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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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even a nine, it is a ten today. >> wow. >> very excited. i'm glad to have you with us this morning. 52 degrees. cool morning in the city, with calm wind, but, check out some of our temperatures in the burbs this morning. we've got 40's allentown, pottstown. forty-four reading. some clouds keep it to 50 and mount pocono 48 degrees and trenton, 43 atlantic city. forty-six in wildwood. you won't need sweater or jacket to start the the day or long sleeve eagles jersey, yes, bus stop buddy for kids who are going to school and we have been checking around. some schools are in session but some are not the for the columbus day holiday. for kids going out or just waiting for your bus, long sleeves this morning. temperatures in the 40's and 50's as we just showed you. ultimate doppler, nothing, scanning around the area for precipitation. so let's plan on a sunny, sunny day. it will be a lovely day with a high of, 75 degrees. by lunchtime we will be close to 70.
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so, a day to make the most of it, for your monday, because cooler times are coming. more seasonal weather as we head into mid-october we will talk about that in our seven day forecast just ahead bob but kelly, hi. >> hi, sueby, welcome back. great to have you back. all is well and rested up thereafter a week vacation. look at this fellow taking a nap. come on, wake it up, live look at the blue route 476. right here near mid county tolls. light volume today with the columbus holiday as sue mentioned some schools do have the the day off. right now no problems at all rolling from maple shade through palmyra heading up toward tacony palmyra bridge. ben franklin bridge looking good this morning. in problems coming into downtown. the heads up heading to the airport especially if you intend to fly southwest. southwest, put out an alert for all of the passengers that if you are flying today, they suggest that you check in on line from home, print your
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boarding passes and a arrive two hours prior to your departure time. so expect delays, this morning, not just here in philadelphia but across the the country on the southwest system. the west on the pennsylvania turnpike in problems, philadelphia over to will valley forge. southbound i-95 looking good out of northeast philadelphia. one left over work crew here on 202, northbound into route 401. good morning from the nuns frome knack lot a there watching us from chester county and they are working on the 19th street bridge, that is closed, that is overpass over the vine street expressway. we are going on a detour here in center city philadelphia and on the pennsy turnpike one little work crew left over there, the off ramp to fort washington. otherwise bridges are fine, and mass transit running with no delays. lauren back over to you. good news for a monday, thanks. burlington county fire company is mourning one of their own after a retired fire fighter as called in the freak accident. this happened while he was mowing his lawn yesterday.
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jennifer joyce is in jobstown with the details, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. the springfield township fire chief says robert lipincott was a member here and fire fighter for more than 50 years. this year current members are honoring his life. police say it was a freak accident. lipincott was killed yesterday afternoon when the lawn mower he was riding in his jobs town home burst into flames. how this all happened is still not yet known. springfield township fire chief says lipincott was a retired fire fighter with the department. he also work for township's emergency management the office and served as a senior instructor at the burlington county fire academy. this was a man who dedicated his life to the community, and it is not the first time that this fire company has dealt with the loss. >> it is second time now we have had something that has been fire related with a member. you sit here and they are like a fire fighter and people ask you all the time how does that happy was a fire fighter? sometimes you cannot control when the things are going to
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happen. >> it is sad. it is a wake up call. every day is precious. >> it is a loss to not only our organization but the township as well. he will be missed. >> reporter: new jersey state police bomb and arson units responded after passerby noticed the fire but victim died at the scene. thinks all under investigation. so sad, jenny joyce, thanks very much. a two-year old is chriscally injured after a car accident at intersection of cheltenham and bustleton in northeast philadelphia police say it happened just before 11:00 last night. driver hit a pole with his two children inside the car. she and the eight year-old were taken to hahnemann with minor injuries. two-year old was rushed to st. christopher's with severe head trauma. someone found a body inside a dumpster on pemberton browns mills road in pemberton township this happened yesterday at the pemberton police department only telling us that the police are handling the case and it is
