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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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no one was injured. also developing right now, arrest in the murder of a local transgender person. keisha jenkins was killed last week in the logan neighborhood of philadelphia. tonight one person is in custody but police say the case is far from closed. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. investigators talked about the break in the case earlier this afternoon. our fox 29's bruce gordon was there. he is live at philadelphia police headquarters. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, one man is in fact behind bars charged with murder, conspiracy and related offenses but frankly three other men should be looking over their shoulders to night. police believe they have in less than a week's time gotten to the bottom of a brutal robbery attempt gone bad. police say 24-year-old pedro reading an small group of accomplices had been robbing prostitutes along wick hock king-year-old york road for several years with only some of the crimes being reported much this time it turned dealed. a tip led cops to arrest reading sunday morning and he's talking.
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>> the suspect gave a full statement to detectives himself and three of his friends attempted to rob keisha. and during this robbery, one of the males pulled out a gun shooting and killing her. >> reporter: police say keisha jenkins was a 22-year-old transgender woman known to works a prostitute in the area. but police do not think her sexual identity was a factor in the crime. >> through our investigation this is not hate crime at all. i mean it's a sad and senseless murder but it is not a hate crime. it had nothing to do with the individual being a trance jent. it just had everything to do with the fact they thought she had money and they wanted to take it from her. >> reporter: the park that borders this neighborhood is quiet, peaceful during the daylight hours but at night of it's a hot bed for prostitution and drug use. take our word for it. the ground is lited with condoms. neighbors are fed up. >> anywhere prostitution is allowed so freely you won't have anything good about it.
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>> tears your neighborhood down? >> yeah it bring it down. >> reporter: the growing memorial at the crime scene makes clear keisha jenkins had plenty of friends and supporters and those in the transgender community want it known her sexual identity her work as a prostitute do not in the end matter. >> for anybody that exchanges in sex work, is a human being and their life is not less. they do not deserve to be beaten down, gunned down and executed in our streets. >> reporter: police say reading's statement to them gives them a good beat on three alleged cam accomplices they expect arrests to come soon. jenkins was attacked moment after getting out of a car on wingohocking last tuesday morning but police do not believe the driver of that vehicle had any connection to this. this was not a setup. mere al crime of opportunity. i spoke to jenkins still grieving mother this morning. she tells me, that one is better than none regarding those arrests. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, bruce. to your fox 29 weather authority. some cool changes. but first we've got to talk about some rain.
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fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is live outside our old city studios right now. kathy you got the short sleeves shirt going on. that's very nice. >> there are not going to be many more opportunities lucy so i went back to the summer/early fall wardrobe because things are going to change really quickly around here. behind me you can see folks out bound. the day just gorgeous. temperatures fairly warm out here. and that's the way it is going to stay at least for the next 24 hours. take a look at the high so far today. looking good. in philadelphia and allentown 76. trenton 75. wilmington and ac at 73. still in the 70s practically where are with the exception of the shore. and mount pocono. down the shore we do have a southerly wind and that is giving us a breeze off the oce ocean. now this evening it will be mainly clear. 68. by about 9:00 o'clock, a few clouds roll in. in advance of our next weather maker and then by 11:00 o'clock, expect partly cloudy sky and temperatures around 61 degrees. ultimate doppler you see that swirl out through the great
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lakes. that is our next front. a strong area of low pressure creating that comma shape and that is a textbook example of a strong storm system moving our way. that will bring rapid change. so coming up we'll talk about some showers in the forecast. a fall chill and 30s in the seven day. back here live, we have taylor and jenna drexel students. what do you think about this weather. >> it's so nice. >> so nice. >> what were you wearing this morning. >> jackets and jeans. it was so called. >> now you have your summer wardrobe. it's so awesome. >> do you have your winter coats here y. >> winter coat weather coming up this weekend. i'll see you inside for the broadcast and the seven day. >> police are looking for the person who stabbed two teenaged boys in south philadelphia. it happened just before 6:30 last night on oregon avenue and 15th street. a 16-year-old boy in critical condition at children's hospital of philadelphia. the other boy is 14 years old. he is in serious condition. police say the teens know the person who attacked them but they're not saying what that relationship is.
