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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 10, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> ♪ right now at 10:00 o'clock, skies are clearing up and the wild friday night weather now moving on out. live look on market street in philadelphia tonight. shows you just how clear and calm it is right now in the ci city. >> but not everyone staying dry tonight. you can see this last bit of the storm system bringing a little rain to the shore. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. tornado warnings earlier tonight. but the worst of it looks like it is behind us. busy evening for fox 29 meteorologist dave warren. dave, things are calming down out there i guess. >> a lot calmer and that tornado warning right at 4:47 right around royersford. some rotation detected here by the radar so they issued that
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tornado warning. wind damage reports as these stormed moved through. wider view you can see that this line moved quickly here. you had the storms come up quick. that wind gust, heavy rain. it was done. only about two hours now. the latest radar shows it's right along the shore here in sussex county in delaware up through cape may. storms are off the coast. that's where the lightning is. just little light rain lingering here. that will be clearing out overnight tonight. no more storms. that's our big headline here. the future weather computer shows the rain pushing south. clouds trying to clear up just a little bit maybe a few sprinkles early saturday morning to the south but we are clear by tomorrow morning. little change here. the temperatures are dropping tonight. cold front came through quickly drop the temperatures from the upper 70s down into the mid 60s there's a 56-degree mount poconos. we're at 66 here in philadelph philadelphia. little cool tomorrow morning. but much cooler as this cold front pushes southth. we have high pressure settling in. that will calm our winds down.
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a chilly morning to start. here's what we have coming up first off the rain is done. no more storms. little gusty wind tonight. that will calm down and a morning chill a few 30s in the suburbs by the time you wake up. one day in the seven day forecast. see how long the chill sticks around for. that's coming up a little bit later. >> all right, dave. see you and that. developing how nor tragic scenes that have become all too familiar. deadly shootings on college campuses. police say one person is dead and three others are hurt tonight after someone opened fire at a university in arizona. tonight the gunman is behind bars and as fox news' kelly wright reports the latest shooting started with a fight. >> reporter: another fatal school shooting this one taking place on the campus of northern arizona university in flag staff early friday. >> two separate student groups got into a confrontation. confrontation turned physical and one of our students steven jones 18 years old produced a handgun and he shot four of our other students.
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>> reporter: jones a freshman at the university now faces several charges including one count of first degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault. he says, several people approached him and his friends and then a fight broke out. jones claims he then ran to his car to retrieve a gun and announced he had a weapon before firing upon his trailing assailants. >> the arizona law allows you to have a gun in your car in a locked compartment on campus but that's where it these statement you cannot carry it around campus. >> reporter: officials say all of the victims who were shot several times were members of the same fraternity. surviving victims have been hospitalized and are receiving treatment. the incident has left many along the school's campus shane. >> i'm just shocked. like of all campuses for this to happen i would not think nau would be a place where a shoot wog happen. this is a very save campus. >> another shoot dag outside texas southern university leaves one student dead there and
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another person wounded. police say they are questioning two suspects and looking for a third man. the university did go on lock down after shots were fired near an off campus student housing complex. investigators say the student who was killed is a freshman but they are not releasing his name. investigators say it's the third shooting on or near that campus this week alone. new tonight, philadelphia police are on the hunt for a man behind several robberies in the city society hill neighborhood. cops say in each of the incidents the man pulls a gun on his victims. >> now police want to get that armed thief off the streets. fox 29's brad sattin live in society hill and brad, investigators are hoping newly released surveillance video can help catch this guy. >> reporter: yeah they are hoping that dawn for sure. there have been five victim that's course of 40 minutes. it happened last saturday night generally a couple of these in this spot we're standing right here and it's kind of surprising as you can see it fairly well it
