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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 13, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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♪ >> police say it happened right along here early friday morning. this always busy stretch of route 14, a student hit by a vehicle, possibly a drunk driver who went on about his our business. now, friends have reportedly started questioning the events of that night. one question is why she was out on route 46 in the 1st place at that hour, girl of commonsense would never common sense would never have been in such a place of such time.
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so i popped by and no one was home. they have understandably been to the hospital weekend. >> for now friends and family continue to pray. contact the prosecutor's officeprosecutor's office or the clifton police and let them know what you know. as a -- after all, someone must know something. hank flynn "chasing". ♪ >> diagnosed with stage to states to breast cancer and has been going through heavy chemotherapy. she went to the monmouth nbc >> this that i had to take a new picture, and i said i looked sick. >> it is not about looking glamorous. >> sometime last week she came down to a park in hamilton township, found here on tuesday,,
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circumstances of her death remain a mystery. >> a very good mother. whoever did this to her needs to pay. >> an annual road rally, a 50-mile competition. jump in the car. i was a navigator. >> rd. >> rd? >> we may have gone too far. bill: you were chasing a story about a new jersey woman who is battling breast cancer, lost her hair from chemotherapy and when she went to renew her drivers license they would not let her use her old picture. >> or of theone of the worst experiences i have ever heard about, diagnosed with states to breast cancer. >> i have cancer.
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i have no hair, no eyelashes. >> i met her at mary's house by the sea, a retreat for women with cancer and she spends a lot of time here because she can do for treatment here. they have served over 5,000 women and are completely run on donations. her license was expiring. she went toshe went to the monmouth nbc. a very healthy joanne from about eight years ago with long dark hair and very visible. >> just used last year's license, so i was going to do the same. they said i had to take a new picture and i said i have cancer, i look sick, and i don't want my identification to look sick. the woman said that is our policy. >> she cried. her daughter cried as well right in the motor vehicle commission, forced to take the picture and they made her license. i spoke to join about what she thinks should be done.
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>> the only thing that i would like is,is, i would like to have my old picture on my drivers license, but even more than that, i would like to have them change the policy where they -- they are dehumanizing people. >> i reached out to the motor vehicle department and got no answer. >> that is all it is. >> i completely sympathize with this woman. i mean,, to change the policy, i think that might be the wrong answer. people's faces do change. >> you can go back and change your picture for 11
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bucks. >> yes, you can call she has has not been cancer. she is still undergoing treatment. the bigthe big thing is, the policy is one thing, but sensitivity is the real issue here. >> a bad experience. exactly. >> i had a really good one. ♪ >> we remember the beating and shooting deaths of transgender woman of color jenkins attacked by a group of five or six men. so police and philadelphia have made an arrest, pedro redding. searching for three more suspects. charged with murder. >> the giants are at three and two. and the dedicated sunday night, currently battling. he has been suffering a
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marseilles infection, undergone five operations in the last ten days. between 2006 in 2008 more 2,008 more than 30 players have contracted this. they got one for the gipper, as it were. >> sometimes last week jessica dickerson came down to a park in hamilton township. she was found here on tuesday dead. the circumstances of her death remain a mystery. out here in rolling park in hamilton friends and family members have made a makeshift memorial. here at the funeral home in hamilton on monday dozens of people gathered. the pain is real for them and especially for her eldest stepdaughter who talk to us. >> a very good mother.
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whoever did this to her needs to pay. left us without a mother. >> left behind aa husband, two children, five stepchildren, six grandchildren all searching for answers. >> my dad is trying to hold it together for all of us. but he is really hurt. i can't say no more, or i am going to start crying. >> they have not said why jessica was here or whether she was killed somewhere else and her body dumped hero with a she was killed at the park, but they do want the public to be on the lookout for this truck which they say could be involved in the crime. anyone who sees it should call the authority. we will keep chasing the story and give you more in the coming days about the mystery murder. ♪ bill: you are chasing the story about a real-life mexican cowboy in harlem. >> i chased this to cassell rodeo on east 16th street.
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it is like you are walking in the mexico from the middle of east harlem. i met with eugene herrera. >> the majority of the clientele is mostly the mexican community. the ones that are still in touch with a big part of the culture that we have in mexico that your average new yorker would not know about. >> showing me exotic items that they have, alligator skins, ostrich, python, literally a python had on top of the leather boot. >> this is original exotic python had. >> exotic belts, this one made of bull hair command another that is made of tequila. >> it looks like regular yarn or something, but it is actually string that comes out of the plan that they
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used to make tequila. >> he showed me what ike translated as, the gucci of cowboy hats,hats, and this pink straw hat for the ladies which i could not resist. so i asked eugene. he said that his father is a legit mexicana legit mexican cowboy. he did it when he was 18 at the peak of his career. >> he had the opportunity that a lot of people are scared of. the writing, the ball fell on top of him. he pretty much said, i think this is where i have to stop >> if you wants to become a cowboy himself. >> drawing up, i want to be able writer.
