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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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eventually turned deadly. good evening i'm dawn timmeney in tonight nor iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's get straight to fox 29's karen hepp. she's life in lower mooreland township. karen? >> reporter: ladies, this is october it is domestic awareness month. prosecutors say this was a horrible case of domestic violence. 18-year-old girl gets involved with the wrong guy, only a short time, three months it quickly turns volatile a abuse seive. he said according to prosecutors if she left him they would come after her family. now her dad is dead. >> the relationship can best be described as possessive, obsessive, violent and his conduct was completely controlling. >> montgomery county district attorney risa ferman says 20-year-old nadir abdul allah raped and beat his 18-year-old girlfriend so badly she went to the hospital. then threatened to kill her family if she left him. >> he told her that we can't be towing someone has got to go.
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>> reporter: week ago sunday investigators say ali and did he say mon smith made good on that threat and went to the victim's lower moreland home. according to the criminal complaint they came to the back door of this home where the terrified girlfriend saw them, screamed, grabbed her baby and hid in a closet. then three attackers burst in ran upstairs and shot her father in the neck through a closed bedroom door. her dad 53-year-old kevin brown fell out from this front door window trying to escape while his despondent wife watched in horror. but he was mortally wounded. >> this young lady, 18-year-old, who tried to get out of a relationship that was violent that was dangerous, that she knew she did not want to be in very tragically lost her father in the process of trying to get out of her relationship. >> we were just shocked. we went over the next day and consoled the wife and just a tragedy. >> reporter: such attach deem there may be a third suspect out there but prosecutors say these were the two main people who
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were involved, abdul ali turned himself in last night. there's no bail in this case. they've yet to set the preliminary hearing. back to you. >> philadelphia police want to you take a good look at this woman. surveillance cameras caught her stealing a purse in juniata park and she had a child with her. it happened sunday afternoon at kathy world furniture on castor avenue. investigators say that the woman walks into an office, swipes a purse right off of a desk and then hides it in a bigger bag. if you recognize her, give police a call. happening now a major cleanup at a local park. it's an area meant to be a place for children and their families to enjoy, but tonight, city officials are serving the destruction and picking up the pieces. this as police work to track down the vandal who's they say caused thousands of dollars in damages. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at black rock park in ridley township. you got a look another this me mess. dave. >> reporter: first hand look at the dug outs right behind me on rogers field. that's where most of the damage
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was. police tell us the vandals did thousands of dollars in damage and they believe they swept through the park here sometime over the weekend. jay we are sick and township crews were hard at work thursday repairing the damage at black rock park after vandals swept through here this week blasting holes and dug outs, smashing lights and electrical outlets. >> it's heartbreaking. when you see this. it's like do you a lot of stuff down here for the community, and kids come down and vandalize, and breaks your heart. >> what we're looking for to hold someone accountable for this. >> reporter: police say the vandals caused thousands of dollars in damage at the park. both dug outs on rogers field sustained damage. the roof on the storage shed was also knocked in and the clubhouse was vandalized. >> some kids saw the kids with bats in their hands and they were doing some destruction to the property. >> julie krause brings her
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daughters here to play during the week. she was upset by the damage he here. >> i'm here all the time. i love it here. i can't believe it. >> reporter: this is home to several championship baseball, softball and football teams. the 12-year-old girls softball team that plays here went to the world series in florida this year. >> you hope it's not kids that came through our programs. that would really break your heart. but, um, kids are just bored. >> parents should watch their children and know what they're doing. it's sad. >> reporter: as you can see, some of the repairs have already been accomplished here by volunteers. the ridley township police department believes that some parents may hear information about this from their children. if they do i'd they'd like to give the police department a call as quickly as possible. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. to a developing story now surrounding a familiar name. the man hailed a hero for helping tackle a gunman on a french train in august is in the hospital tonight seriously wounded after someone stabbed