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will here. there are stores at opposite end. on the one side there's a super fresh on the other side a food market. there's surveillance cameras here and also good bit of foot traffic. armed robberies are brazen this is one of them caught on camera last saturday night the man approaching this couple pointing a gun and demanding money. >> it's a nice area and i would like to think that people feel relatively safe in the area. so i'm a little bit surprised. >> reporter: even more surprising just 25 minutes earlier the same man had been on the same block doing the same things. pointing a gun this time at four men and robbing two of them. it happened right in front of this deli which was open at the time. we talked by phone to the employee who was inside when he was told of what had just happened. >> there was like a woman carrying a purse, um, was, you know, showing a gun and, um, i think she like relinquished her
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purse that point. >> it's a tall thin black man, clean shaven, gray hooded sweatshirt, greens are jeans and a black baseball bat. he got away in a xfinity such with a new jersey plate. after these two armed robberies the same man struck again 15 minutes later just blocks away at front and dock street near veterans memorial park. robbing a man of $65 at gun point. neighbor paul bonnie and dog zany walk these streets twice a day. >> keep my eyes open, and check behind me often, but i've never seen anything -- any problems of any kind. >> reporter: but this woman who's been mugged before nose -- >> it can be very scary down here. we get, you know, all sorts of people, and with all the new gun violence everybody seems to be packing. it makes it even scarier. >> reporter: so again those incidents happen at this .6 days ago. most of the neighbors we talked tonight had no idea they
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happened, but police are trying to get out the word, of course, if you have any information you can provide a anonymous tip call 215-686-tips. chris? >> all right, brad, thanks. in philadelphia police are still trying to find the man behind a violent stabbing in southwest philadelphia. it happened last night at the southwest auto tags on the 6200 block of dix aft. investigators say the business owner there 62-year-old man was stabbed more than 20 times. right now, he's in the hospital in critical condition. officials are checking nearby surveillance video to see if cameras caught the attacker. >> physical detectives want to you take close look at this surveillance video. it's from a home invasion on the 1300 block of seller street in frankford. investigators say these two men entered the home with guns and pointed them at a man and woman who live there. the crooks allegedly stole electronics and ran away. the residents fortunately inside that home were not injured. search continues tonight for two people wanted for a brutal beating. philadelphia police releasing
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this graphic surveillance video early yesterday. as fox 29's karen hepp shows us torque night investigators are hoping this new video leads them to the attacker and his accomplice. but we do want to viewers this video may be disturbing to you. >> reporter: do you know this couple? here's the female suspect. here is the male suspect. we want to warn you, what happens next is graphic. the woman specifically points out the man they're about to tack who doesn't even see thumb coming until he's cold cocked on the side of the head with what looks like something a rope or a chain. the 52-year-old victim is repeatedly punched, kicked and beaten with his head slammed into the pavement. it all happened thursday ago outside the popular refront bennie the bum's crab house. the owner is horrified. it turns out he knows the victim as a frequent customer who had just stepped outside. >> just thought it was like brutal and horrible and disgusting. >> reporter: he immediately called 911, and pulled the
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surveillance videos to search for anything to help police. >> he got attacked by somebody, not a bennie the bum patron because we checked through th the -- all the video tapes and asked all the waitresses and bartenders and they weren't here. i don't know where they came from but they attacked this older guy. >> reporter: so right now this video is all police have. take another good look. do you recognize these attacke attackers? >> definitely, definitely hope the assailant gets captured and pays for what he did. i mean it was just brutal and very excessive and just horrib horrible. >> if you recognize the pair in the video or you have any information at all about that attack give northeast detectives a call. still no arrest tonight in double shooting in mt. airy. the shooting happened around 11:00 last night on the 7900 block of temple road. officers found two, 19-year-old men shot. two different scenes. they say one of the males drove about two blocks from -- to the intersection of filomena and
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cheltenham avenue where he collapsed. the other ran inside his mother's house on temple road. we have learned the car the victims were riding was stolen. >> now as a result of an investigation, we determined that that vehicle, 2014 honda civic, is in stolen status. it was stolen in the month of august of this year in the area of chestnut hill. not too far from where this shooting took place on temple road. so that second 19-year-old victim although he's shot and he's in critical condition, he's also being held as prisoner for operating a stolen car. >> both men remain in critical condition at einstein medical sent. philadelphia police are hoping just released surveillance video will help them track down a group of men accused of robbing a 23-year-old as he left a convenience store. check out the video. this happened back in august on the 2600 block of cecil b. moore avenue. that's in the city's brewery town neighborhood.
