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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 10, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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♪ >> "fox 29" news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now on fox 29 at 6:00, waving flags, carrying signs and calling for change. hundreds of thousands of people make their way past security barricades and fill the national mall in washington. now people from around the nation are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the million man march. good evening everybody i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn timmeney. the crowds are calling for changes and policing and changes in black communities and fox 29's joanne pileggi live in our newsroom with a look at the march and the message. joanne? >> dawn, it was in fact 20 years ago if you can believe it or not when the idea of a million man march was first imagined then materialized in the nation's capitol dan several hundred thousand black men, women and other minorities gathered for another historic event featuring
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nation of islam leader lewis farah can and other leaders every black communities. it was gathering of minority groups that stretched from the capitol to the washington monument. several hundred thousand people coming together for the 20th anniversary of the million man march. nation of islam leader farah can spearheaded the original march noun at 82 years old his two hour speech at the event ranged from calling for unity but also called for policing reforms in the wake of shooting deaths of unarmed black men in florida and missouri. >> we got to stop the killing in the inner city and stop the killing of us from police wickness. turn your attention to yourself. >> that's right. >> come home and teach love for one another. teach love of the neighbor. teach us to forgive each other.
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>> the original march brought hundreds of thousands of black men to washington pledging to improve their lives and they're communities. this time however women and minorities were inviteed, and including a bus of philadelphia area residents who headed to the to the event. dawn, joyce. >> thank you. torments your fox 29 weather authority. a beautiful fall day after a stormy start to the weekend. this is a live look at blue mountain in the poconos. gorgeous up there. look at those leaves. fox 29 meteorologist dave warren here and how is the rest of the evening and the weekend for that matter looking? >> a little actually there, dawn. you step outside you felt the cool area this morning along with that breeze. we have lost the breeze. that means temperatures will quickly drop tonight and areas up north could see a little coating of frost in some areas tomorrow morning. just the coldest morning. not going to last while. but you need to be aware of that when you step outside tomorrow morning. tonight dropping into the mid 60s we climbed into the upper 60s but we're dropping now. the sun is going down and just about 30 minutes.
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the breeze is gone. as the storm moves out to sea. high pressure moves in and with that right overhead, when you get a situation like this, you have a clear sky, dry air, light breeze, temperatures will quickly drop tonight. by 11:00 o'clock, 40 to the north and western suburbs. 51 in philadelphia but it's tomorrow morning's temperatures there's a few 30s peppered here north and west that could mean some patchy frost. 40s to the south. but look at pottstown at 39. 38 degrees in allentown. 39 in kutztown. yes, there could be frost. there's a frost advisory for carbon and monroe county do you not need that temperature to drop to freezing to get a coast ice on surfaces so a little to no wind temperatures are above the freezing mark. want to protect your sensitive plants north and west try to prolong their growing season because tomorrow is the coldest morning. we have warmer weather returning it's in the seven day forecast and it does come with some rain. i'll show when you in just a little bit. >> see you then, dave. thank you. developing now, tragedy in turkey. a devastating scene in the
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capitol city of anchor tonight. the death toll is in the dozens of hundreds more are badly hurt. all of this after two bombs exploded in the middle of a peace rally. now many are wondering if isis is behind the world's latest mass attack. fox's benjamin hall has the story for us from london. >> reporter: the blast happened during a rally of pro curdish activist in anchor, turkey. according to witnesses, twin attacks happened within just seconds of each other. one of those explosions was captured on camera. the rally aimed to call for an end to the renewed violence between curdish rebels and turkish security forces. the piece pro says between the two groups that started in 2012 broke down because of the recent surge in violence. turkish prime minister condemned the attack. >> let me be clear. this had a attack was carried out against our country and against all people. this attack was carried out
