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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 14, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> right now community wants answers mystery surrounds the death avenue three-year-old boy. little brendon link creato reported missing this morning found hours later by police k9 units in camden county. still investigators are staying quiet about what may have happen g evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. many came out tonight to remember the little boy. fox 29's shawnette wilson was at tonight's vigil she's at the camden county prosecutor's office. shawnette?
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>> reporter: well, what happened is still very much a mystery tonight. we spoke with the prosecutor's office just a little while ago and they say there's still no indication of whether this was an accident or foul play. tonight a community is still in mourning. >> pray for brendon. >> reporter: outpouring of prayers for three-year-old brendon link creato reported missing this morning and found dead just few hours later. >> he's with god. >> dozens of people carried candles as they walked the neighborhood during a vigil for this little angel. >> ♪ >> reporter: walk ended nearly family's home on cooper street in haddon township where memorial has start to do form. >> dear lord, hold our children tightly. you know how much they are loved and how much we care for them. >> reporter: investigators say a family member reported brendan missing around 6:00 this morning but three hours later, a k9 found brendan's body eight blocks away from his near cooper
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river. investigators have not said whether his death is an accident or the result of foul play. >> there's no sort of, um -- i just think at this point i'm not going to address that. >> reporter: meanwhile neighbors are concerned. >> please find the people that did this. please find them. he's a baby. >> give those that are investigating wisdom and help find this person who perpetrated this terrible evil. >> this woman shared memories of brendan. she says her son is his godfather. >> loved the hulling and he loved -- he was going to be the hulk for halloween. >> father john spoke with brendan's family who are members of his church holy saviour in westmont. >> one request the grandfather had was one word, prayers. prayers. >> reporter: and late tonight we received a statement from the family. it reads in part "we are heart broken bite loss of our beautiful boy brendan creato.
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along with the creato family hooks also lost a son and grandson, we are are grieving and tremendously saddened. we thank the community who searched for brendan this morning and gathered tonight in his memory. we appreciate your efforts and kind words. we do not have any answers about what occur. we are still waiting results of an autopsy. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. skyfox over a west kensington rite aid after a car slammed into wall before 7:00 tonight. police say the driver wasn't hurt but was arrested for dui. no one in the store was hurt. but city inspectors what called out to see if that building a safe enough to reopen. >> on your radar today's showers are gone. people are out from t-shirts and tank tops in center city. take a live look in reading, kathy definitely want to a jacket when you walk outside the door -- outdoor in the morning.
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>> i'll have to ditch the sleeve less last go around for this dress lucy. talking about sweater weather and winter coat weather bite week and much series of cold fronts to talk about. one that's moving threw with some showers right now. you see another one lurking back through the great lakes. and then another yet still to the west so series of reinforcing shots of cooler air and really will bottom out over the weekend. you can see some vigorous showers down to the south through south jersey. everything pretty much moving offshore with a few lingering sprinkles overnight. right now 69 in philadelphia. 59 in millville. pocono mountains 55. and lancaster 62. so cooling down. during the morning hours, tomorrow we're looking at a cool start. 57. then as we go through the day temperatures will be warming. of course, this is for wednesday, a cool breeze by the noon hour. coming up, we'll talk more about this change that's coming, sweater weather returns, another front comes through on friday and we are talking about the coldest air of the season it could be the first frost. i'll more with the seven day
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coming up later in the broadca broadcast. all right, kathy, thank you. heart broken north philadelphia community gathering to night to remember a young live cut short. the 14-year-old boy was shot in the head and killed just last night. fox 29's dave stratt wise sr. joins us live at police headquarters. dave, you were that vigil tonight. >> reporter: we were, iain. very emotional scene at tenth and thompson in north philadelphia tonight. family, friends and neighbors gathered to remember a young man they called dj. hundreds stood at tenth and thompson chanting his name a community came together tuesday night to mourn a young man gone too far. 14-year-old djde shield. >> duvall was a great child. he was so fun. so talented. he danced and sang and he was so much fun and full of life. >> reporter: friends, family members and neighbors stood a few feet from where dj was shot once in the head monday night. family members say he passed
