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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> that story, well, it already has legs but that is not a good idea. >> i never thought would i hear chase utley get booed. >> he will be remember for that now after this long career. look at the headlines in the new york papers. kicked them in the uts, chase you the thely, kicked them right the in the uts. >> they got him back. they got dodgers back. break this. break this. and the mets romped all over them last night 13-seven. >> once he gets back in there it will be interesting to go see what happens. >> if he goes up to bat, i don't think the manager will do that. >> not unless they were in a bad way. >> they will pluck him the minute he gets in the batters box. we will watch that. all right. in contrast, we have had a decent day to day. not a ten like yesterday because we have clouds on the way, and a few showers here
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and there but we're still giving you an eight out of ten. even if you get a shower it is not that much. bus stop buddy is still smiling, back to school, after the columbus day holiday yesterday. the umbrella, you may in the need. that maybe just waterproof jacket will be enough for those showers that will be widely scattered throughout the area this afternoon. mild are morning then yesterday, temperatures in the 50's and 60's. you can see cloud around here. we are just about at our sunrise time. 60 degrees in philadelphia we have a few 40's, well, we did to the north of us, and it is 50 degrees in allentown and pottstown. sixty-three in wildwood and atlantic city. cold front heading our way. we will look closely coming up. in rain in the city. we have 70 degrees by lunchtime. high of 74, one more mild one before the autumn chill comes. we will talk about that in a few minutes. look at that sunset time, 6:25. >> going down early.
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good morning everybody. within more accident this time around. 7:02 we will call it, north bound 202 ramps to the schuylkill expressway out here in the king of prussia interchange waiting for police to arrive there off to the side and already stack and pack on the schuylkill expressway. we had an early morning accident eastbound at city avenue we are bumper to bumper from the conshohocken curve inbound toward the city and big delay out of town as well. accident northeast philadelphia at frankford and academy just off academy road ramps there for i-95. delaware county slow go there on 202, i-95 as well as blue route. we will zoom into that fire location we told you about a few moments ago in aston delaware county garden and virginia lane with local detours through the neighborhood as fire crews are on the scene. southbound i-95 on the scene heavy from academy in through girard avenue. mike and alex, back to you.
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a man was shot during a home invasion, children inside the house, now police are looking for three guys who did this. >> lets get to dave kinchen live at southwest detectives, dave. >> reporter: alex and mike, police have been working throughout the overnight hours and we have learn from investigators that the victim is not expect to survive the gun shot wound to the head. lets go to some video of the scene around 1:11 last night in the 1100 block at ruby street in southwest philadelphia a. you can see a rifle left on the porch. police say it was left behind by three suspects who entered a unlocked door in the home invation a told a 26 year-old woman inside there was a robbery. police say they threat tone shoot her until they found her 15 year-old husband and shot him in the head in the living room. he was rush to the hospital in very critical condition. while this was happening police say the coupled three children a ten month-old, two-year old and five-year old were in the house unharmed but
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here's what happened afterwards. >> the the wife who was not injured state that had three males entered the property threw up lock front door. one of the perpetrators took the wife back in the kitchen, put a gun to her head and asked her where is the money, give me the the money and threatened to shoot her. she stated she had no money and she heard a gunshot from the living room and she realized her husband had been shot. a accord together female wife she stated all three then fled through the front door and fled in an unknown direction. >> and then moment later about eight or nine blocks away police say at 51st and locust cops found a 2,000 chevy monte carlo flipped over after smashing in the park car. there officers located a handgun which was link to the home invasion robbery. they found other guns and even
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a m80 under the vehicle as well. that investigation is continuing, that scene, is still being processed at this time but we know suspect is still at large and police say it is important to know they cannot say whether this was random or specifically targeted incident. the investigation continues. cops have not stopped working on this, guys. >> my goodness. we have a break in the case of the violent murder of a transgendered woman beaten a and then shot twice in the back last week. >> keisha jenkins, one man is now under arrest, so jenny joins joyce has more details on the search for it evidence. >> reporter: so yesterday police arrested 24 year-old pedro redding, however they say that he was not len in this act. he was within of four individuals who attempted to rob, keisha jenkins in the process, they beat her and shot her twice mountain back killing her according to police. redding gave detectives a statement admit to go attacking jenkins but denying he was the shooter. redding's brother spoke to our
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dave schratwieser saying his brot wore not shoot anybody. police think they have their man. he was involved in some way, though they are looking for a few hours. investigators say jenkins was a transgendered woman but this was in the a hate crime but a botched robbery attempt. >> the suspect gave a full statement to detective that himself and three of his friends attempted to rob keisha a and during this robbery one of the males pulled out a gun shooting and killing her. pedro redding has been officially charged with murder, robbery and related offences, and the investigation is still very much ongoing as we identify and bring the other three individuals to justice. he is not the trigger man. he is part of the robbery. he threw punches. he through kicks. he had the idea with the other male toss rob keisha when they saw her but he is saying he is not the trigger man.
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>> reporter: police say redding has a history of arrest including one for assaulting and robbing another transgender two years ago. that was dropped when the victim to not testify. in the case of keisha jenkins police are look forgo three more young men as you heard captain say involved in the investigation. investigators believe all of the suspects are from the neighborhood where jenkins was killed and they did a that redding is cooperating with them, but it is only a matter of time before they get other three suspects involve. mike and alex. another home invasion to tell you about. they are investigating a home invasion, this is in fernrock. this one happened on the 5900 block of north 12th street. shortly after 12:30 this morning. a man was shot during the ordeal. police say two men were seen fleeing from the house, in a dark colored, car. they are unsure if anything was taken from that home, the victim was taken to einstein hospital where he is
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listed in stable condition. police arrested a teen shot in the head to the hospital. officers said they found the boy bleeding heavily on the 1200 block of north tenth street in north philadelphia this was after 8:30 last night. he is in hahnemann hospital where he is in critical condition. whether he they put him on the stretcher a bee-bee gun fell from his pocket . police said they found security cameras, and high rise is not too far from the scene and detectives are looking through footage and nothing on doors looking for witnesses. 7:08. day on the job end in tragedy for one fire company. >> two fire fighters died after a building collapsed last night in kansas city. crews were clearing debris under a partially fallen roof before the whole thing caved in. killing two fire fighters, and injuring two others. the fire chief says that the fallen fire fighters rescued two people from the flames before the building collapsed. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. israeli boy is one of several people being treated
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in the hospital, following three separate stabbings in jerusalem. >> in one of the incidents, two of the attackers both teenage boys, have been killed. police say the attackers were cousins, who were 13 and 15 years old. one of the teens was shot and killed by police a second was run over by a car. in a second incident in jerusalem police also killed a 17 year-old assailant, in the third attack. then a 16 year-old female attacker was shot but survived. incidents are lateness a one month long wave of israeli/palestinian violence as it continues. this morning iran's parliament a approved a nuclear deal with world powers. iran's supreme leader has final say on key policies that is said it is up to parliament to a approve or reject the deal but bill need to be ratified by constitutional watch dogs the guardian council. it is not clear whether the
