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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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but cops say they aren't done seeking justice. who police are looking for now. breaking news. teenager shot in the head. what police say fell out of his pocket at the hospital. what police say fell out of his pocket at the hospital. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. right now, the news is breaking. teenager shot in the head in north philadelphia. skyfox over the scene on north tenth street just moments ago. police officers raced that 14-year-old to the hospital where he is in critical
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condition. police say as they were taking him inside a toy gun fell out of the his pocket. we have a crew heading to the scene. we'll a live report in minutes. meanwhile, a break in the case behind the murder of a transgender person on a philadelphia street beaten and then shot twice in the back. tonight, one man is under arrest but the search is still on for others involved. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. tonight fox 29 talked to the family of the one man police have tied to the crime. he spoke first oh our dave schratwieser and, dave, he is standing behind his brother. >> reporter: no doubt about that, lucy. police tonight looking for three more suspects including the shooter who gunned down 22-year-old keisha jenkins last week. tonight we spoke with the brother of the one man behind bars already in this case. >> 19-year-old victor rodriguez says he was fast asleep sunday morning when homicide detectives came looking for his brother pedro reading. they wanted to talk to the 24-year-old reading about the murder of keisha jenkins just up
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the block. by monday, reading was charged with jenkins murder. >> he's not capable of shooting somebody. that much i do know. that's one of my brothers. he's not capable of shooting somebody. >> rodriguez says his brother was at home the night the 22-year-old transgender victim was beaten and gunned down in what police now say was a robbery gone bad. >> this is not hate crime at all. i mean, it's a sad and senseless murder, but it is not hate crime. it had nothing to do with the individual being a transgender. >> remember she's a person. what does it matter what her id card said? it doesn't. it does not matter. it doesn't make her lifeless. >> reporter: police say reading has a history of arrests including one for robbing and passion soughing another transgender individual two years ago that. case was dropped when the victim didn't testify. reading gave detective as statement admitting to attacking jenkins but denying he was the shooter. >> he is not th trigger man. he is part of the robbery. he threw punches. he threw kicks. >> they don't know what's in
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their mind. >> police are looking three more young men in jenkins murder. police say all three are from the neighborhood where the murder occurred. >> he's helping us out, and as a result of some of the things that he's saying to us, we should be able to make arrests very shortly. >> reporter: meanwhile rodriguez says his family is trying to get his brother a lawyer. >> he stayed out of trouble. five years parole. why would he mess up now? >> reporter: no additional arrests to report tonight. again, police looking for three more suspects. they have not recovered the murder weapon. there is a $20,000 reward in this case. if you have any information you can call the homicide unit. lucy? >> hopefully that information will come n thank you, dave. busy night for skyfox over a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike. police tell us the driver was heading eastbound in bensalem and hit a deer. the car rolled and ended up in the embankment. rescue crews pulled the driver out from the car. that person is in the hospital. we do not know their condition. on your radar rain on the
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way. here's a live look from allentown at the end avenue nearly perfect fall day. radar shows that rain moving in right as you're driving home. kathy, cooler changes? >> absolutely iain. you know it won kay stay this beautiful for long on ultimate doppler you can see that comma shaped cloud that is a textbook example of a very strong area of low pressure and this is the trailing cold front associated with it. right now moving through ohio and through the midwest and this is tomorrow's rain that will be moving through. right now looks like around of rain in time for the evening commute. in philadelphia, we're in the 60s. the same in wilmington. already 57 in millville. 58 degrees in allentown. in the pocono mountains 54 degrees and falling. come tomorrow morning, not as cool as it's been with some clouds rolling n the temperature 60. by the 9am hour partly sunny skies, 64, and then increasing clouds late in the morning with item in the 60s. it's after that that the rain moves in. so coming up we'll be timing out the rain for your tuesday, we'll
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talk about the fall chill that moves in and 30s in the seven day forecast. now it look like these could be widespread and some of us could have our first freeze. couple that? >> i'll have with the seven day later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thank before you that rain hits tomorrow make sure you download our fox 29 news app. live look at wilmington, tonig tonight, get live radar and alerts sent right to your phone. gloucester township police want to you look at this newly released surveillance video. it shows a man breaking into richard's liquor store right around 2:00 in the morning on october 3rd. the guy turned off his let's as he drove up to the store. then he smashed the glass door, got inside and stole the cash drawer. he sped off op old black horse pike. if you know anything about this, give police a call. the philadelphia police third district is warning residents about an increase in bike thefts in south philly. police say the increase has been in south philly, 10 bikes were stolen last week. the week before that only two bike thefts were reported.
