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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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in a freak accident, in his own yard. there is a good chance that you are doing the same chore, he was doing over the weekend. and social security why officials say there won't be a cost of living increase in your next check. >> um-hmm. >> and the eagles flying pretty high this morning after sunday's win, finally we have something to talk about, that is positive. can the players build on it. hopefully they will build on the momentum. next big game is against the the giants. did you go to bed thinking san francisco beaten the the giants last nighty was already asleep for that. >> eli manning did it again last play of the game and the stinkin giants win. we are not all two -three in our division. they are three-two. that is our next opponent though. we will fix that. >> we have a good attitude. >> we have a good the a dude today because you are back. >> that is true, and eagles win. this is good. >> lauren is in for alex. bob is in for bob.
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>> i'm's in for bob. >> did you catch the new look at the the number of the day, on friday. >> yeah. >> scott williams debuted. >> our graphics are no longer yellow but they are blue and white. >> we are switching it the up. >> yes. they do some brightness, right >> yes. better music, of course. you can wear your eagles jersey to school if you have school today because mike is right, it is columbus day holiday for kid who are off to a school start. make sure you have long sleeves on this morning. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. fifty-two in the city right now. quick look at other temperatures to the north of us 42 in pottstown. forty-four in reading. forty-seven in mount pocono. down in atlantic city at the airport it is only 41 degrees at the the moment but we have no rain in the forecast for today, at all, and it the is, either side of 50 throughout
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the morning. keep that in mind. plenty of sunshine today. 67 degrees by lunch and 75 is the the high temperature a mild monday, for you, of course, it will cool down at some point, we will tell you at which point coming up in the new and improved seven day forecast just ahead. hi bob. >> good morning, sue. welcome back. great to have you back on a monday morning. lighter than normal will volume probably today with columbus day, some folks have the the day off. some schools are also off today. a a live look curb check the schuylkill expressway right here near conshohocken. no problems or delays a at all but we are starting to see some volume here on i-95, stacked up from academy into girard avenue. what a difference zero minutes can make as far as that morning rush hour. live lot the a ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia. it looks like they have not moved barrier over here, the green machine, so there is only three lanes this morning coming into philadelphia i'm in the sure whether the guys that actually moved that concrete barrier have the day off, with the holiday, if you
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are flying southwest, though, airlines today, heads up. because of the glitch that occurred yesterday, southwest is advising passengers to check in on line and at home, print your boarding passes at home and then arrived two hours prior to your departure time down at philly international. of course, it goes without saying pack your patients this morning. especially flying southwest. 422 westbound work crew just pulled out. things should get back to normal. if you are coming back from the poconos heading down toward mid county and blue route no problems there. 202 looking good out of the west chester, septa is using shuttle buses, colmar over to doylestown but otherwise mass transit looking good with no delays. mike and lauren, back to you. 6:03. >> burlington county fire company is mourning one of their own after a retired fire fighter is kill in the freak accident. >> i mean really an odd situation yesterday. he was simply mowing his lawn,
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so what happened, jenny, the the riding more just blew up on him. >> reporter: it seems so but at this point investigators are still looking into how this all happen and the springfield township fire department is telling us that roger lipincott was a member here for more than 50 years. this morning current fire fighters are honoring his life, police say it was a freak accident. lipincott was killed yesterday afternoon when the lawn mower he was riding in his jobs town home burst into flames. how this happened it is still in the known. springfield fire chief says lipincott was a retired fire fighters with the department. he also worked for the township's emergency management office and served as a senior instructor at burlington county fire academy. this was a man who dedicated his life to the community and it is not the first time that this fire company has dealt with such a loss. >> it is second time now we have had something fire related with a member, you sit here, and they are like a fire
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fighter and people ask you all the time, how toss that happy was a fire fighter. sometimes you cannot control when the the things are going to happen. >> it is sad. it is a wake up call. every day is precious. >> it is a loss to not only our organization but the the township as well. he will be missed. >> new jersey state the police bomb and arson units responded after a passerby noticed the fire but victim died at the scene again. investigators still trying to figure out why this all happen, mike. >> such an odd story. >> i feel for his family, my goodness, just shocking. 6:05. a year-old is injured after a car accident at the intersection of cheltenham and bustleton in northeast philadelphia police say it happened just before 11:00 o'clock last night. the driver hit a pole with her two children inside of the car. she and the eight year-old were taken to hahnemann with minor injuries. that two-year old was rushed to st. christopher's with severe head trauma the police say the would the man was test fod for dii there is in word on the the results.