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agency will issue its own decision. it calls for limiting iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting economic sanctions. you had, britain, france, rush, chine, germany were all a part of this deal. an extension of pope francis support, opened up its own homeless shelter. >> the shelter, which is right by, st. peters square is up to 30 minute and women a night. twenty of those beds are already in use, it provides beds, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and breakfast. the housing is run by the mother teresa is is tears of charity religious order right there, in vatican city. >> that is wonderful. >> yes. 7:10. tonight the five democratic candidates for president will take the stage, for the third time, in las vegas. >> vegas, baby. >> so it is hillary clinton's game to lose, for sure but for lesser known candidates it is an opportunity to be finally
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get some, you know, recognition, doug. now we have got hillary clinton, we know bernie sanders, who are the the other three. >> well, you've got lincoln chefee former governor of rhode island, jim web the former senator from virginia, and those are names that may be familiar to us, may be because it is a all kind of northeast, eastern seaboard but most of the country never heard of these folks. even bernie sanders, he wasn't necessarily a household name until he got a lot of attention. so, will those three really try to amp up their game and go after hillary clinton to make them headlines. that is the danger for the clinton campaign right now, otherwise, if you are clinton would you walk in as a front runner and play a conservative game trying not to make mistakes and preserve that front runner status. >> we only mentioned five candidates here and they are saying, there might be a sixth podium on this stage. >> no way, really, will they
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have an empty podium. >> joe biden, maybe. >> reporter: my understanding is there is not an empty podium on the stage but cnn has made it a push about how is there a pedestrian yum waiting off stage should it be necessary. the it seems to be a publicity stunt american anything. it would be, absolutely shocking if joe biden decided to get in the race today. it the is certainly possible it happens tomorrow, down the road here but idea that he would pull off something like that today is remote. his office said he has meetings at the white house. >> this is a trend, he say here is rating in the polls but he a has said i don't know if i'm running. people put him in the race. >> if you don't declare you don't have to be part of the debate. you can miss this first debate and still have favorability, doug. >> that is right. only danger he runs into is, the longer he waits more difficult it is to fund raise. he is not known for being a
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known prolific fundraiser. but having said that there are democratic donors who are on the sidelines hoping that he gets in the race, and they would be prepared to help them along the way. >> you know, rest of the midwest and west they are left out. all these people are up and down i-95 corridor, every sickle one of them, and plus the the other three, it will be just annoying. i just want bernie sanders and hillary clinton, that is all i want to see. >> chefee, chefee. 7:13. astronauts on the international space station had some fun testing out a new cam use. >> wow. >> isn't that wild. >> this is, of course, our bob kelly, having fun with water and gravity i have fun with water sometimes. >> they put a tablet in the floating water and it turns blue, and green.
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>> that is cool. >> that is gabby giffords brother-in-law. >> yes, new camera capable of recording four kind of quality of regular hd cameras. >> reach out and touch it. >> so, the camera, it is not bad, it is not just a green ball. >> it is looking at green ball. >> okay. >> what is that? >> and look at that. >> i can look at that all day. >> even in the music, you know, i feel like i'm at a spa. >> let's blow off sports and look at the that green ball. >> at least it is right color, right. >> but we're talking about orange, today because we have jason martinez in. hi there. >> how are you. >> good to see you. >> so i went to the flyers game last night. >> congratulations. >> and we showed those florida panthers, who is boss after that seven-one clubbings. >> yes. >> let's go flyers.
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>> and way to go. >> difficult miss that. >> i'm sorry. >> so seven-one on saturday. the panthers beat us. >> yes. >> and we kick their butt last night. well, we shut them out. >> we got a win. one on the season, that is a good thing. >> they looked darn good. >> who is this goalie, he was stepping up in that first period. >> steve mason out with personal reasons and so he got thrown in the mix right away. he did a great job last night. >> he really did. >> they had five shots on goal before we had one shot on goal. he wases tested from the beginning. who is this guy. >> he is from the czech republic. >> i'm a check. >> see what we're learning here this morning. >> he came from the czech republic and was a starter for a little will while. he has played a bit. he has had some success. not on good teams. >> but his first outing with the flyers a shut out. >> that hasn't happened since
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ray emery in 2009, debuting for a new team. he played real well. they needed him too because only time you scored one. >> where did ray go. >> he just signed a try out contract but i don't think he made the the team. >> have you ever seen his wife. >> i have. >> she's gorgeous. >> cher main is her name. >> come on. >> you have to know the important things. >> yes. >> that is the key. >> is this team good. >> remains to be seen. you see a game that happened where you lose seven-one in the second game of the season that is not good. they had a players only meeting that is another sign that is not good. >> a players only meeting, two games in. >> well, i think team has seen what has happened last couple years getting off to slow starts. you cannot do that. you are chasing the schedule all day long. they want to get ahead of the curve. so they are not dealing with that. they are a team with question marks. defense is a question mark.
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goal tenning is in the a question mark for a change in philadelphia for years. just the presence to get that ball bakhtiyor there they are a team, my biggest concerns is they need to score more goals. they played three games and they scored four goals. you have to win last night. one to nothing win but you need to score. >> who is our scorers. >> claude giroux. >> braydon schenn had had a real good preseason but he is in the mode that he needs to get it don cyst tenthly at the nhl level. we heard about his talent and prospect of him. he needs to step up and get it down. >> here's the question because you know sports, all of our majors. >> that is debatable. >> don't let mikey miss get new this town. >> what is the the next, say five or six teams, if i don't mention the the june beyond,
7:18 am
and the soul, okay what is the the next championship, which team. >> that is a a loaded question. >> no clear cut answer. >> i will get static for this. in the nhl you can get in the playoffs and ride the hot goalie. are you happy with that. >> yeah, we will take any kind of contention. >> mike will get on you for that. >> well, what else is new you. >> you love the flyers. sue, he loves the the flyers. >> he may have a light show. >> at the beginning of the game. >> that was great, yes. >> they had to put it on and present it really well. >> instead they should have just blown off the game and put on the light show. >> no, i want to know what does ride the hot goalie mean. >> ride the the who will goalie. >> go with the hot hand. >> they are dirty is that a commercial break decision.
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>> it has nothing to do with that sue, take your mind out of the gutter. we have chilly changes on the way. hot goalie better be around because we have to keep warm wye the weekend. these chilly changes will come gradually. we have a cold front through today another one tomorrow and then yet again another one on friday. we are concerned with today and tomorrow. first of all there is rain in new england right now, some in the western part of the state, and ours is not expect to be until later on this morning maybe early afternoon and high temperature of 47 degrees. back to the upper 60's where we are supposed to be, tomorrow 60's for thursday and friday, much cooler saturday and sunday and temperatures in the 30's to start the day for sunday and monday. ready for some frosty, how about a from histy. >> i'm ready, let's do it. we've got some frost on the windshield is here. this is a live look at 202 northbound the ramp to the
7:20 am
schuylkill expressway an accident but for the gang leaving say malvern, chester county up to the schuylkill the crash on the ramp there. once on the schuylkill jammo from conshohocken in through city line. we had an earlier accident right here near city line avenue that set the tone there so put about 40 minutes on the clock coming into the city and in northeast if philadelphia a crash at frankford and academy. alex, back over to you. thanks very much. it looks like it might finally be miller time. the multi billion dollar deal in the works, to create the world's largest beer maker. you know it is a mourn stapel thaw are drinking right now, but how do you like your coffee. how you answer may say a lot about who you are. so think twice. before you make that cup of coffee.
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is that a real shot? is that a painting. >> it is beautiful. >> it is real, man. >> that is allentown. >> good morning, allentown. >> see the bird are flying, chirping.
