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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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employees, unlimited vacation time, sort of. a famous elephant in new jersey need help but officials say in deal to peta the. well explain that. it is tuesday october 132,015th. chris murphy is enjoying a morning off. sue serio is back from vacation. it the is tuesday. it is our last day of really good weather and then it gets chilly. >> it will be good weather in an autumnal kind of way, more seasonal and, that crispness in the air which a a lot of us love so much. so we have a mildish kind of morning, with 60 degrees and 3-a 7:09 as the sunrise time. lets see what other temperatures are right now. forty-six in mount pocono. forty-nine in redding, and these are still milder temperatures then we had yesterday at this time. fifty-one pottstown. sixty in the city as we shed you. sixty-one atlantic city. fifty-four wilmington. sixty-two down in dover. these temperatures are,
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8 degrees, 7 degrees, and 18 degrees, milder, then yesterday at this time but don't get used to this because by tomorrow morning we will be back to chilly mornings and even chillier. wait until you see these weekend temperatures that we have coming up, right now we had a little will bit of rain in ocean county, mostly moving off shore with the weak off shore storm. we are focusing on the cold front because that will take us back to the seasonal temperatures starting tomorrow and another one behind it will reenforce that. in your weather by the numbers today i wish we could say another ten but eight isn't bad. we will not have much rain but a shower or two will be around here and there little bit of sunshine clouds and 74 degrees. not bad but this will be the last day for a while, for a 70. 55 degrees overnight with a few clouds, that takes care of tuesday. what about the the weekend? we will keep talking about this big chill over the weekend. we will have have that coming up and wondering if the vine is opened just yet, bob kelly.
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>> we have a 50/50 there for you, 5:02 we will call it, opened up on the westbound side but we're still closed on the eastbound side. of course, vine expressway as we have been mentioning closed overnight all this week between the schuylkill and broad street. so penndot can reset some of the steel beams. this is a picture from a half an hour ago we have big old tonka cranes in here setting the beams across the vine street expressway. they will be doing that all this week overnight and they announced that the close another will stay in effect until 5:30 or so. getting ready to head out the front door the vine street westbound is opened, however, trying to get the from the schuylkill into center city you can use spring guard up, south of the 30th street to get you across the schuylkill river and hook up with the numbered streets once we're downtown. here's a live look at route 73 over by old pennsauken mart 73 and route 130 no problems or
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delays at all on the south jersey side. crews are working at downingtown another crew at fort washington interchange, and septa using shuttle buses from colmar to doylestown during the midday. we are seeing pockets of volume heading south on i-95, beginning of the rush hour and then again later today we will see crews working near girard avenue, otherwise, back from the poconos or up and down the extension no problems there, looking good on the blue route and no problems on 422. lauren, back over to you. we're following breaking news out of jerusalem, israeli media is reporting several deadly terror attacks today. one incident reports that two people got on the bus and within person started shooting on than bus. other started using a knife. israeli police said one person was killed, four others wounded in that attack, one attacker was shot and killed by police, other was arrested. we will follow this story and bring you the updates as soup as we get them in. back here at home we are following breaking news, this morning. the man shot inside his own
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home. police are looking for three men who did it. lets get to dave kinchen in southwest detectives with the details, hi dave. >> reporter: lauren, good morning to you. investigators tell us at this early hour that the victim is in very critical condition and is not expect to survive that gunshot wound to the head. lets go to video of the scene in the 1100 block of ruby street. you can even see a rifle left on the porch. it was left behind by three suspects who entered an unlocked door to the house and told a 26 year-old woman inside that it it was a robbery. police say they threatened to shoot her until they found her 50 year-old husband and shot him in the head. he was rush to the hospital where he is in critical condition. now while this was happening investigators say the couple's three children a ten month-old, two-year old and five-year old were all in the house. they were unharmed. but here's what police say happened afterwards. >> she stated all three
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perpetrators fled through front door and in the unknown direction. the scene consists of a shell casings, a large caliber shell casing on the living room floor right next to where the victim was found. we know at least one shot was fired from the large caliber semiautomatic weapon. we also found on the front porch right outside the front door a rifle, and according to the wife that rifle did not belong to her or her husband and was not from the house. so we believe one of the three perpetrators dropped the rifle while fleeing. >> reporter: about nine blocks away at 51st and locust police found a 2,000 chevy monte carlo flipped over after smashing through a parked car. they found a bloody handgun which they believed was link to the new home invasion robbery and police found an m80 underneath the the vehicle and other guns on the vehicle as well. police are processing that scene. the suspects are still at