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under investigation. search is on for a person torching cars. police in pennsburg believe the same person set three cars on fire and torched a garage nearby. this car was burned, beyond repair. neighbors in the area worried about their safety and, of course, their property. >> it is scary. whoever is doing this, individuals, group of people, they are getting away witt. police need to step it up because they are saying garages, cars on fire, what is the the next thing. >> the garage dunn here as well was on fire. car could explode if it catches on fire and what, 4 feet from our houses. >> i don't know how they are doing it or what their method is or what not the but it is very scary. >> damages mates are in the thousands, and police say they don't think the victims were targeted. it looks like just random acts of vandalism. but, let's talk politics. democratic presidential candidates are gearing up for their first debate for the primary season. they will face off, in las vegas tomorrow. the the latest national poll
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from cbs shows front runner hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by 19 points. sanders has proved to be a strong contender for clinton from the progressive wing of the democratic party. meanwhile america will hear more from the other three candidates who get little attention, martin o'malley, lincoln chaffee and jim web are hoping to make a little noise. vice-president joe biden spent the weekend in delaware as he reportedly nears a decision of when will put his name in the running, for the presidency of the united states. some political analyst say biden could make his decision public in the the next ten days, giving him enough time to build networks in early primary states. while he has not made his plans public he has taken some important steps towards a run. the last week a group of biden's represent met with staffers, from the democratic national committee, to sort of go over details, and rules, biden would need to understand if he decides to run. >> the the white house has been saying, go, joe, go.
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he has been flying all over the united states on air force two speaking to have african-american groups, gay groups, with the backing and blessing of the white house. >> biden is drawing about 19 percent support, in national democratic polling behind both clinton and sanders. well, you have to admit it was an exciting afternoon for the bird and their fans after they took down the saint right here in philadelphia at the link. the it was a must win game nerd to sort of save the season. the third quarter, this was the the turning point of the the game, drew pleas, no where to go, watch as fletcher cox comes in for the sack. cox had three of the eagles five sack as begins breeze and his o line forcing fumbles that led to points on two of them. the the eagles forced four new orleans turnovers that they turned into 19 points. in the fourth quarter bree is still fighting but walter thurmond provides the exclamation pint to the game right there. interception and they returned it for a touchdown. thurmond will stop by good day
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in the 7:00 o'clock hour. we will ask him about the game, the season, maybe the playoffs, and his foundation. and speaking of the fans, they are thrilled with the birds. dave kinchen live at the link with the the good news, hi dave. >> reporter: how about good water cool other talk with a much needed big win. it is hard to say the the season would not have been lost without a crucial win yesterday over the saint, but let's go to video right the now. sam bradford making his connections, to ryan matthews and demarco murray throwing for 333-yard, despite two red zone interceptions. he pulled it together and made something happen. i'll tell what you everybody giving credit to the guys, out front, and overall preparation. throughout the week and you know what, the the fans are just very satisfied. >> in the beginning it was a little scary with the interceptions but after that bird flew baby, birds fly. great game.
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we got points on the board. >> minimum mistakes. we played until the end. that is what they need to do. >> we brought to it day. we brought it. it is a long season. we're turning this things around. this ship is going straight to the lombardi trophy. >> about time they put their game together. the offense was pretty g the defense was extremely good. and, i love their turnovers, and they can get rolling. >> reporter: some people ape national papers are saying it was not such a good team that beat a worst team but getting that win is crucial, to stay in playoff talks. just the talk of playoffs, well, that is something that people love to hear. >> everybody is excited. dave, thanks very much. after a glitch caused massive delays for southwest customers things are back on track at philadelphia international airport. but still airline trying to get back to normal after all of those technical problems. the glitch forced travel tours print boarding passes and check luggage the the old fashion way which led to long lines while employees issued
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handwritten tickets. the issues impacted the app, web site and reservation kiosk. they have started yesterday morning and lasted all day. passengers say the entire ordeal was so frustrating. >> an hour in the express line, so it has not moved in the last 30 minutes, so it will be a will be day. we decided we might just go to the bar and drink. >> considering everything is dependent on computers, you know, if there is a glitch, you need a backup system and you need to be able to handle things. >> well, southwest is encouraging people to arrive early because we know what could happen today. archdiocese of philadelphia is closing a bucks county church, st. joseph of the work are closes next movement the the church needs american $1 million in repair and officials say cost of maintaining the building is more than $121,000 every year. 5:10 this year. amazing video out of new york. a woman slams in the car with children inside, not once, but twice. why police say she did it.
