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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> fire, huge fire in southwest philadelphia, we'll take you there. >> bed bugs. steve keeley reports exterminators were called, but city workers say the response time, was way too slow. >> and you have heard of home alone, right? how about walking home alone? brothers, little brother, on the streets, by themselves. the school district of philadelphia is taking the blame for that. we'll tell you the story. good day, it is thursday, october the eighth, 2015. sue's off, so let's do this. >> let's do it. >> i think we have another ten. three in a row. >> good mood again today. >> it was real a nine and a half, but i decided to rounds it up. >> we take that. >> you're right. we get another ten today. no surprise. this nice stretch of weather really continues for today. looking pretty good if you are
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stepping outdoors right now. not as many clouds as we saw yesterday morning. remember, we had some of the low clouds to start. it looked kind of ominous. that sunshine gave way. really we saw nice day yesterday. it will be another nice one right now. 59 degrees, winds are calm, humidity right now at 81%. as we look at temperatures right now, due to the lack of clouds out there, little cooler in some spots, upper 40's, good morning to you, wacking up with in pottstown, 52 lancaster, 54, good morning, wilmington. low 50's right now down the shore, so here is a look at your planner, 74 degrees for the high temperature by this afternoon, tonight, we call it partly cloudy, quiet, comfortable, upper 50's, coming up i'll track the next system will bring some rain for your friday, details on all of that, and your weekend forecast, bob kelly, with the seven day coming up. >> 6:01, good morning, got early morning accident here on the schuylkill expressway. this is the back up that's quickly forming, like the stack of pancakes here, westbound on the schuylkill, this is a live look at city
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line. and as we go for fly here, we're bumper to bumper from city line through belmont out to approaching gladwynn. again, it is all on the westbound side. kind of off to the shoulder, but this is that magic hour where things start to pop. north on the 42 freeway, coming in toward the city. pocket of headlights between the atlantic city expressway and the walt whitman bridge, speaking every bridge, looking at the benny no problems at all coming into downtown, we have the fire location we tell you more about that, go outside live to dave in a moment. 70s con be crease parkway, local detours through the morning rush hour, even the school buses will be detoured through the neighborhood. patco special schedule today, tomorrow, due to track work, septa continues to use shuttle bus frost colmar to doylestown on the little dale line, back to. >> southwest philly was a glow last night, three alarm fire at warehouse vacant in
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southwest philly sends firefighter to the hospital. >> dave kinchen live there right now. dave, any update on how the fire fight is her doing this morning? >> reporter: good morning, to you. we still don't know the condition of the firefighter. we do know that firefighter was taken to hahnemann university hospital. so some new information there. we also know fire fight remembers still on the scene, here, looking for hot spot. and police are holding the scene, and that's one of the reasons for the traffic closures that bob mentioned few seconds ago. now, we also know this fire broke out around 8:30 last night, as gee to skyfox video. this is an abandoned warehouse behind the al tow sign company. it went to two alarms just after 9:00. finally, it struck a third alarm by 10:00 p.m. firefighters calling all hands out to the scene, major pieces of equipment, engines, as well, because of flames coming from the rooftop. that was the hardest part to reach, according to fire investigators. they had to call in aerial apparatus to get up to the hard to reach places. houses across the street, were not damaged, and there were no
