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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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injuries. traffic is getting by on the southbound side. but you know drivers are running into huge delays. we'll bring you more as the news warrants. skyfox over a wreck in magnolia camden county. it appears some kind of truck and car collided and wound up at the corner of a building. this is on evesham avenue in warwick road. one person rushed to cooper hospital. we'll bring update of course as soon as we have it. right now at 5:00 a big feat for pennsylvania tom wolf. his plan to end pennsylvania's 99 day state budget standoff was just shot down in harrisburg. all of the house republicans and nine of wolf's fellow democrats voted against a plan to raise billions in income and gas drilling tax. >> tonight it's back to the drawing board with no budget. many pennsylvania schools and children will continue to have to scrape by just to make ends meet. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. one of the hardest hit school districts in that budget battle has been philadelphia dan officials announcing they are going to be doing things a
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little differently. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us live at school district headquarters tonight. bruce you just heard from the district. >> reporter: that's right iai iain. they have agreed formal until writing to let's say this, play nicely with the local funding entity. of course philadelphia city council but neither side is even pretending that the larger budget crisis is going away any time soon. after years of tension between city council and the philadelphia school district, with lawmakers claiming schools want big bucks with little accountability, finally a come by ya moment. on wednesday the two sides signed an agreement requiring district to provide more information on a regular basis and making council more go comfortable in freeing up $25 million in extra funding. but both sides were quick to point out, this is no big picture solution. >> this is not a solution. i don't want anybody to say, councilman clark, is this going to fix the school district? absolutely not. >> i've always said around the end of this month it becomes a
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challenge for us if in fact it's not a pass forward with the state budget. >> reporter: the news no better for 200 catholics schools in the philadelphia area. waiting for $9 million to pay for textbooks, workbooks, art and music supplies. held hostage by the budget stalemate in harrisburg. >> it's tragic. i mean it's really tragic. >> chris, is second of education for the archdiocese. >> it's becoming critical now that without it textbooks it's really tough to deliver the curriculum. >> reporter: copy machine at st. katharine of siena elementary school is running almost non-stop these days. six years ago we reported the very same issue. catholic school supplies remember, tax dollars follow the students wherever they go. held up by legislative squabble link. >> i really want -- don't want to get in the middle of the political debates in harrisburg. but for us, it's a question of, um, of doing what's right by the kids. >> reporter: i talked to several catholic school parents this afternoon who seemed utterly unaware of the supply
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shortage. the archdiocese seems aware of that. they're getting information home to those parents with a suggestion that they contact governor wolf's office and/or their local state legislature trying to turn up the heat. iain. >> bruce, thank you. we're learning more tonight about the woman found dead in a mercer county park. investigators are releasing more >> they found her dead in a wooded area over roebling park. you can see a police car and crime scene tape around the area where 38-year-old jennifer
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prusik's body was found. investigators say she lived in hamilton township. still today a lot of unanswered questions. was she killed there or elsewhere? and then her body dumped? we also don't know where or -- i should say who made that call to police about the body. so, again, you just saw video of the area where it was found. it's near a body of water. there's also a neighborhood that's backs up to that wooded area where her body was found. police asking anyone with any information on what may have happened leading up to this woman's murder to call them. lucy? >> shawnette. investigation continues tonight for whoever killed a transgender person in north philadelphia it happened early yesterday morning in the logan section. officers found 22-year-old keisha jenkins of south philadelphia beaten and shot in the back. she died at the hospital. investigator do's not yet know if her killer targeted her out of hate but today the victim is trending on social media.