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why officialness will california might have to turn to prison, and inmates the to help them fight fires?
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yeah, it is monday, we're all dragging. you know what it was a decent weekend, sue serio so we cannot complain too much about the weekend and it being monday. >> noisy start on friday afternoon with all those thunderstorms but actually that took away humidity starting to build up on friday when we got to 80 degrees. it was ultimately a good thing because by the weekend we had lower humidity, get outside to do all that pumpkin picking and maybe decorating your house for halloween and all of the things that happened in an automatic um. it is just a beautiful time of the year and last weekend was we hoped for when we had an autumn weekend. we have no rain to show you on ultimate doppler. we have storm system to the south but that is not expected to affect our weather. we have a cold front out to the west that will be coming to visit us tomorrow probably in the afternoon. the as we start off with a look at our future cast we
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don't have anything to show you, until really, really tomorrow when we start to see a build up of cloud. this morning will be sunny. tomorrow morning cloudy. by the end of the morning we will start to see some rain moving in at least north and west of the city. a lot of that rain dissipates by early afternoon but we could see a couple of showers in the philadelphia area we will get to an early high in the 70's, and a few left over showers in the evening, but really not much in the way of rain. you'll notice difference in temperature between today's high temperature and tomorrow's early high, once we get to wednesday, things will be cooling down and we will see decent sunshine. then we would be back to the the seasonal temperatures which are supposed to be in the upper 60's. we've got 40's to the north of us, 40's to the south of us, 52 degrees right here in philadelphia but it is only 42 heading up to pottstown and 46 when you head down to wildwood, new jersey. checking our shore temperatures there in the 50's
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this morning. some of them right along the beach. it is not too bad there if you have have an autumn week at the shore perhaps, like some of us did last week but we did warm up nicely mid 70's throughout tuesday, wednesday, thursday, last week. hit 80 on friday before the thunderstorms. high of only 66 on saturday. zero seven was the the high yesterday. we will do better than that today with a high of 75. and 75 tomorrow as well. so we will grab a ten today, nine because of those showers on tuesday, and then, maybe an eight or nine on wednesday when we get to a high of 66 degrees. sixty-six on thursday. upper 60's on friday. another chance of showers with another reenforcing cool front and this will leave us with a very chilly weekend. we do expect sunshine both days of the weekend but temperatures during the day, in the upper 50's and maybe, dipping down into the 40's and 30's at night. we could wake up to a really chilly sunday morning. even in the city bob kelly we are seeing temperatures in the 30's. >> it was chilly saturday
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morning outside on the soccer field there. we had one field in the shade for most of the game but you good morning everybody. 5:17. we are looking live at route 309 near fort washington interchange all of the overnight construction pick up and gone. we're ready for morning rush hour. this morning's rush hour, almost like the snow globe we will shake it up and see what happens. because with columbus day some folks have the day off, some schools are opened, others have to grab the backpack and go. here's a live look if you are watching us down the the shore, good morning, to ocean city, new jersey just off the garden state parkway n problems in and out of the city on the ben franklin bridge. 422, watch for that construction heading westbound leaving the king of prussia mall area and heading out toward trooper roads. travel times if you are heading to or from the poconos this morning, no problems, at all up and down the the northeast extension, i-95 out of the north east you are looking good. heads up, as lauren just
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mentioned southwest airlines had that glitch yesterday, according to their web site they are asking anyone who is traveling will southwest today, to check in on line at home, you print the boarding passes from home, and then arrive two hours early, two hours prior to your scheduled departure time. we could have left over delays at the air port flying southwest, so pack your patients there. north bound lanes of 202, a little slow from west chester heading in to route 401. they have a new traffic pattern set up here right as you come around that curve right where the exit for 401 comes into play. beware of that. coming in and out of the city today just remember that vine street construction project they have 19th street bridge closed. so detours set up. otherwise we're off to a quiet start. back over to you. incredible video which shows a car blow right through its intersection. do you see it there. jumped the van and slammed in the front of the car there.