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away tuesday afternoon. >> to see this happen at such an early age, he didn't get a chance to really live his life out. >> somebody got to be smart enough to realize that this got to stop. >> speaker after speaker called for the violence to stop. his family has no tragedy before. his mother died from cancer in 2013. his sister passed away from cancer just last year. >> this family has been through a lot already from the passing of the mother and the sister passed and now here goes the baby. >> it's a shame that we're lining up going to funerals more than we going to our kids graduations. homicide decks are investigating reports the shooting was over a girl. dj reportedly wrote up on a bike and was shot as he approached a group of young men. police say a beebee gun fell from his clothing while he was being raced to the hospital by police after the shooting. >> whatever the reason is, it's not worth a life. that's the whole thing that we
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try to same the haven't not worth the life. >> reporter: now, police still trying to identify the gunman and the group of teenagers that gathered at tenthth thompson monday night when the shooting occurred. there are no suspects and no arrests to report tonight. there is a $20,000 reward in this case. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. 18-year-old man will spend up to two years in prison for a hit-and-run on temple university's campus that critically injured a student on her bike. will he sean roberts was sentenced to 11.5 to 23 months in jail and also faces five years probation. he had pleaded guilty in the case. 22-year-old rachel hall was weeks away from graduation when she was hit. roberts only had a learners permit at the time of the accident. police are looking to two robbers who went on a terror last week stealing women's purchases and cash and phones. police say the pair work the
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herald gate second of the city and surveillance camera in a store captured them, then minutes later, police say they followed a 56-year-old customer down the block and grabbed her purse. detectives say they're behind three more robberies that morning and two a couple of days later, and in at least one they had a gun. >> as the jobs progress they seem like they're getting more bold and one of the last ones they actually showed a handgun in his waistband. >> police are hoping someone will recognize these men and help them get off the streets. the state of delaware black caucus is calling for independent federal investigation into the police involved shooting that killed a man in wheelchair. 28-year-old jeremy mcdole died on september 23rd. police say reports of gunshots had them responding to the 1800 block of tulip street in wilmington. authorities say when officers got there, mcdole already had a self inflicted gunshot wound. video shows officers firing at him when he refused to drop gun. officers say they recovered a gun at the scene.
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some witnesses claim mcdole did not have gun and that officers used excessive force. the delaware department of justice is vest it gating. it has happened again, again protesteprotesters have interrud philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay during a town hall event. >> black lives matter! >> black lives matter! >> commissioner was speakin spet town hall event at the national constitution sent. the subject how police officers do their jobs. minutes after ramsay began speaking protesters stood up and began chanting. park rangers he is cored them out. this isn't the first time something like this had a happened. just last month protesters interrupted him speaking at an event at eastern state penetentiary. you decide 2016. tonight all five democratic presidential candidates on one stage in las vegas. debating each other for the first time. unlike the past two debates with a crowde crowded republican fiel the candidates appearing on the same stage. no upper or lower tear debates this time around.
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hillary clinton entering to night's cnn debate as the front run are in. pundants say the form secretary of state's biggest challenge will from come from vermont bernie sanders. >> martin o'malley, lincoln safety and jim web hoping to give a breck through performance tonight. no real firework a lot of speculation in recent days about vice-president and delaware's own joe biden will announce his candidacy for president. his office saying the vice-president watched tonight's debate from washington. a few tonight to pay respects to the former president of the philadelphia branch of the naacp. jerry montgomery desire died sunday after complications from an aneurysm he led the philly chapter for 17 years. today's viewing was held at the funeral home in germantown. tomorrow a celebration of life will be at the same location. speeding along down a busy interstate when cars screeched to stop to avoid hitting a police officer. >> bleep. bleep. that officer does a u-turn
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into the emergency lane. what witnesses say she dropped that she turned around to get. also a woman knocking on a local doors asking for halloween donations for char. here's the problem. the charity never heard of. the police warning tonight before you answer your door an and -- boo! boo! passengers boo as a woman in tears is forced off her flight. what turned this entire plane against the flight crew. he capture the pope's attention and moved the world to tears. tonight how people around the globe are rallying to support this local family.
