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tv   FOX 29 Weekend  FOX  October 10, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> this morning "fox29" weekend saving the ship the ss united states an american icon could soon be headed to the scrap yard. is there anything that can be done to keep that from happening. >> plus, run, joe, run, vice-president joe biden mulling a run for higher office. >> and historic anniversary 20 years since million man march and a look at the occasion and how some are marking the an verse question getting on buses verse question getting on buses right now. >> and good saturday morning to all uv you. i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson good morning to you. >> good morning to you everything good for you i
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trust. >> i think it's a glorious day. hopefully you have a good day plan, fall fest, oktoberfest, pumpkin picking. >> we i have lot of thing you can do on what promises to be a beautiful day. we'll tell you about the specifics of the weather as we look in old city. so far, so good. dave, tell us what it will be like. >> windy out there today. for those storms they cleared out. nice and comfortable there. that first scene close encounters of the third kind where the ships is coming in that's what it looked like yesterday. a lot of pictures of that approaching storm. it moved through. wind gusts, 50, 60 miles an hour it's gone now. radar shows clear push to the south. these showers stay to the south. closer view shows we're all clear as far as the rain goes and even close to philadelphia, nothing on ultimate doppler. track those strong storms moving through yesterday. and now it's just wind. wind gusts, 20 miles an hour mount pocono and 21 wildwood and might see it start to increase a little today and
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cooler breeze. and no question the temperatures cooler than yesterday, 20 degree temperature drop. 40s with the bluish color there north and western suburbs 52 now in philadelphia. dover is at 53. and a lot of 40s. even 3 degrees in hazele ton. there well up north. little chill in the air this morning. but we have warming temperatures back in the 7 day forecast before we get through one very, very cold night. it will below temperatures coming up later with the complete forecast. >> dave, thank you. it is exactly 8:02 we'll get to the developing story that comes to us from over sea this morning and dozens of people have been killed and more than a hundred injured following twin bomb mraingts that happened in the turkish capita capital. >> this happened during a peace rally. 30 people were killed and more than 120 wounded and explosion occurred as people aimed to call for end to renewed violence between curdish rebels and turkish security forces.
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turkish government coming dend the attack. >> philadelphia police are look firing person that robbed five people at gun point pretty quickly. one man crime spree happened 40 minutes society hill you. >> have surveillance. you're looking at one one of the incidents last saturday night. here's a man that approached a couple 300 block of south fifth street. he targeted four men on the same block and also struck near the veterans war memorial on front street. neighbor says they're surprise surprised. >> keep my eyes on and check behind me often. but, i've never seen anything, any problems of any kind. >> it can be very scary down here. we get all sorts of people. and with all the new gun violence everybody seems to be packing it makes it even scarier. >> police say there's the suspect 6 feet tall thin bill clean shaven wearing gray hoodie, sweatshirt and jeans. not a great sgreption seen
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leaving infinity suv possibly with new jersey plates. let's look at political coverage a huge story that could be coming from our area this weekend whether or not vice-president joe biden will toss his hat into the troyng run for president. >> will he or won't he? we're trying to figure that out and jennifer joyce is it live in the newsroom with more or what could make or break that decision? >> good morning bill there's a lot of speculation online. several reports discussion the fact vice-president joe biden held a meeting this week with the democratic national committee a sign he may be closer to a presidential bid. his supporters already made a web site. they would be happy with such news. several vp confidants were ge geted in a political article saying biden will likely make a final decision this weekend after sitting down and discussing it with his familiar limit the article explains he is unpredictable.
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his emotional state increases his unpredictbility referring to his loss of his son beau last spring. if he makes a decision this weekend and announces monday that news would come one day before the first democratic debate which reports indicate biden has decided to for go regardless. so big news awaits us. either way we know democratic hillary rodham clinton is also bracing herself for a decision. she'll be forced to react aggressively and step up her game to make sure donors are committed to her race. >> it's 8:05. take one for the team. desperate dpxt op is begging that guy, paul ryan to run for speaker of the house. he has repeatedly said he does not want the job. congressman from wisconsin is powerful chairman of the house ways and means committee and he's under enormous pressure
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and reconsidering this weekend. former speaker john boehner resigned after visit from the pope and then next heir apparent took himself out after it was clear he would not have the support of conservatives. [ sirens ]. >> i'm superintendent michael chetworth with a video that is [bleep] me off this week. i'm doing things a little differently think week. it's not a piece of video making me mad. it's this mom. she's accused of giving two juveniles including her own 1 14-year-old daughter heroin, both victims said she tied a string around their arms to get to their veins and used a needle to inject them with the drug. now she's charged with child abuse. when i read this story, and you get the facts of a mother who inject a 14-year-old with heroin, in my opinion, mom,
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threw her 14-year-old under the bus of life. she injected her with one of the most deadly duingz in society today. who knows what this little girl's future holds. she's not a mom. she's a scum back of the month. i'm superintendent michael chetworth and that's my take. >> only ten days in and she's worst of the month. 8:07 looking for something fun to do today. this is wonderful event. grab the whole family. check out the hero thrill show and showing off dare devil moves are motorcycle demonstrations, students, and activities can canine unit, mounted patrol and fire trucks. it's 61 year for this day of fun and all the money raised goes to help pay for the education of children whose parents were killed in the line of duty in the fire and police department. so come out and meet swoop and eagles cheerleaders and dancers
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and kicks off 6:45 and goes until down at the stadium. >> penndot taking a holiday that's right state driver's license and photo centers will be shut down saturday through monday because of columbus day holiday. rest assured penndot has you covered while the driver's license and photo centers are closed there are wide array of products and services available online. so you can still renew your driver's license and registration and customers can still pay fees and schedule their driver exams. >> coming up, saving the ship. the ss united states an american icon could soon be headed to the scrap yard. what needs to be done to keep flat happening. >> plus, tired of losing keys or misplacing things you use every day? there's a new app for that. device that can help you find device that can help you find just about anything.
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>> thank you for starting your day with us here on "fox" 9 weekend. and a bit of history. as americans celebrate 20 years since million man march. in our area people boarded bus is to take part in ceremonies commorateing anniversary of civil rights rally in d.c. >> philadelphia had the largest presence in d.c.. so we want to make a legacy down there. >> and i actually was among the crowd that took to d.c. october 16, 1995.
