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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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photo from lehigh valley when he played at freedom high school in bethlehem is accused of stabbing fellow freshman d a.m. ir madison. madison is still listed on the team's roster. stewart's name and photo already gone. >> the accused has been suspended from school. he is not to be on campus and there could be other sanctions. >> reporter: police say the two got into a scuffle on the edge of campus saturday night and then it picked up in their dormatory involving two groups of students and ended when madison was stabbed three times in the ribs with small 95. >> they had an altercation and then i guess the guy was still mad about it so he reactioned. >> d a.m. ir is a nice person. i wouldn't expect something like that to happen to him. >> reporter: 2:00 o'clock in the morning can't an active time on campus but this news has people shocked. >> i hear people running and and out and laughing and music playing. not arguing. >> many surprised it involves two football players. >> i'm real sad.
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i played football when i was in high school and they're supposed to be brothe brothers. i was arrived to believe they were supposed to be. it's sad to say two brothers had argument and escalate to do that degree. >> reporter: now that injured student is doing okay. he is out of reading hospital tonight. we did talk to school officials who reiterate again this was not a random act of violence. again, the two students new each other. spent a little bit of time on campus this afternoon talking to students about their personal safety and for the most part they say they do feel very safe. iain? >> all right, brad, thank you. all is clear tonight at the montgomery county community college. that's where officials say a gas leak prompted the evacuation of campus' fine arts center just before 3:00 this afternoon. authorities tell us everything is now secure. students have been allowed back into the building and the campus is operating as normal. no one was hurt. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. some rain on the way. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams live outside our old city studios. scott? >> hi there, iain. no rainfall just yet.
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just a beautiful october evening. i'm going step out of the way and you can see folks there out and about taking advantage of this really nice weather. the leaves have also begun to change colors across the area. and we do have some changes on the way. as far as conditions right now, on ultimate doppler, it's dry, it's quiet but we do have some rainfall as early as tomorrow morning in some spots but it's going to be beautiful sunset across the area as we are dry and most of the region looking at clear skies. it was a nice afternoon. 76 that was the high temperature in philadelphia today well above the average this time of year in the upper 60s. lock at allentown, 77 degrees. so still pretty comfortable right now if you're stepping outdoors. maybe headed to the flyers home opener. looking good for that traveling to the wells fargo zen. so mainly clear, quiet, comfortably cool as we move toward 11:00 o'clock temperatures still in the low 60s. clouds really start to increase after midnight. and that will bring us some rainfall tomorrow. when i come indoors, we'll have the timing of two fall fronts
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that will bring some cooler air and also the second front could bring frost even a freeze concern for a part of the area. i'll have that with the seven day forecast. back to you iain and lucy. >> all right. scott thank you. philadelphia police made an arrest in the murder of a transgender person killed early last tuesday morning in the logan second of the city. let's get out to bruce gordon whose life at police headquarters tonight. bruce, one arrest so far but officials are hoping there will be more? >> reporter: hoping and expecting for three more arrests, and soon. police do not believe this was a hate crime. but that doesn't make this brutal attempted robbery gone bad any easier to accept. philadelphia police say 24-year-old pedro reading had been robbing prostitutes in and near his neighborhood for several years. but this one turned deadly. acting on tip, cops arrested reading sunday morning and they say he has been cooperative. what i'll say to you, he's helping us out. and as a result of some of the
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things that he's saying to us, we should be a toil make arrest very shortly. >> police say itemed robbery beating and murder of 22-year-old keisha jenkins a transgender prostitute happened moments after she got out of a car on wingohocking near old york road. reading police say and three accomplices happened to be walking by at the time. >> through our investigation this is not a hate crime at all. i mean it's a sad and senseless murder but it is not a hate crime. it had nothing to do with the individual being a transgender. it just had everything to do with the fact that they thought she had money and they wanted to take it from her. >> reporter: whatever the motive, residents in this neighborhood say prostitution including transgender prostitution is a growing problem. this tranquil park next to wingohocking becomes a red light district at night with sex workers getting a aggressive. >> yelling at you to come, you know, spend some money or whatever. but -- >> you get proper zigged as you drive down. >> as you drive down the street or you walk late at night. >> reporter: i prompt tulle memorial in keisha jenkins honor
