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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 8, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. this morning, only on fox, local and federal investigators are putting the squeeze on violent gang, hear from the mother of one of those victims as she fights for justice for her son. good morning. >> reporter: i'm quoted ozzie osborne twice on good day philadelphia, first quoting mick jaggar, we have rats on the west side, bed bugs uptown, what a mess, i'm in tatters, i've been shattered. yes, more bed bugs across the street from city hall this time. dave? >> reporter: and good morning to you, we're in southwest philadelphia where fire crews are still on the scene of a blaze, three alarm fire, that gut add warehouse, and now we
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learn a fire fight is her in the hospital. we'll have an update coming up in a few minutes. >> dave kinchen, thanks so much. body in mercer county finally identified after being discovered in a park. why police say the woman's death was no accident. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, october 8th, 2015. chris murphy has the day off. soap, i'm here in the studio hanging with the fellows. scott williams, bob kelly, let's start with scott with traffic. it's been a good week so far. >> good thursday morning to you, high, everyone, looking pretty good here. take a look at the satellite and radar. it is dry, it is quiet tan will stay that way for today. temperatures pretty comfortable, as well. look at this, 06 degrees right now philadelphia, winds are calm, humidity up there little bit at 86%, little cooler north and west, 49 degrees, that's the current temperature, mount pocono, 50 in allentown as well as pottstown. mid 50's, good morning, wilmington, delaware, 57 degrees right now in dover. here is a look at the thursday planner. this morning, it is quiet, comfortable, then looking good
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for lunch. upper 60s, 74 degrees, will be the high temperature, by this afternoon. take a look at those headlines, nice thursday, showers tomorrow. the timing that far with the seven day forecast all coming up. what about conditions on the roadways this thursday morning? bob kelly? >> yes, did he say he was treating for lunch? nice day to treat for lunch. i thought that's what i -- we have to roll the tape back again, but good morning, off to good start. 4:02, on this thursday morning. speedometer readings in the 50's, 37 degrees rolling along 73 for the shaders over there. we zoom on into our top story. also a left over from last night. this three alarm fire in southwest philadelphia, i know dave is standing by to give us the latest, but it is all centered around 70th and cobbs creek parkway. that's where you will probably see a lot of fire detours through at least the first half of our morning rush hour. coming in from new jersey, northbound, 42, open, but the ramps to 295 north are
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blocked, until about 6:00. that's all due to construction. either going to flip the u-turn laverne, head south, turn it around, or use the black horse pike if you are coming up toward the walt whitman bridge. patco making changes both today and tomorrow. they are running on special schedule all due to track work. make sure you have the right schedule as you get ready to step out the front door for the trains. otherwise, major roadways, few construction crews still out there like here on the blue route near the mcdade boulevard interchange, pennsylvania turnpike, working between the delaware valley interchange and ft. washington. but so far no major delays. and septa using shuttle buses, colmar, over to doylestown, during the midday, and outside we go, to one of the many left over construction zones, this is i-95 up in the levittown area, the off ramp for route 413. they got one lane getting through, the cones are down, and at this hour, it is light volume. but just be ready to hit the brakes as you roll through any of the construction zones.
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downtown we go. live look at the vin vine with no delays. first check of the airport, looking good down at philadelphia international airport. lauren back to you. >> this story sure to make you scratch. bed bug sent a worker to the hospital. went after her on the job. steve keeley live at the municipal workers building with more on this story. steve? >> reporter: we have loyal viewers, didn't they just report this at city hall? yes, the 311 call center just couple of weeks ago had to get exterminated because of bed bugs, now right across the street more city workers called the msb building, for the city hall municipal services building, thousands every city office workers are in this building and one of those thousands up on the fifth floor and all of her co-workers wonder if the bed bugs just somehow walked across the street and into the place they work. exterminators here until 8:30 last night sprague the fifth floor and other floors where the employee in the revenue
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department went to hahnemann hospital and said she had some unusual source or bites on her legs, and the doctor said hey, you are gotten bitten by bed bugs. that's why the city out after bun dance of caution, word and phrase we use so much when we talk to these city officials these days decided to spray, even though no bed bugs were fawn. here are some of the reactions of some of the workers. >> i hope i'm not taking nothing home. >> what did they tell you today? >> to pull our stuff up off the floor so the exterminators to come in and spray, because of, how did they put it, creatures. what happens now, we've been up therefore the last eight, nine hours, we want to take it home? that doesn't save us. that don't safeguard us right now. >> i'm very concerned, very concerned. i don't want to take any that far home with me for sure. >> i think that the buildings, the building should have been shutdown. it should have been sprayed.