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a body found inside a clothing donation bin in burlington county, new jersey. police believe he god his head stuck month. man found him hanging out bin between pemberton browns mills road on sunday afternoon. she tried to help but he was already dead. foul play is the the no expect. for the third time in 40 years, millions of social security recipient will not have an increase in benefits next year. now listen to this, the the official announcement the is scheduled for thursday and recipients can blame low gasoline prices. i know, doesn't seem like that can make sense. by law though the the annual cost of living adjustment is based on government inflation which is being dragged down by prices at the pump. so the average monthly payment for someone receiving benefits is a little over $1,200. the the nation honors columbus day to day across the the country the the city will celebrate the holiday with big
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parades, allstate and city offices, courts, post offices will be closed. this will affect services such as your trash pick up. all federal agencies and courts again. >> no newspapers were delivered to fourth and market this morning. i am at a loss. >> what did you have to do stop and get one on your walk in. >> i went to the web site the metro came out, you know, the the city paper went away, did you see that. >> yeah, no more city paper. >> now that is more like it. you better believe it. that is a good head line. heading to the airport this morning. the bob just told you, you better check with a certain airline before you head out there. cars deliberately set on fire, what happened that had officials kicking their investigation into over drive. ññ
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at it is monday morning. the it is a holiday. it is 6:10. now the search is on for a person torching cars, in a small town in montgomery county. >> man, police in pennsburg believe the same person set three cars on fire, torched a garage nearby. the the car, burned beyond repair. neighbors were worried about their safety and, of course, their property. >> it is scary. whoever is doing this individual or group of people they are getting away witt and police need to step up because they are setting garages, cars
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on fire and what will be the next thing maybe a house. >> the garage as well on fire. the consider could explode if it catches on fire and it is 4 . >> i don't know how or what they are doing or what their method is or whatin the the but it is scary. >> damage is estimated at thousands of dollars. police don't think that the people were targeted but it looks like random act of vandalism. southwest airlines is advising to you get to the airport extra early if you are flying this columbus day. hey, bob. good morning. good morning everybody. live look downtown philadelphia, coming in and out of the city, not bad this morning, they have the dipper working on the ben franklin bridge and we will check with mass transit and airport. we will come right back as we say good morning, to wilmington delaware.
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yours truly sue serio fox 29 the twitter handle and facebook page. so right the new with temperatures in the 40's to the north of us, 44 in reading, 43 lancaster and allentown, 52 in the city but only 49 in trenton and 47 in wilmington. look at the shore atlantic city at the airport 41. forty-one millville. forty-six in wildwood to get your day started. wind are pretty calm, just about every where and we have switched to a southeasterly direction which means a little will later on when we get to that high in the mid 70's, it is a smidge more humid then it did. ultimate doppler radar showing a coastal storm off north carolina, kind of affecting the outer banks. not a lot of rain but they don't need anymore after what they have been through the past couple of weeks. this is not expected to affect our weather. that is what is is this cold front moving in from the midwest and probably, arrive tomorrow morning. the behind that cold front much cooler temperatures, and it will get breezy as well.
