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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a home invasion leaves a man fighting for his life what police found near the scene. what some are calling the dirty play that won't go away, chase you the thely booed on the field, despite the his suspension last night. and hef is still the same but playboy is changing. major changes in store for the magazine that helped make marilyn a star. so many others. >> yes. >> i have not seen a playboy magazine in 20 years. >> that is the problem. >> get a different color smoking jacket there. >> oh, please. >> he is still alive, apparently. >> good day, everybody it is tuesday october 13th.
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look who is back. >> did you miss me. >> yes. >> split decision but i'll take it. >> my ear peace is way too loud. so i will turn that down while do i weather. >> alex, we have an eight for you. >> look at that new graphic. >> isn't that fun. >> yes, you guys change it up, i leave for a couple of taste. buddy is till here. some things inner change. do you see the umbrella? you might need that today as a we have a slight chance for a shower. temperatures in the the 50's and 60's. the it is not as cool as it was yesterday at this time: temperatures 62 degrees in philadelphia sunrise at 7:09 and 8-mile an hour breeze. temperatures elsewhere we have a few 40's in mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, 51 in redding but as you go further south it is kind of mild for october the the 13th. wildwood has 63 degrees.
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so does atlantic city and so does dover. right now we have a cold front out to our west and a off shore storm that is not really bothering us. we will take a closer look at those things coming up, and when the rain will arrive, if we get any at all. so the chance is there, for a few showers but also a chance of sunshine, and this will be the the last day, for a while, bob kelly, one more mild one, last day for a while will be in the 70's. >> one more mild one, you got it. 6:02. good morning everybody. we're in good shape this morning but we will see big jams today. it is first day back for everybody. everybody is back to work, everybody is back to school after the columbus weekend. double five's up and down the blue route no problems on the the schuylkill expressway or i-95 as we go outside and say good morning to the bennie starting to come into downtown. couple pockets of the volume. we have all four lanes opened this morning coming into downtown. the the first brake tapping happening right here southbound i-95 between cottman avenue and girard
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avenue. the gang from the great north east heading into work. here's a live look at route 07 good morning to cherry hill new jersey, route 07 near haddonfield road, rest of the new jersey roadways, shaping up, looking good. 295 and 55, no problems there. but later on today they will shut down montgomery avenue in lower merion from spring mill to madison ford and that is a hot mess and project that will last all week. mass transit looking good with no delays. mike and alex, back to you. 6:03 on this tuesday. >> a man shot during a home invasion and now police are looking for three guys that dit. >> dave kinchen is on this story, southwest detectives, hi dave. >> reporter: good morning to you both. we have learned from police that the victim in this case is not expected to survive. police say his organs will be harvested. lets go to the video right the now as we will get you more on this tragic situation here. we are looking at 1100 block of ruby street in southwest
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philadelphia you can see rifle left on the porch, left behind by the the three suspects, according to police who injured an unlock door to the house and told a 26 year-old woman inside that it was a robbery. police say they threatened to shoot her in the head until they found her 50 year-old husband and shot him in the head. he is rush to the hospital where he is in very critical condition. while this was happening, police say the couple's three children a ten month-old, two-year old and five-year old were in the house. they were unharmed. but of course this is a very scary thing. here's what police say happened after. >> the the wife, who was not injured, stated that three males entered the property through the the unlock front door. one of the perpetrators who was wearing a mask took the the wife back into the kitchen, put a gun to her head and asked where is the money, and threatened to shoot her. she stated she had no money
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and then heard a gunshot, coming in the living room, and, and a according to that coming in the living room, and, and a according to that female the wifed (closed captioning is being provided by cbs-3 "eyewitness news".) to state all three perpetrators fled through the front door and, fled in an unknown direction. >> reporter: eight or nine blocks away the at 51st and locust police found a 2,000 chevy monte carlo flipped over after a smashing in the park car. their officers located a handgun which they say may be link to the home invasion robbery. police say they also found a m80 under the the vehicle and several guns as well, they are going to check ballistics because they found shell casing at the shooting scene to see if it matches up with the bloody handgun. police say suspects are still at large. they do not have any surveillance video because there were no cameras in the area and police say they cannot confirm whether or not this family or victim was specifically targeted. all this is still developing we will bring you latest a as we get it this morning. >> thanks for that.