7:24 am
>> yeah. >> okay. we have a big story about beer. >> it is not allentown but philly. >> we have a story about beer. i turn to adam shapiro because he drinks in the morning early. >> he knows about beer. >> he knows everything about beer. >> so, what is this merger, two big beer companies. >> can you indulge me for just five seconds. do you remember this? do you hear it. >> we can hear it. >> yes. >> i love that jingle that. >> that goes way back. >> that takes you way back. you said it all. so anheuser-busch budweiser, has been trying to purchase sab miller for a couple months now. they have a deal on paper. it is not approved on paper. it is 104 billion-dollar merge their would create the world's largest brewer. they would control 30 percent
7:25 am
of the global beer market with revenue picture 64 billion. they would be singing this saying, yes. >> but here's the deal, this has to be approved by regulators. they will to have sell off some assets. anheuser-busch inn bev. but they would have to sell something to get this done. >> what else do they own, that we we know. >> that is a good question, you stumped me. i will commit to sin, no television persons is allowed to do, i do not know. we are forbidden to ever say. >> i don't know. >> just say something. >> make it up. >> like m and m's. >> it is national m and m day. >> think about this you have budweiser and miller for years they have been doing this in the you had. even though they are no longer american companies but it was beer battle commercial. budweiser, miller, taste great, less filling. >> new they are all within team. >> well, soon to be. >> just like here at fox. >> adam, thanks very much.
7:26 am
>> see you later. >> see you tomorrow. >> 7:25. here's a test, this will cause some controversy. the new procedure that says it can shed light on a man's love life. >> what? >> okay. >> he is co-star of the new hit fox show the grinder and our jen fred caught up with him, fred savage. >> a lot of people think he is just as cute as rob low but here's the the question why did he decide to step away from directing and start acting again, we will talk about why he loves this show the grinder so much. hi, mike.
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a local college football team with an undefeated season but that is not what is making headlines nationally. at alleged fight between two players, that ended with one getting stabbed. good morning, everybody it is coming up on 7:30, 30 seconds from 7:30 on a tuesday. police are also looking for three men who tried to rob a home and they ended up shooting a man in the head. >> it happened just after 11:00 last night on the 1100 block of ruby street. three armed men walked into an unlock home, and announced, we're going to rob the place. they have threatened to shoot a 26 year-old woman in the head. she was in the kitchen until
7:30 am
they found her husband in the living room. they did shoot him in the head. the men then left the scene. but he is in extremely critical condition. 7:30. first democratic debate is tonight, and all they hillary clinton and bernie sanders are front runners some people are still hoping that vice-president joe biden might shake things up a little bit. >> just show up unannounced. >> recent pole shows biden has highest favor ability rate ago machining both parties and organizers of the the debate they have added a sixth podium, they will keep it the off to the side for biden just in case he decides to jump in today but that is not likely. >> that is a publicity stunt. >> bernie sanders has gained on hillary clinton's lead and he forced her to the the left on many of his positions. she lost the fight that he is not the trust worthy but that debate begins tonight at 8:30 on cnn. >> i'll watch the clips later. of course, we will have clips tomorrow. >> that is good enough.
7:31 am
>> get good day recap. >> berks county college football team's undefeated season is overshadowed when one player is accused of stabbing another. three times. >> so lauren what happened here. >> reporter: police said it happened early sunday morning. those inside a dormitory both men, freshman football players on the team, in word on what caused the argument they but police say 18 year-old marquis stewart, seen in the photo, we will show you new a second on lehigh valley live to the come. that is where he played for his high school team last year. he is accused of stabbing 18 year-old dammer madison three times in the the ribs. >> the accused has been suspended from school. he is in the to be on campus and there could be other sanctions. >> i'm really sorry because i played football when i was in high school and they are supposed to be brothers. that is what i was raised to believe. >> stewart was in the berks county prison facing a charge of attempted murder. madison recovering, he has been released from the
7:32 am
hospital and we looked at all bright's web site and they have removed marquis picture and name from the football team roster. >> is that right. >> they have cut ties with him. >> publicity for all of the wrong reasons. >> yes, miracle of charges. >> yeah, stabbed him with the cork screw. >> yeah. >> 7:32. here's sue. >> we have bus stop buddy with a jacket on today but light jacket and it may prove useful if we get some of these showers. you you may or may not kind of of situation. we have clouds and sunshine around as well. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. it is milder then it was yesterday at this time but because of the showers in the forecast and extra cloud we will give you an eight, instead of yesterday's ten. but 60 degrees, it is a 3-mile an hour breeze, very tranquil morning out there. and last day where we are on the mild side. you can see it edge nothing to harrisburg state capitol. and very light showers, and next couple hours, we will see those showers start to move
7:33 am
into lancaster county, berks county. some of that may make its way here before the morning is through. so be prepared for just a few stray showers and a high of 74 . we will get one more mild day, before things start to chill down, that autumn chill, tonight we are down to 53 a stray shower but then clearing up after midnight and chillier morning tomorrow, and we will talk about the big chill over the the weekend, coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, where is this map. >> this mess is on, i-95 in delaware county. 7:33. we have an accident northbound on i-95 right before you get to kerlin streets. it looks like it is right at the on ramp right behind the tree. we have fire fighters there we are jammo north on i-95, from say naamans road for 5-mile crawl up to the the accident scene. we are dealing with wicked sun glare in there as well. live lot at bennie that backs down coming into downtown. northbound on the freeway, we
7:34 am
are starting to see delays from the atlantic city expressway into 295. as you can see the sun almost over the tree line, so that is causing for some sun glare delays on the schuylkill expressway, coming around your conshohocken curve and then a major jammo heading into town from that earlier accident at city avenue. also a delay west on the schuylkill, northeast philadelphia a crash at frankford and academy and south on i-95, jammed up from academy in through girard, mike and alex back to you. >> bob kelly, i have a question for you young man. >> how do you like your coffee. >> cream and sugar. >> black, cream and sugar you don't like cream. >> i like cream in my sugar. >> yes. >> i do the girl y vanilla latte, skinny vanilla latte. >> that is okay, that is all right. >> we found a survey how you like your coffee says something about you. the about your personality. so let's take this test, real
7:35 am
do bob kelly. it does than the off coffee start black. >> i put cream and sugar in it. >> we will see what that says burr personality after the break, okay. but first here's the important thing lottery numbers.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ big night out tonight for the kimmel center because it is 100 anniversary of big brothers, big sisters in southeastern pennsylvania. >> virginia necessary williams is in town, macy gray, third eye blind, marlon wayans will be in the show in the studio. it will be hosting with mo'ne davis. >> okay, all right you better
7:39 am
get your act together. >> i will there been. >> you can still get ticket at kimmel and make it big. they are a gators. >> are you sure i'm's set to do this. >> i committed you. >> i should be committed. >> and i was a few years ago but now i'm out. >> bob kelly, joe danker, in the control room, they ordered, when we get coffee in the morning. they go would i like mine, just straight black. new survey says people who order their coffee just black, are crazy. >> what? >> you drink black coffee, right. >> no. >> so the study published in appetite it shows people like their coffee black they possess anti social and psychopath i can personality traits. >> bob kelly is a psychopath. >> imagine that. >> yes. >> now, people who like their coffee black do you think they are crazy too. >> this study was conn talked in australia and examined taste preferences of a thousand different people. those who preferred the bitter taste like black coffee they
7:40 am
tested high on a test to see how you are narcissist particular personality. >> bob kelly and joe danker in the control room they are psychopaths who are sadistic and narcissist particular. >> yes. >> wow. >> that is saying a a lot good what if you like sweep, sugar you are nice and sweet. >> that is why i have a vanilla latte with a lot of sugar. >> what was the line in airplane the movie, martha billingsly, i like my coffee like i like my men, black, hot and black. i like my coffee like i like my woman, hot and black. >> what about -- if only that weren't true. >> tea drinker. >> well, you are a wu s. >> i am not you are a sweet young woman, you like tea. >> i wish i like tea. >> why. >> healthy people drink tea. healthy people walking around
7:41 am
with tea. who drinks tea? >> come on over here. >> this guy drinks tea. >> wait until you hear what type of tea. >> we like the same type of tea. >> you drink tea. >> i drink chi tea lieutenant take good picture of health. >> that is right, honey. >> they are good mike, you should try them. >> i guess. >> it is a digital world but how earl do i we let our kid join us, we're talking about cell phones. when is too young for your child to have a cell phone. >> i have seen six and one years old with the cell phone. >> what? >> well, we will discuss. >> you know grinderies back on fox tonight. >> is that that hook up site the grinder. >> no, it is not, it is a show about lawyers but this is a a different kind of lawyer show and i will tell you why. they don't need any of the lawyer vocabulary coming up.