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against democracy. >> reporter: security officials have been on alert after turkey agreed to take a more active role in the s led battle against isis. turkey opened up its basis to u.s. aircraft to launch air raid on stream mist groups in syria and carry out limited number of strikes on the group itself. the leader of turkey's pro curdish policy says those responsible will be brought to justice. >> as those who are in favor of peace, we will win this. you can remain calm. we are in great pain and in great anger, but we have the strength and the courage to bring them into account. >> the turkish government has now declared three days of official mourning. they've also declared immediate blackouts prohibiting broadcasters from showing scenes of the explosion and the aftermath. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. to a developing story closer to home now. philadelphia police are trying to find a 19-year-old who has
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autism. he's gone missing from his frankford neighborhood. connor bowyer was last seen at 6:00 this morning in his home on the have you hundred block of cottage street. officials say bowyer has autism and mental capacity of a six-year-old. he was last seen wearing white sneakers with velcro and he has medical alert necklace around his neck. now if you have any information, please call philadelphia police. a court appearance today for one of the men accused of murdering a teenaged girl more than three decades ago. that's george shaw there walking out of the bucks county district courthouse this morning. prosecutors say he's responsible for the death of 14-year-old barbara rowan this was back in 1984. police say bensalem girl was babysitting shaw's daughter when she disappeared. investigators found her body in the woods two weeks later. nobody has ever been charged
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until new leads developed just this week and police say those clues tide shaw and another man to her murder. in philadelphia police are looking for the man who robbed five people at gun point around old city and society hill. his hold up spree took him only 40 minutes to complete. surveillance video captured one of the robberies last weekend. you see him walk up to a couple on the 300 block of south fifth. same block where he targeted four men just 25 minutes earli earlier. he also struck near the veterans memorial on front street. happening now, temple fans have big reason to celebrate tonight. the owls crushing tulane today 49-10 at the linc. team undefeated this season. let's get straight out to sabina kuriakose outside the linc. sabina, these wins something temple fans do not mind getting used to at all. >> reporter: absolutely, dawn. not just temple fans but also the whole see city.
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we've um forgotten what it feels like to win let alone go undefeated. but, yeah, of course, temple fans are very very pumped up and of course it's homecoming weekend. so there's been a lot red and white all over the place and we have a lot of alumni in town as well. the owls you mentioned owned tulane 49-10. temple football hasn't been five-zero since 1974. the students and fans say it gives the whole city something to cheer about. >> phillies and everything else and the eagles air not doing the greatest but hopefully they pick up but i mean temple at least they're philly associated. so i mean everyone is excited for that. especially us being temple students. >> yeah, it gives everybody something to be proud of and excited for. we have a lot of alumni here this weekend and big alumni weekend. i'm sure everybody was really happy we wouldn't and plus like the firework every time we scored. >> this is really nice to come here and watch temple play and the enthusiasm now from the students. i couldn't believe it is.
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the largest student crowd i saw since 1969. >> one more win and we'll be bowl eligible. so hoping, hoping that comes next week. >> reporter: all right. he's got his war paint on. now, next up university of central florida they can weekend parents weekend but the big test, guys, is going to come on halloween when temple goes up against the fighting irish notre dame, dawn? >> we'll see how that goes, thank you so much, sabina. still ahead on fox 29 news tonight at 6:0 6:00 controversil well he cell phone video shot in a high school hallway. >> a teen says a police officer put him a choke hold. the confrontation that led to this and what that student' answer agree dad is demanding to night. a dying woman's last wish is granted affidavit fox viewers see her story and take action. the heart warming way they made her dream come true. sean? >> dawn, it's college saturday, penn state temple with great performances the upset of the day down in texas.