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really feel the effects of this starting on wednesday, kind of a transition dale tomorrow and it will be on the mild side. timing of the rain tomorrow looks like late morning, early afternoon affecting west and north of us. by 10:00 o'clock in lancaster county we will sees some rain and then it dissipates moving through the i-95 corridor if you will but by noon we will see a few showers here and there, deaf nately cloud cover, through early afternoon and then maybe some rain the at the shore by 3:00 in the afternoon. some left overs, for showers for the evening rush with you it should not be a big deal. skies clear out overnight. we will get in one more mild day, tomorrow. what a nice warm up we had last week. it was good weather to be honest. mid 70's, 80 by friday. and then cold front came with all of those noisy thunderstorms friday afternoon, 66 is all we got to on saturday. seventy on sunday. today we will beat that with 75. mid 70's tomorrow. we are in the 60's on wednesday and thursday,
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another cold front comes through on friday, and highs in the the 50's, on saturday and sunday, and that is below average, average high is about 68 degrees right now and look at sunday morning's temperatures we will start off with the chilly temps in the 30's even in the city. you said it early, bob, frost on the pumpkin. >> make sure the the priest has the the pew heaters there. >> yes. >> on sunday. 6:17. good morning everybody. a little accident on i-95, this is southbound in the cottman avenue construction zone. they have them off to the shoulder but there is only three lanes rolling through here. we are heavy from academy into downtown. good morning to 476 starting to see brake lights down toward i-95. so volume popping and we are seeing beginning of the rush hour northbound on the freeway coming from south jersey, volume working your way in toward the city. we told you this earlier southwest airlines advised everyone to check in on line at home, print your boarding passes and arrive two hours
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early prior to your scheduled departure because of the computer glitch yesterday. so pack your patients heading down to the airport, for shaders, as we go for a ride here on route 73, some volume in that 295 interchange but no problems if you head up and over that tacony palmyra. septa is using shuttle will buses midday between colmar and doylestown station but we are off to a good start. mike and lauren, back over to you. 6:20 on this monday. police investigating a double shooting in north philadelphia victim's two young men, shots were fired at 17th and cumberland around 6:30 last night hitting each of these victims. both guys are 21 years of age. they were rush to the hospital, one in critical condition, no word yet on a suspect or motive. detectives are trying to find a person who stabbed two teenagers in south philadelphia last night after the game. investigators say that a 14 year-old and a 16 year-old were stabbed near 15th and
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oregon, transported to children's hospital of philadelphia, the 16 year-old is in critical condition. the the 14 year-old stable. and the city of philadelphia is celebrating lgbt history month. >> flag raising ceremony at city hall was attended by government officials and members of the lgbt movement. annual event marks the official start of the festivities. new flag features it is seal. hundreds took part in outfest for national coming out day. mayor nutter addressed the crowd on sunday. today we mark the sixth year of our ongoing tradition by remembering our past, mourning our losses, and celebrating our victories and looking forward to the future. >> this year marks 25th anniversary of the national coming out take. if you are a glitch caused massive delays for southwest airlines customers. things, seemed to be back on track, mostly, at phl, but still airlines southwest is
6:20 am
trying to get back to normal have after all of those technical problems. so they say. get out there early. >> you better. >> glitch forced will travel tours print boarding passes, check luggage the old fashion way which led to those long lines. employees issued handwritten tickets, the issues impact the app, web site, reservation kiosks, they started yesterday morning and it lasted all day. passengers say this entire ordeal was so frustrating. >> about an hour in the express lane and it hasn't moved in the last 30 minutes. it will be a licensing day. we decided we might go to the bar and drink. >> considering everything is dependent on computers, you know financial is there a glitch you need a backup system and you need to be able to handle things. >> well, a lot of people went to the bar and started drinking. that always leads to missing flights. >> and many say a whole set of problems. southwest says if you are traveling today a arrive early for the flights. >> yeah. prayers were answer ad if
6:21 am
you were praying at mass at church or whatever, synagogue. >> bird finally got it the together what they need to do to prove their pry um over the the saints was in the just a fluke. >> saints that bad or eag also that good. how about this a whole week talking with it, former philly chase utley suspended. they suspended him for two games, third and fourth of the playoffs. that is at question of the day is that a dirty play or old time baseball. >> he broke his leg. >> why don't you weigh in on twitter and facebook was that an okay play but first here's last night's winning lottery numbers.