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another home invasion here. >> police are investigating this one in fernrock. it happen in the 5900 block of north 12th street. it was just after 12:30 this morning. a man was shot during the ordeal. police say two men were seen fleeing from the house in the dark colored car toward champlost street. they are unsheer if anything was taken to the home. victim was taken to einstein and listed in stable condition. last night police, teenager shot to the head in the hospital. officers found the boy bleeding in the 1200 block of tenth street in north philadelphia this is shortly after 8:30 last night. he is at hahnemann hospital, right now, and he is in extremely critical condition fighting for his life. police say when they put him on the stretcher a a bee-bee gun fell from his pocket. they also think they nose what type of weapon was used. >> we didn't find any ballistics evident which is an indication that a revolver may have been used. >> police say they found security cameras a at a high rise not the too far from the scene. detectives are looking through that footage and knocking on
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doors looking for witnesses. we have an update one man is under arrest in connection with that violent murder of the transgendered woman in philadelphia last week. twenty-four year-old pedro redding, they is, is charged in connection with the attack in connection a against 22-year old keisha jenkins who was beaten and then shot twice in the back police say the incident they don't believe is a hate crime but a botched robbery. investigators say redding, who has a history of arrest admitted to attacking jenkins. but denied he was the the shooter. police are looking for three other people, three other men, in this deadly attack, and we will have more at about 6:30. 6:07. there is more happening on this train then you think. how septa protects passengers without them even knowing. i have a warning for you, certain parts of the philadelphia, thieves are
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targeting wheels, not four wheels but two wheels, a rash of bike thefts happening right now in our city. ♪ ♪
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. police issued a warning for those living and working in south philadelphia. >> it is not about cars but bike. police say there has been a lot of stolen bicycles in south philadelphia. ten bikes were stolen, just
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last week. the week before that, two more bike thieves were or thefts were reported. majority of the bikes were left outside, and had their locks, and chains cut with bolt cutters. so far police have made one arrest, and in a case where suspect was seen walking down the street in south philadelphia, with the bolt cutters, inside his hand. >> we wanted people to know there has been a increase and it would be best if they took precautions, maybe bought better locks or brought their bike inside their resident or place of work so they are not left outside unattended. last six months, there have been 140 bikes reported stolen, in south philadelphia. christie teagan she's married to. >> john legend. >> boom. >> so she's giving us an inside peak into her personal life. >> they have apparently have a lot of televisions. >> they like to watch tv. >> secret she's sharing about her husband john legend and
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their relationship. >> more tv's then the news room upstairs. >> we're looking good right now, on the schuylkill expressway because later on tonight they will shut down both the schuylkill and vine street expressway. yeah. we will have details. we have to get a cup of coffee first. stay with us, we will right back.
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did ya know? fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight. 6:14 on your tuesday morning. it is tuesday the 13th? lucky day for you? lucky because it is not
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raining on you and you may escape this whole day without any rain. tranquil morning, dry here in the the city. we have clouds in the forecast and showers in the forecast. more clouds then we had yesterday, and same so long to the 07's after today. one more decent, mild day and then we're back to seasonal temperature, chilly weekend. we have put two chillies there because that is how chilly it will be, chilly, chilly. sue serio fox 29 that is twitter and facebook. hopefully you will keep in touch. right now we have a look at the the weather that is on the way, thinks the cold front that is heading our way and it will be probably coming through late morning, early, early afternoon, so no precipitation from it in the area right now. that is still out in the western part of the state, and eventually, things will creep closer and closer but as you look at the the future cast, you can see some clouds starting to build up by 9:00 o'clock and then here comes precipitation maybe 10:00 o'clock in lancaster and berks counties and then it
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kind of evaporates so it does not stay with us. it doesn't mean you won't see any rain drops around 11 or 12:00 but that is widely scattered showers we will see later in the day around three or 4:00 o'clock especially more likely north and west of the city but the chance is there for a pop up shower, over your head, through seven and 9:00 o'clock tonight. but by 11:00 it is more likely at the shore but barely measurable as far as rainfall totals. maybe a tenth of an inch to the north of us, and probably not even measurable rainfall for us. the right now we have temperatures in the 40's, pottstown, allentown, mount pocono. sixty-two in the the city. milder morning then yesterday. especially down to the south of news wildwood and millville where these temperatures were in the 40's yesterday. now we're in the 60's to start your day but keep in mind sunday morning is the time when we expect the first frost of the season especially north and west of the city but here in the city sunday morning will be the time when we have
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temperatures in the 30's and that could be a shock to the system. enjoy that 74 today. seasonal 60's tomorrow. and then thursday and friday. another cold front on friday, brings those cooler temperatures over the weekend. we will have to wear the the fleece on the saturday morning for the walk to end alzheimer's, we will be back at the river front, bob kelly but a different location in the wilmington river front. all of the details will be coming up shortly. >> probably have to make sure you have a fleece, near water, it will be chillier. >> yes. >> good walk for a good cause. 6:17. live look at the schuylkill expressway hello south philadelphia. no problems at all trying to come in or out of south philadelphia, it is not the the case later on tonight. they will shut down the schuylkill expressway, later on tonight at 10:00 o'clock, all eastbound lanes will be forced off at university and from there you can connect with the third fourth street bridge, that is because of the paving operation, on the eastbound schuylkill.
