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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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municipal services building here in center city. this is after an employee who works in this building reported being bit by a bed bug. that employee work on the tim floor here of the municipal services building that houses thousands of city workers. the city has confirmed for fox 29 that exterminators are being brought in for two rounds of spraying overnight. the spokesman tells us they have found no physical esther of bed bugs but they want to be sure. workers were not sent home today. co-workers of that one person tell us that the woman who reported the bite went to hahnemann hospital to get treated and it was there confirmed that it was a bed bug bite. now we talked to some workers who got word that ex terminates will be in their office tonight. >> i hope i'm not taking nothing home. >> reporter: what did they tell you today? >> that to pull our stuff up off the floor so the ex terminates could come in and spray.
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because of how did they put it? creatures. >> reporter: well you may remember just three weeks ago the city sent home its employees here at the 311 call center just across the street from the municipal services building. we are told that ex terminating crew will be here for about five to six hours. they will will be back in 10 days from now. but from what we are told, workers are expected to be at work tomorrow. of course, we'll have much more on this coming up at 10:00 o'clock tonight. iain? >> chris, thank you. the fire that engulfed this tanker truck on the new jersey turnpike is out now. this in the northbound lanes in carney in hudson county about 11 miles west of new york city. we've learned this tanker was involved in a crash with an suv and so far we have no reports of any injuries. there are still some big delays though for drivers while crews clean up the mess. one person is in the hospital now after a nasty car crash in camden county. skyfox was over the scene near evesham avenue and warwick road
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in magnolia right after it happened this afternoon. it appears a truck and a car collided and wound up at the corner of a building. the wreck also practically knock out a traffic light. investigators have not said yet what happened. no word on how the injured person is doing. as philadelphia police track a transgender person's killer a social media campaign in her honor has taken off and got a big goal. police found 22-year-old keisha jenkins beaten and shot in the back in the city's logan section early yesterday morning. jenkins died at the hospital. police don't yet know if someone targeted her out of hate. but her death has set off a social media campaign. advocates are hoping hash tag say her name raises awareness for what they call an epidemic of violence against transgender people especially women of col color. >> police in state college are still looking into the brutal assault of a gay man near penn state's campus. but tonight investigators say claims that he was tacked by a fraternity member are not true. 19-year-old john ma tear says
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the attack happened while he was visiting the campus on sunday. he posted these photos on twitter with the caption, don't let a frat guy know that uruguay. he told the police that the suspect admitted he hated gays and beat him up but today investigators say they've spoken with all the people involved and the suspect is not a fraternity member. warmth and wind and rain on the way in your fox 29 weather authority. live look at philadelphia international airport. one of those planes takes off. we've been enjoying picture perfect weather but the end is in site. kathy as you well know, i do love me some rain. so what's happening? lucy, we're looking at some changeable condition i hope those folks aren't flying to the south but good weather is actually here. we still have sunshine, sunset within the hour. but don't tell these people because they are enjoying a three late afternoon. take a look at some of these temperatures. now right now in philadelphia we're at 74 degrees. it's 68 in pottstown. allentown 68. so cooling down as the sun gets lower in the sky.
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but still a brilliant late afternoon. winds out of the west northwest at about i'd say about 10 to 15 miles an hour. right now northwest in philadelphia at 13. the wind is going to be a big player in our weather over the next 48 hours. a few clouds moving through late tonight into the overnight with a cold front. but it's not going to get cold around here. temperatures will just ab few ticks cooler tomorrow afternoon than they were today. so here we are with temperatures mainly in the 60s. by 7:00 p.m. it will be 68 in philadelphia. 67 in wilmington. and by early tomorrow morning, we are in the 50s. which is around seasonal levels for this time of year. back here live, we have a lot of sunshine, a little bit of a breeze in old city philadelphia. but definitely perfect october weather and it's going to stay that way until later in the week and the weekend more on that with the seven day when i join you inside. >> all right, kathy, thank you. police have identified the body found yesterday in hamilt hamilton, new jersey. they say it's 38-year-old jessica prusik.
