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tv   FOX 29 Weekend  FOX  October 11, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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♪ this morning on fox 29 weekend, lincoln financial field unfriend toll families? moms want to bring their breast pumps and say they can't. they've got a petition with hundreds of signatures. plus, eat this, not that. the foods you think may be healthy but may actually be bad for your weight line. >> and was this a dirty hit? a former phillie super star making headlines this morning. why so many people are talking about his actions last night. ♪ >> your news, your neighborhood, live and interactive this is fox 29 weekend. ♪ good morning, everyone. happy sunday, october 11 many i'm bill anderson. of course this is karen hepp in her eagles green fired up and ready to go. good morning. >> good morning to you and good morning to all of you. thank you very much for joining us.
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eighths little bit chilly you you will need a coat as we take live look outside right now at our interactive weather. this is old city. i'm looking at all of the races so many people out today. this one has a funny name. the ninja race advertisement k for all of those folks waking up in limerick watch are weeing with temperatures right now. >> perfect race weather. these temperatures are great. get outside gone for a run. a little chill physical you're just stepping out that door. grab the coat you'll need it for an hour or hour an haver. quickly warm up. we're into the 40s and 30s now frost advisory was in effect maybe some patti frost that will quickly burn off as you get that sunshine here but still some 30s in doylestown, pottstown, 39 degrees. top of the hour, so the 8:00 o'clock hour still chilly. easily by 9:00 o'clock we will be warming up think bright sunshine. 39 in woodbine, millville is now at 40 so cool as well to the south right along the coast. nice and warm watt in lewes, delaware, at 57 degrees. windy weather yesterday. not today. high pressure right over us. we have bright sunshine.
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light breeze. got quick warm up today. nothing on ultimate doppler close up view for philadelphia for the game any activities going on today all clear. just bright sunshine expected. here are the temperatures. warmer after just a few clouds down the shore at 67. 59, clear and cool in the pocono mountains. but we are clear. we have the chilly start. coming up we will look at warmer weather coming in as well as a as few showers we'll track those in the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming. >> thanks lot, dave. appreciate it. 80:00. to taking a look at your headlines. happening now, a police investigation days after a southwest philadelphia business owner is brutally stabbed in a botched robbery. police say a burglar broke into the bloody crime scene. >> it's like basically having something go from bad to worse and people hitting when you were down. this was the scene thursday after police say the victim identified by friends as 62-year-old patrick si notice is a was stabbed more than 20 times inside his auto tags shop over there at 63rd and dix avenue.
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police are still looking for a suspect. they did have get surveillance scene leaving that area but early yesterday, as he's in the hospital trying to recover, after all those stabs, somebody investigators say moved an air-conditioning unit and broke into his business oddly nothing was taken. the victim's friends were so upset, they bordered up the shop themselves. one of the men accused of murdering a teenaged girl more than three decades ago appears in court. that's george shaw you're seeing right now walking out of the bucks county district courthouse yesterday. prosecutors say he's responsible for the death of 14-year-old barbara rowan back in 1984. police say the bensalem girl was babysitting shaw's daughter when she disappeared. investigators found her body in the woods two weeks later. nobody was ever charged. until new leads develop in the past couple of weeks. police say those clues tied shaw and another man to her murder. and our cover story this
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morning, are parents unwelcomed at eagles games? there's a woman who apparently thinks so. in fact she started a petition on her issue she says there's nowhere to breast feed or even to pump at the stadium. it can be so hard and awkward for new moms. so that petition gotten whole lot of signatures hundreds a lot of people leaving comments as well. i would seriously hope this is not in the miffled winter you are taking a baby to the foot obama game. but lie sign this because breast feeding is very important to infants. joshua wrote it have nine month old son mine wife breast feeds all the time. she wouldn't feed her son in a bathroom stall or any seat filled with millions of germs. need this happen! >> joining us this morning we have our mom blogger joey fort man and this is a big issue. i breast fed all three of my kids awkward enough to say if you're a mom you got to feed your kids hungry baby time. good morning to you. >> good morning. first off, i wouldn't paying my kids to eagles game. i'd take them to the phillies games and the other games, but the eagles games, i've had bad
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experiences personally. i don't want to bring my kids there. >> but sometimes if they're little that might be in the you have them all bundle up and there are parents that could want to bring them there. given that circumstance, those parents can't bring in breast pump. what do you think about that. >> they need to make the more family friendly. not little bit a lot especially the lincoln financial field. there's no place for anything. we like sports, too. >> especially -- i go to spin class and everybody in the spin class is cheering the team we're talking about what went wrong. days ago i want to get to other incidents over at the airport in washington, d.c. dulles airport a woman was told to go to the bam room to breast feed. when she refused she was sent to an area for pets. that is completely unreasonable and against the law. last month there was a woman who at an la fitness told not to breast feed in the locker room. she was told to use toilet in the children's area. so those are instance where is in this state, you're allowed to breast feed. it may make people uncomfortable