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makes it clear she had plenty of friends and supporters and those in the transgender community say her sexual identity, her work as a prostitute should not define nor diminish her life. >> remember she's a person. what does it matter what her identity -- what her id card said? it doesn't. it does not matter. it doesn't make her lifeless. right now we should be focusing on fining the other individuals, remembering a beautiful person that our city lost. >> reporter: police do not believe the man who was driving the vehicle that jenkins exited moments before this attack was involved in any way. they think this was crime of opportunity. not a setup. i spoke to jenkins mother this morning. she still receivers to her child as her son stephan and says of the four killers i hope they catch them and i hope they all suffer as my son suffered. lucy? >> all right. thank you, bruce. torments night police are looking for the person behind a double shooting into north philadelphia it happened around 6:30 last night at 17th and cumberland. and the bullets hit each victim
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twice much the men are both 21 years old and both were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. we do not have any word on a suspect nor a motive as of yet. to a developing story out of south philadelphia. the number of bikes getting stolen is on the rise and police are now on alert. fox 29's shawnette wilson is in south philly. shawnette? >> reporter: this the time of year that police say they see an up tick in bike thefts. they're saying during the summer and also the warmer months just this afternoon the third district put out tweet warning residents about the problem so that they can better protect their property. so this latest increase of bike theft is happening in south philadelphia. 10 bikes were stolen just last week. the week before that, only two bike thefts were reported. the majority of them were bikes left outside but with chains and/or locks cut. so far police have made one arrest in a case where the suspect was seen walking down bueller street with bolt cutters. a witness saw police in the area and flagged them down saying the
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man had allegedly just stolen a bike. >> we want people to know there has been an increase and it would be best if they took precautions maybe bought better locks or brought their bicycles inside their residence or place of work so they're not left outside on a post. >> reporter: basically, they're suggesting that you spend little bit more money to get better locks if you can. keep your bikes indoors and in the meantime to give you a bigger picture of the overall problem over the past sick months in south philadelphia 137 bikes reported stolen and again so far just one arrest. back to you. >> all right, shawnette. gloucester township police want to you take look at this newly released surveillance video. investigators say it shows a man breaking into richard's liquor store right around 2:00 in the morning on october 3rd. police say the guy turned off his headlights as he drove up to the store then he smashed the glass door, got inside. stole the cash drawer. he sped off on old black horse pike. a crushing financial blow to
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camden tonight. the struggling city has learn it was denied a $30 million grant. camden was one of nine finalists for the grant but didn't make the final cut. the bad news comes just two months after the mayor and us senator bob menendez toward the mt. ephraim neighborhood where the redevelopment money was sob spent. streets in count ephraim will still be surfaced and camden will reapply for the money next year. operations are back to normal tonight for southwest airlines after major technical problems yesterday. fox 29 cameras at philadelphia international airport this morning where lucky for met passengers there were no long lines. yesterday's glitch forcing travelers to print boarding passes because of issues with the airlines app, its website and air fort kiosk. southwest says teams worked throughout night to make repai repairs. >> vice-president joe biden apparently is trying to decide whether he wants to make another run for the white house. tonight experts believe the trip home to delaware over the weekend could be an indicator of something big. the vice-president met with party leaders, of course, his
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family as well as he contemplates another run for the presidency. we should know if he'll officially enter the race. he's run twice before and tomorrow is the first democratic presidential debate. >> two grand could have given efforts to spruce up lucy the elephant a big old boost. >> margate officials say no thanks. why the money would have been nice they believe local kids would have paid the price. >> how about chickens in the classroom how local students are learning a valuable lesson from these birds. ♪ >> sam bradford has talk to his teammates before the game. what impact did that have? we'll hear from sam bradford, we'll hear from the players and wheel we'll hear from chip kell an new look for jason kelce is coming up in sports.