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the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. a dad records his little munchkin doing her version of the eagles chant. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> okay. >> she's a good luck charm. we have to play that every week. her daddies kyle, he tweeted, this video yesterday, and thanks for end ising that into us. now, here's our sean bell, well, just watch her some more. no, here's sean bell hoist cute too with sports in a minute. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm sean
6:25 am
bell. a must win game against the saints, and the eagles had had to get a w to save their season. yesterday, they got it done in a major way. the offense came out struggling but this play got them going. josh huff, catches and then saints players fall over each other. that gave huff a clear 41-yard touchdown. sam bradford had it going. finding a wide opened brent celek for the the touchdown. eagles win 39-17. offense had 519 total yard. bradford gives all of the loves to the guys up front. >> those guys were unbelievable today. not only in the pasting game but in the running game. i thought our guys up front were phenomenal. those guys play like that it makes my job a lot easier. >> the eagles can take a breath as they finally get a win. that is sports the in a minute. i'm sean bell.
6:26 am
we have to talk about the phillies. why are we talking about the phillies. we have a former fill any national news now. >> second base man chase you the thefully hot water last night. league announced they are suspending him for two games for this play right here. his take out slide of the mets player ruben tejeda, he suffered a broken leg and now chase's camp is a appealing the suspension. league hopes to appeal by today before dodgers play game three of the division series. >> chase almost has a concussion here did you see his knee, right in the face. >> still broke his leg. >> shoulder or arm. >> yes. >> i agree. >> cheap play or old fashion baseball? that is our question of the day. right in the face. icon to idol, what kanye west is doing now you to prove, that there is no one better. just when we started to lose faith, eagles give us
6:27 am
reason to believe. >> dave. >> reporter: it happened right there yesterday, making our morning a little bit better at the water cooler. we will tell you all bit, and, much needed win after the break. dear fellow citizen, your home is your castle. but sometimes the castle needs a new roof or kitchen. i can show you how to borrow money for it and not break the budget. if you have a question about how a home equity line of credit could work for you, ask me. i can help. sincerely jose gomez fellow castle owner and fellow citizen.
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bird bring us a win. can the guys in green prove
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thinks a turn around this isn't just a fluke. next up giants who won late last night. plus while democratic candidates for president are gearing up for their first debate joe biden was relax nothing delaware or was he relaxing. i don't know, i think he had a lot of thinking to do. don't count this vice-president out just yet. what new evidence shows he might be in this race. and a lawn mower explosion claims the the life of the retired fire fighter. and what many are calling a freak accident. what those who work with the victim had to say about his years of service. >> good day everybody. allah ex-has visiting perfect her family. lauren is n lauren dawn johnson. the it is october 12th. >> you know what that means. >> 1429, columbus sailed the ocean blue. >> yes. >> and it happened to fall on a monday but it used to be october 12th was the day, for columbus day. so here it is. and there are some kid who are
6:31 am
in school today. we're checking around. philadelphia public schools are closed to day, and, so bus stop buddy is working. we make him work every day. so he a has his eagles jersey on, long sleeve, eagles jersey, because we are off to a cool start. temperatures in the 40's and 50's out there this morning. and oh, as we just tweeted we love when air open points at double digits. we are at the ten out of ten. 52 degrees. we see gorgeous beginnings of the beautiful sunrise which is official at 7:08 this morning with 52 degrees right now. seventy-five is our high with bright sunshine. milder then yesterday when we got to 70. tonight we're down to about 58 . so we will see increasing cloud tonight the getting ready for some showers tomorrow. we will have the timing have of those showers, coming up for you as well as much cooler temperatures, by the end of that seven day forecast, all that is just ahead but bob kelly is here right now, hey. >> hi sueby welcome back.