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the majority of them were bikes left outside with chains or locks cut. so far police have made one arrest in the case where the suspect was seen walking down beaulah street with bolt cutters. witness saw police in the area, flagged them down saying the man had just stolen bike. >> we wanted people to know there has been an increase and it would be best if they took precautions, maybe bought better locks or brought their bicycles inside their residents or their place of work so that's right not left outside i wasn't tendon. >> to give you overall idea of the problem, over the past six months, there have been 137 bikes reported stolen in south phil much police also suggest residents buy those higher quality locks or store those bikes inside when they go to work. >> operations are back to normal for southwest airline. man, did it have big technical problems yesterday, though. fox 29 cameras at philadelphia international airport caught absolutely nothing today. which was a very good thing for passengers who did not want anything news worthy happening. now, yesterday that was an err
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entirely matter a glitch forced travelers to print boarding passes because of issues with the airlines app. it's website and airport kiosks the lines were huge. south we have says its tech teak of teams work that was to fix everything. a fire in the sky forced down airliner from newark to seattle. it ended up leading in buffalo after flames broke out in the gally. alaska airlines 17 had 184 passengers on board and five crew members. spoke person says a credit card reader caught fire and the crew put it out. not big fire and no one is injured. fight inside a local college dorm ends one with student in the hospital and another in jail. both play for the albright college football team in reading and one now accused of stabbing his teammate. fox 29's brad sattin shows us how that fight escalated. >> reporter: it has ban special year so far for the albright lions football team practicing today looking to keep their undefeated season going.
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they're one of the top division three teams in the country but for the moment their success is being overshadowed with news one of their players since in the berks county prison accused attempted murder in the stabbing avenue player over the weekend. >> there was an incident in one of our residents halls between two students who are residents of that hall. >> reporter: police say 18-year-old marquise stewart seen here in a photo from lehigh valley when he played at freedom high school in bethlehem is accused of stepping fellow freshman madison. madison is listed on the steam roster. stewart's name and photo already gone. >> the accused has been suspended from school. he is not to be on campus and there could be other sanctions. >> reporter: police say the two got into a scuffle on the edge of campus saturday night and then it picked up in their dormatory involving two groups of students and ended when madison was stabbed three times in the ribs with a small 95. >> they had an altercation, and then i guess the guy was still mad about it so he reactioned.
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>> d a.m. ir is a nice person. i wouldn't expect something like that to happen to him. >> 2:00 o'clock in the morning can be an active time on campus. but this news has people shock. >> i hear people running and out and laughing and music playing. but it's not arguing. >> many surprised it involves two football players. >> i'm really sad because i played football in high school and they're supposed to be as brothers. that's how i was arrived. it's sad to say two brothers had an argument and it escalated to a debris. vice-president joe biden spent the weekend back in wilmington with his family. experts believe the trip home could be an indicator of something big. possibly a run for president. fox 29 weekend's billeted son shows us what it could mean for the race. ♪ >> reporter: with democrats about to have their first presidential debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are jockeying for position.
