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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 11, 2015 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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their own in a freak accident on a lawnmower. what happened. a woman slammed into a car with children inside twice. why police say she did it. your news starts in 30 seconds. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ right now freak accident has killed a firefighter in south jersey. he's retired. a black bunting now hangs at his former firehouse. 79-year-old was simply mowing his lawn this afternoon when he
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lost his life. the fire department and community are now mourning the unexpected loss of a friend and a comrade g evening i'm lucy noland. iain page is off tonight. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in the springfield township fire department tonight. sabina. >> reporter: lucy behind me you can see that black bunting hanging outside the firehouse here and the flag also at half staff. the firefighters out here are used to responding to emergency calls but not when it involves one of their own. >> normal day, always been around town. say hello. very involved with the communi community. >> springfield township firefighters grappling with the loss of one of their own a retired firefighter who chief brian says spent his life serving the community. tragically killed in freak accident as he cut his grass when his riding lawnmower erupted in flames just before 2:00 sunday afternoon. >> people ask you all the time, how does that happen? he was a firefighter. sometimes you can't control when
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the things are going to happen. >> reporter: authorities not releasing the victim's name but the chief says even after leaving the company the 79-year-old veteran firefighter work as township office of emergency management and later trained future firemen. >> talked to our members. gave them advice. kept mentoring. >> it's sad it's awake up call. every day pressures. >> reporter: neighbors near the scene shocked by the trage tragedy. several fire companies as well as the state police bombing arson units responded. at the firehouse black bunting hangs over the entrance and the flag is at half staff. the chief says his men are dealing with being unable to save a fellow hero. >> you get to the scene, you know, you do what you need to do. yes, it's in your mind while you're doing what you have to do, but it doesn't really hit you until after everything slows down. >> reporter: and tonight state police investigators will try to figure out exactly how this fire
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started. lucy, the chief tells me that from time to time they do get phone calls about lawnmowers catching on fire but in 20 years on the job the chief says he's never had anybody die in an incident like this. lucy? >> so sad. all right, sabina. developing to night, a tragic discovery in burlington county. someone found a body inside a dumpster in pemberton township. the police department tells us state police are handling the case and will only say it's right now under investigation. on your radar, a cooler work week is about to start. let's take live look at wilmington as this beautiful fall weekend comes to an end. cool temperatures possibly rain on the way for the start of your week. here's south philadelphia live as kathy tracks those changes. you actually tweeted something about the 30s, kathy? >> yes. >> i know. don't want to talk about it. everyone is tweeting saying no! i'm with you. i still have my shorts, my sweatshirts, we'll need long pants and maybe the winter coats
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by the work week's end. ultimate doppler showing not a cloud in the sky. no weather issues tonight and temperatures are falling receipt really fast the high today 70. right now in philadelphia 59. 50 in pottstown. 51 in allentown. 51 in wrightstown and atlantic city. that's at the airport the temperature 50 degrees. now, tomorrow morning, it will be clear and cool at 7:00 a.m., 55. by the 9:00 o'clock hour, just mostly sunny and 60. and warming up really nicely by noon. temperatures will be in the upper 60s on columbus day. looking ahead, clear skies will give way to some clouds an area of low pressure and more rain on the way. but the big story is, what comes next in the wake of a series of cold fronts this week. so, yes, we are talking about big changes coming our way. warminwarming up but more rain s in the seven day. for most of us. we'll talk about that coming up a little bit later in the broadcast. lucy. >> see you then kathy. to young men are at the hospital tonight after getting shot on a
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north philadelphia street. police say somebody opened fire at 17th and comer land right around 6:30 tonight hitting both 21-year-old victims twice and they're both in critical condition. so far, no arrests. meanwhile, police are trying to fine person who stabbed two teens in south philadelphia earlier tonight. investigators say the 14 and 16-year-olds were each stabbed near 15thth and oregon just before 7:00. both are at chop. the 14-year-old stable oh tonight but the 16-year-old is in critical condition. in montgomery county, the search is on for the person torching cars all in the same community. fox 29's joanne pileggi spoke to concerned neighbors in pennsburg borough worried the arsonist is going to strike again. >> reporter: this is one of the cars that was deliberately set on fire and burned beyond repair. >> it's troubling. really is. >> reporter: police in pennsburg trying to find out who did it and why. why would anyone set fires in three cars in this quiet little town in montgomery county?
