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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 13, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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this morning on the fox 29 morning news a man is shot in the head during a home invasion overnight and what the suspects left behind that might help police find them. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. a arrest was made in the murder of the transgender woman. police tell us this was in the a hate crime but a robbery gone bad. talk to the suspect's brother coming up. lauren. stage is set for first democratic debate tonight, hillary clinton, bernie sanders but what about joe biden for president. has the the vp said, okay, just yet. chase utley, sat out monday's game with the mets despite the his appeal on
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his two game suspension but that did not stop, new york mets fans from chanting during the game. good day, it is tuesday, october 13th, 2015, chris murphy, enjoying a day off sleeping in while sue, bob and i, are hard at work here, hi sue. >> i think i can hear the snoring from the suburbs right now, yeah, there he is, okay. 61 degrees is our current temperature. thinks probably the mildest morning we will see in a long time because after today when a cold front comes through things will be chilling out quite a bit. calm wind 10-mile visibility, relative humidity 81 percent. sunrise time 7:09 this morning. temperatures throughout the rest of the region not as chilly as they were yesterday, that is because we had cloud cover rolling in overnight. we have 50's to the north of us and to the south of us, it is 63 to start in wildwood. fifty-nine atlantic city. these temperatures will will go down, before sunrise, before they go backup again.
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time of the 24 hour temperature change how much warmer then yesterday? 8 degrees warmer in the city. look at how much milder it is at the the jersey shore and in southern delaware, 16 degrees milder then yesterday in wildwood. ultimate doppler our sweeps are showing a little bit of shower activity in ocean county this morning and is there our cold front out to the west. we expect this to come down late morning with a few showers, you can see, no thunderstorms with it, we will take a little will bit more in depth look at that coming up but out of ten we will give you an eight. decent day. the is it is not perfect but close because those showers are not expect to be a huge deal as after the the showers you'll notice the chill, and it will be about 74 degrees for a high temperature today, sunset time is 6:25. after today, it is so long to the 07's, we will talk about that and give you the the seven day forecast coming up. so here we are tuesday morning, bob kelly, what do you got.
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>> i got a closure of the vine street expressway for you. good morning everybody. coming up at 4:03 on this tuesday morning. the shut down as i promised, i talk to you about this yesterday, all this week, from the overnight at about 10:00 e following morning the vine street expressway closed to vehicle traffic in both directions, so crews can put in place, the steel beams that will eventually carry one of the the new overpasses there so coming into philadelphia, instead of the vine expressway off of the schuylkill you can use either the the spring garden street off ramp, use south street or 30th street and then work your way in to center city from there. we're only dealing with this until 5:00 o'clock, 5:30 at the late these morning. if you are coming inbound on the schuylkill they have been working right here near belmont avenue, overnight crews with only the right lane opened. inner working on i-95 as you grab your coffee and head out the front door coming into center city, two of the three
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lanes blocked near girard. otherwise we're in good shape. blue route, no problems rolling out of the saint david down toward the airport and i-95, 422, there is construction at trooper road but not tying us up with a big backlog and roosevelt boulevard that paving operation underway with the inner drive remaining closed between woodward and rhawn. mass transit has no reported delays. lauren, back over to you. we're following breaking news, out of jerusalem, israeli media reporting several deadly terror attacks n1 incident reports say two people boarded a bus when one person started shooting at those on the bus. other person started using a knife. israeli police said one person was killed in the a attack. two attackers were shot by a police officer on the scene. we will continue to follow the story and bring you any updates as they come into us. now back here at home more breaking news a man is shot during a home invasion and police are looking for three people tied to the shooting. lets get out to dave kinchen
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in southwest -- in front of the southwest detectives with details, hi dave. >> reporter: hi lauren good morning to you. police tell us at the this early hour the the shooting victim is still in very critical condition and is not expected to survive his injuries. let's go to video right now of the shooting scene here in southwest philadelphia. the 1100 block of ruby street. you can see a rifle left on the porch, left behind by three suspects according to police they entered an unlock door to the house and told a 26 year-old woman inside it was a robbery. police say they even threatened to shoot her in the head until they found her 50 year-old husband and shot him in the the head. he was rush to presbyterian hospital where he is in critical condition. while this was happening the couple's three children were inside a ten month-old, two-year old and five-year old inside the house and unharmed but their mother is clearly had shaken according to police. >> the wife who was not injured, state that had three
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males entered the property through the unlocked front door. one of the perpetrators took the wife back in the kitchen, put a gun to her head and asked her where is the the money. give me the money and threatened to shoot her. she stated that she had no money and then she heard a gunshot coming from the living room and that is when she realized that her husband had been shot. according to that female the wife she stated all three perpetrators fled through the front door and fled in an unknown direction. >> reporter: while at 51st and locust police found a 2,000 chevy monte carlo flipped over. police believe this may have been the getaway vehicles. officers on the scene located a bloody sem i can automatic handgun which may be link to the home invasion and robbery. they will run ballistics because they found a shell casing at the shooting scene.
