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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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philadelphia, for the third time in less than a month now, lauren, we've bed bugs in the headlines. septa buses on september 10th, then the 311 call center just a week after that. and now, a new place, here, near city hall. we'll tell you where. dave? >> a philadelphia firefighter in the hospital after battling three alarm fire in philadelphia. we'll tell you what we know about the firefighter's condition and the blaze they were battling, lauren? >> that's a big blaze. body in mercer county finally identified after being discovered in a park. why police say the woman's death was no accident. good day, it is thursday, october 8th, 2015. chris murphy has the day off. could it be, scott william, that he stayed up late last night watching empire? because when i woke up, my time line was flooded with empire comment. but do you have scroll through them, because you can't see it. >> exactly, like the cool emoji, right? >> yes. >> probably a combination of both. empire as well as i think he knew that today was going to
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be another ten. , take a look for your thursday, yesterday morning clouds, giving way to sunshine, today similar, couple of clouds, bus stop buddy just has the light jacket on, 06 degrees right now in center city, winds cam, humidity hyatt 83%, look at temperatures little north and west, cooler right now, into the upper 40's for allentown, pottstown, good morning to you, reading, folks waking one us in wilmington, delaware, five a degrees, low 50's atlantic city as well as millville, a look at your planner this morning, quiet, comfort tonight start. just light jacket or sweater should suffice. looking good, temperatures by lunch nearing 07 degrees, and by this afternoon, what about 74 degrees for your high temperature? satellite and radar, once again, pretty quiet. but coming up we track our next system, bob kelly, that could bring some rainfall, our way. >> hey, scotty, 50:00 -- call
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it 5:02 this thursday morning. good morning, everybody, looking good here, along route 309. got some left over construction, right near welsh rd., most of the overnight construction crews picking up the cones, and heading on home. no problems up and down i-95, 202, as you roll through west chester last night, we had the three alarm earn, i know dave is standing by to give us more details, and updated situation on that firefighter, but, watch for local detours this morning, in the area of 70th and cobbs creek parkway. they're still working on the northeast extension, again maybe another hour or so, between mid-county, all the way up through the quakertown interchange. couple of different spots, along the way. and then northeast philadelphia, the overnight paving still out here on the boulevard, between woodward and rhawn, the inner drive is blocked for maybe another hour or so. coming in from south jersey, 295, where it meets up with 42, that hot bed of construction, one lane block, as you head into bellmawr. schuylkill, looking good right
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now. but, heads up. later tonight, they're going to shut down the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway for the next five night. here is the project. closing at eastbound, at university, and everyone will have to be push off and use the university ave., 34th street bridge, all due to re-paving project here. later at about 10:00. right now mass transit looking good, no delays, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. , bed bug scare cents a city worker to the hospital. she said the blood suckers went after her on the job. steve keeley live at the municipal services building in center city where they have popped up now, hi, steve. >> after all, it is the creepy crawler creature time of year halloween, right? usually, the stuff you see like spiders, are made out of cardboard, plastic or paper. and they don't bite. but, real bed bugs do. one philly city worker, got
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tricked by one, then treated, at hahnemann hospital. this 19 days after bed bugs shut down the city hall 311 call center, some must have just crawled across jfk boulevard, got past security, then took the elevator at the msb building up to the fifth floor, where they managed to get into the taxation department, known as the company of revenue officially, and bit one of the tax collector workers. last night we learned ex terminate ers were in the msb building just none the the fifth floors, but others, in abundance of caution, to exterminate, just to make sure there are no bed bugs, and no worries for the workers who are supposed to come into work today because the offices are open. try telling that to the workers, chris o'connell talked to last night.
