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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 8, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> so now what you know what your job is on twitter and facebook. get that screen. strike a pose. >> don't you like it? this is the song last night. >> on empire, yes. >> so, i feel like this last season it was just so beautiful. everybody loved. that will. >> still stuck in my head. >> i predict this song will be stuck in your head. you heard it here first on good day philadelphia there is song, everybody will be talking about it. >> stuck in your head. all right, listen, it is thursday, october the eighth, 2015. are you the jealous type? according to statistics that we found, 77% of women get gel us. >> and men, don't try that.
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>> show you, men, too. of course. >> ♪ >> tore up her yellow dress. >> well, you know, we can all be beyonce. or can we? beyonce's dad, women, he want to teach you how to be fears, like this superstar, he want you to wake up looking like that. so how much do you have to pay for a class? >> hole on, beyonce 101? >> and not team it. >> don't sign me up. i mean, he created her, didn't he? >> he did. he is the father. >> okay. >> how about this? looking for something to do this weekend? >> the great event for the kids, on sunday. oh, for the kids. that's for the parent. it looks like cotton candy oring? >> there is that for the kids. look at betsy ross. >> hi, betsy. she looks good for 250 years
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old. >> it is so much fun. okay, tell me about the drama, that happened in southern california. >> okay. so, i'll start telling the story, okay? so, basically, derrick fisher, he's on the left. he is a coach now for the nicks. on the right, matt barges. they used to be teammate for the laker. >> matt played for the 50 games one season. >> now playing with the grissly's. >> who is the woman in the middle? >> gloria, right? she used to be in a relationship, not sure, with matt. >> okay. >> they broke up -- >> they were made, okay? >> they have a child together. >> now she is estranged. on the show basketball wives. >> now, she dating derrick fisher on the left. >> right? >> oh, terrific. >> they're in the process every getting divorced. >> matt and she are getting divorced in. >> she's been dating derrick fisher. so apparently matt barnes find
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out, that derrick fisher's at the house, so he's ridden 59 miles. >> hold on. so, derrick, the newman in her life. >> yes. >> goes to visit her at her los angeles home that was purchased by matt barnes and he still owns t so he goes to -- goes to fight fisher watch he doesn't know though is there is like ten, 12 other people in the backyard. not just him and her there alone. >> death get a punch in? >> yes. >> already did? >> got a punch n derrick fisher wasn't hurt seriously, not going to press charges, he's going let it go. >> threat go. because he's, i guess, just like you know what? we'll squash this. >> alex holley found out how did matt barnes in santa barbara, 59 miles away, find out that derrick was in his house? >> how? >> six year old son called. >> no way. >> daddy, guess who is over here? i'm having fun with derrick fisher. >> so the son would know hoe was to say, i mean, again, if he's there, somewhere this
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their house playing with the kids. >> here is the thing, getting divorced he has no right to be upset with derrick or his ex-wife. >> yes, but some people like hey, if you're going to be around my children i want to know about it. same conversation from rihanna, not rihanna, sierra with future. >> and russell wilson. >> that's true. >> so, too early to be around my kids is he think was the issue. >> i don't think that's the issue, i think it is a jealous man. >> having sex with my ex-wife. >> but to put salt in it to -- >> he's more fun than you. >> he's kissing mom. >> i adds fuel to the fire for sure. >> if it is someone you know i know what he is thinking, of the billion people on earth, half of them women, can't you find somebody else?