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that march was called by lewis farcon held in and around the national mall. activities are scheduled around the same areas this weekend. >> let's go to washington right now and find out what is going on. on.p kelly is there an kelly azar is down there and i can hear things going on. >> starting this morning they started it off with a prayer this morning:00 and again they did another prayer 10 or 10 minutes ago like you were saying a big day this is the 20 anniversary of million man march we saw hundreds head out this morning we got here 6 a.m. and there were hundreds of people up filling up the area. i'll step out of the way so you can quick look at what is going on. you see the crowd building. there's been a number of different screens set up across the mall so that no matter where you are you really can be a part of it. now, obviously there's music
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going on now and it's treaty much switched from fire speaker as well as music. so again this is the justice or else march. we spoke with a few people out here getting ready to enjoy their full day here at the mall. and they were saying their biggest thing that they want out of this is equality and peace and that's not just for one group of people. the thing you will see here is all races, religions, back ground, edge nis 'tis, things like that represented here today. and again, it is a really big day marking that 20 anniversary of the million man march and today again minister lewis fairfax con will be here to speak starting 1:00 this afternoon full festivities will begin at about 10:00 this morning and things like you can hear, music behind me now. definitely getting kicked off this morning. a lot of people excited to be a part of this moment in history. a lot of people here bringing their children and family they want to be a part of this
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historic day. saying that more than anything with the year we've seen with a lot of high profile cases, they just want some freedom, equality and what america is based on and have everybody to be treated equal. so a big day here. things getting started right now. it's a big event: really starts 10:00 this morning and then it starts 1:00 this afternoon with the minister. kelly azar. sending it back to you. >> before we let you go the key to this one mr. farcam asked everyone to come and participate. it looks light on the crowd any expectation on the numbers they expect to turn out. >> officially, the -- when it comes to d.c. and capitol police they don't want an official number were hearing thousands and thousands of people will be here. the one thing i want to point out it looks scarce now this is
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not a huge crowd this is one of the areas they're allowed to people up towards the can toll steps on west side of the lawn there's a lot more people. really growing this morning and but, yes, we're expecting more so around the 10:00 hour that will start seeing more of these people. they're expecting -- saying thousands of people to really fill the lot. i was even talking to one of d.c. police officers and he said many of the streets that at this point are closed off to people will be filled. they're preparing for the most. there's a lot of officers crowd controlling with as many as they're expecting that's a big number they're expecting today no official number though. >> kelly thank you so much. we really appreciate. it thank you. looks beautiful there in washington d.c. and had a big change. we had so much rain in the storm and this really volatile weather. hey look at the sky now. absolutely beautiful. dave warren i have lot of people saying i have a fall fest 5 k malala yousafzai
8:16 am
fairless hills and what is the weather going to be like? >> looks great. no rain or storms yesterday. there is a change though and you'll feel that as soon as you on up that door. you step outside. cool breeze his you in the face and winds pick up and temperatures dropped. that's the view right now. beautiful shot here. and we have temperature 52 that's the low so far today. wind north, northeast, 15 miles an hour that brought in cooler air. we have this weather question coming to us from wayne. >> today is the day it's calling all dogs dog walk to benefit the philadelphia ronald mcdonald house. i'm david fry with angel. come to wilson farm park in wayne and join us for the fun beginning 9:00 this morning as we launch national dog show month in philadelphia. hey, dave, you can do a little something about the weather for us today? >> thank you, dave, doing what i can. dogs here going to the no more dog days of summer. it's fall now and that's in wayne at northern tip of delaware county.
8:17 am
54, 60, 63 starting at 9 not nearly as warm as yesterday and breezy all day today no matter where you are. that wind will pick up and keep the cool air in place. and 48 degrees in pottstown. allentown 46. mount pocono 4 2. cooler than this morning morning as wind dies down overnight tonight. 50s now, 20, 25 mile an hour wind gusts and look what happens as quickly as about 1:00, starts to die down. things calm down a bit. we have very little winds overnight tonight with a clear sky, cool, dry air in place and this leads to a very cold air. cold day tomorrow morning. ultimate doppler is all clear by the time you wake up tomorrow morning 30s could lead to proingt in the north and i western suburbs. -- frost in the northern and western suburbs. it's only one day. i'll look at that coming up. >> this morning one of the fastest most historic ships to ever sale the seas is about to be lost. you've probably driven by
8:18 am
hundreds of time ss united states build in 1982 cost 70 million dollars. the fastest liner ever to cross our atlantic. she's sitting in south philly and uingt rust ago way facing a dismal future. this piece of american history could soon be headed to the scrap yard, because officials are struggling to raise money. it costs 60,000 a month to keep it docked there until something can be done with. it there's a lot of people upset. here's tweets. sad news about the united states, if true and another david reitz says the desire to keep it is there but long term funding seldom materializes. >> let's talk about it now susan gibbs executive direct for of s.s. united states and william francis gibbs daughter
8:19 am
the designer of the ship. >> good morning. >> we had so many plans for the ship there's been all sorts of talk now it's sitting there why does it cost $60,000 a month to keep it there. it's a combination of expenses, pier rental insurance and maintenance. exciting thing we're very close to achieving redevelopment progress at long last. we are -- we never have been closer to saving the ship but unfortunately we've never been closing to losing her. >> well, that's the news i heard this week she you could be headed to the scrap yard. which is it. sell her for scrap or make her into a beautiful museum or something. >> we are working our heart out to convert this ship into a mixed use museum and development complex. there's 500,000 square feet of prime water front real estate as we saich the ship could not only be an extraordinary preservation of history but it
8:20 am
has tremendous economic potential as well. this month will be crucial to whether we can achieve our dream of keeping this ship afloat. >> what happens? ki see we can have events and weddings and all sorts of things there. what do we need to happen in the next two weeks to keep the ship here and not have to go to scrap or another city new york wants to have her. what do we need to happen now. >> we need a financial lifelin lifeline. conserve answery board of directors took the excruciating decision of retaining a broker to explore sales for potential disposal and needless to say, we have been working our heart out to avoid such a might. but, yes, this comes down to a lifeline. it comes down to money. now is the time for donors and investors, political leaders to rally around this extraordinary endangered american icon. >> so, we all want money and miracle is that likely? >> we think it s we think the
8:21 am
factors are colessing so that we really can do this. and, we remain hopeful. and we just can't imagine that this nation would let its flag ship go down. it's an extraordinary expression of american post-war fwlory, can-do spirit, technological innovations. there's no other liner left. we're literally trying to save the "united states." >> thank you for your time this morning we'll follow what happens with this ship. hopefully you get your money there. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you so much. >> what would you like to see happen when this ship? what is your thoughts? it is it a lot of money. weigh in at "fox29 weekend". >> and when your kids started school this year you made sure they had necessary supplies, pens, pencils, pain ertion, kids at one local school are
8:22 am
putting all that aside for one particular class. >> that's because they get to play with chickens. you know i have chickens i love chickens the special lesson these children are learning from that live poultry. >> plus are you tired of losing keys or misplacing things you use every day. there's a new app and device that can help you find just about anything. and we've got the details. >> plus, did you get lucky last night i mean at least get the winning lottery numbers. there we hope you have them. there we hope you have them. good we work weekends here.