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but with vice-president joe biden in delaware spending some family time, are speculating that he's finally ready to make decision about whether or not he's going to jump into the race. recent poll found that regardless of political party, vice-president biden has the highest favorability rating but still opinions vary widely over whether he will or even should run. >> for the simple fact i don't want trump to win. >> reporter: sure. anybody but trauma? >> anybody but trump. >> joe biden will have a popularity that will be -- had surpass hillary and bernie sanders. >> i think the american people as far as the democratic party goes have their eyes set on hillary and i think that's where they're going to focus and put their vote. >> reporter: favorability rating doesn't necessarily translate to victory. as current overall poll leaders, hillary clinton and donald trump both trail ben carson and vice-president joe biden on that particular scale. but still, favorability or like
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ability matters because most candidates expect the race to tighten up as we get closer to the election. >> as this race gets deeper in, it good get hotter and more difficult. >> reporter: insiders say that vice-president biden's family time may be the final factor in this decision-making process and then we'll see if like ability is the same thing as elect ability. >> i think he should run were you i don't think it's going make difference. i don't think he's going to win. >> reporter: guys, adversary a polls has hillary clinton currently leading vice-president biden by 25 points. and bernie sanders is solidly in second place. so experts say if vice-president biden wants in, now is the time and even then with fundraising challenges and early primary states he still faces an uphill battle. but we'll see. here in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson. fox 29 news. >> ♪ woman getting waisted and streaming it live for anyone to see.
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the crime police say she broadcast to the world why officers were frantic to try and track her down. >> hiding in plain sight. protecting from the number one crime on septa. how that person sleeping next to you on the train might actually be preventing a crook from stealing your phone. a local teen taking over the world one neck tie at a time. >> it started out as an idea but it's a company now. >> he's all right getting calls from the biggest retailer on the planet. get ready to feel lazy. the drive behind this 14-year-olds' success. >> half naked models in the middle of the street for a photo shoot. but that's not why this picture is going viral. what's happening behind the model that caught everyone's eye.
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>> breaking news out of north philadelphia. 14-year-old has been shot. fox 29's shawnette wilson is in north philly to where the shooting just hammed. shawnette, what are you learn? >> reporter: very sad scene out here tonight, iain. in north philadelphia we are live at north tenth thompson street you can see behind me a very active scene as police try to determine what led to the shooting of a 14-year-old. we're told this teen was shot in the head. taken to hahnemann. he is in very critical extremely critical condition i should say as we were just told moments ago by police. let's take look at video from skyfox that we just got moments
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ago as we arrived on scene. police very difficult out here right now as they all put their heads together to try to gather evidence. they're telling us there were no witnesses. they have no information on a shooter or a description. no shell casings found here at the scene which leads them to believe this teen may have been shot with a revolver but again no shell casings but without doubt this teen shot in the head at hahnemann right now in extremely critical condition. what we've also learned from police is that as they took this teen to the hospital, he was being taken inside and police say a beebee gun fell out of the victim's pocket. we don't know what if anything that may have had to do with the shooting tonight. but again that 14-year-old shot in the head. ex treely critical condition tonight. police telling us as much we tight say it it might not make i again any information from people in the neighborhood that may help them find out what happened this teen they'd like to hear from witnesses or people in the neighbor. but again that teen shot in the head tonight here in north philadelphia at hahnemann right now. back to you. >> just tragic, shawnette.
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all right. all is clear tonight in montgomery county community college. that's where authorities say a gas leak prompted the evacuati evacuation. fine arts sent on campus just before 3:00 this afternoon. severing now secure and operating as normal. no one is hurt. the chief executive officer of a delaware county company is getting whole lot of national attention. that is because the head of this company hasn't even graduated high school yet. >> our chris o'connell talked to that teen earlier today about his success. he joins us live in south philly with the story. chris? >> reporter: well, iain, when the biggest retailer in the world wal*mart is interested in your company it's a good bet you are on to something. but now imagine that company is owned by a teenager just entering the tenth grade. >> this is novel tie corporate headquarters or as my mom calls it the dining room. >> reporter: when most 14-year-olds are playing video games -- >> this was the prototype. >> reporter: this boy is going over designs for his new compa