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him during a fight. police say a man stabbed 23-year-old spencer stone last night outside a bar in sacremento. surveillance video shows some of the fight. it's blurry but you can tell the brawl was nasty. and that the man stabbed stone repeatedly. police say two people took off afterward in the car. so far no arrests. we don't know why this fight started either. but police say it was alcohol related. stone gained fame along with his two childhood friends after stopping a gunman on board a high-speed train bound for par paris. a final day of beautiful weather in your fox 25 weather authority. here's a live look right now at center city. beautiful. just ahead though is not so beautiful. this is a picture perfect evening out here. but things could look a lot different tomorrow and meteorologist kathy orr is live in old city tonight with more on that. such a nice day today, though, kathy. we were hoping for more of this. >> you know what it's been a win are in all week dawn. you and i us will see were tal talking about needing an
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umbrella tomorrow at this time. yes, a cold front is moving through and it will be wet. so don't get caught off guard. now, let's talk about the current weather because it is beautiful out here. temperature 75. that's the high for the day. pottstown 71. trenton 71. wrightstown little bit cooler with on shore breeze the temperature 67. ultimate doppler showing clear skies along the coastal plane but i want to draw your attention to this over the great lakes a cold front doesn't have a lot of moisture with it it will draw up warm air. right now we're seeing winds off the ocean at about 8 miles an hour from the southeast in atlantic city. cooling things down. we have a southerly wind at 3 miles an hour in philadelphia. that wind is going to pick up big time come tomorrow and warm us up quickly. on the fox future cast, few clouds will blow through tonight. a warm front tomorrow morning. but relatively dry. it's after the noon hour that's when we see the rain. so just think of it like this. odd numbers. 3:00 o'clock in the lehigh valley. 5:00 o'clock in philadelphia and its suburbs. 7:00 o'clock interior south
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jersey and by eight or 9:00 o'clock, it is offshore. so coming up this is what we'll talk about here. temperatures will be soaring. how high? that's the question. the wind turns really gusty and how will this weather, this front impact the weekend? because it sure will. i'll have the seven day later in the broadcast. in the meantime try to get outside and enjoy this before sun sets. >> excellent idea, kathy. talk to you soon. lot more excitement at ben franklin high school in philadelphia's spring garr depth section anyone had anticipate dad. a small fire broke out during class and you can see smoke in this twitter video. the fire was in a fourth floor bathroom and didn't do much damage. no word yet on what started it. nobody is hurt. this is actually the second fire at the school in the past few months. science fire forced students outside in june. nobody hurt there either. >> investigators are look nothing what started a massive fire in southwest philadelphia. this is what it look like now. you saw flames and smoke ripping
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through the vacant warehouse last night. here's breaking newses at 10. it took firefighters about 2.5 hours to get this thing under control. one firefighter went to the hospital late last night. fire officials haven't said why but we do know he's now out of the hospital. early morning strike by hundreds of philadelphia high school students. these teenagers boycotting classes today at the philadelphia high school for the creative and performing arts. they're hoping that their walk out sends a message to the city's school reform commission. the src decided this week to terminate its teachers contracts after a dispute over health insurance. pennsylvania senator vincent hazy, hot and humid addressing the states budget and says something needs to be done about education funding. >> what i know is that the people of pennsylvania should not be held hostage in many process. we need to fund the schools. fund the human service providers and in a divided government one side can't be just the ones that compromise. both sides have to compromise. >> pennsylvania has been
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operating without a budget since july and many schools are still waiting for funding while some discuss districts are taking out loans just so they can stay op open. >> during this domestic violence awareness month the gloucester township police department is rolling out new initiative. a specialized team of officers will now focus solely on domestic violence. the officers will check in on people had may be in danger and keep in contact with victims and their children. the program honors gloucester township woman whose boyfriend killed her last year. her sister was at today's announcement. >> this is amazing. and on behalf of my family i can't thank you all enough for stepping up to the plate and making this publicly known that this is an issue and that we have to resolve this and the gloucester township police department, you guys were at the forefront. you are doing amazing work. not only honor of my sister for all the victims of domestic violence. >> police say a former intern helped them come up with the idea for the program in 2014. only on fox, federal and
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local authorities teaming up for a big operation in philadelphia. they're going after a street gang they say rules with fear and murder. how they're taking the fight to the gang's home turf. >> she thought she got a great deal for a popular skin treatment but she wound up burned badly. >> they don't know how to treat our skin. they can damage our skin. >> now she's scarred. this local woman's warning that will make you think twice about cashing on supposed good barga bargain. >> plus the ad aiming to educate women about their sexual health. why some say this is sending the wrong message. >> and we showed you this, at least me, cool video of a glass walkway that just opened in china giving walkers views from heights. not even week later it's closed and you'll understand why. and all new tonight at six poisonous caterpillars can cause serious misery. where they're turning up at 6:00.
