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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the pope left philadelphia, but his visit still affecting our city. what world meeting of families organizers are now doing. >> life from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we have been following breaking weather all evening long for you. this is a live look for you at the ben franklin parkway. you can see it is a soggy night. we have had some wild wet weather since before 5:00 o'clock this evening. >> take a look now at live ultimate doppler radar. it is lighting up as the rain and storms move through our area. as we take look at the airport, these storms fast-moving storm now causing a ground stop at philadelphia international airport. no ground -- no plains leaving there are ground stopped until 6:15 tonight. very good evening to you, thanks for joining us, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney.
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behind all that rain, guess what, drastically cooler temperatures. it will feel like fall. let's get right over to meteorologist dave warren. you have had a busy afternoon, dave. >> it will feel like fall. we are still tracking these storms moving through new jersey now. it goes from practically nothing with just a few clouds to a line of strong storms. no severe warnings in effect right now. still can see a gusty wind maybe even some damage but that wind not quite strong enough to get it up to categorize as a severe storm. it is moving through though the last hour you can see it quickly moved through philadelphia. the back edge already through portions of berks county and into chester county. so as quickly as this is starting it will end just as quickly tonight. here's this line. the leading edge is where you get the damaging winds and this is right through burlington county into tabernacle right along 206. a little farther south and we can see this moving into chester and gloucester county right through upper pitts grove and continues to push south about 45 miles an hour.
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it's moving fast and right through new castle county it's south of 95 now in through delaware into kent county and continue to power to the southeast. this is what you see as these storms move through. nothing to this massive up draft that's the leading edge of this cold front. once you see these clouds pass, then you get a drenching downpour of rain. so we're continuing to watch that here as it moves through the area over the next few hou hours. and this storm is forecast to push off the coast by eight or 9:00 o'clock tonight. nothing behind it except for maybe a few lingering showers to the south. once the rain clears out, though, look at what happens. the winds gust out of the northwest about 20 to 30 miles an hour. so that wind picks up and this is what brings in the cooler air. cold front moving through, 70 toss 60s down into the 50s, and gets even colder over the next few days as that wind dies down. a look at the low temperatures, each morning this weekend you want to grab the coat before you step outside much that's coming up with the seven day forecast
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in in just a little bit. >> dave, thank you. now to developing story. two people are dead in two separate shootings at two different universities. it is a tragic scene that's becoming all too familiar. one of those shootings happened this morning in texas. the other in arizona. >> fox 29's brad sattin has more details on the latest acts of gun violence report roar first shooting happened just before 1:30 this morning flag staff arizona time at northern arizona university. >> several of our students two separate student groups got into a confrontation. the confrontation turned physical and one of our students steven jones 18 years old produced a handgun and he shot four of our other students. one of our students is deceased. the other three are being treated at flag staff medical center. >> reporter: gunfire on the parking lot of mountain view haul dormatory which houses many of the campuses sororities and fraternities. >> i know a lot of my sisters were there and were really
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scared and lot of my sisters they were so terrified. >> jones a freshman at the school allegedly shot the students multiple times killing fellow student colin brow. three other male students injured sent to the hospital. accused shooter apparently then waited for police to arrive. >> steven was taken into custody by officers. he stopped his action with his hasn't gun, and everything calmed down for a few minutes as our officer arrived he was able to take him into custody without further trouble. >> this is not going to be a normal day at nau. our hearts are heavy. >> reporter: the school's president called the incident unprecedented. the school did activate its emergency alert system. >> they just said something is going on there was a shooting and we're locked in our rooms and we're scared. that's all they said. >> reporter: meanwhile in houston another shooting at tech text southern new jersey just before noon local time today. a student was killed reportedly a freshman.