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bed bugs are not in one place, like they, god knows where they are right now. >> reporter: the reason they were upset, their co-worker was bitten and affected tuesday, they are wondering why they had to go in yesterday, wednesday, and you got to wonder, lauren, even though the city tells us that the offices are going to be open as usual today, whether these workers may be using a sick day, a personal day, or maybe just calling their union representative and saying hey, do we have to go back to work? we don't know if it is safe, plus who wants to work around adjust sprayed with extermination poison office. so the city says everything is cool, everything is safe. they wouldn't let the workers back if they didn't think it was. remember this is a problem that is all around the city, septa had to pull three buses off the streets, lauren, also recently because bed bugs were found on the buses without paying the fare, by the way. >> creepy crawlers, steve keeley. thanks so much. >> three alarm fire at vacant warehouse in southwest philadelphia since a firefighter to the hospital. dave kinchen live right now with new details.
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hi, dave. >> reporter: hi, lauren, good morning to you. we have learned a philadelphia fire fight is her in the hospital for unknown reasons after battling this three alarm fire. we're here at 70th and cobbs creek parkway, and as we go to skyfox video, you'll see firefighters working on this fire. they are still here right now even looking at hot spot. but last night, they were really working on this since the fire broke out at 8:30 last night in a abandoned warehouse behind al toast son company t went to two alarms after 9:00 last night. finally third alarm was struck before 10:00 p.m. requesting all hands with major fire on the roof that was hard to reach firefighters had to use an aerial apparatus just to get to the fire up there. all of those hard to reach places. houses across the street did not suffer any damage, and we know that besides one firefighter being hospitalized for unknown reasons, firefighters did not report any injuries on the grounds, but again, fire fight remembers still here on the scene, mainly looking for hot
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spot. right now, possibly watching for structural integrity whatever may be left of the building at this time. lauren? >> man, thanks, dave. mercy err county prosecutor office says the body of 38 year old jessica was discovered in a weeded area of roebling park. they would not say how the wife and mother was killed. acquaintance of the victim had this to say about the shocking discovery. >> like i said, she grew up with my daughter, they used to play outside all the time when they were younger, terrible, i thought it was terrible it, i hope they do something with that. >> anyone with information should call hamilton township police or the mercer county prosecutor's office. two preschoolers walked right out of a philadelphia school without anyone noticing them. thankfully the brother are okay. yesterday afternoon, three and four year year old ten ron
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whitehead somehow walked home alone from whoos err elementary school in germantown. fortunately two brother new their way home since mom and dad walked them to school every day and they new to stop at red lights just like dad taught them. >> i'm just thanking god that my kids is hereby the grace of god. if i had not been home, if my kids came down and running my bell, where would they be at right now? >> the school district acknowledges it dropped the ball and said it is reviewing its policies. they think the nearby boys and girls club of germantown mistakenly picked the young brothers up, however, the boys and girls club say they saw the brother outside and were just trying to help. >> montgomery county mom pleads guilty accused of giving heroin to her teenage daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. this is video from last october when patricia sue davenport was arrested. police say she brought her 15 year old and eight year old stepsons along with her to buy the drugs for month according to police, it wasn't just heroin. she also bought cocaine,
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prescription drugsment investigators say she then showed her daughter how to use the drugs. davenport pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare after child and possession with intent to deliver. >> meanwhile, chester county mom is still in jail on $50,000 bail, she is april cured of injecting her daughter and another teenager with heroin. jessica lynn riff i and her boyfriends, were arrested this week, the teens are in custody of family members. >> he gave his life pro ticking and serving others, now the philadelphia police department is honoring sergeant wilson sacrifice, dedicated police hero plaque to him in a special ceremony held yesterday. it is one of several honors he's received. the metal of honor and the metal of valor are a few others. the plaque itself is the 116th of it kind, and the second one dedicated in 2015. robbers shot and killed sergeant wilson at game stop in north philly last march. he was there buying a birthday gift for his son. >> historic cruise ship in philadelphia could ends up on
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the scrap heat. ss serving is he, sent sos to supporters saying monthly expenses have gotten too high. non-profit needs more than $60,000 a month. the group is now exploring selling the ship to a metal recycler. the ss united states was once the world's fastest ocean liner. >> 4:11 this morning. officer areas body camera records a violent scene as five police officers draw their weapons on a man with a gun. why the police showed great restraint, as only on fox, the grieving mother talks to us about finding justice for her family after a violent gang took the life of her son.