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>> federal and local authorities are targeting a notorious street gang in southwest philadelphia. now they're going public trying to take them down. fox 29's dave schratwieser has the story you'll see only on f fox. >> he was a good son. he was a loving person. he was a jokester. he loved to make people laugh. >> markell write was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire as two rival gangs opened fire outside this corner
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store at 53rd and greenway three years ago. 38 shots were fired. markell lost his life at the age of 22. >> you destroyed a whole family. you take a life but you take the life from whole family. >> reporter: there have been five more murders here in recent months. now the atf and philadelphia police are putting up these flyers in the very neighborhood where markell was senselessly killed. investigators want the public's help as they target the greenway gorillas street gang. >> they have access to guns and they're feuding over money for drugs. it can get ugly. >> the flyers went up wednesday on light poles and storefronts. many neighbors like richard steven son came to fine the flyers in their mailbox or stuffed in their front door. >> i am really surprised about this. this, um, organization, no, i don't believe it. i don't. >> with things happening it don't be people that live around here. people live in on the hoods and come and hang around.
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how the problems start. >> reporter: greenway gorillas rule with fear and they're behind a recent spree of violence. a 21-year-old lost his life in a hail of gunfire here on will ton street back in july. there are still bullet holes in the storefront where markell wright was murdered during a gun battle between the gorillas and another gang. >> the thoughts of what could have been, what should have been if i was there. if they weren't there. >> police and markell's mom believe the public can help end the gang violence here and perhaps save a life. >> always try to look at it like, what if it was me? put yourself in somebody else's shoes. and then you'll come up with the answered to the right thing. >> reporter: investigators say there are 15 to 20 members of the greenway gorillas. some of them are already in jail. they're hoping the community will give them information that will help them take the rest of this crew off the streets. dave schratwieser fox 29 news. a nurse accused of using the same two flu shot syringes for
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67 people has surrendered her had nursing license. the nurse gave shots to employees at a pharmaceutical company in west windsor mercer county last month. health officials say the risk of infection is low since the nursery placed the needles for each shot but authorities are still suggestin suggesting thoso received a shot be tested for hiv as well as hepatitis b and c. the health department has given the nurse's name to the state nursing board so now it's up to that board to decide if she will face any disciplinary act. mayor nutter has said the visit of pope francis was never about the money and that's a good thing because new report says a lot of philly business doctors not farewell. the city controller's office released economic impact study today. it says the papal visit left 84% of businesses behind on revenue projections. out of the 108 businesses that participated in the study only 14 said they were on track or ahead. the controller says the goal now is to figure out how to keep businesses from falling hyped during future big events. happening now, at least 17
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people in south carolina are confirmed dead from this week's did he have stating floods. even though the water is receding, in parts of state, coastal areas could see more flooding over the next couple of days. the painful extent of the damage is becoming even more apparent and the threat persists. it could take until the weekend for the threat of floo flooding to ease in storm ravaged south carolina. that's according to officials who are warning people along the coast to prepare for more flooding as water from swollen rivers makes its way towards the atlantic ocean. >> this is not over yet but we need to continue our prayers. we need to continue to be responsible and diligent as we move forward and we need to continue to remember that it is all hands on deck. >> reporter: crews are also watching more than 60 dams for potential failure at least 13 have already collapsed. in columbia, the national guard is working to patch a breached canal that's part of the city's water system. >> this is probably the worse i've he have seen since i've
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been living here and of course my heart goes out to the families in the columbia and surrounding areas. >> reporter: meantime the death toll from the flooding continues to rise with police finding the bodies of two men wednesday. they were in a pickup truck when it drove past a barricade and plunged into the water. >> a lot of the death that is we've had the people had just paid attention may have been it could have been a different out come. >> reporter: in addition to the human cost the storm is also taking a toll on property in the state. thousands of homes have been destroyed or severely damaged. leaving residents wondering when their lives will return to normal. >> i got to get my kids to school. my cars are underwater. so, um, i'm glad it's stuff and not my family. >> it is tough. it's not clear how much it will cost to repair the damage in south carolina. but officials there are estimating the state could need up to $1 billion in federal aid. >> funeral services forgery montgomery desire are next went