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other injuries, but again, we're told, one firefighter was taken to the hospital, to hahnemann university hospital, we are still trying to get an update on that firefighter's condition. it is not known at this time. of course, now the investigation is underway, to find out how this fire started. that is going on, we'll see what we can get sorted out today, get information on that later today. back to you guys. >> great job. thank you, of 6:04. exterminators giving municipal services building good scrub after bed bug scare. crew brought in after employee reported being bit by a bed bugs working on the fifth floor of the building. spokesman for the city tells fox 29, although they found no physical evidence every bed bugs, they wanted to be sure. crews came in to fume gate parts of the building. >> i hope i am not taking nothing home. >> what did they tell you today? >> that to pull our stub up off the floor so the exterminators could come in. and spray because of how did
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they put it, creatures. >> creatures all right. you may remember just three weeks ago the city sent home it employees at it 311 call center after report of bed bugs there. >> yikes. 6:00 # five. tanker explodes on the new jersey turnpike leaving one person dead. a tanker truck overturned on the shoulder of the turnpike, then burst into flames. >> that's about 11 miles outside of new york city. skyfox over the scene late yesterday afternoon. the driver of the tanker was killed. a mattress and boxspring were spotted near the scene. that police say fell off another vehicle that may have caused this crash. state police believe the tanker driver may have been trying to slow down or swerve around the mattress. >> and on the ground, this is what drivers going the opposite direction saw. as they passed the scene. police say an s.u.v. was involved, as well. but that driver was not hurt. look at that thing. >> and former president of the
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philadelphia branch of the naacp will be laid to rest today. actually, on his birthday. >> funeral services for jerry mondesire will be held at 11:00 a.m. at bright hope baptist church in north philadelphia. mondesire died sunday after complications from an aneurysm. he led the philly chapter for 17 years. he was also the founder of and publisher of the philadelphia sun and co-founder of the philadelphia association of black journalists. >> 6:06. the search for survivors, the next step for investigators, now that the search for survivors of the cargo ship lost in the hurricane has ended. >> and two siblings walk home alone after a mix-up at this missile. how the school district of philadelphia is trying to ease concerns now for parent.
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>> two preschoolers walk out of school without anyone noticing. >> yesterday afternoon three and four year old brother somehow walk a home from wister elementary. fortunately the two brother new the way home, since their mom and dad walked them to school every day. and they new to stop at red lights which is good, just
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what their dad told them to do. >> i'm just thanking god my kids are hereby the grace of god. if i had not been home f my kids came down and running my bell, where would they be at right now. >> so the school district acknowledges it dropped the ball and says it is reviewing its policies. they think the nearby boys and girls club of germantown mistakenly picked the young brothers up, however, we contacted the boys and girls club, and they say they saw the brother outside, and were just trying to help out. >> lawyers for jim he super fly, take the murder case directly to trial. what they are hoping to get their hands on. >> want to join us tomorrow. come on out. we will salute the troops, aling. >> yes, we will, military day on fox 29 of the come on down to fourth and market. you know how we do it, we'll shut down the entire street, honor the men and women who serve our country so join us tomorrow from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. bob, you will be there.
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>> you know it, when we do it we do it big. we're shotting it down tomorrow here, at fourth and market. right now, not shutdown, but some major back up, stacking up like the pancakes here, westbound, on the schuylkill expressway. an accident out near gladwynn, and that traffic begins to back up at around city avenue all headed west, we check the rest of the roads, mass transit, and more, as we say good morning from camden, new jersey, looking at the philly skyline, i'm going to grab a cup of coffee. meet you back here in two minute.