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they found the body in a wooded area around roebling park tuesday morning and they did an autopsy later that afternoon haven't ruled eight homicide. police are now investigating and telling anyone with information to contact the mercer county sheriff. a fast-moving fire brings down a barn in mercer county. crews working late last night along the 300 block of pennington titusvulle road in pennington. it took about 90 minutes to get the flames under control. fire officials say a nearby storage unit and some vehicles were also destroyed. no one hurt. fire officials are looking into what caused that fire. happening right now, the philadelphia school district is taking one of the biggest hits in the state's on-going budget battle. city and district officials announceannounced they're goingo change things up and do things differently. bruce gordon is at school district headquarters. bruce, what is going to happen? >> reporter: well what's going change is what many parents would tell you should have changed many years ago. the school district is now promising formal until writing to be more informative, more
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cooperative, more transparent with the local funding entity that would be philadelphia ski council but don't think for a minute this solves the bigger budget crisis. for years now, philadelphia school kids have been caught in the middle of a tense standoff between a school district that needs money from city council and a city council that wants openness and transparent see from the school district. on wednesday, the tensions officially ceased with the signing of a cooperation agreement that requires school officials to provide more information on a regular basis to city lawmakers. giving them the comfort to release as many as $25 million in extra funding. >> these are quiet frankly reports we should be producing any way. particularly for funding bodies like city council. >> reporter: between smiles, both sides made clear the deal does not solve their on-going budget crisis. which gets more difficult with each new day that passes without a new state budget. >> this is not a solution. i don't want anybody to say, councilman clark, is this going
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to fix the school district? absolutely not. right. what's going to fix the school district is analyzed state funding. >> reporter: nearly 200 catholic schools in the philadelphia area are also feeling the heat. still waiting for nearly $9 million from the state for textbooks, workbooks art and mew sill supplies. all held hostage by the state budget stalemate. >> it's mind boggling. >> chris is the secretary of education for the archdiocese. >> as we get six, seven weeks into the school year it really becomes a burden. >> reporter: un10able? >> i think so. >> reporter: the copy machine at st. katharine of see nanny elementary school is running almost non-stop these days. back in 2009, i reported this exact same crisis. catholic teachers making do without textbooks while lawmakers in harrisburg bicker bickered. >> we're really encouraging our legislators, the governor's office, the lieutenant governor to really help us, help the kids and advocate for the kids who are really in the center of all
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of this. right? >> reporter: that message has yet to reach some catholic school parents. i talk to several folks today who were completely unaware of the shortage of school supplies and what it might mean for their kids. the archdiocese wants those parents informed and they want them active. they want them putting the heat on the governor and state lawmakers to get something done. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. the philadelphia police department honored sergeant robert wilson sacrifice with special plaque dedication today. the police hero plaque is one of many honors officer wilson's name. medal of honor and medal of valor are few others the plaque itself is the 116th of its kind and the second one dedicated in 2015. robbers shot and killed officer wilson last march at a game stop in north philly. he was there buying a birthday gift for his son. historic cruise ship moored in philadelphia could be heading to the scrap heap by the end of a month if a group trying to save it doesn't get infusion of cash. uss united states sent an sos to
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supporters say monthly expenses have become too much. it needs more than $60,000 a month to keep the boat a float. the group now exploring selling the ship to a metal recycler. the ss united states was once the world's fastest ocean liner. it launched in 1952 and still holds the trans-atlantic speed record. two young kids picked up by the wrong bus at school. where that bus took them and why they ended up walking several blocks home alone. >> most soccer players rely on their legs but this pennsylvania high school player is showing that's not the only way he's dominating on the field despite being born without leg. his storm becomes even more amazing when you learn what else he's had to overcome. the eagles play the saints here on sunday and one person now talking taking actually some of the blame for the one and three record may surprise you just a little bit. the biggest idiot now playing in the nfl. i got him, too. that's coming up in sports. ññ
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♪ soccer players typically rely on their legs to be successful on the field. but for one pennsylvania student born without legs it's his determination that has him winning on and off the field. junior emmanuel hilton plays goalie for his high school team in pittsburgh. it's a long way from the congo where he was born then left on the side of the road he spent most of his childhood in an orphanage until an american couple decided to adopt him last year. now he's doing big things on the field. emmanuel is allowed to kick with his arms but that's about the only break his teammates and coaches give him. >> he inspires so many guys. he inspires me to come out don my job better and, you know, the guys see him moving and they just pick up their intensity. he's completely exceeded our expectations. >> newly adopted american