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it only gets worse as people rush into help, the driver decides to backup, and hit the the gas again. fox's dan bowens breaks down the crazy scenes. >> reporter: thursday in long island busy intersection of what seemed like a routine day. then out of no where a suv the crosses a median, runs offer a roadside and strikes a minivan that was recording it all on dash cam. as bystanders try to help out the the driver of that suv, backs up, strikes another vehicle and accelerating and hits the minivan this time you can hear young children and mother inside the minivan scream. the driver of the suv identified as linda spina, 53, arrested and charged with the di. no one answered in her home, and neighbors here learning of the accident said they are outraged and linda powers lives next door and has a two-year old child. >> it is not a joke.
5:20 am
it is scary. she deserves more than what she's getting just a dui. she should be charged with more than that. >> it is not night, during day when kid are out at play and to becoming down the block like that, it is scary. >> it is sad. obviously is there a problem there. >> reporter: driver of the minivan is a farmingdale resident who spoke with us by phone and said that the family installed that dash camas a preventive measure. they never something like this >> she was trying to kill us, trying to kill us, iron getaway from everyone. >> she said her two children riding in the suv are fine but she's disappointing that a additional charges were not filed against spina. >> very disappointed. u.s. military says five troops were killed when their helicopter crashed in afghanistan just outside of kabul. the troops were part of the nato led effort to train
5:21 am
afghan i soldiers. the military is calling it a non-whose style incident. a memphis police officer shot over the the weekend has died. thirty-one year-old terence oridge was preparing to go to work sunday afternoon when he was shot multiple times. was planning to marry his fiance whom police say is now four months pregnant. the suspect is in police custody. back in august, memphis police officer shawn bolton was killed during a routine traffic stop. california officials considering suspending their inmate fire fighting unit and locals are concerned. they allow inmates from minimum security prisons to help out but now they are considering using ones with violent histories as well. the state has the largest inmate fire fighting june witt 3800 members. the the violent histories including robberies, arsonist, kidnappers, sex offenders, gang affiliates the but those serving life sentences for murder and other crimes would still be excluded.