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it's their personal problem. the something you're entitled to do. >> will kid is hungry, you feed it. you got to do when you got to do it. >> frequently women today thief this things we called them a baby ole a sheet you would have nobody would even know and you could be subtle. >> hooter hider mine was called. that's the old term. they got more upscale. that's exactly what they called them. kind of country that's how we do it. linc has policy pretty specific because days aft 9/11 they've gotten where we have metal detects now. if we can take look at it they want you to have clear bags they want you to have pretty specific things that you can bring or not bring and the problem is, a breast pump would set off metal detector. do you think this is going to change, they'll make exceptions clearly for parents who will be exclusively for breast feeding. >> i hope so. that's important when a mom needs to take care of their baby and they're fully being fed on breast milk you got to do no matter where they are. >> i hope they do it and do it
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sooner than later. >> i think the other side you just plan ahead sometimes and maybe bring a bottle and bring that with you. i don't know if they'll be checking for liquids as you come in. >> i would hope not. >> you could bring the breast milk if you have the baby. >> it is an eagles game. see a lot of things there. >> the tricks people would be up to. >> sure. that's what's in this bottle. ignore the other alcohol in it. joey thank you very much for coming in. we always think you bring a nice energy and insight into any issue. thank you very much. >> thank you. i hope it works. i hope it works for the people that are fighting this fight. >> she ran away. cement her out of here. what do you think about this one? use our hash tag fox 29 weekend. >> bill? >> i just learned a near series of words the hooter hider. >> temple fans have reason to celebrate. their owls are five and zero on the season. that's their best record since 1974. temple crushed tulane at lincoln financial field by a score of 49-10.
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temple students say all these wins are something they can definitely get used to. especially considering how some of our other teams are playing right now. >> phillies and everything else and the eagles, they're not doing the greatest but hopefully they pick up but i mean temple at least they're philly associated so i mean everyone is excited for that. so especially us being temple students. >> now the big win came on homecoming weekend. much to the delight of temple students and alumni. all right. take a look at what's trending right now. number one trending stories all about chase utley did you see see what he did last night? the slide has home tongues wagging. wait tell us what you think about this one. was eight dirty slide or great play. >> here's what happened. game two of the nlds chase utley with the dodgers now slid and you can see what happened to that mets player right there. tejada he broke his leg. new yorkers they are live individual say this was a dirty slide. chase has whole history of them. phillies fans what do you think he was on our fan with ever.
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was this gritty play? let us know the dodgers won five-two. happening today, a philadelphia elementary school is taking matters into it's own hands raising non higher school nurse. as we reported before, some school nurses were put on the chopping block as part of the district's budget cuts. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in queen village where a race is about to start. jenny, this is a big mission for meredith elementary school as they tried to something about these budget cuts. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, bill. this is a super positive sunday morning here at meredith elementary. the meredith on the run 5k which kick off at 8:30:30 this morning it's a race for the entire community for a cause many people citywide can relate tom the money is helping to pay to full time nurse. gay of budget cuts the school district of philadelphia only pays to have a nurse at meredith elementary school two days a week. it's a similar issue at many schools citywide. because of the cuts, and the
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belief that a full-time nurse is a necessity in our public schools meredith home scandal association is holding fundraisers like this one to be able to cover the nurse's salary for the additional three days a week. each extra day that the nurse is at the school costs the association more than $26,000 annually. according to school leaders. parents like kerry mill much say they're thankful to have the row ourselves and the community involvement. to hold events like this to raise money but many believe it shouldn't have to come to this. >> we're taking it upon ourselves to do what we needed to to make the school a happy, safe productive learning environment for our kids. >> this is a public school, um, it's a wonderful school. but i was incredibly nervous zenning him last year as a kindergartner thinking there might not ab nurse there full time. >> reporter: this 5k is expected to raise about $15,000 which will be a nice boost to the home and school association's bank account, and if you see this story and if you want to come down and participate, please do.