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>> 790-foot ship came across 130-mile per hour winds, and 50-foot waves. coast guard found empty life raft, empty survival suits, and other debris. the ship sang last week, during hurricane joaquin. man, the effect felt all over the east coast last week, scott. >> finally getting a break in the open waters of the atlantic, and the tropics, but no break-in our nice weather t continues for your thursday. yesterday was nice. so how about another ten, lauren johnson? looking pretty good, right? i mean, it was a little cloudy to start out there, some folks had some doubt about that ten, but did come later on in the afternoon. right now, 06 degrees, looking
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pretty good in center city. winds are calm, humidity up there at 86%. look at the temperatures north and west, little cool they are morning, due to the lack of clouds that we have out there. yesterday morning, we had temperatures kind of in the upper 50's, to right around 06 degrees with few more clouds, 50 in pottstown, 50 degrees in allentown, upper 40's in the pocono mountain. 50 degrees in atlantic city. fifty-seven to you in dover this morning. and as we take a look, at the satellite and radar, you can see, fairly quiet, dry, and it looks like we will keep sun and clouds today, however, take a look at this system off to the west. this is the front that will bring us some scattered showers, maybe a rumble every thunder for your friday, but as we go hour by hour, dry today, mixture of sun and clouds, and then as we approach your friday morning, increasing clouds out there. kind of mild and mug toy start tomorrow morning but off to the north and west that is the front, the green, the showers, most of won't arrive until about
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2:00, approaching the i-95 corridor, by 5:00. keep that in mind. does not look like a wash out. talking probably quarter of an inch to half inch of rain before all is said and done, then moves out of here as we approach your late friday overnight into saturday. ushering in some cooler, and drier conditions behind that system. so as we run the clock, you can see, on average, looking at about quarter of an inch, to half inch, maybe a little over achieving as we move into sections of south jersey. so, for today, looking pretty good area wide. looking at mixture of sun and clouds, 74 degrees, the high temperature in center city. and the weather authority seven day forecast showing you p.m. showers, maybe rumble every thunder, but the upcoming weekends, bob kelly, looking good, a lot of activities this weekend. >> you know it, barbeque at your house i think? >> that's right. you're invited, so is lauren. >> oh, look at that, see that? >> we have plans, bob kelly. >> and we have that on tape, too. good morning, everybody, 4:16. getting ready to grab your lunch and your coffee and headed out the front door, no problems on the blue route.