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>> fox 29 weekend anchor karen hepp joins us from the newsroom. karen. >> you said her name keisha jenkins and so many others as well because she's the second transgender woman to be brutally murdered in our city of philadelphia just this year. at least the 21st in our country. most of these victims have also been people of color. her death yesterday sparked a social media campaign rallying for justice and a call to find her killers. that has hash tag she has a nams tweeted sick thousand times since yesterday she has a name keisha jenkins a transgender woman, was beaten by six men and then shot to death. advocates are hoping to raise awareness against transgender people especially people of color. >> hate crime laws do not protect gender identity or sexual orientation. there's a $20,000 reward. iain. >> karen, thank you. >> police say a student in custody after he calls the lock down at martin luther king high
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school. it happened around 9:00 this morning when police got a report of an mlk student who may have had a gun. they searched the school to see if he was there. school district officials say no actual threat was made against the school but they put the school on lock down while they were looking for the student after three days of scares and threats at philadelphia schools, parents are starting to get worried. >> you're supposed to protect your child. today i come to get him. as a parent you just -- that's it. >> officials say the student in custody has not attended classes at all this year. >> fbi joining philadelphia police in the search for a center citibank robber. these surveillance photos show the man they're after. investigators say he walked into a republic bank on walnut street this morning and hand the teller demand note and walk out with cash. we do not know how much. nobody reported seeing a weapon but authorities believe that he is armed and he is dangerous. >> changes on the way in your fox 29 weather authority.
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>> just another repeat performance of the previous days this week iain. plenty of sunshine, blue skies, but you can feel a change in the air. the wind is beginning to kick up and that is the signal that things are going to change. now, right now, on our ultimate doppler you can see there's a few clouds moving on through but nothing of any consequence right now 75 in philadelphia. that's the high so far and it's unusual in october to see high temperatures so late in the day. because the sunsets so early but that is still a good sign of what is going on with our weather. wind speed you can see out of the west northwest in philadelphia at 12 miles an ho hour. 10 miles an hour wind down the shore. a few clouds moving through overnight especially tomorrow morning, a few sprinkles possible in our suburbs. this is where the cold front,
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the only thing we're going to see is some cooler temperatures come tomorrow morning ahead of a bigger change as we head toward the weekend. this evening temperatures following through the 60s with partly cloudy skies. by 11:00 o'clock, it is cool and it is comfortable with a temperature of 62 degrees. back here live, something bigger to talk about. it's coming up this weekend. we're talking about some wind, some rain and some warmth before we even make it to saturday. i'll have more on that coming up later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy. looking forward to that. thank you. last two men involved in the kidnapping of a jewelry store employee has plead guilty. kidnapping happened in early april when the three men tried to rob the national diamond he can change and jewelry store around eighth and market. police say they watched the victim walk to her car before assaulting and tasing her. they're each facing a lifetime in prison. up to $750,000 in fines. the hearing is scheduled for january of 2016. murder case against howl
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hall of fame wrestler jimmy snook today is going to trial. he appeared in the courtroom this morning. his attorneys decided to bypass the preliminary hearing in exchange for grand jury transcripts and other evidence. it's a move to get establish a better defense. he beat his then girlfriend nancy and left her for dead. she died the next day at the hospital. investigators reopened the case against him last year saying inconsistent cease in auto biography raised new questions. two young kids picked up by the wrong bus at school. >> yeah. where that bus took the nursery school children and why they ended up walking several blocks home alone. and the rain stopped for now in flood string stricken south carolina. to night the state is facing a new danger that could make things even worse than they already are. popular game just got a kid suspended. how a staring contest ended in a court fight. >> oscar winning tom hanks helps
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a college student get her id back. what he did to track down the young woman. coming up at six a pennsylvania high school player is dominating outtask kerr field although he wasn't even born with legs. his story becomes even more amazing when you learn what else he's had to overcome.
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nightmare for parents. three-year-old and a four-year-old just little guys
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walking home alone after the wrong aft school daycare program picked them up from school. how did they end up walking by themselves home? well, that's right now under investigation. don timmeney is in germantown talking to the boy's parents. dawn, what happened? >> reporter: well, lucy, the school district is still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong here. it appears the boys and girls club of germantown mistakenly picked up these two little brothers thinking they were part of their after school program when they were not. now, those boys four-year-old kevin whitehead and his three-year-old brother tebron were backed off back at the school where they realized there was a mistake and they wound up walking home. now they live off wayne avenue in germantown and i have to tell you eighths good six and a half block walk if not more. the two little boys held hands, they crossed two busy streets. they knew their way because their mother and father walk them to school every day. so they knew what to do. they knew to wait for the green light, stop at the red.