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albright college football player under arrest accused of establishing a teammate. police say it happened during a fight at a dorm on the berks county campus. fox 29's brad sattin is live in reading. brad? >> reporter: lucy this is a pretty shocking incident that happened over the weekend this is actually a practice field for albright football the players leaving here only about 30 minutes ago ending practice for the day. we can tell you they are in the midst right now of a very special season but it was overshadowed by the events of this weekend and as a result a couple players were missing from practice today. they are undefeated at five and zero and one of the top 20 best teams in division three in the country. but this is not the publicity the albright lions wanted to do as one much their players is now accused of of itemed murder in the stabbing of another player. >> there was an incident in one of our residence halls between two students who are residents of that hall. it led to a stabbing of one by
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the other. >> reporter: reading police say the two freshmen got into a scuffle earlier on saturday night here not far from their residence hall and purges were thrown. and then picked up hours later just after 2:00 o'clock sunday morning inside cruel haul. 18-year-old today mirror madison of new castle delaware was stabbed three times in his side with a small 95 police say. they also tell us 18-year-old marquise stewart allegedly stabbed him. stewart seen in this photo taken by lehigh valley when he played high school football last year. he is now in the berks county prison. >> we have have been communicating with our students, our community and our parents to let them know that this is is a a* rare and isolated incident between two people who knew each other. >> reporter: on this campus, word of the incident spread fa fast. >> they had an altercation and i guess the guy was still mad about it so reactioned. >> freshman taylor sterling is a friend of victim and says he's
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recovering. >> he's good. i visited him and stuff. he's okay. >> reporter: only very minor incidents have been report odd on campus in recent years. students find it hard to believe this case involved two football players. >> that's a shock. this is beautiful campus and so small. >> that's a reflect on the team. >> reporter: we did just did a check of d a.m. ir madison at the hospital, reading hospital much he's not a patient there so it is believed he's been released from the hospital. as far as the suspect stewart in this case, bail for him has now been set at $400,000. iain? >> brad, thank you. detectives in pemberton township, new jersey, trying to identify the man who was found dead in a clothing bin donation box. officials say a woman found that man yesterday afternoon. police think the guy was trying to get into that bin when he probably got his head stuck in the opening. investigators say he may have been looking for clothes. police continue to investigate but they say they do in the suspect any foul play.
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two-year-old little boy fighting for his life tonight after being critically injured in a car accident last night. driving the car according to the police the boy's mother. investigators say the two-year-old was in the front seat with his eight-year-old brother on the back seat when their mom hit a pole at the intersection of cheltenham avenue and bustleton avenue in northeast philadelphia. last check that little boy is still in the hospital in critical condition. the cause of that accident has not yet been determine. fire if the sky forced down airliner heading from newark to seattle it end upped landing in buffalo after the flames broke out in the gally. alaska airlines flight 17 had 84 passengers on board. five crew members. read considerate card reader caught fire and crew put it out with a fire extinguisher. not a big fire non one is injured. things are running a little more smoothly today or allotted more smoothly for southwest airlines. spokesperson says a software problem that delayed hundreds of flights yesterday is now fixed. passengers waited in long lines at many airports because southwest employees had to
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manually check in some passengers. a lot of travelers ended up with handwritten tickets. southwest is not saying what the exact problem was. but says as of now it has no indication that hackers had anything to do with it. now to a troubling development for american journalist jason rezaian. the former tehran bureau chief has been convicte convicted by e iranian court after being taped in iran for more than a year. authorities held him for nearly 15 months as he faced espionage and other charges. rezaian who has dual u.s. and iranian citizenship could be sentenced up to 20 years in ja jail. >> it's just app tragedy that an innocent man and accredited june lift arc good perp has become a victim. >> meantime rezaian's congress vection comes as the iranian parliament bark the nuclear deal reached between tehran, the u.s. and five other countries. there's been talk of a prisoner swap by iranian officials but so far nothing has come to new wig.