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♪ lots of tricks but no treats in haverford township tonight. scan involving halloween has police and residents alike on alert. >> investigators say it starts with knock on someone's door. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from the land arc section of town tonight. chris the woman was seen in this neighborhood on this very street over the past two days soliciting donations for a local charity. well here's the thing. haverford township police say don't believe a word she's saying. lanark section of haverford township is spooky enough but what's going on these days is down right scary. >> i should went win my first
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instinct yesterday and telling the police. >> neighbors are telling the same story about the same woman. >> going door to door asking for donations on be. the problem is, she's lying. >> i'm a little scared and i wish i didn't open the door. >> reporter: it happened to carol waldron. >> accepting donations for halloween party and she was like we're accepting cash or donations and i said, i'm sorry, i don't have any cash on me. i wasn't going to give money to someone i didn't know. >> reporter: the woman has been asking for money or donations of halloween costumes police say she's on the only asking she's taking. saying she actually made it inside one house and stole an iphone before the homeowner even knew it. >> she was going door to door knocking and looking for donations for a group that i really never heard of. >> reporter: the organization the woman is using is real and they do good work, but they also tell us they never solicit donations door to door. in a statement they say, we are deeply disheartened that someone
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would take advantage of our good reputation within the community we serve to commit fraudulent acts ". >> earlier tonight, fox 29 was there when police were called to another report of the woman in the same neighborhood. >> she was just looking for something that -- or nothing. >> reporter: now the woman police are looking for described as an african female, early to mid 30s, medium to heavy build with possibly partially blond and black hair. if you know this woman and this has happened to you, please call haverford township police. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, chris. hopefully somebody will. red cross is helping a family of three out of their home after a fast-moving fire. skyfox over the 400 block of garden lane in aston, delaware county. officials say flames broke out right around 4:30 this morning. investigators aren't yet sure what started it as of yet. nobody however is hurt. temple university school of medicine is now renamed and
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dedicated to honor the late lewis katz. sermon was held today in the campus' medical education and research building to mark the change. lou katz was a businessman, philanthropist and proud temple grad he died in plain crash in may of 2014 and right before his death he announced a $25 million gift to the university. that's the largest single donation in temple's history. >> he wanted to be sure that temple university took its rightful place as one of the great urban universities in america and because of his efforts and because of all the guidance he provided, he succeeded in that. >> katz's name now is on the outside of the medical school building. his daughter, son and daughter-in-law also were attendance unveiling a portrait of their father that will hang in the lobby. >> big development doesn't always mean big business. just ask a company in center city now faced with the heartbreak of closing its doors. as fox 29 weekend's bill
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anderson reports this cupcake business has blocks of construction has in fact blocked the sweet smell of success. ♪ >> reporter:. six years ago philly cupcake company opened at the corner of 12th and chestnut with a bright store and a positive attitude. they came into the area when few would, but now that huge development is faking place, they may run out of business. >> the city should be much more responsible handing out permits. small businesses created philadelphia. >> reporter: owners tell me business was good. they were receiving offers to buy their business and looking at expansions but when millions of dollars of retail and housing development came into the area, it was the perfect negative storm to impact their business. the development that's on market street and the one here on chestnut became sort of blocked all the -- all the parking and all the walk up on chestnut and also on sansom street and made it very difficult for people to be able to walk to us. >> reporter: the closed sidewalks and loss of parking
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spaces is a side effect of development. but without them, the little business that helped spark growth in the area has to shut down the location without seeing the benefit of their commitment to the neighborhood. >> everything around this area was -- was developing and this was the part that still had a lot of, um, kind of sketchy things happening on the corners during the day. we took a chance. >> reporter: owners tell me that the city commerce department did offer them a list of available locations where they can possibly move the store. but as of the end of the month, the corner that they say they helped to rebuild will no longer house the philly cupcake company. guys the own are in say it's bittersweet. they're happy the area they believed in is finally expanding and they may open another location elsewhere, but they can't help but think that with better planning, we wouldn't have to crush the little guy so the big guy which is expand. here in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. big brother, big sisterings