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>> i'm very concerned, i don't want to take any that far home with me poor sure. >> the building should have been shutdown. should have been sprayed. bed bugs are not in one place. like they -- nod knows where they are right now. >> third time in less than a month bed bugs are making headlines, all started september 10th, not too long ago, when bed bugs were found on some of septa's buses, and septa had to pull three buses off its route six service, then, of course, the 311 center just week after that, and naught msb building, where will they end up next, lauren? bed bugs just asked jared for directions to fourth and market. jared sent them out to the main line though. you're safe. he always gives false
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direction when is he's not trusting. >> thanks, steve. three alarm fire at vacant warehouse sends firefighter to the hospital. dave kinchen live there right now with the latest. hi, dave? >> hi, lauren, good morning to you, that firefighter in the hospital, his condition, unknown at this time. we do know firefighters still on the scene at 70 ' n cobbs creek parkway. and we go to skyfox video. over the scene last night. we know that the fire broke out around 8:30 last night, in a abandoned warehouse behind alto sign company, went to two alarm, very quickly after nine p.m. and finally third alarm was struck just before 10:00 p.m. big issue for firefighters, requesting all hands, because every major fire that was on the roof, in a very hard to reach area, the fire department calling in the use of aerial apparatus to get them to the fire up there. they finally got the fire under control, just before 11:00 last night.
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one firefighter hospitalized for unknown reasons. firefighters say no one else was injured, but again, the investigation is what is continuing at this time. many homes nearby fortunately none of those homes some still smelling the smoke and traffic closures still in effect. >> let's get that cleaned up and we wish him well. thanks, dave. mercer county prosecutor offers say the woman found dement in a hamilton township park was murder. jessica was discovered in weeded area of roebling park. police would not say how the wife and mother was killed. and acquaintance of the victim had this to say about the shocking discovery. >> good kid, she was a good kid, you know, like i said, she grew up with my daughters. they used to play outside all the time when they were younger. terrible. i thought it was terrible. i hope they do something with
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that. >> anyone with information should call hamilton township police or the mercer county prosecutor's office. 5:08. federal and local authority targeting notorious street gang in southwest philadelphia, the atf and philadelphia police want to crackdown on the greenway guerrilla's street gang. investigators say 22 year old markell wright killed three years ago when caught in the crossfire every gunfire between the guerillas and a rival gang. police say the guerillas ruled by fear. >> they got group like this out here helping with violence, have access to guns, feuding over money for drugs. it can getting. >> i they believe they're behind the recent spree of violence. >> montgomery county mom pleads guilty accused of giving heroin to her teenage daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. this is video from last october, when patricia sue davenport was arrested, police say she brought her 15 year old and eight year old with her to buy the drugs for
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months. according to police, it wasn't just heroin. she also bought cocaine and prescription drugs. investigators say she then showed her daughter how to use the heroin. davenport pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare after child and possession with the intent to deliver. >> chester county mom remains behind bars on $50,000 bail. she is accused of injecting her daughter with heroin, also another teenager, jessica lynn riffy and boyfriend arrested this week. the teenage remembers in the custody of family members. >> he gave his wife protecting and serving, now the philadelphia police department is honoring sergeant robert wilson sacrifice. they dedicated police hero plaque to him in a special ceremony held yesterday. it is one of several honors he's received. the metal of honor and the metal of valor are a few other, the plaque itself, is the someone hundred 16th of it kinds. and the second one dedicate in the 2015, robert shot and killed sergeant wilson at a game stop last march, he was thereto buy a birthday gift
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for his son. >> crust ship from philadelphia could end up on the scrap heat. con serving is he sent virtual sos to supporters saying the monthly expenses had just gotten out of control. non-profit says it needs more than $60,000 a month, the group is now exploring selling the ship to metal recycler, the ss united states was once the world's fastest ocean liner. >> two local children walk home safe after school. why the parent of the boys are so upset. and rupert murdoch making racey comments this morning, why the founder of global news empire says barack obama isn't a real black president.