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their father kevin, sr. found out they were missing from the daycare provider that was supposed to get them and couldn't find the children anywhere. police were called. no one knew where these kids were. they showed up at home. dad as you can imagine is extremely upset. >> i'm just trying to get answers. all i know is, if i had not been home, if my kids came down and rung my bell where would they be at right now? would it an amber alert. would they be hit by a car? i don't understand. >> something went wrong in the school allowing these two very young students, pre k students to go out the door with the wrong after school program. so the school actually will be sending a letter to parents tomorrow detailing the procedures and to making sure this does not happen again. >> reporter: now when i spoke to the girls and girls club of philadelphia they told me they were trying to help them when they were standing outside the two little boys. they issued a revised statement saying the children were not part of their program and glad they are safe, but in no way are
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they acknowledging any responsibility. the school district says, right now, it is looking at video, trying to figure out exactly where these children walked home from. it's still unclear. the good news is that the boys made it home safe and sound. nothing happened to themes were really a miracle, lucy, the school district again saying it's going change its policies and really taking the blame here as to what happened because it could have had much different ending. >> oh, so much so, dawn. thank goodness they're okay. thank you. so how scary is this? you get your flu shot, then you're told to get tested for hiv and hepatitis b and c. that is exactly the situation some people in mercer county face tonight. new jersey health officials say a nurse who gave flu shots reused syringes between 67 patients. the health department maintains the health risk is low and that the nurse did not reuse the needles. this happened on septembe september 30th at the pharmaceutical in west windsor.
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officials have not said what if anything is happening to the nurse, however. we have new developments right now in the search for a missing cargo ship. it coast guard plans to end its search tonight for 33 missing crew members from the ship that sank last week. authorities broke the news to family members today. the 790-foot cargo ship sank last thursday off the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. the shipping company says the captain had plans to go around the storm as he headed from florida to puerto rico but the el faro's engine failed. 28 of those on board the ship were americans. south carolina a bad situation not getting any bett better. at least 35 dams across the palmetto state are now being monitored for possible failure. high waters have caused rivers to rise and dams to bulge f they break that would mean more catastrophic flooding. the cleanup process is well underway for many residents across south carolina. severe flooding from a monstrous rainstorm caused white spread damage and more than a dozen
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deaths. >> it can be cleaned up. there's no way it will be what it was. >> reporter: as some folks work their way back home to assess the damage others are preparing for a new wave of flooding. >> made it very clear that while the sun is out, this event is not over. >> reporter: roughly 1,000 residents near the beaver dam in columbia are under a voluntary evacuation order over concerns the dam could burst. crews filling a sink hole with huge amounts of rocks in hopes of preventing water from escaping. >> all of the water that we've had lately it was just really you have to get it stabilized. again, filling in this hole as they have been for days on end now since sunday it's just been a struggle for them. officials say the columbia canal is also in jeopardy. national guard helicopters are continuing to drop sand bags near the water as they work on repairing the damage caused by the record rainfall. >> they have already placed 400, 1 ton sand bags in place working to get to 750, 1 ton sand bag.