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large. police say it is unknown if the victim was specifically targeted. this story continuing to develop. we will bring you latest as we learn it. also breaking news police investigating another home invasion in fernrock shortly after 12:30 this morning a man was shot during a home invasion in the 5900 block of north 12th street. police say two men were seen leaving the house in the dark colored car. they were leaving towards champlost street. they are unsure if anything was taken from the home. the man was taken to einstein where he is listed in stable condition. police rush a teenager shot in the head to the hospital, officers say they found the boy bleeding heavily, on the the 1200 block of north tenth street in north philadelphia this was shortly after 8:30 last night. they rush him to hahnemann hospital where he is in extremely critical condition, fighting for his life. police say when they put him on the stretcher a bee-bee gun fell from his pocket. they also say they necessity what type of weapon was used this this shooting. >> we didn't find any ballistics evidence which is
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an indication that a revolver may have been used. >> police say they found security cameras at a high rise not the too far from the scene. the detectives are looking through footage and knocking on doors to see if there is any witnesses. a break in the case of the violent murder of the trans gend wore man beaten and shot last week. the lets head out to jenny joyce live at police headquarters with more on this, good morning, jenny. >> reporter: police made that arrest yesterday, the the accused is 24 year-old pedro redding who apparently is cooperating with police, police alleged that redding was a part of the group of people attempting to rob keisha jenkins in the process they beat her and shot her twice in the back, killing her, redding gave detectives a statement admitting to attacking jenkins but denying that he was the the shooting. redding's brother spoke to our dave schratwieser last night and said his brot wore not shoot anybody. he believes he is innocent. police think they have their man. they at least think redding played some role in this
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incident but they are looking for a few others. investigators are also saying that jenkins was a transgendered woman but this was in the a hate crime but a botched robbery attempt. >> the suspect gave a full statement to detectives that himself, and three of his friends attempted to rob keisha and during this robbery, one of the males pulled out a gun shooting and killing her. pedro redding has been officially charged with murder, robbery, and related offenses. the investigation is still very much ongoing. as we identify and bring the other three individuals to justice. he is not the trigger man. he is pennsylvania part of the robbery. he threw punches, he threw kicks, he had the idea along with the other males to rob keisha when they saw her but he is not the trigger man. >> reporter: police say redding has a history of arrest including one for robbing and assaulting another transgender individual two years ago. that case was dropped when the
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victim did not testify. the in the case of keisha jenkins police are looking for three more young men involved in this murder and investigators believe all of them are from the neighborhood where jenkins was murdered, lauren. jenny, thanks very much for the update. berks county college football team's undefeated season is overshadowed when one player was accused of stabbing another this happened early sunday morning inside a dormitory at all bright college in reading. both are freshman football players. real young no word what caused the argument between tooth but marquis stewart seen here in the photo on lehigh valley when he played high school football last year is a accused of stabbing 18 year-old dammer madison three times, in the ribs. stewart is in the berks county prison facing a charge of attempted murder. madison is recovering and is now out of the hospital. police have issued a warning for those living and working in south philadelphia, it is not cars suspects are after but your bike. detectives say that the increase has been in south
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philadelphia, ten bikes were stolen just last week alone. the week before that two bike thefts were reported majority of the bikes were left outside and had their locks or chains cut. police have made one arrest in the case where the suspect was seen walking down the street with bolt cutters in hand. >> we want people to know there has been a increase and best if they took precautions, maybe buy better locks or bolt their bicycles inside their residents or place at work so they are not left outside unattended. there have been 137 bikes stolen in south philadelphia over last six months. tired of graffiti hitting their buildings some folks are stepping up in a big way. neighbors living in the 900 block of south paxson sleet say this was the the site of not just graffiti but a dumping site as well. so to change that and to make their neighborhood better they have joined forces. they have used plane stuff from their homes and changed what was an eye sore into a work of art, take a look at
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this mosaic wall here. >> this wall symbolizes hope, it symbolizes change, transformation, the the power of community that you can do something for yourself, by yourself, and that you don't have to have a lot of to do a lot. >> the mural was made up of dishes and mirrors and stuff from the ma'am families who call that neighborhood home and transforming that blight into something beautiful. former head of the chicago public school system is expected to plead guilty to the multi million-dollar scheme that may land him behind bars. a new law is targeting, crisis pregnancy centers why callus making it more difficult for anti abortion centers to function.