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>> obviously around a lot of basketball players. >> true. >> so maybe, you snow. >> i one time was dating this girl tamara. no, no, let me back up. i was on a show with a doctor, doctor bruce, a show on the west coast. so out to dinner one night, he introduces me to his girlfriend. smoking. named tamara. >> oh, no. >> so i get winds that they had broken up. so i swing by the restaurant, where i know show where she is working, hello tamara. >> and? >> we dated for eight years. dated for eight years. >> did he do anything when he found out? he called me up. >> yes? >> we're no longer together. granted, had only been a week. >> mike? >> right in the back door. >> so he takes me out to dinner. that's nice. >> he says -- >> i can't believe you agreed dinner. >> i didn't know it was coming. >> of course. >> wait a minute. you're with his exgirlfriends,
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a week later, and he invites to you dinner and you have no idea he's going to bring it up? common, mike, quit feeling. >> i didn't know that he knew. >> oh, there is that. >> and we regularly went out. so he says to me i think you really should asked me. i go what? i don't need your permission to date this woman. >> mike? >> what, really? >> absolutely. >> friend, that fresh, a week? >> so you're taking matt barnes side in this? >> no, no, your situation. >> oh, it is the reverse? >> no fighting, no fists, know throws blown? >> i feel like time makes difference, too, we don't know how long, you know how long -- she has been with derrick fisher, this was a week being and you are friends. >> well, we were tv friends if you know what i mean. >> oh, fake friends? >> ya, fake. >> like when we go out? >> ya. >> all fake. >> fake, fake, fake. >> listen, they have two and they're twins. can you imagine both boys calling, daddy? >> we love derrick, we love
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derrick. >> lauren, have you had any jealous moments? where did you something because were you gel us? >> i can't think of one off the top of my head. have i been jealous, absolutely, but i can't think of my most embarrassing. >> what's the most embarrassing thing you ever did because you got a little gel us? >> mine in high school. >> wait, i want to hear his jealous moment. >> so my high school sweetheart, dating for little bit. prom comes up, right? so big deal, and he recently switched schools for his senior year. >> separate school, soy he decides to go, he got someone to get him a ticket, but it was a girl, so he's going to go to prom. with another girl. >> so he just using her, so to speak. >> right. >> so he says. >> no, to be with his friends? >> jealous moment.
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>> prom picks, stump, i don't want. that's like i'm going. so you know what i did? i got a guy, to take me to the prom, the same prom, and so we both, you know, were dating, we went to the same prom, with different people, we're on the dance floor, dancing, and looking at each other like you better not be touching you. she better not, uh-huh. >> so embarrassing. >> did he take pictures? >> took pictures with her and everything else. >> did you take pictures with the guy. >> i did. but i only death can it because it was very pet. >> i did you let the guy know were you just using him? >> i wasn't using him. >> yes, were you. you used him to go to the prom. >> it was a night of dancing. >> were you spying on your boyfriend. >> i wasn't. i was there for the experience. >> he went to like six different proms. it was out of control. toyed doing. >> you still know him? >> yes, still friends. >> he sounds like a player. >> well, that was then. >> and now? >> all right, told the story
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before. dating a woman, and she got so upset with me, that i had about 100 ties for tv, she went in my apartment and cut them all in half. and a. >> wait. were those jealous moment or mad at you moment? >> there is a difference. because i've done -- >> the hatter. >> i can tell you, i've done something mat at -- mad at someone it, wasn't jealousment exboyfriend, we're done, we're done, i can't do this any more. he had a convertible, opened the top, took everything that was at my house that still belonged to him, stuffed it in there so it was like piled up. and pulled it into the driveway, so that he would have no need to come back in my house or in the garage. so everyone who could drive by would be like -- >> were you waiting for the moment? >> i was like were you in your loungerie? >> no, just final good-bye. >> are you jealous? let's put you to the test. we have jelousy test here. here is your first question. >> okay. >> if you are on your partner's social media page, more than they are.