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>> welcome back and good morning as we look at reading. candle wood suites our vantage point great day for the harvest craft fair tlovr at the germans church road. the leesport farmers market what a wonderful event this afternoon. also your pictures thank you so much for visiting us with when out in the field. we love it. these are my friends i met yesterday. these girls turning 11el ly and jacqueline. adore wabl their mom theresa. they drove out in the middle of the storm to say hi. thank you gardner family. also another fan of the day lower moreland. thank you so much for going over and come fog so many wonderful kills.
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>> welcome back straight up 8:30 now in your news. what do you by the this. we're trying shut down a business a person in pleasan pleasantville has. he thinks he is specifically being tarring he the by a new plan to limit hours business can stay on. city officials say it's for safety of the store workers who work on their central business district. but mohamad shadar says his store kings market would be the only store affected because it's on 24 hours. most other businesses close at 9. proposed ordinance would require businesses to close at 11. they can reon at 6. shadar says those are the hours his food mart does the most business he fears this will put a dment his business. >> ki not manage to pay my mortgage but the tax one of my son is going for college and going to medical school and dream will be scattered. >> oh, he's collected more than 500 sfriingts customers
8:31 am
that support that store staying on late and one woman we spoke with though dace greed saying there's too much loitering outside that store. >> 8:31 bad news for new jersey homeowner whose house swept away. we first showed you in the fox 9 weekend news the u.s. coastguard says it's homeowner responsible for cost of getting that house of the water and salvaging it. no one was home when it swept off saturday morning. coastguard is warning boaters to be on the lookout for debris under that waterline. a contractor from environmental protection will eventually remove it. >> now, harry on instagram just asked when is infocus coming on. here it s in focus takes us to delaware county. that's where a group of third graders are learning a special lesson as our emmy award winning photo journalist bill roar shows us chickens are adding a unique touch to their
8:32 am
classroom. we'll get that coming up that report coming up in just a moment. we will get that together and get that ready for you after we check in and find out exactly what's going on with the weather. we look out to the poconos mountains looks like a gorgeous day dave. >> looks gore us but cold. especially overnight tonight. he we talk about frost in a few of the valleys up north by tomorrow morning. watch for cooler air it's coming in today. breezy despite the sunshine and chill in the air and few thin clouds around philadelphia. no storms that rain has pushed to the soung. a lot of events happening toda today. weather looking good. just a little breezy. here's one question coming in from new jersey. >> good morning fox 29 i'm going to story book world what's the weather? >> that was gio story book land i used to go there all the time and check out alice and wondrerland maze map loved it. >> still there?
8:33 am
>> yes, i did it last week love it. great day for it though. egg harbor township it's right along the expressway right on black horse pike there and garden state parkway. 58, 63, 61, bit of breeze here throughout the morning and afternoon but by tonight that wind dies down and skies clear it gets cool. cooler breeze being felt pretty much everywhere. 46 allentown and philadelphia just above 52. lot of suburbs into 40s this could be colder tomorrow morning. 50s south trying to climb near 60 now. still cool. that wind pushed all the storms out and brought in the cooler air. it's close to 60 in long neck. homecoming today, 62 to start up to 65 look at the eagles game and low temperatures in 7 day forecast coming up in a little bit. >> now you know how you're from philly we have certain things we say, jon and other states psych is one of them. psych now we're back we have it
8:34 am
for you everything is ready to go and it's a great story. karen has chickens and these children are using chickens for their education. >> baak. >> we've been thinking about our community. >> it cannot be easy keep ago tension of this third grade class for very long. >> they need a healthy cage and everyment. >> yeah. >> what teacher jennifer nate. >> we have egg collector here. >> jennifer nate has help from a few friends. >> i had six chicks in my classroom we raised until 7 weeks old and they can go outside. >> hold on a second. >> she got the idea when head of school wanted each grade level to have a signature les lesson. jennifer is teaching kids about history of farming and how people in the world get their food. >> the hens have a draw even if you're not in my class because they're fun and interesting to be around. >> each student has a job they need to finish each day. you can imagine one nobody wants to do. >> i think my least favorite
8:35 am
job would be helping hands which is pop. >> they love being grossed out about when you have to clean the coop you know that's so gross uh-huh. >> most kids however love collecting eggs. >> there's this moment they get to take an egg out of the roost and they realize that they're you know i didn't take it from the carton ft. supermarket they're actually is annie mccormick mall that produces food item. >> the eggs are cleaned and dated for sale. >> and -- and get a check. >> and then it's used to buy a chick. >> an org days helping families all over the world with donated livestock. >> annie mccormick mall has a better engine one that can move people's lives you turn it on it gives you milk or wool or eggs. >> if you have had your jobs rotated -- >> back in the classroom the impact the hens have may be overwhelming.
8:36 am
right now though -- >> my. >> keeping random ball from hitting coop. >> you need to be careful. >> that's the top of the list. in haverford. bill ror, fox 29 news. >> they make great pets and they're delicious and they eat the bugs in your yard and i have fresh only let's every da day. >> and days ago feared consisted of home is now a proud home owner. >> i love happy endings. coming up what one investor did to help a person really in a moment of overwhelming need. >> our kids love to play. so many love to play sports and sometimes parents you take it a little too far. what one team is doing to remind moms and dads relax, it's just for fun. >> simmer down.
8:37 am
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♪ stevie wonder was in town actually this past week. great shows. 8:40. thanks for watching "fox29 weekend". as we look at trenton, new jersey, you see the globe flowing on the state capitol that looks from win dom garden hotel. looks beautiful from trenton. >> why waste money for rusting
8:40 am
piece of steex. raise money for a good cause to help homeless veterans. talking about the ss united states. >> love having my weekends off so i can nun the best weekend news crew. >> we're here for you. >> there's a picture making rounds on social media that has parents fired up how seriously we take kids sports. >> i saw this on my facebook feed and put it on my own this was posted by fire football club soccer club that happens to be in colorado. reminders for your child the sign says i'm a kid, it's just a game, my coach say volunteer, the officials are human and no college scholarships will be handed out today. kids just wanted to have fun. so that is such an important reminder and it strikes home which isy post today and a lot of you post today back at me. jen says this is great you were right post at every function.
8:41 am
>> glen wrote more coaches need to practice this. >> and mike jumped in and said this sign is short and to the point but is it right, karen? >> i think that we love our kids so much and we're coaching from the field and we see those store jainz we report on them and there's a dad usually that goes too far and they come to blows we see things that happe happen. we want our kids to do well. >> my father was always out center field and stayed out of the action. can can get intense. >> i don't have any children my father was actively involved. you can be actively involved and not crazy. >> it's one of philly's most popular hot spots they're trying to make it nor more fun. plan happen around this and headache it can cause you. >> what are you talking about. >> reading terminal market. big things coming up. >> and local business owners say he's fighting for the right to keep his doors on all night. we will explain what that is we will explain what that is all about
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> sing it. >> taking it back. little luther van dros. thank four the control room doing good things. 8:45 fox 9 weekend a detroit
8:45 am
man days ago feared he would be evicted from his home and he's now a proud homeowner buying a house for $1. >> so nice to have a happy ending of someone doing something because they can the city has annual tax forclosure there where investors can find homes for closed on. it's an auction. robert coleman moved in 10 years ago and landlord left and left him with the house he decided to keep living there anyway and hopes for the best, prayed. it was housing investor swooped in bought the house and here's the nice part is selling it back to him for $1. >> i keep the homeowner in there and the house occupied then it saves lives on the block and stabilizes area and adds more voll uto rental property i have in the area. >> how great is that investor says he made no money off the sale he wants to see detroit make a come back he was happy to sell the house to someone he knows that is working to make the community better. >> that's a great story.