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>> flyers fans are ready for their season home opener. >> how fun is that. >> mini pep rally through center city lunch time. the caravan was full of free give aways and free food as well. the flyers take on the florida panthers tonight. now, one key player will not be on the ice tonight down at the wells fargo center. goalie steve mason is out for personal reasons. team officials won't share more than that. michael, will be in net instead. how soon before mason returns we don't yet know. still ahead on fox 29, the move that could turn the race for president on its head. why joe biden's weekend trip home to wilmington is getting a lot of attention tonight. what experts think it says about his future. >> surfer loses his leg in a shark attack. his dad is now talking about his son's injury and pretty amazing way his son is dealing with the trauma. woman gets her arm stuck in a floor drain. firefighters race to get her o
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out. the drastic steps they were forced to take when baby oil didn't do the trick. >> and this is big. a new elvis album, new is about to go on sale. what you're about to hear from the king of rock and roll. >> new at 6:00 the money would have been nice but margate says the cost to lucy the elephant was too great. the offer from city officials they want to forget.
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♪ vice-president joe biden spending a relaxing weekend in wilmington with his family and tonight experts believe the trip
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home could be an indicator of something big. there's speculation tonight announcement about a biden presidential run could come at any moment. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson joins us live in the newsroom tonight with a look at what it would mean for all the candidates in the race. bill? >> on the eve of the first democratic primary debate and arguably the most discussed candidate hasn't even announced if he's running. vice-president joe biden apparently met with party leaders and his family and soon we should know if he'll offici officially enter the race for president. ♪ >> reporter: with the democrats about to have their first presidential debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are jockeying for position. vice-president joe biden in delaware spending some family time, many are speculating that he's finely ready to make a decision about whether or not he's going to jump into the race. recent poll found that regardless of political party, vice-president biden has the highest favorability rating but still opinions vary widely over
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whether he will or even should run. >> simple fact i don't want trump to win. >> sure. anybody but trauma? >> anybody but trump. >> joe biden will have kind of a popularity that will be surpass hillary and bernie sanders. >> i think the american people as far as the democratic party goes have their eyes set on hillary and i think that's where they're going to focus and put their vote. >> reporter: favorability rating doesn't necessarily translate to victory. as current overall poll leaders hillary clinton and donald trump both trail ben carson and vice-president joe biden on that particular scale. but still, favorability or like ability matters because most candidates expect the race to tighten as we get closer to the leck. >> at this race gets deeper in it will get hotter and more difficult. >> insiders say that vice-president biden's family time may be the final factor in his decision-making process and then we'll see if like ability is the same thing as elect
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ability. >> i think he should run but i don't think it will make difference. i don't think he's going to win. >> reporter: average of the polls has hillary clinton leading joe biden by 25 points. bernie sander social security solidly in second place. experts say if biden wants in, now is the time and even then, considering fundraising and early primary states it could still be an uphill battle. but we'll see. lucy? >> all right, thank you, bill. princeton university professor just won the 20 vino bell prize in economics. ang gus dee ton is a professor of economics and international affairs at princeton woodrow wilson school of public and international affairs. he's receiving the honor for work related individual consumption and how it affects the economy. what do you and how it impacts everybody else. he joins three other princeton faculty members who have received the same prize in past years. all right. eagles got a much needed win yesterday against the new orleans saints at the linc. offense finally breaking out of its slump rolled up over
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500 yards school a season high 39 points. they beat the saints 39-17. how war eskin live at chickie's and pete's to talk more about what chip kelly had to say about yesterday's win. howard ? >> we apologize for audio difficulties with howard. >> la dodgers second baseman chase utley appealing his two game suspension that clears him to play tonight against the new york mets. utley suspended for two games for this play. break up a double play. he slides right into ruben at a had he dad and broke his leg. mlb officials say that slide was illegal. his agent says the slide was legal. finds it outrageous and completely unacceptable.
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>> former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is calling outlaw makers he's upset congress has yet to pass a highway transportation bill. he and bran bon boyle are upset the bill stalled. 25% of our bridges nationwide are structurally deficient and the time is now to make it rig right. >> it's time for the congressmen and senators in washington to suck it up, do the right thing, invest in our infrastructure. infrastructure improves the quality of our lives. makes us economically competitive. it improves our environment when it's done right, and most of all, it's a great job producer. >> the compromise bill that's currently sitting in congress is so far failed garner enough support from both sides of the aisle to move forward. still ahead on fox 29 a college campus rock by a murder after a fight between students. the chilling calls for help coming up. and hikers forced to spend the night on the side of a cliff. the adventure gone bad and the
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drama rescue. that's next. >> gory halloween display stirring up trouble in one community is now gone. the creepy things happening late at night that convinced the homeowner to take it on down. kanye west the mer next american idol. >> what j.lo has to say about his audition want really earned him a ticket to hollywood.
