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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the last -- just about the last hour it's going all the way through chester county and into upper montgomery county and now moving right over the northeast extension. >> dave, we're get something social media reports coming in. one of our photographers colton white shot video near downington i'm assuming that's near the affected areas there. heavy rain, heavy wind there. we're also seeing a lot of people there out and about. number one, the peak of rush hour right now. so a lot of people are out on the roads. so be careful if you're driving home. also, i'm seeing reports of people at high school football games beginning to filter in to stadiums there. so please text those people to be sure if you're in that area near the top of the blue route near the norristown area, please get inside. heed these warnings. tornado warning means that rotation is eminent. that a tornado could be --
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conditions are ripe for a tornado and, dave, let's see. where exactly should we be telling people to kind of hunker down right now? >> okay. this is the heaviest rain right around norristown. so as it continues to move east, it's right between there. norristown and the northeast extension and the blue route. so this is around conshohocken and close to radnor about to see that heavy rain. this is just outside of that tornado warning area. but a little farther north, northeast extension up towards upper doubling are lynn and whitpain township there so that's right around blue bell. little farther north it looks like, yeah, up towards north wales. upper gwynned, towamencin and lansdale big city right along the -- right along 309, and 63, so this is very populate populaa and certainly like you said a lot of football games getting underway. people head outside. it was just cloudy but now as
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these storms roll on through at 45 miles an hour, it can quickly turn from calm to just very damaging wind. dangerous situation. so the rotation detected and a warning in effect until 5:15. but this is the storm that was responsible for it. about to approach the end of that warning box so what's going to happen here, easily before 5:15 either extend the warning a little farther east or the rotation which was first seen on the radar may not be there any more. so even if they let this tornado warning expire you can see that the entire area is still under a severe thunderstorm warning. that goes all the way in through philadelphia towards bensalem. that is for the damaging wind and the very heavy rain. maybe even some small hail but the latest shows that really not seeing that sheer any more. the first indicated that rotation, that's why it was blue there right through pottstown and then they issued the warning so really not seeing that
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rotation signature any more. but certainly the warning remains in effect and the radar is almost at the end of the warning box but still you can still easily get a wind gust to 60, 70 miles an hour. not associated with a tornado still very dangerous. that's why the warning remains in effect there through norristown we're continuing to watch this. it's right about at the end of the warning box there. right through the northeast extension and this is just about to push into plymouth meeting as the big interchange from 76 to the blue route there. just north of conshohocken. conshohocken getting very heavy rain now. very very heavy rain in upper merion through tredyffrin township down through west chester down along 202. this continues to push through the area and we'll certainly continue to monitor this, but it will certainly worth watching as this tornado warning remains in effect and that is until 5:15
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but you can see the storm about to push to the end of this warning box. damaging wind likely. no matter if you're or out this tornado warning err. certainly get inside from delaware county, marple all the way up through plymouth meeting and continuing to go up through montville and into bucks county. elsewhere we do have strong storms through chester county and in through upper bucks, but, yeah, certainly want to be able to get inside because it happens quickly. moving fast. just the last about hour and you can see how quickly this storm has moved. it's pushing east about 45 miles an hour. so just in one hour it will likely be closer to abington and in through philadelphia county as well in through bensalem. so this is pushing right 42 philadelphia now. the tornado warning still in effect for another 10 minutes. but this is right at the edge of this warning box. still seeing damaging wind in through delaware county now and in through philadelphia county and portions of montgomery
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county. so watching this closely. latest rada ray heaviest storm w right over conshohocken, and in through radnor right along delaware county there. so if you're out in this area, very very heavy rain, wind damage likely. we've had uproo uprooted trees n lancaster county and, yeah, so it's moving fast. >> dave, we want to stay with this only because people when there's a tornado warning, that means conditions are eminent. there could be rotation and people are could be in danger. so that is when there's a tornado warning we stay with this coverage. we want to show you some video up there in the top left side of your screen. that is video from downington just a little while ago sent in by photographer colton white our crews are out there now. once again this is a fast-moving storm and, again, we told people a lot of people, high school athletes headed to football games tonight, friday night football, so stay in.