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when you think of working out do you think of walking? well, it might be better for your waist line then you imagined. what speed you need to drop a few inches. plus callus making a historic decision about names for its high schools. what schools are banned from doing in the future. but first here are your winning lottery numbers. ññ
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nations honoring columbus day. city will celebrate the holiday with big parade. here in philadelphia, city offices are closed and in the honor of the holiday. this is going to affect services such as your trash pick up. check with your municipality about cities operations. while u.s. observes columbus day, others are using day to recognize indigenous people day. nine cities across u.s. including important land, oregon and st. paul, minnesota will observe it for the first time this comes as native american activist are making push in dozens of sit toys change the name of columbus day. campaign says the the federal holiday overlooks a painful history of colonialism, and discrimination. california has become the first state to ban schools for using the term redskins as a team name or mascot. the governor signed the bill into law yesterday. measure which goes into effect
5:26 am
in january 2017 effects four schools that are still using the term. the the schools will aloud to phase out materials with the terms such as uniforms because of concerns about cost. now some native american activist are using this victory to put more pressure on the washington redskins to change their name, but the teams owner has continually refuse add mid growing calls against that term. thousands gather a at philadelphia museum of art hoping to stop kidney disease. one-third in the u.s. is at risk. leader of the philadelphia walk was rapper freeway was recent liz diagnosed and now needs a transplant. others honored loved ones who lost their battle and to support those still fighting. >> it brings awareness to how critical kidney disease is and basically what we're doggies we're just trying to represent those who may not be able to represent themselves. >> the event will be a race on
5:27 am
october 24th in chester county. that group is hoping to raise a combined $700,000. a new study shows walking at different speeds could have a big impact on how many calories you burn during the day. a team of researchers from the the ohio state university studied volunteers walking on a treadmill. they were asked to walk at different paces while the treadmill stayed the same. that way the walkers were spending extra energy and not the treadmill. the those who varied their speed burned 20 percent more calories verse those who walked at a constant pace. low gas prices could be backfiring for social security recipients how their cost of living adjustment could ab expected. and philadelphia is celebrating lgbt history month. coming up with what the the mayor says is crucial to creating a equal city.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. a local community mourning loss of the retired fire fighters, coming up how a freak accident claimed his life. why gas prices are blamed for keeping payment at the same level for social security recipients. and it was a must win forbidder as they did it, pulling out a w against the saints. we have all of the highlights coming up with big daddy graham. good day it is monday october 12th, 2015.
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fantastic weekend and sue says it continues although today is monday. >> i know. well, we call call it milder monday because it will be a little bit milder then yesterday and yesterday was nice if you were outside in the sunshine. hopefully you you whim get a chance to do that today. bus stop buddy is here. school busies here. not every school has off today. it is a columbus day holiday though for philadelphia public schools and many other school districts around the region. so we've got the eagles jersey on, long sleeves on for this morning, clear skies means we have cooled off quite a bit. temperatures in the 40's and 50's this morning to get you started but in your weather by the numbers we are going to double digits. you like our new look for weather by the numbers? we will switch it up with the old one, sometimes, just like to give you a little fresh perspective every once in a while. 52 degrees. calm wind. great visibility. airport looks good. 86 percent relative humidity.
5:32 am
feels cool out there. sweater weather if you are north of the city. forty-eight in trenton. forty-four in reading. only 42 in lancaster. we have 49 degrees in wilmington delaware. forty-five in wildwood to get you started this morning. the our stance on ultimate doppler radar show no precipitation. we will be on about 50 degrees by 9:00 o'clock this morning. temperatures get down before they go backup. 69 degrees by lunchtime. the plenty of sunshine and a mild monday with a high of 75 degrees. now normally we see october 12th is in the upper 60's. this is a nice treat for us but how long will it last. in the new and improved seven day forecast will let you know in the meantime here's ever wonderful bob kelly. >> so wonderful to have you back here sue, welcome back here, everybody. all of the facebook posts where is sue, where is sue. the she's on vacation, she's on vacation. now she's back. great to have you back. lets look at route 363, out there in montgomery county.