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>> creeping. >> keeping track. >> so many social media stalkers out there and you know who you are. mistakenly tap the double tap? >> oh, don't do it. >> or favorite it on accident. >> oh. >> that's the worse. >> how about this one? second, if you call your partner throughout the day, or text them all the time? >> oh, to find out where they are, checking in, what are you doing, what are you doing? >> are you here? are you really here? who are you with? >> i'm getting mad every night now. so what are you up to tonight? >> who is doing that? >> uh-huh. >> your fiancee. >> uh-huh. >> oh,. >> so what's the plan for tonight? >> that's because you always have plans. you know, what's up your sleep? >> probably want to talk to you. you don't talk on your phone when you're out and about. >> i got this one last night. behave yourself. >> oh! >> ya. andy. >> okay, good. here is the third question. >> oh, if you find yourself second guessing them and trying to catch in a lie. i don't know it that's jealous. catching somebody in a lie if they lied before, they're not
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jealous. >> going back to tamara now. this is about a year in. i knew that she had a dinner date, but i didn't know if it was a manor woman. so i went across the street from her apartment, sat in a restaurant window where coy see her apartment. waited until she pulled up. >> that's not okay, mike. >> it is no? >> how long were you waiting there. >> late night stalker i shall. >> couple days. >> oh,. >> no couple of who yours. >> i date add guy in my two, a went back to his old girlfriend while we were dating so i won't in lipstick jig low on his truck. >> oh, all right, julia. >> oh, i just lost it. >> oh, someone sent something to you? >> i was so jealous -- >> it is human nature, right? just happens? >> rosemary? rosemary write: i was so jealous every my bone friends 20 years ago i put laxative in his drink. >> oh. >> and then i told him he was full of uh. >> oh, well, not any more. i'm sure he let it out. >> that was her point.
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>> our director says sometimes the ugly has to come out sometimes. >> i agree. >> i agree. >> well, apparently 77% of women admit to being jealous compared to 23% of men. they're just not admitting it, i semen as more jealous than women. >> they're possessive and stuff. >> i agree. we drive 95 miles to punch somebody in the face. all right, listen to this at 9:12 on this thursday. >> only students abroad, are finding a cheap way to take care of their expenses. so instead of going to the dorm rooms -- >> okay, they have to spend money for their dorm rooms. >> right. >> then tuition of all of that, it adds up. >> so now they have a cheaper alternative. guess where they are going? >> amounts? >> nursing homes. >> what? >> yes. so, program in the netherlands allows student to volunteer in exchange for free housing at elderly care facilities. program in part solves the problem of lack of affordable housing for young people in the country. then older people are now not seeking care, so having vacancies there, so helping
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both sides. >> i don't see anything wrong with it. i am avenue sure the elderly people in the fast ill. >> i appreciate it? >> good. sometimes get lonely. young people to chat with, and the volunteering is done at the nursing home. >> that's good then. >> but it can be a little sad. my god mother is in a nursing home. every time i go i leave in tears. >> i have visited when they have dinner, some people sit by themselves. >> i know. and so my godmother's roommate always is calling for her mom many. and her mom is long gone. but it makes me cry every time i go. like i have to get out of here. so i don't foe if i could do that. so i think it is of course commendable if you can, to volunteer. >> some people strapped for crash, man. >> but i think it is like $400 versus whatever dorm rooms cost, which are craze. >> i hopefully it is for the good, engaging and talking. >> sure. i one time went to olswald,
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new mexico, the history of the ufo landing there, there was such a huge crowd. no hotel rooms. i stayed in a nursing home, they had empty rooms. >> oh? >> ya. >> how was it? >> it was fine. >> three year old girl gets caught painting her bash which blue disney nail polish, and she has a very good explanation for it. okay? >> what? >> her barbie toll her to do it. >> he told me to. >> she told you to? >> yes. >> okay, does barbie know that she could have ruined your carpet and your bed and all of your blanket. >> yes, she told me. >> so he you toll her it was a horrible idea. >> and: keep saying that. all of them do. all of them.
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>> so who should get in trouble? should barbie get in trouble or should sophia get in trouble for using the nail polish in the house? >> all of my dolls, they want me to do their nails. >> but should you get in trouble or should your barbies get in trouble? >> me, but my -- >> oh. >> she owned t me but. >> oh, no, throw barbie un the bus. >> you know when you're crying so hard you can't breathe. you just can't do it. >> oh, she said barbie told me. >> see, the thing is, barbie never spoke to her again. >> she's mad. >> oh, maybe. >> what did i tell you guys, someone tweeted me, what's that song? you guys were jamming to? all the way up, it is slamming,. >> slamming. >> what's it? >> next hit. no doubt about it.