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security cameras capturing the whole thing. investigators say one of those men grabbed all the victim's belongings and assaulted him. all six men are believed to be in their early to mid 20s. water service is back to normal tonight on south street after a water main break caused several businesses to temporarily close there. the break happened around 11:00 o'clock last night on fifth and south streets. it caused several businesses not only to lose water but power as well. electricity was restored about 1:00 this afternoon. crews turn the water back on around 3:00. the water department tells fox 29 repairs have been completed. a melee at a youth football game in florida and angry parent at the center of the controversy and now it might have cost his son's team a chance to play again this year. a local business owner says he's fighting for the right to keep his doors open all night. the new city ordinance he says will take money out of his pock. >> and a dispute over sand at the jersey shore. the seaside community that is
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catching flack from governor chris christie. you got to see this one. homeowners association telling one local mom that a tribute to her son is not allowed. her first amendment
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♪ a line in the sand over sand dunes down the shore margate a town that sustained damage during super storm sandy is facing an eminent domain claim from new jersey governor chris christie. the state wants to build sand dunes there, but residents say they don't want them. new jersey offered margate $29,000 for nine beach front easements but the town turned that money down.
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governor christie called city officials selfish for refusing to allow that project. also, in margate, an animal rights organization is offering to help save a local icon. peta will pay for major facelift for lucy the elephant. the group would pay $58,000 in repairs and exchange for using the margate landmark to send messages about circus elephants. the 134-year-old roadside attraction needs wood replaced an new coat of the pain. the organization maintaining lucy has responded to peta's offer. stay tuned. >> keep business owners safe in one new jersey town has back top priority but the question is, at what cost? fox 29's shawnette wilson joining us from pleasantville. shawnette, the city is proposing limiting business hours and i guess that's not going over big with everyone. >> reporter: it isn't, dawn. you know i checked the city's website and according to an agenda that was posted this issue was last discussed at a
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city council meeting this past monday. in the meantime, tonight i talked to one business owner who says this ordinance would put a huge dent in his profits. >> it is not a good idea to stop the timing of the store. >> reporter: muhammed wrote this letter and collected more than 500 signatures to take to city officials. council is proposing an ordinance that would limit hours stores in the central business district in pleasantville can stay open. >> night shift from 8:00 to 2:00 o'clock is my main business. i make most of the money then. >> reporter: muhammed says his store kings food market on main street would be the only one affected because it's 24 hours. he says most other businesses already close by 9:00. the ordinance which muhammed says restricts them to closing at 11:00 p.m. would cut into his profit which he says is at its highest in the overnight hours. >> i cannot manage to pay my mortgage or the tax.
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one of my son is going to college. he's going to go next year to medical school and his dream will be shattered. >> reporter: muhammed says city officials cite a safety reason for the proposed ordinance. he admits his store has been robbed before. but says that was several years ago. and claims the only problem is loitering in the parking lot outside. which he now has a security guard on duty after 6:00 p.m. >> all over the city is a problem. like last five years how many people get killed and shot in pleasantville? >> not even one. >> reporter: wild the signatures he says are from customers supporting him staying open late, rivera feels differently. >> i think it would be best if they closed maybe 9:00, 9:30. if i walk around with my niece and my daughter to go get something there's lost people sitting on the stoop. >> reporter: and back here live, muhammed tells me he plans to go before council during a meeting on october 19th to ask for a waiver from this ordinance if it passes.