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the suspect is still at large and police say it is unknown if the victim was specifically targeted. we are staying on top of this this early morning and we will bring you the the latest as we get it dave kinchen, thanks very much. also breaking this morning police investigating another home invasion in fernrock shortly after 12:30 this morning. a man was shot during a home invation there. this happened on the 5900 block of north 12th street. police say two men were seen leaving the house in the the dark colored car toward champlost street. they are unsure if anything was taken from the home. the man was taken to einstein where he is listed in stable condition. police rushed a teenager shot in the head to the hospital. the office are said they found the boy bleeding heavily on the 200 block of north 12th street in north philadelphia shortly after 8:30 last night. they rushed him to hahnemann hospital where he is in extremely critical condition fighting for his life. police say when they put him on the stretcher a bee-bee gun fell from his pocket and they think they know what type of weapon was used. >> although we didn't find any ballistics evidence which is
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an indication that a revolver may have been used. >> police say they found security cameras in the high rise not too far from the scene. detective are looking through that footage and knocking on doors looking through witnesses. developing this morning a break in the case of the violent murder of the transgendered woman beaten and shot last week. one man is under arrest. the let's head out to fox 29's jennifer joyce at philadelphia police headquarters with more on this, good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. police made at rest yesterday. man a accused is pedro redding, police alleged redding was a part of the group of people who were attempting to rob victim keisha jenkins, in the process, they beat her and shot her twice in the the back, killing her according to police. redding gave detectives a statement admit to go attacking jenkins but denying he was the shooter. redding's brother spoke to our dave schratwieser last night and he believes he is innocent. police say they have their man, they believe redding was involved in this attack but
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they are looking for a few others. investigators also say that jenkins was a transgendered woman but this was not a hate crime but a botched robbery attempt. >> the the suspect gave a full statement to detectives that himself and three of his friends attempted to rob keisha and during this robbery one of the males pulled out a gun shooting and killing her. pedro redding has been officially charged with murder, robbery, and related offences, the investigation is still very much ongoing as we identify, and bring other three individual in justice. he is not the trigger man. he is part of the robbery. he threw punches and kicks. he had the idea along with the other male toss rob keisha when he saw her but he is not the trigger man. >> police say redding has an a a history of arrest including one for robbing and assaulting another transgender individual two years ago. that case was dropped when the vick to tim did not testify.
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in the case of keisha jenkins police are looking for three more young men involved in this murder, as you heard, captain clark say, investigators believe all of the suspects are from the neighborhood where jenkins was killed, lauren. >> jenny joyce, thank you very much. a berks county college football team's undefeated season is overshadowed when one player was accused of stabbing another. it happened early sunday morning inside a dormitory at all bright college in redding. both are freshman football players no word what caused the argument but marquis stewart seen in the photo, right the there on lehigh valley when he played high school football last year ace accused of stabbings 18 year-old dammer madison three times in the the ribs. >> the accused has been suspended from school. he is not to be on campus and there could be other sanctions. >> i'm really sorry, when i played foot the ball and they were supposed to be like brothers.
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that is what i was raise todd believe. >> stewart is in the berks county prison facing a charge of attempted murder. madison is recovering and now is out of the hospital. police issued a warning to those living and working in south philadelphia, it is not car suspects they are after but it is their bikes. detectives say increase has been seen in south philadelphia, ten bikes were stolen just last week a lean. majority of the bikes were left outside, had their locks and chains cut, and so far police have have made one arrest in the case where the suspect was seen walking down, bluer street with bolt cutters. over past six months there have been 137 bikes stole men south philadelphia. a wild accident scene out of texas leaves five teenagers seriously hurt. how this joy ride almost turned deadly right after the break. plus hillary clinton, bernie sanders get ready for their first face-to-face debate. there are six podiums ready to go, who that last space could be meant for. we will let you know.