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and the bridge that takes you over the schuylkill river. at the same time they will close the vine street expressway between the schuylkill and broad street. anyone who got up and work in the city this morning we had to put up with this closure. so two big closures coming our way later on tonight. right new we are starting to see jams north on the freeway, coming in toward the city on the ben franklin, in problems up and over into downtown, and so far, so good on the new jersey majors like 295 and 55. mike and alex, back over to you. >> thank you. 6:18. new sting operation is underway by septa police to cut down on the number of cell phones that are stolen from passengers. >> it happens all the time. police are hiding in plane sight, to track down the bad guys. >> so septa police say sleeping passengers are the biggest target so agency has set up a new cell phone decoy detail. sleeping passenger was a plainclothes officer. septa is going public with the
6:19 am
detail because they hope it will educate riding public about cell phone thieves and let criminals pray on passengers know that police are always watching. >> we noticed an up tic in cell even if thefts which occurred with our pass evening their were a asleep. we decided we needed to do something pro active to put a stop this this type of behavior. >> programs like these in hopes septa police cut cell even if thefts and robberies in half this year. berks county college football team's undefeated season is overshadowed when one player was accused of stabbing another player. it happened early sunday morning inside a dorm at all bright college, in redding. both are freshman football players. no word on what caused the argument that led to the stabbing but police say 18 year-old marquis stewart seen here, he plays for the lehigh valley team.
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when he played high school football last year he was accused of stabbing 18 year-old dammer madison, three times, in the ribs. >> the accused has been suspended from school. he is not to be on campus. there could be other sanctions. >> i'm really sorry because i played football when i was in high school and that is in the how i was raise todd believe. >> now stewart is in the berks county prison facing charge of attempted murder. madison is recovering and is now out of the hospital. >> stewart used a cork crew in the stabbing. >> stabbed him with the cork screw. >> 6:20. the stage is set for first democratic debate tonight but americans still wondering about one last possible candidate. >> even though, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders are the front runners, vice-president joe biden still might be shaking things up. hasn't decided just yet.
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the vice-president has been spending sometime in delaware, spent the whole weekend in delaware with his family and wondering if he is finally able to make a decision, a lot of people wondering will he decide maybe even today. the recent poll shows joe biden having the highest favor ability raiding, for either party, but still, opinions are all over the place when it comes to whether he will run or not or should he run or not. insiders say the most important factor know joe biden's decision, family. although he is not in the presidential race officially though organizers of the tonight's democratic debate they have a sixth podium ready for biden just in case he decides to jump in today. >> are you serious. >> yes. >> clinton will be center stage at the front runner, bernie sanders, who has gained on her lead has forced clinton to the left on many of her positions. clinton will to have fight a perception that she's not trust worthy from scandals from her private e-mail server and state department employee deaths in benghazi have been
6:22 am
kept alive by reprievals. clinton's support dropped from 51 to 41 percent while sander increased from 24 to 28 percent. >> she's way ahead of everybody else. >> yeah. >> wouldn't that be something tonight if joe biden just leaps on to the stage in the last second. >> hey. >> we didn't know anything bit. >> he just walked out on the stage. >> before you answer that question, you know, mrs. clinton, hey, i'm here. >> i doubt that will happen. 6:22. >> eagles jason kelce doesn't look like this anymore. >> does his new look have anything to do with sunday's win. that is his new look. >> yes. >> he is not as bushy as he was before he is all trimmed up. >> still has the beard though. no surprise here, not so warm city field reception for our former philly chase utley up in knock last night. why he was on the field for last night's game.