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♪ >> eagles got that much needed win yesterday over the saints. we talked about it. their offense was dominant and they finally rolled out of the their slump and scored 39 points. they get the win. howard eskin live again at chickie's and pete's to talk about chip kelly. we heard from you. i know you had a lot to say. we just couldn't hear you. (laughter). >> that's the problem. i had a lot to say and there was nobody to talk to. (laughter). >> that's not a good thing for me. you know that by now. it's not a good thing. and it's a happy day in philadelphia. because the football team did win. there was fletcher coccyx has to be the defensive player of the week. he was unbelievable yesterday with three sacks. recovered a fumble on one of his sacks, caused two fumbles. the offensive line was better. that's been an issue. and also another player who we haven't heard from for most of the year and that would be josh
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huff. josh huff the wide receiver kind of lost in all the shuffle got speed, it was a really good play. now the defenders fell down on this touchdown but actually ran into each other still he's got the speed to make it happen. he does the flip. goes through all of that but chip kelly basically talked about today. one of things was josh huff and where he's been. >> josh in general as a player is an extremely dynamic player. i think he's got the ability to change direction, stop and start, um, he really good with the football in his hands that's why he's doing great job returning for us. we've used him as running back when he was back that college. you know, he can make people miss but the other thing with josh he's extremely tough. i mean he's one of the better blockers in this league. he's a tough physical person at the point of attack. that's what makes him such a good special teams person. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00, sam bradford had a pep talk with the team. we're talk about that.
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jason kelce has new look. we'll talk about that. and more we hear from chip kelly about his quarterback sam bradford. that will be coming up later in sports at 6:00 o'clock. back to you guys. iain, i can speak. thank you. >> all right. i know you're happy about that. we'll hear from you again at 6:00. all right. dramatic rescue caught on video after three hikers are stranded on a cliff in california. this happened friday near sandra mento. the adults say they were out hiking when they got stranded thon cliff then called 911 but windy conditions meant the three had to wait several hours to be rescued. so they ended up spending the night on the edge of the cliff. chopper was able to make its way to the scene on saturday. they're all doing just fine tonight. students and faculty returning to class today in oregon after a mass shooting killed nine people. counselors and therapy dogs have been on the umpqua community college all day. classes have been october since the october 1st trap deem the college president says the main focus now is to bring back a sense normalcy on campus. oregon governor kate brown says
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it will take the entire community to help students rebuild their lives. >> first of all, this is a really incredible campus, and, um, there's still a lot of healing that needs to happen, um, the students that i met and talked to need a lot of support and they need a lot of love. >> police say the shooter killed himself after trading gunfire with swat. schneider hall the scene of the shooting will stay closed until further notice. new tonight, we are hearing the terrifying moments that followed deadly shooting on an arizona college campus. >> officials releasing 911 calls from friday's shooting and police say the incident at northern arizona incident in flag staff began as a fight between two groups of a parking lot outside of dorm. police arresting 18-year-old freshman steven jones shot four members of the delta kai fraternity. one of those fraternity brothers were killed. today we're hearing the frantic calls to 911.