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i think plymouth white marsh has a game. we just heard from them. you might want to just stay indoors until this thing has passed. >> dave, you were mentioning the high winds. trees are being uprooted so it's really important to be careful because with these drenching rains and high winds, trees can come come tumbling down. wires can fall. utility poles can be brought down. so if you don't have to go out right now and you live in that area, it's a good idea to take some shelter. >> we always ask people, too, if do you see some of this damage or some of this weather coming in from the safety of your hom homes, please put it on social media. tweet us at fox 29 philly. you can send it to our facebook page, of course, you are our eyes and ears out there when it comes to weather coverage. we have something now coming in from west chester, is that rig right? >> this picture. dave, maybe you can explain this. looks like a shelf cloud to me. >> when you get these -- it goes from pretty much nothing to a strong storm with very heavy
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rain. so out ahead of that the winds blowing out of the storm you can actually see this -- the area air rising and you get a cloud like this. certainly looks like a shelf cloud is what it is, and that is the very leading edge of this wind flowing out of the storms. it causes a cloud formation like this. so when you see something like this, it's evident of very strong wind, very heavy rain, and fast mover it's going from clear just maybe high thin clouds to stormy weather in just a matter of minutes with these storms moving at 45 miles an hour and the heaviest storm now still is right over plymouth meeting and will continue to push east there in through philadelphia county. >> thanks to our viewer jason for sending us that picture. we welcome more pictures as you mentioned, chris, if you can take them videos, pictures from the safety of your home, please send them to us at so right now, what is the threat now we're looking at? is this thing still spinning out
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there, dave? >> yeah. we have tornado warning still in effect but i really look like,, what they saw here the national weather service had this rotation detected. that's indicated by this blue color here, and it really does sort of break up and fall apart. so likely not seeing this rotation here likely not seeing this warning extended. they did see the rotation initially. now, even outside of that tornado warning this whole yellow box is a severe thunderstorm warning because along with the rotation, when you see a radar that has this bow shape to it as it bowes out a little bit, that's an indication of very damaging wind, very strong wind. so when you get this type of shape here, that bow shape on the radar, that's an indication of very damaging wind. we've had wind gusts reported uprooted trees in lancaster county. so as it continues to put east. may not see this warning exten
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extended. in fact the rain, the storm is practically out of the warning box already. that's how quickly it's moved. likely this warning which is in effect for another seven minutes may just expire. but still the severe thunderstorm warning, that remains in effect here until 5:30. so we're in for another 17 minutes here with this warning because of the damaging wind she's strong severe storms. just as dangerous likely as this tornado you can still get that very powerful wind gust close to 60 miles an hour and certainly looks like we're getting that with the radar shot like this. but it will continue to move at 45 miles an hour. again i think the strongest part of the storm here is right in montgomery county. just right over plymouth meeting just pushed to the east there i'll zoom in and show you exactly where it looks to be the strongest, and right through here in upper dublin, right into abington. this is right along 309 there. it's moving right over 309 between upper dublin and the
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turnpike, and then as it goes into montgomery county and eventually through philadelphia, the closer view in abington right along 63 upper moreland in horsham. about to get this very powerful storm with damaging wind. but the very heavy rain right practically right over -- this is right over couldn't hock cep here right on the schuylkill expressway and the blue route. right along 23. this is a big interchange here. very heavy wind -- heavy rain and damaging wind is still in that tornado warning area and possibly seeing some of these storms continue to try to rota rotate, but i think the strongest rotation was already detected and now the storm is practically out of the warning box but still severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect through abington and right through cheltenham. this is about to move into northeast philly here. moving at 45 miles an hour. so it will be there very soon. >> dave, i know a lot of times when we cover these tornadoes, there could be some wind damage, but not necessarily from the tornado, the rotation. straight line winds are just as
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dangerous. >> yeah. often a lot of times when we talk about tornado warning this whole area seeing winds close to 60, 70 miles an hour it's uprooted many trees in land cost county this is where this whole complex started right out there in lancaster county. we've had some local storm reports here, and this shows where the wind damage and the trees were uprooted in lancaster county and right just into chester county had a damaging wind gust there but a lot of the damages occurred. we'll see more reports likely coming in as they continue to go out and survey the damage. but still, a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30. this going right through glenside now and it's pretty much right in the center of delaware county. right over the blue route about to push towards i think that is route 1 there that goes right through delaware county, and out towards granite run and just north of media, and out into chester county. so this is very heavy rain and it goes from practically nothing like there in upper darby to heavy rain in marple.