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yeah, he was on the field. >> but first here's last night's lottery numbers.
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selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express
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to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at eagles win on sunday puts them back to making playoffs. sam bradford called an offensive players meeting before the game and it impressed the players. >> he is a quiet guy.
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but that was his personality. he is definitely quite it so that made a impact to you. >> definitely did. it was different, unexpected. he started tapping everyone. you have your head phones on. listening to music, getting ready to the game. it is starting in 15 minutes. he started tapping everyone on offense. we just met and he just started firing off. it was good. it was good timing and well needed. the timing was just, awesome, you know, just right before the game, and when he did it, what he said, it is tough. >> being a leader. flyers looking for their first win at wells fargo center. brayden schenn scores, one to nothing. steve mason out because of personal reasons. and michael neuvirth was the goaltender, 31 saves, flyers win one to nothing. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> he showed them. they beat us seven-one saturday, well, we scored one goal. >> yes. >> but we won. >> you were there.
6:27 am
>> i was there. >> that goalie was really good. >> i hear they have a new laser show. >> the laser show was fantastic. >> yes. >> all right. >> the death of the cecil the lieond sparked outrage, as you know, now we know what will happen to the united states dentist who pulled the trigger and killed cecil. >> nothing. philadelphia police say they now know why a victim was murdered in logan, jenny. >> police stress this was not a hate crime but a a robbery. one person is under arrest in the murder of the transgendered woman. we will talk to the suspect's brother. hear from him coming up.
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police learned what motivated a deadly attack on a member of the transgender community. and a big, beer merger is in the works, the flavors you love will stay the same but what will change? two big beer companies, coming together. and tracie morgan back on stage for the first time since the new jersey turnpike accident that killed her friend, what critics are saying about his performance. >> critics should just be quiet. >> i know. let it go. 6:30. good day, it is tuesday october 13th, 203. >> my goodness does it feel good outside. i came from texas and sue, it is still in the 90's there. >> ninety's. >> ninety's. >> it feels good to be here. >> yes, lot of places west
6:31 am
coast is having a big heat wave as well. so, we will be grateful for what we've got. but we do have the light jacket the on bus stop buddy, there is the the umbrella you may or may in the need to it day. there will be showers around but one of the cases where not everybody will get a shower and nothing is going on radar right now. temperatures are milder then yesterday 50's and 60's. 61 degrees right the now. there is your official sunrise time at 7:09 this morning. other temperatures, yeah, we've got 40's to the north of us but not as many as we had yesterday. forty-nine allentown and pottstown. fifty-one, in mount pocono. we have had some cloud cover rolling in overnight but didn't get quite as chilly and 60's to the south of us. is there your cold front, probably if you get any showers it will be throughout the afternoon, early to late afternoon. weather by the the numbers it is ab eight out of ten. not perfect but still pretty great. your high will be about
6:32 am
74 degrees, a shower or two here or there throughout the day and this evening. 55 degrees tonight, with some clouds. so we will talk about the cool changes coming and really chilly change heading our way for the weekend, all that is ahead bob kelly here right now what do you got. >> 6:32. good morning everybody. we have an accident this time around on the schuylkill expressway eastbound schuylkill right here near city avenue you see police, and it involves a dump trucks coming to or from one of the construction zones this morning but eastbound coming into philadelphia. so already we're hitting brakes from conshohocken with that normal volume but then we will really get tight heading in toward city line which is route one there an downtown philadelphia. i wouldn't suggest using that conshohocken state road as an alternate but give yourself a few extra minutes. southbound i-95 backup approaching cottman to girard. beginning of the morning rush hour. we are seeing beginning of the volume coming up and over the bend any to downtown. now an accident out here in
6:33 am
trooper at egypt road and black rock road. south jersey north on the freeway starting to see volume coming toward the city through work zone at 295, same deal with 55 on that northbound side. heading to the airport no problems on getting there and we're in good shape a at philly international. mike and alex, back to you. we have been following this story this morning. a man shot during a home invasion. >> now police are looking for the three men, did it. dave, what is going on? >> reporter: well, police continue to work this, early hour here at southwest detectives. we can tell you from investigators that the victim shot in the head is not expected to survive. his injuries. his organs will be harvested that is words from cops. let go to video of the scene around 11:00 o'clock last night in the 1100 block of ruby street. you can see a rifle left on the porch there, left behind by the three suspects. police say they entered an unlocked door to the house and told a 26 year-old woman
6:34 am
inside it was a robbery. police say they then threatened to shoot her in the head but they found her 50 year-old husband and shot him in the head in the living room. he was rushed to presbyterian hospital where he is in very critical condition. while this is happening police say the couples three children a ten month-old, two-year old and five-year old were all in the house unharmed but here's what police say happened afterwards. >> according to that female the wife she stated all three perpetrators then fled flew front door and fled in an unknown direction. the scene consists of a shell casing, a large caliber shell casing on the living room floor right next to where victim was fun so we know one shot was fired from the large semiautomatic weapon. we also found on the front porch a rifle, and, according to the wife that did not the belong to her or her husband and was in the from the house.
