is in custody. this comes as a scene of what we saw yesterday at community college of philadelphia where they have put in suspect into the van there. >> yes, so, there is an indication that the suspect is in that van. we'll where that van goes. >> he is pulling up to a police station now. >> kind of hard to tell. >> let's see if anybody gets
9:32 am
out here. >> it kind of looks like the the precinct with the other vehicles there by the other building. >> there are a couple precincts by fernrock station so it wouldn't be too far to travel and students at mlk they use fernrock to get to and from the school. >> yeah. >> fernrock, basically, olney to the east, ogontz to the west, logan to the section and east oak lane to the north. >> they are getting someone out of the back of the vehicle. >> oh, what happened. >> lose the shot. >> well, we cannot see his face, just his head, wanted to see what the age was. 9:32. we are on that so we will stay with it. we want to squeeze in guest because they have become are special to us here at fox we watch them every morning. the ladies of our big hit show on fox, called the real. >> we know they put it out there every day. we love watching them. they make us laugh, cry because they do it all in style. >> hey ladies, well come back to philadelphia. >> hi you guys, good morning,
9:33 am
philly. >> hi mike, how are you. >> today is the the best day of my life, do you know why. >> why. >> i'm going to attempt something i have never done, talk to seven high energy beautiful women all at one time on tv. >> yes, yes. >> right in the middle. >> hi, alex and hi jen. >> i'm here too. >> i said hi alex. >> yeah. >> okay, hi alex. >> this is going just like i thought. >> so, tell me, a guy with seven women what is the best way to get your a tension. >> make us laugh. >> yes. >> right now. >> oh, right now i thought it was real life. >> ask us a question, mike. >> lonnie is very feisty.
9:34 am
>> mike knows me, don't you play this. this is our show. it is the real. i have been out there with you guys. we love philly. we just wanted to say hello, good morning and tell you guys thank you so much for supporting us. the we have our girl tamar braxton on tansing with the stars. >> she's killing it. >> yes. >> have you seen her, mike. >> i have been watching. >> oh, good. >> he is practicing during commercial breaks like how do you do it the all, seriously. >> no, i shoot here and i go to rehearsal for four or five hours and then that is it. it is really a good time. i can't lie and say i'm overwhelmed. it is really relaxing. >> you are being really humble. then after that she will shoot her other show after dancing with the stars. heel squeeze in up to three shows in one day. >> my gosh. >> barely make it home to see her son. >> then we have our new mother
9:35 am
here. >> great. >> up in our dressing room right now, in work every day just like mommy. >> yes, she is the real baby. >> she watches the show. >> yes, he does. >> she recognizes her. >> yes. >> you know mike, the the new thing about our show is that we have changed a little bit. we have improved. we're talking about topics, fun topics, but also another just topics too. we just had yesterday a conversation about gun control which was great. so we're changing but we are still having fun. we call each other out. >> yes. >> and we are still girlfriend. >> that is the best part of the show. >> all right. today i suspect i will hear about victor cruz, have you heard. >> yes. >> he is actually a great friend of mine, great friend of mine and great people. >> let's hope they keep it together and stay together. >> all right. >> i have a question for eight of us. >> yes. >> hoist the the only one of
9:36 am
the eight of us, wearing under wear. >> i have on under wear. >> i have a great sale at target. >> lonnie is probably not wearing underwear she's sipping her tea. >> lonnie, are you wearing under wear. >> we will see you at 11:00 for the the real right here on fox. >> continued success. >> bye, philly. >> boy, that was exhaust continuing. >> oh, lonnie. >> a layer of jabberdine. we want to get back to this, okay. we believe this is a a i precinct here teave keeley is near the scene, we will talk to him after the break that what you want? okay. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood