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>> good thursday, it is mild out there, bus stop buddy, light jacket this morning, as we look at the headlines, it will be another nice thursday. today will be a ten. but tomorrow, frontal boundary will move in, mainly during the afternoon and evening, to spark off couple of scattered showers, drier, clearer, and cooler, for the upcoming weekend. so, 59 degrees right now in philadelphia. the winds are calm, humidity little hi, 81% this morning. temperatures, outside of the city, little cooler as we take a lock at the numbers. 53 degrees millville. fifty-two atlantic city, upper 40's good morning wake up in pottstown, mid's right now, in the pocono mountains. so looking at the satellite and radar, you can see, clear
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skies for most of us across the area, so not dealing with that casino of low-level cloud cover that we saw early yesterday morning. and then, off to the north and west. take a look at this front. moving through section of minnesota, as well as wisconsin. that will be our rainmaker, for tomorrow, so, dry, quiet for today, mixture of sun and clouds, and then as we approach your friday morning, come on out to fourth and market. it will be kind of cloudy but looks like the rain is going to hole off, until the afternoon. here's 3:00. you can see that frontal boundary north and west, also the showers continuing to head in our direction. so, just look out for tomorrow afternoon and evening for couple of scattered showers maybe even rumble every thunder. the front get out of here in time for the up upcoming weekend turning little cooler as we dry out. take a look at the latest computer model, see not whole lot of rainfall with the system, quarter inch to half inch on average across the area. that weather authority seven day forecast, showing you, nice weather, for today, 74 degrees, for the high temperature, then, tomorrow
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morning, fox 29 salute the military, scattered showers, in the afternoon and evening, temple game looking good, much cooler saturday, highs mid 60s, upper 60s sunday, jam packed weekend, we have the walk to end altzheimer's sunday in atlantic city then of course the eagles game sunday afternoon at 1:00 kick off. temperatures looking good for that. then as we head into next week, pretty seasonable, feeling like fall, and yes, october. bob kelly? >> a lot of outdoor events this weekend, we're counting on you, scotty. 6:16ment another accident on the schuylkill expressway, we're working with two of them right now, both accidents, westbound. here's the latest one, westbound on the schuylkill right near montgomery drive. so, it is taking out the left lane to see the officer here, talking to the folks that are in the first vehicle, so this is leaving town, westbound, at montgomery, a crash here, and then, further west, there is an accident out near gladwynn. so we are bumper to bumper from approaching the
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boulevard. stacked and packed, all the way out to west to gladwynn, off to the shoulder, but again, folks getting out of town earlier trying to get that reverse commute early, delayed, with the crash. and that's having domino effect on the boulevard. southbound here, heavy from approaching the kelly drive, all the way down through the ramps for that westbound schuylkill. delco looking good. live look at i9 at but again, some pockets of volume with the brake lights headed up through the commodore barry. south jersey shaders looking good here along route 73, rolling in and out of cherry hill, no problems coming in on the 42 freeway. that fire scene, still with us for the morning rush hour. again, with three alarm ers, they are still putting out hot spots as dave had mentioned, a lot of fire host has to be rolled up. expect detours and delays, southwest philly, at seveno and cobbs creek. and the patco high-speed line, today and tomorrow, using a special schedule, so make sure you got the right timetable. and who is hungry? >> me! >> let's do it, you know what i like to do, once a week we
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pick neighborhood and new spot, mercer cafe in the navy yard, right across from urban outfitters there. they have a little spot in port richmond, and they have new spot in the navy yard. we're going today 9:00. come on, jump in the news van, i'll meet you there. how does that sound? >> a lot of people work at the navy yards now. great place to work too. what a great campus. 6:18. >> hall of fame wrestler jimmy super fly is going to trial. >> accused of murdering his girlfriend, listen, back in 1983. his lawyers decided to bypass yesterday's preliminary hearing part of a deal to get their hands on some grand jury transcripts and other evidence. prosecutors say he killed his 23 year old girlfriend in a motel near allentown. the former wrestler has long maintained his innocence, but investigators re-opened the case against him last year after he wrote a book about himself saying inconsistencies in his autobiography, raise new questions.