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wouldn't even speak english a year ago but being around his teammates makes him feel more comfortable every day. >> love that. a nightmare for any parent. a three-year-old an four-year-old walking home alone after the wrong daycare picks them up from school. >> the questions of course are how did it happen? how did they end up walking home alone? all that under investigation. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney live at school district headquarters with some answers. dawn? >> reporter: lucy, the school district is trying to figure out what exactly went wrong here and clearly something went very wrong. it admits mistakes were made. now the boy's father he's angry but of course he's also thankful that nothing happened to them. >> i'm just thanking god my kids is here by the grace of god. >> reporter: kevin whitehead still can't believe his little boys somehow walked home alone from wister elementary school in germantown on monday afternoon. >> why was no one there to protect and watch my kids? how did a three and four-year-old manage to walk out of a school
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building and nobody knew about it and nobody didn't even care or reached out and called me? >> reporter: philadelphia school district says it appears the boys and girls club of germantown mistakenly pick the young brothers up thinking they were part of their program. >> the after school program went in. it's time to go and these young children probably just followed. so now we're looking at how did that happen? and what happened to the students when they were dropped -- allegedly dropped back off at the school? >> reporter: fortunately the two brothers knew the way home since mom and dad walk them to school every day. but it is a good six and a half blocks. >> no cars. >> they had to cross two busy roads. holding hands they stopped at red lights just like dad told them. >> i walk straight and turned and walked straight. >> reporter: were you scared at all? >> no. >> reporter: the boys father says he didn't even know about this until his daycare provider told him the boys weren't at school, that they were missing. the school district acknowledging it dropped the
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ball and says it's reviewing its policies. >> so the school actually will be sending a letter to parents tomorrow detailing the procedures and to making sure that this does not happen again. >> reporter: now the boys and girls club earlier told me over the telephone that they were just trying to help the boys when they were standing outside. they did issue a revised statement later on saying, that the boys were not part of their program and that they're just glad they're safe but in no way did they acknowledge responsibility in any way. the school district says, it is reviewing video to see exactly where the boys were when they started walking home, because lucy, that really is not clear. the good news here is that the boys are okay. >> well they found their way, dawn. i'm just so surprised. i'm so happy they did. all righty. they were so cute, too, iain. >> glad they made it home. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. talk about three, three outside. it's going to be three i hope the next few days kathy. >> looking at pretty decent
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weather. really the changes begin late tomorrow night and through friday. then a few surprises for your weekend. first things first take look at ultimate doppler a few clouds rolling through late this afternoon temperatures very pleasant for this time of year. october warmth spilling throughout the delaware valley. philadelphia' high 75. the same in wilmington. normal highs around 70 for this time of year. reading 73. trenton 72 and ac it's 72. plenty of sunshine to go around right now in philadelphia, 74 but winds out of the northwest at about 13 miles an hour. now, we are going to be seeing temperatures that will be warming up over the next couple of days. now, tomorrow, a pleasant day with afternoon high of 72 degrees in the wake avenue cold front. then we get even warmer as we make our way toward friday. so this is what will be moving through early tomorrow morning. a cold front but not much moisture associated with it. high pressure builds back down from canada so that northerly wind tomorrow afternoon will keep it pleasant but little bit cooler with highs in the lower
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70s. then we watch this warm front hanging back in the wings. this is going to be moving through early friday morning and change our weather dramatically. strong winds out of the south will be building in friday morning and then by the afternoon we'll be seeing some showers maybe a few rumbles of thunder with this cold front and behind this front, some cooler air breezy conditions for your saturday. but a nice welcome seasonably cool change for the weekend as well. take a look at the winds we're looking at southerly winds at about 25 to 30 miles an hour friday morning. those will be gusts. then during the afternoon, the wind will subside somewhat. but then in the wake of that front on saturday, you get that northerly wind and that will be whipping as well gusts to 26 miles an hour in philadelphia. saturday in the poconos gusting to 30. so we'll go from a real warm wind friday to a cool wind by saturday morning. here's latest on joaquin. you can still see a strong storm moving across the atlantic and heading toward portugal and madrid by saturday.