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♪ actor shia leboeuf another run in with the law according to tmz the 29-year-old booked in texas for public intoxication. will he above in the state capital for austin city limits music festival. he was out of control and running wildly down a city street before arrested. this is not the actor's first run in with police. leboeuf was previously arrested for criminal trespassing and assault. he was also charged last year with disorderly conduct and
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harassment. and more trouble for actor randy quaid he was taken into custody last night in vermont for trying to cross the canadian border into the united states. this comes just days after canadian officials announced he would be deported back to the united states. quaid and his wife are facing charges fortress passing and causing $5,000 in damage to a guest house of the california home that they once owned. texas father is demanding answers tonight after his teenaged son is put in a choke hold by police. it happened at a high school near austin. another student pulled out a cell phone and started recording what was going on. now, police say the 14-year-old was involved in a fight and refused to calm down. >> fox's elizabeth reports the teenager's dad believes officers went too far. >> this is the moment will be etched in his mind for the rest of his high school years. >> i just worried about what was
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going to happen afterwards. >> you can see a police officer putting whose in a choke hold in the school cafeteria. >> when he took me down i felt like it was unnecessary. i had no intentionings on hitting him or touching him. i just wasn't okay with him repeatedly push mowing. >> 14-year-old says it happened on thursday after he and another student got into a fight over his football goggles. >> during lunch i had asked him again and he told me still didn't have them. i got upset and i went to his backpack to look for them. at that point he said -- started push mowing repeatedly finally i grabbed him back and i push him. >> police would say that they were called in after a school administrator had trouble breaking up the fight. police tell fox seven they were forced to detain whose when he wouldn't calm down. >> i definitely think the students that did take that video so that we can have something to look at and have somebody take some type of accountability for what happen happened. >> reporter: his father says the cool didn't say smug about
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how police detained his son. >> initial copy was kind of grainy, and when i saw like the hd version that's when you know the impact of it actually like really hit me. >> reporter: mr. whose says he should have handled the zig over the goggles differently but is firm that the officers response was excessive. >> the officer should definitely be discipline based upon the actions that he took. i believe it was over aggressi aggressive. it should have been handled a lot more appropriately. i believe that they should be assessed how you talk to other individuals like in a when you feel like it's getting out of hand. >> the police department says it is investigating the incident tonight. new gun shop is drawing all kinds of criticism from parents in one virginia town. that's because the shop which sells high-powered weapons and hand guns moved in right next door to an elementary school. nova firearms opened last month
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and it sits not too far from franklin sherman elementary. parents want the store closed. but the shop owners say safety is their priority. >> having people with firearms that are trained would actually ab deterrent for anyone to do anything in this area including the elementary school because there would be people in such close proximity to respond. >> well the issue of gun control taking center stage after two more deadly shootings at college campuses yesterday alone. online petition to shut down nova firearms has more than 2400 signatures. the gun shop is countering with a petition of its own with more than a thousand people who are standing behind the business. well, as we've reported before, school nurses have become a casualty of the philadelphia school district's budget cuts. >> now one city elementary school is taking matters into its own hands. raising its own money to staff a
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school nurse. fox 29's jennifer joyce tells us more about the mission at meredith elementary. >> reporter: it is like three times around the building. >> reporter: meredith elementary school first grader darrin, is gearing up for the meredith on the run 5k happening sunday. >> i have allergies so she keeps my epi penn safe. >> reporter: the cause is close to his march. >> having a full-time nurse is an absolute necessity. >> reporter: money raised this weekend will help meredith home and school association pay for nurse travis to be present five days week. teachers here say school district budget cuts knock the nurse down to just two days a week, and that's not okay with this school community. including meredith math teacher director jessica tilly. >> we take it upon ourselves to do what we needed to to make the school a happy, save, productive learning environment for our kids. >> reporter: darrin' mom is appreciative. >> this is public school. it's a wonderful school. but i was incredibly nervous
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sending him last year as a kindergartner thinking there might not be a nurse there full time. >> we had teach the principal things. teach colleagues, teachers things. >> about two years ago the nurse wasn't here. we had a student who, um, was having health issues and we ended up having to call 911. >> reporter: tilley says each additional day nurse travis is on duty costs the home and school association more than $26,000 annually. >> the money we're raising should be going into new technology for our school. should be going into paper and new calculators and new books. we're not even provided paper. >> reporter: school's teacher, students, staff and parents say they're thankful to have the means to fundraise but they're opening hoping it sends a message to city leader. >> i invited dr. hite. i sent him two e-mails. i haven't heard back. >> you need to take control of the situation and you can't wait for the school district. the mayor, the city to step up. the state to step up don what's right.
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>> in queen village jenn for joyce, fox 29 news. still ahead on fox 29 tonight at 6:00-a pregnant woman dragged. she and the baby are okay, but next why police say you won't believe who was behind the wheel of this suv. plus, a family excited about halloween getting some serious complaints from their neighbors. the display some say is way too far coming up.