8:46 am
another great story our fox 29 junior reporters that have a bit of different assignment starting off this week and we're asking them to go out and find outstanding high school athletes they're all over our place in viewing audience we'll feature them every week on "fox" 9 weekend. >> love it. if you have one in your house let us know. we're excited about this one. today's athlete of the week from gloucester county. >> i'm with the high school athlete of the week. nick grasso washington township high school. this 5' 11", 205 pound receiver is full back, quarter bark, punt returner and long snapper. >> he has leadership you want in all your players. that's a reason we try to find a way to get him around the ball as much as possible offense or defense. >> frasso works with his team against 25 mile an hour winds and heavy rains and won a home conference game last week in over time.
8:47 am
8-2. -- 28-22. >> coach says in the game against timber creek he was intimidation factor because of his performance week prior. >> he was taking care of business back there making good hits and receivers are dropping balls. >> if you want to be a a tan you have to lead by example and do what the coaches say. >> the kids listen to him and coaches do as well. nick will communicate with me a lot especially offensive things and we're able to communicate with him in the game i trust his intuition and most of the time he's right. >> try to be a leader and friend and help with whatever i can no matter what it is. >> it's energy and confidence he brings. there's no doubt going into over time be would win that game. >> grasso hopes this time next year he'll be playing college football. >> on behalf of fox 9 i would like to congratulate you on being high school student athlete of the week. >> thank you i would like to
8:48 am
thank my teammates for everything they do. >> for "fox29 weekend" i'm nina contendo. >> quarterback, running back, coaching, you saw nick. but do you have none you want to nominate adds our high school athletes of the week. if so, send us email fox 29.weekend@fox or tweet use the #fox29weekend 29 weekend so we can find it. >> let's look at the weather now. there's lima beaten festival i believe happening cape may and also the seafood festival in avalon as we look at clouds in the sky it's actually pretty sunny outside, dave. >> tell me about a beer festival now. >> you know what we got rocktober fest in roxboro. >> ardmore oktoberfest. that's more 'tis apptizing. 40s across the north and western suburbs and cooler breeze picked up and brought in cooler air here to stay today
8:49 am
and especially tomorrow morning. warmer to the south. mid to low 50s. rains push south. just a few clouds in southern delaware around cape may county an that rain stays is south. you see clouds pushing in from the north along the coast. maybe just in cape may country and delaware where you can see a few clouds today. bright sunshine everywhere this afternoon and this evening. but high pressure moves right over the philadelphia area look what that does to the wind. it's moving in now. breezy, 20, 25 mile an hour wind gusts and dies down quickly by 1bg. just a light breeze and practically nothing overnight tonight. when you have very little wind, clear sky and cool air in place, you get numbers like these tomorrow morning. mum is the word here bring your plants in it may not be down to freezing but frost developing in a few areas where the temperatures dropping into the mid 0s by tomorrow morning. these will below temperatures when you step outside. wind won't be here but could be even cooler. it will climb up into the mid to low 40s here in philadelphia
8:50 am
and maybe a little warmer along 95 and dropping into the mid to low 40s south. and a little quickly will warm up with bright sunshine. we're off to chilly start for the game here. look climbing into the upper 60s. good 0 degree temperature jump. dress in layers. you'll shed in the afternoon we'll be close to 70. warm air returns quicklism breezy day, 55, 5:00 and 59 by noon and into the 60s today. 7 day forecast cool air doesn't stick around long. it should warm up here. that should be eagles for tomorrow or temple excuse me temple plays today. change that graphic. we're getting better subbed. much better on monday temperature up to 72 and we're nice and comfortable here this week into the mid 7 0s but looks to be getting cooler hereby end of week and maybe a few showers towards end of week and next weekend. >> coming up newborn baby girl
8:51 am
has quite a story to tell when she gets older new jersey states trooper saved her life. >> and plus new vehicle de call is rallying one texas town behind the police officers and not everyone wants ton see this slogan and response they're getting from very proud police getting from very proud police chief w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwññç
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> this is your fox food bite.
8:54 am
>> today we'll be making a butter with pumpkin bowl the vessel for your soup. making the bowl. choose the pumpkin we wanted to use and cut the top off. we want to hold the pumpkin firmly and slowly cut through and get the top off and see it takes a little force to get that done. there's the top. we'll that i mellon baller ice cream scoop and coop out the seeds he there we go everything out there. we want to season it. what i like to do is brush with melted butter and put a little black better on here. little cinnamon great for fall. little salt to taste. we'll put nut meg and favorite i put little brown sugar on here to melt on and when that cooks it neelts the squash and gives it sweet marreese speights. mix it up.
8:55 am
place pumpkin on cookie sheet. bake it 350, 30 to 35 minutes. if you use convexion oven play with time. it may tie five tore ten minutes less. make until nice and tender with fork. now we add walnut oil to pan. i use walnut because it gives nutty flavor for the squash. we add onion. get that going. now when onion cooking go to squash. once skin off we want to dice into medium dice take squash add to onions cooking and use honey crisp apples they have sweetness and what you want to do peel the apple and don't have to be perfect on you want to get most of peel off take seeds out rough chop and add this apple right to the pan and give it a stir. then fresh thyme. i like to use whole leaf. i'll pull down on stem and
8:56 am
leaves fall right off. we'll sprinkle that in. do that with four sprigs. now add vegetable broth since it's vehicleable dish but chicken stock is okay too. three to four cups. you can add a cup depending how this pure as i leave flexibility for amount of stock you can use. now we want to bring to simmer medium to medium high heat. you don't want it to boil too hard because it reduces liquid too quickly. nice light sirm until the squash tender takes 20 to 30 minutes and that depends how big you cut the squash. now that squash onion apple mixture is soft we'll start blending. this is looking really nice. really, really nice. so we take our cream and pour this right in and cream adds rich texture. season with pinch of nut meg,
8:57 am
cinnamon, black pep erin pinch of salt. give it a wiv and blend in spices. that's 30 minutes and pumpkin is ready and nice and tender. we'll take laidle. put a doll on in here and add toasted pumpkin seeds and toasted gram crackers and finish it off with cinnamon stick stirrer so they can stir the soup. this gives it taste that is delicious. i'm chris from market fresh and this has been your fox food this has been your fox food bite
8:58 am
i brought in some protein to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
8:59 am
>> and it's already 9:00. good morning. welcome back to fox 9 weekend. glad you decided to start the day with us. >> it's a glorious saturday. maybe you have kids games or
9:00 am
activities. we know a lot of people traveled down to washington d.c.. can you believe it has been 0 years since the very first million man march. well, we're down there once again because so many thousands are. and plus, take one for the tea team. it's desperate plea coming from gop they want paul ryan to run for speaker of the house. >> and let's look live right now dave warn is that with the wilmington delaware there's so many events there. there's a food drive. ems workers dpajerring food. it's time of year we begin food drives to help folks. gorgeous day, dave warn a little cooler. >> temperatures slightly below average. cooler than yesterday. sunshine this morning. michael september us picture from ventnor city beautiful glitter path along the ocean as sun comes up.