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that's not a long drive and these are moving at 45 miles an hour. quite a few football games happening right about now. a lot of parking lots full and it looks clear and then all of a sudden it's rain and wind. so likely serious situation. >> dave, how much rain exactly are we talking? i mean heavy downpours. i mean, it could be a serious situation. could we see some flooding? >> maybe localized flooding poor drainage areas. this is moving so fast it doesn't dumb app lot of rain all at once. just areas typically get the flooding with some poor drainage but that should easily clear out. so maybe a little flooding but certainly a lot of wind and everybody in this area in the warning box is seeing this damaging wind likely. that's why the warning remains in effect until 5:30. very heavy storm now it looks like it's right around conshohocken. interesting radar pattern here, and see this could be this rotation that they see right near that corner area. the red and the green looking at the wind how it goes through the radar and that's how they detect
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this rotation, and so that could be the big thing that they saw. this is the storm that they saw move through. again, but rotation really starting to fall apart. so likely damaging wind. maybe not seeing this tornado warning extended. it expires here in just about two minutes. >> so after that, dave, it looks like two minutes that may expire. what comes after that? you say we have severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30. so this thing still moving. >> right. even through 5:30 and the area of concern now i think will be right through philadelphia upper darby and media. they are just about to see that heavy rain move in. severe thunderstorm warning goes all the way in through center city here and right along the roosevelt boulevard there through philadelphia and it does go right down towards the airport. so a large area still under a severe thunderstorm warning and it's this leading edge where you often see this wind damage so we're right there.
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this is through dresher and glenside, and now we're going into philadelphia. west manayunk and lower merion and montgomery county that little sliver of montgomery county that splits philadelphia and delaware county, and there's route 3, west chester pike, right through marple, and into havertown, right along the blue route and there's route 1, township line road, and that's just about to move into drexel hill. so upper darby is not seeing anything, but then just a short drive north you get that very heavy rain. this is where you're getting that wind damage likely just a leading edge of this storm here as it goes from practically nothing in upper darby to a lot of rain in delaware county. that's where you're seeing that straight line wind likely. >> i think it catches people off guard, dave, when we see this kind of a storm, because like you said, there's nothing in some spots and then all of a sudden it just moves in with this heavy rain and these high winds and catches people off guard. >> yes. >> it can be very very dangero dangerous. >> fast-moving storm, certainly.
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45 miles an hour. that's fast. so it's going from nothing to that here very quickly. the tornado warning just expired. so likely not -- they would have issued something out ahead of it or extended it if there was that danger for rotation but not seeing the rotation now, but we still have these strong storms that are producing damaging wind. have a history of that through lancaster and into chester county and now it's right in the center of delaware county into montgomery county and about to push into portions of philadelphia. >> you're seeing the top left side of your screen that is the shot from northeast philadelph philadelphia. i'm assuming that's probably the leading edge of what we're going to see here in a few minutes. that is from northeast philadelphia. you see some wind gusts there. i don't even know if it's even raining there. you said this is a fast mover. this could go in and out pretty quick. >> not going to last a long time but it's that initial wind gust that's producing these damage reports, and that will be in right through northeast
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philadelphia. you get the wind, you get the clouds, that shelf cloud maybe, the wind, very heavy rain then it will be all gone later tonight. it's just that one little area that's of concern. >> dave, could flights in and out of philadelphia international airport be impacted right now because of what's happening here? >> the likely -- they -- likely they will have to slow things down or just put a little pause on. this will move through so there could be a little delay. maybe a ground stop as these storms roll through with this damaging wind. that's the big -- big concern. so maybe just a brief -- >> the airport is in its path at the moment, right. >> right. there could be a brief disruption but certainly later tonight everything will be back to normal. >> again we're following social media. looking at what you are telling us. so far, we have no reports of damage as of yet. of course, those come as the storm rolls through. but we're checking with our assignment desk. but so far no -- i'm getting word right now as we speak, no
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damage that we're aware of just yet. but then, again, it is still early. please, be safe. this is still could be a potentially damaging storm that tornado warning has now expired. but dave l could be still storms behind that you say. >> correct. the severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect. that could easily just produce as many damage reports have already been issued and right now that leading edge of this powerful wind is right around montgomery -- just through montgomery county pushing into philadelphia and that one little section of montgomery county towards northeast philadelphia and delaware county as well. >> all right. we'll take break and we'll be right back. keep it here.