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company. novel ties neck wear for the teen set. >> there was nothing out there that was, you know, me and so i created ties for kids just like me. >> reporter: as sophomore at arch mirror academy he's required to wear a tie every day. so he created his own. a series of eight fun designs like chick magnet and study muffin. he's worked with an overseas manufacturer, built a website and hired salesman. >> i get a chance to with a business, with sales, with actual money. it started out as an idea but it's a company now. >> reporter: even at 14, he reads the wall street journal every day already has accomplished career. he's appeared twice in the national spelling beach he's the president of his class. he's hosted ted talks and his new business was recognized by philadelphia's young entrepreneur academy and that got him a meeting with wal*mart. that's wal*mart's ceo doug mcmillan wearing one of his ti
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ties. >> i pitched actual investors. they gave me $800 to jump start my business. >> he's not sure where he wants to go to college yet but does he know his biggest role model. >> i don't know what i want to do yet but i do know i want to be like my mom. >> reporter: well in case you're wondering novel ties already made a profit in its first two months of business and his next big opportunity will come later this fall when he has a chance to open a pop-up store in a local sam's club supermarket. >> chris, you know what, the moment you said he wants to be like his mom, i gasped and went oh, now i have tears in my eyes i'm not worthy of him. he's so phenomenal. this kid has done everything. love that story. best story of the night, chris. tired of graffiti plaguing their buildings some folks in southwest philadelphia are stepping up in a big way. the neighbors on 900 block of south pattison street it had
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become a dumping site as well. what did they do to change that and make the neighborhood better, they joined forces. they used plain old stuff from their homes and change wad was an eye sore into a work of art. take a look at this mosaic wall mural. >> this wall symbolizes hope. it symbolizes change, transformation, the power of community that you can do something for yourself, by yourself and that you don't actually have to have a lot to do a lot. >> there you go. the mural is made up of old surveillance ram mick dishes and mirrors and such from the families who call this neighborhood home. transforming blight into beauty. you decide 2015. let's less than a month until philadelphia elects its next mayor ton night republican candidate melissa murray and democratic jim kenney took part in debate in center city. whhy host to go night's event with the help of other city community groups.
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election day is november 3rd. a driver spins out of control right in front of a trooper. she's okay tonight. what happened seconds before she almost slams into that trooper's car. >> a woman trapped in a floor drain her entire arm is stuck. firefighters had actually jackhammer her out. what was so important she reached down to pull out of that drain in the first place? >> plus the mcdonald's customer on rampage employees say she attackeattacked when they woulde her awry fun i didn't end there. what police say she did next that got her in even bigger trouble. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. the construction project is back. a shut down of the vine street expressway closed tonight into early tomorrow morning between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. also, they can put in the place those steal beams over the vine expressway. right there in front of the free library. they're also going to be working overnight and through tomorrow
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on the rows vessel boulevard. the repaving of the inner drives between woodward and rhawn. if you use mass transit tomorrow they'll be oh and regular weekday schedule but they will be using shuttle buses on the lansdale between colmar and doylestown. showers for the morning rush. sue and i will have the jam cams and the forecast when we see you bright and early tomorrow morning beginning at 4:00. ♪
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ close call for highway patrol trooper in i was tam watch the top left of your screen right there. do you see the suv loses control just past the trooper' cars. rolls off the road in a cloud dust. this just outside salt lake city. investigators say that driver was distracted by her phone and looked up just in time to see the trooper's car dead ahead. she swerved. she lost control, but she is not hurt. we're hearing terrifying moments that followed a deadly shooting on an arizona college campus. officials releasing 911 call from friday's shooting at northern arizona university in
10:25 pm
flag staff. police arresting 18-year-old stephen jones. he shot four members of a fraternity. one died. jones is now charged with first degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault. >> violent case of road wage in georgia left a woman in critical condition. >> now police are on the hunt for the shooter. this happened around 1:30 this afternoon on highway 78 in dekalb county. the victim a 44-year-old woman was driving her yellow corvette when a black ford mustang began tailgating her. the woman motioned that mustang to pass and then things took a dangerous turn. >> as they were travel west on 78 the black mustang became up behind them abruptly in the center lane, began to come around them, then fell back in behind as they approached the exit. once he began the skit he fired several rounds at the corvette. >> investigators say so far they do not have any witnesses and right now they're searching for that mustang and hoping anyone driving on that road this afternoon who may have seen something will call police. this one might just leave
10:26 pm
you speechless. the woman got wasted and streamed it live for anyone to see. >> the crime police say she broadcast to the world. why officers were frantic to track her down. plus the wedding day picture one bride never expected. standing in the middle of a wild scene. why she's including think photo in her wedding album. kathy? >> wow. in weather we're talking about quiet conditions right now. but here comes a cold front making its way through the ohio valley it will be here in just in time for our commute. especially the afternoon. we'll talk about a few rounds of rain coming up when we come back.