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bob was asking for a little respect yesterday after he jumped on the hover board. >> i put the video up of me on the hover board. >> you took to that quickly. >> i'll tell what you my legs and my tush muscles are sore it is a work out. >> you did it the later in the day. this is me out front of the sued ohio yesterday. >> you looked like you were going to crash a couple times. >> i kept pushing the guy saying get out of my way.
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>> well that is funny. >> check that video out. we got some good laughs. kid got a kick out of it, look at me, look at me, statue, statue. >> stiff as a board. >> your super hero that is what you are. >> we will see a lot more of these in the future as they make more and pricings down we will see them and be dodging them through the city as well. when we talk about what will happen this weekend before we talk about is what happening right now? weekend temperatures will really go down. we have cool air coming in. now sunday morning, this is saturday morning, first of all, we talked about saturday morning. when you wake up early around 6:00 it will be 45 degrees in the city. thirty-eight in the pocono mountains, 50's town at the shore. we will jump april head 24 hours to sunday morning. thirty-five in the city. thirty-two in pottstown. the first freeze for many of these places. twenty-nine in mount pocono. that is our projection for
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sunday morning temperatures. keep that in mind making your plans for the weekend. saturday morning we have our always a highamers walk in wilmington delaware. i will there been saturday morning. we will have more details coming up. we have a weak off shore storm that was throwing back a few showers through ocean county early this morning but most of those have dissipated. we have talk about this cold front that will come through late this morning throughout the rest of the afternoon. it will spread widely scattered showers, not a very strong cold front a weaker one will follow tomorrow to sort of reenforce cool air and that is head line the will cooler air behind the front, not the showers, we don't expect to see a lot of rain. we will see leading edge of that rain around johnstown, punxsutawney, trittwood, if you know where that is in pennsylvania, you see where it is on the map, headed eastward but by the the time it gets here and is there rain that left ocean county.
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we don't have to have worry about. that by the time that rain gets close later in the morning at 7:00 o'clock, 8:00 o'clock, it is starting to get close to lancaster and berks county but it dissipates and we don't see much in the way of showers but the chance is there, throughout the the early afternoon, through late afternoon widely scattered showers to the north of us, possible, threats, so that is the the deal for the rest of the the day. spotty showers, some sunshine but more cloud then what we saw yesterday. yesterday was a bright, brilliant day. that shower chance lasts through maybe ten or 11:00 o'clock at night and then finish with rain for the time being. 50 degrees in philadelphia. it has gone down to the 40's in redding and mount pocono. we are in the lower 50's in allentown and pottstown but it the is 64 degrees in wildwood, mild, especially compared to yesterday, and not a lot of wind ape we will see that wind direction change after that cold front comes through and we will get that chilly air n7 day forecast has one more day
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in the 70's and that is today. 67 degrees tomorrow and 66 on thursday but friday is going to be a chance of showers with another cold front. then our walk to end alzheimer's down by the river front is where we will be. we will have tea tails coming up and on fox because we hope you you will join us. it is always a fun time. they have music. we do expect sunshine for saturday morning. it will be chilly but not as chilly as sunday. >> dig out those sweat shirts out of the attic. >> shocks and stuff. >> exactly. all of the good stuff. good cuddling weather. 5:18. good morning on a tuesday. we are in good shape. live look at the the blue route here we are seeing all of the construction zones pick up, the cones in the back of the truck and head home for the night. we're back in business the vine street expressway opened in both directions, so we will take that off of our to do list and then later on tonight into this time tomorrow the closure of the vine on the
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overnight, live look, hello moorestown, new jersey. live look at main street just off of church street where we had that water main break last week. cleaned up and traffic moving through moorestown. no problems coming up and over the benny in toward downtown. we have crews outside on the pennsy turnpike working at downingtown. they are still working at fort washington and watch for septa using shuttle buses, colmar over to doylestown touring midday and heading south on i-95 from the stadium area where flyers pick up a win there last night heading down past the the airport so far so good. no delays at the the airport and mass transit, looking good. lauren, back over to you. pentagon is denying u.s. military has directly delivered weapons to syrian kurd. kurdish official said u.s. provided 120 tons of weapons and ammunition to the main kurdish militia. military says u.s. cargo planes have dropped small arms ammunition toss arab groups fighting the islamic state. former head of the chicago
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public school system is expected to plead guilty in a multi million-dollar kickback scheme. a barbara bennet accepted a plea deal after prosecutors say that she attempted to steer no bid contracts to an education firm that she once work for. she faces 20 mail and wire fraud counts and each carries a 20 year prison term. a judge will sentence her at a later date. texas police are, defending their use of the taser video this incident released by prairie view police. the officers approached jonathan miller. twenty-six year-old city councilman's house when they noticed group of people gathered there they say miller was president obeying their owe band and they had to taser him. miller was not armed. a new law you in california making it more difficult for ant a borings pregnancy sent tours function. the new law target crisis pregnancy centers, especially those that offer medical advice even if they are not licensed accordingly.