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♪ >> no wind, no rain, i love it. so, michelle obama picked the list of her favorite songs, to jam to, sue serio. >> is this one ain't in mountain high enough. >> of course, we are looking at my social media page here. oh, bless you. posted on our twitter, my twitter handle there my
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facebook page, mike jerrick and i having fun on friday night. let us know what your favorite jam, your favorite jam. >> now when you a say jam is that to dance too because it is not a dancing song. >> maybe she just likes to listen to it while she's exercising. >> i think that works for me if i want to clean, work out, something to get you going. >> yes, make whatever task you have ahead go much easier. i love that song. that is a great song. but, lots of emotion. ain't no mountain high enough. right now we have some rain around, but not too much, it is dry here in philadelphia. we will look out to the west and you can see boundary line of the cold front that is heading our way this morning. now we will zoom in a little bit closer to the leading edge of that cold front around johnstown right now very light showers and it will probably weaken a little bit more as it moves to the east so we will look at the showers that we have here, along the coast,
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these are from the off shore storm that we showed you yesterday, and so around ocean county, mostly, stafford, toms river, places like that just getting very light showers this morning. the that is all we have right now so far. now we will look ahead at our future weather and you can see cloud cover but not socked in with cloud. we will see some sunshine to start the the day, maybe after nine or 10:00 we will see rain in lancaster county, it starts to move toward us but then just dissipate is a cord to go this computer model. if you see any showers, the late morning early afternoon it is not much. greater chance maybe of the pop up or two later on in the day but even then it will be very spotty, very isolated, you had may not see a shower. the difference you'll notice tonight into tomorrow when we will get cooler temperatures. so those shower chances last through nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight and tomorrow morning should be dry and not as much mild as it is now with temperatures to the 50's to the north of us. the pottstown 51.
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fifty in reading. sixty-one in philadelphia. sixty-three in wildwood. sixty-four in wilmington. we have 59 degrees in atlantic city and millville at least at the moment. wind are mostly calm right now month breeze to make it chillier. most of the the breezes are coming from the southwest which is where mild air comes from. again, not for long. once this cold front comes through. that will change everything. so, yesterday we ended up with a beautiful day and a high of 76 degrees. we will have one more day in the 70's, there it is, 74, and then we're in the seasonal 60's for wednesday, thursday, friday. much cooler on saturday. down to only 60 if we make it there and then highs in the 50's both sunday and monday. both of those days we will start off with temperatures in the 30's, chance for the the first frost of the season in many places, over the weekend. if you don't get it on sunday, you may have frost on your pumpkin on monday. >> what about those mums how do mums hold up. >> you know, they are hearty,
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they are meant to hold up in these fall temperatures. hearty mums. >> okay. good morning everybody. 4:18. live look at trooper road the construction that is still underway here. the the big old dump truck out here on trooper road just off of the route 422 interchange, again, down to one lane until 5:30 or 6:00 o'clock. still shut down on the vine street expressway, this is deal all this week here as they are putting in place steel beams that will eventually carry either 19th street bridge or pedestrian bridge, again as part of the vine street reconstruction of all of those overpasses. coming in the city using the schuylkill expressway we have a couple of options you can jump off at spring garden street, spring garden street, parkway or come up race street into downtown. you you can connect a at south street and then again take that to any of the number street past broad, make the left and that will put you back into downtown or exit at 30th street and dot same thing crossing the river and in
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toward center city. southbound i-95 we have construction at the cottman avenue interchange. crew has been out most of the night near girard taking out two of the lanes. fill will i international looking good this morning. no problems on arrivals and departures, however, sue mentioned a chance of showers throughout the day. but, during that time if you are flying you may want to check with the airline. shuttle will busing on the lansdale doylestown line, colmar to doylestown midday project. trains running for morning and afternoon. bus you during midday. in problems as we look live at ben franklin bridge coming downtown. lauren, back over to you you. >> thanks very much. first democratic debate is tonight and all they hillary clinton and bernie sanders are front runners, vice-president joe biden to still might be shaking things up. vp has been spending time in delaware with his family and wondering if he is finally able to make a decision. the recent poll shows biden having the highest favorability rating for either party but, they are all over the place as to whether or not he will or even should run.