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>> right now at 10:30 following breaking news. teenager shot in the head in north philadelphia. sky fox over the scene on north tenth street just before 10. police officers raced that 14-year-old to the hospital. he is in critical condition. police say as they were taking him inside a beebee gun fell out his pocket. investigators are looking for evidence. they believe he was shot with revolver.
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we'll stay on top of this and bring you any developments as we get them. a young woman streaming live on night out taking shots admi admitting she's hammered but then police say she took her show on the road. >> if you can believe that. my goodness. getting 911 calls from people watching her life stream as police say she drove home drunk. fox's crystal clark walks us through that blurry eyed night. >> reporter: people do lot of things they shouldn't behind the wheel. from drinking to texting. but this one might take the ca cake. >> i am drunk beyond belief, people. i can't read your texting. i can't read your periscope. >> that's whitney biehl per scoping drunk while driving according to lakeland police. >> she is telling the world through her eyes how irresponsible, how inn tock indicated she is. showing everybody as she drives around the city of lakeland. >> reporter: periscope a live streaming social media app. users can show themselves doing anything and they're followers were watch.
10:31 pm
>> 57 people, oh, my gosh. i had no idea i'd get this many people. >> but this 23-year-old get unwanted attention, too. as she left the bar, viewers worldwide watched her periscope video she titled driving home drunk. she noticed her slurred speech and disorientation. >> i feel like i'm going to be drunk all the way home. all the way home, people i'm going to be drunk. >> people who don't even know her sent messages begging biehl to pull over. one man dialed 911. >> this young lady is somewhere in lakeland, florida. that's all i can -- that's all we're allowed to see. >> how do you know she's drunk? >> she's slurring her speech and she's going from one lane to another on the street. >> quick thinking officer downloaded the app on his phone and spotted landmarks on her visiting following her every move until he spotted her on north lake land street. >> they pulled her over, and it was just obvious from that point she was inn tock indicated. >> she had flat front tire from
10:32 pm
hitting a curb and didn't seem to know where she was. but biehl was a alive and taken off the road before harming herself or anyone else. >> not a lot of people know about periscope. it was something that we're well aware of now. >> thank goodness. police say biehl filed a field sobriety test. she refused to breathalyzer. she face as dui charge. >> halloween display getting national attention for its gore is coming down the homeowner says it's not because of all the complaints she's getting. this video does come with a warning. it's a little hard to watch. people walking past the display navy chief land were horrified especially since it was just down the street from an elementary school. vicky barrett stood her ground for days until she said she felt her family's safety was at risk including her kids sleeping inside and strangers would pull up. >> i mean we would be sleeping. i came down one night a little bit after midnight and happened to see stuff in my front yard and look out my window and our
10:33 pm
yard was full of people we didn't know. >> barrett says this experience has ruined her halloween saying they won't even be putting up a pumpkin neck year. all right. let's take a look at our autumnal weather. let's switch this up. that was disturbing. >> let's change it up. how about happy news about weather, kathy? >> we have happy news. it will be clear tonight. it will be comfortable come tomorrow morning. right now it's 63 but the high today 76 degrees. winds out of the south southwest. right now we're seeing a clear sky. but tomorrow morning we'll see some clouds move through. during the latter part of the morning commute maybe a few sprinkles and by noon a few sprinkles as well but it looks like this front will be moving through the delaware valley between 5:00 and 7:00. so that's right during the evening rush with some showers maybe an imbedded thunderstorm and then clearing the coast by about 9:00 o'clock in the evening. now we do have clear skies behind this and the clear skies will give way to cool her conditions. gradually cooler as the week progresses but look at this cold pool of air making it all the
10:34 pm