5:33 am
so crews they are loving the the cooler temperatures on the early morning hours, and the the work crews on the overnight, they don't have to worry about the midday. no problems at all up and over the the bend any downtown philadelphia we are off to a good start. again, construction i showed you in the the camera will tie us up heading wednesday bounce leaving that king of prussia interchange heading out 422 to trooper road. rest of the majors not bad, coming back from the poconos, after a good weekend, no problems, up and down the the northeast extension, i-95 we are seeing a little bit of volume between woodhaven and center city. heads up flying out of philadelphia international and flying via southwest airlines. we told you story all morning about the glitch yesterday, with their computer system, according to southwest, a suggestion that you check in on line at home, print your boarding passes at home, and then arrive two hours early, prior to your scheduled departure. so pack your patients and be
5:34 am
ready for possible delays. if you are flying southwest today. north on 202, some delays, as you work from west chester heading in to route 401. there is a new pattern in play there heading in towards that condition trucks zone and they have been working downtown here all weekend long 19th street the bridge over the the vine street expressway is closed so some detours are set up. otherwise mass transit looking good. lauren, back over to you. burlington county fire company mourning one of their own after retired fire fighter killed in the freak accident, this all happened, while he was mowing his lawn, yesterday. jennifer joyce live in jobstown with the very sad details, hi there jenny. >> reporter: good morning. black bunting is draped across springfield town ship fire station as fire fighters morning the loss of one of their own a retired fire fighter was killed yesterday in a freak accident. police say roger lip 9079 year-old was killed when lawn mower he was riding in his jobs town home burst into
5:35 am
flames, and how this all happened, it is still in the yet known. springfield township fire chief says lipincott was a retired fire fighter with the department ape he was a member for more than 50 years. he also work for the township's emergency management office and served as a senior instructor at the burlington county fire academy. this was the man who dedicated his life to the the community. >> someone who has been in our organization for over 50 years, so i mean it is not someone who just came in and went out. so, i mean, he dedicated himself to, you know, to the residents of the springfield township through the fire company. once he became inactive, you know work our fire company, he entered into office of emergency management for springfield township and work with the township during, you know, emergency events, storms, related incidents, things like that. he served the residents, by teaching the fire fighters down at the the fire school.
5:36 am
>> reporter: new jersey state police, bomb and arson units responded after a passerby noticed the fire but the the victim had died at the scene. investigators still trying to figure out how this all happened. >> so sad, jenny joyce, thanks very much. 5:36 this morning. for the third time in 40 years millions of social security recipients will not have an increase in benefits next year and they can blame low gas price. by law the annual cost of increase is dragged down by low gas prices. the official announcement is expected thursday. the average inly payment, it is just over a little $1,200. a flag raising at the philadelphia city hall has government officials joining leaders of the lgbt movement. annual event officially kicks off lgbt history month in the city. new flag features the city's seal, elsewhere, hundreds took part in is what called out fest for national coming out day. mayor nutter says this months activities are key to creating an equal city today we mark
5:37 am
this sixth year of our ongoing tradition by remembering our pass, mourning our losses, celebrating our victories, and looking forward to the future. >> this year marks the 25th anniversary of national coming out day. the final season of american idol will hit air in a few months but coming up we will tell you how kim and kanye gave the show judges a big surprise over the weekend. fans of the series fargo gearing up foresees on two, find out what you will see new in tonight's premiere.
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i guarantee you that at some point everything is going to go south on you. >> really. >> you will say, this is it. >> martian still a huge hit with movie goers it finished in the top spot bringing in 37 million-dollar. this weekend. also transylvania two knocked down to number two. pan starring hugh jackmanmade its debut at number three with the intern and sicario not far behind. fx's hit show fargo is coming back with a new season tonight. new season is a prequel to season one taking place 27 years earlier. if the name fargo sound familiar that is because the series was inspired by 1995 film of the same name, the new season promises all of the quirk and violence of the
5:41 am
first inter weaving three story lines that involved a family of criminals and law enforcement. >> the the story is about in general terms innocent, every day, hard working, honest people who are descended upon this random violence and evil, and how they deal with that. >> catch the premiere tonight on fx. auditions for last season of american idol wrap up in san francisco and judges say they are just looking for the next big star. i mean the ultimate goal of this show is to produce superstars and it is the only show that produced superstars and it has happened, many, many times starting with that very first year with kelly clarkson all the way up through very recently, so we're just thrilled to be part of it. >> you can catch new season of american idol right here on fox coming up in january. speaking of idol auditions guess who stopped by a surprise audition, you guessed
5:42 am
it. the kanye west and his wife kim k showed up on saturday. he wrapped a verse from his hit gold digger. kim and ryan seacrest shared pictures on instagram. kanye did get the a yellow ticket and he is on his way to hollywood. okay. did you see this touchdown yesterday? josh huff slows down when he nears the end zone and he wanted to make this one memorable, and he did, we will talk about it with big daddy graham, coming up next. there it is, boom. mirrors. they show us all our problem areas... those places that we can't wish or squish away.
