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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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stabbed 20 times, a piss owner is stabbed over and over again, what he did after the suspect left him for dead police say this one man committed a crime, what she did moments after walking inside a store and looked there she was caught on camera it is military day we solute the military. it is hard to see because it is still dark but i will to have tell you between fourth and third street, on market, we're jam. we shut it down so to speak. >> shut her down. >> for a very good cause. we are soluting men and women who serve our country and keep us safe. if you have a picture of the loved one in uniform, you know whether they served before or serving right now why in the bring it down to fourth and
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market and we will put it on tv. we do it the every year. one of my favorite days. >> hi, everybody. >> that is not alex holley. >> it the is lauren johnson. >> alex is off today. >> but thank you for being with us. we will have to start with this. i know it is not a big water main break but it is bubbling. that is a live shot. the reason why i wanted to show this to you. it the is at a key corner fifth and south. you know how many people take fifth street to get on the bennie or whatever, get on i9 56789 well, fifth street is closed, right, bob. >> fifth is blocked at south. here's a live look is there johnny rockets. >> oh, sure. >> so south street is opened, but as you you can see those orange cones blocking fifth street. so you are right, mike, there will be no access on fifth street, coming up into old city or independent mall. so you have to use any of the
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other odd numbered streets to come northbound. >> just be odd, this morning. >> just be odd. >> like we are every morning. >> okay, weather. we had three, ten's in a row, ladies and gentlemen, what will today bring. >> well, hint, hypothesis, you said odd, what about an odd number, mike jerrick. for your friday we cannot do a ten. >> hold on, wait for it. >> that is a new graphic. >> we are really excited about fox 29's solute the military,. >> yes, so we have gotten new graphics. lets get to the forecast, it is important, fox 29 solutes the military hashtag fox 29 solutes, mike jerrick it looks like that rain will hold off until afternoon. >> good. >> temperatures are warming up in the upper 60's. the kind of mild, muggy but come on out. ultimate doppler dry and quiet. looking off to the north and west that is system that will bring scattered showers later on. you can see activity object fourth and market this morning.
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wind are calm. humidity high. waking up in temperatures in allentown 56 degrees. sixty-two in millville. 63 degrees right now in atlantic city. so for today a above average temperatures out ahead of the front. 79 degrees, afternoon, evening scattered showers, maybe some gusty wind, we will talk about the timing of that how much rainfall to expect, as well as, the the football forecast, for this weekend. a lot going on bob kelly a lot of football. 6:03. tgif. waking up with two water main breaks. we have showed you live picture over there at fifth and south. this is a live look at main street, in moorestown where the cones are all lined up here, between church and chester. the main street, the main contracting there, we've got friend school. we have the main street, pretzel factory, the coffee stories there so traffic is being detoured through moorestown, off of the main street this morning. the other one is where we just showed you fifth and south at corner of the johnny rockets. fifth street is closed from
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south, north, so if you are heading from south philadelphia, you typically use fifth street to gain access to the ben franklin bridge you'll have to use either third or seventh street this morning, south street is opened, but obviously that intersection will see activity, throughout the morning rush hour, and make repairs and water is still bubbling up from underground. here's i-95 in and out of the city not the bad at all. friday mornings's a light start so far. tacony palmyra bridge okay mid span but there is an accident on the new jersey side, right before the toll plaza, so if you are coming in from say the curve right there and tacony palmyra watch it, there is a lot of police activity at the toll plaza as we have been talking about all morning long market street is shut down between third and fourth, so we will go around the block but it is for a good cause. we're soluting the military today here at fox 29, mike and alex, back over to you. mike and lauren, back over to you. >> lauren, yes. >> bob, we have talked about this for a couple hours, it