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>> margate says no thanks to pita the group ordered fund part of the restoration of lucy the elephant in return pita wanted
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to decorate lucy in a way that would educate visitors about the grim lives facing elephants in circuses. that would have included shack ripping one of lucy's feet and putting a tear drop below one eye but officials rejected the offer saying lucy must always ab happy place for children. third graders in delaware county are learning a very special lesson from chickens. >> birds are adding unique touch to their classroom. >> we've been thinking about our community. >> it cannot be easy keeping attention of this third grade class at friends school in haverford for very long. >> they need a healthy environment. >> we have the egg right here. >> helps from a few friends. >> all of a sudden i had six little chicks in my classroom that we were raising till about seven weeks old they can go outside. >> she got the idea when the head of school wanted each grade level to have a signature less lesson. jennifer is teaming the kids about the history of farming and
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how people in the world get their food. >> hens have a draw even if you're not in my class they're interesting to be around. >> each student has a job they need to finish each day. you can imagine the one nobody wants to do. >> i think my least favorite job would be helping with the food. >> they love being grossed out about you have to clean the coop. ew that's so gross. >> i say um-hmm. >> good. >> most kids however love collecting the eggs. >> there's this moment where they get to take an egg out of the roost and they realize that i didn't take it from the carton from the supermarket. they're actually is an animal that produces that food item. >> the eggs are cleaned and dated for sale. >> the money is then used to buy chicks for heparin internation international. >> -- had he ever organization. >> an organization helping families all over the world with donated livestock.
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>> animal has a much better engine one that can move people' lives. it turn it on it gives you milk or wool or eggs. >> if you have had your job as rotated -- >> back in the classroom the impact the hens have may be overwhelming. right now though -, keeping a random ball from hitting the coop. >> you really need to be careful. >> is the top of their list. in haverford, bill rohrer fox 29 news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. beautiful out there now, scott. you know it was a little too cold for me earlier. >> are we going to start that again? >> i know. it's going to be few months of this. >> oh, wow. >> i can't wait until spring. >> i know. >> let's talk about ultimate doppler right now. it's looking pretty good if you're stepping outdoors right now. dry, quiet, beautiful sunset. we have clear skies, no rainfall just yet. however, we are tracking a frontal boundary that will move through tomorrow. a couple of spotty showers maybe early tomorrow morning but then a better chance as we move toward the afternoon.
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so here's a look at the set up. you can see we're quite here but take look at this big comma shape here. that's the first cold front that will be moving through during the day tomorrow. behind it, we're looking at some cooler conditions and then as we move toward the latter part of the week, another frontal boundary will be dropping down from canada to bring some of the coldest air yet of the season. 66 degrees right now in atlantic city. we're looking at 70 in pottsto pottstown. 76 degrees right now in trenton. high temperature in philadelphia today 76 degrees. take look at temperatures toward sections of dallas it is hot. 93 degrees right now. 80 in new orleans. still kind of hot out ahead of that front. take a look at the colder air this is where it will be coming from 49 degrees right now in the twin cities. and some of that colder air will continue to spill southward approaching our area over the next several days. so tomorrow morning the clouds increase out ahead of that frontal boundary. there could be a spotty shower early tomorrow morning. but the better chance comes
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toward the afternoon as that main front continues to move through our area from about, say, 3:00 to 7:00 o'clock. watching a thin line a broken line of scattered showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder. but at best we're looking at about a tenth of an inch of rain with that system. then behind it we dry out and turn cooler for your wednesday. so right now, it's still pretty comfortable if you're stepping outdoors. but watch what happens as we move toward the middle of the week. it turns cool, feeling like fall and then by the latter part of the week, the upcoming weekend some of that cold air the coldest of the season will head in our direct. and that will mean a frost concern. maybe even freeze warnings going up towards sections of the pocono mountains. as we take look at the forecast for tonight we're talking 50 north and west. 57 degrees in the city. and clouds start to increase especially after midnigh mid. tomorrow's forecast 74 degrees for the high temperature and once again those scattered showers especially toward the
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afternoon and evening. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you we're looking at a couple of showers around early tomorrow, then again in the afternoon. and then temperatures drop for wednesday. 67 degrees will be the high temperature. so feeling more like fall. middle and latter part of the week temperatures in the 60s. another chance for a spotty shower on friday with a second front and then as we move toward the upcoming weekend, take a look at saturday. for the temple game it will be chilly temperatures only in the upper 50s. saturday night into sunday, that's when lows in philadelphia could drop into the upper 30s. so we're talking low 30s far north and west and that will be that frost concern as well as maybe even some freeze warnings going up. so you've had plenty of time to pro pair. >> i know, you're right. >> plenty of time. >> it's getting to be late october. >> almost halloween. >> i know it's cupping. >> howard eskin during this time of year always following the eagles. he's at novacare complex right now. hey, howard. >> it's a happy day here at
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novacare but it's a happy day for the city, too, because eagles won game but sam bradford have anything to do with it with his pep talk to his players a lot of his players before the game and there's a new look for jason kelce which might have had something to do with it. that's coming up in sports. >> what's you will tiply. i'm porsche william. i'm head crack. khloe kardashian and james are going strong. he won't be keeping up with the kardashians is that fans think. >> even though they're public figures, they're trying to keep their relationship as private as they can. definitely getting more play time on the basketball court. and with khloe. >> tune in to dish nation for on this and other stories we're dishing about.