6:35 am
so we believe one of the three perpetrators possibly dropped the rifle while fleeing. >> reporter: meanwhile about the blocks away at 51st and locust police found a chevy monte carlo flipped a over after it crashed in the car. officer found a semiautomatic handgun in that vehicle and believe it may be link to the home invasion robbery. they found a m80 and several other guns. those suspects remain at large at this time, guys. >> my god. thanks, dave. >> 6:35. police say they have one man in custody in connection with the violent murder of the transgender woman. >> yeah, three others remain on the loose after this incident. police called this thing a botched robbery. jenny is at police headquarters, jenny? >> reporter: good morning mike and alex. well, yesterday police did make at rest of the 24 year-old pedro redding. pedro ace parentally talking to police. he did add myth to being present at the robbery. he claims he was not the the one who pulled the trigger.
6:36 am
police alleged redding was a part of the group of people who were attempting to rob keisha jenkins a transgendered female. though thought she had money. they beat her. she attempted to fight back. robber shot her twice in the back and killed her according to police. investigators say this was not the a hate crime, motive was robbery. our dave schratwieser spoke to the suspect's brother last night and said yes, his brother has a criminal past but does not think he was part of such a violent attack. >> unaudible. >> it is nonsense them coming up and grab my brother like that without getting the full side of the story. >> reporter: police say redding has a history of arrest including one for robbing and assaulting another transgendered individual two years ago. that case was dropped when the the victim did not testify. in the case of keisha jenkins police are looking for three
6:37 am
more young men involved in this murder and again, investigators say redding is fully cooperating. they say it is just a matter of time before all three suspects are also in custody. mike and alex. >> thanks, jenny. police, rushed the teenager shot and rush to the head to the hospital. they found the boy bleeding on the 1200 block of north tenth street in north philadelphia. this is shortly after 8:30 last night. he have is a at hahnemann hospital where he is in extremely critical condition fighting for his life. police say when they put him on the stretcher a bee-bee gun fell from his pocket. they think they know what type of weapon was used. >> we didn't didn't find any ballistics evidence which is an indication a rerevolver being used. they found security cameras at a high rise not too far from the scene. detectives are looking through footage and knocking on doors looking for witnesses trying to see if anyone has any information. on a much lighter note, ladies and gentlemen, we knew
6:38 am
it was going to happen. mets fans really upset with chase utley, and they showed it last night in the game in new york. >> listen to this. >> his career has taken a weird turn here. he is currently on a two game suspension for this take out slide against the the mets player ruben t ejeda, he has a broken leg. chase is waiting for the the league to hear his appeal which means he can still play. he is not really suspended. mets did win 13-seven. they will clinch the seer fist they win tonight's game. look at that knee to the face of chase utley. is that what broke the kneecap
6:39 am
of t ejedd.a. >> oh, man. >> the chase's appeal is pending. utley is eligible to play. >> i keep watching that over and over, my goodness. >> did he break his kneecap on his face, watch chase's face. >> bam. >> it is the other leg. >> well, i don't know, if he ever gets into the game, as a pinch hitter or something, it will be ugly. it is going to be ugly. what do you think we should do. >> well, when i was in texas, of course, i'm so excited about the eagles win. i haven't had a chance to talk bit but walking around the state fair and look what i saw. >> you sported an eagles shirt in dallas texas. >> i'm brave, baby.