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476 looking good. route one as you roll through chester, delaware county, all in good shape. we zoom into the fire that three alarm their dave was on the scene from last night, 70th and cobbs creek parkway, with three alarm ers, that's a lot of fire equipment. here is a scene from yesterday. take a lock at this. this is northbound on the new jersey turnpike just outside of new york city last night. actually the late afternoon, during the evening rush hour, and overturned tanker, burst into flames, shutting down traffic on the new jersey turnpike, folks are out of their cars trying to get home for the evening rush hour. so if you knew anyone headed to up new york yesterday afternoon, they were most likely delayed. good news roadway reopened this morning. going back to the maps here, again, speaking of fires, cobbs creek parkway, with a lot of fire equipment, three alarm ers, expect detours in the area through the morning rush hour, then construction
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crews are still out there, north along two # five, working on the ramps to the 42 freeway, until about 6:00 or so. same deal, 42 north, if you are coming in toward philadelphia, trying to access northbound 295, that ramp blocked until 6:00. use the black horse pike, as your alternate, to get to up 295 then for the gang in northeast philadelphia, still working on the boulevard. inner drive blocked between woodward and rhawn. all part of the paving operation. so the outer drive is open. just watch for a brake tap, as they push into the cross-overs there. here is a live look at woodhaven road, in northeast philadelphia. near route one, again, overnight paving still out there with us. no problems on the benny. nice and quiet as you work your way from camden into downtown. lauren, back over to you. >> easy commute. thanks, bob. federal local authority are targeting notorious street gang in northwest philadelphia, now going public trying to take them down. fox 29's dave schratwieser has the story you'll see only on
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fox. >> he was a good son. he is a loving person. he was a jokester. he loved to make people laugh. >> markell wright was innocent bystander caught in the crossfire, as two rival gangs opened fire outside this corner store at 53rd and greenway, three years ago. thirty-eight shots were fired. markell lost his life at the age of 22. >> here is the story of the family. you take the life, you take a life from a whole family. >> five more murders in recent months. now the atf and philadelphia police are putting up these flyers in the very neighborhood where markell was senselessly killed. investigators want the public's help as they target the greenway guerrilla street gang on their home turf. >> a group like this out there helping them from violence, they have access to guns, and feuding over money for drugs, it can get ugly. >> the flyers went up wednesday on light polls and storefronts, many neighbors, like richard steven son, came home to find the flyers in their mailbox, or stuffed in their front door. >> i am really surprised about
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this. this organization, no, i don't believe it, i don't. >> going to be people that live around here, people that live in other hoods, just come and hang around, and that's how the problem start. >> investigators say the greenway guerillas rule with fear, and they're behind the recent spree of violence. a 21 year old lost his life in a hail of gunfire here on wilton street, back in july, they were still bullet holes in the storefront where markell wright was murdered during gun fight between the guerillas and another gang. >> the thoughts of what could have been, what should have been, if i was there, if they weren't there. >> belief in markell's mom believe the public can help in the gang violence here, and perhaps save a life. >> always try to look at it like what if it was me? put yourself in somebody else's shoes. and then you will come up with the answer to do the right thing. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, "fox 29 news". >> markell's birthday is actually this saturday. police believe there are 15 to
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20 members of the gang, some already in jail, they hope the community will stand up and help drive this gang out. >> watch this dramatic body cam video out of cleveland. it is five police officers draw their weapons on man with a gun. investigators say on march 11, 64 year old theodore johnson shot an officer in his bulletproof vest. not once but twice. the officer got back on his feet, then even tried to calm the gunman down. police say johnson then raised his weapon and the officers shot and killed him. prosecutors now say the cops involved showed remarkable restraint and were left with no choice but to open fire. >> the eagles, one and three, back at home this weekend, taking on the saints. what about the play-offs? is that just a dream now? we'll talk about it, but first here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> eagles are one and three. one and four, no, not good. the eagles play new orleans, they're four and a half point favorites here, many of the players i spoke to yesterday, know they can't look at anyone but themselves. >> all i can really say if i was going to really be critique, really critique, would it be on my end as an individual, i know i have to get better.
4:25 am
so there are things i can do to help out this team. i think everybody should look in the mirror, find out a way to get us off and going. >> well, that near better have a w in it. so the players are not happy. fans are not happy either. the players know what when that happens at a game, oh, oh,. >> i don't think they were happen which our start against dallas, but it is one of the things we're not happen which either. we're just as frustrate the obviously, doing everything we can to try to get it fixed. you know, obviously not fun going into half time trying to figure out how we're going to dig ourselves out after hole that we've put ourselves in. >> oh, that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. >> the giant fine for fighting, beckham finds nearly $9,000, according to espn. he says he plans to appeal the fine. game footage showed beckham throwing a punch at bill's safety duke williams in the fourth quarter. during the game he was not penalized for un sport man like conduct. reporters reached out to tom cock lynn about it. jordan from said cock
4:26 am
lynn said beckham is emotional guy, really likes the way he's been blogging. ralph from new york daily news said cough lynn told him obviously i was disappointed because i think he's beyond and above a lot of that stuff. >> okay, so, most basketball fawns either love or hate him, talking kobe bryant. many react to go new rang that placed him pretty far down the list. here are his stats according to espn. com. puts kobe at 93 on the top players list. that puts him in the top quarter of players, but even though he was injured most of last season, you have to consider bryant was one of only five players, last season, to average 22 points a game. so far no response from kobe about his response on this year's list. one company trying to change the way on line retailers do business. why this company says fashion should be about style and not size. >> and sex can make you healthier. the new study that could change your plans before bed time. ññ
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>> empire fans, listen up. took yaz even by surprise. look at quincy behind the scenes. super flyers flying through the big apple.