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>> here we go, here we go, come on, scott, dance. >> what was that? >> temperatures going up, up, over the next several hours, because we have a lot of sunshine out there. really going to turn to nice thursday, scattered showers, for your friday, as a frontal boundery moves through. and then cooler and drier conditions, by the upcoming weekend. 56 degrees pottstown. sixty-two, watching us, this morning, new castle county, delaware, right now, wilmington, 58 degrees in millville. cumberland county, take a look at your planner, looking good for lunch, head outdoors, looking good, a lot of sunshine by this afternoon, 74 degrees for the high temperature, pretty quiet conditions on saturday light and radar, just mixture every sunday and clouds now. but off to the west, we hold off to the afternoon. salute the military, looking good, mild and muggy so dry,
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quiet today. watch the clock, watch the front, looking at clouds on the increase, maybe spotty shower far north and west early tomorrow morning, then by the afternoon frontal boundary starts to move in with clouds, and also showers, but the upcoming weekend, looks pretty good as far as weather conditions for football, big temple game, and also, eagles, at the linc on sunday, back to you. >> all right, scott, thank so much. that time of year, again. time for the old city fest, and folks should get ready to see a little bit of everything this sunday, right, mike anal next you. >> better believe it. first of all look at this shot. let's all stand together. george, can you get all three of us? now that's a shot, isn't it? >> it is. >> how tall are you? >> six-seven. >> what's your job. >> executive director of the old city district. >> old job. >> have you seen these flyers up and about? it means it is almost time. >> this sunday october 11, old citifies. >> what are you going to block move which streets?
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>> the intersection of third and arch so going to be third street, from market to race, and arch street from second to just about fourth street. >> i went last year, place was jammed. >> sunday? >> this sunday. >> let's start tasting this. >> who is this? >> bill from pan or a.m. a. old city classic, an institution. >> for sure. i've been there, pan ram, a beautiful restaurant, and beautiful pan ram a so what are you going provide? >> doing couple of different sandwiches, some truffle fries, great food for the street festival, and little take on one of our desserts, this is semi prado cheese cake, lemon, sort of ice cream sandwich made with pit sell, italian version of ice cream sandwich, sunday special version with pumpkin pie cheese cake filling. so semi soft ice cream. >> how do you even eat it? >> little bit of chi carmel sauce. basically, just pick it up, eat it. >> bill, let's call it decadent. >> it is, of course serving
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nice light wine to walk and enjoy the food with and some victory fest beer, good local beer. >> famous for your wine. >> afterward we will be open, we just made some wine for our 1990 opening, our 25th anniversary. we made it in collaboration with the winery, special wine will be serving at the restaurant, of course sunday night after the festival, and throughout the month of october, along with the nice pink flight for breast cancer awareness. >> hey, alex. >> yes, mike? >> i'm going to. >> throw it to you. >> yes, we get it. hello. who are you? >> i'm rachael. >> i'm rachael. so we do more than just eat at old city fest? >> yes. >> so, we're going have wheels, mostly it will just be people, from the clay studio working, and competing against each other. but we will also have the public included. and grab some people and help them work on the wheels, as well. >> you have to help us out. do you have walk me through it, because i can't really, i
9:20 am
mean, this is really cool. >> oh, wait. >> real quickly, betsy ross, you'll at old citifies. >> yes, at my house, chocolate making, not just flag placing, and it will be saturday and sunday of course for old citifies from noon to 5:00 p.m. >> noon to 5:00. >> now, i understands about chocolate. >> yes, and we have to learn more. >> oh, my gracious. >> now, wait. chocolate. >> okay. >> here we go. >> no, no, no! >> drink chocolate? >> we're going put it in the cup. there we have a chocolate cup for the lady. >> thank you. >> and i think we will have a chocolate cup for the gentleman. >> where is the gentleman? >> no. i don't know where he is. >> it is supposed to be you. >> now, remember, american heritage chocolate historic philadelphia and my house, the betsy ross house.
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>> okay, well we will be going. >> good to see you. >> sunday, for old city fest, lauren. >> oh, all right. we cannot all be beyonce, we know, that right? or can we? her dad wants to teach you how to be just like his superstar daughter. but you're going have to pay. how much, a class he's running, is going to cost you.