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we'll continue to work on that throughout the day. >> after the record rains and flooding, some residents are asking what may come next? >> two years ago now it was the fire. now we've got a flood. if i see a hoard of locusts coming i'm taking off. >> the damage across south carolina so severe some lawmakers say the federal relief money going to the state may not be enough. >> he gave his life to protec po others and now the philadelphia police department honored sergeant robert wilson's sacrifice. police hero plaque medal of honor and the medal of valor much the plaque itself is the 116th of its kind and the second one dedicated in 2015. robert shot and -- robbers shot and killed him last march at a game stop in north philadelphia. he was there buying a birthday gift for his son. special olympic philadelphia is teaming up with the school district to bring students together and they did so today at the education center in spring garden. unified youth submit gave students with and without intellectual disabilities a
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chance to have their voices heard. one of the goals here is to create youth committees within philadelphia schools so students can plan events that promote inclusion and respect. 10 days after pope francis walked through a mass at philadelphia art project the grotto is ready to come down. homeless advocacy group behind the attraction held a closing ceremony outside the cathedral basilica this morning. peaces made up of 30,000 strips of woven cloth and 150,000 knots each with a prayer or intention on it much tens of thousands of visitors stopped by to see the grotto and even add to the site during the world meeting of families. pope francis made an unscheduled stop before sunday's mass on the parkway blessing the site and the people behind it. the project raised more than $1 million. that money will help the homeless and hungry in our area. >> car crash severed a toddler's spine but some are calling what happened next a miracle. the surgery that saved him and
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what the next six months will be like. beloved pet runs from thunder only to wind up in a scarier situation. how an army vet jumped in and saved the day. what is that floating island that is moving? parts of the after effects of south carolina flooding. we'll complain what is going on here. >> we want to join us friday as we absolute the troops. friday is military day here on fox 29. so come on down to fourth and market. we'll shut down the whole street and throw a block party to honor the men and women who serve our country. again it's this friday october 9th from 7 to 10:00 a.m. ♪
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dramatic body cam video out of cleveland as four police officers draw their weapons on man with a gun. investigators say on marc march 11th, 64-year-old theodore johnson shot an officer in his bullet proof vest. the officer got back on his feet and tried to cal and the gunman down. the officer eventually shot and killed johnson who police say raised his weapon again.
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prosecutors now say the cops involved showed remarkable restraint and were left with no choice but to open fire. >> drop the begun! >> no. >> drop the begun! >> drop the begun! >> we don't want to kill you just drop the gun. >> i want to die. >> no, you don't want to die. >> i do. >> i do. >> no, you don't. >> we want to help you. >> don't help me. >> the officers involved have been cleared of all charges. their police union president says they should return to full duty next week. >> tomorrow marks one week since a gunman killed nine people at a oregon community college. police have now released a timeline of what happened and the names of all of the victims. investigators say the shooter used a handgun but that he also had other guns stashed around the campus. when police arrived at the very active scene, they say that the gunman shot at them several times. they say that -- they were hesitant to fire back because so many students were around but they eventually got a clear sh shot. i like many other people in this community consider them to
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be heroes. they knew that they could be injured or killed during this confrontation as they ran toward the sound of gunfire. >> police say the shooter killed himself after they shot him. his mom has said her son had autism. >> reporter: brazil gearing up for the 2016 special olympic game. with only 10 months to go organizers are struggling to keep their budget balance. news of the budget crunch comes as hundreds of journalists visit rio de janiero olympic park. they'll cut staffing at dozens of test events and trim costs for the opening and closing ceremonies. the rio olympic will be held from august 5th to the 21st of next year. barbershop tries to put its own spin on the black lives matter movement it's not winning a whole lot of fans. some call it outrageously offensive. why the shop's owner says he's not backing down. popular game just got a kid suspended.
5:26 pm
how staring contest ended in a court fight. kathy? >> in weather we're talking about a few clouds moving into the area as we speak. but the biggest story is going to be the wind, the warmth and the rain. we're talking about temperatures soaring chasing 80 degrees in that seven day forecast. i'll show you as fox 29 news at 5:00 continues.
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♪ welcome back. let's take a live look at trenton the day started off a little bit overcast but quickly brightened into the three weather that meteorologist kathy orr promised all of us. rain still back in the forecast. we have the latest about when to expect that coming up and in your fox 29 weather authority. new information on that breaking news we brought you at the top of our newscast. the fire that engulfed this tanker truck on the new jersey turnpike is now out. this is in the northbound lanes in carney in hudson county about 11 miles west of new york city. we have learned this tanker was involved in crash with an suv and so far we have no reports of any injuries. there are still some huge delays though for drivers with crews trying to clean up that mess. investigators still searching for whoever murdered a transgender person in north philadelphia. police found 22-year-old keisha jenkins overnight in the city's logan section investigators say someone beat her and then shot her in the back. jenkins died at the hospital. now, investigators have not
5:30 pm
called it a hate crime but they are working to see why her killer targeted her. police identified the body found yesterday in hamilton, new jersey, as 38-year-old jessica prusik. they found her body in a area that was overgrown roebling park tuesday morning. an autopsy ruled her death a homicide and police are investigating. they're asking anyone with information to contact mercer county sheriff. of the. montgomery county mom pleaded guilty to shooting up her 14-year-old daughter and her daughter's boyfriend with hero heroin. we have video from last october when police arrested patricia davenport. she not only supplied the drugs to the two teens, she showed her daughter how to use it. investigators say she would also bring her 15-year-old and eight-year-old stepsons with her to buy the drugs. for months police say it wasn't just heroin she also bought cocaine and prescription drugs. davenport pleaded guilty today to endangering the welfare of a child and possession with intent to deliver. her zen tension is in december.