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>> it's scary. um, whoever is doing this, individuals or a group of people they're getting away witness and the police need to step up because they're setting garages, cars on fire and i mean what will be the next thing maybe a house. >> reporter: police believe the same person also torched this garage nearby leading residents to worry about the safety of their families and their property. >> the garage down here is what was on fire. the car could explode fit damaged on fire and it's what couple feet from our houses. >> i don't know how they're doing it or what they're method is or whatnot. but it's scary. >> all the school kids around who are. i mean it's not a joke. it's not something do you as prank. it's not phonism it's not cute. >> reporter: damage estimates from the fires are in the thousands of dollars. police do not believe the victims were targeted. they think this is random act of vandalism. in pennsburg, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. a man shot twice in the head was somebody able to drive
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himself to the hospital. it happen right around 11:00 last night near the intersection of kensington avenue and albert street. the 32-year-old victim drove to saint christopher's hospital. paramedic then took him to temple where he's in critical but stable condition. to developing story. airline having trouble getting pass injuries off the ground. let's take a live look at philadelphia international airport. if you have an early morning flight on southwest, you might want to check the status before you head off to the airport. the airline is having technical problems. it's now dealing with hundreds of flight delays. fox 29's joyce evans in the newsroom. what is going on here? >> reporter: a bit of a mystery still at this point in time. but the effect is chris cal clear. those technical problems forcing southwest to check in many of its passengers manually and it's causing long lines at airports all around the country. this is lax earlier this evening. hundreds of people waited in line for hours. many travelers were given handwritten tickets. it's been a long time since
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you've seen those. southwest is not saying what is causing its computer problems. but it says it has teams working to fix it. some passengers are growing impatient while others taking it in stride. >> nobody is telling you anything much that's the probl problem. not a sign. there's not person here telling you anything. >> about an hour in the express line. so it's -- it hasn't moved in the last 30 minutes. so the going to be long day. we decided we might just go to the bar and drink for the rest of the day. i think that's what's going to happen. >> they may have had lots of company there. philadelphia international reported no problems here. southwest airlines is asking all passengers still to arrive at least two hours before their scheduled flight and to use the airport kiosks to print boarding passes and luggage days tag. the airline is not saying what caused those problems, but it does say that there's no indication right now that hackers are behind it. lucy? >> i guess that's good news.
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all right, joyce, thank you. an exciting afternoon for the birds taking down the saints here in philadelphia. howard eskin is here, man, howard, we needed this one to save the season. >> i would say that's simply put. that the eagles you would think if you go one and four on the season the chance of maying the playoffs would be over. now the eagles may have played a bad football team in new orleans but the eagles did play much better in this one. let's go to the linc. take look at a couple of the plays here. all right. josh huff who is back playing nice play. gets around the end. scores a 41-yard touchdown from sam bradford who had over 300 yards. that tied the score up at seven-seven. on defense fletcher coccyx was mazing. he absolutely has to be the defense player of the week. the sack, he had three of them. recovers the fumble that led to a score. eagles win it 39-17. it was far from perfect with the offense but with sam bradford, two interceptions after that it
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was much better. >> the win is nice. the big thing for us and this team is just to build on this. you know, by no means are where we want to be as a team, but i think today was a step in the right direction. >> this is a big win. we needed it but it's just one game much we got to watch the film and, you know, learn from the things we didn't do so well, but it's just one game. we got to continue to, you know, move forward. >> one game but without that one game the season would be for all intents and purposes over. so much more on this game coming up in sports final jon runyan will join us. we will break down what did happen today to make it better and major league baseball come down on chase utley pretty hard and they should have. that will be coming up in sports sunday. all right. we'll see you then, howard. fox 29 cameras by the way caught up with a couple of eagles fans, and this win is exactly what they need to propel them forward. >> we're back on track. sam bradford is looking a lot
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better now. lot move confidence. look really good today. i think we got a good chance n now. we got something going to happen this year. something special. watch it. watch it. e-a-g-l-e-s! (laughter). >> that's great. let's see what howard says about the rest of the season coming up later on fox 29. archdiocese of philadelphia is closing a bucks county church st. joseph of the worker in falsington closes next month. the church needs more than $1 million in repairs and officials say the cost to maintaining taken the building is more than $121,000 a year. a woman belows through an intersection driving straight into a car with children inside and this isn't the worst part. what happened when people rushed in to help. and a woman home alone when she says a man breaks into her house. boy, did he pick the wrong pla place. >> see the guy standing right about here. i came out and just started
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punching like this. get out, get out, get out! >> the rare weapon she grabbed next to make sure this guy wouldn't get away. hard to hear. we've got the whole story coming up much this children's toy no laughing matter to some. what instructions tell you to do to this character that has called for an apology tonight.