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>> do you want to be like beyonce? >> probably won't happen. you can always try. >> sure you can. >> you know what they should do? >> what? >> should have a class, how to become beyonce. >> apparently there is a class. beyonce's dad, he's planning a beyonce boot camp. yes, beyonce boot camp. so he and budd frist the entertainment business will offer helpful hints to aspiring entertainers. the class already schedule, will be october 24th in houston, texas, of course
9:25 am
where beyonce was born. >> how much? >> 200 bucks. for extra lunch, why you want to have a pick, not sure. >> $200, no thanks. >> you know, talks about when she was growing up and stuff, how hard he would push them, destiny child, and to be the best, and gave up his bunch to focus on them and their career to get them to stardom. shear my flip side of that. for free post pictures every you singing, dancing, instagram, more people can get discovered that way than wasting money to take a trip to houston to talk to beyonce dad about what did he back then that work for her, that might not work for you. >> will tell you what to do, give you tips. >> to help launch a career. >> but different if he owned a record label and co-sign people. but just to give advice, i don't know if i would want to sign up moore. >> what's the kneel last week he said that he thought destiny child was going to go on tour again. but that was just him thinking
9:26 am
out loud. >> and he says he want to have movie, flight. >> right. >> wants to do a movie? >> he want money. that's what it sounds like. >> why does he need money. >> cut them off. not working together any more. >> doesn't like jay-z, they have beef. >> she is now more in control of her career. so they don't -- >> yes. >> seems like -- >> he does have children, he has to take care of. >> anyway, he has a lot to teach, because it is not easy becoming someone like beyonce. >> yes. >> ♪ everybody want to be beyonce. >> ♪ >> s wants to be beyonce, but you don't wash to put in the work. >> great cookie fight last night on empire. >> cookie fight? >> get it. >> that was good. hey, what can you have in common with kevin bacon? you can work with his dogs trainer. >> that's right. the dog trainer to the stars is here. the three way she want to help
9:27 am
your pets. now, listen to there is one of the clues, she says do this. >> please stop. >> ♪
9:28 am
every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
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that's a fact.
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but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ we should periscope, or at least facebook mention, whatever it is called. it is 9:30. >> we're talking about yell us conversation people are sharing their stories here this one is from jamie, she tweets us all the time. my high school boyfriend was cheating with two different girls. i egged his car. he was obsessed with his car. >> excellent idea. >> yes. >> then this one, get the this
9:31 am
twitter handle is momma too crazy. >> wow. >> this will be good. i was he will jealous,/mad when my ex cheated. i put his junk in the trash can dumped antifreeze on it and left it at the front door. >> his junk. >> i think his stuff. >> we hope she meant his stuff. >> yes. >> that would burn. >> yes, her mommies momma too crazy keep sending them in. >> angela says yes, i'm a jealous person because men cheat so much you cannot trust them. men make women jealous. >> yes, it is not us, it is not me it the is you. >> we're dogs. >> it is time for fox fursday. >> it can bring you joy and love. but it can be stressful if the dog has bad manners. we need help from the celebrity. >> actually, has train kevin bacon's dog. >> she knows what she's doing. >> her name is amanda. >> she's with lauren, hey. >> i necessity, i know. amanda runs a canyon,
9:32 am
celebrity dog trainer. >> that is me. >> good for you. >> lets talk about puppies like this one. okay, he is trying to get away. >> this is banjo, what we want to do from day one, most people don't know day puppy is born you can start training. >> never too young. >> start with things like handling. we want to show. he is only nine weeks old. owe important for me to prepare him for anything that will come up with him in life like nail trim, i will handle his paws just like this, give him a treat. you have have positive association. then i will get into his mouth, handle his teeth a little bit, sweep out his mouth, no problem, positive association. >> okay. >> let's go to phase two. >> a doggies older then this, and then you have to teach them earn things when they cannot get on the leash right. how do you do that. >> we're talking about adolescence there. we start around five months, so during adolescence you see a surge in energy.