7:42 am
talking six and seven year-old, six and seven. >> you know, the web site grinder... . >> tinder is what you are talking about. >> there would be a grinder, a big hit on fox.
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we have an update on malice a airlines flight, over ukraine. dutch investigators say, today that the air liner was shut down over ukraine last year, as you know, they found that the plane was, hit, by a buke missle which is made in russia. hit by a missle. now thinks confirmation of that. it has been talk about, for months, but now there is confirmation. >> they say impact of that missle broke off the front part of the plane. they also say that the ukraine should have closed the air space and that the passengers, didn't feel anything and they never knew what was going on. >> well, that is ridiculous. >> those there, watched in somber silence. but father of one passenger said he was relieved to hear those on board died almost instantly. >> well, of course, they would have. well, confirmation, hit by a missle right in front of the plane. >> i guess everybody figured that was the the case.
7:46 am
we have light fog over wayne county, the pocono mountains. leaves are changing. we are getting toward peak of the season with fall foliage. we have reports coming up on that i'm sure. 7:46 is your time we are seeing sunshine outside our window today. temperatures are comfortable on the east coast. it is 58 in pittsburgh. sixty here. fifty-one in chicago. you see this mass of cold air. that is a a little taste of what we will get by week end which is temperature 20 degrees colder then they are right now. meanwhile outside on the west coast it is 77 degrees in san diego. seventy-eight in al. sixty-three in san francisco where debate will be. it is 73 degrees. they have had a hot time on the west coast with unusually warm, triple digit temperatures in october. kind of weird. so we're getting california weather the past couple of days. right now we're getting mix of sun and clouds. not too far away, but cold trent is getting closer. it is starting to rain in
7:47 am
harrisburg. we will see very light showers there but maybe some heavier showers holding together. we will see how much of this line of showers holds together over next couple of hours and to be prepared for possibility of a shower before your day is through. 74 degrees for the high today. last time we will be in the 70's for a while. 67 degrees on wednesday, tomorrow, and then we will say in the 60's through friday. another cold front brings us chillier temperatures. we have got a cool start to our alzheimer's walk in wilmington delaware on saturday and if you are going to the eagles game monday night you will have to bundle up because we will have a a daytime high of 58 degrees and it will be getting down in the 30's at night. that is your seven day forecast, hi bob killie good morning everybody. 7:47. live look at another accident here route 309, right at welsh road and movie theater. here's the movie theater parking lot this is 309 southbound heading in toward welsh road.
7:48 am
an accident on i-95 northbound stacked up from pretty much willow grove all the way through commodore barry bridge. two of the four larynx block and that will cause delays for those over the airport. a crash in northeast philadelphia, boulevard at heller man by chickie and pete's on the southbound side, outer drive is block, that is causing a delay all the way back toward the the pennsylvania turnpike off ramp. the crash in the neighborhood at 33rd and girard and where this accident is located its causing route 15 trolley to use shuttle buses and is your speed meter readings for roadways like 42 and 73. mike and alex, back to you. is there a show on fox called the grind ber two guys, that own a sandwich shop, rob low and fred savage. >> that is not what it is about i don't thinky haven't seen it. what is it all about. >> rob low, he plays an anchor
7:49 am
who gets fired. he was on a legal show. he want to join his brother, and father-in-law firm. >> fred savage is in it the too. who does he play. >> he plays the brother who is actual lawyer. >> fred savage we knew as a child actor on the wonder years. he was in love with winnie cooper. >> yes. >> now he is all grown up. >> he has been directing and all this stuff. one of the reasons why fred savage said this role was appealing, even though it is a legal show, it is without any legal vocab lessons for any of the actors. law firm is based in boise and rob low is an actor playing a lawyer, not a real life lawyer at all. >> legal aspect of the show is a pretty basic one. i think that is one of the concepts of the show is rob comes from the the legal world that is on tv which is really like these big speeches, these slamming things and big cross-examination and evidence that pops up at the last
7:50 am
second and really what law is and strictly the law firm we have on the show it is very much like contracts and maybe some real estate. >> the grinder... >> that blonde woman is on it is always sunny in philadelphia. >> that is it. >> she was there this day. >> she's married to a philadelphian. >> charlie. >> another thing i like about the show is that it paints a realistic picture of the modern family. and they don't have to support each other even in family drama popping up. >> i think you are the outlaw. you work, i work and -- >> they have a really nice like balanced marriage. >> one of the favorite things about the show people responding to is, stewart and debbie's kind of marriage. it feels very real will. >> you get to support it when everybody else is looking at other guy you are like no,
7:51 am
this is the guy. >> and he supports me. >> she's on it is always sun any philadelphia. >> are you going to go support shel d thea. >> my fiance. >> no. >> i'm looking for her to support me. >> you should support each other. not money, dummy. >> of course. >> i support her in every way. >> that is a lie. >> coming up at 8:00 is there a super weird way. >> she's a horder. what is that. >> focus on the tease. this is best part of the show. >> this is coming up at 8:00 o'clock hour. the weird way fred savage got this part and you haven't seen how amazing rob low looks in these interviews because you were off. i want to you see how cute he is. >> he is one attractive man that rob low and what is he, 90. >> yes. >> skin care cream. >> he sells a skin care cream called project.
7:52 am
>> sue, search for the tease. >> i'm looking it up. >> no doubt, he had made you laugh. >> profiling. >> marilyn wayans is on our show today. he has a new take on 50 a shade of gray. a local teenager is 14 for goodness sakes taking over the world one neck tie at a time. this guy, 14 years old, he may be a millionaire you will meet him next. how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j.maxx.
7:53 am
better brands, at prices that help you maxx life!
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7:55 am
listen to this there may be i a test to predeck a mail's sexual orientation. you will necessity whether a manny gay or straight. >> i don't know if i believe this.