6:19 am
that book got him back in court. 6:19. well, federal and local authorities are target ago notorious street gang in southwest philly. >> the atf and philadelphia police want want to crackdown on the greenway guerrilla street gang. now, investigators say, 22 year alomar death wright was killed three years ago, when he was caught in the crossfire of gunfire between the guerillas and a rival gang. police say the guerillas ruled by fear. >> they had a group like there is out here, helping with violence, access to guns, and they're feuding over money for drugs. they to can get ugly. >> recently there have been five murders in southwest philadelphia, and police think the greenway guerillas are behind the recent spree of violence. >> well, mercer county prosecutor's offers says the woman found dead in hamilton township park was murdered. the body of 38 year old jessica prusik discovered in a weeded area of robe link park. police would not say how the wife and mother was killed. and acquaintance of her had this to say about this
6:20 am
shocking discovery. >> good kid. she was a good kid. you know, like i said, she grew up with my daughter, they used to play outside all the time when they were younger. it is terrible. i thought it was terrible. i'm like hope they do something with that anyone with information should call hamilton township police or the mercer county prosecutor offers. >> montgomery county mom pleads guilt. >> i she is accused of giving heroin to her teen daughter. and her daughter's boyfriend. this sound familiar? just hole on. this video, from last october, when patricia sue davenport was arrested. police say she bought her 15 year olan eight year old stepson with her to buy the drugs for months, according to police it wasn't just heroin, it was cocaine and prescription pills. investigators say she then
6:21 am
showed her daughter how to use the heroin. >> davenport pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare after child and intention to deliver. you're saying i didn't think that was the woman's name. because it is a different story. meanwhile chester county mom still in jail on $50,000 bail. she is accused of injecting here own daughter and another teen with heroin. jessica lynn riffy and her boyfriend, arrested this week, teens in custody of family members two, different moms and heroin. >> eagles still feeling the sting from their lost to the redskins. aren't we all? but what the players are saying that may actually feel you make you feel sorry for them. >> really? and the cubs win? do social security they haven't done in 12 years. win post-season game last night. wasn't the only remarkable thing about last night's match up. we'll explain. >> but first, last night's
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lottery numbers. >> ♪
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chicago cubs took down the pirate. sent chicago into a frenzy last night, four to nothing, in the national league wild-card game. this was the cubs first post-season win since 2,003. i don't think they've won the world series since 1908.
6:25 am
the cubs now head to st. louis for a friday night match up against their archrival, the st. louis cardinals, in the national league division series. >> okay, so they're all struggling, they're not used to winning the championship, and squirting each other with champagne. so they don't have goggles on. and their eyes are all burned. right? >> yes. >> they're squinting, don't now how to handle the champagne victory there. is cole hamels when the rangers won, they all had goggles ready to go because they've done it before. >> they've been there before. you know what they say, when you win like, that you're supposed to act like you've been there before. >> troop, and have goggles on hand. >> exactly. >> howard, what else went on in sports? >> eagles are one and three, not good record. as amazing as it does sound, 24 times, with that start, have made the playoffs. one and four, not good. the eagles play new orleans, four and a half point favorites here on sunday, many of the players i spoke to yesterday, know they can't look at anyone but themselves.
6:26 am
really be critique, you know, on my end, as an individual, i know i have to get better. so there are things i have to do to help out this team. i think everybody should look in the mirror find out away to get thissing. >> that near better have w in it. so the players are not hey, fans are not happy either. and the players know when that happens, in the game, oh -- >> i don't think they were happen which our start against dallas. >> doing everything we can to try it get it fix the. on obviously not fun. trying to figure out we will dig ourselves out after hole we put ourselves in. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> oh, boy. see it happen sunday, 6:26. >> rumors feuding among empire cast members oh, no, you know her as cookie, to post some interesting videos from the set. >> i was thinking of that, as i was watching last night.
6:27 am
exterminators are on the scene, in another city building there. is steve. >> mike, the old saying it is sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite not work titan don't let the bed bugs bite. that should be the saying for philadelphia white collar workers these days.
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billing, isn't the first time. steve keeley reports exterminators called for bed bugs, city workers say no, not enough. >> the role gooing sell playing. maybe you want to go? >> and have you been on amazon yet this morning. well, there is something new for shoppers. and it is all hand made. we'll tell you what you can now buy. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, october the eighth, 2015. we had a ten today. >> is today thursday? >> what did i say? >> wednesday. >> i think today is thursday. >> it is thursday. thursday october 8th. >> i'm still in wednesday. >> don't take us back now, we're moving forward. >> someone has to drag me in today. >> i'll do it. >> scott, i am dragging him. >> wake up, wake up. thursday. >> thank you. >> thursday. >> for the love. all right, you have made it to thursday. yesterday's weather was nice, today's weather is going to be niles, as well. so it is casino of going to be like wednesday today. again, with temperatures in the mid 70s, above average. right now, we have clear skies, so, looking pretty good.