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happened last night at 11:00, fifth and south street, water main break causing major detours. >> i'm surprised it is still bubbling, steve, but is it. >> reporter: it is still bubbling as you saw in the live picture and south street still opened as bob kelly pointed out. here's the problem. i showed traffic lights out here thinking they were intentionally shut off since nobody can come up fifth. electric guys just showed up here. so this water is doing some kind of damage perhaps because johnny rockets restaurant was all lit up, everybody who is around here, is saying and power just went down along with the traffic lights and the past 90 minutes or so. so that wasn't intentionally shut off. that is why we saw electric company come through which is safely parked up the street on dry land. it is causing some damage. when you see it bubbling out of the street on both side of the fifth. lets walk over here and show them. maybe reason nobody was in the hurry from the water department to shut it down despite us showing us this, look at how close they are to catch most of this water, and
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this one, a lot of water is still getting around it and in the handicapped spot here on south street that is flooded out but most of the water is going safely down the the sewer and not going nothing to the businesses which are high up on the sidewalks, but we don't see damage underneath ground and that is where power company has its wires and things. you can see grading over there at johnny rockets and water may be seeping in there and doing damage to the electricity. look at the atdidas sign next to the traffic lights. that is still lit up. but i'm looking around here and this net business is dark as well, so we may have some damage. bob kelly, the star bucks is telling news moorestown that they are not allowed to opened, bad news for mike, for you, i don't know what you would do without star bucks but was ways out of the closed zone. so people who normally have star bucks coffee perhaps maybe get them wawa coffee and you may never go back. >> well, i'm dunkin' donuts
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all the way. >> 6:07. well, a sneaking thief enters a philadelphia store, but look who is with her? who she used to distract the the employees. you still have time to jump in your car and head over to the station as we solute the military.
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we're still sitting up and it is dark. that the is market street between third and fourth as we solute the military. by the way, if you want to send in a picture of somebody serving now or have served our country sent it in but use that hashtag fox 29 solutes. jen, what sit looking like outside. >> super awesome and we're having some fun. you are on tv. i won't make you talk. they are so shy. >> but check out this backhoe. really cool backhoe. we have a bucket truck, we have all kind of amazing, honestly thank you for what you do for our country. but it is pretty cool you get to see all of the toys. american red cross is here as well and jared, i want to show people what they are handing out. it is right here in my hand. this is a piece of a united states flag that had to be retired, you know, sometimes
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they get old, torn they don't want them flying. what this is, it is an actual star. red cross wants to you put tonight your pocket and know you are an american and you are part of what is happening here. i have to say, you park a bunch of bikes next to me, i cannot ignore it. i have to say hi. how are you doing. >> how are you today. >> you can shake my hand. >> i was going to wear my harley shirt but i don't look good when i run into you guys. what do you come out what are you here to support. >> we are here to support our troops, our first responders, anybody -- >> that is on the front line and taking care of us. >> we don't accept any money, we just do it on our other terms. >> do you accept us. >> yes, do i. >> do you accept hugs. >> that is fantastic. >> 6:11. >> one of the men hailed as a hero for stopping an attack in france ace tacked in california that guy right there?
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yes, we are taking it to the streets, market street today, we will shut it down between third and fourth. it is a big party outside. we solute our troops.