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it is not yet been approved. in the meantime we contacted city officials and police for comment. we'll let when you know we hear back from them. dawn? >> all right, thank you shawnette. sad news for one new jersey homeowner who's home was swept away. the us coast guard now says that homeowner is responsible for the cost of salvaging the house. no one was home when the grassy sound home was swept off its pilings near north wildwood early saturday morning. now the coast guard is warning boaters to be on the look out for debris under the water line. a contractor from the department of environmental protection will eventually remove the structure. it's homecoming weekend for some special kids at the children's hospital of philadelphia. the first year for this event. patients at the hospital played some tailgating themed games, photo booth and lots of give aways. best of all guess who showed up philadelphia eagles quarterback mark sanchez. attendees also treated to special performances by the temple university dance team and the st. joseph's university
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occipella group. >> they always have good ideas. >> they sure dodge love that place. as we reported before school nurses have become a casualty of the philadelphia school district's budget cuts. now, one city elementary school is taking matters into its own hands raising its own money to hire a school nurse. fox 29's jenn for joyce tells us more about meredith elementary's mission. >> it's like three times around the building. >> reporter: meredith elementary school first grader darrin is gearing up for the meredith on the run 5k happening sunday. i have allergies so she keeps my epi penn safe. >> the cause close to his march. >> having a full-time nurse is an absolute necessary are the. >> reporter: the money raised will help them pay for a nurse to be present five days a week. teachers here say school district budget cuts knock the nurse down to just two days a week and that's not okay with this school community. including meredith math teacher
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and director jessica tilley. >> we're taking it upon ourselves to do what we need to do to make the school a happy, save productive environment for our kids. >> darrin's mom is appreciative. >> it's a public school. it's a wonderful school but i was incredibly nervous sending him last year as kindergarten thinking there minot be a nurse there full time. >> we had teach the principal things. teach colleagues, teachers things. >> about two years ago the nurse wasn't here. we had student who, um, was having health issues and we ended up having to call 911. >> tilley says each additional day nurse travis on duty costs the home and school association more than $26,000 annually. >> the money we're raising should be gook new technology for our school. should be going into paper and new calculators and new books. we're not even provided paper. >> reporter: the school's teacher, staff and parents say they're thankful to have the means to fundraise. but they're hoping it sends a message to city leaders. >> i invited dr. hite. i sent him two e-mails. i haven't heard back.
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>> reporter: tilley is hoping the meredith 5k will inspire other city schools to do the same. >> you need to take control of the situation and you can't wait for the school district, the mayor, the city to step up. the state to step up and do what's right. >> reporter: in queen village, jenn for joyce, fox 29 news. again the race is happening this sunday at 8:30 in the morning at meredith elementary school. that is right at fifth and fitzwater. to learn morehead over to our website >> taking control of their fate. some tense moments between a city councilman and police in texas. what he says officer doctors to him right outside of his own house. a big mess on a florida lie way. an overturned car and dozens of cops on the scene, but they weren't there just for the wre wreck. the surprise they found inside that vehicle. it's one of philadelphia's most popular hot spots. now they're trying to make it even more fun. the plans happening around it and the
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ welcome back. small but growing brush fire threatening a very busy freeway in los angeles tonight. firefighters on the ground had help from the air helping the fire get contain.