6:31 am
but take a look off to the north and west. our next weather maker for your friday, to bring us more clouds, no showers today, upper 50's, wind calm, relative humidity at 81%. so little muggy out there. and cooler once you get outside of the city. you can see, temperatures in the low 50's, atlantic city as well as wildwood. upper 40's, even right now this pottstown. seventy-four this afternoon, then later tonight call it partly cloudy, quiet as well as comfortable. coming up we talk a little about the system for your friday, to bring some scattered showers, as well as the weekend forecast, and, i have a preview as far as what to expect as fox 29 salute the military, tomorrow morning, at fourth and market. >> we got shutdown of i95 here, falling apart here in the last half hour, all lanes of 95 north are blocked, just north of academy road.
6:32 am
multi-vehicle accident, here, a lot of police and fire on the scene. we just actually saw an officer going the wrong way on 95 to at least get down to the actual scene. so, north 95 jammed approaching academy, the accident just north of academy road. the only good thing here is that most traffic for the morning heads south on i-95. if you are headed northbound this morning, here you go, another officer, example here, coming up the wrong way on 95 in order to get into the actual accident scene. north 95, bumper to bumper, academy on up. best bet jump off at say cottman avenue, get off linden avenue, work up-state road, will get you back on 95. >> first one near montgomery drive, causing your first break tap, and then big jam from the boulevard, all the way out and up the hill in toward gladwynn, with another
6:33 am
accident. so, two crashes causing delays for folks heading westbound, having domino effect here, live look at the vine expressway, bumper to bumper leaving center city trying get over on to the schuylkill expressway, and even the boulevard is back up southbound, from the kelly drive, on down, and we have that fire scene, dave standing by to tell us more about 70 answer cobbs creek parkway, just watch for some lil detours throughout the morning rush hour, mike, alex back to you. >> see how you brought up that, go right to the scene. dave kinchen there is thing how many fire -- huge fire, what's it look like now? >> huge fire right now looks like fire crews are wrapping up at least one of the hoses here, you see firefighter, taking the hose off the hydrant right there. we also know one firefighter is in the hospital at hahnemann university hospital. condition unknown, but some type of injury thereafter battling this blaze last night, going to skyfox, show you what this fire looked like last night, neighbors reported a partial collapse during this
6:34 am
fire fight, and of course, the fire broke out around 8:30 last night, in abandoned warehouse right behind al tow sun company, it went to two alarms around 9:00 p.m. finally, three alarms just before 10:00. firefighters requesting all hand because of major fire on the roof. so fire crews brought in aerial happen rat us to get to the flames up there, as well. neighbors were not evacuated and fortunately fire did not spread to any houses, although, again, one if i fighter taken to a hospital no other reports of injuries at this time. one neighbor reported possibly smelling some casino every chemicals out there, but it is not clear what was in that warehouse but again abandoned warehouse krause still on the scene looks like they're wrapping up at least one. fire hoses here, when you talk about three alarms of course you have a lot of host to wrap up. crews still hearing, still have the investigation that is underway as well. guys? >> my goodness. >> think of the work the firefighters, thank you, dave,
6:35 am
they've been out there close to 11 hours now. >> and hopefully the fire fight is her doing okay this morning. >> my goodness 6:35, bed bug scare in center city this morning, exterminators spent the night fume gating the municipal services building after a bite, yes, we are ers say they got a bite. steel kai i on the story what's up? >> mike, the white collar workers starting to think they need to be bronze collar workers and start having the dress code william penn has atop of city hall and that the frank rizzo statue has right across the street at the municipal services building. also, commonly known as the msb for the thousands of while collar workers, in all of the various city office that is work there. well up on the fifth floor where the department of revenue; and where one of the staffers who collect the city taxes collected something else she didn't count on on tuesday. and that was some bed bugs, and she went up broad street a bit to hahnemann hospital where the doctors confirm yep you got bit by bed bugs, and likely at work, and of course,