way down toward the delaware valley by sunday morning that will be the key to this seven day forecast. the big question is how cold will it get? well, our american model the gfs is colder than our reliable european model. so i went right in between with these numbers for the poconos the lehigh valley and the northern part of berks county 30 to 35 degrees sunday morning. so this is the best chance of seeing a freeze come sunday morning. then along the delaware valley, the i-95 corridor, expect temperatures generally between 35 and 39. but definitely the coldest yet and then down the shore, we're looking at temperatures between about 39 and 44 degrees along the coast, 44 will be your morning low. so not so bad there. the ocean actually doing the work to keep the shore temperatures up that. will be the cold aft thursday far. it will be cold must have. in the city overnight 57. north and west 50 with partly cloudy skies. during the day tomorrow, just a few spotty showers. the best chance of a line of rain or round of rain will come
10:35 pm
late in the afternoon. look at that southwest wind about five to 10 miles an hour. on the exclusive seven day forecast you can see 70s for tuesday. but after that a cool change. saturday for the temple game 58. sunday morning that's the deep chill. and still chilly by monday. i want to show you beautiful picture here. some fall foliage sent in from pennsylvania. wells worry which is near williamsport. >> nice. >> look at that gorgeous fall color. >> love it. love this time of year. it's so nice. >> yeah. >> thank you very much, kathy. >> mcdonald's customer on a rampage employees say she attacked when they wouldn't give her a refund. it did not end there. what employees say she did next that got her in even bigger trouble. >> a woman's arm trapped in a floor drain. firefighters have to jackhammer out. what was show important she reached down to pull out of the of that drain in the first place? >> a big offer to help margate's famous elephant but at what cost to lucy? why the city had to
10:36 pm
walk away from the cold, hard cash. vince mazzeo-
10:37 pm
fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite. (man) hmm. ♪hat do you think?
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(stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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♪ a fight over fast food order lands a woman in handcuffs. police say the 58-year-old got mad about her food inside this mcdonald's near sacremento she when employees denied her refund, investigators said she attacked them and police say she grabbed the money from the cash register and off duty depth pee tee was nearby and held her there until police got there. she's charged with robbery and theft. >> in your money a new store is jumping into the same day delivery game. kohl's has partnered with the company deliv for same day delivery. just in time for that early holiday shopping. >> this sounds too good to be true. you know what that means. linked is now offering employees unlimited vacation time. sort of. employees can take as much time off as they want every year but there are limit. they can't take six months off. the company says that's a leave of absence much can't work 33
10:40 pm
days week. employees have to work out their days off with mr. managers. good luck with that. >> kind of what we have to do anyhow. >> sort of. >> i wanted to make sure i got that straight margate turned down that is sands of dollars from peta. they offered to help pay lucy the elephant. they wanted to decorate lucy that would educate visitors about the grim lives facing elephants and circuses and that would include shack link lucy's feet and putting a deer drop near one guy. lucy must ab happy place for children. >> we've all heard stories about women in labor forced to deliver in odd places the baby just couldn't wait. >> this one may just take the cake. coming into the world at 70 miles an hour. >> we got on the express lanes and then right after we got on, she's like, oh, my god, it's coming much it's coming. >> after less than 90 minutes in labor amanda buck gave birth to little lucy. how about that name? >> aww. >> racing to seattle hospital.
10:41 pm
the toddler in the back seat her husband called 911. they talk the couple through how to keep the baby safe and warm until paramedic got there and mommy and baby are doing well tonight. not to mention dad and big brother. >> lucy is a name again all of a sudden used to be just dogs to and me. hiding in plain site protecting you from the number one crime on septa. how the person sleeping next to you on the train might actually be preventing someone from stealing your phone. plus, half nation naked model in the middle of a street for photo shoot? what's happening behind the model that caught everyone's eye. ?