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it will force sent tours operate without medical licensing to disclose that fact. this is coming after clinics warning patient about post abortion depression and how abortion can lead to breast cancer. the the goal, for women to be getting accurate information where they need to make a very quick decision. road in south carolina finally reopening after that devastating rain storm there a section of the the southbound lanes of i-95 was closed to eight days due to major flooding. they reopened yesterday, northbound lanes in that same area, expected to reopen today. kohl's making it easier for holiday shop tours procrastinate, we will tell you how, after the break. research shows a little bit of of social education may go a long way with adults. how a new class is teaching students with autism how to interact in social situations even how to date. but first your winning lottery numbers. ññ
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i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. a new stories jumping in the same day delivery game. kohl's partnered with the company for first same day deliver any nine major markets including right here in philadelphia just in time for that early holiday shopping season. plus, this sound too good to be true but it kind office, linkedin offering employees unlimited vacation time, sort of. employees can take as much
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time as off as they want every year but there are a few limits. they cannot take six months off at a time, that is considered a leave of absence. workers also must work more than three days per week. still sound nice to me. no deal between peta and operators of the iconic jersey shore land mark. animal welfare group offered to help pay to restore lucy the elephant n return, peta wanted to be able to decorate lose any a way to educate visitors about the grim lives facing elephants in circuses, that would have included shackling within of the lucy's feet and putting a tear drop below one eye. officials rejected the offer and says lucy must always be a happy place for children. heart disease is killing 610,000 people every year. researchers think remedy is simple, drink more cranberry juice. drinking cranberry juice may improve your had heart in just 24 hours.
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cranberries are rich in anti oxidant called poly phenols, one to improve circulation. new research shows a little bit of the social education may help autistic adults relate to the world a little bit better. they are calling it program for the education and enrichment, have of relational skills. sixteen week contracts teaches students with autism how you to interest a act in social situations including even how to date. the course is only one of the kind and asked clinical research to show it is working. it teaches parents on how you to taught to their children. >> they taught me like how to, like make and keep friends. of course, there are aspects that go into that. >> researchers also created a book, and tips with social interactions that anyone can use. eagles players are calling his actions, different and unexpect, what sam bradford did before sunday's game that was completely, out of
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character. but it worked.
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officials a say there are six podiums ready to go, who is that final a space for. we will let you know. good day, everybody. the it is tuesday, october 13th, 2015. sue serio, were grabbling over there, what do i put on bus stop buddy. >> give him an umbrella or not. we have it the here because there is a chance, of rain but there is not a lot of rain today. you need to know that. but you may need the umbrella, maybe waterproof jacket. we have jacket on for this morning but it is another day in the 70's. we have 50's and 60's right now. you may not need it, later on but you may need umbrella we will show you what we're talking b60 degrees right now in philadelphia little cooler in the suburbs. 7:09 is your sunrise time and this is what we're talking about. 46 degrees in mount pocono. forty-nine in redding. fifty-one in pottstown. fifty-five in trenton. in the south we're in the 60's at the shore and dover delaware we have 59 in millville and 54 degrees in wilmington. these are temperatures that are milder then yesterday when
5:31 am
we started off in the 40's in so many places, and then ultimate doppler is showing a little bit of rain now, more on the way, but it is not a lot of rain that is coming with this cold front. there will be a temperature difference with the cold front for sure and we will notice that tomorrow. we will give you eight out of ten because we will have cloud around and then less sunshine then yesterday but just limited sunshine with the chance of showers and high temperature of 74 degrees. the last day for a while we will see temperatures in the 07's. 55 degrees tonight with cloud around. we will talk about those changes and real chilly temperatures in store for the weekend, all coming up in the seven day forecast, so bob kelly, how is it looking. >> not that bad at all. 5:31. good morning, tuesday. we're in good shape coming down i-95. we are seeing brakes tapping at girard. looking good as you roll through maple shade, palmyra, up and down that tacony palmyra bridge.