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♪ disturbing scenes out of houston, texas. that's where video shows a man in an suv dragging his ex-girlfriend and officials say she's seven months pregnant with his child. they're both okay tonight. the mom and the baby. the woman says her current boyfriend let her drive his car and her ex stole the keys and that she found the ex in the car with another woman. he tried to drive off with the pregnant ex hanging on. he's now facing charges of assault. residents in parts of south carolina are now having access to two disaster recovery centers to help clean up from the devastating rain that is left all kinds of record floods around there. centers are opening in columbia. they're helping people who need money to pay rent and to make home repairs. some motorists are having to make detours almost one tent
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70 miles around bridge repair work. a stretch of i-95 is shut down after flood waters washed away some of the foundation under some support bridges. state officials are also offering free tetanus shots to anybody who may have gotten in some contaminated water and got that inside a cut or a wound. well a florida college is receiving some major backlash for banning the pledge of allegiance. advisory council made up of students, staff and faculty at hills borough community college in tampa, flor voting to pull the pledge from its day to day operations. now, some u.s. veterans groups are angry over that decision. they say many died for the rights of citizens to recite it. some students say they don't mind the ban adding it doesn't contribute to their development as students. others however believe the ban is down right disrespectful. >> i'm sad because a lot of people died for you to have the freedoms that do you. >> in our constitution it says you have the freedom of speech.
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so whether you want to say it or not say it you have the right to say the or you have the right to not say it because of the freedom of speech. >> the school administration says it's against the ban. it says it will attend the next advisory council meeting to discuss this matter further. secret service agent who was credited with saving president ronald reagan's life has died. retired agent jerry par pass aid way yesterday at age of 85. par was in charge of reagan's secret service protection detail back in 1981 on march 30th of that year john hinckley, jr., shot president ronald reagan as he left the washington hilton hotel. par the man in the tan raincoat there pushed reagan into awaiting limousine. he told the driver to get into the hospital -- get him to the hospital immediately. doctors later said any delay would have been fatal. still ahead on fox 29, a celebration of life. local medical professionals reunited with the children whose lives they helped to save.
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plus, a thrilling way to honor fallen police officers. the event that helps their children realize their dreams. that's neck. dave? >> great weather for all outdoor events today. just a little windy but that wind dies down and now the temperatures will really drop overnight tonight. hit a high of 66 degrees. we're at 64 right now. 30s in a few suburbs tomorrow morning. look at those numbers in the forecast coming up. ♪
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♪ thrilling site today outside of a sports complex in south philadelphia but it wasn't eagles or phillies game capturing the attention of the audience. no, it was our first responders putting on their annual thrill show. but it's not just for entertainment. fox 29's jenny joyce shows us the event is all for the families of the area's fallen heroes. >> reporter: 61 years of thrills by philadelphia's finest and bravest. to honor lives lost.
6:30 pm
>> this event started in 1954 because in 19538 firefighters were killed in the line of duty. >> reporter: annual hero thrill show pace it forward to families of the fallen throughout the delaware valley by paying for their children to attend college. >> my son robert has graduated from lasalle in 2014. and my daughter nicole is now a sophomore at lasalle. >> reporter: ann skerski became involved with the hero thrill show after her husband gary skerski was killed in the line of in may of 2006. >> your life is turned upside down. and then, you know, that's one thing you don't have to worry about, like, how am i going to get my schools through school to college it's so expensive these days. >> john pawlowski is just six years old. one day his college tuition will also be covered through the organization. >> my husband john was killed on february 2009 when i was pregnant with him. i was five months. >> reporter: it's a day when tragedy is turned into triumph.
6:31 pm
>> even john realizes that the city, you know, still values police officers. >> reporter: thousands of people showed up to offer their support. it's a positive happy event that survivors say lifts their spirits year after year. >> they never forget our loved ones and they never forget us. >> reporter: today's event is expected to raise couple hundred thousand dollars. if you weren't able to make it out but you'd like to contribute, head to our website in south philadelphia, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. to your fox 29 weather authority and dave it really feels like fall out there. >> feels like fall out there and a chill in the air. >> it was a gorgeous day. >> beautiful day. quickly changes once that sun goes down. one day you might need to grab your winter coat. >> really? >> 30s. >> i don't know. that might be stretch. (laughter). >> put that coat back in the closet. >> you had us going.