9:33 am
you have impulse control problems, the the barking, the running around the room, destroying the house, pulling on the leash. there is a trick. >> show me, i need it, diamond is back. >> people walk their dog on a color like this try a hardness, and that is so important. don't get one that clips on the back like this. what this actually does is encouraging pulling because dogs will go to push against that. so, they instead, what i want to you do is get a a harness that clips in the front like this. what happens here every time a dog pull is it turns the dog back toward you. >> wow. >> and then i have somebody to model that. >> this is my dog, and hi guys. >> he jumps too. we will talk about that in a second. >> you can see he is an adolescence, i got him this harness right away. when we get for a walk we walk like this, straight. >> do you see how he pulls
9:34 am
back towards you. this pulls him back toward me rather that be giving reward for pulling away from me. so problem starts to get better. >> got it. >> now, when i first came outside he jumped up immediately. >> he jumps like crazy. >> is that a problem. >> they jump up to get your attention. problem is not a problem for me i think it is true. >> not everyone loves dogs. >> what about the nine year-old grandmother or mailman. i want to you practice rewarding him for sitting. so, trick toys reward him with your attention. first off, say come here. sit. good boy, can you sit. and give him some love down here. do it again. >> sit. good boy. now i'm going to give him that love and attention that he craves so much. >> look at that. >> you dough this over and over, he will start to see improvement right away good thanks very much. >> where can find time you. >> amanda a dog >> alex, tricks for that old
9:35 am
dog mike jerrick. >> there is some new tricks. >> no tricks will work on this one. >> well, she could train me. >> what a cute puppy. >> thanks, lauren. >> that is one of the cutest dogs i have ever even. >> let's have breakfast. >> b-w-b. >> in the navy yard. >> ed mercer. >> hey, bob. >> take a look at this, i'm getting ready, here at mercy cafe, cinnamon buns, oh, baby, are you ready, tommy. let's put these buns in the oven. wait until you see this place.
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b-o-b. >> that is what we're doing right now because bobbies at mercer cafe. >> it is in the navy yard. >> um-hmm, family own too, bob. >> yes, i'll tell you you know what coming to the navy yard i was amazing driving past those big battleships on that straight through as soon as you come in the navy yard. we are down here at mercer cafe in the navy yard. the other day i put up a picture of the coffees, master coffee chef, nicole, what do you have here describe some of the goodies. >> that is carmel almond latte. that is, um, recess cup latte. >> is that a reese's peanut butter cup in there and look at the this one. >> a pumpkin spice latte. >> you make these fresh each and every morning. >> yes. >> gang that comes in, works in the the navy yard, they come by here in their coffee. they can stop, have breakfast, get a coffee to go. this all comes together. we will take you back to the name is that is synonymous with pizza intact owenellie
9:40 am
a's in philadelphia. tommy, thanks for inn righting us out here. >> thanks so much for coming down. i appreciate it. >> queen of pizza a, this is momma over there of port richmond fame over there, the best pizzas in town. >> yes. >> right out of the oven. >> look at this, this is, cinnamon buns that we put in the oven a couple of minutes ago. come on we will show you the other side. they have got pizza a here. but then from pizza in the neighborhood, dad decided let's open up a cafe. we have pizza a, hey, good morning, everybody. >> hey, bob. >> come down here and eat in the neighborhood, over here is tommy's wife, mandy, molly. >> molly. >> introduce us. >> this is margot. >> margot. >> say hi. >> she likes you, bob. >> i know. we have been taking pictures. who else do we have here. >> michelle, and debbie. >> we have the the whole family down here. it is a family affair. entire family works here. mom dad, all of the kid. we have even check this out,
9:41 am
bob kelly. bob kelly, and his wife, bobby kelly, bob and bobby kelly, they much was us, no relation though, so come on back to the other side because we have another cute baby a alert over here, hi mom, is what your name. >> i'm danielle. >> how are you. >> good. >> how old. >> this is ela rose and she's one month-old. >> one month-old and already eating at the family business. you know we have kid involved. but come on back here, i want to say hi to liza, thank you for inviting us out. tell us about the mercer cafe. >> my dad opened up the original mercer 15 years ago and my brother and i have all work in the business and dream have of expanding and opening up another location and here it is. >> yes, let's go down the line and describe some of the goodies we have here. >> thinks our crab asparagus and mozerella omelette. very popular. >> look at this one. >> this is our french toast. >> um-hmm, really good. >> this is justin's signature