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you still have about 20 minutes or so to get down here. the race kicks off at 8:30. again, we are at fifth and fitzwater. reporting in queen village, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. ♪ coming up, his voice amazed so many including the pope. he caught the attention of another legend who now wants to meet this zip singing zen sayi saying. plus, mother and baby now doing just fine in the hospital, but the baby wasn't born there. the story this family is going to be telling their end tine lives. ♪
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♪ do you remember that voice what an angel. that's 14-year-old bobby hill stealing the show at last months's festival of families on the parkway. that a teen from andora a member of the keystone boys choir they got to be so proud. he had only minutes to prepare for that papal performance. everybody was talking about it. now, he is headed up to broadway not to perform but to see a show because this is amazing he got the attention of comose sorry famous guy andrew lloyd webber himself who wants to meet him. actually the song at the teen sang during the performance was written by webber. webber invited him to his latest broadway musical school of rock which will be opening in time for the holidays in december. >> that's pretty cool. don't be surprised if hend up
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with a career doing something like that working with andrew lloyd webber. all right. let's take a look the your weather. find out what it's going to be like, perfect weather for eagles as we look out at wilmington, delaware. looks pretty good there. that's kind of close to the li linc. dave, you can tell me what the weather will be like but karen you wanted to ask him. >> there's prostate cancer walk in wilmington, delaware. i'm so decided about today, dave. >> sounds great, karen. love to take part in that. yeah arc lost walks going on a lot of questions. we like to interact tyler sent us this question, tennis outdoors today. how will the weather job well, it looks pretty good. you want to know p you'll be able to play? i'll say yes because very little win out there and the temperatures are warming up. live picture here of philadelphia. the skyline light breeze. it's 49 degrees but we were down to 47 just about five minutes of miles an hour out of the north northwest. not nearly as gusty as yesterday so nice and calm. pretty much stay that way all day today. 40s and 30s though. some patchy frost out there. seeing some pictures come in.
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frost on your cars an lot of these suburbs might take a little extra time if you go out now or just wait it out. sun is really doing its job. clearing out all the frost. maybe burning off a little patchy fog that was out there. ultimate doppler we'll have more sunshine today. and the temperatures will get even warmer this afternoon. climbing into the 60s and then we touch 70 degrees. so warmer today. wait this chill out. it's certainly clearing out and warming up quickly with this bright sunshine. maybe cooling off just a little bit tonight into the 50s but not nearly as cool as it has been. future weather shows that we are mostly clear right now there's a few clouds to the south. try to work their way up the coast we'll stay bright sunny today and even tomorrow where we get even warmer. there will be a change coming in on tuesday. maybe a few showers. that could lead to a slight dip in temperatures. seven day forecast a look at that coming up little bit later. in your health news this morning, we all know we shouldn't be getting soda to
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drink necessity. often we'll make a -- i'll take the diet soda not all those swaps are so isn't that right. dr. mike has been saying for years forget the diet sewed today. let's get our fox medical team deena centofanti to join us this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, karen. it's kind of confusing, isn't it you think diet soda what's so bad about this. zero everything o*f on there. right? >> because then he get that unget the cheesecake as well. you go with the diet and then you add your sugar some place else. what are your swaps? >> that's exactly right. let's start with soda since we're talking about it. here's what research continues to point out to us. that drinking diet soda is really no better if you're doing it to lose weight or maintain weight, cut calories. it doesn't help do you that. in fact 2015 study found people who drank diet tripled their abdominal fat over nine-year pier as compared to those who weren't drinking diet sewed today. here's the sugar you get in regular soda. here's your diet soda.