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incredible video shows a car below through an intersection, jump the its median and slam into the front of this car. it only gets worse. as people rush in to help, the driver backed up and hit the gas, fox's dan bowens breaks down the crazy scene. >> reporter: thursday suffolk county long island busy intersection on what seemed like a routine day. then out of nowhere, an suv crosses the median, runs over a road sign and strikes a mini van that was recording it all on dash cam. as bystanders try to help out the driver of that suv backs up strikes another vehicle then accelerates and once again hits the mini van. this time you can hear the young children and mother inside the mini van scream. >> ahh! >> the driver of the suv identified as linda spina53 years old arrested and charged with a dwi. no one answered the door at her home. neighbors here learning of the accident this weekend say
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they're outraged. edward powers lives right next door and has two-year-old child. >> it's not joke. it's definitely scary, and i think she deserves more than what she's getting just a dui. i think she should be charged for more than. >> it's disturbing enough at night but during the day when there's kids out playing and coming down the block like that it's a little scary. >> it's sad. it's sad. obviously, there's a problem there. >> reporter: driver of the mini van is farming dale resident she spoke with us by phone and says the family installed that dash cam as a preventive measure. they never imagined something like this. >> it happened second time it was like she was trying to kill us, you know, trying to kill us, escape and escape police and everyone. >> she says her two children riding in the suv at the time are fine but she's disappointed additional charges weren't filed against the driver. >> this makes mow very angry. >> the sister-in-law of
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dr. martin luther king has spent nearly her entire live standing up for justice. this weekend the 84-year-old georgia woman stood up to a carjacker. naomi king was outside the gates of had he retirement community waiting for the gate to open in at hasn't at a. a man came out of nowhere and demanded she get out of her car. told the man, no, she said no. he threatened to hit her. king stood her ground refused to get out. carjacker punched her. >> that caused me to bleed row profusely. he said again, get out of your car! i said, i am not getting out of my car. and with that, he busted me a second time across my lip. >> when the carjacker realized king wasn't going to butch he finally ran away. police have not made an arrest yet but have stepped up patrols in the area. in philadelphia, a flag raising at city hall government officials joining leader leadere lgbt movement. annual event officially kicks
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off lgbt history month in the city. the new flag features the city seal. hundreds took part in what's called out fest for national coming out day. mayor nutter says this month s activities are key to creating an equal city. >> today we mark this sixth year of our on-going tradition by remembering our past, mourning our losses, celebrating our victories and looking forward to the future. >> this year marks the 25t 25th anniversary of national coming out day. thousands gathered at the philadelphia museum of art today hoping to help beat kidney disease and one group of adults are at risk. but the delaware valley chapter of the kidney foundation wants to cut those odds. fox 29's jenn are in joyce was at today's kidney walk along west river drive and she came back with some just amazing personal stories. >> i'm walk fog my brother malik he's right l he's on diely a sis right now. he needs a kidney. >> reporter: one walk with thousands of personal stories.