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of southeastern pennsylvania having a huge bash tonight in center city at the kimmel center. our own alex holley helped present an award all part of the celebration of the organization's 100th anniversary and that time it's helped make positive impact on the lives of more than 120,000 children in the philadelphia area. >> i love the organize. suv dangles off the side of this interstate. a child is in inside and rescue crews were still several minutes away. who jumped in to pull that child to safety. >> a couple of burglars bust into a local restaurant they're after one thing but it's not cash. what they threw into the back seat of their car right in the middle of the day. and do you recognize this guy? that's the new look for actor randy quaid. where he tried to sneak in to that landed him in jail. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. shut down two of our major roadways right now all due to
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construction. first of all, eastbound on the schuylkill expressway all lanes pushed off at university. they're repaving the university of a bridge. so com coming eastbound in towas south philadelphia until tomorrow morning all traffic will be forced off using the 34th street bridge. and the vine expressway is also closed in both directions between the schuylkill and broad street. so they can reset those big steal beams all part of that vine expressway reconstruction project. coming into and through the city is going to be a little tough through at least the beginning of our morning rush hour. how long will it last? we'll check the jam cams
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>> now your are winning lottery numbers. ♪ suv with a child inside dangled off florida interstate. police say several cars crashed this morning near tampa sending that suv over the edge of the barrier. now people inside the other cars in the crash got out, ran over to the suv to help everyone get out safely. they did. no one is seriously hurt. it took crews several hours to pull that suv off the barrier and get traffic moving again. heart-breaking day for the families of those killed on board night mh17. it has now been confirmed the
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boeing 777 was shut down by a russian made surface to air missile they don't know who launched it. separate criminal investigation will attempt to fine the culprits. the air space above the conflict zone should have been closed to civilian planes. all 298 people on board that plane were killed. dramatic video out of gree greenville, wisconsin. police are after that car believed to be stolen. one crew used a pitt maneuver which basically spins the car there after around. well, the driver jumped out of the car and ran through a parking lot. cops were on his tail, though. they arrested him an passenger on drug charges. police say he's connected to several burglaries in the area. now in colorado, an afternoon watching tv for one father and son turn life threatening in an inter stan. >> straight bullet came crashing into the room landing inches from their heads. the two were watching college football in their home outside of denver when they heard a gun go off. a few hours later they realized just how close they had come to
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getting hit. >> brody pointed out the whole and said, dad, do you suppose that's what the noise was? and i said, that is what the noise was. there was a hole shot through our wall. >> the bullet came through the siding of the home, hit their bathroom door before landing on the wall. this father think it was fired from several hundred yards away. luckily no one was hurt. group of armed men burst into a local home and gunned down the father inside. his children they were asleep upstairs. why his family thinks a facebook post started this all. and -- bleep. bleep. >> a police officer pulls a u-turn in the middle of traffic. what witnesses say she dropped dropped that almost caused an accident. kathy? >> cooling down already but wait until you see what's coming a cool down that's originating in northern canada dropping all the way down into the mid atlantic by this weekend. we're talking about a 20 to
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25-degree drop just like that. that's coming none seven day. >> change in the weather and big changes coming to playboy. getting rid of a major part of the magazine. why they're telling models, hey, put your clothes back on. ♪
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>> breaking news out of the city's queen village neighborhood. police are on the 500 block of carpenter street investigators are telling us a 15-year-old boy has been shot twice. he's been taken to jefferson university hospital. we don know his condition or what led up to the shooting. police are telling us so far they have not made any arrests. we of course will bring you updates as soon as we get them. still to developing to night police are trying to find three men behind a deadly home invasion. detectives say they barged into a kingsessing home with guns,