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♪ ♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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♪ a woman tried to clear out a floor drain and got trapped. her entire arm stuck in the drain at an oregon store. she was trying to fish out a broom handle at first firefighters lubed up her arm with oil and soap but that didn't work. they had to call in a technical rescue team then had to use a jackhammer to break up the concrete around the drain. the 24-year-old was stuck in there for about two hour. she ended up at the hospital but she will be just fine. it's the number one thing getting swiped from riders on septa. your cell phone. but a new sting operation is helping cut down on how many
10:45 pm
thieves are getting a way. >> tock twine's dave schratwieser shows us how the person sleeping next to you on the train might actually be protecting you. ♪ >> reporter: it look like the normal afternoon commute on septa's market morning forward el. passengers minding their own business on that are way home from work or school. some sitting, some standing, some fast asleep. as the train pulls out of the tenth street station, many of the passengers have their cell phones out. the guy sleeping on the left has his iphone four on the seat next to him. that catches the eye of the rider in the white t-shirt. >> as you can see one of our opportunity any of the thieves takes a look at the phone. he's very very interested in the phone. >> septa police say what you're watching is one of the scenarios they see regularly asleeping passengers leave their phones or other electronic devices out while they catch little shut eye. >> he has a phone to the right
10:46 pm
of him. that phone is a black cell phone actually on the seat next to him to his right. >> now watch as the guy in the white t shirt sits down next to the sleeping passenger. >> through a distract he tries to pull out his phone he takes the phone and puts it in his pock. the guy who snatched the unsuspecting passenger's phone then tries to make his get away. but notice the guys who immediately begin to follow him. they're part of septa's new cell phone decoy detail. they pursue the suspect with the stolen phone as he walks through the train. seconds later they surround him and place him under arrest. >> phone recovered, too. >> phone recovered. >> 21-year-old suspect jameel parker is cuffed and escorted off the train. he's now charged with theft and receiving stolen property. it's part of septa's latest proactive sting operation designed to cut down on the transit services number one crime problem, cell phone theft. >> on average we get a cell phone theft day. from our data we noticed up tick
10:47 pm
in cell phone thefts which occurred on the system with some of our passengers that were asleep and we deciderred we needed to do proactive to put a stop to this type of behavior. >> captain darrell jones says the whole scenario was caught on tape by some of septa's 12,000 cameras. it's part of an aggressive new man noon protect passengers from cell phone thieves. >> the opportunity tift thief would obviously see that person with cell phone or electronic device in their hand and at any tune point take that device and run off the train without the passenger knowing it. he'll sit next down to the officer -- >> captain jones explains the sleeping passenger is an undercover septa police officer he preening that to be police. septa police have been using the sleeper decoy detail since june and they've had quite bit of success. >> to date i believe we have a 70, 75% success rate. >> septa says the decoy detail is dispatched based on crime data showing where cell phones are being stolen.
10:48 pm
they track the times when phones are stolen and the trains where phones are most often snatched from riders. then they set up the decoy detail accordingly. >> we have a variety of ages from one through maybe even 60. >> captain jones says septa is going public with their sleeping decoy detail because they hope it will educate the riding public about cell phone thieves and let the criminal who's prey on the passengers know that septa police are always watchi watching. >> so the person sitting there you think is some innocent victim here may not be. >> it could very well be an undercover. >> reporter: septa officials point out that on several occasions passengers on board trains have actually awakened to sleeping decoy undercover officer to warn him that his cell phone was out and could be stolen. not knowing the sleeping passenger is actually an undercover cop. >> we've also had 70, 75 acts of good samaritans. people who for whatever reason
10:49 pm
would they didn't see know was a plage clothes officer and try to wake him and give him back his device. >> if you're going to fall asleep, secure your device, puts your things away. >> septa police put gps tracking devices on the decoy phones in case the would be thieves tried to get away. proactive programs like this have helped septa police cut cell phone thefts and robberies this year in half. they plan to continue this program for the foreseeable future. dave schratwieser fox 29 news. >> there was a day full of memories for one family in clarksville, tennessee a day filled with joy and pain. just minutes after sarah ray celebrated her wedding ceremony she learn her 72-year-old grand are grandmother was in a car accident on the way to the reception. she couldn't help but go to the scene of the wreck but felt she a duty as a paramedic her mother snapped several pictures of her daughter on her big day but one captured her moment of selflessness.