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>> you have an emergency? >> hi york, someone's shooting a gun. someone's outside, outside of mountain view hall. >> what did he look like? >> i don't know. there's people on the ground. people got shotgun shots. >> one was treater and released. the two others are still in the hospital being treated. jones is charged with first degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault. still ahead on fox 29 a life-saving idea born out of tragedy. >> one emergency officials say this deadly flooding taught them about drones how about they can make a difference the next time disaster strikes. >> kathy? >> in weather high temperatures in the 70s today. but big changes moving our way. we'll start with the cold front an area of low pressure. we have rain in the forecast but what comes behind this is a bigger story. it's going get chilly around here. we're looking at lows in the 30s. we'll have that seven day forecast coming up. ññ
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♪ looking live at blue mountain in the poconos. the leaves look beautiful on this great fall day but changes, oh, they're not forecast inclu including a cool down. that is coming up with kathy o orr. a man is in police custody tonight accused of of murdering a transgender person in the city's logan neighborhood. 24-year-old pedro rowing a rained in court today on murder, conspiracy and weapons charges in connection with the death of keisha jenkins. investigators say they're not considering this a hate crime. they think it was robbery gone bad on tuesday night that left jenkins dead. police are still looking for
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three other accomplices. albright college football player under a rest accused of of establishing a teammate. this fight which happen in a dorm room on the berks county campus was the second one between the two freshmen. now, 18-year-old marquise stewart suspended from school and is facing multiple charges including attempted homicide. deadly flash flooding devastated southern utah last month. nearly two dozen people were killed. the state continues to recover, emergency officials say they learn lesson from the disaster and now they're looking at drones and how they can be used to better respond when the next disaster strikes. fox's matt mcnoon takes look. >> reporter: amidst last month's disaster in surgeon utah new technology is rising. a chance to fly around and combine with still photos create a tribute video for the emergency responders roar report to you department emergency management has a drone set up to fly and record. but in a disaster, new uses are taking off. >> one of the applications of
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this technology is in search and rescue if you're hurt and you need a supply, maybe a two-way radio, something like that, they can take a drone and bring it right to you. how close can the drone safely get? >> right to your fingertips. >> we could deliver a two-way radio. we can deliver immediate emergency supplies, water, first aid stuff with a drone. >> reporter: dave and his company utah drone imaging started a kick starter fund hoping to raise enough to build a search and rescue drone. then donating their time to fly it. >> we can get really high. turn on the infrared cam ran look for targets and go and inspect toes targets. row rt report 45 miles per hour about sick pounds and for this one only $1,400. drones are cheap by comparison. >> if you're to use a helicopter, say, a national guard black hawk helicopter for fire fighting operations, that costs about $4,000 an hour. >> reporter: there are challenges. drones need to be registered as aircrafts with the faa. pilots have to be certified. but the amateur drone enthusia
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enthusiasts won't necessarily be left out in the cold. >> how can we leverage the ability of the hobbyist to get situational information to first responders. >> because when it matters most, an eye in the sky could be the difference between life and death. >> that was fox's matt mcdonald roaring. pretty interesting stuff. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. i have to say, kathy, that we're looking kind of autumnal up here. we got the reds and oranges and changing of the leaves going on. >> it's spright see out there. >> it was too cold for me this morning at 7:30. it was in the 40s. >> don't go out this weekend. >> stay in. >> okay. >> you know what our floor director erin klein said. can you get warmer clothes? >> do you have warmer clothes. >> i do. i do. >> okay. >> tell your wife. >> by noontime it was beautiful. >> that's what's going to happen much that's that fall change thing. sunny days, nice crisp mornings and boy are they crisp. i'm with you, i don't like the cold. i'm just teasing you. let's take look at our current temperature. looking good.
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74 the afternoon high. i shall say 76 the afternoon high. the temperature right now 74. those warm southerly breezes really keeping it beautiful across the region this afterno afternoon. you have to love it. right now take a look at the temperatures elsewhere across the region. philadelphia 74 through the mid atlantic 70's but in the deep south we have warmer temperatures 80s, 90 degrees in mississippi. but the cold air is over through the northern plains. international falls the nation's ice bock. yeah, 48 degrees. minneapolis 50. these are afternoon high temperatures and that cold air is going to be coming our way in the wake of a cold front much it will take couple of days but it will be here. it's in the seven day. so right now we're looking at a clear sky. we'll advance the clock through tomorrow morning. some sunshine in our suburbs some clouds a few showers possible by midday. but it look like this front is going to come through as a line of showers between 5:00 and 7:00 along the i-95 corridor right in time for the afternoon
5:34 pm
commute tomorrow, and then possibly firing up a few rumbles of thunder interior south jersey but this clears the coast by 9:00 o'clock and then we have clear skies. but behind that front, we have the cool air. so temperatures pretty mild for your tuesday. wednesday a little bit cooler. and then the colder air begins to settle in by the time we make it through the weekend. so overnight tonight, pretty nice. 57 in the city. north and west going for 50 degrees. little mild for this time of year. skies will be partly cloudy. winds out of the south. during the day tomorrow the high 74 degrees. so a few sprinkles possible early but it looks like the main event will be in the afternoon. so the more sun we see, the better chance of having a thunderstorm or two in the afternoon. look at the winds. southwest at about five to 10 miles an hour. we look ahead to the seven day, mild for tuesday. cooler for wednesday. thursday 65. another shot of cool air friday. saturday a fall chill. the high only 58 degrees. but the coldest air of the season will come sunday morning
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in philadelphia 39. but in the poconos we're talking about freezing. i think they'll have a freeze warning. then we bounce it back up to 60 degrees for your monday. i want to share with i was viewer photo. i want to thank everyone on twitter for sending in these beautiful pictures. it says kathy orr, couldn't ask for a more perfect monday! you know what they say about the shore. if you're lucky enough to be down the shore, you're lucky enough. (laughter). >> i love it. >> thanks. all right, kathy. >> still ahead on fox 29 tonight the king of rock and roll making a come back nearly 30 years after his death. one you can buy a brand new elvis presley album next. >> coming up new at six pencils, degeneration desks, chalkboards and chickens. the lesson local students are learning from life birds.