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[woman] hey, amy! ññ [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this? [man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis.
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[man] with a private dock! [amy] beautiful! [woman] and a house on the lake! [amy] the house looks great, you two! [in unison] thanks! the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >> monday morning quarterback sponsored by xfinity the your home for the most live sports. it's eagles win and it's a big win. 39-17. scoring points is good. offensive line play was good. and i'll tell you who else was good. on the defensive line, fletcher cox was unbelievable if he doesn't win the defensive player of the week in the nfl this week there's something wrong and somebody ought to check something up at the new york offices. fletcher cox had three sacks, he caused two fumbles and on one of the sacks he recovered his own
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fumble. that's what's amazing. amazing what he did yesterday and that created all kinds of problems for drew brees. then you have sam bradford had 333 yards passing, 32 for 45. two touchdown passes, a one to brent celek and eagles rolled. what happened before the game is kind of interesting. sam bradford had a pep talk with many of his offensive players. and jason kelce and i just did a radio show with jason dead said, it was very -- he was very emphatic. little different than he normally does. but chip kelly, he also commented today. >> obviously the guy that is speak have to be able to back it up. so you know be, you know, sometimes the empty bow makes the most a lot of guys talk all the time and they don't perform. it's a matter of kind of matching it up but i know our players listen to sam. >> our guys did a great job continuing to battle. it would be easy to fold up and
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say oh, man, sam a throwing interceptions. we're done. we can't do egg in. that's now it went today at all. we cep going. kept moving forward. >> the quarterback has to be a leader and maybe that's a part of leadership skills that now more of the players realize sam bradford has. at least did he yesterday. jason kelce, part of the offensive line played well. but he's got new look. you see, jason kelce had long hair before. you remember that. not any more. he cut it off before the game. >> i just felt it was time for change. i think that -- >> had nothinged that with the win. >> no new york city, no, no. this was cut before the game. i had this look for while and i really wasn't happy with the way i was playing at all quite honestly and figured it was time for change. switch it up. >> the hair changed it. >> that's the reason why. >> how about that? you see that. now you just cut your hair and instead of losing strength you gain strength. when i saw jason kelce you cut
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your hair? yeah. as he said he got tired of it. whether that had anything to do with i think its there's more to it to cutting your hair. obviously it's a mental game as well as a physical game. and it made him feel better and played a good game. maybe we should up a get haircuts. i don't know. >> no, shh. my boss is listening. >> thanks, how war. clearly he's not samson. samson lost all of his strength. kelce just gained all that strength like the opposite. >> just got to to cut it each time. >> hiding in plain site to keep you safe on the rails. pro frick number one crime on septa. the person sleeping next to you on the train may actually be stopping a crook from stealing your phone and that does it for us here at 6:00. see you right here back here at 10. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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♪[ music ] jim carrey in tears. he's a pallbearer at his ex- girlfriend's funeral. and -- >> amy schumer! >> storm over the amy schumer snl skit. >> ask the mockery go just a little too far? >> and move over nik wallenda. now it's his wife's turn. >> almost like i'm flying. >> plus the mystery man hiding his face in the hoody. he bought a lottery ticket worth $14 million. >> and you'll never guess who he is. a state lottery official. >> did he rig the lottery? then, takedown uproar. >> that was a violent collision. >> how intense is the situation? the nypd is doing a


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