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>> flood threats continue through the weekend, early yesterday concerning of damn breach forced residents to evacuate their homes, in columbia a but the damage now reportedly stable. flooding in the region is to blame for at least 19 deaths there. and scott, when you see people post all of these pictures on social media sites, you just feel so bad for them. nothing you can really do. >> yes, you know, just heart break to go see some of that damage, as they continue to just really recover. but, thankfully, there is no rain in the forecast over the next couple of days, for parts of the carolinas. here at home, looking pretty good. yesterday was nice, comfortable, and today it is going to be pretty nice for your thursday. few scattered showers moving in for your friday. then turning cooler, by the
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upcoming weekends. so let's talk about what's happening right now, in center city, currently 06 degrees, winds are calm, looking at the relative humidity, right at about 83%. temperatures, north around west, little cool they are morning. we don't have as many clouds as we saw this same time yesterday. soap, upper 40's, allentown, 49 degrees right now in pottstown, lancaster, 51 for you, as well as trenton, 51 degrees. fifty-one right now in atlantic city, looking at mid to upper 50's currently in dover, delaware. so across the nation right now, temperatures, not that bad. looking at upper 50's, rally, as well as atlanta. we move toward the lone star state right now, around north texas, 72 degrees. so no real cold arctic air or fall airy should say moving in our direction over the next several days, even despite that front moving in tomorrow. so, satellite and radar, right now, you can see, dry, quiet, not as many clouds as what we saw yesterday across the area. here's friday, system right now off to the north and west of us, that front will be
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moving in our direction. and in particular, friday afternoon, as well as evening. so, as we roll the clock ahead, see throughout the day today, dry, quiet, comfortable, then watch what happens friday morning. we start to really thicken those clouds, so it will be kind of mild, muggy, but looks like it will be dry coming out to fourth and market as we salute the military tomorrow morning. then, by friday afternoon, you can see, that frontal boundary continues to approach the area, so, just keep that in mind, by your friday afternoon and evening, you could be dodging couple of scattered showers, maybe even rumble every thunder, but the front continues to clear the coast overnight friday into saturday much improved weather conditions. talk about how much rainfall to expect on average, we are looking at about quarter of an inch, to half inch of rainfall. take a look at the forecast for today. across the area, 74 degrees for the high temperature, in center city, down the shore, mild, comfortable, low 70s. 67 degrees, in the pocono mountains, it will be october delight, looking pretty good
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for some of the leaf peeping, bob kelly, that has already gun. >> leaf what? >> peeping. >> oh, peeping? >> yes. >> fall foliage. >> the colored leaves, there you go. i was just talking to austin yesterday coming up the driveway, i can't get them all in a big pile and let the kids run all through them and jump in them and all of that. we have to do that later onment good morning, everybody, what is it, 5:16. looking liver at the schuylkill expressway, good to go here. but what a mess last night for folks own the way home on the new jersey turnpike. let's roll video from our sister station, up there, in new york. there is skyfox helicopter over this tanker truck that left the roadway, burst into flames last night, during the evening rush hour. the driver of that tractor-trailer, unfortunately, killed in the crash. but it had traffic stopped for the evening rush, heading
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northbound, in toward new york. folks are out of their cars and that's kind of how they spent the dinner hour. but good news this morning, all of the lanes northbound are re-opened to vehicle traffic this morning. as we come back locally again, off to nice quiet start there on the schuylkill, later on this morning, if you are hungry, or you want to look for something to do with the kids, come on by. mercer cafe in the navy yard, you know, every week i like to pick different spot in the neighborhood. and go and check out what is on the breakfast menu. so today, 9:00 to 10:00 i'll be in the navy yard, mercer cafe. bring the kids on by. come by yourself some good coffee, good treats, we put you on tv. patco high-speed line, special schedule in play, both today and tomorrow. so make sure you're up to date on the timetable. septa shuttle bussing, colmar, doylestown, on the lansdaledoylestown line. otherwise, kind of quiet. just how we like it here in this 5:00 hour. 202, 95, the blue route, all in good shape. still some detours around last night's fire scene, in the