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♪ apple is coming up against communist machine in china and so it is now disable its news app to avoid confrontation with the chinese government over censorship. so says the new york times. if you travel to china, you
5:39 pm
won't be able to use the news app. 2010 google pulled out of mainland china because the company did not want to sensor sensitive essential results. >> kohl's is getting into same day delivery. retailers partnered with the company deliv in time for that early holiday shopping. >> the king is back a brand new elvis presley will be released at the end of the month call "if i can dream". >> it's back by royal philharmonic industry. it was recorded in the abby road studios in england where the beatles made both of their hits. it includes hits and lesser known track. you'll be able to buy it report 30. >> halloween full on invaded the local children's hospital. today was the halloween party at ai dupont hospital for children. sponsored by spirit holiday store. they got the chance to go trick or treat dag from fiss painting to costumes.
5:40 pm
children had whole lot of fun. spiderman as you saw even showed up taking pictures with all the children. still ahead on fox 29, a surfer loses his leg after a run in with tiger shark off the coast of hawaii. >> coming his dad talks about the tack and how his son got await from the shark and the surfer's amazing attitude days after his life changed forever. >> a woman's arm caught in a floor drain. the drastic measures firefighter had to take when baby oil failed to free her.
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♪ >> rescuers race to free a woman after her arm gets caught in a floor drain at an oregon store. she got stuck after trying to fish a broom handle from the drain. firefighters tried to get her arm out with some oil and soap
5:44 pm
but that work. they had to call a technical rescue team. they juiced a jackhammer to break the concrete around that drain. the 24-year-old was stuck for two hours. taken to hospital but she's expected to be okay. 25-year-old s surfer loses leg after shark attack in hawa hawaii. >> fox's bridget talked to surfer's father about his son's recovery and the amazing way he's handling the traumatic ordeal. >> you see this, dad, this is what beat off the shark and his knuckles were all bloody. he was able to -- >> his son's positive outlook is keeping him sane. and it starte started first gote terrifying moan call never pan ever wants to take. >> i was going into the ambulance. i didn't know if he was going to live or die and five minutes later he called me from the hospital and said, dad, don't worry about me, get over here. >> and did he. the family flew in from the east
5:45 pm
coast and rushed to his side. they tell me reality is settling in. rebuilding colin's back to forth will be a challenge but the surfer is handling it -- >> as good as someone who just lost their leg and got in a fight with a shark. he's alive because of everybody on the shore who came to his rescue. his cousin chris webster says doctors had to amputate colin' left leg above the knee. >> they took the bandage off his leg today. and his leg things phenomenal. so there's no sign of if he can. >> reporter: but that's not the main concern right now. >> his hand is -- biggest concern right now, because his missing the top of his middle finger and he's got probably close to 300 stitches throughout his hasn't. and that's what they're worried about infection setting in. >> reporter: colin injury his hand punching the shark. the family says colin is making progress, though. >> today we got him to take four steps in the morning. this afternoon we got him up on a walker.