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at bright hope baptist church in north philly. he passed away sunday after complications from an aneurysm. he led the chapter for 17 years and was also the founder and publish cher of the philadelphia sun and co-founder of the philadelphia association of black journalists. the funeral is at 11 a.m. wednesday. the viewing is on tuesday evening from 4:00 to 8:00. both services will be at the church at 12th and cecil b. moore. montgomery desire's family says wednesday is his birthday. he would have turned 66 years old. well a big surprise for hockey fans in voorhees hoping to grab a cup of coffee this morning. flyer fans are used to seeing hall of famer goalie bernie parent between the pipes but today, he took a special spot behind the counter at dunkin' donuts. parent helping serve up free medium coffees to everyone in line. along with special flyers orange and black doughnuts. appropriate, right the former goalie says it felt different than his playing days and even offered a bold prediction for
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the flyers this year. >> being on the ice is much easier. believe me. i'm telling you they're busy. it's not like one car every five minutes. it's constant. constant. i really enjoyed it. hopefully i'll meet those people soon in a parade in phil. >> that sounds good. parade in philly. flyers journey to that broad street parade begins tonight witness first of the season in tampa bay. they'll be back in town for their first home game on monday night. police in california go to a crime suspect's home in search of clues but they were in for big shock. what they found buried be 19 the ground. an airline apologizes to woman for what a flight attendant told her she cannot do in an airplane bathroom. >> football team out for meal caught off guard by a stranger's random act of kindsness. how they passed it on and got people all over the country
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talking. >> and join us friday as we salute the troops. tomorrow is military day on fox 29. come on down to fourth and market. we are going to shut down the and tire street for block party. >> the men and women who serve our country. thank to you all of them. it's tomorrow from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.
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>> you may not say its name easily but you won't easily forget what it looks like. mexico's poe boca tee volcano exhaled a large plume of vapor and ash that reached more than 8,000 feet into the sky. it started showing increased activity on tuesday when it began spewing a constant stream of water, gas and ash. so though no major eruptions. volkswagens toes pop u.s. executive on the hot seat facing tough questions on capitol hill today. vw chief michael horn fielding questions on why the company used softer wear to cheat on government emissions tests. the house energy commerce sub committee is demanding to know why the company intentionally violated u.s. environmental
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laws. lawmakers also want to know how vw plans to remedy its actions with customers, regulators and suppliers. >> i want to tell you, mr. horn, i don't buy it. the american people, the epa and their counterparts around the world have been defrauded by volkswagen. the company's word isn't worth a dime. the only thing i want to hear today is exactly how will volkswagen make this right by consumers? >> these events -- >> volkswagen is vowing to make changes to its policies but we still don't know how it will compensate customers and dealers who still alleged clean diesel cars to sell to the public. >> i'm stuck thon volcano name. what was that again. >> i think did you it right. i could never -- that's why she read that story. she can do that. i can't do that. >> feds went digging in a california and unearthed buried treasure much check this out. home belongs to cesar, a man who
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pleaded guilty to armored truck heist in 20 free. he stole a million dollars and yesterday the fbi dug up more than half of it. he had buried more than $600,000 in a tupperware style container in his backyard all in tens and 20's much that's a big tupperware. neighbors had no clue about that secret stash. >> something we couldn't imagine, you know. i mean, that's a lot of money. >> all i can say they seemed like a very nice regular normal family. very polite. the children very polite so were the lady and husband. >> whole lot of money in the backyard. $300,000 or oh so are still missing. authorities and neighbors are wandering in yannis has another hiding on that property. he is not talking. >> no surprise there. drivers accused of of stealing a car take plasson chase just when it look things were reid reaching a dead end the guy got desperate. see what happened next. and the ad aiming to educate women about their sexual health.
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why some say this is sending the wrong message. >> kathy. >> lucy, fair weather out there right now. looking at plenty of sunshine and blue sky. not much on ultimate doppler but that is going to change tomorrow at this time we'll be talking about rain. the storm system moving our way maybe even a few rumbles of thunder. more goes with that storm and it will be impacting the weekend. we'll talk more about that as fox 29 news at 5:00 continues.