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♪ welcome back to fox 29. good evening, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. right now we're dealing with some unsettled weather moving through the area. taking a live look at center city. fast-moving storm rolling across the region. tornado warning for chester and montgomery county both just expiring but some wild weather still coming. >> but as we take live look at doppler -- ultimate doppler radar we can see that rain moving through a lot of bright lights coming through our area and it could be here for a bit. >> that system is also bring something major changes in the form of drastically cooler temperatures. >> it will feel a lot more like fall but now let's get right over to fox 29 meteorologist dave warren for the latest on this wild weather we're having. dave? >> radar did see a little rotation. so they put out that tornado warning. major concern with a large area
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seeing damaging wind likely. no rotation, no tornado warnings in effect, but this is a severe thunderstorm warning and it's for this type of radar signature. when it looks like on the radar when it starts to bow out a little bit right at this leading edge which is moving into philadelphia right along the roosevelt boulevard right into portions of philadelphia around manayunk and just out of delaware county right into the city of philadelphia and portions of montgomery county likely seeing wind damage here as this wind could be gusting 50, 60 miles an hour. that's why the severe thunderstorm warning is issued. right along the blue route through springfield, upper darby now getting heavy rain p these are moving at 45 miles an hour so it goes from calm weather to damaging winds in just a matter of minutes it seems here and still with this line holding together, that is producing damaging wind. that's why the warning in effect these storms are moving fast. right at the edge of that warning box. likely as they look like they're holding together. we'll see this warning extended into areas of new jersey around
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camden county and burlington county. want to make sure you're inside as these roles through. it's quick. it will move through fast. but that could -- wind could really start to kick up in just a matter of minutes. had a number of damage reports with trees down in lancaster county and areas in chester county, and likely we'll see a few more damage reports coming in as these storms are holding together. five, 6:00 o'clock right through center city philadelphia. then through south jersey and delaware. maybe trying to hold together as the strong severe storms now. so likely we could see some warnings issued in this between 7:30 but by eight, 9:00 o'clock it's gone. it's done. these storms will push south and we have cooler weather coming in this weekend. the next hour is going to be critical here. just make sure you're inside as these storms move through. they're right through philadelphia now. cooler temperatures an look at those numbers in the seven day coming up a little bit later. >> all right. wild friday. thank you dave. remember you can get life up to the minute radar on our website click on the weather alerts on happening now, the search for two people wanted in a
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brutal beating. we do want to warn uh-uh may find this video disturbing. it happened outside a bustleton bar and it is all caught on camera. police releasing this surveillance video earlier today. the victim was taken to the hospital for his injuries. now, investigators hope the new video leads to the attacker and his female accomplice. >> fox 29 weekend anchor karen hepp has been working this story all day. karen is live in bustleton tonight. that individual joe is very difficult to watch, karen. >> reporter: absolutely it's difficult to watch. we'll get to that in just a second. i did want to also show you our top story tonight which is of course is the weather you can see the storm rolling in over our heads as we speak. we can see the heavy winds that are coming and the rain is starting to fall. we've heard both the thunder and certainly seen the lightning as well. let me show you over here lightning over our heads right now. that nasty weather in case you're taking that commute and coming home right now you're expecting someone, it's going take a little while because it's happening over the city. this is -- you probably know we're right up here main
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intersection called bennie the bum', this is where the incident happened much the video is graphic. police do want to you look at it because they want to get these two assailants off the streets. >> do you know this couple? here's the female suspect. here is the male suspect. we want to warn you, what happens next is graphic. the woman specifically points out the man they're about to attack who doesn't even see them coming until he's cold cocked on the side of the head with what looks like something on a rope or a chain. the 52-year-old victim is repeatedly punched, kicked and beaten with his head slammed into the pavement. it all happened thursday ago outside the popular restaurant bennie the bums crab house in the shops at red lion. the owner is horrified. it turns out he notice the victim as frequent customer who just stepped outside. >> he just thought it was like brutal and horrible and disgusting. >> reporter: he immediately called 911. and pulled the surveillance
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video yo toes search for anything to help police. >> he got attacked by somebody not a bennie the bum patron because we checked all the video tapes went asked all the waitresses and bartenders and they weren't here. i don't know where they came from. but they attacked this older guy. >> reporter: right now, this video is all police have. take another good look. do you recognize these attacke attackers? >> definitely, definitely hope the assailant gets captured and pays for what he did. i mean it was just brutal and very excessive and just horrib horrible. >> reporter: it is certainly all of those things. very clear pictures on the video right there if you know who those people are pretty distinctive clothing on the man that graphic t-shirt. if you know who they are call the northeast detectives and certainly the weather right now you can see. folks back to you chris and dawn over our heads certainly moving in. i know there are delays already at the airport with some of the flight delays as well. people will be delayed getting home. >> all right. >> be careful out there, karen.