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>> for the simple fact i don't want trump to win. >> anybody but trump. >> anybody but trump. >> joe biden will have have kind of a popularity that will surpass hillary and bernie sanders. >> insiders say most important factor for biden's decision is family. meanwhile hillary clinton might to have fight the biden push but not in the presidential race. organizers of the democratic debate have a sixth podium ready for biden in case he jumps in the race to day a as a front runner clinton will be center stage with her four other challenger, bernie sanders who had steadily gained on her lead has been forcing clinton to the left, on many positions. clinton will also to have fight a perception that she's in the trust worthy a as scandals over her private e-mail server and state department employee death in benghazi have been kept a alive by republican rivals. >> she has a comfortable lead but she's in jeopardy. there is question about flip
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flopping, questions about authenticity, questions about accessibility, and questions about her positioning. >> clinton's support among democratic voters dropped from 51 percent to 41 percent while a sanders increased from 24 to 28 percent according to a new poll. republican presidential candidate jeb bush wants to overhaul the affordable health care act otherwise known as obama care. last night bush released a two page plan to increase tax credits for people to buy coverage and give a statement more power to regulate health insurance. the plan did not list specific details as to how many people could be left without insurance, however, he is expect to speak more about it the today during his three day visit to new hampshire. take a look at this car in arlington, texas. police say five teenagers were in the car when the driver somehow lost a control, hit a curb, plowed on a wooden fence. all five teenagers were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no one in the house was hurt.
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the crash now under investigation. sports superstitions all real fans have them, right? what one player's game day had hair, could mean for the rest of the season, but first your winning lottery numbers. the good luck to you.
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the flyers losing their first two games played their home opener. no steve mason. michael neuvirth was in goal. the let's go to the wells fargo center. brayden schenn actually gave them all they needed. he scores. one to nothing flyers. neuvirth was terrific for the flyers, 31 saves and flyers beat tampa, the the the score there is one to nothing. eagles win on sunday puts them back with the chance of making the playoffs. sam bradford called an offensive players meeting before the game and maybe jason kelce cutting his long hair had something to do with the win. >> i thought it was time for a change. >> nothing to do with the win. >> no, no, no, this was cut before the the game. i really wasn't happy with the way i was playing in all quite honestly and it was time for a change. >> maybe the hair change. >> yes. >> well, whatever it takes to get a win that is what you need. the eagles play their next game monday night against the giants. the that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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we knew it was coming, mets fans are pretty upset with chase you the thely and they showed it the last night. >> chase utley. >> yeah, utley was met with a thunder us round of boos from the fans, who is currently on the the two game suspension for his take out slide against ruben tejeda, chase, chase utley still waiting for the the league to hear his a appeal. mets did win 13-seven. they can clinch if they win tonight's game. christie teagan is using social media to allow fans an inside peak into her life. very personal message the model shared about her struggle with her husband.
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why police are still seeking justice for this victim. and it is back to the basics for one philadelphia musician, where you can catch, quest love, new dj gig, right here at home. good day, it is us tuesday
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october 13th, 20 156789 thanks for being here on this dark and early tuesday morning. i was just complaining that tuesday sometimes seem worse than monday. >> well, sure maybe when you are fresh off weekend you still have some energy and you are into it and then by tuesday you are over it. perhaps that is where we are right the now but i can promise you a tranquil morning walking out the door anytime soon. lets see what our weather headlines are, cloud and showers today, more clouds, then showers, and not even that many clouds. we will see a little bit of sunshine as well today. so long to the 70's, this is last day we will have highs in the 70's for a while and chilly, chilly weekend, two chilliness there and maybe some chilly would be good once the weekend comes. nice and warm, get that segway. 61 degrees is our current temperature. much milder then yesterday. temperatures are not as child
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as they were when we were in the 40's. we have 52 in mount pocono. still sweater weather. sixty-one in the city. sixty-three in wildwood n some cases it is more than 10 degrees warmer then yesterday: eight in philadelphia. sixteen warmer then yesterday in wildwood. ultimate doppler our sweep shows a couple of spotty showers, the central jersey shore, and not even that much going on. there is our cold front out to the west, and another one coming through tomorrow, a weaker one, i'll talk about that coming up but just give you a number today an eight out of ten because of the cloud and possibility a shower possibility there. 74 degrees the high. we have 70 by lunchtime. 6:25 the sunset time. enjoy 70's if you like it warm because things will be cooling down. we will tell you how much, coming up in the seven day forecast, hi, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 4:31 on this tuesday morning. the here's a live look at our