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live look at the french manor inn and spa tonight. >> doesn't that sound nice. >> looks beautiful. >> poconos mountains action from our pocono mountains camera. this weather has given a whole lot of beautiful pictures like that. dawn, it's a wrap soon. new information coming in about possible thunderstorms. kathy orr is working on that right now. she's got it coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. montgomery county district attorney's office releasing more details on last month's deadly home invasion in lower moreland township. these two did he say mon smith and nadir abdul ali being charged with murder. da says it started when ali beat and rape his girlfriend and told her he'd kill her familiar physical she left him him. she did. the two men forced their way into her home shot and killed her father. fox 29's karen hepp has much more coming up at 6:00 o'clock. >> ridley township city officials are hard at work tonight cleaning up the mess left by vandals in a local park. investigator sauce over the weekend someone just tour through black rock park leaving behind thousands, thousands of dollars in damage.
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so today crews replacing smashed lights and electrical outlets. they're also boarding up big holes left in the roof of a baseball dug out. also an equipment shed. why, why would somebody open do this? detectives think a group of kids with bats may have done it much they just hurt themselves on that one. tunneling give police a call. big apple a buzz over the city health department and new ad campaign. it's touting a unique technique to promote birth control. >> right. but some say it's not sending the right message. fox's linda schmidt has the story. >> reporter: the birth control ads deal with one night stands. this one says, you spent the night in brooklyn, but you left your birth control in staten island. maybe the iud is right for you. another reads the iud is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. that's one less thing to worry about. maybe the iud is right for you. the city health department is featuring them as part of a new birth control campaign. sonya oh czar yo at the president of the national organization for women in new
5:32 pm
york city. >> i think it's great. i think the more information that exists about effective contraceptive methods the better that is for women. >> reporter: the ads target just women. not men. and they encourage the use of intrauterine devices known as iud's. they do not mention any other forms of birth control. >> it's important to have similar campaigns for men certainly to take responsibility but in an ideal world both partners take full responsibility, but ultimately women are the ones that do get pregnant. >> reporter: the health department tells fox news that the goal of the campaign is to increase awareness of iud's ton also connect new yorkers to information on other birth control methods. >> that ad will be on subways and bus shelters across the city over the next three months. they spent the entire night outside and now a few lucky people will eat free pizza for year. how does that sound? >> wow! >> fattening.
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(laughter). >> but good. >> but good, yes. >> the doors opened at this pizza shop in cherry hill at 11:00 this morning. but these foodies were out waiting in line for hours. 1,000 degrees neopolitan pizza wanted people for its grand opening of course but might not have expected this. the first 10 people in line earned free pizza for year. everyone else is enjoying free pizza until the doors close later tonight that includes us. we're going. >> they sent me this picture of a pizza that they were going to make us tonight. >> i love it. >> yes. we're going to go on our dinner break go get the pizza and thank our friend at a thousand degrees and come back and we'll let you know how it goes. >> that looks delicious. also brought to us by the philadelphia eagles perhaps? >> i don't know. i don't know why they're inclu included. >> hey, we'll share. >> free pizza, exactly. >> got to cash up because we have weather coming. we have to get through this much not big storm but it will be a little bit of nuisance. right now it's beautiful out there. we have partly cloudy skies. temperatures very comfortable in the 70s. it's a repeat performance of
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this entire week. the high today 75. the wind is calm. i want to thank weatherman pete for sending in this beautiful picture the leaves are turning our fall foliage is getting into gear. >> thanks very much pete. please tendon me pictures on facebook or twitter and we'll try to see if we can threat them on television. >> right now in philadelphia 75. cool air to the north. that's going to be coming our way by saturday. but the big story is the warmth ahead of this cold front that will be surging up from the south. we're talking about mid 70s in the mid atlantic. but some 80s in ya, 82. atlanta near 80 degrees. some of that surgeon warmth will be moving our way. we have a strong area of low pressure and all of these strong surgical winds will move ahead of this cold front. tomorrow long of morning we'll see the warm front move on through. winds gusty out of the south and after 3:00 o'clock, the front moves through. by about 5:00 o'clock, through the i-95 corridor.