7:56 am
>> oh, do i. >> sit a mental test, a a quiz, physical test. >> genetics. >> they looked at lots of numbers of identical twins, and they looked at their genetics. they looked at over 400,000 points on their geneome, genetics are really the blueprints for all of life. and they found that there were differences in the genetics, between those who were heterosexual and those that were homosexual. >> hold please. >> hold. >> this probably should have been the number one story of the day. you are telling me if i swab my saliva out of have my mouth, you will test it. >> do you have a swab. >> okay. you will test this. you could determine if i'm gay or straight. >> if we dot genetic evaluation, we will test your
7:57 am
geneome. >> will know by the even of the show. >> will we know by the end of the show. >> they use super computers with 400,000 data points but the point is, and it had has been my observation in 22 years of clinical practice we do not choose our orientation. it is genetic. and this study really, really looks at that, a and in my opinion proves. that you will hear more and more about this. >> i'm sure. >> it is huge. >> this is a big story. >> so you would know at birth if you swabbed a baby's saliva. >> based on the genetic changes, and we have a picture of that. there you go. >> everything comes down to genes. i don't mean your blue jeans. what they do is they sequence them and they look at differences. >> those are blue jeans though. >> they are blue in that picture. goodness gracious.
7:58 am
>> we will be able to have access to this hey, i want to see. >> there will come a day when you are born, your entire geneome will be sequenced and they will be able to predict when are at risk for pancreatic cancer, they will be able to know everything about you. and it is called precision medicine, personalized medicine. it will be based on your geneome. >> how do they test it. >> why don't they put up a picture obfuscate upton. i am into her, i'm not. >> did you know your birth month may effect how healthy you are. >> mike you you were born july . >> i'm a summer baby. >> this study found that if you were born in the sum are months you actually were taller, you had more delayed puberty. the thought is if you had, more exposure as a mom, to
7:59 am
sunlight, and enhanced vitamin d, it allowed you to be healthier. now, you were born in july. >> yes. >> i have not reached puberty yet. >> he is tall. >> now there are some flaws with this study, obviously but bottom line is that vitamin d. >> and we say this all the time. >> is critical. if you haven't had your vitamin d level check, you should and if you are low, you should take vitamin d3. >> we get vitamin d from the three. >> which converts in the body to active vitamin d, but you you know you don't want to get too much sun because you can increase your risk of skin cancer. >> true. >> speaking of that, i want to you feel. that what do you think that is. >> i don't like it. >> we really should look at that. >> that could be a little tiny
8:00 am
basil cell. >> let me get some gloves. >> good day to you, it is tuesday, october 13th, 2015. he is the the most hated man in new york. >> infielder, chase utley. >> former philly, chase utley booed relentlessly at city field. what angry mets fans are doing in the wake of that controversial slide. >> nfl is tackling twitter accounts, two major sports sites suspended this morning, what they tweeted and legal ramifications right now. do you have a problem. >> and he is on good day this morning. marilyn wayans weighing in the
8:01 am
studio, 50 shades fans, listen up, all about his new spoof, hitting theaters, in january. ♪ >> and it is over. >> oh, no. >> calvin harris and taylor swift. they are fighting big backup, what calvin tweeted as he works to put those rumors to rest. >> welcome everybody it is 8:01 on this tuesday morning. alex was gone. she went to the texas state fair. i love that state fair. one of the biggest in the country. >> i go there to eat. now that i have have lived in philly, i'm learning some things. i see things differently. one, it was too hot. number two, there was a man in the state fair. and they said philly cheese stake. let me see what this looks like. i want to know. >> this will not end well. >> ready, here it is. >> well, what happened did you drop it. >> no, i didn't drop it. >> that is in texas a philadelphia cheese stake.
8:02 am
>> wrapped up in tin foil. >> nobody wraps it. >> is that a violation. >> it is paper. >> what is that meat. >> that is meat. >> i put this on facebook, twitter and instagram. tell me your thoughts. >> did you send a picture where somebody put catch up on it. >> well, i took a picture of the kid that wanted it. he said kane have ketchup. you don't put ketchup on a cheese stake. >> yes. >> you go to the all of the place west philly cheese stake. >> yes, you have to pound your meat just perfectly. >> yes, they did have smokey bacon margarita i have a picture of that too on my facebook page. a smokey bacon margarita. >> that sound great. >> take a look at it. >> is that your facebook. >> alex holley fox 29. >> lets get to the number of the day, we're giving you not another ten although i would love to. it is eight out of ten and starting off great here in
8:03 am
philadelphia but we will get more cloud coming soon and then, eventually some showers on the way. we did give bus stop buddy the umbriel bell a even though we're not expect ago lot of rain, and it is 50's and 60's right now. fifty-one in the city with 5-mile an hour breeze out of the south. you can see rain edge go into the the harrisburg area right now. eventually heading here but we still have our sunshine. there will be sun on and off throughout the day. a few showers here and there. lunchtime temperatures 07 degrees. high temperature of 74 and then so long to the 07's after this. we will talk about the chilly temperatures in the seven day forecast just ahead, right now, jammo, bob kelly. >> we got it a at 8:03. and, 422, and, pottstown, heading eastbound into royersford. and right here, at the 29 on ramp, coming in toward king of prussia. backup on the bennie from around mid span, downtown at eighth and vine.
8:04 am
the first day back after holiday is always a little tighter. everybody is back to work and school this morning. the southbound i-95 we are bumper to bumper to bumper from academy through you to girard. north on i-95 anyone leaving wilmington heading northbound through delaware county an earlier accident right here at kerlin which is right near the commodore barry bridge. that is causing a delay. we are throwing sun glare delays as well. northeast fill at boulevard and hollerran, the outer drive is block with the crash with you mass transit looking g mike and alex, back to you. lets get back to the information we just learn. >> thinks new this morning, american airline flight, investigators are saying that the air liner was shot down over the ukraine last year. it was shot down by a buke missle will made in russia. they broke out the front part of the train. ukraine should have closed the air space. >> those there for unveiling,
8:05 am
they watched in somber silence, but the the father of one passenger said he was relieved to hear what happened, at this plane and -- >> at a least he and all of the other relatives, know definitively what happened now. i guess, there is some solace in that. 8:05. back at home police are looking for three, wanted in connection to the home invasion in kick sessing. >> three men. >> it happened just after 11:00 on the 1100 block of ruby street. three armed men walk into an unlocked home and a announced we're here to rob the place. they threatened to shoot a 26 year-old woman in the head. she was standing in the kitchen with a gun to the head. she heard a shot from the living room ape she found her husband had been shot in the head inside himself. he is in critical condition, at the hospital. three kids were at home, none of them was hurt. and tonight, the five
8:06 am
democratic presidential candidates will face off, in their first debate, and in las vegas. the front runner, of course is hillary clinton. she will be center stage. her challenger senator bernie saunders will be standing to her right i'm hearing. so he is closing in on her. but there is a wide margin between the two in most states, primary states. but meanwhile for three remaining candidates do you now who they are. political analyst say this is their opportunity to make their name known to you. meanwhile, vice-president joe biden's presence looms over the the debate. debate organizers, listen to this, thinks a stunt by cnn, debate organizers say they are considering putting a sixth podium on the stage, empty, just in case joe biden would leap on to the stage. i want to be part of this. it is silly for him to do
8:07 am
that. >> would it get people talking, mike. >> you know what you, you are right. >> he wouldn't be taken seriously. he would be jumped on stage. >> surprise. >> hi kids. >> i bet hill willry clinton and bernie sanders would in the like that at all. >> they would give him the side eye. >> they probably would. >> let's talk football. nfl do you see what happened. >> this is weird. football twitter accounts for two sports web sites, hold please. >> they were suspended, over complaints over the nfl. >> explain this to me. >> nfl and few other groups they alleged that dead spin and sb nation violated copy right infringement protected by digital millennium copy right act. groups are asking specific tweets be removed. the 33 pages of notices were filed by a internet -- >> let's bring him up. what is this digital medical
8:08 am
lynn yum copy right act. >> legal analyst ken rottweiler, thank god you you are on the phone. >> i have no idea what she just said. >> what are you talking about what is this. >> well, it is copy right acts that protects, information, that -- >> if you could find a land line we will get back to you because your phonies breaking up. anytime we do tv phones you have to be on the land line, it is rule number one in the tv industry. we will get back to him. >> we knew it was coming, mets fans are still, freaking out, over what chase utley did when he slid into ruben t ejeda. >> they showed it last night. my ears are ringing. >> they booed the place off. >> infielder chase you thely. >> did he shave the soul patch off. >> i think he did. >> he has had that since he was at ucla in the late 90's.