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area of 70s and cobbs creek parkway. a lot of fire equipment still on the scene. as dave had mentioned, expect some delays, even the school buses could be delayed this morning, going around the block there in southwest philly. and the crews are still working on the north and southbound, stretch of the northeast extension, between mid-county all the way up to the quakertown interchange. and they're also still working on the boulevard. they should be wrapped up in about a half hour here. inner drive blocked from woodward to rhawn in the great northeast. lauren, back to you. >> rupert murdoch suggesting president barack obama not quote real black president. murdoch praising republican presidential can date ben carson and his wife on twitter. he tweeted this: ben and candy carson terrific. what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide? murdoch then recommended an article which posed the question of whether president obama has done enough for the black community, the 84 year old is the founder of fox news channel, and news corporation,
5:19 am
which owns fox 29. that tweet got 814 re tweets. >> okay, speaking of the president, he has apologize today doctors without border for air attack that killed 22 people at medical clinic in afghanistan. white house says that mr. obama spoke with the organization's president and told her the us will examine military policy. investigations by the us, nato, and the afghan government, are underway, but doctors without borders wants an independent probe and for the bombing to be investigated as a war crime. officials say they were responding to request from the afghan military, when the air strike was carried out. >> a week after a mass shooting at oregon community college, u.s. senate democrats preparing legislative push to curb gun use. democrats say their push would include broadening background check requirements to cover all sales at gun shows and on line. but democrats have little chance of success. since republicans have shown no interest in restricting guns. still, political analysts say democrats drive could keep the
5:20 am
issue alive during election season. >> okay, back here at home, three and four year old brothers walk several blocks home alone after school bus mix-up, their parents serious as the school district tries to find out exactly what happened. fox 29's dawn timoney spoke to the boys father who understand bridge is demanding answers. >> i'm just thanking god that my kids is hereby the grace of god. >> kevin whitehead still can't believe his little boys somehow walk home alone from whoos err elementary school in germantown on monday afternoon >> why was no one thereto protect and watch my kids? how did three and four year old man and to walk out of a school building and nobody new about it and nobody didn't even care or reach out and call me? >> the philadelphia school district says it appears the boys and girls club of germantown mistakenly picked the young brothers up, thinking they were part of their program. >> after school program went in. it is time to go. and these young children
5:21 am
probably just followed. so now we're looking at how that happened, what happened to the student had they were dropped, allegedly dropped back off at the school. >> fortunately, the two brother new the way home since mom and dad walked them to school every day. but, it is a good six and a half blocks. >> no cars. >> and they had to cross two busy roads. holding hands, they stopped at red light, just like dad told them. >> i walk straight, walked straight. >> were you scared at all? >> no. >> if i had not been home, if my kids came down and running my bell, where would they be at right now? would it be an amber alert? would they be hit by a car? i don't under stands. >> the boy's farther said he didn't even know about this until his day care provider told them that the boys weren't at school, they were missing. school district acknowledging it dropped the ball and said it is reviewing its policies. >> so the school actually would be sending a letter to parent tomorrow, detailing the
5:22 am
procedures, and to make sure that this does not happen again. >> the boys and girls club told me over the telephone earlier today that they were just trying to help the boys, when they were standing outside. they issued a revised statement later in the day saying that the boys were not part of their program, and they're just glad the brothers are safe. but, in no way acknowledging any kind of responsibility. the school district says it is reviewing video to see exactly where the boys walked home from, because that is not clear. dawn timoney, "fox 29 news". >> teenagers who don't get enough sleep may face weight problems later in life. why experts say get rest now, stay fit later. here are your winning lottery numbers from last night. for life...
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5:26 am
the group says the result suggest adolescent who go to bed earlier may be setting their weight on healthier course, as they become adults. >> and, alarming possible link to weight loss surgery. people with mental health issues, who undergo the procedures, might be more likely to attempt suicide. previous studies have suggested candidates for weight loss surgery have suicide risk that's four times higher than the general population. new canadian study found 93% of suicide attempts occurred in patients diagnosed with mental health disorder prior to surgery. while the stud did i not proof weight loss surgery's cause increase risk in suicide attempts, researchers say the findings do point to the need for improved follow up care. >> famous young starlet opening up about her recent health scare, singer choosing now to talk about undergoing chemotherapy, this could shock you.