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get in save karen. >> philadelphia police are trying -- still trying to find the man behind a violent stabbing in southwest philadelphia. it happened last night at southwest auto tag store on the 6200 block of dicks avenue. investigators say the business owner there 62-year-old man was stabbed more than 20 times. right now he's in the hospital in critical condition. officials are checking nearby surveillance video to see if cameras caught that attacker. stay with us. fox 29 news at 5:00 will be right back. ♪
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♪ live look right now at ultimate doppler radar. meteorologist dave warren tracking storms headed and coming through our way. how long will the rain last and how severe will it be coming up isn't just a few minutes. let's go to lansdale right now. you see the rain, the wind shot by a fox 29 crew up there right now as you can see pretty nasty on a rush hour this friday night. >> check out the storm clouds at north hills at the septa station there. that picture sent in by fox 29 viewer. it's really nasty out there. if you don't have to go outside, it's a good idea to seek shelter and stay indoors until this moves through the area. as we were talking about earlier, dave mentioning the high winds and the heavy rain and, of course, here's a look at the philadelphia international airport where we're hearing right now there are 45 minute delays at the airport.
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if you are catching a flight out or if you're picking someone up bust best bet is to call ahead or check online to see if those times have changed. good advice right there, dave warren with the update coming up in just a few more minutes. big changes coming to the reading terminal market this weekend. >> but could plans to expand the market outdoors also cause parking and all kinds of traffic headaches? fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson joining us from our newsroom. bill, officials are closing part of filbert street for this expansion? >> reporter: they are, dawn. right now, it doesn't seem like getting outside enjoying yourselves is a top priority, but it is for several places around the city starting tomorrow. so from pop up beer gardens to calls for car free streets the push for more outdoor space is going on throughout the city. the reading terminal is the latest to give eight try. they've got a pilot program that starts tomorrow and how it's received will determine if it becomes a permanent philly feature. ♪
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>> reporter: reading terminal market is one of philadelphia's best known hot spots. they've got great food, gifts and h eclectic group of people d although some would say it's impossible now they try to make it even better. starting this saturday and saturdays throughout october, filbert street will be closed as they make improvements and try out a new block party concept here outside of the market. >> we're starting a new program called filbert free what we're bringing a bunch of arts and crafts vendors. we're bringing musicians with performance area and we're putting additional seating outside here on the street. >> reporter: the improvements started with additional lighting and signage prior to the pope's visit but now the hope they can change the whole atmosphere here outside the darkest entrance to reading terminal market. >> long-term we want to have a transform ma tiff design done for this space with our community stake holders so it's welcoming entrance for the market and properly honors the reading terminal market.