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all this happening along busy five freeway right now no structures are being threatened. some motorists in south carolina now have to take a 168-mile detour as repair work is underway following record rainfall all across the state. a number of cities and towns across south carolina bracing for more flooding. officials are keeping a very close eye on several swollen rivers which could send more water gushing into neighborhoods. governor nicky haley is urging residents to pay attention to evacuation warnings. >> we want to make sure that you're being cautious if they come to your door, we want to you please consider getting out, take your -- whatever your precious belongings are with but we flood to you leave quickly. >> national guard troops along with police officers are out in force traveling by boat on roads that are now covered in several feet of water. in the meantime a boil water advisory is still in effect for tens of thousands in the state capitol and there's no word yet on when that will come to an
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end. the arrest of a city councilman in texas is going viral tonight. that's local teacher and prairie view city councilman jonathan miller. miller says the incident that got him here that happened outside his house and it was caught on video. miller says, he saw officers questioning a fraternity brother but when he went out to ask what was going on, he says, the officers put him on his knees, then tased him. miller is free tonight charged with resisting arrest and interfering with police. he was released from jail this morning. a newborn baby girl will have quite a story to tell when she gets a little bit older. it will be all about the day a new jersey state trooper saved her life. >> a mother's banner meant as proud tribute to her son but not of one is seeing it that way. hear who is telling her that memorial just is allowed. dave? >> storm came that was tonight but it's not an indication of what the weather will be like this weekend. they are moving out. cooler weather is moving in,
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though. a little chill in the air
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>> right now at 10:30 the calm after the storm. few spotty showers still popping out. nothing like we saw earlier tonight. taking a live look outside allentown tonight. drying out a good sign for the start of the weekend. fox 29 meteorologist dave warren with that extended forecast coming up in just few minutes. well, from pop-up beer gardens to calls for car free streets the push is on for more outdoor space throughout the city. the reading terminal is the latest to give eight try. >> it's launching a pilot program tomorrow and how it's received will determine if it becomes a permanent philly feature. starting this saturday, filbert street had close for improvements to make room for a block party concept outside the market. the hope is to brighten up the darkest entrance of that market but there is concern tonight about traffic and parking which some say is already a nightmare. >> by shutting it down for a few hours in the afternoon, i don't know that's going to have much of an impact on parking and
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we'll see the traffic study what impact it has on traffic patterns. >> filbert free event goes from 11:00 to 5:00 every saturday in october and all are invited free of charge. a store putting policy against patriotism. a military mom is fighting to keep in place a small tribute to her army officer son. but, a local homeowner's association says it's got to go. >> fox 29's bruce gordon shows us, the sign isn't inn tendonned to break any rules. >> reporter: you can drive by donna morey's home in the tarring ton village townhome checks and never even see it. there it is in the window of the upstairs bedroom used by army major donald morey when he's home in between tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. white with a red border an big blue star in the middle. >> when you look at that banner, what does it mean to you? >> pride, pride in my son. pride in what he's doing. >> reporter: so-called blue star mom banner is just 8-inches
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wide and 14-inches long, but it's not the dimensions that have neighbors here in a bit of a senate. >> small banner big problem. >> i guess you could say that. >> donna says the banner had been up for nearly a year when she got a call monday saying she may be runnin running a foul ofe homeowner's association rules. white or off white window treatments may be visible from outside the home. >> the revved he red and blue put in you trouble. >> that's what put me in trouble i guess. you got to be kidding me. are they serious? >> donna has been told she must make a written appeal for temporary exemption to the rules in order to keep the banner in place. >> i don't know if you would call it exemptions. i just need special per mig from the architecture committee to be able to display it. >> what do you think about that? >> i think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: report will she ask for permission? >> i'm in the doing it. i'm not writing the letter. >> reporter: to the home known's association it may ab matter of policy keeping the
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neighborhood looking consistent. to donna morey who by the way displays other military tributes outside her home without complaint it's about patriotism and pride. >> i want to display that for all who serve. not only my son. but all who serve. >> reporter: we reached out to the homeowner's association management company and to the association board for comment but had not heard back from either one by close of business on friday. donna says the banner is extra special to her because it was given to her as a gift by a military vet who narrowly escaped death in vietnam many years ago. we'll let you know how this one turns out. in the newsroom i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. hard to imagine they can't bend the rules a little bit for her. >> i know. true. well, dave, hopefully we are done with this wet, windy weather. >> yeah, well part of it we're done with. the wet weather is moving out. just a few lingering showers tonight. it will be gone by tomorrow morning. little chill in the air. this is cooler air moving in.