9:42 am
homemade scratch pain cakes. they are so good and they fill you up. >> creamed chip beef. >> one of the best sellers. we have to get people down in this location and start tasting this. >> my dad called it something different i cannot say it on television, back in the the day. >> what do you have here. >> this is the signature stuffed strawberry hallow french toast that he made, preserves and everything. >> yes. >> and we have eggs bendik, homemade sauce. >> mercer cafe here in the navy yard and you don't to have work here or live down in this neighborhood to come enjoy great food and not only here at mercer cafe but also the the taconellie's pizza a we will put information up on our web site. if you want me to visit your favorite spot in the neighborhood hit me up on facebook and twitter. mike anal he can, back to you. >> i will break your face if you don't bring back those cinnamon buns. >> you got it. >> i have become over the years a connoisseur, i study
9:43 am
cinnamon rolls. >> how is that working out. >> do you ever eat a texas ones like at wawa and 7-eleven. >> everything is bigger and better in texas. >> we have to do this, she just tweeted my gosh did i miss empire recap. we are about to do it the now, jen. we have to talk about last night's episode. >> there will be no spoil era leather but there is a a mr. keith starter kit in the video. but first go to my facebook page, check this out, landry is here, jen fredrick fox 29. did the baby do that pretzel braid. that is my daughter. did steve fredrick learn how to do that on you tube. baby-sitter or my husband. vote on it, jen fredrick fox 29 facebook we will tell you after the break.
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he just came from puerto rico and thinks you are hot. >> sort of. >> he thinks i'm funny. >> we're still getting jealous tweets i took all of the winter suits he left behind, put them in the dry cleaners all over the the city, piece by piece. >> that is the worst. >> wow. >> that is something that happened on empire. >> it does. >> last night did you watch it? we will have a recap here. jen watched every second of it. >> well... you know. >> well, i watched every second. >> and i double-check with you and everyone and i do want to say this again for the twitter hater nation, there will be no spoilers, okay. but we do want to you watch it at your regular time and not on your dvr. here, he is out of jail and want his family back together.
9:47 am
this isn't so proper, ladies and gentlemen. we will check it out for ourselves. >> i want my family together and if i cannot have that i will let go of everything else >> no. >> , burning in his handy will save my sons. i will build something very nice for them. i really don't care what you do with empire. >> my ex wants to be a rap star working with my x want to be girl and some of my x artists. i'm giving y'all one last chance because y'all my family, i know y'all cannot eat without me because all y'all got is pry and it is chew, it is hard to swallow. let it go. >> i don't know what happened to you, when you were locked up but you got me twisted on
9:48 am
jeans. >> and then she pulls the tablecloth. the knives, the plates, the food, you know, she grabbed the drink. she wasn't going to spill a that drink. >> so slowly, there were so many magical cookie moments, like when she threw on her mr. d to party. >> ♪ >> hey.
9:49 am
>> yeah, that is right. >> ba barakas on the scene, everybody. look at cookie in that mr. t starter kit, on point. halloween decoration, costume, whatever, i don't know what it is. this is why we love cookie, she comes, and she means business. so again, i'm just giving you a little highlight, no spoiler, spoiler. so back to my lesson for the empire, jen fredrick, facebook page, mike, did you make a comment? did you make a guess? i want to you see that is landry james on her way to first grade today. it is a pretzel braid. do you think a, the amazing baby-sitter dit or steve fredrick looked at you tube like i have been asking him to do and he learn how to do that. >> because you posed it that way i would have to say steve. >> steve cannot do a pony tail
9:50 am
because tomorrow is picture day and tomorrow the baby-sitter is not there and tomorrow her hair will not look like that. >> have her winning by here i know how to braid. >> but that is empire. >> tweet me because we want to talk more about the episode because some people say kelly rowland she came up again in the episode. she did really well. we have to give her props too. >> she's kind of a regular. she's a side character regular. she plays luscious's mom. >> i knew that was coming. >> flashbacks. >> yes. >> i really like her. >> people were talking about cookie's outfits. >> listen my halloween costume is settled. >> she's mrs. t. >> but she got it from mr. t. >> yes. >> if you are mrs. t. >> yes. >> you know that daniel craig guy, he is handsome. has played james one. will he ever do it again? why he said absolutely not and what he would rat are do instead of play james bond,
9:51 am
ever again. he hated it. >> i want to win lottery numbers. >> we will see who these numbers.