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mother may have told you it's rude to stare. >> it appears that's exactly what got a 12-year-old boy suspended from school. fox's michael baldwin breaks down what happened here. >> reporter: the parents avenue 12-year-old catholic boy are a little peeved. their son was suspended from school last year for staring at another opportunity student it happened at saint gabriel consolidated school in glendale. >> the perception was that he intimidated her. >> reporter: kick out of school for staring at another student? the parents would not let their child be filmed so i asked the any other show meet face her kid said he made. the school says that stare was intimidating. the parents took the school to court to get the suspension erased from the record. but they lost the case. in court documents, though, the school said the discipline is consistent with the handbook and the female student felt threaten but her son wrote an apology letter. it reads "i never she was scared because she was laughing. i don't want to be suspended any more. this will be my last time
5:32 pm
intimidating anyone "the parents say they didn't know about the incident or the apology letter until three days after it happened. the parents told me the same student who said she was a victim did something pretty bad herself. >> so the same girl that accused my son of this act of perception of intimidation aggressively poured milk on someone else's lunch. when she did that, there was no repercussions for that academic penalty. she received nothing for that. >> reporter: we tried to talk to the school. they sent us a statement saying "judge patrick dingle lacquer listen to the plaintiff's arguments yesterday, rejected them and dismissed the complaint against the school. we aren't going to comment any further on particular issues concerning our students. >> the tolberts have not decided whether to appeal the judge's ruling. let's check back in with your weather. it doesn't get much nicer. we take live look at wilmington. look how three it is out there. gorgeous. clear skies a little bit of sun. if we could just bottle this for
5:33 pm
the neck three, four months. >> wouldn't that be great? >> i would be thrilled. >> i would be thrilled, too. >> the cold is coming but we're holding it off. today a day much like yesterday. a few clouds and three afternoon. outside temperatures in the 70s right now. look at some of these high temperatures. very similar to yesterday. yesterday philadelphia 75. the high so far 75. wilmington 75. reading 73. trenton 72. and the same in atlantic city. that number, however, taken at the atlantic city airport which is some 9 miles inland. rye now in philadelphia, the temperature is 75. winds out of the west northwest at about 12 miles an hour. we're going to be seeing those winds picking up over the next 24 to 48 hours. with some changes moving in. right now, do you see 75 in philadelphia but in the pocono mountains 63 degrees. and of course in reading 73 in allentown a little bit cooler at 70 degrees. as we go toward the shore, 70 in cape may. not so bad. atlantic city 72. along the delaware beaches temperatures a little bit cooler
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in the 60s as we would expect. 71 inland burlington county at medford lakes and suburbs perkasie 68, doylestown 70 and levittown 72 degrees. temperatures fairly uniform. dry for now, but for how long? that's the question. we have this cold front that's going to be moving through bringing some clouds overnight and early tomorrow morning. you're not going to notice much. a few passing clouds. temperatures a little bit cooler tomorrow than they were today. then all eyes on this warm front and area of low pressure. this is our next main event. a storm system up in the great lakes that will be moving through for friday. so this warm front moves through thursday night into friday morning. we see a few sprinkles possibly friday morning. that's with the warm front. but then surging temperatures ahead of this cold front with warmth and wind, and the main event late in the day toward the evening commute as we see some showers maybe even a few rumbles of thunder. i have the fox future wind cast. these are for wind gusts just to show you how strong the wind