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no sugar here. what's the problem? the problem your brain thinks you're getting sweetness your stomach is ready to digest all this sweetens it never gets it. so then do you have more cravings. that's one of the theories you tend to eat more because you want to be full and you're to the doing it with this. here's another one -- >> hold on. let me get to some of my tweets. yeah. >> i have a lot of people that weighed in on this one. i want to get their airtime, too. diet soda like that so much better for you, deena explain why it's not. karen who i wear is not me, people who drink diet soda tend to be heavier. let's get back to common sense eating, portion control and little discipline. give us another couple of examples of eat this, not that. >> right. so you almost would be better taking a little swig of regular soda really. gluten free this is tempting because you think grew 10 free, um hmm, maybe that's healthier for me in some way. gluten new york city wheat, for people who need it, sell yack and other health problems, that need gluten free. but be careful because many
8:19 am
times gluten free they add in other stuff to give it flavor for the texture. they add in sugar, oils, nutrients and fiber are missing. so if you really want to be gluten free avoid wheat fruits and vegetables they are the originally gluten free food source. no labels needed. another one is butter. if you're deciding between butter or all of the choices you have when it comes to margarine and those sorts of things one inn agree yet in butter and it's usually cream. maybe a little salt. some experts are saying again the fat is getting a lot of aft tension these days as far as how much we shall be paying attention to in our diet. but when you start eatin eating margarine hydrogenated oils, it's been processed that might be raising the bad cholesterol, lowering the good cholesterol. karen energy bars another one. you have to be really careful. this one has 15 grams of sugar a lot of them are packed with fiber which can do a in you number on your stomach, too. so read the labels carefully and watch out for added sugar because you think you're doing something healthy and this
8:20 am
causes to you fall -- you rues rise and then you crash. finally one last one if you're eating lots of kale, regular old salad greens, kale is a super star, we love kale, but also remember it's hard to digest. you got a lot of fiber to it. got sugar, natural sugar in it. take it slow sometimes with kale especially if you don't want any bloating or gas if you're going out on date, be careful of the kale. >> all right. thank you. those are great tips, deena. we appreciate them. let us know which once. i prefer the full fat of everything. we've burlington-bristol hearing that about milk. those are great ones. let us know some you may have as well use our #fox29weekend. >> generally i like kale lesson learned. toy for small children is causing quite a stir. coming up, some people are calling it racist. why critics say it needs to be taken off store shelves immediately. >> plus also, there's a tighe high school football star making his first tackle. why is that news? why is his coach, his teammates, make that the entire community so proud and so inspired by him?
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did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. ♪ welcome back as we take a live look at reading. eighths little chilly as you wake up. snuggle in and have your hot tea and coffee. hot chocolate with us before you venture out and enjoy your day.
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a view from the top of that hotel up there. >> we're getting comments from you on lot of topics. starting with the interview that karen just did. i cut out bread except i had two hotdog buns on my bratwurst last night. i wasn't drinking. baby stepping. you got to take small steps. deena follows up talking about eagles breast feeding reducing the likelihood of breast cancer. don't wear pink eagles. actually support women by putting in a location for them to breast feed and carol follows up, chase is a savvy player after watching him in philly for years, i know he's not a dirty player. >> we got a lot of comments about that slide last night. very very interesting weigh in on that. >> dirty player or dirty play become the comment. >> i don't think he's a dirty player or was eight dirty play. >> let's speak about this. it may making cringe a toy company under fire with something an object that many people say is just plain racist. explain. >> it's the play mobile pirate
8:25 am
set. at first glance it looks like a typical pirate toy set that many children love, but inside it contains one of the ship's character is as is a dark skin figure wearing ripped pants and instructions you're looking how to appears to be a shackle around his neck. that has some people raise their eyebrows. company said the figure was meant to represent a pirate who was a former slave in historical context their intention was not to offend anyone. people have gotten upset about this. they're basically saying if you look at that image, the shackle around the neck. a lot of people who are upset about it saying, listen, i don't know what your intent was. i know what i see. somebody should have been smart enough to catch this. >> you wonder what happens in the room. who sits around that conference table. i have a good idea. let me create this offensive character? >> right. nobody steps up and say shackle around the neck, bad idea. >> we want your opinion about this one. we have our instant reaction poll. ? what do you think? do you