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if you're going out tomorrow night in center city or our suburbs it will be clear by about seven, 8:00 o'clock in the afternoon or i should say the evening. and sunday morning it's well offshore little bit cooler on saturday. so here's what we expect for your friday. morning winds, gusting to about 25 miles an hour. temperatures climbing in the afternoon about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. and from after nan rain even a few rumbles of thunder with this front moving through in the afternoon and of course even to the early evening rush. so please be aware of that. it could slow you down. not a lot of rain but in those thunderstorms we'll see downpours generally from north to south. we're seeing up to half an inch of rain. here a lock at the winds though. tomorrow morning winds out of the south gusting to 26 miles an hour in philadelphia. 29 miles an hour gusts in millville. by the noon hour, still some strong gusty winds and then by the evening, they become northerly after the front moves through saturday morning northerly wind gusts to 25 miles an hour. then it dice down by saturday afternoon. so a bit of a windy period with
5:36 pm
the warmth. overnight in the city, 61. the suburbs 57. it will be partly cloudy, during the day tomorrow the high near 80 degrees. mostly cloudy. the showers and storms will hold off until the mid to latter part of the afternoon. that's the good news. winds out of the southwest about 10 to 15 and gusting to 25. on the exclusive seven day forecast, 79 for your friday. cooler saturday. but that's good football weather. >> that's right. >> for the temple owls. 66 degrees then for the birds on sunday, we're going for 70 but it will be sunny. monday columbus day looks great. even tuesday, wednesday and thursday you just can't keep us down. >> wow. >> plenty of sunshine and temperatures that are seasonal. the normal high this time of year is around 69. >> i love it like this. >> beautiful. enjoy. >> thanks, kathy. >> we showed you this very cool video of a glass walkway that just opened in china giving walkers views from dizzying heights. tonight not own a week later, guess what, closed. you're definitely going to understand why.
5:37 pm
>> airline apologizes to a woman for what a flight attendant told her she cannot do in an airplane bathroom. >> all new at 6:00 fighting crime with hammers and brooms? why police believe a good clean up will force criminals out of a camden neighborhood plagued by violence. [woman] hey, amy! [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this? [man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis. [man] with a private dock! [amy] beautiful! [woman] and a house on the lake! [amy] the house looks great, you two! [in unison] thanks!
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the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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bizarre send to a police chase in australia after suspected car thief drives the suv into the indian ocean trying to get away from police. the two hour chase appeared to be coming to an end after the suspect drove on to the beach but then he made a last ditch effort to get away driving right into the water. obviously things didn't go much further from here. as you can imagine the car's engine didn't work very well once submerged in the saul water. police caught up with the driver and arrested him. a nursing mother feeling the shame after she says a flight attendant embarrassed her during a recent flight. marianna hahn any man was trying to pump breast milk privately in the plane's bathroom. she said a flight attendant ordered her out.
5:41 pm
she says the woman told her she couldn't pump in the bathroom and she should have warned the staff beforehand. she even asked for her name and employee number but instead got an order to get back to her se seat. >> she diminish me. i don't want they are get fired. i want her retrain. >> that flight attendant will be. american airlines says knew mom which is pump many or breast feed anywhere they want on the plane even in their seat. the air lien reached out to the mother through e-mail and by phone. she's accepted the compani' apology and just hopes employees are better trained moving forward. hoping she might have got a whole bunch of free flying myers. >> china's glass walkway was an instant hit with tourist. after one of the panels cracked officials are retiring it. right away. we showed you this incredible walkway opening last week. but no it didn't last long at all. tourism officials say the panel cracked with a loud bang. get this about a dozen tourists
5:42 pm
were standing on it. the glass path wraps around the side of a cliff 390 feet above a canyon. that terrifying height officials say it was only one of the three panels so the tourists were not actually in any danger. >> wow! >> would have been cool. >> do you need another reason not to smoke? because we've got one. this special group that researchers now say are at an even greater risk when they light up. and she thought she found a really great deal for popular skin treatment but what she wound up with, well, she got burned. badly. >> they don't know how to treat our skin they can damage our skin. >> now scared this local woman's warning that will make you think twice about cashing in on a supposed bargain. howard? >> after sunday's loss to the redskins demarco murray said he did not get enough carries. today he addressed that situation going forward and chip kelly got deeper into where the problems do lie.
5:43 pm
that's coming up in sports.