5:35 pm
will be on friday. look at friday morning. strong southerly winds close to 30 miles an hour gusts so you know even though you have the clouds with these kinds of gusts you're going to have very warm temperatures. right through the day on friday then things settling down during friday evening. you can see a few gusts up to about 20 miles an hour and then the wind turns northerly behind that front and you get the wind again but this time it's a cool wind on saturday. out of the north at about 20 to 25 miles an hour in the pocono mountains you'll be gusting saturday morning to 30 miles an hour. so we have a lot of changes coming up in those changes really begin tomorrow night. overnight, 56 in the city. 52 in the suburbs. partly cloudy. it will be a typical october night weather wise. and then as we look through the overnight with temperatures in the 50s, highs tomorrow back into the 70s everywhere. 72 in philadelphia. 70 in reading little bit cooler as you head along the northeast extension toward allentown where the temperature will be 68. and you can see in millville a little bit cooler with
5:36 pm
68 degrees. now as we look at our seven day forecast, thursday three, friday rain in the afternoon and wind. temperatures around 78 and some spots we can make it to 80 degrees. saturday morning clouds, you know it will be windy in the morning. those winds out of the north temperature 66. for the birds looking good. 70 degrees on sunday. monday is columbus day still in the 70s. dry tuesday. and dry again on wednesday. but a little bit cooler. below average with a temperature of 65. so, yeah, that transition period between tomorrow night and i think saturday afternoon you'll see a lot of variety. we'll say it that way in the weather. >> variety is a the spice of life, kathy. that's all good, right? >> yeah, no problem there. we do have great picture sent in from a viewer. he says, it's three out there. so keep those twitter pictures coming up. >> aww. >> a dough. >> i love that. >> love that. >> okay. >> young girl shows her school spear witness her hair but her school wasn't as big of a fan.
5:37 pm
why administrators told her she had to change it and why the girl's mom says she's in really tough spot now. a toddler's spine suffered in car crash but some are calling what happened next a miracle. the surgery that saved him want the next six months will be like. coming up all new at 6:00 why the ss united states that you may drive by along columbus boulevard might soon disappear.
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♪ things are getting a little hairy for one massachusetts barbershop. they're causing a stir with sign that says, black labs matter. the owner is facing a lot of backlash but says he's not backing down. in fact he claims the sign is for a good cause. to benefit the massachusetts s spca. >> putting a joke to something that's really hurt so many people is just -- it's not the right way to go. >> i think it's kind of funny when you can make a play on
5:41 pm
words and mspca is a good thing to support so black labs matter. >> the owner is hoping to use the sign and the controversy around it to tell people to lighten up. to story now people all over the world are talking about tonight. a little boy in australia is beating the odds time and again. not only did he survive a horrific car crash, doctors just successfully reattached his head to his spine. 16 month old jackson tailor all smiles while playing with his family. toddler is wearing a head brace now because the force of the crash severed his spine. miraculously a team of surgeons successfully performed the delicate operation reattaching his head to his spine. >> a lot of children wouldn't survive that injury in the first place. if they did, and they were resuscitated they may never move or breathe again. >> taken two broken kids and put them all back together. very very thankful. >> jackson's sister was also injured in the crash.