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think the toy is racist? you can vote. you can just do to the fox 29 weekend section. it's very easy. right on our fox website. or you can vote. use our hash tag fox 29 yes or fox 29 no. we'll show you the results in couple of minutes. okay. now, are you getting ready to tailgate eagles need some refreshments. i got my arms going i'm fired up for the eagles. beer is always a great option. coming up the style of beer experts say you'll want to try on this crisp fall day and joe six pack topics. plus, mother and baby, aww, i love my babies. they're doing well. this is the happy ending in the hospital. but that little girl new york city new york city that lucy, she wasn't born there. the story this family is going to tell for their entire lives. ♪
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welcome back. it's exactly 8:30 right now. let's take look at your news making headlines at this hour. taking to the streets to show support for some police officers. >> rally took place in providence, rhode island. days after a dunkin' donuts employee wrote black lives matter on a police officer's cup. many of the people who came out said they just wanted the officers to know that they are appreciated. >> just want people up here to support their police department. i was a policeman for over 17
8:30 am
years, and i know how tough this job is, and i think this group targeted coffee shops because they know policemen are out there eight hours and they love coffee. >> dunkin' donuts has apologized to the law enforcement community for what they call the poor judgment of one of their employees. family from a from seattle going to have the best story to tell for the rest of their lives. their daughter was born on an interstate in seattle at 70 miles an hour direct quote from the mom, ahhh! the mom amanda goes into labor. she and her husband isaac hop in the car. they're racing to the hospital but the final destination they never made it there. a whole hour and 25 minutes soup to nuts that baby couldn't wait making her debut one of the busiest inter states there. >> i was just thinking that i need to hold her in and not let it come out but then it ended up being three pushes. >> i thought, hey, since traffic is so bad let's get on the express lanes because the exits
8:31 am
just right up ahead to get to the hospital. so we got on the express lanes and then right after we got on, she's like oh, my god, it's come, it's coming. >> it, that's lucy diamond you're talking about that cute little it right there. paramedics met the family at the next exit and escorted them to the hospital. the baby weighed in at 7 pounds both mom and baby are doing we well. baby's make karen happy. now we have a happy karen for the rest of the show. watch this segue. look at this. my segue was completely distracted now because that's the bunch of people out enjoying themselves as they get ready. which walk is this. >> queen village. these are people that so many places they love their school. they're out there raising money for their schools because they want to get a school nurse they are about to start. we can watch them. >> they look cold. >> they look excited. >> they're ready to get thrust and run. they're not cold, dave, because the sweater great, right? >> did they wait for our live shot. >> they d they're smart. >> the little kid on the scooter. lots of hoodies out there. >> that would be me with the
8:32 am
scooter. looking pretty good out there. yes, so great day for a walk, of course, we call it the interactive weather because we like to hear your weather questions. hear about your events. here's one from new jersey. >> good morning, fox 29 team. i'm doctor rob man could you ski here at mt. laurel animal hospital in mt. laurel, new jersey. and we're setting up for our annual open house. we are going to be farm tours, hospital tours, pie eating contests and whole bunch more, games and prizes. and we're hoping for a beautiful day. so can you tell me, what's the weather going to be? >> rob, you had me at pie eating contest. i'll be there. looks pretty good today in mt. laurel just be patient. a little cold right now. but 51 looking good at 1:00 o'clock, 65 fall beauty 68 close to 70 with bright sunshine later today. it will be like that pretty much everywhere. still chilly start we're saying be patient because it's got to warm up a little bit first. 30s now in pottstown and doylestown. 49 degrees in philadelphia. it's a little warmer there. drops into the mid to low 40s to
8:33 am
the south. warming up quickly though. we had some frost around burlington county, some of these suburbs might have coating on your windshield. it will quickly clear though with this bright sunshine. little warmer right along the coast. lewes at 54 degrees. here comes the big warm up for the game. kick off 1:00 o'clock. 46, 64, close to 70 degrees post game. so a quick warmup here. pre-game is right about now. you'll be shedding your layers by the end of the game there closer to 70 degrees with sunshine. wind is gone. high pressure controls our weather. there's some rain to the south. it will stay there. but we're looking well newspaper canada that's where our neck chance of rain is coming. time to that and the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming up. ♪ i'm jim with this week's look at the sill lee yesterday things in science. here's some food for fought. could snacks be the key to being happy at your job? new survey