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>> wait it out. warming up quickly. tomorrow morning a chill in the air. so stepping outside, first off we asked for pictures people looking at the fall weather out there. beautiful shot down society hill. nice afternoon for it. it was a bit windy this morning and bike ride wear your helmet, andrew, perfect weather for it, light breeze, blue skies out there. tomorrow morning if you're up early before sun advise, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter eastern sky around that crescent moon. glow in the sky for mercury. you want to fill that chill in the area. temperatures dropped into the 30s in a few of the suburbs north and west. right now they're into the 60s but they will quickly drop. once that sun goes down, these numbers quickly drop into the 50s and 40s. this is tomorrow morning. now when you step outside this will be brief because we're looking at good bit of sunshine that will push these temperatures up quickly. we're into the 40s to the south here. look at these numbers up to the north, though from philadelphia
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we go from 43 may not be quite that cold as just a light breeze a little warmer along 95. but you get to these surrounding suburbs you're into the 30s. maybe some frost developing on a few surfaces very very patchy but it does not have to be at freezing for frost to develop. now, it will quickly warm up. kick off is at 1:00 o'clock here for the eagles game. so if you're out there early it's chilly but dress in layers. you'll shed them quickly. 50 to up near 70 by the afternoon. so not nearly as cold as the morning and a quickly warms up with that breeze sunshine. pre-game from 50 near 70 bite end of the game. now we will talk about a warmer monday. we're into the upper 60s tomorrow. close to 70 for that game. not nearly as cold monday morning. by monday afternoon, mid 70s. so nice jump in temperatures here. we quickly warm up. only one day where we're pretty cold. no rain here. we've seen rain we do not need it here. this is in additional two to 3-inches of rain across south
6:34 pm
carolina an area of low pressure spinning here dumping a lot more rain on areas that are already flooded seeing record flooding there. just a few clouds to the south from this rain. it will not make it up to the philadelphia area monday but by tuesday, that's when we have our next chance of a shower. just few showers. this is another front approaching. it will be early in the day on tuesday. dry tomorrow, dry monday but maybe a passing shower early tuesday and that will be followed by some cooler air. we talk about those warmer temperatures monday. not the case tuesday afternoon and wednesday. that wind picks up. brings back some cooler air. cool breeze is back on wednesday. seven day forecast you see we're from 70 to 75. 75 early tuesday. but then we drop into the 60s with that cool breeze. maybe just a passing shower there early tuesday. a little warmer on thursday with mix of sun and clouds. now, looking at how things develop towards the end of the week we could see a chance of rain on friday. that could be followed by blast of some cooler air, chilly air,
6:35 pm
fall chill here next saturday, a high of only 56 degrees with a bit of a breeze there. so we'll look how that develops but could be a little bit cooler next weekend. >> we have the whole week. >> find our winter coats and and be ready for that one. >> i have to dig mine out. >> thank you, dave. still ahead on fox 29, her story touched the hearts of fox viewers months ago. how strangers made a final wish of a young woman battling cancer come true. that's next. hey everyone i'm bill anderson this is karen hepp. coming up on fox 29 weekend on sunday, we've got a new controversy with the eagles involving breast pumps and we've got diet foods, eat this or eat that. >> diet food making you fat, plus, beer. we love beer. oktoberfest. one of the best brews for the season watch us tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.
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♪ pennsylvania hospital in center city is host ago very special gathering today. the 2015 intensive care nursery reunion. children who needed a bit more care after birth there returning to celebrate with their parents, doctors and hospital staff who say seeing those babies who they
6:39 pm
delivered and cared for all grown up is about a special as it gets. >> this is why we do what we do. we love to see our patients come back and see them big and great and beautiful and running around. it's the best part of my job. >> pennsylvania hospital known for decades as the baby hospital says about 4800 babies were delivered there every year and that more than 40% of them are from high-risk pregnancies. well, fox viewers in houston coming through in a big way for a woman battling cancer. >> right after hearing the young woman's story last spring strangers stepped forward to help the dying woman's dream come true. fox's melinda spalding has the story. >> reporter: nicole zimmerman is a quintessential bride having the time of her life. beautiful gown, flawless make up with the perfect wedding day hair under her veil. but it wasn't always that way. nicole has kidney cancer and lost her hair during chemo.