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use the hashtag fox 29 solutes. send us a picture of one of your loved ones, serving this country, in uniform, we love to see your pictures and we love for to you come down and join us. if you cannot we will have a all of the action right here on the show. first scott williams has to tell us how weather will hold up and how the weekend will look like. >> we have a seven. we have rainfall but by this afternoon that is when i expect most of that with the timing. then cooler conditions by this upcoming weekend. a a lot of activity. big temple home coming game, the the bird, and on sunday at the link against the the saints. weather looking good for that. fox 29 solutes the the military this friday morning, temperatures will be kind of mild, muggy conditions as well, we are looking at numbers by 8:00 o'clock in the mid 60's, upper 60's by nine and 10:00 o'clock hour. any airport delays? lets keep tabs, muggy conditions, mild right now, philadelphia international airport they are still looking good. some spots up with patchy fog out there but otherwise new york city, laguardia, newark,
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boston getting that green light for your friday travel plans. 61 degrees right now outside our studios as we solute the military, this friday morning. temperatures right now across the area we are looking at lower 60's wilmington. 58 degrees. good morning. waking up in trenton. we have low 60's in millville. here's your planner. we are looking at scattered showers and thunderstorms mainly after two or 3:00 entering from the north and west. the here's the setup. we have muggy conditions ahead of the front. main action still off to the west. we will take you hour by hour and you can see what happens here by 11:00 o'clock still most of the action off to the north and west and then by this afternoon we could be talking about gusty thunderstorms moving in, from north and west, continuing to approach the i-95 corridor. so for your afternoon and evening commutes it could be damp and dreary watching that broken line of thunderstorms moving go through with gusty wind and downpours. how much rainfall to anticipate? we are looking at on average across the area before all is
6:17 am
said and done a quarter inch to a half inch of rain. that seven day forecast shows afternoon, evening thunderstorms, drying out tonight, cooler though, for the temple game, grab a sweat shirt mid 60's for high on a saturday. walk to even alzheimer's sunday at the boardwalk in atlantic city. i will there been. come on out. sunshine. upper 60's for the eagles game. here's at the forecast for alzheimer's walk 60 degrees. registration at 9:00 o'clock on sunday in front of the boardwalk had hall and what about the forecast for the kick off, we are looking at the a fall football field by 1:00 o'clock mid 60's, upper 60's by 4:00. you can catch that game right here on fox 29. >> you got it, scott. 6:17. we will start the trip on the the schuylkill expressway, starting to see volume pop, coming inbound into downtown philadelphia. we have got that shut down of main street in moorestown. the here's a live look at main street between church and chester. i you can see the cones. this guy just went through the
6:18 am
cones there whiz is not a good idea but we are going around the block in moorestown, closed from church to chester on main drag of main. as we heard from steve keeley down there in south philadelphia, water main break has fifth street blocked at south street. so coming north up into olde city, independent hall, coming by our studios this morning, for our military solute, you will want to use third or seventh street, to get around that. jammo on i-95 southbound, starting to hit the brakes here from academy through cottman avenue into the construction zone. patco's high speed line using a special schedule today, as part of the track work and scott mentioned, big football weekend, tomorrow, temple, home coming alumni weekend they will kick off at 2:00 noon and same time across the the street we have hero thrill show, kicking off at is the 12th noon. eagles a at 1:00. septad ago extra trains on the broad street subway without days for all of the sport fans. mike and lauren, back to you. >> busy weekend in south
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philadelphia. you will go to all of them that thrill show is amazing. >> this woman thought she had it all figured out, bring a kid a along and distract everyone inside the store. >> if you want to steel something. >> this happened sunday morning by the way inside casey's world furniture store. little girl in the video appears to be five or six years old. you see woman walk in the store, slip in the back office, and place the the purse inside of a black bag that she was carrying. the purse belongs to one of the owners of the store. >> i could not even breathe when i saw that. it made me very, very upset and looking at video again i said my goodness that is a a little girl in there. >> look at her. if you know who that is, contact the police. all right. police are investigating a double shooting in mt. airy, happening around 11:00 last night on the 7900 block of temple road, office's arrived to find two, 19 year-old men
6:20 am
shot, but two different scenes. eleven shell casings. they say one of the males drove about two blocks away to the intersection of, well, cheltenham and philmena and then, he collapsed. the other man, ran inside of his mother a's house on temple road. both men are in critical condition, at einstein. they don't seem to be related. in montgomery county, prosecutors say a man murdered his ex-girlfriend's father with the help of the friend and investigators say it is a case of domestic violence that escalated. abdul ali shown on the left side, two pictures we will show you here, only known her former girl friend for three months n that short time prosecutors say he and man on the right desmond smith raped and beat her. the men are a accused of making threats begins the woman's family if she told them about the abuse. prosecutors say, they made good on that promise. two weeks ago they say they burst into the family's lower moreland township home, and
6:21 am
shot the girl friend's father in the the neck. >> my god. >> he later died, two men remain in jail without bail. horrible. we have an update on a story we have been following all week. police are looking for a vehicle in connection with the murder of that woman in hamilton township, new jersey where they are found her body in the wooded area 38 year-old jessica pewsick was discovered in robeland park tuesday morning. they have not said how she was kill. investigators are looking for a black 192 ford f is first 50 with the extended cab like the one you see in the picture. they believe the license plates are from new jersey, and they read l44 er u, anyone with any information is urged to cat police. well, the house majority leader favored to replace john boehner as speaker of the house pulled himself out of the race yesterday unexpectedly and now the election has been delayed. kevin mccarthey, announced he is not the right one to lead the speaker of the house.