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skies are cleared but with clear skies we will get cooler temperatures so it is a cool start but do expect a milder machine today. we have had showers ahead in the forecast, probably tomorrow, and then maybe gannon friday, and then a big chill weekend coming up as well, so hopefully you'll get in touch and stay in touch with us sue serio at fox 29 that is twitter and facebook handle. right there. just a quick mention as far as hurricane season is concern, joaquin was our last storm that strong hurricane that ended up missing us but the the next couple names on the list are kate, larry, and mindy. so if that happened, that storm you know we will be calling it, the the mindy project. the former fox show. the temperatures 50 degrees in
5:46 am
mount pocono. forty-two in allentown. fifty-two in the city. a a lot of those suburbs are in the 40's. so make sure if your kids are going to school today or you are heading out the to work or whatever you are doing that you have a sweater for early in the day but layer it up because you will not need it later on. this is the the closest rain we can find off the the out are banks of north carolina, just some rain there but it is not much at least. for us we have clear skies we were talking about. it the is looking good. new as we look ahead, we have got this cold front easing from the the midwest, tomorrow, and bringing in very light rain, probably late morning early afternoon but not everybody will get a shower from the front. you will feel the difference after it comes through. then we will get that cooler breeze and cooler temperatures, as you can see from this contour here coming from the northwest. so it will feel a little bit the more seasonal and a little bit more like mid-october is supposed to feel like. we will be warmer than average. is there your average high
5:47 am
68 degrees. we were above average mess of the week days. we topped off at 80 before the thunderstorms hit and then 66 degrees on saturday. seventy on sunday, where are we heading to day? how about 75. seventy-five before we get the rain tomorrow. the just a few showers as we mentioned and then sunny and cooler more seasonal temperatures through wednesday and thursday and friday, and then after we get another cold front on friday, burr, it is a big chill weekend with daytime temperatures in the 50's and at night, many of us will be experiencing lows in the 30's. so that is mum weather for the fall, been. >> mummer. mummers, you got it. it was cold, chilly out this morning. the on saturday morning. put me in coach. put me in as the coach. >> what happened. >> i took austin to his soccer game on saturday and the the coach didn't show. look at me, i have my cup of coffee still, all right.
5:48 am
it started out getting the kid to kick the ball around. then they put me in goal, trying to get the kid to score. luckily i didn't spill my coffee. >> can we call you coach kill toy day. >> yes. >> not chip. >> just coach kelly and all have of those little kid games. our team won. the other team won too. everybody won. >> what did you say to urge us on, go, go, go, goal, goal, goal, the the kid were more concern about what numbers they haddon their back. >> austin running around i'm still number eight. you are still number eight. great weekend to be outside, on the soccer field and pumpkin picking. the crew are still out near route 422 out in montgomery county. the overnight work crews are loving the the cooler temperatures in the morning but it will cause a delay if you head west on 422 that trooper road off ramp where you'll hit breaks from the
5:49 am
work crew this is morning. otherwise good morning south injuries any problems up and down 295 looking live right here near route 30 on the freeway starting to see pockets of headlights here. time to make doughnuts. again, with columbus day a lot of folks have the day off, some schools are off today as well so the rush hour could be a little light. no problems on the the schuylkill as we go for a ride from king of prussia toward conshohocken curve, nice easy ride with no major delays as of yet here around the curve. flying around out philadelphia southwest a computer glitch yesterday they say check in on line, at home, print your boarding passes at home and then get down to the airport about two hours prior, to your scheduled, departure time, and then pack your patients down there with southwest. lauren, back over to you. eagles made all of the fans happy yesterday pulling out a win at the link and we have proud moments at the game. let's chat about it, and, big daddy graham.