6:32 am
you're right some folks have the day off, some kid have the day off from school. some schools made adjustments if they had off for the the papal weekend but wouldn't that be a surprise, waking up to find out that the kid are off to day live lot 422 eastbound starting to see volume head ing in toward king of prussia rush hour underway here on i-95. this is a a live look southbound where we have an accident right off to the side there at colt man avenue. it is in the construction zone. little slower than normal there they have pulled sip's cross ben franklin. we have four lanes opened for morning rush hour coming into philadelphia at the moment. the rest of the south jersey delay, north on 55, heading in toward 42, that construction in bellmawr still out there with us. and then all this week beginning tonight from 10:00 o'clock at night until 5:00 the following morning they will close the vine street expressway, between the the schuylkill and broad street, so they can set some of those steel beams in place over the pedestrian bridge. that will be overnight, and
6:33 am
flying southwest today, because of the yesterday's glitch they are advising passengers to check in on home on line, print your boarding passes on line as they get down to the the airport two hours early just to play it safe, because they are still catching up from the glitch from yesterday. septa using shuttle buses. colmar to doylestown on the lansdale line but otherwise, mass transit looks okay. >> are you here. >> i'm's here. >> eagles won. >> yes. >> they beat saints right here in philadelphia it was a must win. so many people are saying the season started, disappointing. >> well, we were talking about super bowl. on paper eagles looked good. >> kind of the team to beat the in the nfc east for sure. this was a must win for both teams on the field yesterday. >> let's get to the third quarter. drew brees, in where to go, fletcher cox comes in, sacks him. cox had three of the five sacks. and the offensive line, yeah,
6:34 am
forcing fumbles that led to points. eagles scored more points on turnovers that they turned into 19 points. and, this was right here. walter thurmond provided the exclamation point to the game, interception and return. >> speaking of walter thurmond the third he will be in our studio in a little bit. i have to ask him about that interception. >> yeah. >> you better believe it. >> have have you ever done something that, it just doesn't make any sense but you continue to do it over and over and over again. >> yeah. >> dave? >> yes. >> people that go out and get eagles fan reaction, tv people do then we go to the place where there are no people. explain this tv thing because every station does it. >> reporter: they say, it is an interesting theory, every station does it but how about this faith restored. lets get that going as a hashtag for the eagles. they pulled it off, finally.
6:35 am
what you saw was not bad football. i'm from detroit. i'm knowing bad football. this is was much needed good football. lets go to the video we saw. is there sam bradford throwing for 333 yards, two touchdowns, ryan matthews and demarco murray finally getting rushing, getting moving there. this was despite two red zone interceptions, that sam bradford had put out there but got himself back together. they are all paying tribute to the guys out in front, listening to the mad scientists himself. >> you know, i thought that was the key. we talked about being able to establish the run and things can build off of that but credit those guys up front. i think they had a good week of preparation. they did a really nice job today. >> i have all of the confidence in the world in those guys. i think we had a great week of preparation. we were prepared to see some different and very difficult looks today. i thought everyone was on the same page. i thought those guys up front, you know, they just did a
6:36 am
great job. >> looking at that tape in practice and it makes a difference. looking at that tape, running plays, and it made a difference this time. we will see fit makes a difference going in the divisional game with the giants on monday night. but we have got the win. mark it. punch it in the w column. we're good to go. >> did you you see that game last night, the late night game? boy, san francisco, who has a horrible team, but they had the giants beaten. >> reporter: they are terrible this year. a mess. >> they had them beat and eli manning takes them down the field and scores in the last play of the game. >> good football, lots of ot. >> bunch of ot. bengals game was good. >> falcons. >> cowboys, cowboys got slapped around, always like to see that. 6:36. a burlington county fire company is mourning the the loss of one of their own a retired fire fighter killed in a freak accident mowing his lawn in jobstown springfield township.