6:36 am
that sent her and her staffers that she works with in a little bit after angry fit, because oh, here we go, because this is just three weeks after the 311 call center was shut down for day for exterminating for bed bugs. well the he can terminators back here across jfk boulevard until 8:30 last night trying to clear out any possibility of bed bugs, even though none were found on scene, but out of what the city called a bun dan of caution, phrase we're hearing every day, ex terminated fifth floor and few other floors, and they say hey the msb will be open as normal today. the workers wonder how normal things will be if they show up. >> one of the employees bitten bee bed bugs, went to hahnemann hospital, came back with report that the bites on her leg were bed bug bites. >> i hope i am not taking nothing home. >> what did they tell you today? >> that to pull our stub up off the floor so the exterminators could come in
6:37 am
and spray because how did they put it? creatures. >> many ' very concerned. >> i don't want to take any home with me for sure. >> what happens now, we've been up there for the last eight, nine hours, we want to take it home. that doesn't save us. it don't safeguard us now. >> naturally bed bug conspiracy theory going on here because it is the department of revenue, nice way to describe philadelphia tax collectors, some are wondering whether maybe or possibly somebody angry about having to either dispute their taxes or pay their taxes there, came not just with a check, but with a little container full of little visitors to leave behind to take a bite out of the workers or taking a bite out of his checking account, with the taxes. what do you think, alex being mike? >> let's see, tags cents certainly bug people. very well could be. >> they may want to build a bed? bed bugs? >> here we go. let's put button on that
6:38 am
store. by the way if any english teach remembers watching, when the woman says i was bit, or was she bitten, it is a past tens. >> we've been google to try to figure it out. one past tens, one past part cipel. >> we need your help english teachers e get on twitter or facebook. 6:38. learning new information p last week's mass shooting at a college in oregon. >> yes, listen to. >> this the county district attorney says the two detectives who were the first on the scene spotted this shooter in a doorway of one of the buildings on the campus, and he immediately fired at them. the officers returned fire, against that guy right there, hitting christopher harper mercer, one in the side. he then ran into a nearby classroom, and killed himself. eight student and one professor were killed. while nine other were injured, one of the victim was released from the hospital yesterday. >> anna is recovering from her physical wounds, emotionally, she's processing, and we're
6:39 am
just all being therefore support. >> meantime, president obama plans to travel to roseburg, oregon tomorrow, to meet with the victims' families. >> and president obama has apologized to doctors without borders for an air attack that killed 22 people at a medical clinic in afghanistan. the white house says the president spoke with the organization's president, and told her the united states will examine military policy. investigators, by the investigations by the united stay, nato and the afghan government, are underway right now. but the organization doctors without borders want an independent probe. officials say they were responding to request from the afghan military when the air strike was carried out. >> 6:39. the coast guard has ended its search for 33 missing members of us cargo ship in the
6:40 am
bahamas. rescue teams looking for its crew ever since. the 790-foot ship came across, 140-mile per hour winds, and 50-foot waves. the coast guard found an empty life raft, empty survival suits and other debris, it sang last week during hurricane joaquin many areas affected by this heavy storm. >> specially jersey shore and south carolina for sure. >> nicky minaj not letting up on miley cyrus. what she toll the new york times why she says she really needs to listen, listen to me. >> listen, listen, listen to the forecast. >> it is a beautiful start out there, across most of the area. we will take a little tour across the region. look at the sunrise coming up there in wilmington, delaware, good morning, waking up with, hey, if you see a nice sunrise, sends it to me skyfox 29. take a look at old city right now, looking pretty good as well. sun coming up across the area.
6:41 am
dry today. but some rain could be on the way for your friday. details with the seven day.