5:46 pm
he walk out of his room. walked down the hall a little bit. walked back to his bedroom. >> reporter: and despite the terrifying ordeal, surfing is still colin's passion. >> his passion is here. his passion, you know, whether we bring him home for couple months to get back on his foot, can't say feet. at least he has little humor now and all of that. brought out socks, dad, it's a sock, not socks. so he's already accepting, you know, the fact he's little steps there. >> amazing. officials think 10 to 12-foot tiger shark bit colin just off of aohu north shore. >> a surprise guest shock the american idol judges during their last stop in san francis francisco. kanye west popped into the studio for a surprise audition. he spit agnew acoustic versus from his awarding song gold digger which is nod j.lo. keith urban and j.lo says the welcome was -- visit was welcome.
5:47 pm
celebrate width golden ticket but no word yet if the grammy eye winning artist will go to hollywood with the rest of the idol hopefuls. >> you can come, kanye, it's okay. i don't know if you ever got there on your own. you'll get there now. it was a lot of fun. >> did you give him advice. >> no advice. put him right through. >> make sure to tune for the final season of american idol this january right here on fox. a delaware county police department has a sense of humor when it comes to noise complaints. the brookhaven police got several calls on saturday from some residents that weren't happy witness rock music coming from ppl park in chester. department wrote on his its facebook page "if we were able to go to ppl and tell corn and rob to tone it down we gladly would. direct your meant to ppl tack. they wrote those bands must have the volume turned up to 11. ps, we are very sorry about this. >> spinal tap reference there. new ideas brewing in washington, d.c. a crowd funding campaign is launched create a very special coffee shop.
5:48 pm
fox's jenn for davis reports it will give teens with intellectual disabilities jobs and so much more. >> reporter: many of us need a cup of coffee to start our day. and sometimes that cup of coffee can create even bigger possibilities. that's what laura pick card is hoping as she bruce up a crowd funding campaign into improving the chances for people in the dc area with developmental dissables to get a job. >> when the kids age out of the program it's really hard to generalize their skills and for work setting. >> the principal at a local special education school is looking to raise $95,000 that she will match with grants to open a fully operational coffee shop in d.c. the independent grounds coffee house will serve lattes, cappuccinos and more through vocational work study program for teens with intellectual dissables. >> there's a huge need. we've had a lot of people reach that want to be involved. >> as part of her research laura came here to cameron coffee and chocolates in fairfax their
5:49 pm
motto is, we don't hire people to make chocolate, we make chocolate to higher people. >> there are no businesses like this in the local northern virginia area. >> reporter: ellen graham and her husband jim zenned this need two years ago. >> and chris a grating cheese for our scones and for our quiche. >> they opened this shop so their daughter cameron and oth others with intellectual dissables could have a place to work. >> we're good for the community and the community is good for. >> 12 blows with intellectual dissables along with parallel worker and job coaches create scrumptious cock lats and coffee drinkers here every day. if their motto inspires others that would be sweet. >> isn't that what the rest of us are able to do, follow our dreams. why shouldn't people with intellectual disabilities be able to do that,? when someone like laura calls me, that's my dream. my dream is to say, okay, here's what we've done. come learn from us. >> reporter: laura says her
5:50 pm
dream is now starting to take shape. she's raised $10,000 and still needs a location but believes if they've done it at cameron's she can do it, too. >> it just feels good to be in there and support the community and to see really how amazing the employees are and what they're contributing and it's changing people's lives. >> reporter: in fairfax, jennifer davis, fox news. >> great program. still ahead on fox 29-a crushing blow to a local city. >> city crews working hard to clean up camden. now $30 million that could have gone so far in camden is going somewhere else. the plans for the cash and what happens now. that's coming up at 6:00. >> learning a valuable lesson from chickens. why the birds are hanging out in a local elementary school classroom. a warning to philadelphia bike riders from police. why they're being told to get their wheels off the streets.
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>> fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. a dog stabbed drag home invasion in massachusetts now has a new home thanks to a veterinary student. 12 week old chihuahua named cona. police say two armed men ransacked the home assaulted two people and stabbed the puppy. he was in rough shape. cona was racking up expensive medical bills his owners couldn't afford to keep him. someone else stepped in. >> i just went in every morning
5:55 pm
i was so excited to see him but also worried about what he was going to look like and what was going to happen to him. i just couldn't let him go. >> cona is still extremely sick. his vets say it will take while for him to recover fully. >> ohio woman stirred up quite a controversy with her halloween decorations now taken down part of her display. >> fox's brittany harris tells us neighbors found that display too gruesome. >> reporter: vicky barrett's front yard sits empty after her halloween display caused some controversy in the neighbor. several people thought the decorations were too gory store children and inappropriate with an elementary school right down the street. >> we didn't receive any direct threats or i would say maybe even inn direct threats. it was just, um, the unsaid. the weirdness of some individuals that came to the house. >> reporter: not to mention people started showing up at her house late at night. barrett says she didn't feel comfortable with that knowing her family was asleep inside.