6:37 am
the authorities say 79 year-old roger lip the cot, died when the lawn mower he was riding on burst into flames around 2:00 sunday afternoon. new jersey state police bomb and arson units responded after a passerby noticed the fire but victim died at the scene. the springfield township fire chief says lipincott who retired years ago but stayed involved with the department. >> we talk to the members and gave them advice, kept mentoring. it is so sad, a wake up call, every day is precious. >> state police are looking into why and how that more caught fire. >> he used to still teach at 79 year-old age other fire fighters how to become great fire fighters. first democratic presidential debate is tomorrow night. >> this will be interesting. i'm looking forward to it, i'm looking forward to the political debate. candidates will go toe to toe or face-to-face or lips to lips in las vegas. >> latest national poll shows hillary clinton lead senator bernie sanders by 19 points. sanders is proving to be a strong contender for clinton for the progressive wing of
6:38 am
the democratic party. martin owe mal a, rhode island governor lincoln chefe e and jim web hoping to make their mark. they have been quiet so far good a lot of people, you know, at home are going who? >> exactly. >> who is going to be there? >> who. >> vice-president joe biden spends the weekend in delaware as he reportedly nears a decision on whether he will put his name into the running for the the presidency. some political analyst say joe biden could make his decision public in the next ten days or so giving him enough time to build networks in early primary states. last week a group of of biden's representatives met with the members of the democratic national committee, to go over detailed rules joe biden would need to understand if he decides to run. >> the white house has been saying go, joe go. he has been flying all over the united states on air force two speaking to african-american groups, gay
6:39 am
groups, union groups with the backing and blessing of the white house. >> biden is drawing about 19 percent support in national democratic polls behind clinton and sanders. >> not bad for a guy hoist not running yet. how is this? >> another rocker saying he does not the want a republican presidential candidate donald trump playing his song. >> sometimes when he walks out in front of the rail he will play this song. you will remember neil young was also upset that one of his songs were used by the trump campaign. well, arrow smith front man steven tyler had his attorneys send the trump presidential candidate a stop order to get them to stop using the the song, dream on, dream on. tyler is a registered republican but the truth is he doesn't want to give the impression that he is connected to or endorses donald trump. former investigators of the republican lead committee on benghazi says he was fired for refusing to focus on hillary clinton.
6:40 am
bradley, said the g.o.p. leaders on the committee were getting back at him for taking leave to go on active duty. democrats says these allegations could lead to serious whistle blower charges. 6:40. icon? to idol what kanye west is doing to prove there is be in better on earth than kanye, but is there sue serio. >> being mentioned in the same. >> same sentence as kanye. >> yes, thanks. >> you know what we will finish up forecast and give you next seven days and be ready to get out those sweaters, maybe a coat this weekend, wow, forecast coming up, mike? >> all right. here's the question of the day we have big blue field and that hashtag you cannot miss, fox 29 good day we want to know did chase utley commit a dirty play? hit us up on facebook. you can go instagram. use twitter. use the hashtag fox 29 good
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6:43. taking a live look at the pocono mountains, sue serio is back with us on this monday morning, after a being away for way too long. >> thank you. it it was a week off. we had good weather. got to spend sometime at the shore which you cannot do when you have a kid in school. so finally, something positive about being an empty nest, we can go away on vacation in october. that was good. now we're back. it is chilly. grab a sweater or jacket for this morning. you will not need it this afternoon. we've got 43 in allentown. forty-one at atlantic city. forty-two in lancaster. the lets take a tour, and check other temperatures. fifty-two in rehoboth, in sea isle city, 53. mace landing though, look at that, 36 degrees, right now. beach haven has 55. camden, new jersey 47. and north and west of the city we have got bordentown at 46. perkasie 45 degrees.