8:09 am
>> new team, new look, mike. >> he better grow it back, he is not having a good life right now. chase was met with a thunder us round of boos up in new york last night. he is currently on a two game suspension but in the really because of the slide that broke ruben t ejeda's leg. >> did you see him with the crutch on the field and fans went crazy for him. chase is still waiting to hear his appeal. 's peels yesterday. the the league didn't rule on it. he was able to play but coach, managers did not put him n the the mets blue them away 13-seven. they will clinch the series if they win tonight's game in new york. >> if they put him in they are liable to throw at his head or something. lot at the scene, even worse than the boos. this sign says chase utley loves isis.
8:10 am
>> really. >> that was way before the the game. >> then this little girl had utley you buttly. >> you are bringing kid into this. >> wow. >> really are upset. majority of the people now, they say it was in the a good play on his part, majority but old baseball folks say that is old fashion baseball. >> now it was not good. he slid way too late. >> we will see what happened with this appeal then. >> i'm surprised they didn't make a ruling on it before the game. he was able to play but they didn't put him in. swapping news for news, there is a head line that will grab you. hi. is she all right. what is wrong with kate. she has fallen. >> playboy magazine won't publish naked women pictures anymore why the the magazine is making this major change. and i'm getting some tweets about this how young is too young to buy your children's cell phones. two things every parent
8:11 am
apparently needs to consider when making this decision, tweet us, let us know what age will you give your kids a cell phone or what age did you give your kid a cell phone.
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we are looking at rain that is starting to get closer to lancaster county and berks county. it is raining in harrisburg will we will keep an eye on that situation as we have sunshine in philadelphia a right now. temperatures are milder then yesterday. we have 50's in mount pocono, allentown, pottstown 61 and philadelphia is 64 degrees right now in wildwood. it was super 07's yesterday. we got up to 76 degrees with the a average high around 68. that would be back to average tomorrow. but not the today. one more take, in the 70's. 67 degrees tomorrow. sixty-six, on thursday, and friday, we're in the 60's again but another cold front, and that means we will chill out for weekend with morning temperatures both saturday, sunday and monday with morning temperatures in the 30's. the frosty start means that frost you get at that fast
8:15 am
food place, bob kelly. >> you got me thinking i'm hungry now. >> 8:15 exactly on a tuesday. we have a new accident on i-95. look at these guys going around the glass. police are not even on the scene yet here, in one is even stopping this guy is off in the grass. these guys are going down the embankment, this is i-95 northbound right here near route 413 up there in bucks county. we are bumper to bumper from woodhaven on up police will work their way up the shoulder probably and taking care of business. in bound on the schuylkill about 34 minutes, young gentlemen in the gray suit. >> we took the shot away. >> but, you have been doing this for 20, 25 years. >> have you ever seen this. >> going off in the grass. >> no. >> look at this fellow. >> i guess people just shows how. >> resource full. >> maybe, it will take one guy, in a pick up or big truck
8:16 am
to get stuck in the grass here. i'm more concerned nobody is stopping to help anybody here as we head north bound on i-95. hopefully police will work their way. >> this guy is changing lanes, trying to work their way through. it shows how much in a rush everybody is, first thing in the morning here as they are riding around, sliding in the mud there. >> it looks like fire trucks are coming up that, is that a fire truck big old school bus but that is north on i-95 right near 413. >> back over to you. >> what is the the correct age to get your child a cell phone. >> we have been asking this question. >> carla says her older boys when they were 16 they got a cell phone bow now their nine year-old wants a cell phone. >> i think it is pretty common that nine year-old have have them. pew research center said the answer really just depend on the child and what type of
8:17 am
family you are in. >> according to the poll, majority of parents think your child should turn 13 but experts say there are other components to think about other than just age. every child is different. so is every parent. here's two things you need to consider. >> first. >> how easily you want or communicate with your child. for example let's say they want to go to the mall you need a cell phone. you wanting to two separate places. >> don't parents want to communicate with the kid a at the school that would be a great way to text them not while they are in class though. second how mature your child is. >> so some other things to consider, establish rules right away. check the bills for over use. tell them how important it is to keep phone numbers and pass word private. let them know that once they press that send button, it is out there for everyone to see. let's bring in bob kelly. he has six children. give me their ages and range. >> we will start with the youngest is four, austin, and then we have 13, 14, 15, 20,
8:18 am
abe 22. >> you look good man. >> do you want to see my phone bill. >> i got a family plan. >> but the whole thing thinks whole sharing of the data and they don't realize when they are roaming the data charges can go up pretty quickly. the austin he is four. a all of the other kid have a phone. he naturally wants a phone. i want a phone. in way is he getting a a phone at four but he is growing up in that mentality now with the the other brothers and sisters. i don't think is there a need a kid to have a phone unless he or she is away from me, long enough that i need to contact him on his own. if he is in king garden or first grade, i don't need to contact him good what age then. >> i would say ten. >> he will get a phone at ten. >> that puts him in second grade or third grade you didn't have to think about this because there wasn't a whole cell phone thing. >> who knows what will happen
8:19 am
in the next six years but the bill is important. the austin can be on the school bus, for example kid are driving home from the school bus now with their phones. they don't have wifi. now they are roaming there data charges come into play and next thing you know the phone bill is shooting up to hundred $200. i cut them off. >> my little cousin, she got a phone but what parameters. she is ten. she only can talk to family members. they take her phone at night, and not staying up all night on their phone. >> so way back when chris, madison, jake and noah when they were ready for a phone there was a phone called fire fly. two bucks you could call mom, dad, that is it. so that is fine. but then that eliminates the roaming charges. >> so lets get on twitter and facebook. >> lets see if i have more tweets already. >> what is right age to give a phone because the school factor. >> you know, school supposedly you have not been allowed to
8:20 am
have the phone in the school. but if you are after school and you have to be pick up for sports and you have to call me to pick you up then that is a whole different story bob, thank you for that. >> i want to break this to you gently. >> all right. >> get a grip on yourself. >> i'm holding on. >> it is over, calvin harris and taylor swift, fighting back big break up gossip. >> ahh. >> here's what happened overnight, what calvin tweeted as he works to put these rumors to rest. we will show you the tweet. legendary news, a big announcement from john legend and christie, their lives are really about to change. >> is she all right. >> i don't know.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. now normally christie teagan is known for posting outrageous things. >> hold. >> who is christie again.