6:22 am
in a tweet he writes we're public servants. i have always put this conference and country ahead of myself. we need to unite behind one leader and get to work. he said that he is withdrawing because republicans are divided and the party needs a candidate who can unite them. at announcement came as the complete shock to his collogues. keep an eye on that, of course, maybe john boehner will just stay. 6:22. well, u.s. air men right there who helped stop a gunman on a french train, what did he do? now he had toss recover himself after surgery. spencer stone was stab multiple times during a fight near a bar in sacramento california, that is where he is from. that was yesterday morning. early in the morning. surveillance cameras captured that violence. police are searching for two men took off in the car after the fight. stonies less ted in stable condition, thank goodness.
6:23 am
when we come back we will talk about the flyers, their first game was lays night. >> yes. >> did you see it. >> same old story lose nothing overtime.
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6:25 am
there is going to be about 722 baseball games over the the next three weeks and they have got started last night. >> that is right. >> we will roll footage of houston beating kansas city royals, yeah, it was the the royals home game. anyway, let me tell you this, a astros beat kansas city royals. in the other game texas rangers went on the road to toronto, and they beat the
6:26 am
toronto blue jays up at their home field. both road teams won. now rest of the sports with howard eskin. this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm howard eskin. the flyers opened up last night on the road, biggest change on the flyers is their new head coach dave hakstol. it goes to overtime. tied two-two. this year in the nhl three on three hockey. nice play kicking out puck by tampa and jason garison on the break away against steve mason, he scores. loose three-two. eagles are favorites sunday at home with the saints. don't expect michael kendricks to play but you will see jason peters and lane johnson. you will see demarco murray who said he was unhappy with the limited amount of carries he got last game. yesterday different. >> it is not a certain number. the obviously i think more opportunities you have as an offense, the more quality you get. just have to do better. i think is there with anyone
6:27 am
not just me, that is everyone across the plate. >> sixers exhibition basketball last night begins cleveland. no lebron james. in the game scottie hits 39 and sixers win 115-114. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> please, let us use that for regular season. the cleveland cavilers will be here very early in the season i think early november. >> did you see what lebron do. >> he didn't play. >> he took a selfie during a time out. >> geese. >> really. >> 6:27. netflix, sometimes i just like to netflix chill. >> netflix chill. >> it will cost you more, if you have not already signed up for netflix. >> they are raising the rate. >> yeah. >> it is not too bad. >> business owner in philadelphia a stabbed over and over and over again. dave, what happened
6:28 am
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a double shooting in mt. airy where one of the victims went inside of the hospital. it is military day on fox 29, our block party, in honor of those who served, begins in just a few minutes. quincy is out there having some fun. >> hi, quincy. >> u.s. coastguard right here, can we jump in the boat. >> sure. >> go right ahead. >> where are you from.