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♪ in your health tonight the list of reasons not to smoke just got longer. turns out smoking may increase a recovering click's risk of relapse. researchers studied thousands of recovering clicks in the u.s. for three years. they found smokers are twice as likely as non smokers to start drinking again. this held true even after researchers accounted for outside factors such as mood and anxiety disorders, illegal drug use and nicotine depends. while quitting smoking is a good idea for anyone researchers say it may be even more important if you're trying to stay sober. you'll find this study in the journal alcoholism experimental and clinical research. a local woman grabs up a great bargain and gets burned.
5:47 pm
physically burned and she has the scars to prove it. it was a cosmetic treatment that could run in the thousands of dollars. she found it for just a few hundred. >> but she may have let those dollar signs put her health at risk. fox 29's joyce evans shows us the price she really paid for that discount. ♪ >> reporter: keeping pace with her pro athlete clients is a full-time job for paris nicole peyton. >> i am a publicist. i'm in the public eye. >> reporter: behind the camera. in front of the camera, she's got to look good. good and smooth. >> i get my under arms, i have my side burns done and also the bikini area. >> reporter: so for more than two years now, paris nicole has been hooked on the newer laser hair removal treatments. one that can zap hair from african americans like it was never there. >> and i get the nape of my neck done because my hair is short
5:48 pm
mine skin is very sensitive, even break out in rose soars. >> reporter: but it got price pricey. paris nicole spending hundreds of to thousands every dollars on laser hair removal she went searching for discount. she found some. >> i thought it was great deal to get three treatments for a price under $500. >> reporter: but she couldn't make it threw one. >> i told her this is unbearab unbearable. this is abnormal for me. and i need to you stop. and when i left there, my neck was on fire. >> reporter: didn't take long to see why. >> i get to work and someone immediately pointed tout me that my back of my neck was red and blistering up. and i just lot of it. i started crying. i look in the mirror and i just said, what in the world just happened? >> reporter: she didn't know the provider but she got a deal. so -- >> why not? >> you have to make sure when you go for that deal you check out who is doing the procedure. don't just assume that they know what they're doing.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: paris nicole got burned badly. >> it was the most horrific experience ever. >> reporter: dermatologist robin levin. south jersey skin care and laser center does not treat paris nicole but she's no stranger to her skin type. >> you want to make sure darker skinned patient is getting a treatment done with a longer wave length laser. that's much more protective to darker skin. >> reporter: she says, a slight burn or even a small blister can happen. which is why patients must sign a waiver before treatment. >> if a risk with any laser treatment it can happen. typically they heal fine. there's not an issue. so there is a risk no matter who is doing it. it does happen. >> reporter: but it doesn't have to happen like this. >> just -- i'm at loss for words. >> reporter: this is paris my toll's neck a week later. >> it's going a take a long time for this to heal and hopefully it doesn't leave a permanent scar. >> reporter: dr. levin says
5:50 pm
healing ointments over the counter and some medicated with antibiotics should help. a bleaching cream may be needed. paris nicole is kicking herself for chasing deals without doing her research. >> for me this about educating african-american women about laser hair removal. >> reporter: she says it's also important to know how often lasers are serviced, and using them with extra care. >> why is that important? >> it is important because if they don't know how to treat our skin they can damage our skin. >> reporter: this is how paris nicole's neck is looking three and a half weeks later. she's healing but -- >> if it ain't growing don't try to fix it. stay where you are. just deal with the price. >> reporter: she did get a full refund on her deal. joyce evans fox 29 news. >> football team out for meal is caught off guard by stranger's random act of kindness. how they passed it on and got people across the country
5:51 pm
talking. coming up new at 6:00 local veteran says quite dark rooms are when things are the loudest and the scariest. but therapy dogs are helping struggling veterans make the through the night. how a local mother and her are working to get these special animals to the people had really need them the most. >> also bill cosby is pushing a pennsylvania university into new territory. what it says the comedian is fortunate to do that it has never done before. >> join us friday as we salute the troops tomorrow is military day on fox 29. so come on down to fourth and mark. we're going to shut down the entire street like we always do, throw a huge block party all to honor the men and women who serve our country. again tomorrow from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning. join us. ♪
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a ring and a string of pearls broke two world records in hong kong yesterday they were being offered at sotheby' auction where the same collector snatched up both of them. this rare gray pearl necklace went for over $5 million and that sapphire ring right there, sold for a whopping $6.7 million. >> we must say very happy we got two world record prices. one of the most beautiful strands of pearls ever to come up at auction. previously offered to us -- offered us to 1997. to resell it now in hong kong it's a great pleasure and honor.
