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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 8, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> how does a cop who is in trouble over a video. >> at the start, but cop may have been stabbed a few blocks away. >> charge you with official misconduct. >> the most popular girl on okay cupid, going on to the three days a week. >> 's got was hanging out of his shirt. bill: have you ever been with us sexually dominant guy who was abusive and that bedroom? >> i would go under red flag. bill: chasing the story of a
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cop in trouble over a video. >> uploaded to youtube recently titled south patterson cop gone wild. i don't give a bleep. stay there. stay there. >> not many details, but it is intense. right off of main street. >> no. what ii do no is, it occurred on december 24 around midnight of reportedly an off-duty patterson police officer and plainclothes brandishing a handgun. in the 1st video you can see him kicking him in the face. in the 2nd, it's pretty nuts.
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>> who is it? >> searching for answers and then starts running off with his gun. digging deeper, it is being reported the son of the cop has been stabbed just a few blocks away from where he was searching for possibly the man a stabbed his son. i went to the police station. i also called to the prosecutor's office. no one is giving me answers. regardless of the context, i wanted to know what is going to happen. former detective had this to say. >> charge of on official misconduct. he does not identify himself, but these guys no who he is. you can see -- you can here him make a phone call. >> i thought the cop was incredibly calm. he was not yelling. he lowered his voice a few times. >> what an incredibly brazen citizen.
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i am filming this. when he ran after that guy, shoot him. you will go to jail. >> not a police officer's job to cooperate, the people's job. the whole video was shocking. i am sitting here watching this and ii cannot believe an officer with the gun, nobody cares. >> that is the shocking part for you? out that he pointed his gun at the head of an off-duty citizen. ifif you.of firearm at someone, that is aggravated assault with a weapon, and that is a crime. >> it is different if you are a police officera police officer chasing a suspect. >> but he was not the one to determine if he is a suspect a suspect are not on his own. no police report or incident report.
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>> i want my cops to be proactive rather than reactive. i understand following procedure, you should call 911. tooling his thumbs. >> i agree with you. the emotional part of it that comes into it, your son, family member, you must try to remove yourself from the situation because your emotions can get the best of you. >> you don't want my dr. operating on his some family member. a police officer not a uniform and then ran after a guy it was extremely irresponsible. >> their ought to be charges filed against the guy taking the video. ♪
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>> forty-four years old and found dead in a bronx hospital bathroom. his family has said that he went to the emergency room to fix the issue, went to the bathroom, gotbathroom, got locked in they're and his dead body was found inside. this is the city's 2nd homicide in the last five months, and it's one of 20 throughout the us. if you have any information please contact the philadelphia police homicide detectives. ♪ >> how are you on this day in the evening? your breasts are amazing. that is just one excerpt from popular, the up and downs of online dating.
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okay cupid, and online dating app analyzes their data of users for one week. lauren came out as the most popular girl the site. i met up with her and prospect park for an interview date and brought a picnic with me. >> coconut water for you. so i have cheese bread. nothing but the best. >> some chocolates. cool. >> a young, beautifula young, beautiful gal who moved to new york city right out of high school and started dating online about three years ago telling me she was going on two to three days per week some more well and some of them were epic fails. this was the scene of one of the epic fails. >> constantly talking about himself, never asked any questions. his gut was hanging out of his shirt.
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>> explains her tips for online dating. >> be happily single and enjoy dating around whatever city you might be in. >> and your advice to young women in new york city who want to go out? >> you should do whatever you want. it is 2,000 whatever year. >> not going to put all of the blame on the guy. old men and women are focusing way too much on their careers. >> i defer to it as the peter pan syndrome in my book. guys you don't want to settle down and be in a relationship. >> what is the.if you can't all onto a man? what did she think her on issue is?
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>> twenty-five years old. bill: these relies use on her. >> i asked her.i asked her. no, i'm hoping to meet someone the old-fashioned way. >> the leaves are turning. ottoman the garden state, baby.
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one of the many cool things you can do. >> this weekend should be the perfect weekend for getting out is still works, butworks, but only once a year to these presses run and make cider. will go inside and have a look. >> it was here. all the way back here.