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still holding together as a strong area of low pressure. it's just amazing we've been talking about this storm for week. ly overnight in the city 56. the suburbs 52. a typical october night. during the day tomorrow, 72 with lots of sun. on the exclusive seven day forecast, pleasant for your thursday, warm and windy for friday. with afternoon showers. cooler saturday. sunday for the birds look good. and then next week nice. temperatures in the 70s. columbus day is monday. usually we get rain. but we're not going to get it this time. plenty of sunshine. >> it looks good. >> it does look good sunday. 70 and sunday at the linc that will be good. >> how sunshine is chip. is he a sunshine knee guy. >> if he wins on sunday. >> no storm clouds for chip. >> what is it -- >> the sun will come out tomorrow. >> thank you annie. >> always sunny in philadelphia. >> always sunny in philadelphia. i love that show. >> okay. >> i wasn't talking about the show. i was talking about the football team. >> of course. >> chip kelly today admitted something he has not really admitted before. quarterback talks about what he
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doesn't want to feel on sunday and you got it coming up the biggest idiot now playing in the nfl coming up in sports.
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♪ breaking news now chain reaction crash outside of allentown has all westbound lanes on i78 closed right now.
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skyfox is live over the scene near exit 29a. we are told that five cars and a tractor trailer are involved. state police are telling us at least 10 people were hurt. but no word yet on the ex at the present time of their injuries. drivers are being detoured at exit 29. ♪ i think we know the eagles need a win really need a win before the wheels start falling off. they are a 4.5 favorite against new orleans at the linc on sunday. can't keep on losing and holding out hope. but i do think the eagles will win on sunday. i just think they will. the way they play at times makes you wonder. now it makes you wonder how good they really are these days. chip kelly says it's execution of plays but it's more than that. today the head coach took more of the blame. >> i got to do a better job and put us in better situations so we've got, um, you know, we got a little bit manageable third down situation in terms of, um, always being in third and long
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percentagewise you're not going to convert as much as you are convert on third and short. i think it's an effort for us to do better job on first and second down. >> the problems are more on the offensive side. but the defense knows they have to handle their responsibilities as well. >> everyone has to contribute. everyone has to do their part. so we can be effective on the offensive -- defensive side of the ball. we have to come together collectively to be able to play smarter football in some of our coverages so where we don't beat ourselves much that's something we realize coming out this past weekend game and we're making those necessary adjustments and improvements. >> when things don't go well the players obviously look at things to make it better much the coaches look at things to make it better. as the players know the fans voice their opinion loudly at the game if it's not better. >> i don't think they were happy with our start against dallas but it's one of the things we're not happy with it either. we're just as frustrated by obviously we're doing everything we can to try to get it fixed. it's obviously not fun going into half time trying to figure
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out how we're going to dig ourselves out of a hole that we've put ourselves in. >> all right. now we come to the moron end dope of the sports cast the alleged woman beater eligible to play this week for the dallas cowboys. greg hardy was accused of beating his girlfriend and throwing her on a bed of guns. look at the reference how he plans to come back and play on sunday. >> i hope i come out guns blazing. i'm full of excitement. full of juice. fresh leg. >> appropriate. >> a dope. >> he wasn't thinking. clearly it's a phrase. but considering the back story, not thinking at all. >> wasn't thinking he's an athlete that's half the problem. >> yeah. >> don't even get me started. >> no argument. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back at here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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the pilot's widow speaks out. >> medical emergency. captain is incapacitated. >> her husband suffered a fatal heart attack mid flight. >> when you first hear, you're numb. >> was he fit to fly? then, tom hanks to the rescue. >> how he tracked down a student after finding her i.d. in central park. >> life is like a box of chocolates. and nice guy jay leno on the attack. >> wait until you hear what he has to say about jimmy kimmel. plus is this bill cosby's newest victim? >> i am one of the only ones who can get justice for these women. >> what the 25-year-old model claims cosby did to her. and wine train party outrage. >> it shouldn't happen to people. >> 11 wome


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