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>> we raised close to $4,000. >> reporter: people supporting those who are courageously battling kidney disease. >> our oldest sister's husband clark donated his kidney to joan and she's doing great now. >> reporter: honoring those like 43-year-old bruce grundy. >> he was a pleasant person. somebody that would always do whatever he could for you. >> reporter: he unfortunately lost the fight. scott grundy says the philadelphia kidney walk is a way to give back to his brother. >> brings awareness to how critical kidney disease is and basically what we're doing is we're just trying to represent those who may not be able to represent themselves. >> reporter: the leader of this year's walk philadelphia rapper freeway who was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. he says, he needs a transplant. bill barnett of ridley park received two kidney trance atlantic city in his lifetime. >> he was a fighter. he fought for a long time. he had transplant at 30 and one at 40. >> reporter: barnett passed
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away this past spring at the age of 60. >> it's upsetting but because i never thought i'd have to do a walk for him but i do. and we'll do it every year. >> reporter: phillies brigade is standing behind their hub, dad, brother, friend and pop p pop. >> to make him proud of us for walking for him. >> helping to raise money for cause. that can hopefully help others with kidney disease have a healthy life. >> reporter: there was another walk down in delaware today for the kidney foundation, and there is a third in chester county on october 24th. they're moping to raise a combined $700,000. i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> great day for it. remember the young boy who took the stage in front of the pope and sang? he had everybody talking the day he performed again. this time in center city. listen in. ♪
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>> gives me chills. that's 14-year-old bobby hill performing this morning at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul along with the rest of keystone state boys choir. hill stole the show at last month's festival of families event on the parkway just an angelic voice. a blast so powerful it wakes neighbors in their beds. this home engulfed in flames. the heart-breaking discovery investigators found inside. and -- tried to pick up my bucket and run and the neck thing you know you hear a boom. >> a massive waterspout hit land forcing people to run for cover. what happened when it took on a tractor trailer. and police say two guys raced out of a strip club holding wads of stolen cash while firing at police and even trying to speed away. tonight they're in jail. the one big piece of the puzzle still missing tonight. who police cannot fine. ♪ >> this cat is an internet zen saying.
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vince mazzeo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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a massive and deadly blast has fire investigators to night looking for what set it off. a couple in their 60s died in the explosion at a massachusetts condo complex yesterday morning. it was so powerful it woke up neighbors. the victims were just moved from florida to be closer to their grandchildren and propane heats that condo. so investigators are looking into that as one possible cause. police in one texas town coming under fire for tase ago city council member. >> put your hands behind your back. put your hands up. >> he's going to have to tase you. you're not doing like you're supposed to. >> ah! >> police released this body cam video of the incident. 26-year-old councilman jonathan miller says an officer shocked him with taser on thursday night. police responded to his home over calls about apparently a large crowd that had gathered. miller came out and asked why they were questioning the group of evidently friends of his. an officer ordered miller to step back as you heard but police say he would not comply.
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so they tased him. arrested him. took him to jail. he is tonight out on bond. just a wild scene outside an atlanta strip club. police say two men robbed a guy inside, then shot at officers who arrived on scene before trying to speed off. the officers who the robbers shot at fired back. but those guys kept on driving. police say the men crashed into a car then into wall but did it not stop there. they tried to run off but police caught them. as of yet, police have not found the man the two guys robbed in the club. one small toy behind big controversy. the naacp wants it yanked from the shelves. the plastic toy part of play mobile's pirate ship set. the instruction guide that comes with the set says to put the shackle around the character's neck. the naacp calls the toy appalling saying it sends the wrong message to children. >> that's slave.
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that is preposterous. childhood toys should not subject children to terror. that's just what this is depicting. >> the naacp wants the toy recalled. and apology from employee mobile. the company released a statement to the washington post saying "the pirate figure is a crew member on the pirate ship, not a captive and it goes on to say" the figure is meant to represent a pirate who was a former slave in a historical couldn't together. it was not our intention to offend anyone in any way ". a woman's home alone when a man breaks into her house and boy, did he pick the wrong pla place. the rare weapon she grabbed next to make sure this guy wouldn't get away. kathy? >> we are in the clear for now, lucy, but our next weather system is waiting in the wings. we're tracking it. our next chance of rain and a major cool down coming up in the seven day. all right. talk to you then, kathy. steven tyler jumped into the race for president but not as candidate. who the aerosmith front man is
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taking to court for using -- you hear this? for using his legendarlegendary ballad. w??ççóç