6:45 am
bethlehem 42 and hazel will ton is only 44 degrees this morning. that is sweater weather we're talking about. we have a weak off shore storm like they need another one in the carolinas, right with the light rain around outer banks and other parts of the coast of that state but it is not a system that will affect us. we do have one on the way, for tomorrow, but it is this cold front moving from the midwest that will displays high pressure and mild weather we have right now and eventually give us some rain but the timing of that rain it looks like, probably late morning, early have afternoon and then after that for wednesday, for thursday, and even first part of the friday we have a cooler breeze on the way, more seasonal temperatures. timing out that rain for tomorrow about 8:00 this morning out in lancaster, reading. we will see a few showers between then and send o'clock so we will get widely scattered showers through early afternoon. a lot of cloud cover tomorrow. it will not be as pretty as today but not a lot of rain.
6:46 am
we will need that umbrella just in case. this is all for tomorrow, not for today and gone by wednesday when we are left with those cooler temperatures. that is what is ahead with our early week precipitation. we have got more precipitation later on but lets look back before we load h last week was so press which temperatures in the mid 07's for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we will reach 80. starting to get muggy wye friday but then we have thunderstorms with the cold front late in the day friday, left ways high of 66 on saturday. seventy on sunday. we will wheat that today with mid 70's. before our cold front hits on tuesday, mid 70's tomorrow. then we are back to the the seasonal temperatures, upper 60's for wednesday, thursday, friday, and another, cold front comes through on friday and then this is when we will get the big chill. over weekend kay time highs in the upper 50's, that is below average for mid-october and by
6:47 am
sunday morning we can see lows in the the 30's. a frosty start to sunday morning. >> frost on the pumpkin there, good morning. 6:47. we have mention sod kid have off from school. deb friday bensalem said bensalem schools have class today. so don't listen to the kid, they will tell you otherwise, make sure you check with the schools, because i know some schools had scheduled off and with the papal holiday they put columbus day back the on the calendar. so it is kind of hit and miss depending upon the school district this morning. live look here southbound i-95 coming through route 413 a disable off to the shoulder. curb side on the freeway, headlights, heading in toward philadelphia, starting to see some volume poppas the sun begins to rise over bellmawr, new jersey. downtown we will go on the vine street expressway volume coming off of the schuylkill. speaking of the vine street expressway all this week tonight and following morning like 10:00 o'clock tonight and 5:00 a.m. following morning
6:48 am
they will close the vine street expressway between schuylkill and broad street to set those steel beams in place as part of the vine expressway reconstruction project there they are also paving the roosevelt boulevard there. you'll find uneven surfaces here, inner drive has been closed for overnight, but they just opened it up, so traffic moving for morning rush hour, the schuylkill, inbound not that bad, more delays heading out of town about 22 minutes, about city line out toward the blue route. northbound lanes of 202 looking good from west chester up through malvern. mike and lauren back to you. well, her father joined list of critics upset overview co host remarks last week about ghetto names. >> yeah, last week raven said she would not hire anyone with a quote ghetto name. people immediately took her to task on social media her dad posted on the the facebook page he says his daughter is a beautiful human who sometimes says dumb stuff. >> well, we all say dumb
6:49 am
stuff. >> she has had a successful career but sometimes she makes mistake. >> she said she would never hire someone with the kid or helping around the house who had a ghetto name you cannot help what your name is. >> i know raven. >> my mom never like her name. >> what is her name. >> her name that she was born with was neltrish a she hated that. she said i will just be tricia and change my name. >> why would you do that, trish a it sound like a yogurt or something. >> 6:29. courtney kardashian, justin beiber do you think this is an item. >> tell me this isn't the true. >> courtney has 39 kids, right? she had three kids with scott disick. >> yes. >> they have been spotted around hollywood a few times. the latest is when they came out from having dinner at nice guy in west hollywood.