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historical society opens new superheros at got ham exhibit. good day, it is thursday, october 8th, 2015. chris murphy has the day off. sue serio been off this week. scott williams has filled in. boy, did you get an easy week, scott williams. >> yes, i think everyone is taking days off because of this nice weather. i mean, yesterday was a ten. today is going to be another nice one out there. pretty comfortable to start. bus stop buddy just has on little light jacket out there this morning. temperatures in center city right around 06 degrees. right now, 60. winds calm, humidity little hyatt 86%. little cooler as you head north and west. we have 50 in allentown, ooh degrees right now in pottstown, good morning to you, in berks county, reading, looking at low 50's, mid 50's in wilmington, low 50's in millville. 74 degrees, that will be the high temperature by this afternoon. so, another nice day. tonight, temperatures dip into the upper 50's. we call it partly cloudy, coming up i'm tracking some rain, for your friday, will it move out in time for the weekend? details with the seven day all coming up.
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>> how are the roads ways out there this thursday morning, snob. >> not bad at all. 5:30, one exactly we call it on this thursday morning. the -- 95 looking good, little slow going working your way through the construction zones. no problems along 73, 295, looking good. going to zoom on in to this level over from last night, the three alarm err that took over southwest philly. dave standing by, to give us the latest details, but watch for local detours, this morning, in the area of 07 ' and cobbs creek parkway. also, the roosevelt boulevard in the northeast, between woodward and rhawn. the inner drives are closed in both directions, folks pushed to the outer drive. that's the overnight paving project. northbound 295, as you work your way in toward bellmawr. construction crews out there with only one lane open. and the same deal along north 42, work your way in toward philadelphia, trying to go north on 295 that ramp blocked until 6:00. you can either access it by
4:32 am
going up toward route 130, or just use the black horse pike, again, until about 6:00 this morning. patco high-speed line, grab yourself new timetable. they got special schedule both today and tomorrow, part of the track work, construction project there, then going north 95, south, to and from the airport. later today jump in news van, head to the mercer cafe and the navy yard for breakfast, in the morning, from 9:00 to 10:00. come on by, bring the kids, have the tv cameras, we go live beginning at 9:00 down there, in the navy yard, then the shuttle bus service continues along the lansdale-doylestown line. during the midday between colmar and doylestown, one of the left-over construction project here, route 100 in chester county, the stretch from the turnpike and downingtown, up to 113, again, just single lane patterns, for maybe another half hour or so. lauren, back over to you. >> bed bug scare in center city this morning, exterminators spent the night fume gating the municipal
4:33 am
services building after she said she was bitten. steve keeley live for thus morning with more on this story. hi, steve. >> lauren, philadelphia city work remembers starting to wonder whether they got to look like william penn atop city hall or the frank rizzo statue across the street and where a coat of bronze, like those two guys do, here, and the frank rizzo statue stands in front of the municipal services building, msb, as is commonly known by the thousands of city while collar worker here, that building last night, got exterminated until about 8:30, after attacks collection worker on the fifth floor, got treated for what doctors determined to be bites from bed bugs, that was just 19 days after the staffers across the street here at city hall in the 311 call center, also found bed bugs. >> one of our employees was bitten by bed bugs, went to the hospital, came back with the report that her bites on her leg were bed bug bites. >> i hope i ain't take nothing
4:34 am
home. >> what did they tell you today? >> to pull our stuff up off the floors so our ex it earl nature ores could come in and spray because how did they put it, creatures. >> i'm very concerned, very concerned. i don't want to take any that far home with me for sure. >> it will be sprayed tonight. what happens now, we've been up there for the last eight, nine hours, we want to take them home? that don't save us, that don't safeguard us right now. >> what would one of those tough probing fox 29 investigative report like this be without a good conspiracy theory, lauren, because it is the department of revenue, really nice way of describing philadelphia tax collectors, some wonder whether maybe, possibly, hey, stranger things have happened before if an angry taxpayer came in to either dispute or pay his taxes, and then maybe unleash those little crawly visitors inside to take a bite out of the people who have been taken a big bite out of his bank account. how about that? >> that's a conspiracy theory,