6:31 am
>> i'm from lancaster pennsylvania. >> i'm from philadelphia. >> cherry hill, new jersey. >> so, you guys are here, you are from texas. we appreciate it. you guys will be out here until 10:00 o'clock this boat right here, can you tell me about this boat. >> this is a 25-foot response boat small, within of the things that we use in the water to protect the waterways. >> got you. >> these guys are out here to protect us. u.s. coastguard come out, 7:00 . >> we will see you out there, nice job. >> by the way, i just happened to mention dunkin' donuts guy. >> boom. >> look at you, instantly they bring tonight. >> you shall receive. >> i would like to have a bmw. we will see what happens with that. >> what will happen with the weather outside. >> what will happen with the weather, lauren and mike it will be mild, muggy but that rain will hold off until this afternoon, so come on out as fox 29 solutes the military, use the hashtag, fox 29,
6:32 am
solutes. send us your pictures of loved ones on the front lines. as far as temperatures about eight or 9:00 o'clock mid 60's by nine and 10:00 o'clock. 61 degrees right now. visibility 10 miles in philadelphia humidity up there at 83 percent. temperature right new looking good. upper 50's trenton. fifty-six in allentown. waking up with us this morning in delaware, 61 in wilmington. sixty-two in millville. here's that planner for you by lunchtime mostly cloudy 73 degrees. 79 degrees. that is the high. coming up we will have a timing of the frontal bound try off to the west and when it will bring some showers and maybe even a thunderstorm later today bob kelly. >> we have a pretty sunrise right now, scottie. 6:32. good morning chester county. live look at route 202, we are starting to see volume pop up, nice sunrise up and over king of prussia ben franklin headlights coming in from downtown. we are off to a good start.
6:33 am
lets go into moorestown, new jersey. here's a live look at main street just off of church, main street shut down this morning because of the water main break between church and chester, main street, of course, main drag there. you've got friend school up at the chester intersection. we are going around the block in moorestown. also going around the block in south philadelphia, another water main break has fifth street blocked at south street at corner of the johnny rockets. anyone coming from south philadelphia, fifth street is that main access to get you through you ben franklin. use either third or seventh street instead of the fifth this morning. the patco high speed line running with the special schedule today all due to the track work. we are soluting the the military. market street closed out front here between third and fourth street, we will tell you more about that in a second. local detours. septa bus routes will go around the block as well n bound on the schuylkill putting 20 minutes on the block from conshohocken to downtown.
6:34 am
twenty-three minutes on the turnpike from philadelphia a bensalem over to valley forge. mike and lauren, back to you. >> how often do you have water main break on main. >> water main break on main good that is in moorestown. >> moorestown. >> lets go to the another one in center city a at the fifth and south street causing major detours, is that right steve keeley. >> reporter: let me answer your question, he asked how often do you have it? how about this, three weeks ago today on friday, september n on main street in moorestown almost in the exact same spot burst and it was shut until early afternoon. last year in the cold winter or earlier this year i'm at main and mount laurel road at a light and i just sea water start shooting up through main street. here's the third one on main street, and this year, and this is third one as part of the business district here. dan can talk about this. it is shuttering. he goes through there. you have pie late i, busy breakfast spot all shut down losing another day of business that hopefully they will get fix. here at south street, south
6:35 am
street still opened, but fifth street is closed. we have learned a lot. do you see traffic lights out here. we are next to johnny rockets. they may lose all of the food that they have stored because they have lost their power. power went out, i found out why, this grates, that means there is an underground transformer getting on my hand and knees here. can you make it out. i will try to put my torch on my phone here. water is seeping down underground to you see that water seeping there. >> that is transformer. that why is power went out and traffic lights are out because there is some damage or maybe a short to the transformer. they will probably be since this grates opened in the rain storm you would think that it is waterproof but water is leaking down there filling up. it is still flowing here. philadelphia gas worker staffer just here checking to see if there is gas. do you see this mud in the street. the here's another thing we have learned, whenever you see mud that means support system for gas lines underground may
6:36 am
in the be there they might to have dig up and put new dirt down there because you just can't have gas line in the middle of the air down there, gas lines about 2 feet above where the water pipes flow. then we have electricity. all these utilities underground. that is the story under here. traffic story bobbies telling but. as far as business story we will see fit gets worse but for some reason the water department is not out here and water flowing but mostly going down two sewers on fifth street. >> that was my question, steve, i had my hand up, you cannot see me. if this happened last night. why is it still flowing. maybe if they shut it off complete thely then nobody in that part of the south philadelphia would have water this morning, would you think water pressure is down. >> reporter: from an educated guess from the philadelphia gas worker that i talk to he said do you see that manhole cover. maybe a main is not broke but when you see manhole cover
6:37 am
that is where they have a water valves. maybe one of the valves is just broken and maybe somebody need to get down there but water department was out here i'm told by neighbors, briefly last night, even public relations guy john dejulio is out there and usually he is on the the spot. for summaries than main water came back on but we just don't know. we have not been able to get a hold of anybody from the water department. maybe it is not a danger and not flowing in the businesses and up on the sidewalk but it is still in the a good look if you don't have anybody here. >> yeah. >> thanks, steve. >> we will go to twitter because people who work for water department, are watching. >> why? >> seven and a half hours later is water still running. is there a has to be an excuse. >> 6:37. philadelphia business owner fighting for his life after violent attack. >> police say victim was stabbed, more than 20 times in this botched robbery, dave, unreal. >> reporter: mike, it is a horrible case right now.