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that wind will stick around overnight tonight and early tomorrow. sussex county in delaware getting a little rain. these are the storms now. they have pushed south. off the coast in cape may maybe one or two raindrops coming down right around the surgeon tip of cape may county. things are pretty clear to the north. this is the radar. this is the computer forecast picking up where this line is. more importantly where it goes. it pushes south. there's no more rain out there tomorrow. maybe just a few clouds to the south but this is by tomorrow afternoon bright sunshine, little coolness in the air a little chill in the air that wind will pick up and bring in cooler temperatures. the storms rolled in. nice shelf cloud developing here. that was an indication of some damaging whipped this was in new jersey you look up and see those clouds rising. dark clouds pass by. then you get that brief heavy rain, sun comes up another the rain nice rainbow in pottstown. nice end to the day says spite wind damage reports coming in especially around montgomery county. now we're talking about the cooler temperatures. nice and clear here across
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philadelphia. the temperature 66. a high of 80 touched 80 degrees today. so big drop that wind about west at 9 miles an hour. that drop happened once the rain cleared out. temperatures will stay down just a bit tomorrow. only into the mid 60s. that's right about where we are now. so we could be looking at tomorrow's afternoon high temperature right now we're at 66 degrees. our snapshot tomorrow, homecoming game 66. 67 down the shore with a few clouds but the pocono mountains 58. little morning chill there. here's what we'll talk about by the end of the weekend. that wind dies down tomorrow as the front pushes south. high pressure directly over us. so these are the temperatures sunday morning. a few 30s in there. especially the north and western suburbs. have to watch for any frost developing you can get that even though the temperature doesn't drop down to 32. cool up north. 43 in philadelphia a little warmer to the south. quickly warming up for the eagles game. it's cool in the morning but you'll be shedding layers as we're going from 50 up to near
3:35 am
70 post game there sun day afternoon. warmer temperatures come back on monday. big jump up to the upper fence. another front coming through certainly doesn't look like it will be dynamic as what we had today drops from 78 down to 69 degrees on tuesday. upper 60s wednesday. maybe a few clouds and some rain thursday and friday. we'll see how things develop but in the middle pretty nice. >> look at that temple football forecast. >> homecoming game tomorrow. i'll be down there right bright and early thanks for nor forecast bite way. >> gridlock on highway outside of miami. a car end up and its side. that's not why officers shut count interstate. what they say rolled out of that vehicle that had them turning around traffic. >> a new vehicle decal is rallying one texas town behind its police officers. but not everyone wants to see this slogan. the response they're getting from a very proud police chief. new twist from facebook. it moot be the dislike button but social media giant says it
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♪ talk about false alarm for authorities on a florida high wage while responding to a rollover crash highway patrol found what they thought was a
3:39 am
grenade in the vehicle. the highway was immediately shut down. but it turns out it was just a toy grenade. authorities reopened the road after confirming that it posed no danger. in your money night, a new way to pay for your coffee may be coming to a starbucks near you. apple says a few of their stores will soon allow customers to pay via apple pay. that's apple's mobile payment system. starbucks says they'll test the service at a small number of locations before rolling things out on a larger scale. coffee chain already has its own app that allows customers to pay through. facebook says it's finally ready to get a little emotional users could soon be able to do more than just like statuses or pictures. social media site is testing out a reaction tab with its users instead of just liking things you can love them, laugh at them or be sad or angry about them but facebook says there will be no dislike button, not just yet. that feature however is being
3:40 am
tested in spain and ire land. no word on when it could come to the united states. detroit man who just days ago feared he'd be evicted from his home is now a proud homeowner buying a house for just 1 dollar. the city has annual tax foreclosure auction where investors can buy homes that have been foreclosed on. robert coleman moved into his rental home 10 years ago. his landlord moved away and left him at the house. well coleman decided to keep living there any way and hoped for the best. a housing investor bought the house and is selling it to coleman for a buck. >> i keep the homeowner in there and the house occupied, then it stable the block and the area. adds more value to the rental property i do have in the area. >> sounds smart enough. that investor says made no money off the sale he just wants to see detroit make a come back so he was happy to sell the house to someone he knows is working to make the neighborhood better. i love that. >> um-hmm.