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getting for free. that's a good price. good day everybody, it is thursday, october 8th, 2015. chris murphy has the day off. sue serio has been off this week. but scott williams, waking up early, coming in with us, and bringing us some pretty decent weather. >> nice weather across the area, we saw ten yesterday, lauren, looks like, yes, another ten today for your thursday. pretty quiet conditions as we take a look at the satellite and radar, yesterday morning, little milder because we saw kind of the blanket of cloud cover across the area, so, with the lack of clouds out there, this morning, 60 degrees in center city, but little cooler, once you move a little farther north and west, in fact, take a look at the numbers. forty-nine in allentown, 49 degrees currently in pottstown, 52 degrees waking up with thus morning, millville, as well as wildwood. so here's your planner for today. quiet, comfortable start, light jacket out there this morning, looking good-bye lunch, 69 degrees, sun, clouds, by this afternoon, 74 degrees. coming up: we will talk a little bit about some clouds
5:31 am
and some showers, that will move in, as we approach your friday, it could impact some of the roads, by tomorrow afternoon rush, bob kelly, that coming up. >> you got it, scotty. 5:31, good morning, everyone, thursday, getting up, getting out, no problems at all here along i-95. this is a live look, right near the commodore barry bridge interchange, brake lights headed northbound up toward philadelphia international airport. looks like another good day to fly in you are lucky enough to be scooting out of town for couple every days, so far so good at philadelphia international airport. as far as the trains go, woodcrest patco high-speed line, special schedule, both today, and tomorrow, on the patco high-speed line. part of the track reconstruction project. septa's lansdale-doylestown line, still using shuttle buses trains run during the morning and afternoon rush hours, schuylkill looking good right now, but heads up.
5:32 am
10:00 p.m., shutting down eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway, all traffic forced off at university, detoured over the 34th street bridge. a project that will happen on the overnight for the next five days or so. 202 rolling through west chester, painters crossing, no problems, no problems up and down 476. we still have that three alarm fire from last night. i know dave is standing by to give us details, and update on the injured firefighter. but this morning, for the rush hour, watch for some local detours around 70th and cobbs creek parkway. even the school buses may have to detour through the neighborhood as well. then, left over construction crew, northeast extension, still working between mid-county and quakertown, otherwise, all of the bridges look fine. mass transit, no delays. lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob. 5:32, top story, three alarm fire at vacant warehouse in southwest philadelphia, firefighter is sent to the hospital. dave kinchen there with the latest, hi, dave.
5:33 am
>> firefighter in the hospital, fire crews still on the scene at 70 ' and cobbs creek parkway, diagnose g hot spots, been here all morning. >> going to video of skyfox, fire broke out about 8:30 last night in abandoned warehouse behind the al toast sign company, very quickly, after 9:00 last night, finally third alarm was struck, just before 10:00 hard part, fire firefights getting to the rooftop, to call in aerial apparatus get to get to the flames up there, calling for all hands, that's what the radio traffic said at the time. firefighters also dealing with some of the security area, good thing, is that no homes were affected, but we do know again one firefighter
5:34 am
hospitalized for unknown reasons, at this time. trying to get more information on that, and of course, no other injuries, so that certainly is a good thing, as women. but if you point the investigation had to take over the fire marshall, we will take a look at that as well, lauren? >> wish him speedy recovery, dave, thanks so much. >> new in information about the lockdown at martin luther king high school. police say the gun in question was found, and four juveniles are facing charges. news spread quickly of mlk student with a gun. there wasn't actual threat, school was placed on lockdown while police look for him, but waist not there. in fact, officials say, he hasn't attended class at all this year. wednesday was the second consecutive day of school lockdowns, and days after a philadelphia area university threat. parent say, they're getting worried. >> today, eiffel, come and get him. as a parent go for safety.