9:01 am
it's cool out there and breeze. cools things off a bit. showers and storms they push to the south and that is where they will stay today. we're clear here across new jersey and philadelphia is all clear and event today a little cool and breezy and certainly rain and storm free. wind picking up and 25 mimes an hour stronger this morning and start to diminish and die down later tonight. 50s now in allentown. warnld up just a bit. was into the 40s this morning. and probably still a few 40s out there doylestown, kutztown u. mount pocono, lele 4. climbing into the mid 50s now haided to 60s. before we get that far we have a chilly, cold morning. look at numbers coming up. later in the complete forecast. >> it's 9:01 we have breaking news now we have updated totals tragically developing stories over seas. terrorist attack killed almost 90 people and injured almost 2
9:02 am
200 following two bomb mraingts that went off in the turkish capitol. >> 86 people were killed and more than one r 186 wounded sxloss occurred between kurdish rebels and security forces and it condemned the attack which said target democracy and peace. >> and we got a one moon crime spree out there. philadelphia police is looking for a guy that arrived 5 people at gun point in 40 minutes in old city and society hill. >> they have surveillance video we're showing you right now. this is one of the incidents that happened last saturday night. here's a mana approached a couple on 300 block of south fifth street 25 minutes earlier he targeted four men on that same block and also struck near the veterans war memorial on front street. and neighbors are surprised. >> keep my owes on and with all
9:03 am
the new gun violence everybody seems to be packing and makes things scarier. >> police say 6 feet tall and thin build clean shave wearing gray hooded sweatshirt and possibly leaving infinity suv with new jersey plates. >> political coverage. big news coming out of our neck of the was. we could find out this weekend whether or not joe biden will toss his hat in the ring. >> now we'll find out will he or won't he fox 29 danny joyce is live in the newsroom with more on what could make or break that decision, jen. >> good morning, bill, karen, there say lot of spec ration online. several report discuss the fact joe biden held a meeting with the democratic national committee this week and another sign he may be closer to a
9:04 am
presidential bid. his supporters like the ones that made the web site in 015 would be happy with such news. several vp confidants were get philadelphia a article saying biden will likely make a final decision this weekend after sitting down and dits cussing it with his familiar limit the article explains that biden is unpredictable. one friend said his emotional state increases his unpredictbility of course referring to loss of his son his sop bo to brain cancer. if he makes a decision this weekend and announce it's monday that news would come just one day before the first democratic debate which reports indicate biden has decided to forego regardless. big news awaits us. either way democratic candidate hillary rodham clinton is bracing herself for that decision. she'll being forced to step up her game and react aggressively
9:05 am
to make sure donors will stay committed to her race. karen, bill. >> we'll see if draft joe campaign will work or not. >> take one for the team. desperate gop begging that guy paul ryan to run for speaker of house. he's repeatedly said no he does not want that job. congressman from wisconsin is powerful chair the house ways and means committee and under enormous pressure now and taking this weekend and maybe reconsidering former speaker john boehner resigned after pope visit and then the next heir i heir apparent took hi himself out of the race because he realizes he would not have he realizes he would not have support of con serve activitie >> i'm bruce gordon. philadelphia's city council and public school district did something amazing this week at least in the mind of their own load leaders. they announced during a formal document signing and news conference that hence force they will drum roll please
9:06 am
cooperate with one another. you heard right two entities one authority for taxes and other mandate to our kids felt if necessary to put in writing the district will provide council with information it needs to make its funding decisions. inner governmental cooperation agreement calls for regular meeting between the two parties and reports from the district to council on what it's doing for funding it already has how much more it needs and why. super school superintendent. >> these are reports we should be producing any way particularly for financing bodies like city council. >> should be but has not. for perpetually cash-strapped district and tax dollars to give them. still i asked sdarl clark we need a signed document to production a working relationship between two entitys in theory are on the same page our kids need better funded schools. >> i need basic notion of cooperation and transparency
9:07 am
that doesn't mean to be codfie codfied. >> i think it does. >> the people we put in charge to tax us then use that money towed indicate our kids can't be trust todd work together in our best interest and unless the rules are in writing and when they do insoot document, they applaud as though celebrating a major celebrating a major accomplishment only in philly. >> we've opinion putting heads up for you now. penndot is tag a holiday state driver's license and photo centers will be shut down today through monday because it's calm bus day holiday weekend. before you freak out. penndot has you covered. you can get a lot of things done online. driver's license and photo centers are closed but you can get your renewal of driver's license and registration and also customers can still pay fees. they're always willing to take your money and schedule your driver exams. a bit of history as america
9:08 am
celebration braits 20 years since million man march. >> i believe it i was there it in our area people boarded buses after 6:00 this morning to head to washington d.c. to take part in ceremonies commorateing the anniversary of civil rights rally. >> years ago philadelphia had the largest presence in d.c.. we want to make kind of a legacy down there. >> the march of course took place october 16, 1995 called by minister lewis farcon held in and around the national mall. >> coming up a newborn baby girl will have quite a story to tell when she gets older. a new jersey state trooper saved her life. >> and plus, new vehicle de call is rallying one texas town behind its police officers. but not everyone wants to see this slogan and the response they're getting from a very they're getting from a very proud police chief. >> let's look back at all the
9:09 am
9:10 am
i'm there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state
9:11 am
has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. >> they'll shut down silver street outside the market and have outdoor street fair. food, vendors, gifts, performers, artists sit and enjoy the day.