8:24 am
>> she is married to john legend. the she's a model. >> okay. >> but she made an announcement yesterday that everybody was talking about: she's pregnant. yes. so she posted this photo to her instagram and john legend, of course, tweeted a link to it. she's opened about her fertility troubles. she said she cannot wait to bring their first child into the the world. >> here's the thing, all of her, loves all of him. >> yes. >> what is the other hit song he had. >> there is so many. >> he did within for my, excuse me, for my daughter jill's wedding our father, daughter dance was to and why can i not remember it. >> my favorite john legend song is again, it is an older one, was it you and i. >> all have of me. >> no, it is not all of me. >> it was a memorable dance for sure, you can remember the song and everything. >> it was two years ago and i
8:25 am
should remember this. >> you and i. >> you and i. >> kit cat kline, can we listen to that and see the the music individual ohio. >> it is like three, two, one, skip it. >> so, when they don't offer the skip option that is the worst. >> i will do this next story and then we will do it. >> eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> ♪ >> sing to the people, mike. >> me and jill dancing, father/daughter dance.
8:26 am
i cried through the entire thing. i don't remember the dance. i was dripping on to my suit. it was in mexico. it had to be 180 degrees. >> was the ocean behind you. >> ♪ >> so it is a a thousand degree out, and i have on a linen suit on, linen pants so i'm walking around, and my other daughter, jessica said you should go change your suit because the sweat had run down and i had a huge stain right on my butt. it looked like i had pooped. >> why was it brown. >> it was just sweat. >> you a said it looked like. >> somebody took pictures. it is unbelievable. >> just down my back side. >> you have wonderful sweat glands. every time we're outside.
8:27 am
remember my first day on the show, we were seeking out, sweat. >> i had a sweat stain that looks like the country of ecuador. >> you could tell you need get to the gym when it collects underneath your man boobs. i have got to get to the gym. >> yes. >> 8:27. >> stop it. >> don't move. >> he is the ceo of the delaware county company and he had hasn't even graduated high school yet. he is 14 years old and he had has his own tie company. this kiddies going to be rich.
8:28 am
8:29 am
like a lot of little circular dots. itchy, burning. it's pretty much everywhere, where i have pants. define very active? then maybe yes. you know, i'm gonna have to call you back. okay bye. find and book a doctor in private with zocdoc.
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8:31 am
you know marlon wayans is on the show. it is white chicks, right. >> yes. >> this is such a popular movie and he has something to do with 50 shades of gray, he has a new movie coming out in january. >> he is making a spoof out of 50 shades. >> if you just broke up with someone you may want to make sure the relationship end on a good note. well, there is a new app that lets you grade your x. you really want things to end on a good note. >> it is yelp for x's. >> i want to see your reviews. >> can you imagine. >> oh, geese. >> when you hear our next guest speak you will know he is wise behind his years. >> tell me about this amazing idea, that will revolutionize the the way we think and look with the people around us a and how students are educated. >> that is the student and he is an amazing speaker and a a entrepreneur. nice to meet you.
8:32 am
>> what are you 14. >> good to meet you. >> who is this. >> this is ellen. >> executive director from young entrepreneur is a contacted my. >> let's start at the beginning. >> okay. where do you you go to school. >> archmeara contacted my. >> where is that. >> claymont, delaware. >> and as soon as or why did you start making ties. >> every single day as part of the uniform turf wear a tie every sipping will day. that stripes, polka dots but is there something better. i said why not create my own novel ties. >> that is the name of the ties. >> not novelty. >> novel ties. >> it is a novel idea. >> thinks the web site. >> that is it right there. >> some of these are unique and different. i love the one you are wearing right now. >> did you come up with all of these. >> yes, we find out what kid want to wear. i go up to random people and said what would you want to see on the tie. they tell me. chick magnet design came out of need. >> where is chick magnet.
8:33 am
>> the green and blue one. >> so the the school is okay with this. >> yes, i mean we went to the disciplinary and he said where i buy one. we have teachers, parents, students all wearing the tie. >> seriously, this is one of those things saying why didn't i think of this. >> i know. >> you might be really rich, not that is important. >> he might be already. >> you have some important meetings haven't you. >> yes, with sam's club and wal-mart a few weeks ago. >> so they want to carry your ties in the the store. >> we will have a pop up stan, a few stand, around the east coast, in a few months. so we are really excited about that. >> you are telling me at 14, you have been down a at the headquarters in arkansas of wal-mart. >> yes. >> meeting with the ceo. >> yes. >> the ceo said they love it. >> yes. they have it for their kid now. they love the ties.
8:34 am
>> how much are these ties. >> they are $25. >> $25. >> do you ever see anything like this. >> this had has been exciting for to us get one of our students at young entrepreneur is a contacted my in front of the ceo and actually wearing one of his ties. >> i'm sure though you guys prepared young entrepreneur, for situations like this. >> had is that what you do there. >> i'm the executive director. so we take middle school and high school students that are really creative, motivated and they start as students and as ceo's we help them start and run a legally functioning business. >> so that is so cool. >> okay stud march lets go through these real quickly here. what is that. >> that is chick magnet in blue. >> chick magnet in blue. >> what is that. >> harvard law just kidding one. >> just kidding. >> the the basketballers. >> i must ask you a question.
8:35 am
>> i must ask you a question. >> i could punch myself. >> chill, bro. >> it is for laxbro. >> not los angeles international airport. >> and even with the bosses, the boxes are so cute too. >> you are the man good congratulations. >> thank you. >> you know what i was doing at 14. >> what were you doing. >> absolutely nothing. >> where can people fine more information burr ties. >> they can go on line at my novel and find out more about the company and ties. >> and pop up stores are coming soon. >> yes. >> keep us updated. >> i love him. >> i love him too. >> i hate him at the same time. >> you should get one of these ties, mike. >> halloween ban, connecticut schools have decided to cancel halloween. why the reason is getting a reaction from the parent. we will tell you, next. ññ
8:36 am
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8:38 am
8:39 am
yesterday we talked about how many cities in america have canceled columbus day celebrations, because christopher columbus many say was a very unsavory character. >> and indigenous people say. >> yes. >> so now, some school districts around america are canceling their halloween celebrations. a lot of schools will have a halloween parade, starting to day. >> kid come to school all dressed up. >> so is there a school district that we're telling but specifically here they don't want to leave out kids whose parents don't a agree with the holiday so, school district up in connecticut announced a ban on halloween pennsylvania parade across the the silt is elementary schools. they also won't let students, or staff wear costumes during the day and there is more. classroom activities must also
8:40 am
be, fall theme, autumn theme but some parents are not happy about this ban. so 2,000 people have signed an on line petition asking the school district to bring the halloween celebrations, back. there is some people that don't -- my tie is all bunched up. it is still not right. who don't agree because it celebrates with the dark side, it celebrates the devil. so they don't want any apart of it. >> paganism. >> the the kids love dressing up. i want to say just call it something else, costume day, dress up day, i don't know. >> i don't know what to say, i'm baffled. >> yes. >> all i know is this, we're having a meeting after the show today to decide what we're wearing for halloween. >> i think i have figured it out today, jen. i think i know what i'm going to be.