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with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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let's get back to sky fox here. it is kind of hard to see from the air but it seems to me that would be the 35th police district. steve keeley is on the keen there, steve? >> reporter: news from a top ranking police source no gun involved just a threat, kind of similar to yesterday. here we go again, three taste in a row with threats against kid at schools, here in philadelphia a, as we are 30 days in the school week, monday, tuesday, wednesday. martin luther king high school back in obsession this is a familiar face, lieutenant beyond stanford coming over to talk to us and he hand also media for philadelphia police. all right, chief holmes, what can you tell us about what this was. >> basically, 8:52 a.m., a
9:41 am
student had information that another student was possibly in possession of the handgun. that student was never on location, the one who was allegedly in possession of the handgun. this started an investigation of the stolen handgun from a few days earlier that may have have passed through several hand of the teenagers. nobody ever entered the school with the weapon but being vigilant school district police personnel with philadelphia police personnel immediately instituted a lock down procedures both here and at charter school where the student may attend. we coordinated our efforts with home land security and chief sullivan's people to start the investigation. our biggest issue was making sure everybody was safe. schools were in will be down and we are getting a medic is in tomorrow notify parents of the situation. the opportunity in question was taken into custody approximately 15 minutes ago at fernrock transportation hub and as of yet we are still investigating his involvement, whether he ever had this handgun, and we're still
9:42 am
actively looking for a hand gun. again, the school was never entered by anybody with the weapon. we did the will be down as a precaution and today's day and age. >> reporter: even hearing what you said with this a week of worrying parents of three days of reports of threats against school kids what do you say to parents whoe this on tv all morning and they have a kid here. >> i would a that we will be vigilant and people dot the right thing. when in doubt call 911, make a report, we will gather the information and respond. there is no such thing as a false alarm in today's day and time. we luckily found out that this incident did in the pan out to be a student with the weapon but we will still do the right thing, place our schools in lock down, get our resources together and start investigation. so i would tell parents i'm a parent, we're all worried, all people who work with schools and school children in this day and age we are all worried about we will do what we have to do a as both professionals and citizens of this community to ensure that the schools are
9:43 am
safe and our student are safe. >> reporter: there you go alex and mike. we will go with the spokesmen for cool district now, what can you tell parents, we were just talking about it, no gun found, cool back opened but parents worried, they still want their kid out because you they keep hearing this day after day what can you a to parents right now. >> great news that we have an excellent police force in philadelphia, very active, very much on the scene, they acted quickly. we had a tip from the student, great news. the student are talking to adults. they are trusting adults. we are all communicating. unfortunately we had to lock down the school. there was no weapon. we were able to get to the bottom this and school will go on as planned. >> reporter: thank you again. alex and mike, breaking news, good news we can get back to the show and get back to the cool day but what a week we have been in three days in a row. >> that is right, as the officer ace, in this day of age an abundance of caution. heard gun was being passed
9:44 am
around with children and they looked in to it. >> terrible, with all that has been happening. >> they are back in the high school over there in germantown. >> 9:44. taking a quick break we will be right back.
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it is a great graphic. you contact us and quincy and then he does your job. today, he is doing a pedicure. >> yes. >> he did a manicure. he passed that test. now on to the feet. >> what is next?