9:12 am
event go from 11 to 5 and if all goes well this will become permanent event during warm weather months. >> great idea i love that one. >> sounds g doylestown hundreds ever winter coats purchased for inmates will instead go to homeless because they arrived in the wrong color. so officials say they ordered tan coats for bucks county jail inmates but they arrived in a blue color. problem is blue is similar to color prison guards wear. >> ohh. >> that's a problem. >> women inmates at the problem help they sued flaps over inmate and 400 cots on their way to homeless shelters and out reach programs and according to bucks county spokesman the county won't have to pay for items because of shipping error. >> okay. >> 8-month-old baby girl will have quite a story to tell when she gets a little older. >> i love baby stories this is great one. >> new jersey state trooper saved her life. chris o'connell caught weapon real life hero. >> trooper benjamin hawk inhas
9:13 am
not been on the job a year yet before credited with saveing a life. >> i received a call there was infant in the breathing and got in my car and got there as fast as i could. >> it was before 7 last saturday morning when he was called to drooe township home inside 8-month-old lila wolfrum found unresponsive and not breathing. >> i immediately got on the ground and spoke to the doctor and i got out ed and put patches on baby and they advised me that it needed to shock the baby. >> hawkins used automatic external de fibry later he keeps in patrol car with traditional cpr. when ambulance arrived little lila got a second shock enough to bring her back to life. >> we do a lot of training including cpr training and i'm happy i paid attention and learned how to use that ad.
9:14 am
>> he has 7 months on the job it's reassuring for us to know our training is not only words but put into action sfwlz you heard it write. hawk ingraduated from the police academy in february. the same month little lila was born. for hawk tin was fall a days work but it was day he'll never forget. >> emotional roller coaster is good way to put it. i was very uncertain. and i never had to give cpr before never mind to a little baby. i was not sad. but just keeping hope and when i found out i could not be happier. >> that was chris o'connell reported. that is a miracle. lila is recovering at chop and expected to make a full recovery. >> aamazing. >> i'm jeff cole time for fox unfiltered and we respond to
9:15 am
comments and complaints right here on the air. >> hey i'm standing here with mike how are you 124. >> good thank you. >> listen i'll let you know you have been on "fox" unfiltered more than any other employee in the building. >> is there a prize. >> yeah you get to be on again. >> debbie has contacted us. >> okay. >> and debbie says this hey, mike, do you tweet as part of your contractor is it because you have no friends? >> yes. and yes. >> actually this is what happened. i may start to annoy people i really have gotten to facebook and twit erin instagram maybe posting 15 times a day they say that turns people off. i'll try to pack about off a little bit. i realize in this day and age you have to be on social media because people want to communicate two way street her here. so i'm trying to talk to the viewers more than ever before. so that's what she's noticed. >> yes. but you made an admission to us i do investigative work here
9:16 am
that in fact you have no life. >> yes. now i have to go because my ride is here. >> i'm standing now with good day philadelphia quincy harris how are you? >> doing good you know what jeff i can't believe someone would pick on mike your ed. >> he's a big boy he can take the heat don't worry we have a complaint about you. >> you in. >> yes. >> it's wake-up wednesday feature you go around townic whating kids up for school. >> who are rewaking up. >> alyssa. >> 6 years old. >> wake up [ screaming ]. >> i told you they were coming. >> wake up. >> everybody is here. >> charles wrote pull the wake-up stunt on 6-year-old girl reprehensible tantamount to child abuse the idiot that thought up that dispickal
9:17 am
segment should be fired. >> why would you try to hurt my feelings first off um a sensitive guy. number one the parents call us. they say hey, they call us and tweet us and email and say hey can you wake up the kid. the parents think it's funny. they want their kids to be woken up it's not us. here's the thing the kids have been -- they may have been a little young. little young. we're tweaking segment. we don't think it's a dumb seeing m the person that may made it up is not idiot on decision pickable you're trying to hurt feelings charles and you know what i have my feeling blocker on and putting it right back on you but i love you keep watching. >> and that's it for this edition of fox unfiltered. we want to hear from you. text us and email us and we'll use your comments in the weeks to come. to come. i'm jeff. >> i have on my feeling blocke blocker. >> remember when we were kids view master popular toy for the
9:18 am
wood stock generation and people after that thank you. but now it's back with high tech twist you know that young kids might like today it. toy maker is reintroducing view master as virtual reality device that works with your smart phone. so you remember this. explain this to me how does it work. >> you put a disk in top and look at pictures through a binocular like device and now it's way more high tech the basic kit starts $30 smart phone is not included so they're kind of bringing it up to speed. >> old version you would buy awe viewerer and a reel and slide it into the viewer and pull up to eyes and pull down the iconic lever an step through stereo scopic photographery. >> i think this is great idea. i thought it would cost hundreds only $30 bucks how about that? disks are called experience packs. they're $15 each. here's the thing. if you have not been overseas i'm not sending my kids and wasting money on them send them
9:19 am
to london or space outer space ellis island. iconic things. animals, i think it's neat. >> just like being there. >> just like being there don't waste money or your kids. >> i'll make noise. >> moving on. >> okay. >> taking a look at your weather. things actually look good. little chilly. looking out in reading and that beautiful shot is from our cam on top of the candle wood swee sweep. looks sunny and enjoyable and day to get out and enjoy yourself, dave. >> wait until 10:00 before you step outside and it's cool out there and we'll get you up to speed on what to expect weathe weather-wise. there's airport. things are back to normal ground stop yesterday the storms move through and up one degree from low temperature 52. now at 53. north wind 15 miles an hour and gusty this morning. lot of activity happening toda today. here's a weather question from one of them. >> hey dave house the weather looking in the city for our
9:20 am
race today. >> quick question quick chance great, perfect race weather. temperatures just about perfect. cool with light breeze and 57 to 64 up to 64 by 5:00. all clear. no storms out there. just a little cooler that wind picks up last night brought the cool air in and my cousin sent me this. it's near pot town. hover i have to say it's harmonyville. beautiful shot this morning. little cool though in these suburbs especially tomorrow morning when we could see frost developing in north and western suburbs. 45 mounts pocono. 51 allentown and pottstown and 53 in philadelphia mid to low 50s to south. these wind gusts 0, 5 mimes an hour. look how quickly they diminish though. practically no wind overnight tonight. that's why we would see frost developing. clear skies. calm winds and cool air in place. very cold start by tomorrow morning. radar shows ultimate doppler has rain to the south and that is where it will stay. however there's some rain in the 7 day forecast along with
9:21 am
warmer temperatures coming back. look at that coming up a little later. >> thank you, dave. there's a new gun shop that opens and its location has people raising eye because why parents are saying they need to move it some place else and why the manager is digging and saying no it's not going anywhere. how about the birds? >> fly eagle fly we have a big game coming up tomorrow and we'll have all the information to tell you about. it in just a couple minutes. shawn price will be here and we're looking at lottery numbers hopefully you're lucky numbers hopefully you're lucky winner and w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwññç
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> i'm enjoying the music this morning as we look in trenton, new jersey, looks beautiful there. the windham guarden hotel that's the shot we get xebts from you all the tweets and posts on facebook. this comes in from bob talking about the story of that police officer who revived a baby. baby's lives matter and the wonderful policeman that saved her. we salute that police officer. this comes from scott. watching "fox29 weekend" before work. told a co-worker that he would get them on the show.