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rob the place and shot and killed a man inside. his children they were asleep upstairs. >> the family claims it's all tied facebook post. dawn timmeney explains. >> he didn't is even have the money. it was a joke. >> reporter: family members of the 50 eighty three old tony harris believe his killers thought he had lots of money. and they think it's because of this october 5th facebook pos post. it shows his fiance' with pile of money as a prank. >> he made a comment, "i misplaced 60,000. hope my wife didn't go shopping "it wasn't even his money. >> harris was shot once in the head on the 1100 block of south rub bee. just after 11:00 o'clock last night, three gunmen in their late teens burst in the front door. harris and his fiance' were downstairs. their three young children asleep on the sector floor. they put guns to the couple's heads and demanded money killing harris. >> they kept saying where is the money? so i mean it sort of let's us believe that they felt it was a large amount of money
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somewhere in the house. now why they thought that, we don't know. >> reporter: police are aware of the facebook post and are looking at it as a possible motive. harris' sister is convinced that's why and has a warning for others tonight. >> be careful of what you put on facebook. >> exactly. >> because you never know whose watching or whose paying attention or, you know, you may be targeted for no reason. whoever did this you are an idiot and you don't have no money and you going to spent the rest of your life in jail because you're going to get caught. >> dawn timmeney reports the men got away empty handed and now police are looking for some surveillance video and asking anyone with information to come forward. a local boy captured the world's hearts were the pope stopped his motorcade to bless him. now, donations are pouring in to help his family. this was the moment pope francis stopped his now famous blackie ya at philadelphia international air pot port last month to walk over and bless 10-year-old michael keating. he has severe cerebral palsy his parents, his older sister and twin brother were all in tears
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and so were a lot of hughes watched this life. turns the family is in desperate need of a new wheelchair accessible van for mychal. they told us during an appearance on good day friends started to crowd sourcing sight trying to raise the 60 grand. after a national article focused on the family this week, more than $100,000 raise to do night and the washington post says 50,000 came from star wars director jj abrams. back to your fox 29 weather authority. kathy i can feel some changes out there. >> yeah, do you feel like sweaters, sweatshirts, maybe the fleece? unpack that wint coat. dust it off. because we are going to need it but that's why the weekend. right now 69. it's really pleasant out there. winds out of the north at about nip miles an hour but look at that high temperature. stuck degrees over the next couple of days, we'll slowly see the cool down occur. in philadelphia, it's 69. to the west in pittsburgh we have 56. toronto 54 degrees. you can see where the core of
3:33 am
this cold air is right now over central canada, southern canada and dipping down into the great lakes. look at international falls. 32 degrees and it's only mid october. chicago 54. grand rapids 51. milwaukee 51 degrees much as we look ahead during the day tomorrow, it is going to be pleasant. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and perhaps with this northwesterly flow a few sprinkles late in the day. otherwise, it's going to be pleasant day with temperatures seasonal in the upper 60s. by the time we make it to thursday morning we see more sunshine. but then a few more cold fronts move and through and another one on friday and the cold air slowly seeps to the south it gets down to the mid atlantic but we will see temperatures some 20 degrees cooler over the weekend than they are right now. so let's take look. here is a look at thursday morning. 40s to the north and to the west. 30s in the poconos. then by friday morning, as we look ahead, not so bad. we have more clouds so we're in the 50s. the real core of the cool air
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comes after that cold front friday. look at this. 44 in philadelphia. saturday morning 37 in the poconos. but here it is. the main event, sunday morning the cold air crashes those temperatures. 30s along the i-95 corridor. freezing or subfreezing from the lehigh valley northward i think in the poconos maybe even in the northern lehigh valley we could have a freeze watch or warning by saturday night for sunday morning. frost even in the delaware valley. city overnight, 53. 48 in the suburbs. clearing skies. turning cooler. tomorrow a seasonably pleasant day. with a breeze out of the west northwest. as we look on the seven day wednesday 68. cooler thursday. our front moves through friday. and then the chill moves in for saturday and sunday. the coldest yet. sunday morning and then temperatures stay cool. at least through monday and we begin to bounce back by tuesday. guys when we bows back, we're only bouncing back into the 60s. >> is that considered a bounce.