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another student injured. the school then put on lock down following the shooting at the university courtyard apartments. it's a student housing complex on the edge of campus. >> that was brad sattin reporting for us in that texas shooting two people have been detained. police are still searching for a third but they say there is no active shooting investigation going on right now. happening now, police trying to find two people behind a brutal beating. a warning to our viewers. it may be hard to watch this video. it all happen outside a bustleton bar and it is all caught on camera. police releasing this surveillance video earlier today. the victim was taken to the hospital for his injuries. now, investigators hope the new video leads to the attacker and his female accomplice. >> fox 29 weekend anchor karen hepp has been covering this story for us all day and she joins us live in bustleton. karen, investigators hoping someone can identify the two from that video. >> reporter: absolutely. that is exactly the reason they're putting it out there.
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we're up here at pretty well known locate the shops at bustleton. this is the location outside this restaurant crab house bennie the bums it's pretty well known in this area. it's been here for 23 years. it did not start inside the restaurant. it was outside but the person who was injured certainly was a patron there. we want to you take a good look at this video. >> made us all sick. >> brett levy couldn't believe the brutal assault that happened right outside of his restaurant. bennie the bums in bustleton. one of the regular customers had stepped outside last thursday and was viciously attacked by a couple who seemingly targeted him. >> just thought it was like brutal and horrible and disgusting. >> here's the video. police warn it's graphic. but they need your help to catch the assailants. see how the woman appears to specifically point out the victim then her accomplice punches him in the head knocking him to the ground where he was picked and kicked repeatedly he was so badly hurt he needed to go to the hospital. >> called 911.
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we call the police, and we did whatever we can to help him and got in contact his son later. >> levy pulled all their surveillance tapes and combed through them to try and help investigators. >> he got attacked by somebody not a bennie the bum patron because we checked through the -- all the video tapes and we asked all the waitresses and bartenders and they weren't here. i don't know where they came from but this attacked this older guy. >> reporter: if you have any information they're asking that you please immediately call the northeast detectives about that one and they are pretty recognizable. if you know who they are. the surveillance video is pretty clear. chris and dawn, back to you. >> karen, thanks. philadelphia police are still trying to find the man behind a violent stabbing in southwest philadelphia. it happened last night at the southwest auto tags on the 1600 block of dicks avenue. investigators say the business owner there 62-year-old man was stabbed more than 20 times. he's in the hospital in critical condition. officials are checking nearby
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surveillance video to see if cameras caught that attacker. a father and son from new castle county are both facing charges after officials find over 500 bags of heroin and other drugs inside their home. 45-year-old alan d. lifter and 19-year-old son both facing drugs and weapons charges tonight. police think the 19-year-old was selling drugs out of their home in the community of eagle glenn. cops found heroin, crack and a handgun inside. his father is free on bond. the teen is in jail unable to make bail. new tonight comedian bill cosby facing tough questions about alleged sexual abuse claims. cosby was questioned in a deposition about claims that he molested a girl when she was just 15 years old. however, the contents of that deposition won't be available until december at the very earliest. now to shocking allegations concerning the death of bobbi kristina the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown. new court documents suggest that
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bobbi kristina's boyfriend at the time of her death nick gordon injected her with a toxic mixture before her death. gordon was in the home where brown was found unresponsive in january. she died six months later but her cause of death has not yet been made public. a historic dated lasalle university as the college's first lay person and woman president is installed. doctor colleen, inaugurated today as the 29th president of lasalle. the theme of today's ceremony, inspired by faith, dedicateed to service and united in community. that's inspired by the christian brothers core values. hannah addressing students, alumni and faculty today. >> this splendid university is ours. today i have answered your call to service with an enthusiastic yes. thank you for your confidence in my ability to lead this work and thank you for your continued prayers for lasalle.
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>> also attendance delegates representing more than 50 colleges and universities from all across the country. the world meeting of families and papal visit were two weeks ago but the fundraiser still continues. the world meeting website slitting funds and text message requests for money still going out. the price tag for that massive event is expected to run about $45 million. a spokesperson for the philadelphia archdiocese tells fox 29 news that fundraising has topped the 40 million-dollar mark and with pledges and commitments included total fundraising is expected to top that $45 million mark. before we go to break let's take another live look at philadelphia international airport this friday night's weather causing a ground stoppage at the airport for another 15 or so minutes. the weather there obviously delaying flights there. please call ahead if you're expecting to go out or expecting someone at the airport. we do see some plains moving n
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now. hopefully get things a little better. we'll be right back.