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>> reporter: if there is a concern about the program, it's that traffic and parking are already a nightmare and now they're taking away additional spots but they point out that it's just the pilot program and everyone still has hopes for the best. >> there's not that many spaces on filbert as it is. so by shutting it down for few hours in the afternoon, i don't know it's going to have much of an impact on parking. we'll see the traffic study what impact it has on traffic patterns. ♪ >> reporter: assuming that the weather turns around, the filbert event goes from 11 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. this saturday and every saturday in october and all are invited free of charge. then they'll go back look at the results and if all goes well, you can look forward to these events regularly during warm and better weather weekends in the future. >> all right. we'll have to see how it goes. thank you, bill. a banner just a few inches wide causing quite a stir. >> homeowners association telling her that a tribute to her son is not allowed. her first amendment rights to fly her banner proudly.
5:33 pm
dave? no more warnings in effect but they should be reissue as these storm strongs move right that was philadelphia. history of producing damaging winds now closing in on philadelphia right through center city continuing to push through the southeast at about 45 miles an hour. what happens once they clear out? a look at that seven day forecast coming up. ♪
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♪ wild friday afternoon weatherwise. rain and storms moving through our area right now. you see doppler radar on the right. old city shot on the left. rain coming down, wind throughout your area most like likely. of course, meteorologist dave warren will have your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. philadelphia police searching foreman who robbed customers at gun point april side a chinese take out store. it happened monday night on the 2800 block of polaski street in tioga. surveillance video showing the man entering the store. police say he then walks out, takes gun from his cart and returns to the store and points it at people inside. he got away with an iphone, wallet and a segue hover board. now to story pitting policy against patriotism. >> military mom says she's fighting to keep in place a tribute to her army officer son. bruce bore don just back from hatfield, montgomery county live in our newsroom with this story.
5:37 pm
bruce, fill us in. >> reporter: anyone who lives in a neighborhood with a homeowners association probably knows the rules can be very strict. the idea is to keep the place looking tidy. no garish decorations or controversial signs, but take look at this sign and then see what you think. you can drive by donna morey's home in the tag ton village tone home complex and never even see it. there it is in the window of the upstairs bedroom used by army major donald morey when he's home in between tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. white with a red border and a big blue star in the middle. >> when you look at that banner what does it mean to you? >> pride. pride in my son. pride in what he's doing. >> reporter: so half called blew star mom banner is just 8-inches wide and 14-inches long, but it's not the dimensions that have neighbors here in a bit of a snip. >> small banner. big problem. >> i guess you could say that, yeah. >> reporter: donna says the banner had been up for nearly a year she got a call monday saying she may be running a foul of the homeowner's rules.
5:38 pm
they state, only white or off white window treatments may be visible from outside the home. >> so the red and the blue were got in you trouble. >> that put me in trouble i guess. you got to be kiddin kidding mee they serious. >> donna has been told she must make written appeal for temporary exception to the rules in order to keep the banner in place. >> i don't know if you would call it exemption. i just need special permission through the architecture committee to be able to display it. >> reporter: what do you think about that? >> i think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: so will she ask for permission? >> i'm not doing it. i said i'm not writing the letter. >> reporter: to the homeowne homeowner's association it may ab matter of policy keeping the neighborhood looking consistent. to donna who displays other military tributes outside her home without complaint, it's about patriotism and pride. >> i want to display that for all who serve, not only my son. but all who serve. >> reporter: we reach out to
5:39 pm