5:42 pm
jackson will have to wear the head brace for two months to help the tissues and nerves connecting his head to his spine to heal. a beloved pet runs from thunder and winds up in an even scarier situation. how an army vet jumped in and saved the day. and floating islands in the flood waters of south carolina. why residents should steer clear of these islands that are very much alive. howard? >> chip kelly admitted something today he had not really admitted before and the quarterback talks about what he doesn't want to hear on sunday and the biggest idiot playing now in the nfl. that's coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ to your health now in and out of the bedroom. could having sex more often boost your health in other areas? well new studies suggest the answer is yes. joyce evans is here to talk about that and the day's other big health stories. joyce. >> well, there's no need to blush lucy much here's what researchers found. sex may actually trigger changes in a woman's immune system and that boost a woman's likelihood of getting pregnant. in addition to the fact that they're having a lot of sex. well half of the women in the study were sexually active and the other half were abstinence no sex at all. what they saw was not only did the sexually active women have stronger, more regular immune systems, their fertility rates increased. making it more likely that they could become pregnant if they wanted to. researchers are still working on exactly why more sex makes women healthier and better prepared to become mothers. work smarter not harder if
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you're having trouble remembering things on the job, well, try talking to yourself. we do it all the time around here. don't worry about the weird looks. you're going to get from your co-workers. new research from montreal university found that people who read things outloud have an easier time remembering it. they believe reading something outloud gets your brain more involved in the remembering process. and they say you don't even have to make any noise just mouthing words seems to work, too. well, if you've experienced it yourself, that euphoric feeling you get after exercising, some call it a runner's high, if it feels addictive to you you might actually be on to something. a new study from germany found that exercise can activate the same part of your brain that reacts to marijuana. yup. smoking weed. so working out really can feel like you're high on something. and that's what they say. but, of course, to safer, more
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healthy and more legal you might want to choose the exercise. doctors say unless you have certain health conditions, just hit the gym instead of the bong. iain and lucy. >> good advice. i was in the gym this morning, joyce. >> uh-huh. not the bong. >> i feel good. thank you. young girl in california is feeling little blue after she was suspended for dying her hair. 10-year-old jasmine foster wanted to show her school spirit by putting blue highlights in her hair. blue is on her elementary school's colors but jazz minute says classmates and teachers also thought she looked cool but school administrators sent her home with a note saying the blue hair was distracting and violates school policy. the school says the blue highlights had to go. >> a lot of other kids have done it but it hadn't been an issue it's not distracting in my opinion. >> i think it's pretty unfair that they're making me change it. not letting me have it how i want. >> foster's mom says she doesn't have the money right now to change her daughter's hair but will fix it when she can. in the meantime, the principal
5:49 pm
has worked out a deal to allow jasmine to return to school with the highlights temporarily. in nevada a dog crosses paths with the wrong people and wound up in a very dangerous situation. luckily, an army vet was nearby and came to the pup's rescue. fox's rachel moore has the sto story. >> just scene these two guys kicking a dog. >> reporter: lee kauffman couldn't believe his eyes when he saw two men attacking a pitbull in the rain tuesday night. he didn't want to start trouble with the attackers but he couldn't bear to allow them to continue beating her. >> i jumped out and i was hollering at them making the u-turn. hey, quit it, quit it. came back, opened up my door and as soon as i opened up my door, they took off. >> reporter: less than mile away the pitbull's family had been searching for their family dog blue. >> i actually slept outside last night just hoping she would come back, and she never did. >> reporter: eric morrison says he's cared for blue since she because born nine years ago. he says she hates thunderstorms and tries to escape every time
5:50 pm
one strikes. last night, she was successful. but sadly ran into the wrong kind of people. >> it's terrible to think they would do that. you think somebody would have some compassion or the least some morals. it make me want to cry. >> reporter: thankfully there was no someone who had that compassion for the helpless dog after scaring off her attackers lee refused to leave her alone. >> she was kind of looking at me and doing a little wobble. so she couldn't get in the truck. i pick her up put her in the back of the truck and took her home. >> leanne army veteran dog owner himself kept blue over night. then took her to the vet first thing in the morning. besides a couple of bruises she was fine. the vet scanned her micro chip and gave him the contact. morrison so happy and grateful their pet was home safe. >> she's a member of the family. you can't abandon a member of the family or give up looking. >> this serves as a prime example why you always need to micro chip your pets. oscar winning actor tom
5:51 pm