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>> bands set bladder for days. financial misconduct investigation, he's not the only suspension, also bandits vice president, for six years, and the man many re expected to replace, was also suspended for 09 cast. so there is has been ongoing story about the bricks going on, of course, we will keep you updated on this, but the fee a president has been banned for 90 days. suspended for 09 days. >> time 6:44, beautiful shot of the pocono mountains, and beautiful conditions, right now, here in center city, 59 degrees, going to be nice sunrise out there, across the area, dry conditions, a lot of
6:45 am
sunshine, once you are outside of the city see temperatures drop off. talking upper 40's right now, pottstown, good morning wildwood. 57 degrees, folks watching us, on fox 29 right now, in dover the as far as the planner for you, you can see it will be quiet and comfortable start, to your thursday morning. looking good-bye lunchment, 69 degrees, 74 high this afternoon, still few degrees this time of year right around 07 so nice thursday, tomorrow, scattered showers, mainly afternoon and evening turning cooler upcoming weekend great not ball weather. satellite and radar clear skies overhead far off to the north and west, here's our next weather maker friday frontal boundary that will be moving through. most of the timing toward the afternoon and evening. don't forget, hey join us, fourth and market, fox 29, salute the military, from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. will be mostly cloud, mild and
6:46 am
muggy, but once again looks like the rainfall will hole off until tomorrow afternoon. come out, join us as we salute the military. dry, quiet, few clouds passing by, then tomorrow morning, here's 8:00. you can see mostly cloudy, couple of showers far to the north and west tomorrow morning, once again, that main frontal boundary stays off to the west until about 2:00, 3:00 it moves toward the pocono mountains, then continues to head toward the i95 philadelphia corridor. then into south jersey as delaware we clear the coast friday night into saturday drying things out, and turning cooler. so how much rain are we talking about? on average quarter of an inch to half inch of rainfall out that far system. the weather authority seven day for the cast showing nice conditions today, it is a ten. friday, the afternoon evening rain chances with that front, 78 degrees for the high temperature.
6:47 am
>> this sunday, atlantic city boardwalk hall registration at 9:00. then the walk starts around 10:30, temperatures near 06, fall, feels, for football, sunday at the linc. bob kelly? >> 6:47. problems on both 95, and the schuylkill expressway i59 northbound, an accident, just north of academy road, everything here off to the left, starting the left, let traffic through, on what would be the far right shoulder, but, we bumper to bumper to to bumper from pretty much cottman avenue all northbound into the accident scene. getting ready to leave the house right now, tim i cannily head north, head for the boulevard, take woodhaven road, than will put you back onto 95 and get you around, not only the accident scene, but the big jam that's quickly building there, on 95.
6:48 am
two separate accident this morning, on the schuylkill expressway crash near montgomery drove, further west, accident out near gladwynn, that's off to the right shoulder. but, traffic is stacked and packed, leaving town, causing this back up here on the vine street expressway, bumper to bumper from pretty much eighth street, crossing town, folks trying to get on to the schuylkill, if you are leaving the house from center city, heading west, i would avoid the vine, and use the kelly or the martin luther king drive to get you out of town. and then north on the freeway, casino of behaving here, just a lot of volume. northbound in toward the city from the atlantic city expressway in toward the walt whitman bridge. as we heard from davon the scene of last night's three alarm err, watch for some local detours in the area, of 70s and cobbs creek parkway, still putting water on the hot spots from last night's three alarm err, starting to see delays on the blue route between 95 and the schuylkill, same deal on the turnpike,
6:49 am
starting to see some slow-downs from bensalem over to valley forge. mike, alex being back to you. >> 6:49 exactly nicky minaj, major new yorker, grew up in queens, she post that on instagram. but she write, last rapper to cover the new york times magazine, too pack, she's proud. >> in the cover article she also goes into her feud with miley cyrus, remember that from the vma that's. >> said no publicity stunt. remember debating this she called out miley cyrus on stage, at the vma's, in the magazine article basically nicky called out miley for using black culture for entertainment purposes. for not understanding the struggle that goes behind the culture. so before the show miley said nicky was mean for how she reacted to not being nominated for video of the year. >> sam even a gomez opening but her battle with lupus. the singer reveals, to billboard magazine, that's why
6:50 am
she took a break from music for awhile. and that she had to un go chemotherapy. things got so bad there were fears she could have a stroke, her break away sparked some ugly rumors, such as alleged drug problem. al seen a said the treatment and mis-information about what was going on in her life was difficult to bear for sure. >> lady gaga is back. yes, showing off her chops on the hit show american horror story. her greatest re invention yet. two years ago they say she look defeated. but then went back to the base being, remember, she did jazz duet with tony bennett that was loved. and other project showing off her power house voice. >> she took on new role, actress. and proved that only is she back but triple threat. >> pretty good.