5:56 pm
>> july resail ended 5-day auction altogether it brought in a whopping $342 million. >> i was trying figure out whether i want to spend four bucks on soup today. >> geek, in other words and mega fans are in the big apple tonight all for a new york com any couldn't 2015. the four-day event one of the largest pulp -- pop culture conventions of its kind in the nation. it's always the place to see the latest on comic books and video games and movies and tv shows. >> i don't know. it's just fun to, you know, dress up as character, create the costume yourself. i did all this from scratch. dressing up getting the attention a lot of people like to take pictures really up pressed with the craftsmanship. >> what are you going to wear dawn? >> still working on it. >> big named stars will be there jack black ahead of his new movie goose bump much gets will see the entire gaft from game of thrones, the walking dead. >> wow. >> um-hmm. >> we all have heard of paying
5:57 pm
it forward in places like the check outline or the drive through window. >> that's right. but detroit high school football team is taken it to whole new level. fox', tara asher has the story. >> we just kind of came if like any normal dinner we came in and sat down and ate report roar this time when six lake or i don't know football players sat down at irish cafe tuesday night, something extraordinary happened. started by someone who happened to be watching. valerie was running the register at the time. >> we had a gentleman come up to the register and asked if he could have the receipts for the six gentlemen sitting in the back. we asked him do you know them. do you have kids at the high school? he's like no. he just wanted to pay for their bill. >> that bill for the football players wasn't cheap. $87. but that man he didn't want any thanks. he didn't even want them to know who he was. all he wanted was the hostess to pass on a new words. >> i walked up and i said i want you to know your bills were paid
5:58 pm
for and the gentleman wanted to say god bless you all and one of the boys in turn said no god bless him. >> we were all really shocked but at the same time we all really appreciative and the person said we look like a nice group of young kids. >> the football players living up to their reputations they didn't walk away. instead they each reached into their pocket and together gave $30 to the waitress to pay someone else's bill. >> we all decided, you know, to pass it forward and pay it on. >> rec today mendez was able to deliver the news to a couple first thing wednesday morning. >> i just told them that were paid for by the varsity football team of lake or i don't know. i told them the story about last night and she was like that's mazing. that's never happened to me before. and they're teenagers. >> reporter: from there it was a chain reaction. one customer after another began picking up the tab for someone else. >> i had chills. i thought that was -- just something very special. >> we were shocked. i told my boss ryan, i'm like f we're going on like 12 -- table number 12 being paid for and
5:59 pm
just kept going and going. >> by the end of the day, they say 30 tables had paid it forward. >> especially since they were young boys and you don't hear younger generations doing that so much. so it made us really happy. >> from your example people continue to pay it forward a total of 30 times. >> oh, wow. we didn't know that. that's incredible. >> how does that make you feel? >> just makes us feel great. that's something that small can make that big of a difference. >> tar rin asher, fox news. tonight at 6:00 you can look but don't touch. this caterpillar could you have seriously miserable. where it's showing up tonight. ♪ plus fighting crime with some serious elbow grease. >> makes everyone feel safe. >> the dangerous neighborhood getting a makeover and why police believe the criminals will be thrown out with the trash. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news
6:00 pm
at 6:00. right now just a beautiful sunny fall day but it will be much different scene at the start of your weekend. severe weather could be rolling in just in time for your friday commute. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney. behind those storms weather changes and fox 29's kathy orr is live outside our old city studios. kathy, just a gorgeous day. >> yup. >> what a day to be outside. a little bit of a breeze. still plenty of deep blue sky. low humidity and here in old city philadelphia everyone is just outside enjoying the day. a lot of traffic everyone wants to get home before sunset which is shortly before 7:00 o'clock this evening. but as you can see, a lot of folks out and about enjoying this beautiful fall weather. take a look at the current temperatures. it's pretty mild out here. the high so far in philadelphia 76 degrees. right now it's 73. 70 in pottstown. 69 in allentown. we have on shore flow a little cooler down the shore with that ocean breeze. temperatures in the 60s.


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