5:32 am
the lets go into mount holly, new jersey at route 38 and route 541. we are off to a nice quiet start. i expect major jams. it is like first day back. yesterday being columbus day folks had the day off, some schools were closed, everybody is back to work and back to school today. the here's a live look at route 202 in chester county right here near 252 rolling from chesterbrook up toward king of prussia i-95 through construction at the cottman avenue all of the lanes were opened and construction crews are out of there on both the schuylkill and i-95. left over crew here on the boulevard, they have been repaving overnight so inner drive is still closed from woodward down to rhawn street and left over crew on the turnpike at downingtown, these guys out here fort washington they are getting ready to wrap up, as well, and if you are ready to leave pottstown or collegeville heading east on 422, so far, so good as you head inbound toward the king
5:33 am
of prussia interchange. the mats transit the no delays, lauren, back to you. we have been following breaking news man shot during a home invasion. police are looking for three men responsible. dave kinchen has been there with the details on this story, hi dave. >> reporter: hi lauren we have been in touch throughout the morning and they tell us that the victim is still in very critical condition and in the expected to survive his gun shot wound to the head. lets get to video of the scene. this is the the 1100 block of ruby street. you can see a rifle left on the porch, by three suspects according to police who entered and unlock door into the house and told a 26 year-old woman inside that it was a robbery. police say they then threatened to shoot her in the head until they found her 50 year-old husband inside and shot him in the head in the living room. he was rush to presbyterian hospital where he is in very critical condition at this hour. while this was happening investigators say the couple's three children a ten month-old
5:34 am
a two-year old and five-year old were in the house all were unharmed but the mother is clearly shaken right now. >> the wife, who was not injured, state that had three males entered the from the through the unlock front door. one of the perpetrators wearing a mask took the wife back inside to the kitchen and put the a gun to her head and asked her where is the money, give me the money and threatened to shoot her. she stated that she had no money and then she heard a gunshot from the living room and that is when she realize that had her husband had been shot. according to that female the wife she state that had all three perpetrators then fled through the front door and then fled in an unknown direction. >> reporter: seconds later police say nine blocks away at 51st and locust investigators found a 2,000 chevy monte carlo flipped over after smashing in the park car and their officers located a
5:35 am
bloody sem i can automatic handgun which may be link to the home invasion robbery. they found a m80 under the vehicle and several other guns as well, police say, that this suspect is still at large and they cannot say whether the the victim was deliberately targeted, all of this is still working at this early hour. when we get latest fur we will bring it to you, lauren. >> dave, thanks very much. so many people sounding off on twitter saying so much violence and hate in the community and it must stop. first democratic debate is tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are the the front runners, vice-president joe biden still might shake things up. vp has been spending time in delaware with his family and wondering if he is able to make that decision. recent poll shows biden has highest favorability rating for either party but opinions are all over when it comes to whether or not he will or even should run. >> for simple fact i do not want trum top win. >> reporter: anybody but
5:36 am
trump. >> anybody but trump. >> joe biden will have the the popularity that will be able to surpass hillary and bernie sanders. >> insiders say mess important factor for biden's decision is family. the the five democratic candidates for president are gearing up for their first debate tonight, in las vegas. hillary clinton will be center stage because she's the front runner but recent poll shows clinton's support among democratic voters dropped from 51 percent to 41 percent. the debate is clinton's to lose. meanwhile organizers say they have a sixth podium ready just in case, vp biden announced his candidacy. chase utley sat out monday's game against the the mets despite his appeal on the two game suspension but that did in the the stop fans from chanting during the game. it is end of an a era what the iconic playboy magazine is doing to be sure to make teenage boys every where to shed a tear.