6:50 am
>> a restaurant in west hollywood. >> then beiber posted a selfie with him and her at haunted house. >> they have a 3-d haunted house in southern california. so are they dating ? justin beiber and courtney kardashian. >> i don't know, he is just a kid himself. auditions for last season of american idol wrap up in san francisco and judges saying they are looking for the next big star. >> really, isn't that the idea of the show. >> yes, it is. >> i mean the ultimate goal of this show is to produce superstars and it is the only show that has produced superstars and it has happened, many, many times starting with the very first year with kelly clarkson, all the way up through very recently. so we're just thrilled to be part of it. >> jennifer hudson,. you can watch the new season right here in in january. look who stopped by for a surprise audition for american idol, kanye west and his wife,
6:51 am
kim k, showed up on saturday. but that is aim a i schumer we are talking about there. >> because she hosted saturday night live. >> she referenced the kardashians and said kanye and kim showed up and they took pictures with ryan seacrest. they posted them on line. they are trying to get people excited before the the season end. >> would i imagine. can't end fast enough. amy schumer hosted saturday night live and she wasted no time, discussing the need for female role models. ripping the kardashians in the process. she also used her opening mono log to discuss body positivity. all with humor, of course. we will play some of those by the for you coming up in a little will bit. i thought she did a really good job. >> she's good. >> she even brought up gun control on a comedy show. >> okay. selfies have taken over the world, right? one hotel chain giving into the craze in a unique way by allowing to you put your face, on a pancake. >> okay. >> coming up. you can get a chance to see your mug on a stack of flap
6:52 am
jacks. >> all right, pancake face. how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j.maxx. better brands, at prices that help you maxx life!
6:53 am
6:54 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. this is a in folsom,
6:55 am
california where, diving face first into your pancakes is a reality. the this is a holiday inn express, bringing pancake selfies to the hungry public, that is her. isn't that something. she snapped a selfie, they will print your face on the pancake, instantly. >> it is quite a sight. >> i think it is pretty awesome and neat to see your picture on a pancake. it is fun, great family experience. >> so you can see it, in the truck right now and they call it the stack station, and they are going on a nine city tour but sadly, philadelphia is not one of the planned cities. >> so you can't. >> why can't we do this ourselves. >> people who know photography and food, and how do they do it? we could do it ourselves. it the must be just food coloring. >> it has to be something simple. >> maybe someone out there knows how to. >> there is a woman who watches a a show sweet tea
6:56 am
bakery in south jersey she puts our faces on cake. wouldn't it be the same thing. >> it sound like it. >> mike's face, alex's face, makes a pancake. >> that would be great. >> lauren? >> yes. >> you would make quite a stack. >> you are crazy. >> 6:56. black friday is a holiday inn and of itself. >> already talking about black friday. >> i know, not even halloween. what you may want to put on this years shopping list. >> right now. plus you know we had a big win over drew brees and saints. we will bray down highlights and what made it possible for the bird to flip things around, yes. >> really. >> hi, josh.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
eagles pull off a win, both of these teams had to have a must win but the saints got blown out. >> the eagles infer free for all. >> why, eagles, why? >> the red represent areas where people think chip kelly knows what he is doing. thinks week one, week two, week three, and then we can four. >> what is that?
7:00 am
>> that is his house. >> thinks week five. he is not naive. >> we have to play this whole thing for you. >> there is always haters, and, he poses as mayor of philadelphia, to mock our team. he does a philadelphia free for all. >> why, eagles why. >> but we still solve games though. >> of course, that was before the game. >> true. >> but it is still so funny. >> but, santa claus made an a appearance. what are these people in line for? >> halloween or shopping. >> that was black friday. we're going way past that to the day after thanksgiving. apparently, you need to make a black friday list this morning on this show, okay. >> man. >> all right. >> it is opening night, for the flyers. >> wow, wow, wow. >> i'm going to the game. i cannot find my jersey so i will squeeze into alex holley. >> it will be tight. >> form fitting. >> ol ex-is bus which her family so lauren


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