hanks helps a college student get her id back. what did he to track the young woman down. >> straight ahead at six the investigation continues into the murder of a trance jent person. the local neighborhood tonight the big social media campaign that's developing and what advocates say you have to remember. >> a pennsylvania high school player dominating on the soccer field. although he wasn't born with l leg. his story even more incredible when you learn what else he's had to overcome. join us friday as we absolute the troops friday is military day on fox 29. we want to you come on down to fourth and market because we'll shut down the whole street and throw a block party to honor men and women who serve our country. again it's this friday, octobe october 9th from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> ♪ rare iguana gets a work out at the san diego zoo. his name is gus and his trainer helped him learn to walk towards specific targets to help stimulate his mind and remind him of natural behaviors. gus is iguana critically endangered species native to the british virgin islands. only about 200 left in the wild. >> people try to pull their lives back together after the historic and deadly floods in south carolina they're also dealing with stuff like this. looks like a big clump of mud
5:56 pm
but it's an island of ants. a greenville county resident grabbed a phone and shot this when they noticed it moving along the surface of the water last weekend. wildlife experts say it may look strange but it's not uncommon. >> they put their queen op top of basically a floating raft of ants with all the young and larvae and everything else and then they would raft downstream when they hit dry land they form new mount. survival strategy. >> tough to be the ones on the bottom. biologists say thousands of fire ants can form the raft and remain floating on it for weeks. oscar winning actor tom mansion came to the rescue of a new york college student who lost her student id. to help him locate the student mr. hangs turned to social median tweeted an image of that id which led to it being returned to it's mysterious owner. fox's mack king has the story. >> do you recognize it. >> no, i don't know this girl. >> i do not new york city. >> no, i don't. sorry. >> no, i don't. but i saw her all over my facebook. >> reporter: 12:0 2:00 p.m.
5:57 pm
oscar winning actor tom hanks tweeted aim match of fordham university idea belonging to a woman named lauren. >> i don't know lauren. >> reporter: to lauren hangs wrote, lauren i found your student id in the park. if you still need it my office will get it to you and so from those not so humble beginnings, began the great lauren search of tuesday october 6th. >> online, off line through channels both official and unsanctioned the city sought a lauren knowing somewhere a lauren sought a way to get into the library. >> no. >> no. >> reporter: fordham observer reported the id belonged to lauren witness more attending graduate school. >> if we see her we'll let her know because this is really exciting. >> reporter: few gush over her celebrity, most at the graduate school new nothing of this supposed lauren. >> do you have any idea what i'm talking about. >> no i don't. >> reporter: too studious. >> i'm at the law school.
5:58 pm
nobody talking about it too much. >> reporter: or two important. >> i really can't, guys, i'm really sorry or else i would. >> reporter: lauren may be in distress maybe oh live yous or worse. indifferent to her loss alluded. >> no. i do not. >> no. i heard about it, though. >> nope. nope. >> i don't. sorry. >> reporter: all fordham students to whom we spoke confirmed to exist in this environment without one's campus id was not to exist at all. >> very important. >> reporter: why? >> you need it at all times. >> or else you're screwed. >> reporter: when after a day of searching lauren remains still hidden from the public a topic of conversation and sought by tom hanks, a few admitted to feelings of jealousy. >> i wish i was her. >> reporter: fordham sports woman reported the school reached out to hangs. mack king, fox news.
5:59 pm
tonight at six, searching for answers. a woman's body identified, how did she end up dead in a local field? tonight investigators try to figure out what happened and search for her killer. ♪ it's become iconic part of philadelphia. but this historic ship could be headed to the scrap yard. there's only one thing standing in the way from that happening. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at six. ♪ ex interpret naders are moving in to some philadelphia city offices overnight and there's word it's over a report of bed bugs. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in center city. i'm itchy talking about this. chris, you've been talking to city workers all afternoon and just got app update from officials. >> reporter: i can tell you an ex terminating crew specializing in bed bugs just arrived to the
6:00 pm
municipal services building here in center city. this is after an employee who works in this building reported being bit by a bed bug. that employee work on the tim floor here of the municipal services building that houses thousands of city workers. the city has confirmed for fox 29 that exterminators are being brought in for two rounds of spraying overnight. the spokesman tells us they have found no physical esther of bed bugs but they want to be sure. workers were not sent home today. co-workers of that one person tell us that the woman who reported the bite went to hahnemann hospital to get treated and it was there confirmed that it was a bed bug bite. now we talked to some workers who got word that ex terminates will be in their office tonight. >> i hope i'm not taking nothing home. >> reporter: what did they tell you today? >> that to pull our stuff up off the floor so the ex terminates


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