3:41 am
>> fists fly on the side lines office this youth football game. the man police say through the first punch and why it may have ended up hurting an entire team. baby girl will have quite the story to tell when she gets a little older. it will be about the day a new jersey state trooper saved her life. iconic comedian in a little hot water north of the bororder. what this canadian actor is caught up in and the agency that wants h
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♪ actor randy quaid is facing deportation from canada. the actor says he's being threatened with deportation back to the us over a property dispute in california. the 65-year-old actor was released from a canadian detention center yesterday but he faces legal problems in california. quaid and his wife are a cues evidence trespassing and causing $5,000 in damage to a guest house on the california home they once owned. a father arrested for punching a referee during a little league football game in flor. now his son's team has been suspended for the rest of the season because of his alleged actions. the incident caught on camera it happened last saturday. the man who police say through
3:45 am
the punch is the father of one of the children on youth football team. and parents are furious. not just because of the punch and the example he was setting. they say the board of the police athletic league decided to cancel the entire team's games for the of the season and moms and dads say that's just not fair to the kids. >> we can't be responsible for one man's actions. you know, we're responsible for the kids and the parents that are on our field, but the action that he made we took protocol doing what we had to do with h him. >> our sister station in tampa did try to get in touch with the board but it has not returned any of their phone calls. police cars in texas are getting a lot of attention. not so much the cars but the decals on them. the stickers read, in god we trust. but some atheist and agnostic and in chilled dress texas complained about the slogan saying it violates separation of
3:46 am
church and state. many including texas governor greg abbott through his support behind the decals much the local chief the decals are about boosting the more raffle his officers not excluding citizens. >> no matter who you are, no matter what you do, we serve and we protect. that's what we do. we don't pass judgment. that's not our job. >> when asked for the decals to be removed, chief garcia politely declined telling his critics instead, go fly a kite. well a mixed victory for sea world expansion project in san diego after backlash over its killer whale program. approving a $100 million project that will triple the of the current killer whale enclosures but banning the park from breeding its captive or cass. sea world officials wanted to breed the or cass. prohibiting that would force
3:47 am
orcas into extinction. pamela anderson was among the protesters outside today's mee meeting. the world meeting of families and the papal visit were two weeks ago but the fundraising it's still going on. the world meeting website continues to solicit funds and text messages and requests for money are still going out. the price tag for that massive event is expected to run about $45 million. spokesperson for the philadelphia archdiocese tells fox 29 that fundraising is top the $40 million mark and with pledges and commitments included total fundraising is expected to top that $45 million mark. we'll be right back. eight month old baby girl will have quite the story to tell when she gets a little older. it's about the day new jersey state trooper saved her life. today we caught up with the real life hero. trooper benjamin hocking hasn't even been on the job a year yet.
3:48 am
before being credited with saving life. >> received a call that there was an infant not breathing. i got my car and i got there as photograph as i can. >> reporter: it was just before 7:00 last saturday morning when he was called to the alexandria township home inside eight month old lila, she was found unresponsive and not breathing. >> i immediately got on the ground and spoke to the doctor. i got out the aud. i put the patches on the baby and they advised me that it needed to shock the baby. >> hocking used an automatic external defibrillator he keeps in his patrol car when traditional cpr. when an ambulance little lila got a second shock enough to bring her back to life. >> we go through a lot of training down at the academy, um, including cpr training, and um, i'm very happy that i paid attention and learned how to use the aud. >> he has only seven months on the job.