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eagles win on sunday puts them back with making the playoffs. sam bradford called an offensive players meeting before the game and impressed the players. >> he is a quiet the guy. i have been saying for a long, long time but that was personality. >> that was different so it made an impact. >> definitely did. it was different and unexpected. he started tapping everybody. you have your head phones on you are listening to music, getting ready to the game, it
5:40 am
is starting in 15 minutes. he started to say hey, come here. we just met. he started firing off. it was good. it was good timing and well needed. >> the timing was just awesome. just right before the the game and when he did it, what he said and it just stuck with everybody. >> he is being a leader. flyers looking for their first win at the wells fargo center the brayden schenn scores, one to nothing, steve mason out because of personal reason and michael neuvirth was the goaltender, 31 saves, flyers win one to nothing. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. and in college football news south carolina coach steve spurrier is done, he reportedly informed his players in his decision to retire immediately. spurrier had been in the middle of his 11th season with south caroline awe about this season game cox are two-four overall. the south carolina will need a interim coach to take. we knew this was coming, fans are upset with chase utley and they showed it last
5:41 am
night. >> chase utley. >> boo, boo. >> man, utley was met with big boos from the fans he is currently on a two game suspension for his take out slide, watch it right here. he takes out, wow, mets player ruben t ejeda breaks his leg writ there. chase still waiting for league to hear his appeal, mets did win 13-seven. so they are now leading the series. oh, my goodness. this is the the best day ever. >> you heard her this woman is having the the best bleeping birthday ever, what her husband and two sons did to make her night, and rihanna's
5:42 am
grazing cover of the teen magazine but it is what is inside that is causing a a buzz. what the pop star says about racism in the music industry that might shock you.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at so we have been jamming to michelle obama's sort of play list that she released her songs that get her fired up, this is a good one, lauren hill's doop, sue serio that
5:45 am
will wake you up, right. >> good to see her maybe working out to that one. >> yes. >> very quiet, great wolf lodge. >> yes. >> i know. it is not going to be long before there will be frost, in fact, obviously poconos will get it before we do but we have plenty of places getting first frost of the season, this weekend. meanwhile lets check our temperatures, while we're in the 60's and 50's here in the north east, we've got 40's up to the midwest, around minneapolis, it is 45 degrees, that is a little taste of the colder air, that is coming this weekend but while all that is happening, look at our west coast temperatures, there is vegas where the debate will be tonight. 76 degrees. sixty-four in san francisco and los angeles right now is a at 79 degrees. but by saturday we're in the 40's in the morning.
5:46 am
thirty's in the poconos but sunday is the the day that may end up being a a shock to the is tell. if you go out early, it will be below freezing in many northern and western suburbs, and 35, and, a lot of folks will be happening this weekend. lets get right back to the cold front, first in the series, that will hit us this week. the it will take temperatures down a little bit each time we will get a cold front. today's will happen late this morning, throughout the the afternoon. we will start seeing some clouds from the cold front first and then lighted showers. it is raining in johnstown right now, raining in punxsutawney, and then for future, well, we've got sunshine to start the day, cloud roll in, here comes the the rain, by 10:00 o'clock it is in the western suburbs and then berks county, maybe around reading but not much expect around here. having said that there will be isolated showers maybe three
5:47 am
or 4:00 in the afternoon, so some folks will get some light rain, but it shouldn't be a big deal. the just feel difference with the temperatures and chance of rain lasts through until about midnight tonight. these are the temperatures. forty-six in mount pocono. sixty in philadelphia. sixty-three in wildwood and 54 in wilmington. milder then we were yesterday at this time. not much in the way of wind but many wind are coming out of the southwest. another reason to smile this morning but 74 degrees. a delightful high temperature like yesterday but just a few showers around and then last day in the 70's for a while. we are back to seasonal temperatures by wednesday, tomorrow, thursday, and friday, and this is where we're speaksed to be for middle of october. had hard to believe it the is already the middle of october but then we will get below average temperatures for saturday and sunday. daytime highs only in the 50's, that is sweater weather for sure and possible frosty starts on sunday and on
5:48 am
monday. that is your seven day forecast bob kelly. >> it is october, little chilly 567:89:48 on this tuesday morning. we're in good shape on the the schuylkill expressway, clocking in at 54 coming down i-95. as we go up to northeast philadelphia that i-95 construction zone at cottman avenue we are starting to see push of the beginning of the morning rush hour. good morning to fort washington no problems at all up and down route 90, they have pick up cones on the turnpike. we are good to go there good morning to delco with volume popping here as folks wake up and head out. yesterday was the holiday so today will be a day where everybody reports to the office. everybody back to work. everybody back to school. we will see instant jams for our tuesday morning. coming from south jersey, route 73 from the atlantic city expressway up through cherry hill into the background for the the gang from maple shade and up toward tacony palmyra. no problems up and over the the bridge.