6:38 am
we can give you an update from police that victim is out of surgery but still has a long way to go in critical condition right now. here at southwest detectives investigators are looking at surveillance video to try to get an image out of that suspect. lets go to video right now to 63rd and dixon in southwest philadelphia. the victim identify by friend a as six two-year old patrick spinosa of chadds ford stabbed more than 20 times in the head neck, chest and arms. this is happening in his district business of 40 years, southwest an automatic owe tags service on the corner of that intersection. police say the the suspect got in the business just before closing time, thursday he can and left a bloody mess inside. get this, cops had to kick down the door to get to the victim because victim locked himself in the office right after the stabbing and naturally many people are shocked. >> great guy, all he does is work every day and comes here and works and takes care of his wife. just a great guy.
6:39 am
such a shame. >> he was stab over 20 times in the head arms, shoulders, chest an inside. just a very violent struggle. >> reporter: victim is at penn presbyterian hospital, called 911 and was able to get help and investigators are still looking at video. they have at least one camera that caught that suspecting in and out of that business, so once that gets out there we will get that to you guys. >> dave, shanks very much. >> over 20 times. >> my goodness. we are soluting the military today. quincy harris is outside and been there a few hours hanging out with volunteers, we will talk to him though. >> well, it is a long way to get his location. wait a minute i can see him. >> tell me what he is doing. >> guys, i'm out here, i was challenge by the national guard. these guys, how are you doing, sir. this guy right here he wanted to battle me live on the air, is what your name, sir. >> petty officer olson.
6:40 am
>> you were talking smack. >> we have a football challenging on here. >> we do. >> are you an eagles fan. >> diehard. >> we are having some offensive struggles. you wanting to against me, right here. >> yes. >> let's see. >> lets see what you have. >> i have a ball, he has a ball. >> let's see your challenge. >> no, you go first. >> that was pressure. >> hold this sir, thank you. >> it almost went in. >> i will not lie, off the air, you beat me. i am not going to lie. off the air you beat me. >> it was practice i'll give thaw. >> you're talking about practice. >> practice. >> practice. not the the game. >> but practice. >> practice. >> 6:40.
6:41 am
he started at the bottom. >> but now he is not engaged but it doesn't mean he is exactly single. >> are you talking about drake. >> is he single or engaged. >> he is not engaged doesn't mean he is single. >> i get the what you mean.