3:49 am
it's reassuring for us to know our training not only works but put into action. >> you heard it right. hocking graduated from the police academy in february. the same month little lila was born. for hocking it was all in a days work but it was day he'll never forget. >> emotional roller coaster is a good way to put it. you know, i was very uncertain and i've never had to give cpr before never mind to to a little baby. i wasn't sad but -- but just keeping hope and when i found out i couldn't be happier. little lila is still recovering at chop. we are happy to report she's expected to make a full recove recovery. a historic day at lasalle university as the college's first president lay person and woman is installed. doctor colleen, gnaw dad as the 29th president of lasalle. today's theme ceremony inspired
3:50 am
by faith, dedicated to service and united in community. that's inspired by the christian brothers core values. she addressed students alum and faculty today. >> this splendid university is ours. today i have answered your call to service with an enthusiastic yes. thank you for your confidence in my ability to lead this work and thank you for your continued prayers for lasalle. >> also in attendance today delegates representing more than 50 college and universities from across the country. and sean bell in the house talking eagles. >> that's right. they're going to have to deal with a problem this week. the eagles dealing with a hall of famer. they talk about what they need to do to disrupt drew brees and there's a ton of former phillies in the playoffs. cole hamels, ben revere they go head to head. check out who came out o
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ the eagles should beat the saints but she should have beat washington. she should have beat the falcons and they should beat a dallas team that lost tony romo. they've been bad in games they should win and withdrew brees back there it can definitely happen again. brees is a super bowl winning
3:54 am
record breaking future hall of fame quarterback. he hasn't been as of lately but he still completes almost 70% of his passes and he's still a legend. he's been remarkable when he's time to throw the ball. the key will be pressure. >> i think it's you have to blitz him because he gets the ball out so fast. you look at the offense. a lot of rhythm a lot of timing much the ball comes out fairly quickly a lot of three step drops and if do you pressure him, you just have to get pressure up the which i think will work moving him off the spot little bit. >> sunday check out gary cobb, dave spadaro, howard and myself as we break down the big game to give you our predictions and keys to eagles victory after eagles and saints we'll have highlights and player reactions in our post game report. to baseball. the post season has a ton of phillies. as soon as everyone lease philly all of a sudden they want to be great again. two former phils taking center stage in toronto.
3:55 am
rangers,/blue jays cole hamels wasn't great but gave the rangers a chance facing his old roommate ben revere. the game was later tide and they went all the way to 14 innings. rangers alberto with a single to center bringing in the run. the rangers within six-four. they lead the series two-zero. the aldk astros, royals, seventh inning tied at four. rbi single to left center and run comes home. that will turn out to be the game winner. royals within five to four. that was the first game won by the home team in the mlb post season. that series tide at one. another home team getting dub. carlos cub john lackey was rolling. great defense. check out jason hayward with the great sliding catch. the cardinals later providing hmm with a little insurance. eighth upping steven biscotti
3:56 am
with a two run blast. 400 feet right there. cards within four-zero. they take game one of the seri series, and ton of phillies like i said before, that's a problem. you look at the eagles, nick foles graying great but better than sam bradford. some other guys you wish you could have had him. >> eagles are going to win. >> why be great when you go somewhere else why can't you provide that for us? >> because they started in philly. that's what happens. you've been here long enough yet? >> yes. >> full hours of entertainment is up next. tmz, dish nation, chasing news and simpsons. >> we're back here at 8:00 a.m. for fox 29 weekend. >> we're back here at 8:00 a.m. for fox 29 weekend. remember your meg
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>> judge judy: he left, and he left with the baby. >> he cursed and he said, "you'll never see this baby again." >> announcer: was it a kidnapping... >> i asked him where the baby was, and he told me it was none of my business. and, um... >> announcer: ...or a rescue? >> there were drinks that were opened, and they do have medical-marijuana cards. i didn't know what to do. i was nervous. i was a brand-new dad with a brand-new baby. >> judge judy: who has custody of the baby now? >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution jeannie freeman is suing her estranged son-in-law, 20-year-old joseph hemme, for a loan to bail her daughter out of jail after she was arrested for biting him. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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