9:25 am
i don't know if scott is married or trying to use our show to got a date but either way we got you on the show. and our man, monnyg waited all summer long to take the picture with lovely lauren johnson our own and finishs with tag line baby painy. we appreciate all of the comments. you can send them into us. we love to put them up and put them on tv and love it when you use the #fox29weekend 29 weekend and makes it so much easier for us to find it. let's see what's going on with mamalog. >> hey everybody i'm jen frederick this is mom-o-louge when you leave your husband with the kids and they mess up. >> do you do what your wife says. >> no, i give them pizza and soda and we have a great time. >> when we set up schedule
9:26 am
birthday party girl scout practice why can't men stick to the schedule. >> why? >> yeah. >> because they love me for it. >> i do. >> i always have. always will. >> now he's lying. >> i always -- >> why can't you listen to the wife come on. >> because the kids know i don't know what i'm doing and then they take advantage of me. >> what i'm trying to say pay a baby sister. >> i would love to. >> lesson we learned here ladies is don't expect kids to be fed, don't expect them to get to the birthday party or to get to any type of musical or sports practices you'll have to let go. because the husband they will not listen to us. i'm jen fredericks this is mo mom-o-louge it's a way to vebt. go to my facebook page and tell me how your boyfriend, husband, baby daddy distant follow the baby daddy distant follow the rules.
9:27 am
enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status?
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do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. art the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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9:30 am
>> 'nova firearms opened in september. and not far from franklin sherman elementary. now parents want the store closed and young students find the situation scary and shop owners say safety is the main priority. >> i think it's terrible you have a gun store in such proximity to a school. >> i would rather it not be there. >> having people with fire armed trained would be a deterrent for anyone to do things in this area including elementary school and people in such close proximity to respon
9:31 am
respond. >> gun control is back in spot. >> including arizona and texas and last week in oregon. >> and false alarm for authorities on florida highway. while responding to rollover crash highway patrol found what they thought was green aid in the vehicle. highway was immediately shut down taken turns out it was a toy green aid. i have no idea why there's toy grenades authorities reopened road after confirming it pose the no danger. >> all right. time for sports right now. eagles take on saints tomorrow and fans obviously hoping will they please get their act together and get something to route for. quarterback sam bradford many fans not happy with perform abc so nar season and not keeping quiet about. it here's comment we got on twitter. i figured out why sam bradford pretends to be hurt because he stivrpz. sam bradford needs play flag football kids than one cutting
9:32 am
tebow was a great idea, yeah, lol totally agree. shawn thank you. philly influencer here joining us now to break this all down for you. i'm going to start with this. when football is great it's our entertainment and we rally around it. it looks like they're having fun. when our team plays the great team donovan there and laughing and having fun and i see scared sam bradford out there. >> you're right it's sad now karen and if this team doesn't mx a win in tomorrow i'm not saying that will thread playoff birth because after all still 11 games go at that point in time but if they don't mix a win in tomorrow we're talking about nfl draft the season is basically over and i'm sorry to sit there and say that. normally people are excited about this segment high energy go eagles that's reality now this is really the sad point. everybody is mixing in weird rumors where sam bradford is struggling because not enough muscles in fwluts true store ci
9:33 am
and chip kelly talked about every single college job that's on now. maryland, oregon, usc. his name affiliated with those university. it's just a bad sceeb right now for eagles they have to mix a win in against the saits. >> people were complaining take a college coach and put in nfl what do you think where we are now can we get our mind right on this one as we go to the game tomorrow. >> they were able to put it together and i know it sound cliche. who knows. two years ago chip kelly started off 1-3 that's why we are now what did they do ran off 7 straight that point in time and won the division and anything is possible. they're not looking good and looks like they're having fun as you pointed out and it's a struggle. i'm not an board. of the fire chip kelly ship. they have to win a game tomorrow. that's all you can say good it. >> the saints tomorrow are both
9:34 am
1-as we head to this one what do you think. >> tough game i'm looking like everybody twoobts sit and say the saints are struggling because of the record. bottom line they lost close games and better than what the record satisfies they are. they're third overall as far as passing concerned and eagles dealing with injuries on defensive side of ball. it will be a touch match-up. last time saints were in town 2013 playoff game took place and saints won that game. hopefully -- >> here's the thing they have to win otherwise the only good silver lining is we get sundays back and wion't have to watch anymore. >> i'm with you there. >> thank you buddy you have to win. pocono mountains look great and dave says it's going to be just
9:35 am
about ten minutes as time get outside aft show. >> right after the show temperatures start to warm up. cool out there. not much color in that shot there. it was approaching peak time we see the colors change. radar clear. storms push south. for weather questions does leaf changing forecast exist. that was sent in from andrew. does any leaf changing color forecast exist. well, yeah, typically around mid to late october when we see that peak could be a week or so early or late depending on factors. a lot of that is sunlight lack of sunlight triggers that change. we had bright sunny days delaying that a little bit a approaching peak times you have a lot of time to take nice pictures. radar clear. temperatures cooled off a bit. nice stretch of cool weather to influence some of that color change as well and we're seeing cooler weather today and tomorrow. not extended period. here. 40s and 50s north and south and mid to low 50s.