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>> from 58 in the morning low of 37. yeah, that's pretty much bouncing. for the eagles it will be pretty comfortable. >> he'd like a bigger bounce. >> i would. i know what time of year it is. >> yeah. so -- >> i know. there's nothing you can do about it. thanks kathy. >> i love this weather. cocoa going on. >> woman's run on a popular trail in the middle of the day. takes a scary turn. what she came face to face with that left her bleeding on the ground. and -- boo! boo! boo! >> yeah you heard them kathy. they're booing all right. as woman in tears is forced off the flight. what turn thed this entire plane against the flight crew. >> keeping local kids safe for decades and forming a bond lasted 50 years. to night one community gets the chance to say
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♪ they weren't after cold hard cash but they were after a cold treat. these thieves stole a heavy duty ice cream machine right out of ron's cafe in the 5700 block of north broad street in fern rock. they know what they were doing. they did it in the light of day right before 8:30. september 29th was the date by the way. machine weighs 100 pounds it's worth $9,000.
3:39 am
police are hoping you'll recognize these guys from this newly released video. >> in your money tonight the world's top two beer makers are joining forces. miller accepted $104 billion acquisition offer from anheuser-busch. the merger could potentially create a beer maker that controls 30% of the world's beer sales. pulling in $64 billion a year. the deal of course has to get past regulators. anheuser-busch agreed to pay $3 billion to miller if the deal falls apart. >> cover up happening at playboy. the men's magazine will no longer publish fully naked women in its layout. >> you're saying what? playboy says the magazine will still feature partially nude women in provocative poses. toots easy to access sexual content on the internet it's time for change. hugh heffner founded playboy 60 years ago.
3:40 am
it's first cover was marilyn monroe. >> harry connick, jr. will move over daytime variety show to hit the air waves around this time next year. insiders say the show will be a mix of musical performances, comedy sketches and audience parts paying. >> passengers get so mad on an american airlines flight they started booing. >> it all started when a flight attendant asked a woman to clear the aisle. she says she didn't hear them but they kicked her off anyhow. >> that's enough. >> why are you being so mean to me? >> i'm sorry -- >> are you serious. >> oh, my god. >> i didn't even know i was blocking -- >> i know you didn't see us. >> you just lost a lot of customers. boo! >> boo! >> you can hear the woman crying as she's pleading to stay on the flight. you can also hear what her fellow passengers said. they were bashing the airlines.
3:41 am
they'll never fly it again. american airlines has released a statement saying it is looking into what happened. the woman reportedly got on the next flight. a police officer pulls a u-turn in the middle of traffic. what witnesses say she dropped that almost caused an accident. and do you recognize this guy? that's a new look for actor randy quaid where he tried to sneak i
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♪ actor randy quaid still in a vermont jail tonight on $500,000 bail. he and his wife accused of of trying to sneak across the canadian border last week. both are awaiting extradition on 2010 warrant from california when police say they entered a building in santa barbara they claim to legally own. their facing vandalism and trespassing charges. quaid will be back in court on thursday. several cars slammed on their brakes to avoid a police officer doing a u-turn into an emergency lane. witnesses say the officer did it because she dropped something on the interstate. >> fox's emily miller talk to the cab driver who the whole thing just outside washington, d.c. and says he's lucky to be alive. >> reporter: that moment terrified the taxi driver who almost hit her. >> i was scared, i almost hit a
3:45 am
police woman. >> reporter: aussies ahmed a d.c. taxi cab driver. he has a camera on his dashboard. last wednesday he was driving to around 1:00 p.m. eastbound and i66 near fairfax and this is his video. >> there she is on the motorcycle. >> reporter: the officer kept pulling at her side. >> she's going to check to make sure the -- >> everyone is moving along. he goes to the left lane and see as black garment fall off the motorcycle. >> she is going to drop the sweater right there. this guy stopped and that's the sweater right there. >> he could see it was her police uniform sweater. >> it had the markings, the sash on the shoulder. >> reporter: mercedes pulls between a sis says and the motorcycle. i can't see what she's doing now. >> reporter: suddenly the car in front of him completely sto stops. i pause couple of times but i didn't want to stop because the guy behind me was just coming at me. so i get out of the way so he doesn't hit me. to avoid being hit he pulls into the shoulder and, boom, i
3:46 am