5:35 am
that's it. gun reported missing few days earlier and it is passed through the hands of several teens, four being charged with firearm violations as well as receiving stolen property. >> still no charges or gun found days after lock-down at the community college of philadelphia, police raised to the spring garden campus tuesday after hearing report of a man with a gun on campus. student told investigators, that 17 year old pulled the women on on him, detective arrested the suspect but haven't been able to find a weapon. superheros flying through the big apple. new york historical society opens new superheros in gotham exhibit.
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eagles one and three, not good records, as amazing as it does sounds, 24 teams with that start, have made the playoffs. one in four, not good. the eagles play new orleans, they're four and a half point favorites, many players i spoke to yesterday know they can't look at anyone but themselves. >> all i can say if i was really critique, on my end, as an individual, i know i have to get better. so there are things i can do to help out this team, i think everybody should look in the mirror, find outweigh to make it off and going. >> players are not hey. fans are not happy either. the players know when that happens, in a game, oh -- >> i don't think they were happen which our start against dallas, but one of the things we're not happen which it, either.
5:39 am
we're just as frustrated by obviously, doing everything we can to try to get it fixed. you know, obviously not fun. going into half time, trying to figure out how we dig ourselves out after hole that we have put ourselves in. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> most basketball fans either love him or hate him. many react to go new rang that places kobe bryant far down on a new list. hear his stats, according to espn. com. they put kobe at 93 on the top players list. that puts him in the top quarter of players, he was injured, most of last season, you have to consider, bryant was one every only five players, last season, to average 22-point a game. so far no response from kobe about his spot on this year's list. giant find beckham for fighting against the buffalo bills. beckham has been find nearly $9,000 according to espn. he says he plans to appeal the fine. game footage showed beck hal throwing a punch at bills safety duke williams in the fourth quarter. during the game, he was not
5:40 am
penalized for un sports man like conduct. reporters reached out to tom coughlin about it, jordan from said coughlin said beckham is ooh emotional guy, really likes the way he has been blogging, ralph from new york daily news said coughlin told him obviously, i was disappointed dollars because i think he's beyond and above a lot of that stuff. >> the chicago cubs beat the pirates last night to advance to the neck rounds in the playoffs, and the city's field museum is showing team spirit by dressing a t-rex in a cubs jersey, city definitely has baseball fever. cubs in the playoffs for the first time in seven years. salina gomez opens up about the reason she had to take a break from music, her surprising medical diagnosis, why she had to undergo chemotherapy. and lady gaga getting big praise this morning, not for her music, what critics now calling her greatest re invention yet.
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>> special request from bob kelly wanted some throw back music. speaking of scott williams, let's look at your facebook page. so, apparently, there is something funny on there, they told me to ask about. these cats. >> oh, yes. you know, i shared that, dawn timoney post that on her facebook page. so i shared it.
5:44 am
really cute. these little kittens get that massage action going on, right? that's so cute. >> that is pretty cute. >> other cute stuff on your page. look for scott williams on facebook, scott williams, fox 29. >> and today is thursday, so i'm going to post something little later, lauren, throw back thursday, picture. maybe i will go in the archives, see what i can finds. all right, women, for today, it will be casino of nice, comfort again. looking at few weather changes, as we approach friday, frontal boundery will move in our direction, than will mean some cooler conditions by the upcoming weekend. it will feel like fall, feel like football weather, as well and when you follow me on facebook don't forget to follow me on twitter as well. >> temperatures right around 60 degrees to start. right now, it is 60 currently in philadelphia, winds are calm, humidity little high this morning, at 83%, and cooler north and west, once you get outside of kind of urban heat island area.