4:35 am
could cause an infestation. >> steve keeley, all right. hall of fame wrestler jim, jimmy super fly, will be headed for trial for murders. his lawyers decided to bypass preliminary hearing, to gather transcript and other evidence. in 1983 they say he killed his 23 year old girlfriends, his wrestler has maintained his innocence. investigators reopened the case against him last year saying inconsistencies in his autobiography raise new questions. >> the last two men involved in the kidnapping of jewelry store employee have pleaded guilty earlier this year, the three men trying to rob the national diamond and exchange jewelry store over by eighth and market. police say the men watched the victim walk to her car, that's when they assaulted her, taits dollars her, and kidnapped her. they each face maximum of life in prison, and $750,000 in fines. >> they're known for being progressive. why one fashion retailer wants to you toss away all the labels.
4:36 am
[woman] hey, amy! [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this? [man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis. [man] with a private dock! [amy] beautiful! [woman] and a house on the lake! [amy] the house looks great, you two! [in unison] thanks! the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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>> nor inclusive, removing plus size section on website, they're phone for being progressive. recently hire their first transgender model now taking on the label plus size, now no real use besides ugly. they say clothe should be about style, not size. they got rid of the entire section, and started selling, what would otherwise be called plus size clothing along with
4:39 am
its regular catalogue. they are opening other retail letters do the same. macy center city helping showcase the talent of three fashion designers. their creations are part of the store's pop up shops. for the next few days, shoppers can get their hands on the designer's handbags, shoes, and jewelry, it is part of the sister cities program between philadelphia and florence. >> having sex often may boost yourself in other areas. half of the women who participated were sexually active, the other half had no sex at all. not only did the sexually active women have stronger immune systems, fertility rates increased making it more likely they could become pregnant if they wanted to. the researchers are still working on exactly why more sex seems to make women healthier and more fertile. researchers found smokers were
4:40 am
twice as likely as non-smoketree stop drinking again there is helps even after researchers accounted for outside factors, such as mood, anxiety disorders, illegal drug use, nicotine dependence, however, not clear why smoking seems to increase the risk of relapse, for recovering alcoholics. this study appears in the journal alcoholism experimental and clinical research. why did the school suspend him in the first place? for staring at another student in. >> the perception, he intimidated her. >> this mom would not awe lay her to go on camera, other student said she felt threatened, so the school suspended the boy, his parents took the school to court, but judge justice missed the case, court document, cincinnati school says the punishment is consistent with its hands book, the school won't comment on the judge's decision, the parent haven't decided whether to appeal.
4:41 am
lady gaga made her debut on american horror story, why some are calling her performance her greatest re invention yet. >> and he plays the youngest son of the ruthless music mogel lucious lion. ex-wife cookie, west philly's own, yaz, gives us an inside look at the set of empire.
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did you see empire last night? i was sleeping, but everybody is talking about it on social media. let us know what you think about season two so far. taking a look at our camera atop the united way building looking at the ben franklin parkway. hey tomorrow we want you to join us as we salute the troops, it is military day here on fox 29. we want you to come down to the station, fourth and market, we are going to shut this entire block down, and have a huge party, to honor the men and women who serve our country. that's tomorrow, from 7:00 until 10:00 a.m. so now we ask the question, scott williams, what's the weather going to look like? >> i can tell you, it will be mild, will be few more clouds tomorrow morning. but it looks like the rain for friday, is going to hold off until the afternoon. so come on out, see us, as we salute the military. they certainly deserve t as far as conditions today, it will be nice. looking at another ten.