6:40 pm
she was hit with a major disappointment after a contest for accustom made wig that she never received. >> i definitely wanted to get this. >> nicole hair angel mr. a made sure she had a wig that made her feel beautiful through chemo treatments. all the way to wedding planning. most of all for her wedding day. that act of kindness spurred others. >> i would like to donate my services to you. >> reporter: people flooded facebook voluntary everything from gowns to dj services for her late october wedding to her love and son jaelin's father fred. we check in with nicole and fred months before the day. >> all of the girls have their dresses and shoes now. >> reporter: more disappointment. doctors told the couple the october 25th wedding date may not be a day nicole would see. the team at m.d. anderson cancer jumped into action to help nicole and fred get married as soon as possible. she was expecting a simple exchange of vows. with just 24 hours notice she
6:41 pm
would not only get a wedding, but she would look like the princess she wanted to be on her wedding day. her wedding party changed their schedules and arrived in their formal wear. family members got on the road to make it to their seats in time. nurses and staffs came in on their days off. all for this. >> nicole! >> a moment of beautiful perfect, nicole and fred a bride who could no longer walk down its aisle insisted on standing for her first dance. ♪ >> a day that was more than nicole expected. no disappointment just kindsness and love for a new couple and a special bride with perfect wedding day hair. having the time of her life. >> wow we wish her well. she did look beautiful that was fox's melinda spalding reporti reporting. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, neighbors say one family's halloween display is going way too far. >> we'll show it to you and we'll let you decide if it's too
6:42 pm
graphic for a front yard. plus, he plays hakeem ryan on on empire and he's philly's own yaz gives us a look inside the zest empire. that's neck. ♪ ñ?hn
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♪ he plays the youngest son of ruthless music mogils lucius lion and his ex-wife cookie on empire. quincy harris locate his local music connections to head back stage with yaz. he's west philly's own brashear gray who reveals juicy secrets about the hit show and his character hakeem. ♪ >> biggest show on tv is back. ♪ >> i went one on weren't with brashear gray aka yaz aka hakeem lyon on the set of empire. >> all right. this is the pooltable. of course, this is very legendary. we had a couple great scenes naomi campbell, teyona, and just fun. >> west philadelphia rapper turned actor was shocked naomi campbell was his love interest.
6:46 pm
>> i'm laying on the pooltable, literally laying on the pooltable. she walk in the door. i didn't know she was supposed to be there. she walks in and i'm like blown away. >> and we start talking. chemistry builds and from there hakeem, great scene. >> this is the area where cookie and boo boo kitty had their fight. >> yaz says season two will be better than season one. >> season two is like season one on steroids. it gets better. >> we need to do an exclusive behind the scenes for our viewers out there of empire. we've already seen hakeem's like lyon den. can we go around some other place. >> let's roll. this is the director's station where all the directors and producers. >> cut over here. cut. cut. >> cut, cut. >> yaz, we need to you say this, we need you to do that.
6:47 pm
>> you know how you made it, right here. i see the yaz -- this is your own customized like chair right there. >> god is good, man, that's all i can say. >> this is lucius bathroom. master bathroom. >> okay. >> this is -- what's this right here? >> and this is his shoes. >> shoe collection. >> stacey adam maybe. >> okay. >> hold on. can i be like lucius real quick? >> hold on. let me put a lucius on. start grooming. >> ya'll got to take over this empire. >> lucius lyon living room. >> this location really the bo bomb. >> i never let anything come between friendship. >> bulky desk. >> except a bullet. >> a lot of situations happen in this area. >> this is the eating room. this is where the family eat. >> we want to thank you -- >> we have a lot of discussions,
6:48 pm
a lot of family conflicts. all at this table. >> ♪ >> we went to the hair department and like a barbershop we run into a friend. >> hey, my man. >> we got a name. call lyon dynasty. >> one of the greatest barbers. >> hello, nolan. >> how you doing? >> it's unique. retro, high top, urban, you know, he's creating his own style. so the young kids can mimic. >> i tell nolan every time i go on the road i see little kids come up to me and they got the same part from the episode. it's crazy. it's a movement. >> i thought it would be cool. >> you give us one word that describes this season thus far. ♪ >> what's one word describes this season?