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bite grocery delivery service pea pod shows companies who put out a spread of snacks for their employees have happier workers. in the survey 67% of those with access to free food are extremely or very happy with their jobs much that's a higher percentage than those who are treat to do free grub. our dr. mike breaks it down with a helping of advice. >> the take home message here is, if you're an employer and you want happy employees, have snacks. my problem is, if you have unhealthy snacks you'll have happy obese employees. so, healthy snacks make them free and you'll have happy employees. >> so bypass your boss' candy dish and side step those free cookies. remember that dr. mike always serves us something healthy. ♪ karen, you've got a house if
8:35 am
you feel kids. you got your halloween pumpkin you feel kids. you got your halloween pumpkin yet. >> the squirrels are already chomping them up. the question is, are you planning to decorate it? >> coming up we've got some great tips. really make your pumpkins stand out this coming season. >> we got a picture in today that i promise you will be cut putting on which is phenomenal. we got to talk about this high school football star making his first tackle. why is this so special? why his coach and his team and everybody so proud and really just april spared by him? we'll explain. aww, beautiful day. ♪
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♪ welcome back. this is the make a wish walk. we have so many walks happening. this is over at the philadelphia zoo. we may even get to see those ropes, you know what they're holding, the zoo balloon one of our favorite sites in philadelphia. fifth annual walk for wishes is happening right there. so good luck and good job. kudos to all of those walkers out there raising money for a wonderful cause. lots of people are up already tweeting with us. tamara says with all the drinking and rowdiness at games i wouldn't take a five-year-old let alone an infant going back to the segment you did about breast feeding, look karen that's anthony mongeluish tosses child. >> taking baby to the game is asking for trouble. alnd
8:39 am
>> wise choice for you. >> and getting ready for this. breast cancer awareness by day, by night, got little pumpkin carved out well we'll show how you can do something like weight later on in the program. >> that one during the day and this another picyour pre at nighttime. we appreciate that. >> how about how howard eskin. the man is trying to run for mayor. he's always blasting on people. what has he got to say now? >> ♪ >> time now for knocking the king. >> hey, howard, i heard what you had to say about the sixers. quite frankly i think you're wrong. >> 76eis h played their first preseason game tonight. we are you dcky. they picked up right where they left off last season. >> isaia cannon one of his point guards strplanped hoi a big guy. that's a joke. it didn't stop there. john wall with the basket sixers lose it by 34. 129-95.
8:40 am
>> one preseason game they got blown out by a play off team. they're not play off team yet but i think this year is about indiviethal expectations. we got big man of the future. see what he has to do what he can bring to the table. i thid to you need to back off a little bit big guy. >> you gave me quite frad toly d you gave me big gcann. let me start with the quite frankly. quite frad toly, you, john, are clue less. they stink and you know why they stink?ly,because the general manager sam waldo hinkie doesn't care about you. he's playing a ponzi game. it's a ponk? scheme. all these draft picks. they're not going to get better. they'll have a few pieces and they'll make idiots like you believe that they're going to get better. so let me just -- they got big guy, great. they're still the same tea29 they won 19,3 be8 and this year they're lucky if they within 22. so quiet frankly, big gcann, they're not good enough and you have got to understand that. i'm just trying to tell you. okay? thid to you have what it
8:41 am
takes to knock the king? shoot your video, up load it going you know you're big gcann got me up load it to us and i'll talk to you next week. w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwç
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well, this sunday we are talking about beer. yes, we're doing it in the morning. eagles game day many people will enjoy the game with a nice cold beer, one, two, or maybe even more before you go out and buy a six pack listen up. this time of year so many people
8:44 am
talk about pumpkin beer. sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way. evidenced by social media. now liz o sote today i feel like drid toing a pume bein beer andi don't even like beer. lauren said, beer is the one thing you cannot p ine bein spi. pumpkin spice your coffee, your cookies and candles but leave beer alone. stwhye wrote, not fan of pumpkin beer or hard cidar. no matter how much you ties it. well fear not, steve. it's not all about pumpkins. don russell aka joe suy pack joins us hoi sustpe. don tell us about some new options. >> well, dave, it's actzoolly nt new option. it's one of the old defendant beer styles around and thakas good old fashion oktoberfest we're in the middle of fall he here, and this beer was made for this type of weather. cold, crisp i think it's the perff tt tailgate beer. oktobelkest. >> okay. what are some of the -- how is that than p ine bein beer, say? >> first of all, oktoberfest is