8:41 am
>> what is weird, i end up being a woman every year. >> i know. >> you like being a woman. >> i am enjoy being a girl. >> okay. >> well, what about this though, there was a powerful costume that stole the show at comic can in new york. >> yes. >> did you see this? look at that. >> wow. >> that is a costume. >> is there a human in there. >> it is iron man two, people were just like my goodness this is amazing. the the suit, is worn by robert downey junior in avengers two. so 1600 hours to make this over the last two years what a waste of time it takes about 20 minutes to put it on. >> what is even more a waste of time. >> that is a costume. >> well, darn it, i missed comic can in new york. oh, man. >> maybe after the show. >> that is fine, i'm having my spleen removed instead. >> i think this is cool, mike.
8:42 am
>> well, you are the the colt of one. >> what are you going to be. >> i don't know. >> what is the big characters now this year. >> everybody is saying empire but they are saying too obvious. >> star wars is back, you don't want to be cookie. >> we will think about it. >> honey boo-boo. >> no, boo-boo kitty. >> yes, boo-boo kitty, mike. >> she's hot. >> i have to cut my hair because she has short hair. >> i'll cull it for you. >> i'm's not doing that. >> seriously pick up your kid from school today, apparently in hollywood it is a hot spot for job offers. >> see how one grinder act a orlanded a gig this way in the pick up line. >> he got a job in the pick up line at school. >> he got pick up in the picket up line. the centers for medicare and medicaid services
8:43 am
8:44 am
recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of
8:45 am
america in philadelphia. we are at the river front to walk to end alzheimer's thinks saturday morning at the river
8:46 am
front. it ace a a new location but still at the river front. we will meet through, registration starts at 8:00 a.m. at day, it will be, chilly. i can promise that. not as cold as sunday but it will be chilly. we will need to wear fleece saturday morning. the let's get started with weather headlines today. beautiful shot of the blue sky over philadelphia right now but clouds, showers are on the way, so long to the 70's, after today, and then big chill, chilly weekend. make some chile, you will need it. you will need to warm up. there is twit era and facebook right there sue serio at fox 29. seven day forecast does that have cool down after today. 74 degrees. sixty-seven tomorrow. mid 60's on thursday and friday, ape then much cooler starting on saturday. morning low of 45. daytime high of 58. look at morning lows on sunday and monday, in the the 30's. so it will be a chilly one if you are going to the eagles
8:47 am
game on monday night, at the link. all right. so that is your seven day forecast, alex, i hope you are paying a attention. >> sure. >> i'm not sure if you were because we will look at my did on my fall vacation. >> yeah. >> what were you dancing. >> that is me not toto. i decided to take a ballet class. >> you look good. >> it was really an experience. >> okay. back to me. and then back to you. >> you will show us pictures in a little bit. >> now this is a look at the beach in north wildwood, since the beach erosion, do you see that cliff? that is normally how you get from the street to the beach. they have it closed off. we took in a couple wineries while we were there. that is cape may winery. >> glassies empty there, sue. >> it was apple wine. >> that sound good. >> there is how little the sliver of beach there good hi billy. >> in october you can bring
8:48 am
your dog to the beach. >> then we went to see our girl at college, it was family weekend and she was, kind of happy to see us i think. she pretended to be. she's enjoying college. she's doing very well. >> i know you were happy to see her. >> yes, over the moon. >> she's a very bright young lady. >> hi, billy, billy v. >> the grinder, it is a new show on fox that airs tonight, and in hollywood, you know, you can get jobs anyway that you possibly can. you normally have to go on auditions but sometimes you are discover in the drugstore or a coffee shop. >> or just dropping your kid off. >> that happened. >> how insane is this. in pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey most parents dread sitting in the caroline for school pick up or drop off. in l.a. caroline is the the hot spot for job offers. >> we looked at everybody. everybody. fred was not on the the radar.
8:49 am
he was in the part of the list or part of the meeting, nothing. and then one of our producers saw him at the school drop off. he is directing, producing, and not interested as an actor. he said i will look at this. the rest is a lucky break for us. >> that is not all together untrue. my daughter is in the class with nick stoler's daughter, an executive producer of the show. hey do you want to do this pilot. i read it. i said this is great. would i love to direct it. he said no, no it is for to you act in. i said no, i don't think that is in the card for me. >> he gets a job on drop off. >> yeah. >> hopefully a life changer at drop off. >> he doesn't to have wear yoga pants. >> get him his coffee. >> with the straw.
8:50 am
>> i'm doing it. >> he gets job at drop off. >> you know what happens a at drop off you get yelled at because you are in the wrong way. >> that is what happens at my school. >> my thing i did drop off at night. i did evening pick up, would i not do drop off. people were too cranky. pick up was great. my wife did mornings and difficult afternoon. >> what just happened there. >> he is bored of the interview. >> and he wanted coffee. >> yes he is rob low. >> he gets it right there. >> he has a glam squad, brought him the coffee. >> i have a question. >> he never ages. >> no, he is 51. >> he looks really good. >> yes, now everyone loves rob low but one house got robbed. check this out. look at the pictures in there. the kid did this to the
8:51 am
parents. that is how much these people love rob low. there is these pictures. other pictures. look at that, they replaced all of the pictures in the house and said dear mob, we got robbed. >> show is on tonight. >> what time does it start. >> 8:00 tonight. >> yes, i'm fine it is on tonight. >> now this calvin harris is a dj, right. calvin harris has made millions of dollars being a dj. >> he makes a lot of money. >> he and taylor with the have been dating. now he is saying we're not breaking up. let's discuss this. i think there is a possibility they have split. >> you know who we should discuss this with marlon wayans. >> he is here, i saw an suv pull up. >> when we come back. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:55 am
good morning, everybody. 8:55. still a delay on northbound i-95 because of this multi vehicle crash now off to the shoulder. they will be out there cutting the the grass later today. backed up on the bennie downtown from mid span into center city a at eighth and vine and then eastbound on the schuylkill we are dealing with sun glare and delays from the conshohocken curve, and then 42 northbound also heavy from the expressway in through the walt whitman, mike and alex, back over to you. >> down selfie stickies broken. myselfe stickies broken. >> i can't not get the blue tooth to connect. i'm so excited, i want to take a selfie. break up gossip, taylor swift and column van harris, it is not true. he is putting the rumor to rest. so, they are saying taylor
8:56 am
swift ditched calvin harris after work circulated he was going to massage parlors with a happy ending. >> alex? >> source close to the couple says break up rumors are not true and on top of that calvin harris tweeted out this. he doesn't seem to be too happen bit rumors. he is threatening to sue for defamation of character. he didn't specify. but taylor swift, favorited this tweet so i guess that means she agrees. >> happy ending is a a good thing, come to the end of the story. >> not in the relationship. >> anyway, guess who he is here. >> marlon wayans, yes, do we hear him. he will come back after the break. we will talk with him next. >> myselfe stickies broken. >> you got little hand you are
8:57 am
supposed to hold it yourselfe stickies real close. >> yes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
good day, everybody the. >> it is october 13th, 2015. >> fifteen. >> yes. we will talk to marlon in just a second. >> yes. >> swapping nudes for news, playboy magazine won't publish naked pictures anymore, in its magazine. so they are basically just becoming. >> every man's reaction is what the heck. >> so what is the point. >> why do you even read that newspaper, unless she will give me the the news naked, i will read name news. i might as well read wall street journal. >> playboy is becoming time magazine. >> that is a american tragedy right


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