4:45 am
we are talking about scattered showers, tomorrow afternoon, and evening. now that will usher in cooler upcoming weekend, definitely will start to feel like fall. temperatures right now little cool north and west. upper 40's in the pocono mountains, 51 degrees, good morning to you, mercer county, trenton, looking at numbers in wilmington, delaware. 55 degrees, we have 50 right now in atlantic city. low 50's in wildwood and millville. as far as what's happening on the satelite and radar, absolutely nothing. pretty quiet. few passing clouds out there this morning. not as many clouds as we saw yesterday to start. take a look off to the west. this is the front and some moisture that will move in our direction for your friday. once again, the timing mainly after about 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon north and west. so overnight tonight, it is quiet, we move toward your friday morning, see mostly cloudy skies out there, but once again we should stay dry for the first part of the day. but watch that front, and moisture, off to the west, continue to approach the area, primarily during the afternoon
4:46 am
here's 5:00. so just keep that in mind for your friday afternoon and evening plans. you might be dodging couple of showers, maybe rumble every thunder, but this front will be progressive. getting out of here in time for the upcoming weekends, tailgating going on, the temple game saturday, then of course the birds sunday, looks like fall football weather. so roll the clock ahead, you can see talking on average about quarter of an inch, to half inch of rainfall out of this system. remember, joaquin it, continues to head across the open waters of the atlantic. continuing to weaken, however, as we move toward the upcoming weekends, take a look at this. it will make a run toward portugal as well as madrid. so as far as what's happening around here. area wide, we give it a ten. seven day forecast shows afternoon, evening showers friday, then clearing out, much cooler by upcoming weekend, them for sunday, looking at temperatures topping outright around
4:47 am
68 degrees, monday, looking good for columbus day, and the flyers opener, and then temperatures pretty seasonable by tuesday and wednesday. bob? >> hey, scotty, good morning, 4:47. still work crews out there this early start to a thursday. this is live look at route one, up in bucks county, right near maple avenue. again, the crews loving the cooler temps on the overnight. south on 995, good shape. no problems from cottman into center city. no problems as you roll up and down 202, through painters crossing or coming up 95 delaware county. still low deal tours for the morning rush hour in the area of 70th and cobbs creek parkway with three alarm ers, that's a lot of fire host we have to rollback up. probably like ten pieces of equipment for every alarm, so looking like 30 firetrucks out in the area. northbound, northeast extension we pull out of the toll plaza and head north, up toward quakertown, there is a
4:48 am
couple of different construction spots along the way between mid-county, up to the q town interchange. and they're paving on the boulevard, this morning, woodward to rhawn, left over from last night, the inner drive still blocked, until about 6:00 or so. and then, coming in from north -- south jersey, north on 295, the work crews here, as you approach the 42 freeway, they're also working out here along 42, on the ramps, to 295, i just got word, they just opened up that ramp. that's good news for folks that are headed up through bellmawr, trying to head in toward that walt whitman bridge. but, if you use patco, heads up. today there is a special schedule that's in play, both today, and tomorrow, that's all due to the track work there on the patco high-speed line. lauren, back to you. >> he plays the youngest son on empire. philly's own yaz, spills some secrets about the hit show to our very own quincy harris and he heads back stage on the set. >> the biggest show on tv is
4:49 am
is that. >> one-on-one with gray, a/k/a yaz, a/k/a hakeem lion, in chicago on the set of empire. >> had couple of great scene, tianah, just fun. >> the west philadelphia rapper turned actor was shot, then naomi campbell was his love interest. >> laying on the pool table, literally, laying on the pool table. she walks in the door. i didn't know, you know, supposed to be macy gray, she walks in, i'm blown away. >> and, you know, we start talking, chemistry builds, from there, camilla, great scene. >> this is the area where cookie and boo-boo kitty has a fight. >> yes, season two will be even better than season one. >> season two is like season one on steroids.