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>> no surprise that he is succeeding. very proud people and proud of where they came from. along with the boots, i don't want to meet the, berger came from the snake the methods came from, you know? >> how do they get the hair off of the skull? >> i was a good question. >> is a very expensive? >> very expensive. 400 to $600. very high-end cowboy gear. ♪ >> doing whatever they can to erase the negative image. did you forget him? here is a little reminder. >> jalapeno mac & cheese. >> they have set up fundraisers, one of which has more than $2,000. another local restaurant
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capitalized by adding jalapeno bacon mac & cheese to2,000 and have donated $600 to a children's cancer charity. take that, gotti. >> first the zombie walk was dead, then the owner of the bar rocket pack command i was there to walk among the zombies. i saw everything. some of the most freaky zombie stuff. my best friends costume, skeleton army recruiters. >> consider your future, join the skeleton army. >> watching them was absolutely hilarious. bill: how was that? ♪ >> continues. not only the smartest, but it is a barbershop, its own
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club command a bomb shelter. bill: bomb shelter? ♪ >> yes, new york city is paying people
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staci, you have got to get down here. acme. acme. yes, mom. now. spread the word. vicki, this sale is amazing. the acme stock up sale is here. green giant frozen vegetables are 88¢ each. general mills cereals are $1.88 each and stouffer's or eating right single serve entrées 50% off. honey, can you bring the truck? full, fresh & friendly. the acme stock up sale. it's just better. ♪ >> despite all of the controversy this summer, they are not going anywhere anytime soon. one even went so far as to
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tell me, she is not leaving her job at the crossroads of america but that nypd chief bill bratton has other plans wanting to outsource there xers.xers. it should be enough to get them out of their job. >> and this is a five bedroom, nine whole bathroom, six bathroom. locked in the front door. >> i locked myself out. >> i walked in the front door where i met with the realtor he said the 1st up was right and straight ahead to the outside.
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>> hi. hello. >> that is where you find to jacuzzis in the grecian style pool, two-story pool a house complete with a full bar, industrial kitchen command a sauna. >> how could you not have a full sonic? >> it is his own house. >> next up the basement. it is actually not a basement. >> the barbershop it is a barbershop. this is not a basement. the full movie theater. this is so legit. >> i cannot close now.
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>> the craps table was actually given to the owner by donald trump personally on his 40th birthday. i thought that that was pretty cool. if that were not enough, the 130-foot tall, it's low enough to also be a bomb shelter. bill: a bomb shelter? >> and a bomb shelter. if you are down to entertainment have parties, you cannot think of a better place. it is absurd to me.e. fifteen bathrooms in one house. bill: i totally agree. i'm not sure he has enough bathrooms. is there a bathroom in the bomb shelter? that is where your going to need it.
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how much? >> 2.999. >> pocket change. bill: well, once he puts the bathroom in the bomb shelter he might have shot. ♪ you are chasing governor christie.governor christie. mary pat of the governor release their tax return on 2014. >> the governor's office released his 2014 tax return they file for an extension, but now you can see the complete return online. now, they reported nearly a million dollars in adjusted gross income in 2014 with mary pat earning about three quarters of that total at $755,000. now, to discuss her role we have david webb in studdio via skype, fox news contributor and sirius xm radio host. >> good to see you and the rest of you.
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>> what is this dynamic saying to the people, especially going from being such a significant part of the household financially to walking away from her job to support him? does that send the message of being progressive and forward thinking or almost taking a step back after being such a successful female businesswoman? >> i think we are reading too much into it. their decisions are based upon their family. the good thing about her earning this, she was obviously a good salesperson which is good for the company she worked for us that would not have hired her. she is an asset on the campaign trail, affable, likable, speaks well, can do events upon her own -- on her own or with the government. in politics you use your best assets, and in this case just like ann
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romney was an asset for mitt romney, mary pat is an asset for chris christie. ♪ you think that she should be running? >> she is a very smart lady, but i don't know know whether she wants to get into politics or not. >> she has the real brainpower and the couple. >> that is a point to take. a formal federal prosecutor, businesswoman, a successful couple that most americans are many would look and say, how about that kind of success as a family, not a bad way and they have obviously done well raising their family. bill: tell me about the telescope behind your shoulder. [laughter] >> we livewhen you live on the hudson river with the greatest view of new york city, it is kind of fun to do. bill: i had to ask. thanks, david. >> in annual road rally. people often do not realize that we have highlands in new jersey.
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>> pumpkin spice bagel. >> pumpkin spice bagels. bill: i hate them. >> new jersey highland coalition holds an annual road rally, a 60-mile competition. you need a driver and navigator. we joined the race. i was the navigator. >> what was the next step? >> right right. >> the trees were changing. itchanging. it was absolutely gorgeous. we had to answer questions along the way. >> the hospital, rv.
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>> rd? >> rd. >> one of the organizers of the event says that they do this to raise money. >> people often do not realize that we even have highlands in new jersey. the primary and most important one is 60 percent get some or all of their water. >> i just finished the road rally. we survived. i am going to turn in my time. >> so much fun. yes. >> you enjoyed it? >> it was great. we most definitely -- >> we may have gone too far. >> i am guessing that we are last. >> actually, you are doing pretty well. >> and they good news is, every one, their marriage survived. >> is this your dad? >> yes.
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>> we lost the rally, but we got to see some historic areas we would have never seen if we did not go. tweet me your favorite spot in new jersey are go to our facebook page. we wants to know where you go. >> why are we leaving? i did not get a pumpkin? ♪ >> welcome to the sunken boat graveyard. dozens of graveyard. dozens of vessels destined brooklyn. why it is being called a ticking time bomb. new york city is paying people to teach kids how to play, and it is costing ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. what an overnight we have in store. clear skies and during the day on tuesday, clouds roll in and then we'll see few showers. but behind this is the big story. a major chill that will settle in. during the day on tuesday, not bad in the 70s.
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60s for wednesday, thursday and friday. saturday and sunday highs in the 50s. morning lows sunday in the 30s
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(snoring) chief, there's a sniper down in the warehouse district! let's roll! sniper? ah, um, well, you know how i love to roll, but, uh, my wife ordered a new dust ruffle for our bedroom, and, uh, she had it shipped to the station. if i'm not here to sign for it, they'll take it back to the package place, and that is a whole nightmare. love you guys. (sighs)


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