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penndot camera, oh, showing the construction on the vine street expressway, the the vine closes, they are putting in place the steel beams set all the way across the vine street expressway across one side and the other. that is part of the reconstruction this week on the overnight. vine street expressway closed to vehicle traffic, from the the schuylkill, over to broad street. now a couple options coming into the city, you can use spring garden street, use south street or 30th street basically to get your self across the schuylkill river and then a once you are past broad street you can get back on the vine street expressway. probably be out there until about 5:30 or so this morning. the here's a live look at southbound route one in bucks county, construction crews down to one lane, through mapel avenue. they are working on the pennsylvania turnpike a couple spots. another crew working near fort washington interchange and then south on i-95, not bad
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working your way out of northeast philadelphia, overnight the crew that had been working throughout girard. they pick up cones and heading home tonight. there's the vine street expressway, closure here, closed to vehicle traffic, from the the schuylkill, over to broad street and the bright spotlight is here that camera angle that i showed you just a a few moments ago where they are taking their big beams and setting them in place from one side of the vine to the other and those beams will eventually be built up to carry the pedestrian bridge over the vine street expressway. philadelphia international looking good. no problems heading down to catch a flight. we're in good shape on mass transit. one man is in critical condition after being shot during a home invasion this happened just after 1100 block of ruby street, just three armed men walk into an unlock home announced a robbery. they threatened to shoot a 26 year-old woman in the head until will they found her husband and shot him once in the the head.
4:34 am
man then left the scene but an overturned vehicle, vehicle overturn and found a handgun inside at 51st and locust streets. developing this morning police say they have one man in custody in connection to the violent murder of the transgender woman. three others on the lose after the incident. police called it a a botched robbery. lets head out to fox 29's jenny joyce with more at philadelphia police headquarters. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. police made at rest of the 24 year-old pedro redding yesterday. apparently redding is talking to investigators and admits he was present during the the beating and robbery but he claims he was not the one who pulled the trigger. police alleged redding was part of the group of people who were attempting to rob keisha jenkins a transgendered female. they thought she had money on her. they beat her. she attempt to fight back. the robber shot her twice in the back and killed her according to police whom investigators say this was not the a hate crime. motive was robbery. our dave schratwieser spoke to
4:35 am
the suspect's brother last night and he said yes, his brother does have a criminal past but he does not the think he was pennsylvania part of the such a violent a tack. >> unaudible. >> coming up and got my brother like that, there are two side to every story. >> reporter: they say redding has a history of arrest including one for robbing and assaulting another transgendered individual two years ago. that case was dropped when the the victim did not the testify in the case of keisha jenkins, police are looking for three more young men involved in this murder. investigators say redding is cooperating with them and they think it is just a matter of time before the extra three suspects are in police custody, lauren. >> thank you so much. in less than a month philadelphia will elect its next mayor and last night melissa murray, democratic candidate jim kenney took part in the debate in center city.
4:36 am
whyy hosted the event along with other community groups. election day is november 3rd. >> esquire magazine named the sexiest woman alive do you want a hint? she's a mother and she doesn't have any children? imagine your favorite horror movie, and what if you had to watch it in 4-d, this is a fan's reaction that will be sure to leave you spooked.
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let's turn to entertainment headlines, the the roots quest love started a a residency at foundry at the fillmore. on instagram the rapper posted about his excitement about his first performance sunday. quest love will dj one night a month, his set will include a number of special guests, meanwhile beyond performance suggest quest love 80,000 record collection will be soon housed in the fillmore with two studios. esquire names their sexiest woman alive, and it is game of thrones star amelia clark. the 28 year-old plays the white haired mother dragons and it is familiar here. qg named clark their woman of the year last month. british actor's recently
4:40 am
played sarah connor in the recent terminator reboot. hollywood has their eyes on volkswagen. they optioned rights to do a book proposal by jack ewing. ewing's book business last month's 11 million volkswagen fitted with cheating softwares to beat emissions tests. dicaprio will serve as producer on that project. a little legend is on the way, john legend and his wife christie are having a baby. they made the announcement on instagram with this sweet photo. in the caption, teagan talks about the couple's struggles to have a child and she says she looks forward to belly touching. she told people she has a few rules for parenthood, biggest one cannot hot nannyies. hugh grant and girlfriend ana are also expecting. thinks the the fourth child for five five-year old actor. father hood came as a surprise
4:41 am
to grant at first but he says it changed his life for the better. no word when the the baby is due. have you seen the film insidious, it is terrifying if you haven't but one man braved the film in the new way through virtual reality, let's check this out. this is not best way to enjoy a horror movie but hilarious nonetheless. 4:41. this one might leave you speechless a woman gets wasted, streams it live for anyone to see, on per scope. >> the the crime police say she broadcast to the world and why officers were frantic to track her down.