4:50 am
>> we need to do exclusive behind the scenes for our views out thereof empire, we've already seen hakeem like lion den. can we go around some other places in. >> let's roll. this is the director station, where all of the directors and producers. >> so cut. >> over here, cut. cut. >> cut, cut, cut. we need to you do this, we need to you do that. >> you know how you made it? >> how? >> right here. i see the yaz, this is your own customized like chair right there. >> god is good. >> to the hair department, and just like a barber shop, we run into a friend. >> plan? >> one of the greatest bashers. >> hello, nolan.
4:51 am
>> takes an hour to do the yaz hakeem haircut. >> the look, unique, retro, high top, urban, he is creating his own style. so the young kids can mimic. >> i told nolan, every time i go on the road i see little kids come up to me, they got the same part from the episode. so like it is crazy, the movement. >> i thought it would be cool. you give us one word that describes this season thus far. >> what's one word that describes the season? >> unpredictable. >> quincy harris, "fox 29 news". >> that will make you watch. all right, good job, quincy. lady gaga is back, pop star showing off her chops on hit show american horror story. critics calling her performance her greatest re invention yet. two years ago, people say the singer looked defeated after a disappointing albumn. she then went back to the basic, jazz due wet tony bennett, other project, showing off her powerhouse voice. last night's premiere of horror story, she took on new
4:52 am
role, actress, to proof ma that she is not only that, but she is a triple threat. >> the week sends near. how about a trip to new york city? the action packed superhero exhibit for the entire family.
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> ♪ new york ♪ >> so we're showing you, or we were showing you, yes, that's the video from last friday. this is my facebook page. so many times people on instagram, twitter, are you on
4:55 am
facebook? i can't find you. it is so easy, lauren johnson fox 29. i think everyone here first name, last name, fox 29. you should fine all of us, go to our pages, see our crazy behind the scene pictures, and other stuff going on in our lives. let's stick with new york. super heroes taking over new york city. the superheros and got ham exhibit is on display at the new york historical society. visitors to the museum will see batmobile from the batman television series in 1966. also, on display, costumes, comic books and sketches of superman, batman, captain america, spiderman and more. the exhibit showcases how they got their start in new york in the 1930's, and developed into a cultural phenomenon. this is an exhibition that really traces the roots of the superhero, to new york's own history. it is in all respects very new york story, american story, because america really pioneered the concept of
4:56 am
someone who had super heroic powers to address evil, whatever the evil might have been that was be falling human beings at the time. >> the exhibit opens to the public tomorrow. just gotten an lot more vibrant. sneak peak at lavender heights district, sib i hub of gay pride and cult europe. saturday is this grand celebration of the lgbt friendly design, crosswalks were modelled after ones in other cities like san francisco, seattle, west hollywood. philadelphia also has crosswalk in what being many call the gayborhood. those who picketed at independence hall in 196 a for lgbt city rights were the first to walk the rainbow. they worked hard to bring this rainbow to our city. >> 4:56. rupert murdoch praising ben carson and his wife on
4:57 am
twitter. but then he said something about our current president. we'll tell you what might shock you.
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. local and federal investigators hoping to close in on a violent gang, and one mother is making her plea, as she fight for justice for her son. good morning, steve. >> reporter: the fight is against bed bugs in
5:00 am
philadelphia, for the third time in less than a month now, lauren, we've bed bugs in the headlines. septa buses on september 10th, then the 311 call center just a week after that. and now, a new place, here, near city hall. we'll tell you where. dave? >> a philadelphia firefighter in the hospital after battling three alarm fire in philadelphia. we'll tell you what we know about the firefighter's condition and the blaze they were battling, lauren? >> that's a big blaze. body in mercer county finally identified after being discovered in a park. why police say the woman's death was no accident. good day, it is thursday, october 8th, 2015. chris murphy has the day off. could it be, scott william, that he stayed up late last night watching empire? because when i woke up, my time line was flooded with empire comment. but do you have scroll through them, because you can't see it. >> exactly, like the cool emoji, right? >> yes. >> probably a combination of both. empire as well as i think he knew tha


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