6:40 am
>> that is brave. >> so i'm walking. i got some comments. i saw him. i a assaulting said we're wearing matching shirts. his name is valor a ahmed. now he lives in dallas. another brave soul. we were chanting. we were like okay, we will be eagles fans holding it down in texas right now. i would give him a shout out. >> he even has a phillies had hat on. >> he is a philly guy through and through. >> that was brave of you. >> what happened to your shorts, did they shrink or something. >> listen, it was in the 90's in texas i was in the playing around. i needed to have all my summer clothes instead of putting them away. >> yeah. >> really short. >> mike. >> playboy magazine, have you ever heard of it. >> no, i haven't. >> no, what is that. >> what the historic magazine will be doing for the first time in more than 60 years. i know what they might do for the the first time in 60
6:41 am
years. sell one of their mag scenes. >> well, maybe that is the problem. >> we will uncover what will happen this weekend in your forecast, and as we get ready to cover up, bundle up in fact, because temperatures will be, in the 30's. blank
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
we are looking live over the frenchmanor in the pocono mountains. end of an era is what some people are saying. playboy will no longer publish nude pictures. >> oh, no. >> that is mike screaming. >> it is a surprising decision that came from the meeting from hugh hefner and top editors. they feel in this new digital age naked images are at your fingertips at your phone, ipad which has caused a decline in sales. magazine needed a new direction. you know, marilyn monroe was the first nude model in the first issue 62 years ago. so many people posed in playboy, so now what they are
6:45 am
saying, mike. >> yes. >> they will have articles investigative pieces things that will make you turn the page. >> literally we just have to read the articles. >> yes. >> i wonder if they will take out center fields, i don't think they are taking ate way complete thely. >> the center folds gone. >> yes. >> now it is time magazine. >> what will they bring up in their rooms and what posters will boys have. >> i don't know i have not seen a playboy magazine in 20 years. >> really. >> and i have been in the grotto, i went to the playboy mansion once. >> what was it once. >> it was bad. i bathed in purel. >> so, did you hear about this, the american dentist up in minnesota who killed cecil the lion. he will not face charges, the country of zimbabwe made their decision. >> he long maintained he paid a group to secure a legal
6:46 am
hunt. i didn't know. they told me it was okay. >> what is his name. >> walter a pal inner. he has been cleared of wrongdoing. authorities say his papers were in order and he can return to zimbabwe if he chooses. >> i doubt he does that. >> i don't think that will be happening. >> authorities were calling for palmer's extradition to pace poaching charges but his guide is on trial for failing will to prevent an illegal hunt. that is thing when you pennsylvania pay these guys, they are supposed to know. >> you know what they have to do with that guy, shoot him with the tranquilizer dart. >> the guy or walter pal inner. >> right in his butt. >> i don't think you're alone in your sentiment based on what we saw on social media. >> here we are, just jumping ahead to the weekend, this the saturday is our alzheimer's walk in wilmington, delaware. this is a a picture of last week in atlantic city where it was so successful. i with will in the lie it will be chilly.
6:47 am
you have to get out your fleece. it will be in the lower 40's when we get started a at 8:00. we are still at river front in wilmington but different part, it is called drav o place, there will be plenty of signs down there. if you haven't signed up yet you still have time just go to fox and we will fix you up. the saturday run. we will start off with saturday morning, and, we will be in the 40's. thirty's to the north of us. but still not too chilly. too chilly until sunday. this is when we could get first frost of the season for many places like pottstown and lancaster ape redding and allentown where we are expected to be below freezing on sunday morning and in the 30's in philadelphia be glad our walk is on saturday instead of sunday. so right now we have this cold front out to our west. we have off a shore storm and we have another cold front that will come right after it, and it is really going to be a
6:48 am
case where temperatures will drop but it is a gradual drop. we will have a 20-degree temperature difference from where it would be today but we will get there gradually. not quite a shock to the system. there is rain we a had out to the west as we zoom in closer. cold front isn't moving too rapidly so it is heading toward central part of the state. rain that we get if we get any at all will be a few showers and high of 74. we will see sunshine as well. back to seasonaller 60's back for tomorrow, thursday, friday and then another cold front and that will chill us down or it will be just frosty. both sunday morning and monday morning as well, we're really going to feel difference. we will go from sweater weather to winter coat weather by the time you get around to sunday morning bob kelly. >> on this tuesday morning first day back after the holiday always comes with a early jam, we have a jam to go
6:49 am
with your toast here, westbound on the schuylkill, bumper to bumper from the boulevard out to the city. inbound is extra heavy because of an accident right here near city avenue. we are stacked and pack from conshohocken around the curve, all the way down in toward city avenue. again, schuylkill both directions between city and gladwynn stack up. accident in the north east at frankford and academy road, north on i-95 heavy from delaware county heading up to the commodore barry bridge. not that bad on the roosevelt boulevard but a fire location here in aston delaware county as some local detours in the area of garden and virginia lane otherwise, just fine and mass transit running with no delays, mike and alex back to you. lets go right to that scene in aston on garden lane. sky fox is over that fire that bob was just talking about, 400 block of garden lane. >> there are in reports of any injuries at this point. it is unclear if anyone was actually inside this home at
6:50 am
the time of the fire but we are told that fire fighters have it under control. they are still there on the scene. no word yet on how it started. it will be part of the investigation. >> it is under control. 6:50 now. christie teagan is married to john legend, right. she has a bubbly personality. more recently she has been open about her fertility struggles with john. >> so a few months after when she first started talking about struggling to start a family, now they have made a big announcement: they are pregnant. she posted this photo and a john tweet aid link saying we're pregnant. she talks again about their struggle in her caption but said the couple can't wait to bring their first child into the world and grow their family. she said she looks forward to the belly touching. belly touching. >> she looked tired there. >> i'm sure she's worn out. >> sit up for photo i guess.