both the neighbor's management company and the homeowner's association board for comment. we have not heard back at least not yet. donna says her banner is extra special because it was given to her by a military vet who narrowly escaped death in vietnam years ago. we'll let you know how this one turn out. chris? >> rules are rules i guess, bruce. but that one is tough to imagine. >> reporter: yeah. >> all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it was a wild friday. i think some of its moving out but still kind of a guess out there. >> still pretty messy out there. very heavy rain and damaging winds. no warnings right now certainly could see some issued again. this is all moving through. it's not going to be like this all weekend. just what we're dealing with right now that is pretty severe. we've had wind damage reports in lancaster county with trees down, a few in chester county with wires down. certainly could see more damage reports coming in. these were severe storms. no warnings right now but it's this leading edge that you'll see go from calm to just very
5:40 pm
stormy with wind damage likely in no time. these storms are moving at 45 miles an hour. moving fast right through philadelphia now about to push into new jersey. hold together and move all the way through new jersey and delaware here over the neck few hours. leading edge of this, likely seeing that wind damage then you go to very heavy rain right through cherry hill in through philadelphia. just pushed into camden county and into burlington county right along the turnpike there and 295 in new jersey. quickly moving. it's through philadelphia down pushing into west deptford and into gloucester county and into south jersey as well there in salem county. new castle county gets this rain right through wilmington. right along 95 and this will continue to move south and go all the way through the state. by 7:00 o'clock tonight, these storms are through philadelphia and then just pushing off the coast right through atlantic city. they're moving fast but what's behind it is just a cooler breeze. once that rain clears out, look for big 10 to 15-degree
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temperature drop. these storms will end tonight. no more stormy weather this weekend gets little cool by noon tomorrow it is clear. here's the rain coming down. old city we've had that wind gust pick up. now we're dealing with very heavy rain. could see localized flooding but the rain doesn't last long. it will clear out and it will stop quickly. 79 down to 69 degrees. that northwest wind 24 miles an hour, once that wind picks up it gets cold. this is a cold front here. you can see where the rains come through. 77 to 69 to 60 in mount pocono. a good 10 to 15-degree temperature drop and that wind will be gusting close to 30 miles an hour. once the rain clears out, it's rather gusty and gets quite a bit cooler. high pressure will settle in over the this weekend. the front moves south that's the focus of the severe storms now. but with the high, directly overhead, this will be our temperature on sunday morning. you wake up you step outside 30s in a few of the suburbs. especially north and west there. 38 degrees in the lehigh valley 40 in pottstown.
5:42 pm
maybe just a touch warmer, 43 in philadelphia. grab that coat you'll need it on sunday morning. it quickly warms up, though, with a good amount of sunshine. we're back close to 70 by the afternoon. partly cloudy and that fall feel the air the temple game tomorrow homecoming 62 at noon. 65 by 3:00 o'clock. we'll say chilly sunday morning. but look at game time just after 1:00 o'clock. looks like the game temperature goes from the 50s to upper 60s by kick off half time and post game we're close to 70 degrees even though we're starting off right about 40. seven day forecast it gets even warmer on monday. flyers home opener monday night. 78 degrees. that will be a few showers maybe even a thunderstorm as another front comes through. goes from 78 down to 69 degrees. wednesday and thursday, upper 60s close to 70. rain, chance of that on friday with a temperature near 60 but definitely watch tonight. we're still not out of the woods yet that rain comes in fast. it's heavy. there could be wind damage with that gusty wind and it's right
5:43 pm
through new jersey this evening. we'll continue to watch that. >> once we get through it, we're pretty good for the weekend? >> we're clear. good get it out of here. >> we like that. >> all right. let's take live look outside the ben franklin parkway now. it looks like it's raining there once again parts its storm kind of messing through just a wet soggy commute on this friday night. >> and taking a live look now at the philadelphia international airport, you can see one wet runway. visibility looks poor there. we're told flights are delayed at least 45 minutes. so if you're picking someone up or catching a flight out, call ahead. we'll be right back. stay with us. ♪ for life... (husband) hon! it's grover cleveland!