6:49 pm
>> unpredictable. >> quincy harris, fox 29 news. cultures from around the globe celebrating in camden county today with embracing other cultures. county freeholder board hoping to host the international day celebration in voorhees. hundreds flocking to eastern regional high school for entertainment, crafts and food from different cultural backgrounds. organizers say the event helps everyone appreciate the differences of their neighborhoods. well, a cleveland family in halloween spirit getting a whole lot of attention but not all of it is good. >> not at all. neighbors are complaining about graphic decorations on the lawn. fox's brittany harris takes look at that. >> reporter: this house in par ma is getting a lot of attention these days. some people don't like the halloween decorations she has in her front yard. >> this is the third year we've done it, but for some reason, this year we're getting a lot of media over it. >> reporter: display is pretty gory. you can see there are dummies
6:50 pm
covered in blood, wrapped in bags and hanging from trees. michael says it's way too much. and worries it will scare the kids at the elementary school down the street. >> i think it belongs in haunted house somewhere rather than out in the street. >> reporter: he says if they don't take it down they should try to tint down. but they say that's not happening. she says her children haven't had any problems with the display. >> when we put up the display, i don't think we even considered that there was a school there. i think as parents, if my kids were going to that school or if i was someone in the neighborhood, um, i would just teach my children at that point that this is a halloween display and i thought other parents would have done the same. >> reporter: julie austin agrees with barrett. she says it's the parent's job to tell their kids this is all fake. >> i think it's fine. it's halloween. i don't see a problem with it. my daughter watched nightmare on elm street. she's seven. she's not scared. i think it's all in good friend. >> we reach out to the city to
6:51 pm
what they that had to say. an official told us barrett isn't breaking any laws and has a right to freedom of expression. >> so we're going to basically go with our freedom of expression and keep everything up and, um, enjoy halloween. >> reporter: in par ma, brittany harris, fox news. >> all right. sean bell. >> ladies, it will be a horror show in philly if the eagles don't get a win tomorrow. new orleans coming to town. gives an ex a chance for a little revenge. malcolm jenkins talks about playing his old team. >> christian hackenberg and the nittany lions starting to open up the offensive playbook. penn state has a homecoming showing. that's next in sports.
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♪ all right. sports is looking real bleak and sadder in fill until right now. eagles are one and three.
6:54 pm
sixers tankers. phillies are the worst team in baseball and the flyers couldn't get a win in their first game. depresdepressing. would be completely depressing but temple providing us a little ray of sunshine. let's look at the highlights. that huge win. first quarter temple down thre three-zero. pj walker with a ton of time to throw the rock. he lobs up one for ant son he goes up and gets it is. that's 22-yard touchdown. third quarter temple dominating. tulane, terrible pass right in chandler's hands. he runs it back from 22 yards. temple destroys tulane, 49-10. the owls are five and zero for the first time since 1974. to penn state nittany lions open up the playbook in this one. christian hackenberg and bran dollar pulp on the real route. wide open, 39 yards. td pass. penn state goes up seven to zero. let's go to the fourth quarter
6:55 pm
this play would put it away. hackenberg couldn't find anyone and dives into the end zone. super man right there. he had four touchdowns on the day. two in the artworks on the ground. penn state wins 29-seven. they have won five in a row but next week they'll face the number one team in the land ohio state. texas oklahoma the read river rivalry with the upset of the day. fourth quarter jared heard right there tim tebow fake out run. touchdown, 24-10 texas. close game. 24-17 in the fourth. sooners look at that they get a sack. bake we are has nowhere to go with it. oh, my goodness. matt -- charlie strong gets the shower and that win will give him another year of coaching because he was about to get fired. the eagles are favored in tomorrow's game against the saints. so far the eagles lost every game they've been favored in. with every loss the heat gets hotter on chip kelly. rightfully so.
6:56 pm
he's the end all be all of the zig. this game means a lot. it means even more to jenkins. jenkins played his first five years with the saints and won a super bowl with the team in his rookie year. jenkins hayes played against drew brees and knows how that man works. that should be a help tomorrow. he says there's no chip on his shoulder and he's playing like this is any other game. >> i don't need extra motivation to get ready for this game. i know a lot of their coaching staff. i know a lot of their players there. owe want to compete against them and look forward to this opportunity. at the end of the day we play the saints on sunday and we're in desperate need of a win. >> i have a lot of respect for malcolm and i've been really happy for the opportunity he's had there, and um, obviously hated to see him go because he was such a big part of our team not only just his productivity but from leadership perspective. he's everything you'd want in item mate. tomorrow check out gary cobb, dave spadaro, howard and myself as we break down the big game. give you our predictions and keys eagles victory and then
6:57 pm
after eagles/saints highlights and player predictions in our post game report. but right now go owls. who would have thought at the beginning of the year, beginning of the seasons that the only team that we'll have to root for who is an actual winner is temple? they're real team. they have a shot. their biggest game against notre dame. they have a shot to beat the fighting i irish. the defense is one of the top five defenses in the entire country, any conference no matter what. >> since 1974. >> you never know. >> that's our news this saturday night at 6:00. your live lottery drawing is next. that's followe followed by big 2 football. see you right here after the game. have great evening. thanks for much whatting. ♪
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