5:45 am
drop to up 40th's for pottstown, 49 degrees in allentown, low 50's in millville, as well as wildwood, and as we take a look at the planner for today, it will be comfortable to start look good-bye lunchtime, 70 degrees by this afternoon. satellite, radar, showing clear skies, overhead as we move into center city, expanding the view. really have clear skies for most of the area this morning. remember yesterday, blanket of cloud cover to start out there first thing. see more sunshine this morning when the sun comes up. friday system still off to the west, that's the frontal boundary that will bring thaws line of some scattered showers, maybe even rumble every thunder. you can see, dry, quiet, for your thursday, looking pretty good. then by friday morning, cloud cover thicker, humidity up, muggy conditions to start, but should be dry friday to start as well. watch the front will approach our area mainly by afternoon, evening, with the line of scattered showers, maybe
5:46 am
rumble every thunder. not a whole lot of heavy rain with this system. looking at on average quarter of an inch to half inch of rainfall before all is said and done. it looks like most of the heavy rain right along i95, as well as north and west. 74 degrees, looking good, upper 70s tomorrow, clouds cover, then late day thunderstorms big temple plays taking place saturday. sunday, a lot going on, atlantic city the walk to ends alzheimer's, sunny, nice, upper 60s for highs. the eagles game as well. here is a closer look at the forecast. on the boardwalk hall, registration begins at 9:00 a.m. temperatures near 60 degrees. and then feeling like football, 1:00 kick off sunday afternoon at the linc. temperatures around 63 degrees. >> 5:46 this thursday morning, chris is off today here, but usually does the birthdays. check it out. bruno mars celebrating his
5:47 am
30th birthday today. chevy chase, 72. >> and robert cool bell, cool and the gang, throw back thursday. where is that on here? sixty-five. >> nice. >> little celebration. >> celebrate. >> yes. >> here is a live look at the platt bridge, no problems at all, little disabling, mid-span, speaking of music, i got a facebook page, too, common k we pull it up? >> if you scroll down, buddy of mine was playing at the rib house in bridgeport last night when stevie wonder's band came in after the concert. >> no way. >> and jammed to superstition. >> oh, look at with you some exclusive video. >> you got it, behind the scenes right there from the balcony. video there, table shea for you. go to my face isn't that cool?
5:48 am
>> very cool. >> so after the stevie wonder concert last night, you know, they all had the chill, so they showed up at this place here, where buddy of mine was doing, playing acoustic, and how about that? sitting there, playing accuse glike in walks the band. >> and in walks the band. you just like oh, get up off the chair and walk out. otherwise pretty good shape this morning, no problems there on the platt bridge, i95, looking good from northeast philadelphia, i told but later on today, you know what i like to do, once a week, pick different neighborhood spot, and go and check out the place for breakfast. mercer cafe and the navy yard have, tv cameras there beginning at 9:00 many come on by, they got some great food and some great coffee, contraptions will have for me, they said. 295 northbound, some construction at the 42 freeway, and patco running a special schedule, both today and tomorrow, all due to the track work. lauren back over to you.