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♪ in your health tonight concerning figures related to the measles. researchers at emory university say as many one out of eight children in the u.s. may not be protected against the virus. researchers analyzing the results of a national survey of immunizations among u.s. teenagers between 2008 and 2013. they estimate out of the roughly 70 million children under the age of 17 in this country, almost 9 million lack immunity to the measles virus. scientists believe vaccination rates fall any lower, we could see more measle outbreaks. new research revealing that first born children may have a higher risk of becoming nearsighted later on in life. experts looked at birth order and nearsightedness in almost 90,000 people ages 40 that was 69 and they found that first borns were 10% more likely to be nearsighted than ladder born
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individuals. all right. here's one we've been talking in the newsroom. what exactly do the 140 characters you have to express yourself on twitter really say about you, chris? >> you really want to know about this. according to new study, your tweets reveal a lot more than you think. fox's lydia, has more on the findings. >> reporter: he tweets, she tweets, just about everyone is tweeting these days. that little birdie icon is now used by more than 100 million people. >> twitter is kind of an engine to just put your thoughts out there. >> reporter: your tweet may only be 140 characters or less but it can actually indicate how much money you make. >> hire income people tweet differently than lower income people. >> u penn computer scientist danielle poetry annal analyzed 5,000 twitter users and came up with surprising results. >> lower and higher income people -- for example higher income people talk about politics, they talk about --
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lower income people they swear more or talk more about themselves or about activities. >> analysts studied more than 10 million tweets among their interesting findings twitter users that express fear or anger via their tweets tended to have higher incomes. however those that used profanity had lower incomes. >> they found that people use profanity tend to go lower income. would you agree with that? >> i don't think so because i feel like profanity is -- it's just kind of a way to express. i would say yeah, because if you have a higher income, chances are your business happens lot via social media you're not trying to put out profanity. >> reporter: higher income twitters have more followers not a shocker there if you tweet about religion a lot you apparently make less. >> i don't agree with that. i talk about religion a lot. >> reporter: researchers believe your social media habits will be analyzed by employers and health care insurers. there you tweet, think a lot.
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what's it mean if you tweet a picture of your dinner? (laughter). >> a lot of people do do that. >> all right, dave, are we finally seeing the end of this storm moving through? >> we see the beginning and the middle and the end all on our radar screen. yes, so depending on where you're in the clear for now but this is a strong line of storms. not severe. we could see a wind pick up though and some lightning and very heavy rain as the line moves through. it's right going along the ac expressway into burlington county. there's the end, though. this only taking about two hours. you get that rain, the winds and the steady rain that will end about two hours. so not lasting all night. certainly not all weekend. burlington county now right through tabernacle this is the leading edge of these storms moving through. no warnings in effect. that's only because the wind may not be strong enough to classify it as a severe storm of the but still that wind gust could pick uply you can get a little damage as the leading edge of these storms move through. through camden and gloucester
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county, right along the ac expressway through williamstown it's moving through now. heavy rain coming down, and it does push down into delaware. there's the delaware bay. marine warnings in effect right that was new castle county along 13 in delaware it will slowly push south. here's where it is by 7:00 o'clock. pretty much down to dover and through atlantic city. it's off the coast there in central new jersey. it's dry in philadelphia. it continues to clear out and dry out overnight tonight gets a little windy. that cooler breeze sets up. this is a cold front coming through and it's clearly evident by the big drop in temperatures you'll see once the rain stops. still some people out there with the umbrellas in old city that rain continues to come down. 79 down to 67. thanks for that wind it picked up out of the northwest 20, 30 miles an hour. the wind will continue to gust and here's the front. certainly evident by our temperatures here from 75 down to 67 and 64 in just a short area here. that cooler air is coming in and will dominate our weather this