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look at that picture sue serio and quincy in the meeting yesterday, somebody said it looked like i was unhappy, i was trying to be smoldering and sexy. >> is that your sexy face. >> i was unsuccessful. >> so i borrowed his farmers hat and i thought, you know, it looked good. you know what, this was from
4:45 am
over the weekend, my daughter's school in maryland and we had family weekend, and a lot of people are happy to see her because they have seen her grow up on that program. >> she's out grown you. >> well, she's a little taller than me now and i'm getting old and shrinking. but anyway there we were on friday night. >> yes. >> a little deep thought there yesterday, it is sort of our way of sharing stuff with you, and we encourage to you participate, as well, so that is our thing, facebook. right now, we have a weak off shore storm that is getting rain to parts of the jersey shore but it is the central new jersey shore and not that big of the deal. we have this cold front that will come through today and weaker one that will come through tomorrow. that is our immediate weather future. here's current radar picture
4:46 am
and any heavy rain looks like it is in the eastern part of the long island and we have had a few showers but not a big deal. there is cold front and that boundary line there not a lot of rain with it but there is something that is moving through punxsutawney and johnstown out in the western part of the state and eventually that makes its way here. we will look at the future weather and we will see cloud, throughout the rest of the morning, on the increase. you will see heavy rain, when it moves through harrisburg but once it the gets to lancaster it is weakening more and tend to dissipate according to this computer model by the time it would be getting to philadelphia, maybe noon or 1:00 o'clock. that the is not to say we won't get a few showers, don't be surprised, we may have waterproof jacket today. later in the afternoon we can see a few stray showers and more likely north and west of the city, adding up to a tenth of an inch nothing more than. that that is what we have in the weather fie future rest of the day and evening.
4:47 am
widely scattered showers with that cold front. it won't be as mild as it is right now, 24 hours from right now, we will have temperatures probably back down in the 40's tomorrow morning. in the 50's to the north of us. sixty-one in the city. sixty-three in wildwood at the moment. fifty-four in wilmington. the not much to talk about with the wind, except the wind direction because wind are coming up out of the south and that is why it is on the milder side and plus we had cloud cover overnight. the average high for this time of the year is 68 degrees. we were well above average the with the high of 76. one more take in the 70's and then seasonal temperatures for the rest of the week, wednesday, thursday, friday, decent amount of sunshine, breezes picking up tomorrow and then over the weekend much cooler with high temperatures in the 50's, just the the 50's, both saturday and sunday. that is below average and then starting a off in the 30's on sunday and monday. many locations will be seeing that first frost of the season, but it had to happen sometime bob kelly.