9:47 am
>> let's, go to fourth and girard. this is from last hour. this is what i did. lisa did this one. i did these. i put the glitter on there maybe i'm lying, but you had a good time with me. ladies over here, still in the doing that stuff back there. >> but now we're going to do a pedicure. >> yes. >> we've already had tracie here soaking in our jelly. >> this is yell i. >> this is a crystallized substance. >> why do women soak in this or people get pedicures in this. >> it is a great exfoliant and softens the foot. she will pull her foot up. you have to rinse off the jelly there. >> my goodness. >> does the jelly juice get in your face. >> no, you should pull this out and rinse it a little lower to the touch. extend the foot. this is how you need help to exfoliate the foot. thinks a light purple which is
9:48 am
softer side. don't use the darker one. but you will just kind of examine her foot and see where it is. >> her foot is really bad. >> no, it is not. >> you will do it in a rotating motion and get around the identify ape heel. >> a little longer. >> how does that feel. >> it feels great. >> yes. >> what is the next step. >> you will do that and other foot and then, complete thely rinse off here, hot towels. >> it takes coordination. she will. >> you do her heels a little bit. >> doing that. >> okay. >> i keep looking at her face. she's like oh, god. >> they are completely smooth now. you did a wonderful job. you already rinsed off. we have hot tolls here. you will just lay this over
9:49 am
her legs. so her legs get some love too. >> so kay. >> you will pull this off and give her an amazing massage. >> now do you a massage. >> massage her feet, her leg, her toes, all of the fun stuff. >> now what this stuff right here. >> this is just lotion. >> thinks massage cream. this is from coconut man go. you will latter her all up. >> i thought it was crisco oil. >> by the way the lights are still on. >> i do have a wife, i just want to you know that, a a beautiful women and we will doing this for work, guys. >> you got to pressure, get the calves. >> you go in like that. >> use your fingers, a little rotating motion. >> you to get the blood
9:50 am
circulating. >> in between the toes. >> yes. >> get your finkers in between the the toes. >> this might be better. >> he is getting in the nitty-gritty. >> and then we do this one right here. how long does this usually last. >> no. >> how long do you rub the feet for. >> we give them a good massage, maybe ten minutes or so, you know. >> guys. >> okay. >> you will just, the the motion would have been you know, massaged in. >> we're on tv, we don't have much time. >> and then of course, her is already perfectly done. we have seen your polish work. we will pass. >> and there it is, guys. >> this is a lot of work. >> it ace lieutenant of work but beautiful work. >> yes. >> you have to love what you are doing. >> yes. >> it was nice. >> it was nice, guys i'm done.
9:51 am
>> quincy, did my job. >> kind of. >> great job. >> she's adorable. >> thank you for that. he actually did a very good job on her. >> yes. >> you can tell he was into it. >> posted by accident, you ever do. that ariana a grande up loads a video of herself kissing a certain someone, find out who she was kissing on, and then took it down.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
look at the this. >> there is my facebook page
9:55 am
alex holley at fox 29. >> alex holley fox 29. >> of course you see mine, mike jerrick. >> and who are you. >> jenn fredrick. >> i spell it j-e-n-n fredrick fox 29. join my page, and her page and we will all facebook together. we don't care burr page. >> if you join me this morning, here i go, i'm posting a picture of the lovely kit cat kline and there it goes. >> hello porsche. >> ariana grande, she posted a video where she's kissing a victoria. >> yes. >> ah, oh, my god. >> this was an accident. >> ariana aid she posted it by accident or did he really post
9:56 am
it. >> do you ever post anything by accident. >> well, you know, sometimes i may post something by accident but i really want the blog toss pick up and everybody gets to read it and i think that is what ariana grande did. he posted this with liz gilles and she's kissing a girl and afterward she's all gigly but i think it is kind of a publicity stunt. if you know anything about instagram, you know, videos take longer to post than pictures. so you have a minute where it hose you, it is up loading and then when it hits. so i think she just wanted us to know, that she kissed her and she like it. >> it looks like it was a dare the way it looks. >> let's talk about rihanna. >> yes. >> she's on rant fair the cover but she's talking about chris brown. >> yes, she's finally opening up about chris brown and why she went back to him after the break up. we all know what happened, the assault charges and him
9:57 am
abusing her, and lamborghini that time. but she talks about how she feels like she was that girl for him. that girl meaning the strong one and you know basically his guardian angel. that is why she went back. she was meant to be in his life. later on he realized i have to be about rihanna and she moved on but now she says they are friend from a far. she's loving him from a far. >> log him from affair. >> yes. >> that is probably best. >> i love you from a far, pardon a. >> thank you. >> you are in atlanta. >> i will be watching you twice today. >> yes, dish nation. >> you look good, girl. >> smoking. >> thank you you. >> i'm actually red carpet ready to day for some reason i don't know what i was feeling this morning. >> fabulous, that is what. >> i'm feeling it. >> see you on dish later. see you next couple days too. hey jen, nice job. >> thank you very much. >> we will see you, where we
9:58 am
will be talking about empire tonight, at 9:00 o'clock. >> hashtag.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> they've always turned out. >> now, here's wendy. >> what's


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