6:42 am
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hey, we're coming together on market street today, between third and fourth street, shutting it down, because you have to shut it down if you have a big party, scott williams and then you have to make sure if you invite everybody outside, that the weather holds up. >> absolutely. you can feel the excitement. take a look outdoors, outside of our studios, you can see market street blocked off between third and fourth. folks are coming out, of course, fox 29 solutes the military this friday morning from 7:00 to 10:00 o'clock. it is dry and quiet in the philadelphia area couple sprinkles showing up moving toward baltimore, washington d.c. far north and west. here's the front that will bring us rainfall later this afternoon and this evening. weather by numbers in the scale of one to ten, it is a seven because of the scattered showers and storms later on
6:45 am
this afternoon and evening. so bus stop buddy, has that umbrella a for later on this afternoon and evening, with the showers that will be moving through. we have 61 degrees right now in wilmington. sixty-three in atlantic city. temperatures by this have afternoon 79 degrees, that is well above average this time of the year and then for tonight clearing skies after that front moves through with the showers and storms. so once again we can see we are looking at mostly cloudy skies, we will time everything out. there might be an early sprinkle around but main action comes later on this afternoon. watch the clock here's 4:00 p.m. watching that frontal boundary that line of scattered showers and thunderstorms perhaps moving through. and then by 5:30 right around the heart of the area, so just keep that in mind for your afternoon and evening commute, storms push into south jersey and delaware and then out to sea by upcoming weekend with cooler and dryer conditions. we are talk about an quarter inch to a half inch of rainfall. that seven day forecast shows you afternoon and evening thunderstorms possibly moving
6:46 am
through. drying out for that big temple home copping game turning cooler and feeling like fall and football weather. upper 60's by sunday. hey by the way alzheimer's walk in atlantic city this sunday. i will be out there. registration begins at 9:00 a.m. in front of the boardwalk hall. what about the the kick off forecast at 1:00 o'clock saints taking on the eagles. we are looking at temperatures in the upper 60's by the fourth quarter. bob kelly. >> hey, scottie 6:46. live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near conshohocken curve. so far so good. no problems. we are seeing some volume here with the headlight popping eastbound, 42, coming from new jersey, watch for delays as you head in toward i295. pretty sunrise for the gang in wilmington delaware. live look at 495 and sunrise coming up and over lighting up the skies there water main breaks, two of them one on the main street between church and chester and another one in south philadelphia, fifth street is blocked at south
6:47 am
street so use any of the odd numbered street heading up toward bennie and scottie mentioned busy football weekend temple tomorrow at noon hero thrill show also starts at noon across the the street and then eagles on sunday, septa adding extra trains and services on the subway for both days, mike and lauren, back over to you. it has happened again. one dead, three wounded, in another university shooting this time in arizona flagstaff, arizona to be exact. officials say one person is dead and three others are wounded. >> let me give you details from twitter a apparently the shooter is in custody. mountain view hall residents were told to stay indoors. >> this is northern arizona university in flagstaff campus. >> that is right. >> shooter was in custody, and the school is not on lock down, situation is under control. one person died, three others hurt. >> apparently the first calls came in the middle of the night, this would be 1:20, so they are three hours
6:48 am
difference from frustrates, 1:2n the morning. >> pacific time. >> this is flag staff, which is north of phoenix by about a hour and a half two hours. >> shooting happened in the parking lot outside of that dorm room that everyone was told to i stay inside, stay in lock down early in the morning. >> basically middle of the night. >> yes, that is north of sedonna, air zone, northern arizona university. it happened again. 6:48. more on that when we get it in. you know drake, of course. >> he is having to dispel rumors hees engaged to serena williams. so, a representative told tmz that the rumor is not the true but they have been spending time together. you see them in public. they are in picture. she attend his restaurant's grand opening. >> didn't he go to the u.s. open. >> he did. >> so, i don't know, they were showing pda in a picture before. >> we're just dating.