8:45 am
a lager. tumpkin beeis h are ails. does it not have any spice. nice looking sort of brownish reddish copper row kind of beer. it's full bodied, it's got -- it's sort of malt forward how we would say it as opposed to hfirs or spice or anything like that. it can be a little bit sweet. úyot not too sweet. you can drid to more than one of these. it's around five and half or fix% alc meol. the one i just showed you beautiful beer from flying fish called ooeober fish. úyot there's a lot of them still out on the shelves right now. >> next time bring enoea2h to share. (laughter). >> all right. the pume bein beer, now i'll adt i've had my share and after one, two, two or three maybe it starts to get spicy. you say this is a little different than. >> the pumpkin beers if you bcan a case of p ine bein beeis h you better have 23 close friends you can share it with. toea2h for me to go more than oe at a time. oktoberfest beer, though, i mean it was made for o
8:46 am
pe.stival in munich. 6 million people showing up and they're drinking beer by the liter. so you can drink a lot of this kind of beer over and over agaighte it gof ps really well with food. that's best thing about oktoberfest beer. i would pair it with if you're going to do tailgating, some bratwurst something like that that's really what you're taon ing about when you talk about oktoberfest beer. >> really a fantastic beer of the one of my favorites of this whole year. the other one i would point to is the classic oktoberfest right
8:47 am
over here on over my shoulder. tends to run a little bit lighter. it's more traditional as the malt beer without quite the amount of hops you would find in the americanized version. >> seasonal option and, goes great with some of that tailgating food. thank you very much. so six pack joins us. tell us what you like. pats what's your favorite seasonal beer besides the pump within beer if you have one? just remember to use our hashing to fox 29 weekend. ♪ after last week's loss in washington the eagles are looking for a win. we're all looking for a win from them. it's pretty much a needed win and our own sean bell is live in the newsroom to tell us what we can expect. >> guys, eagles should win this game. but they should have beat the falcons, they should have beat washington, they shall have beat cowboys team that lost tony ro romo. every game they were favored in they lost. so far the eagles have been a
8:48 am
sloppy mess and last week's game probably hurt the most. they had to find a way to play the whole game offensively. they only played well in the third quarter against washington and before that they've only had two good halves of football. second half versus the falcons and the first against the jets. everything about this team is inconsistent. even defense that started big plays at the end of games. consistency is the key. later today on "game day live", gary cobb, dave spadaro, howard eskin and myself will give our predictions and the keys to an eagles victory. we'll go around the nfc east at we look at the dial games and our tom srendenschek goes 100 yards with a very very impressive rook keep all of that that's coming up at 10:00. sounds good. we also will have our social media questions of the day. sean, we'll chime in on that. is the eagles problem personnel, execution, scheme or all of the above some might say? make sure you're watching "game day live".
8:49 am
high school football star in texas shows the true meaning of courage. mario herrara has a birth defect. he stands about 4 feet tall but three years ago that did not stop him from tracking down the school's head football coach and telling him he wanted to play. he made the team and last week he got his first tackle. >> about the size --, it's not about the size it's about the heart and that moved me and made me feel really good. >> herrara says he would like to help others by becoming a motivational speaker. that is amaze. absolutely of lloit. our time right now 8:49. we got one final check of the forecast right now on this gorgeous day. let's take a live look outside. pocono mountains a lot of fog up there we can see from our poconos cameras. one of our ski resorts. not good skiing weather but they have a lot of fun. oktoberfests have which are great to check out and the leaf -- i have to find out when the peak changing time. dave h is the leaf fall peeping
8:50 am
i want to know if he notice the answer to this question. >> it should be right now the northern part of the state. mid to late october here in southeastern pennsylvania. right about now. >> burn off that fog we can see that. they're biking for bancroft in burlington counsel too. a lot of events going on today. that is one of them. great event there. so outside the sunshine and the cooler temperatures. it's warming up now. still 39 in pottstown but just 40 in allentown. 40 in reading. philadelphia close to 50 degrees down to 40 in millville. no more rain thankfully here across south carolina. additional inches of rape on top of areas that had flooding much that's moving out. good news there. no rain in our forecast at least today and tomorrow. but that will change coming up this week here by about tuesday morning. if you're heading to the game today, pre-game 59. upper 60s close to 70. then cooling off just little bit post game. so a very warm day despite that chill we have now.