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>> it was actually an illegal still. >> and you want to process that. taking it to new york to sell it during prohibition. charge extra because everyone still wants the stuff and will buy it. >> like this. 150 years old. if you need a knew one, it might take a little bit of research. the working piece of history. preserving a facility like this, a couple of reasons, there are no others like it
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and it's not that well-known. >> the mechanical equipment is what enables the industrial revolution. we out this you would not be holding a camera in your hand taking my picture. it would not have evolved fast enough. with this equipment you can run tooling equipment, cutting equipment come all kinds of things. >> pressing apples and decided this saturday from 1:00 o'clock to four o'clock. it will cost you seven kids under get in free, and make sure to use a jug. if you have any questions, hit us up on twitter. >> that's it. >> excellent. ♪ >> still hearing the course of run joe run. >> he is really being pushed by democratic establishment leaders is because hillary clinton -- >> what will happen to that powerful coalition.
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♪ >> just pulled off the new jersey turnpike north right before exit 15 w a tractor-trailer flipped over a guardrail. i have never seen so much black, thick smoke floating over an accident scene. already dissipating.
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now, the group that is trying to get them to jump into the race, super pack. they kicked her operation into high gear. >> my wife and three children were christmas shopping. kill my wife into my daughter. focusing on my sons, i found my redemption. >> the vp hasvice president has said he is considering, but no formal decision seven made. kicking things into high gear. company spectrum ask out on long island. he told me on monday the 2016 race is biden's chance. >> i think the two most important qualities are
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authenticity and honesty. that has always been his dream. >> cooper knows how to pick winners. in 2007 he made2,007 he made the fateful decision to support illinois senator barack obama over clinton and obama praising over a million dollars for the obama biden ticket. with all the attention, it attention, it seems like that is more of a possibility them before. it is very hard to get that angry or have that kind of political animosity.
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>> hillary clinton is so weak, and her personality is the opposite of joe biden. uninspiring, not relatable, not real to people. the reason he is such a huge factora huge factor in this race is because hillary is falling quickly. >> one of the things we are looking at is the question in the democratic party as what will happen to that powerful coalition that was able to propel us into the white house, hillary's grip on that coalition is tenuous at best. hearing people, people of color, latinos. i think everyone knows that the democratic party will be able to use the extremely high -- the extreme popularity of barack obama
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as a party, we would hate to see that wasted. bill: you have been chasing the governor for months. how do you think this impacts the republican field? >> it changes the race completely. the republicans have so much to figure out. the thing to think about, zero biden entering the race split between hillary and biden voters. >> he put his best shot out there. bill: there is an emotion and anger.
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>> tom hanks is the some have even called him america's dad. further proof. he stammered upon of florida students id he tweeted, line, i found your student id in the park. if you still need it caught my office will get it to you. this all happened when she stopped to take a selfie. bill: millennial problems. >> laughed at her mom in an interview earlier this week saying that she is a pot smoking phony who is completely different. there were also some really interesting personal facts about rosie that affect her child custody battle. >> i met of newbridge worth
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♪ >> tuesday night in philadelphia at festival pier. musiciansmusicians included popstar john mendez, sterling, aesop rocky, and my favorite. originally in the lineup but had to cancel due to a motorcycle accident last week. for partnered to give away free tickets to attendees who take action to end extreme global poverty. >> a car accident leads to parallelization from the waist down. the disability will leave
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most people feeling limited. i met a native who is not most people. ♪ >> meat alley stroker, the very 1st wheelchair-bound actor and broadway history, and bound is not the way she feels. >> a dream come true for me. >> i chased this story to the heart of broadway. part of the cast of spring awakening. spring awakening is a well-known site 1st performed on broadway in 2007 and was a critically acclaimed success. this was played in an entirely different direction
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>> the ultimate in your industry. he faced anything that you have not been able to overcome in this industry? >> that is a good question. >> important to note that has nothing to do with the player. that is exactly what the director said, she just blew them away. >> there will be young girls at home. what is your advice to them. >> there are so many different ways to get to your final destination. if one door closes another will open. >> you can go see this production and understand exactly what is going on. >> it helps you to understand a couple of basic moves. >> let's try love.
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and then -- >> hard for me to do. >> what is this? ♪ bill: want to own stock in a strip club? now you can. next "chasing news" ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> it's going to be a cool but comfortable night across the region. i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. look at your seven day forecast. for your thursday, 72 degrees. it will be very comfortable. start off with a few clouds. friday 78 with afternoon showe showers. maybe a few rumbles of thunder and some wind. cooler saturday. nice for the birds sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures staying comfortable with some sun shine. se for life...
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(giggles) d'oh! (grunts) woo-hoo! (screams) d'oh! and i regret to inform you that our soviet sister city, springograd, has disappeared from the map. now, i'd like to welcome our beloved four-time mayor, hans moleman! (applause)


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