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weekend. the storms are off the coast. high pressure settles in. it's a windy and chilly night tonight. but with the high right overhe overhead, our wind dies down saturday night. the clear sky, the dry air, the cool air in place, by the time you get up sunday morning these are the temperatures look at that. allentown at 38 degrees. a little chill in the air sunday morning. 43 in philadelphia. many of the suburbs right about 40 north and west. mid fours just a few degrees warmer to the south and east and 51 at wildwood close to the coast little warmer. grab that coat before you head out sunday morning. tomorrow afternoon for temple's homecoming looks nice a light breeze about five to 10 miles an hour. temperatures into the 60s. chilly start sunday morning. but by game time, that temperature climbing out of the 50s into the upper 60s and close to 70 by post game. so quick warmup 20-degree temperature jump from sunday morning to sunday afternoon. we continue to warm things up on monday in the seven day foreca forecast. that's up to 78 but it gets a little cooler after that. a few showers maybe monday night
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by tuesday and wednesday we're back into the upper 60s right about where we should be this time of year. 70 sun and clouds on thursday a chance of rain on friday with a high of 60. >> the rest of the weekend looking good. >> we like that. >> sean in with sports. drew brees coming to town this weekend. >> that's right eagles better heat it up on offense because you have a hall of famer on the other side of the ball. both the eagles and saints have struggled on the offensive end but brees is still a study. he can still get it done. guys talk about the difficulty facing brees next in sports.
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♪ all right. one and three isn't a death sentence. eagles still make the playoffs because the nfc is sub par to put it nice only one game back in the division and now have a winnable game again the saints. the problem is in the games they're supposed to win, they lay eggs and that can definitely happen against a guy like drew brees. he isn't what he used to be but he's still a hall of fame quarterback he's completed almost 70% of his passes and he has one of the sweetest quickest releases in the game. last week against the cowboys he went 30 for 31 when the coys didn't blitz. you have to get pressure on brees or he will shred you. >> unfortunately he's one of all time great quarterbacks to play
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in this league and cease so in tune to what they're doing and so sharp in what they do. he listens to his work ethics and how much he studies and how much he work at the game, it makes it very very difficult. >> i think it's tough to blitz him because he gets the ball out so fast. he look at the offense, a lot of rhythm arc lot of timing. the ball comes out fairly quick allot of three step drops and if do you pressure him, you just have to get pressure up the middle. >> on sunday check out gary cobb, dave spadaro, howard and myself as we break down the big game. we'll get of give you our predictions and keys to an eagles win after the eagles/saints we'll have highlights and player reaction in our post game report. to baseball former phillies are littered all over the post season. today cole hamels on the mound for the rangers going against the blue jays. road team has won every game so far. cole trying to keep that up. hamels wasn't the ace he was to get them to the playoffs. fifth inning he saw his old
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teammate ben revere. revere with a single to right bringing a run in. blue jays with a four-three lead. the rangers tied this thing up and this thing went to 14 innings. the rangers alberto with the rib by single and the rangers escape with a six-four win. they now lead the series two two-zero and bittersweet. i don't know whether to be happy or mad that ben revere and cole hamels are playing so well. >> figure. >> all these phillies players playing so well in the post season. you didn't do that for us. >> doesn't matter they're gone. >> come on now. >> it's over. >> how war says the eagles are going to win. >> i got the eagles winning, too. every time i say that they lose. >> i got temple winning tomorrow, too. >> oh, brother. >> that does it us for here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition is up next. >> good night. ♪ ññ
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>> runaway car. >> my car won't stop. >> the terrified teen. >> i had no idea what i was going to do. >> so what should you do if you just can't stop your car? >> then, ben carson and the popeye's mystery. >> the baltimore police don't have a record of this. >> what we learned about the holdup at the popeye's restaurant nearly 40 years ago. and -- >> mr. trump. >> viva trump. is she for real? >> is this a setup? have i ever met you before. >> d-day for bill cosby. >> underoath at last. >> look at all of these accusers. >> how many of you believe you were drugged by bill cosby? >> and how could this happen? little girl shot in the leg by


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