4:48 am
>> it does. notice your sunset time coming in early too. wow. >> good morning, everybody. 4:48 exactly on this tuesday morning. we're waking up, getting up and out. they have been up all night long on the vine street expressway still closed to vehicle traffic coming in and out of the center city between the schuylkill and broad street. here's what they have been doing overnight, thinks a still picture i put up on my twitter page. do you see steel beams here. they came in on big flood bets last night and they are dropping these steel beams in placing over the roadway from one end of the the vine to the other. so eventually carry the pedestrian bridge between the the free library and opposite side of the vine street expressway. so until about 5:30 or so with the vine expressway closed you have a couple different options. spring guard than street, south street at 30th street, all three will connect you over the river. as long as you get the back on past broad street you will be in good shape. looking live on the 42 freeway
4:49 am
in problems or delays coming toward the the city. a lot of construction crews are still out there for maybe another half an hour or 40 minutes or so eastbound on the turnpike a crew work at downingtown there ace i crew working at fort washington. the is there also a crew working on the northeast extension up near quakertown and cones are still down here. this is a live look at trooper road interchange of route 422, but otherwise bridges are fine and in delays on mass transit. hi lauren. >> hello bob kelly. young woman, dreams her wild night out, she record herself taking shots and admits that she's drunk. police say she took her show on the road. fox's crystal clark walk us through her wild night. >> reporter: people do a lot of things they should not from behind the wheel from drinking to texting but this one might take the cake. >> i am so beyond belief, people, i cannot read your periscope. >> reporter: that is whitney beal periscoping driving while driving according to lakeland
4:50 am
police. >> she's telling the world through her eyes how irresponsible, how intoxicated she is, showing everybody as she drives around the city of lakeland. >> reporter: periscope is a a live streaming social media act users can show themselves doing anything and their followers will watch. >> fifty-seven people, oh, my god, i had no idea would i get this many people. >> reporter: this 23 year-old got unwanted attention too. the as she left the bar, viewers worldwide watch beal periscope video she titled driving home drunk. they noticed her slurred speech and disorientation. >> i'm drunk all the way home. all the way home, people i'm going to be drunk. >> reporter: people don't know her sent messages begging to pull over. one man, called police this young lady is in lakeland florida. >> how do you know she's drunk. >> she's slurring her speech and she's going from one lane
4:51 am
to another on the street. >> reporter: quick thinking officer down loaded the app on his phone and spotted landmarks on beal's video following her every move until he spotted her on the north lakeland street. >> they pull it over and it was obvious that she was intoxicated. >> reporter: she had a flat front tire and she didn't know where she was but beal was alive, and taken off the road before harming herself, or anyone else. >> not a lot of people knew about periscope, it was something that we're well aware of right now. >> wow. that was crystal clark reporting. police say she failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a breathalizer. she's now facing dui charges. a local teen is taking over the world, one neck tie at a time it started out as an idea but it is a company now. >> nice. >> he is getting calls from the biggest retailer on the planet, get ready to feel lazy
4:52 am
the drive behind this 14 year-old's success.
4:53 am
4:54 am
this is one of michelle obama's song and she is married to the president. and, speak of someone hoist big time the chief executive officer of the delaware county company is getting national attention
4:55 am
because the head of this company has not even graduated from high school yet. fox 29's chris o'connell spoke to the teen taking the business world by storm. >> this is the the corporate headquarters or as my mom likes to call it the dining room. >> reporter: when most 14 years old are are playing video games, he is going over designs for his new company. novel ties. >> neck wear for the teen set. >> there was nothing out there that was like me, and so i created ties for kid just like me. >> reporter: as a sophomore at archmeara contacted my he is required to wear a tie every day so he created his own a series of eight fun designs like chick magnet and stud muffin. he has work with the overseas manufacturers, built a web site and hired salesman. >> i get a chance to run a business with employees, with sales, with actual money. it started out as an idea but it is a company now. >> reporter: even at 14, he reads the wall street journal
4:56 am
every day, already has an accomplished career. he has appeared twice in the national spelling bee, he is the president of his class, he is hosted talks and his new business was recognized by philadelphia event pren near academy and that got him a meeting with wal-mart's ceo doug mcmilan wearing one of his ties. >> i pitched an actual investors. they gave me $800 to jump start my business. >> reporter: he is not the sure where he wants to go to college yet but he does know his biggest role model. >> i don't note what i want to do yet but i want to be like my mom. >> reporter: chris o'connell, fox 29 news. well, he will be on good day later this morning, so make sure you stay tuned in, for that. kohl's is making it easier to shop this holiday season how people in philly and few other cities are benefiting from the the retailers new partnership.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
this morning a man is shot the in the head overnight what the suspect left behind that might help police find them. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: well, an arrest was made in the murder of the transgendered woman and police tell us it won't be long before three more people are a arrested, lauren. this sound too good to be true and it is. linkedin now offering
5:00 am
employees, unlimited vacation time, sort of. a famous elephant in new jersey need help but officials say in deal to peta the. well explain that. it is tuesday october 132,015th. chris murphy is enjoying a morning off. sue serio is back from vacation. it the is tuesday. it is our last day of really good weather and then it gets chilly. >> it will be good weather in an autumnal kind of way, more seasonal and, that crispness in the air which a a lot of us love so much. so we have a mildish kind of morning, with 60 degrees and 3-a 7:09 as the sunrise time. lets see what other temperatures are right now. forty-six in mount pocono. forty-nine in redding, and these are still milder temperatures then we had yesterday at this time. fifty-one pottstown. sixty in the city as we shed you. sixty-one atlantic city. fifty-four wilmington. sixty-two down in dover. these tempera


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