6:49 am
>> they dated before, years before. >> they did. >> they broke it off. >> yes, so they have rekindled. >> with you are they engaged. the rule according to our very own scott and bob. >> you are single until you you are married. >> well, that is true. >> i was just saying that last night. actress jena duis sharing a piece how she spend downtime with her husband. >> he took this picture. >> who is the husband. >> chaining tatum. >> thinks make up free picture of his gorgeous wife and they shared it on instagram. >> she's really pretty. >> i love when people do that it makes you feel normal. >> channing. a new issue of glamour magazine. >> she shares that dirty nails are a turn off for her when it comes to a many look down at your nails. >> let me see them. >> hold on. >> even though she was once married to russell brand she
6:50 am
like the man with as little hair as possible. >> hairless cat. >> sort of lake that maybe. >> really. >> on her own look she said she changes her hair color as much a as she can. she feels her natural brownies boring. >> she likes, blue, purple, stop it. >> no, they are fine. >> they may be long enough to be dirty. >> i like to keep them shirt. >> i like that. >> alex, every now and then will look at my fingers and say that nail is cured good do you get manicures. >> no, i don't want anybody touching my hand or feet. >> oh, man. >> how did i get engaged. >> 6:50. >> chloe kardashian's best friend is somebody by the name of malika. >> she's in legal trouble after getting in trouble for dui according to tmz. she crashed on a l.a. highway at 3:00 in the morning. deputies said she failed that field sobriety test. she suffered minor injuries. she period on several
6:51 am
kardashian family reality shows including the new reality series dash dolls that airs on e. people say they are aware of the incident and she's not making any comments. >> i don't watch the show enough to even know malika. >> i don't eithery wouldn't know how to say her last name. >> who is that. >> that is her on the right and then chloe with her new look. >> you asked for a dislike button on facebook? facebook is unveiling new emojis instead. i i cannot put an emoji on facebook post. >> that is not manly it is. >> there are six emojis we will go through them because it is brand new to facebook coming up. get a pen winning lottery numbers.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
what is that? >> the sunnies up in trenton new jersey and here in philadelphia for our big party. >> at only five years old one boy has an ambitious goal. he wants to publish a balk. hawkeye hughy is a five-year old photographer who has compiled book of images of the american midwest on a recent trip with his father, aaron. hughy is a photographer for national geographic. they recently launched a kick starter campaign called, a four year-old's portrayed of the american west. they want to raise $35,000,
6:55 am
for their goal, for publishing the book. >> i took a lot of pictures and now i want to make a book. >> my name is aaron hughy i'm a national geographic photographer. my camera has given me a way to enter in the the lives of the world. from the american planes to the mercy of the front line of afghanistan and sherpas of ever wrist. i took my four year-old son hawkeye in the desert to make some more memories. we pick up an instant camera to document the adventure. >> hawkeye was named rolling stone top 100 instagramer, time magazine famous instagram account to follow and his photos inspired stories from national geographic, proof to be huffing ton pose. you can all learn from him, right. so come on down to fourth and market, our party starts in five minutes. solute the troops right here on good day and if you can't make it stay with us and watch it all unfold. how much protein does your dog food have?
6:56 am
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18%? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. brutal stab nothing southwest philadelphia and double shooting in mt. airy, whom police are on the hunt for right now. a water main break in south philadelphia, it is proving to be a big headache this morning. area you need to avoid before you walk out the door.
6:59 am
eagles players, eager to show the fans that they can turn this season around, this weekend, but will chip kelly change his ways. you know what time it is? it is time to come down to fourth and market? help us solute the military. mike jerrick, this is a big day on our show, you are outside already in the action. >> hey, the sunnies coming up. here we go. how many years have we done this? this is one of my favorite days of the year. let's do this.
7:00 am
what do you say, hi everybody. thanks for being out here. what is going on. every branch of the service is here. general schwartz, good to see you, man. >> good to see you, mike. >> wait they are already doing this let's watch this everybody solute. >> who do we have here for unfurling of the flags. >> we have all services represented here including the philadelphia police department, department of home land services and coastguard. >> do we see army. >> army gar. >> marines, the navy. and the air force. >> thank you for being here. always good to see you. >> were you born in philadelphia. >> i was, in lawndale. >> well, thank you again for your services. what is all this. >> you have been busy. >> i have been busy. >> what do they call that. >> nickname is here. >> very successful career. >> yes. >> so your dad was in the the service too is that where you wanted to get into the service. >> i had a call to serve because my dad


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