6:51 am
that is fine he is rubbing her belly. >> belly touching. >> not everyone likes that i used to do it. i say can i touch my belly. >> no, no, no. >> crisis giving us the okay if christie comes around and hopefully i can touch her belly. great news for tracie minister again. manny think he is funny. the comedian is back on stage. more than a year after being involved in the deadly accident in new jersey on the turnpike, tracie posted a photo on instagram of his, performance in new york city at a nightclub there did he two show. tracie has continued to recover since that june 2014 accident where a wal-mart truck slammed in the back of his limo that morgan was in, tracie was n his friend, jimmy mack, was killed in that crash. the tracie was looking pretty good. >> good to see him in the come back there. >> yeah.
6:52 am
>> okay. >> coming up, at 6:52. >> i will be fine. >> still coughing, um. >> just hang on for two weeks. >> former pow's embark on is what called a friendship tour, why it was important for them to return to where they for the
6:53 am
(child crying) this is a pos, not a ppo. a ppo? it's a pos. i want a pos or i have a pos? you have a pos. so you want me to have a ppo? you have a pos, not a ppo that means... i want a ppo? (child crying) you have a pos, it's like a hmo. it means you a referral from a pcp. a pcp? a primary care physician. a pos means i need a pcp? (child crying) a referral. (child crying) find a doctor in your network before you book... with zocdoc.
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6:55 am
big walk this weekend saturday. >> hello, wilmington and hello michael mack donald. i love that guy. seven decades of world war two, former american prisoners of war, returned to japan to attend a memorial. >> wow. >> yeah. nine former prisoners of war and their families participated in the week long friendship tour. so this is 96 year-old george rog hours was captured in the philippines in 1942 and survived the death march. another veteran says he was taken to work in a mine where he was blind in one eye due to the lack of vitamin a. >> they didn't give me any food and i didn't get much water when i needed it. >> i just hope we don't have anymore wars and the people of japan are wonderful people but sometimes the leaders are the bad ones.
6:56 am
>> you know more than 30,000 allied service members were taken as prisoners by japanese during world war two. the best part of this show, this morning on a tuesday is coming up next. no, i'm serious, coming up next. 7:00 o'clock hour the top of it, tv like you have never seen it before. >> lets get ready for it
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
search for three people and what police found a few blocks away. not had headlines one wanted. the alleged fight between two players that ended with one of them getting stabbed three times. >> infielder chase utley. >> yikes. >> the boo bird were out in full force, for our former philly, chase you the thely. >> and things didn't get any better for the dodgers, last night, people limping last night, and the mets won. hey, ruben. leg broken.
7:00 am
>> that story, well, it already has legs but that is not a good idea. >> i never thought would i hear chase utley get booed. >> he will be remember for that now after this long career. look at the headlines in the new york papers. kicked them in the uts, chase you the thely, kicked them right the in the uts. >> they got him back. they got dodgers back. break this. break this. and the mets romped all over them last night 13-seven. >> once he gets back in there it will be interesting to go see what happens. >> if he goes up to bat, i don't think the manager will do that. >> not unless they were in a bad way. >> they will pluck him the minute he gets in the batters box. we will watch that. all right. in contrast, we have had a decent day to day. not a ten like yesterday because we have clouds on the way, and a


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