9:36 am
we're headed to 60s today. but then we have 70s returning that's after we are dealing with a very, very cold morning. a look at chilling temperatures in the forecast when you wake up tomorrow morning. a lot color than they are now coming up with the complete 7 day forecast in a bit. >> thanks, steevr. >> there's a new vehicle de call rallying a town in texas and the police department totally behind this one. >> response they're getting from a proud police chief. we got that and plus teenage boy tries to honor his brother who served in marines and school says not so fast. what happened when he wore a certain sthoyrt school. more controversy and we got it more controversy and we got it all on "fox" 9 weekend.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
♪ i love this song we look at sunshineing in allentown go over to the klip bridge and go fishing they have a fishing event over there. pretty need. >> we have a story generateing a lot of couldn't vertsy and the brother of ai marine in oregon is in hot water this week after eighth grader refused to take off a tee shirt commorateing a fallen soldier
9:40 am
memorial at middle school. >> what's on the shirt, dave. >> the shirt shows a boot, helmet and gun representing a fallen soldier memorial and reads standing for those who stood for us. and when the vice prince pal sought shirt allen said he was asked to change. but allen refused and he was told that this would be considered a suspension. >> i was nervous and heartbroken i should be able to surprise post the troops that died tore us. >> school will not khent on specific student issues because of confidentiality obviously the kid is on tv they believe weapons on shirts are not appropriate in a school. what do you think about this one? >> that becomes the couldn't vrtsy. this is showing support for troops. but if you have anti-gun policy in any form then they're not
9:41 am
breaking that because this is showing positive use of a gun i gs they're saying? >> you can vote go to the "fox29 weekend" section "fox29 "fox29".com or easier way you can use this #here it is really simple fox 29 yes you should wear the shirt or fox 29 no. bill will give you results in a few minute and we'll be right few minute and we'll be right back
9:42 am
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>> we beg to on up the cameras so you can see karen's lipsync♪ that's a powerful shot here almost as karen. 9:45. >> i poingted own facebook page and we talked about it for this reason that says kids are little kids and they want top have fun and referees and coaches are only human look at
9:45 am
this father arrested for punching referee during a little league football game in florida. and now son's team is suspende suspended. he ruined it for all the kids for the rest of the season because of his actions. >> as you see the incident was caught on camera. it happened last saturday the man that threw punch was father on football teeth. parents are furious not because of punch but board of police athletic league decided to cancel entire team season for all the rest of the players. mom's and dads say it's not fair. >> we cannot be responsible for one man's actions. you know we are responsible for the kids and parents on the field but the actions he made we took protocol doing what we had to do with him. >> you think you would ban the parent not whole season. sister station in tampa tried to get in it touch with board but so far have not gotten a return phone call. >> and some police cars in
9:46 am
texas are getting a lot of attention not so much the cars but de call that's on the cars. >> so tell us what you think about this one there's sticker on the car in god we trust like on our money and there's some people there age yiingts and ago together inics and they have been complaining about the slogan saying it violates separation of church and state. many including texas governor greg abbott throw their support behind these mottos and de calls there and local police chief says de calls are about boolingtsing morale of officers not excluding citizens. >> no matter who you are or what you do we serve and we protect. that's what we do. we don't pass judgment. that's not our job. >> so when people ask for them to be taken down and re moved from the cars the chief politely declined and told them to go fly a kite.
9:47 am
>> it is saying in god they trust. if you don't they're not saying you do it's their car. >> let's look at weather. while we all enough a little bit from intense debate the international airport there in philadelphia. some people getting out of tow town. ki not imagine why dave it's so nice to stay here in this area. >> they will be yes it's windy enough for it and winds die down. winds brought in cooler air and that's dropped temperatures a bit and now climbing above 50 degree mark allentown and 45 mount pocono and 53 in philadelphia and millville and dover up to 54. cooler up to 80 yesterday and we will not be there today. we will not see rain today. that's pushed south. showers and storms move south. that front came through and was trigger for severe storms yesterday. high pressure moving in. there's a little bit of breeze this morning but with this high right over us tonight it really
9:48 am
diminishes winds. by 1:00 a light breeze. windy early. but that wind will die down tonight and very little wind overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. with clear skies and calm conditions and that cool air in place these could be temperatures by tomorrow morning and plants mum is the word 37 in allentown and 38 reading could be coiled enough to see patchy frost developing in these north and western suburbs and does not have to be 3 degree mark for frost to form that could form on a few surfaces here. cold start tomorrow morning and temperature drops. winds will not be here and it's cold wher you step out the doo door. mid to low 40s in philadelphia and glassboro 44 millville and turchynov warmer chilly tomorrow morning at the linc by the afternoon look how quickly we warm up going 50 to 64 to near 70. that's a short period of time 0 degree jump. might be cold in morning but by
9:49 am
afternoon and evening might be nice and comfortable. getting even warmer, closer to 70 degrees. now the 7 day forecast has that cool breeze today and chilly start tomorrow but it does not stick around for long that cool air because we're warming into upper 70s monday and on tuesday and just a few showers possible with the temperature 75. gets a little cooler wednesday and down to 68 mix of sun and clouds and 70 thursday and getting cooler again on friday. clouds will increase and lows drop to 0s and we have temperatures then climbing up to near 60 degrees. so warmup is here for tart of week and doesn't last long. cooler weather comes back friday. >> sounds good thanks dave. it seems like we could have this discussion pretty much every year. pennsylvania is dealing with a big battle and it could affect all of our wallets. this week governor tom wolf plan to end the state budget standoff was shot down in harrisburg. all the house republicans and nine of wolf's fellow democrats voted against the plan to raise billions in income and gas
9:50 am
drilling taxes. part of that plan would increase the state personal income tax rate by half percent. some schools and non profits depending on state to get through have had to resort to borrowing money because of ongoing steal mate. joining us now to talk about budget battle. >> you have the empass and it's partisan what is the outcome going forward campaign has already begun and they're coming out with guns blazing i think shooting down this budget shooting down this budget is political move and i think that governor wolf vetoing the republican budget which would provide funding for schools and for some non sprovts also political move because it gets
9:51 am
him on the record vetoing very things he says he stands for and so their political implications to this and other implications as well. >> quake facebook comment i want to get your response to it diana says no new taxes use money you already have. just use it efficiently. there were several different comments that came in like that maybe people running state should not get paid until budget passed and that actually has been introduced and another one i usually don't comment on these things it is not just governor all sides are responsible and should be taking hit financially not our schools but you look at that and talk about political implications governor wolf came in as reformer four months late now. is it kind of making him look like the bad guy in this? >> well that's the whole you know political side of it that it does make him look like bad guy both sides are responsible and there's policy implications and what happens with the budget determines what the
9:52 am
policy is. are we going to raise taxes and tax -- are we going to fund schools all that is decided by how you spend money finally people will be hurt by this and people being hurt right now and schools if we don't get money by end of october are going to run out of money. the governor has already cut costs and in terms of travel restrictions and in terms of other things and he can control but again we need a budget. people will be hurt. >> people have elections coming up. pleasure is all mine. >> let us know what you think. there's always fault in these situations and politicians have to pay on election day. who is at fault, governor, legislature, what do you think? legislature, what do you think? use #fox29weekend 2
9:53 am
. >> hi this is dan ricato ready for the holiday shopping season not this one, this one. this year consumers spend about $7 billion on halloween. that works out to about $74 per person just to get their goul on. what do they spend it ob. let me tell you. well, first consumers spend more than 2 plt 5 billion on kuingt items and there's some that cost more than $500 each ouch and to help dentist pay student loans they'll buy 2.1 billion worth of canny keeping them on sugar high until next june and listen to this 20 million people spend 350 million bucks dressing up pets. hope we're doing background checks on these people. good news is you don't have to spend a whole graveyard load of cash to have a good time this halloween. we'll give you tips on how you can save a few bucks.
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you make me feel♪ >> welcome back columbus day holiday weekend my kids have a soccer tournament and plague games and i hope your family out and about enjoying a hey ride. look at the comments now. >> first poling results overwhelmingly you all believe that the young man should be able to wear the shirt that shows his support for the military. overwhelmingly that's about as one sided as any polls have ever been. >> nicole what are you doing today? >> working. >> enjoying the love that
9:58 am
surrounds you. >> thank you for being with us we appreciate it. we appreciate it. see you tomorrow at
9:59 am
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