5:56 pm
>> i mean we would be sleeping. i came down one night a little bit after midnight and happened to see in my front yard and our yard was full of people that we didn't know. >> reporter: on sunday, she decided to take everything down. she says it was a tough call but she had to consider her kids safety. >> i think the most frustrating point for suss that there's laws in place for a reason. we have amendments for reason. and i think that you know when you're told that listen this is a law they're not breaking any laws it's okay to keep taking it further and further, um, is i think probably most upset fog me. >> reporter: as for whether she'll decorate next halloween she says probably not. >> i don't think we want to even do anything. we don't even want to put up a pumpkin or any of what some people would think are typical halloween decorations that's not the way that we want to express it. you know i think by us decorate wagon may be some people think that we shall would be almost
5:57 pm
caving in and this is not caving in thing. this is safety thing for our family. >> reporter: in parm ma, brittany harris, fox news. 92-year-old world twenty two veteran proves you're only as old as you think you are. he set a record skydiving record in florida. jack stephen well known american legion post in brooksville florida his friends were there to support him when he became the oldest person to jump out of a plane at sky dive city in sever hills. the jump from 13,500 feet went off without a hitch saturday. >> most fearful standing in the doorway. you're floating. just on a cloud. no noise. just floating. it's serene. >> 92 years old. iain page, yes. get this. jump was so successful that mr. stephen you know what, i'll do it all over again. good for him. i couldn't do it. group of firefighters in idaho have put together a game
5:58 pm
of fooseball like you've never seen before. human fooseball tournament. to honor a fellow firefighter who lost her life to cancers these folks came together to raise money and for education and support services for firefighters in need. some studies have shown a higher risk of cancer in firefighters. ♪ >> next at 6:00, two grand toward mixing margate's beloved lucy the elephant. city officials say the cost is too high. why they walk away from an offer of help for the sake of the ki kids. and bikes not safe on local streets? why riders are being warned to take their wheels inside. next at 6:00. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. a fight in local college dorm has one student in the hospital and another behind bars. i'm lucy knoll. >> thanks for joining us i'm iain page. both are members of the same football team and stunned classmates cannot believe what
5:59 pm
happened. fox 29's brad sattin spoke to some people on campus at albright college in reading and joins us live. brad. >> reporter: real weekend of highs and lows for this albright college football team. they were playing on saturday afternoon. they won the game big time final score 62-nine to stay undefeated but then less than 12 hours later, one of the players was in the hospital with stab wounds and another one suddenly facing a charge of attempted murder. it has been special year so far for the albright lions football team. practicing hard today looking to keep their undeet feeted season going at five-zero won of the top division three times in the country for the moment at least success is being overshadowed with news one of their players sits in the berks county prison accused of attempted murder in the stabbing of another player over the weekend. there was an incident in one of our residence halls between two students who are residents of that hall. >> police say 18-year-old
6:00 pm
marquise stewart seen here in a photo from lehigh valley when he played at freedom high school in bethlehem is accused of stabbing fellow freshman d a.m. ir madison. madison is still listed on the team's roster. stewart's name and photo already gone. >> the accused has been suspended from school. he is not to be on campus and there could be other sanctions. >> reporter: police say the two got into a scuffle on the edge of campus saturday night and then it picked up in their dormatory involving two groups of students and ended when madison was stabbed three times in the ribs with small 95. >> they had an altercation and then i guess the guy was still mad about it so he reactioned. >> d a.m. ir is a nice person. i wouldn't expect something like that to happen to him. >> reporter: 2:00 o'clock in the morning can't an active time on campus but this news has people shocked. >> i hear people running and and out and laughing and music playing. not arguing. >> many surprised it involves two football players.


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