8:51 am
it will quickly warm up. now this is tuesday morning. a little sliver of clouds and showers. that's a front approaching so early tuesday you may see a few light showers moving through. this will be early in the day on tuesday. that is the next chance for rain that we have. another cooler breeze follows that rain. it could still easily be into the 70s on tuesday. by wednesday and thursday that wind picks up. it brings in some cooler air and it may be getting even colder by friday and saturday. so look for that. midweek. that is the only real chance of rain we have early this week. late in the week we could see a few more showers. seven day forecast has that. we're getting warmer. this afternoon, today, flyers home opener on monday, warm day at 75. showers early on tuesday. then 75 dropping to skate. that cooler breeze comes in. mix of sun and clouds on thursday. may be a chance of rain on friday and our temperature may not get out of the 50s next weekend. a lot cooler here.
8:52 am
56 degrees and that will be with a bit of a breeze out of the northwest about 10, 20 miles an hour. ♪ hi, i'm barbara king from valley forge flowers. with this week's around the house. jesse edwards tweets, do you have any suggestions for decorating with pumpkins without making such a mess? pumpkins are great but you don't have to use real pumpkins and squash. they do rot more easily, so if you're looking for longevity go for the faux pumpkins and squash. they are going to look fabulous. we've created them many different arrangements here. we have one that would look great at your front door. we also had a lot of fun with these faux witch legs. they really add that fun holiday look to your halloween decorations. then it's a bottom of this, we added kale and gourds and bittersweet with a big spray of
8:53 am
branches coming up after halloween is over this is not for the trash can. you'll be able to take the legs out and reuse all of this and transition right into your thanksgiving dee core. the mummy was another great way to do a really fun project with out making any mess at all. we went to the drugstore and we got gauze or bandage tape. we got some google eyes and we just started wrapping them up and then we took a marker and drew his mouth. this was so easy and so fun. you're not going to believe how easy this is. the candy corn was another project that we just thought it's perfect for kids. really easy to do. the candy corn is glued on. you could use elmer's glue or if you think the kids might be taking a bite of the candy, look up online how to make a sugar glue. have a template for the eyes. we just took a piece of paper and cut out two eyes and a mou mouth.
8:54 am
we taped it on there and then we started applying our candy corn. after this mask was on we just went in with a little black paint and a paint brush and there we have the cute coast pumpkin ever. if you have a question you want answered, tweet us at hash tag fox 29 weekend. ♪ mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. delicious and packaged with nothing to hide. no secrets. just like our family. well there is one. folks, i'm not your grandma.
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just a handsome kind hearted drifter who wandrered in years ago and stayed for all the yummy sausage. feel bad about lying. nap time. i got her. seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage.
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♪ this week on fox news sunday the gop searches for a new speaker to unite a divided
8:57 am
party. we'll talk with congressman jim jordan chair of the house freedom caucus that's demanding big changes on capitol hill. and former speaker newt gingri gingrich. then as russia escalates in syria, the u.s. ends its program to train the rebels. we'll talk with bass soar dennis ross and adviser steven hadley about the super power face off in the world's most dangerous neighborhood. and our power player of the week on fox news sunday. we've got the results from our poll today and overwhelmin overwhelmingly most of you feel that the pirate with the shackle around his neck was not racist. i don't know if it's racist because i don't know their intent. it was a little bit over the top. >> all right. let's take look at your comments you've been sending in. let's go eagles! tucker getting ready for the big game on that blanket right there. we'll see your eagles green today. we have a great lineup ahead of course game day you'll be on there. both of you on that,. >> just bill. >> nfl and is the game at
8:58 am
1:00 o'clock. you know we'll be watching. have a wonderful sunday. see you next week. ♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. the house in turmoil, as the gop searches for a leader to unite a divided party. ♪ trying to work together. i know a lot of speculation about who should run. >> we need to find somebody that our whole body can unite behind. we'll speak with congressman jim jordan, chairman of the freedom caucus, that is demanding changes on the hill. >> and newt gingrich, who says he would consider returning to the position he left. the u.s. ends its program to train of rebels. we'll talk about ambassador dennis ross, mid eve negotiator under four presidents,


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