5:50 am
>> what a thrill to be on the air with somebody who knows football. >> i know. >> unlike that chris, i forget his last name already. >> chris murphy. >> wait, wait, second quarter, right. second and seven. >> doing good so far. >> and then take from it there, big daddy. >> josh huff takes tonight for actually in the his first touchdown because he return a kick off for touchdown once before. here's the the flip. first of all i wish he would have landed on the feet. he said he would do it again. i have mixed feeling about this, lauren. >> i do too. >> i'm all for players enjoying themselves. i'm in the a member of the the no fun league as it is called. i like celebrations but it is a one-three football team is a huff the has been non-existent on this team. i thought it was overly cocky of him. other half of me likes what he did. now, here's part of the thing that the eagles did very well
5:51 am
yesterday which was run the ball. they ran the ball 33 times yesterday between demarco murray, they is getting the ball now and ryan matthews and darren sproles. that is what you need from this team. it is the having games in which they ran at least 20 times. hello, what does that tell you. maybe run the the ball a little bit more. the plus those three guys, caught 11 passes. so big day. i don't want to leave out the defense. fletcher cox had a great game. jenkins is putting together an amazing season here. but i really like yesterday's win because it started also terrible. two red zone interceptions, and they bounced back from that. i want to call sam bradford's best games because of his horrible start. it was his best game. now lets get to what everybody was talking about last night,
5:52 am
even more then the the eagles which in this town is really saying something, it is chase utley with this play right here, boom, now there are people calling it dirty. i'm calling it old school baseball. it is how i always watched the game. it was his fault a little bit for not being anywhere near the bag. >> you don't agree with the suspension. >> not at all. certainly not two games. he is appealing. they will hear it the today. my guess it will get knocked down to one game. remember you the thely is not starting anymore either anyway, neither jimmy rollins. but this was all anybody wanted to talk about last night which on a eagles monies unheard of, lauren. >> it looks bad when you watch it. you feel bad for tejeda, maybe he is a met, come on, lauren. >> a broken leg off a play like that. >> he is a stinkin met.
5:53 am
>> we have to have a little heart. tell us about your appearance. >> two funny philly guys with the ray didgoer saturday night november 7th at the media theater. just go to big daddy to get your tickets. hope to see you out there for the show, lauren. >> you might see sue serio who lives in media, pa,. >> i have known zone,. all right. it is, and, all of the reason to make it snappy who is taking part in a speed kateing event, out in arizona.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
a stuntwoman hangs from a helicopter by her feet. this is erin deer the wife of nick wallenda a performing at macing acrobatic act yesterday. she was hanging from a aerial ring attach to the helicopter all without at assistance of a hardness or safety device. she performed the stunt prior to the start of the bank of america 500. check out this group single and ready to mingle, seniors in arizona proving you never too old to date. this speed dating event was held at banner olive branch, senior center this weekend. those who participating, appreciated the opportunity to get to know old friend better a and meet new ones and look forward to another round of
5:57 am
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6:00 am
in a freak accident, in his own yard. there is a good chance that you are doing the same chore, he was doing over the weekend. and social security why officials say there won't be a cost of living increase in your next check. >> um-hmm. >> and the eagles flying pretty high this morning after sunday's win, finally we have something to talk about, that is positive. can the players build on it. hopefully they will build on the momentum. next big game is against the the giants. did you go to bed thinking san francisco beaten the the giants last nighty was already asleep for that. >> eli manning did it again last play of the game and the stinkin giants win. we are not all two -three in our division. they are three-two. that is our next opponent though. we will fix that. >> we have a good attitude. >> we have a good the a dude today because you are back. >> that is true, and eagles win. this is good. >> lauren is in for alex. bob is in for bob.


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