5:49 am
>> reveals that's why she took break from music for awhile, to undergo chemotherapy. her break away from the spotlight spark some ugly rumors, some people saying, she had a drug problem. gomez says the treatment and this information about what was going won her behind the scenes were both difficult to bear. >> nude photos of salina's ex, justin bieber surface on line, many saying it is a double standard when it comes to a male celebrity. photos show fully make bieber on vacation in bore a bore a, on line, the pictures seem to be the butt of jokes. and folks are treating it like no big deal. some have posted question why do we then shame female celebrities like kim kardashian so far the singer has no not commented on those photos. bill cosby's tv daughter breaking her silence about her tv dad. keisha knight is not necessarily defending bill cosby but says regardless of how many victims come forward, that is not the man i new. she went ton say that no one can take away the cultural impact the cosby show had on
5:50 am
people back in the day. >> fans of the tv series fargo will be happy to see the return that far show, the cast hit the red carpet in los angeles last night, to celebrate their upcoming season, shot adapted from the 1996 oscar winning film written and directed by the co-and brothers. season two boasts new cast of stars, and is set in 1979 minneapolis, cast all excited to carry the critically acclaimed movie. >> i absolutely love the film. i even had watched it several times before i got this offer, last year, watching it for something completely un related to there is i've become -- >> season two premiers next monday night. lady gaga is back, the pop star smoke off her chops on the american, calling it her greatest re invention yet. two years ago said she looked defeated after did i a pointing albumn. then went back to the base
5:51 am
being, tony bennett, other project, showing off her powerhouse voice. last night's premiere of horror story she took on new role actress, and proved that not only is she back, but she is a triple threat. fox is ordering up seventh and eighth season of its animated season bob's burgers, have become one of america's most beloved tv families. the emmy award winning comedy won outstanding animated program in 2014. and was nominated twice, this year as well. catch all new episode of bob's burying they are sunday, rid here on fox. >> superhero gotham exhibit on display at the new york historical society. visitors to the museum will see batmobile from the batman television series in 1966. also on display, costumes, comic books, sketches of superman, batman, captain america, spiderman, and much more. exhibit showcases how they got their start in new york in the
5:52 am
1930's, developed into culture phenomenon. >> exhibition that really traces the roots of the superhero, to new york's own history. it is in all respects very new york story also an american story, because america really pioneered the concept of someone who had super heroic powers to address evil, whatever the evil might have been that was bee falling human beings at the time. opens to the public tomorrow. sacramento street names have just gotten an lot more vibrant, sneak peak at lavender height district, city hub. saturday the grand celebration of the friendly design, crosswalk modelled after other cities like seattle, west hollywood, and philadelphia. because we have rainbow crosswalk in the heart of what many call the gaybohood. across walks at 13th and
5:53 am
locust, gay pioneers who picketed independence hall in 196 a for civil rights for the group were the first to walk the rainbow, organizers say they worked hard to build this rainbow. 5:53 this morning, viet nam veteran who cares for his disable brother is receiving an incredible gift. the expensive upgrade they're getting for free.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> town last night at the wells fargo center, trying see on twit fer anybody went to the concert. but everybody was glued to empire. hey listen, join us on friday as we salute the troops, military day on fox 29. we want you to come down to the station at fourth and market. we'll shut down the street v a big block party to honor the men and women in uniform. that's tomorrow starting at 7:00. and, speaking of men and women in uniform, viet nam veteran and his disable brother get house upgrade from home depo. lieutenant colonel richard hutchinson spent 26 years, in the military. he now lives in dripping spring texas where he takes care of his older brother john. he said as he gets older, doing that is becoming more difficult. that's where the home depo foundation steps in. >> i was raised to believe that i owe a debt to my
5:57 am
country. and i don't feel i paid that debt yet. >> well. that will bring to you tears. home depo has done $7,500 worth of work on the yard, and a new bedroom, and bathroom. it is all part of a nationwide effort the company does two month out of the year called celebration of service. 5:57 this morning. rumors of feuding among empire cast members prompts taraji, a/k/a cookie, to post interesting video from the set. we'll talk about that, and the eagles are still feeling the sting from their lost to the redskins. what the players are saying that may actually make you kind of feel sorry for them. ññ
5:58 am
5:59 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:00 am
>> fire, huge fire in southwest philadelphia, we'll take you there. >> bed bugs. steve keeley reports exterminators were called, but city workers say the response time, was way too slow. >> and you have heard of home alone, right? how about walking home alone? brothers, little brother, on the streets, by themselves. the school district of philadelphia is taking the blame for that. we'll tell you the story. good day, it is thursday, october the eighth, 2015. sue's off, so let's do this. >> let's do it. >> i think we have another ten. three in a row. >> good mood again today. >> it was real a nine and a half, but i decided to rounds it up. >> we take that. >> you're right. we get another ten today. no surprise. this nice stretch of weather really continues for today. looking


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