5:49 am
during date crews will be working in lower merion shutting down montgomery avenue between spring mill and madison ford road between 9:00 . that will be a hot mess through the neighborhood there midday. they are still out on the roosevelt boulevard. they have been paving that inner drive between woodward and rhawn. so just watch for that uneven surface. it is like hitting a speed bump if you go too fast. a as we go flying northbound 202 from painters crossing for gang leaving west chester heading up toward king of prussia, so far so good. no delays on mass transit. lauren, back over to you. rihanna is teen magazine latest cover star. the she's one of six cover models in a series they are calling the great. in the article rihanna a opens up but racism. she feels racial implication when she does business deals the the most. she said even at the the height of her fame things have not change but she said that just fools her to prove people wrong about the the spectations that they place on hurt. it is an end of the another, play boil will no
5:50 am
longer publish nude pictures. surprising decision came out of the meeting between hugh hefner and one of playboy's top editors. they feel in the new digital age, they are at your fingertips which has caused a decline in sales so magazine needed a new direction. marilyn monroe was nurse nude model in the issue of 62 years ago. calvin harris add him to taylor swift's long list of ex-lovers. couple has reportedly called it quits. the source says, swift ditched her dj bow last week after rumors started swirling that he had had been going to happy endings man massage parlors. 's parentally lied bit the when didn't make things better. well, not all of the squad supported. selena gomez thinks break up and rumors are silly. calvin harris responded to the rumors. he does not seem happy. he threatened to sue for defamation of character. do you see him saying here it is not going to be a happy ending for everyone i sue for defamation of character for all these stories.
5:51 am
bye-bye. little legend is on his way, john legend and christie are having a baby. they made their a announcement on instagram. she talks about the couple's struggles to have a child. she looks forward to the belly touching that will happen. she told people, is there the picture there she has a few rules for parenthood, biggest one being john legend is not allowed to have a hot nanny. in entertainment the headline closer to home the roots quest love is started a residency at the foundry of the fillmore. rapper posted about his excitement during his first performance on sunday. quest love will dj one night a month, his set will will include a number of special guests, meanwhile beyond his performance suggest his extensive 80,000 record correction will soon be housed in the fillmore along with two studios. esquire names their sexiest women alive and it the is game of thrones star amelia
5:52 am
clark. the the 28 year-old plays the white haired. aka mother of dragons and it is certainly amelia's washing. do you watch it. >> yes. >> she's sexy. gq magazine named her their woman of the year last month. the british a act wrist, also recently played sarah a a connor in the recent terminator reboot. talk about husband of the year, a man gives his hard working wife a surprise that she will never forget. >> look? >> are you for real, oh, my goodness. are you serious? >> i'm serious, baby.
5:53 am
happy birth the day. >> wow. she thought she was getting a vacation for her birthday but instead her husband booked them a trip to new orleans. so her kid and her husband played a along driving to the airport. it may have been the best or worse thing to happen why a dog that survived a who are able tackies getting a new lease on life.
5:54 am
5:55 am
every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
5:56 am
that will wake you up if you are just waking up. not much traffic out the there on market street, you got to get out and hit the roads. bob will have more with traffic in a second. a dog that survived a who are able tackies getting a new lease on life. two week old chihuahua, conna was inside the home with the family when two men barged insight. men assaulted the homeowners and stabbed the dog, and he was brought to the local animal hospital and vet student developed a special bond with the little dog. he experienced a chest infection and was racking up extensive medical bills that the owner could not afford. faced with the option of out nicing the cute puppy or finding him a new home the vet in training stepped up. >> i just went in every morning and so exited to see him but worried about what he was going to look like and
5:57 am
what was going to happen to him. >> well, conna is still sick and it will be a long process but puppy's prognosis does look good. all right. the death of cecil the lion sparked outrage around the world and now we know what will happen to the u.s. dentist who pulled the trigger. alex is back are up next on good day.
5:58 am
5:59 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:00 am
a home invasion leaves a man fighting for his life what police found near the scene. what some are calling the dirty play that won't go away, chase you the thely booed on the field, despite the his suspension last night. and hef is still the same but playboy is changing. major changes in store for the magazine that helped make marilyn a star. so many others. >> yes. >> i have not seen a playboy magazine in 20 years. >> that is the problem. >> get a different color smoking jacket there. >> oh, please. >> he is still alive, apparently. >> good day, everybody it is


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