9:52 am
9:53 am
dove that's why we created the bdove quench absolute. this system deeply nourishes curls... to quench dryness... for 4 times more defined, natural curls. dove quench absolute. this proteins in your skin. watch it react to direct contact with ordinary soap. soap weakens the proteins. dove is different. with < moisturizing cream and mild cleansers dove helps skin maintain its natural moisture.
9:54 am
♪ >> okay. >> yes, for anyone who doesn't know mike jerrick has a mint addiction and so what happens is, don't touch them, so this is where he will start, when we start at 6:00. once we get down to a certain i don't know what the word is he cannot deal witt and he gets another one. >> as you know the the line here he puts them in the mouth and puts it right back down. at some point, it has been in his mouth. >> he never eats them fully. once they get to a certain point. can you explain that. >> well, i want to take care of two beautiful women i work with, i want to you enjoy my breath. >> what we're asking is, what
9:55 am
we're asking is, why don't you ever finish it or put it back in your mouth. >> i like a fresh one. >> is your breath not fresh. >> i want it minty fresh just at all times. you can get overwhelmed with my hotness and want to attack me and kiss me. >> it is like coffee. >> let's talk about daniel craig. >> daniel craig he plays double 07, blonde hair, blue eyes. >> became bond there was a big controversy. he is supposed to be tall, dark and handsome. >> they offered him to do the the job done. >> he said he would rather die then play james bond again. >> yes. >> it was that dramatic. he said if he ever does another one it is strictly for payday and he was basically ready to break some glass and just cut himself witt. >> commit suicide over signing a new contract to do the movie. >> yeah. >> you know, if he doesn't want to do it, he doesn't have to do it. >> we can find someone to play james one, how hard can it be.
9:56 am
>> yes, it is pretty hard. >> you just to have say the line. >> what about this. >> hello, i'm bond, james bond. >> do you see that. >> yes. >> you can do it. >> here's the the thing. >> what is the thing. >> i had a conversation with my agent yesterday. >> you want to play the next bond. >> no. >> leonardo dicaprio may be feeling like the king of the world, movie star is rumored to be engage. >> forty years old, proposed to sports illustrated model kelly rowbacky thought he was with rihanna. >> no. >> fling. >> he did it in an italian restaurant in new york city. source close say rumors are not true and he is not engaged. >> he is with rihanna a couple of times. >> that was a long time it seems like he is around 80 years but he is only 40. >> he is like benjamin buttons. >> he ways 12 when he made titanic. it looked like she was dating
9:57 am
a a 12 years old. >> he wasn't 12. >> he was a youngin. >> he looked 12 in the movie. >> we only have one minute. >> i refuse to do it, a kim kardashian story. >> sorry, tony if we go through this story we would have made a whole story without kardashian story. >> it is kind of good. >> go. >> okay i'll tell you this. >> go, go. >> what is happening. >> joe jackson, tito jackson. >> and a at 4:00 p.m. why is she telling that story. >> she lost her virginity at 14. >> no, she's wasting time. >> last night i took a picture on instagram of the clothespin at city hall. >> that is it. >> okay. >> then a guy tweeted me, i have that same thing, on my leg a tattoo good exact same shot. >> what is that name good what is his name. >> his name is crazy we will
9:58 am
see you tomorrow, military day, see you at 7:00.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show"! the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> all due respect, double feet. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: now here's wendy! ♪ ♪ >> wendy: right back at you! hi! [ cheers and applause ]


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