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♪ welcome back on wild and wet and friday night. we have seen it all today. we've had tornado warning that expired. severe thunderstorm warning that expired about 5:30. it's certainly an umbrella night. heavy rain, high winds. this is video shot this evening in old city. as people try to make their way out and about. you can see people running to get through the rain. >> it could be a slow commute home if it's not already out on
5:47 pm
the highways. a lot of wet and with dee weather luckily no reports of damage this friday night. >> every year on "good day philadelphia" fox 29 shuts down market street in old city to pay tribute to the men and women who serve our country with bravery and honor. >> we love them. it's appropriate tribute as fox 29 salutes our military. ♪ >> we're at fourth and market. fox 29 salutes the troops. we do it every year at fox 29 salute the military we have every branch of the military down here. >> obviously all of this is a way for to us get closer to our men and women that are serving, protecting this country. but it's to say thank you. >> my name is sergeant -- i'm with the pennsylvania air national guard. >> i'd like to pay tribute today to sergeant, n passed away in late august. >> he was instrumental in
5:48 pm
setting up a lot of the did you plays and hang the american flag at the start of this event. >> this is what it is all about as we thank a vet here today. >> people are always saying thank you for your service and it's my pleasure to provide service to my country. >> marines have landed on market street. >> marines roll up their sleeves like this. what does that mean? >> it's usuall usually means my. >> what is this giant thing. >> this is a hollister. big boom. >> i'm hear with the army. we have brigadier general george warts. thanks for coming out. >> i think it's awesome. the veteran community, we don't see it every day it's so great to seat veterans out here the folks who served previously. >> i'm commander murphy. >> how you doing, sir. >> i'm doing well. >> we have first petty officer cordero. >> i'm doing well, sir. >> a lot of people may not know. what are the basic duties of the coast guard. >> search and rescue, law
5:49 pm
enforcement, plows response. maritime safety and casualty and marine investigations. >> i state your name. >> i -- do solemnly swear or affirm that i'll support and defense the constitution of the united states of america. wow! >> that almost made me cry. >> you know what i mean. you're right. moms and dads are sending them off to serve their country. >> general schwartz, what is this? >> this is a flag we wanted to present to fox 29 for sponsoring the salute to the military today. on behalf of all the veterans, service members, thank you very much. >> signatures every all the service members that have been here today. >> my goodness. thank you for that. >> thank you. thank you for what you do for
5:50 pm
philadelphia. >> usa! >> always a great year when we do that. >> i've taken part a couple of times. >> heart warming to see that. >> thank you for your service for all of those who have served. >> it's also very rewarding for all the people behind the scenes and in front of the camera to participate in that event every year. >> it's great. binge watching house of cards and/or ranch is the new black is about to get a little more expensive. >> use netflix, it is going to cost you more. why the company says it is jacking up its prices coming up. >> sean, the eagles getting ready to face a sure fire hall of fame quarterback. drew brees hasn't been the same this year but it still lights it up. talk about dealing with one of the greats later in sports.
5:51 pm
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♪ net flick lovers brace yourself. the streaming service is raising its prices once again. new customers will now have to pay 9.99 a month for the standard package. that's up 1 dollar the price hike shouldn't affect existing customers for at least a year. the company says the hike is to ensure they can add more tv shows and movies to its lineup. investors seem to like the news. netflix stock picked up more than 6% after that announcement. and new at 6:00, bombshell new information about bobbi kristina brown. >> what a new report says about how she may have died. >> and taking a live look right now at the philadelphia international airport where we have just learned there is a ground stoppage until 6:15 tonight due to the bad weather we've been experiencing heavy rain, gusty winds all afternoon. so if you have a flight in or out of philadelphia international airport, take note a ground stoppage until 6:15.
5:55 pm
call ahead to check on your flight. ♪
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x fin if the the future of awesome. a little taste of new year's day this morning on boat house row. more than 500 seniors taking part in the senior strut courtesy mummers string band. it's sponsored by the fairmount park conservancy and philadelphia corporation for aging. after the strut seniors attended a health fair complete with free fitness activities and a healthy cooking demonstration. >> looks like fun.
5:59 pm
are you a harry potter phanatic you may want to head to mexico that country home to the biggest collection of harry potter in the entire world. here's the massive collection on display. figurines wands and lego model of hog warts the collection is made up of more than 4,000 pieces collected over a 15-year period. according to the guiness book of world records that makes it the largest globally the collection was previously displayed at a toy museum in the capitol before the own are in decided to move it into his home. ♪ tonight at 6:00, keeping our eyes on the skies. rain, even some storms moving through the area. once they do, it's going to be feel like fall. plus, bombshell information about bobbi kristina brown. what a new report says about how she may have died.
6:00 pm
>> and it's been a few weeks sin the pope left philadelphia, but his visit still affecting our city. what world meeting of families organizers are now doing. >> life from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we have been following breaking weather all evening long for you. this is a live look for you at the ben franklin parkway. you can see it is a soggy night. we have had some wild wet weather since before 5:00 o'clock this evening. >> take a look now at live ultimate doppler radar. it is lighting up as the rain and storms move through our area. as we take look at the airport, these storms fast-moving storm now causing a ground stop at philadelphia international airport. no ground -- no plains leaving there are ground stopped until 6:15 tonight. very good evening to you, thanks for joining us, i'm chris o'connell.


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