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♪ right now at 10:30, cooler changes on the way. little river band cool changes one of my favorite songs much this is live act at phl philadelphia international airport right now. no problems with air traffic unless you're flying on southwestly they've got issues. if you are flying southwest, give them a call. talk to them. kathy orr by the way putting the finishing touches on your forecast just minutes away. so waterspout off the coast of tampa hits land and goes on a tear leaving a path of destruction. this is so rare. a construction site is ripped apart boats are overturned even a tractor trailer went airborne then flipped. fox's kim, shows us how today's drama unfolded. >> it just came around we were fishing. >> reporter: waw what was suppod to be a quiet day of fishing turned into heart pounding
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experience. >> all the weigh water and debris. >> reporter: he had a line in the water trying to snag a cat catch. >> any regular day of the just starting out. >> reporter: around 9:45 his day took a turn when he was forced to take cover. >> next thing i know it started get morgue intense, debris everywhere. i tried to pick up my buckets and run. you heard a boom. >> reporter: waterspout formed near the sky way bridge, overturned a boat and knocking many road signs to the ground. >> i thought it was just pog to start, you know, stay in the water rea really and kind of stt to dissipate but it hand last. >> lee began following the waterspout recording its every move. before it dissipated it twisted a u.s. postal service semi truck. >> it look like a paper truck and papers went flying like an explosion. >> reporter: male scattered on the road and littered the water way. >> it fell over on the side and then flipped it back over on to its wheelings wheels. i could see the driver the whole
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time holding on to the steering wheel. >> the male, the mailbox, the carriers were in the bay noting everywhere. >> reporter: troopers work to gather up mail. as many realized what had just happened. >> they don't usually come that way you usually get out of the way report roar his close call were you just another day on the water. >> just another fishing story. >> kathy orr will tell you that water spouts don't often make their way on to land. despite the damage nobody is hurt. aerosmith's front man steven tyler and donald trump have one thing in common. he wants to put a stop to that. his attorney sent the trump presidential campaign is a cease and desist letter to get them to stop using the ballad dream on much he is a registered republican but an attorney says he didn't want to give the impression he's connected or endorses the trump campaign. indiana woman woke up to find a strange man wandering around her home and her combat training kick in. >> i could see the guy standing
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right about here. i started punching like this, get out, get out, get out! >> karen dollar system trade in medieval combat. she jumped out of the bed and bunch the guy 10 times. she grabbed her japanese combat sword and hell the blade right up to him. >> i held it like this while he was on the floor and called 911 witness other hand. >> police arrested 30-year-old jason wes sell who was high on something. they say he told officers over and over again he was trying to hide from someone. so on your radar. a beautiful weekend is winding down. >> um-hmm. >> kathy, i know you were talking about 30s. goodness. >> we don't mean age. >> no. we don't. we don't. we mean temperatures. they are coming in the seven day forecast. right now just a beautiful night little bit on the cool side. the high today made it to 70. the item which are right now 59 degrees. and that is going to be changing temperatures are tumbling. rye now in philadelphia 59.
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the whole eastern seaboard on the cool side to the west we have some warmth. so one more warm day will be moving our way before we cool it down again. now, right now no weather issues just a clear sky. light winds the we'll start off tomorrow morning with mostly sunny sky and it will stay that way a few clouds offshore with coastally low. then we'll watch an area of low pressure swing a front through this is tuesday. tuesday morning will be sunny at 7:00 a.m. then we'll watch the clouds move through. by mid date some rain along the i-95 corridor. this is tuesday around lunch time. then this sweeps through with a few leftover sprinkles. by the dinner hour. so this is our first cold front moving our wage you can see in the wake of this front tuesday, we get some cooler air moving in. so this is the first shot that we'll really be feeling the impact by wednesday. but another front later in the week will really seal the deal and by the weekend we're talking about the coldest air of the season. overnight tonight, 51 in the city. 48 in the suburbs.
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mainly clear skies. during the day tomorrow we warm it up quickly. 75 our last real perfect day this week surgical winds about five to 10 miles an hour for the columbus day holiday. the seven day forecast you have monday at 75. morning showers tuesday, 73. the first shot of cool air comes in wednesday. thursday is pleasant at 70 degrees. a few showers friday with the next front. this one is more powerful. take a look at what happens over the week and. saturday 56. sunday morning 42. that is the coolest morning in philadelphia our suburbs will be in the 30s. the poconos freezing temperatures. so sunday morning is going to be the key. lots going on today. want to give a shout out to media where they had the food festival. down the shore, scott and i were at the walk for alzheimer's is a beautiful day in atlantic city today. the crowds were there. and what a perfect day. we want to thank everyone for showing up. of course, fox 29 a proud
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sponsor of that event and many more walks in your neighborhood coming up in in the next. >> sports sunday right now. ♪ tonight on sports sunday the game that the eagles absolutely needed to win. so what was it that was the biggest reason for that win today? what got the running game and the passing game going to give the eagles over 500 yards of offense? jon runyan in the stewed tow to brake down want it was that made this big -- you know what happened. that's coming up on sports happened. that's coming up on sports sunday. as the season shifts, happened. that's coming up on sports sundaychange is on its way. and with change, comes opportunity. it's up to you to seize it. ♪


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