10:50 pm
>> i don't know what i did was -- i was just make insuring my family was okay. just happened nobody a wedding dress. >> the crash happened just 2 miles away from the church. ray's family says a driver running a red light slammed into their vehicle. thankfully no one was serious injured. photo shoot on the streets of ire land. the models topless and you think that would be the big draw for the pictures. >> guess again. this picture is gettin getting f retweets on twitter. it shows one of the contestants in the 2015 miss bikini ire land competition posin posing in dub. organizers say it's to raise airways in youness about breast cancer. but one what is everyone talking about. look to the right your screen. that person in front of a model an woman falling off her bicycle is back there. many referencing the fact that she was probably very very distracted. you know, looked um you see this fairly naked person in front of you on the street. you're not expecting that. went whoa! and there you go. >> of course with social immediate yachts all over the
10:51 pm
place. >> yeah. that little moment that you had that you wish nobody knows about -- >> exactlexactly. it's all viral. >> that's what social media is. >> i know. >> mr. 70,000 twitter followers. >> well -- hey, i'm just trying to help them out. but not with topless pictures. >> you're not going to be topless. >> i'd be reprimanded in that was the case. trust me. you know it much eagles offense is big part of their win and here was the players -- hear what the mares had to say about a meeting that sam bradford had when he call his offense together before the game. >> the flyers playing their home opener without their goaltender steve mason. what his backup did deserved to get him another start. all coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
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♪ >> the flyers still looking for their first win. season after two losses played their home opener tonight against the same florida team that beat them seven-one on saturday night. let's do to the wells fargo center. didn't take many goals for the flyers only they got was one. braydon schenn scores. steve mason out for personal reasons. was not playing the game. michael, his backup played. he had 31 saves. he was outstanding. the flyers go on to beat florida the score there one to nothing. eagles won game yesterday. they had to have to save the season. so many areas of the football team played well. it should be stated it was a bad
10:55 pm
new orleans team they played but the offensive line played well. the defense with fletcher cox have sensational game played well and the quarterback was much better. sam bradford through for over 300 yards. two touchdowns, but maybe his building guest plus was the last minute meeting he had with his offense shortly before the game. jason kelce told me, it was different for bradford and impressive and riley cooper told me tonight how it went down. >> he's a quiet guy. i know known sam for a long long time that's his personal. and he's definitely quiet. >> that was different. it made an impact on. >> definitely did. yeah. no doubt. it was different and unexpected. he just started tapping everyone -- you got your headphones on. you're listening to music getting ready for the game. starting in about 15 minutes. he just started tapping one, come here. we all just met and he started firing off. it was good. it was good timing and well needed. the timing was just awesome. just right before the game and when did he it want he said and
10:56 pm
it kind of just, um, it stuck with everybody. >> the head coach chip kelly thought it's not everybody who can have impact with those kinds of meetings. >> obviously the guys that speak have to be able to back it up. you can be -- you know, sometimes they say the empty barrel makes the most noise. you won't get anything out of it a lost times talk all the time and they don't perform. it's a mat of matching it up. >> you can look at the reasons the eagles got a win. jason kelce can take credit for a new look cutting off that long hair. >> i just felt it was time for change. i think -- >> had nothing to do with the win? >> no, no, no. this was cut before the game. high this look for while and i reareally wasn't happy with they i was playing. i figured it was time for change. switch the. >> the hair changed it. >> that's the reason why. >> very nice. >> why not? >> it's like the anti samson. he actually gained a strength. >> sometimes you try anything to get better.
10:57 pm
if exactly. >> i love hockey players and playoffs they all grow the big beards. you can even recognize them. all right. good look. >> of course. cut it some more for the giants game. >> go for it. >> thanks for watching we'll see you tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: charlie sheen had an enjoyable liquid weekend that ended by being placed in a headlock and taken out of a bar. >> [beep] mike: in normal charlie sheen fashion, he drank at the bar for four or five hours. harvey: that's not good times. charlie c.: he's having a great time. harvey: can you not feel the way he feels sunday morning? charlie c.: i feel it currently. [laughter] van: it looks like serena williams and drake, not a thing. drake was out at the nice guy last night with a mystery woman but she's mystery woman no more. i know who this woman is. harvey: somebody with a big butt on social media so basically he knows. van: boom, real house. katie: justin bieber out at the nice guy over the weekend, left the club with kourtney kardashian. >> are you guys the new item?


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