6:51 am
>> something new for shoppers on amazon this morning, and it is all hand made. we'll explain. >> and join us, thomas we salute the troops. military day on fox 29. come on down, fourth and market, food trucks, and of course men and women who serve our country, so join us tomorrow from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. get there early. we want to start seeing your military pictures second them us to, fox 29 salutes, better yesterday, too, coming out, bring a picture of your loved ones. >> tomorrow! mast past .
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6:54 am
>> good morning, trenton, new jersey, 6:54 on a thursday. superheros, are taking over new york city, again. >> superheros and got ham exhibit, at the new york historical society. have you been there, mike? disbelief not. >> visitors get to see batmobile from the batman television series, in 1966. >> costumes, comic books, sketches of superman, batman, captain america, spiderman and more superheros, the exhibit showcases how they got their start in new york in the 1930's, and really developed into culture phenomenon. >> this is an exhibition that really traces the roots of the superheros to new york own history. it is all respects very new york story, also an american
6:55 am
story, because, america really pioneers the concept of someone who had super heroic powers to address each, whatever the evil might have been that was be falling human beings at the time. >> the exhibit opens to the public, tomorrow. >> do we have any superhero stories with filly? >> like costumes, under your suit? >> i have some shorts on, that would surprise you. >> what's in your utility break? >> i'll show you my utility bill in the break. tomorrow, for the love, we are saluting the troops. so just come out tomorrow morning, at 7:00. fourth and market. we know what we are talking about, talking about it for a month. five minute before 7:00.
6:56 am
>> new body cam video clears five officers in the deadly shooting after man with a gun. when developers say the cops had no choice but to open fire in the situation. >> and there is something new for shoppers on amazon. it is all hand made stuff. we'll explain. >> ♪ ññ
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6:58 am
>> what's bug g you? bugs. creepy, crawling, cringeworthy bugs. at philly's municipal services building across from city hall. rumor has it, frank rizzo's statue is scratching. steve keeley is live right
6:59 am
across from city hall. >> plus, bill gates makes a huge announcement. what the tech genius' foundation is now offering new parents, that may have been thinking of switching carreers. lauren? >> reporter: hey, have you heard about this movement? couches don't count. it is all over social media. it is a creative way to get a conversation started, about homelessness, in the lgbt community. we will talk all about it many coming up in a live report. >> lauren, sitting on couch on the street, where are you? >> i'm in rittenhouse square. so at the corner of, help me out here, is it 18th and walnut. >> that's exactly where you are. >> and that's where we'll lever you for now. >> what this is your -- what a cliff hanger. >> this is your -- >> why would they be sitting on a couch at 18th and without null -- walnut? >> we'll explain. that will it is thursday, october the eighth. >> it is a thursday. >> we survived.
7:00 am
>> you were saying that noon was it, right? >> yes. >> we made it to thursday. >> we did. >> let's get ever n and traffic. >> you know what? looking at another ten today. >> oh, looking pretty good. for your thursday out, there no weather worries whatsoever, cool start, light jacket to start. bus stop buddy has that light jacket onment temperatures upper 50's in center city, but little cooler once you get outside into the suburbs, 50 degrees, and pottstown, 51 millville, and 52 right now in atlantic city. so here is a look at your planner, 74 degrees will be the high temperature this afternoon. by tonight, clouds start to increase, partly cloudy, 59 degrees, will be the low. so, coming up: we will have the time line of some showers, in the offering for your friday, and then we talk about that weekend forecast, a lot ongoing, bob kelly. >> a lot going on right now, scotty. 7:00, tick-tock, up and out already. skyfox looking live over the accident along i-95. you think you're having a


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