changed lanes and there she is. and miraculously i did something with the steering wheel that saved her. >> his anti locked brakes turned on she came 4 feet from this front bumper. listen to aziz yelling and what he refers to as french. >> bleep stop bleep. >> the driver in front of him was also furious. >> he tells me she's stupid. >> he pulled over and looked in his veer mew mirror. >> everybody was slowing down braking smoke coming up. and schenn she just kept on going. >> reporter: assize saw the officer put on her police lights. >> they kept on going. trying to get her sweater. >> then the reality of what almost happened hit him. >> i was really relieved but angered at the same time that, you know, she did what she did put her life in front of us and luckily we managed to save her, you know, everybody was lucky that day. >> that cap cab drive sent a video to the fairfax county
3:47 am
police department today. they are investigating but did say the officer should have gone to the next exit and retraced her route. >> a woman's run on popular trail turned terrifying when a stranger attacked. it happened sunday morning outside of atlanta with plenty of other people around. lee watkins says she saw the man walking toward her from the opposite direction. she says he took a rock and bashed her in the head. she fell to the ground bleeding and called called 911. >> my gosh, i could die. i really thought, you know, this guy just hit me and he's coming back. i never had such fear in my life. >> by the time police got there the man had taken off. lee needed seven staples to close the gash in her head but she says it's not going to stop her from running on that trail. she wants others to take what happened to her as warning to be more aware of surroundings. two crossing guards in camden county have been working side by side for more than 50 years. bracing all types of red weather to make sure children get across the street safely and now they're the community is saying
3:48 am
thank you. >> fox 29' jennifer joyce bring us their stories more than five decades in the making. >> reporter: this is how claire bowman and helen have spent their mornings and afternoons for the last 50 years. >> i started at 37. here i am 88 and i still feel 37. >> reporter: bowman now 87 says her husband was a cherry hill police officer. the township needed crossing guards and he urged the ladies to sign on. bowman wasn't sure she wanted to deal with the cold rain, sleet and snow day in dane out. >> the sergeant called me and said, claire, i need you. i said, all right, i'll give you one week. and here i am 50 years later. >> reporter: bowman works at harrah's elementary and knits crosses students outside -- >> do you dinner saturday and sunday. >> yes. >> claire and helen took these jobs in 1965.
3:49 am
their husbands eventually passed away. now 50 years lateness job continues to give them purpose. >> it's asset to watch them grow. i've seen them come from parents walking them in strollers, walking their older children and then when they come to first grade it's really something to watch them grow. >> reporter: she still gets christmas cards from students she met in the '70's and '80s. this barn says these ladies are making a difference in the children's lives. >> very beginning my daughter won -- won really look up and say hi but, you know, she always kept on trying, kept on trying and now, you know, she has my daughter saying good morning and everything every morning. >> the bonds with the children and the true dedication to this community has cherry hill township saying thank you. tonight the township is honoring the pair with a proclamation and small gifts for their service. >> we definitely appreciate their service went want them to understand that, and, the residents appreciate their service as well.
3:50 am
>> in cherry hill, new jersey, jenn for joyce, fox 29 news. >> howard is here with look at sports. >> howard. i am. >> what's up? >> okay. by the way this town has undefeated football team. hear from the head coach on his team on a role. why the eagles look like they're heading on the way up in the right direction. the dallas cowboys remain in free fall and are making major
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
great games in the national league playoffs i'm sure it's killing phillies fans who are nowhere to be found obviously. chicago cubs got terrific manager this season and good young players and all the curses may be gone. the cubbies are moving on. they beat the team with the most wins this year in baseball. let's go to chicago. they're playing the st. louis cardinals. score tied. the cubs had a four-two lead but anthony rizzo in the sixth inning had unties the game. it's five-four cubs. seventh inning this guy can hit carl, crushed the ball. over the scoreboard. new scoreboard at wrigley field. six-four cubs.
3:54 am
and there it is the last out. the cubs celebrate and they win and they move on to the national league championship series. who are they going to play? the mets trying to close out their series. to new york playing the dodgers. that's clayton kershaw who lot of game one of this series. the mets up to two games to one. seven innings, gave up one run, eight strike out thaws lou, this is wilmer nor less. the dodgers lead the mets three-one in the ninth inning. all right. the eagles get back to work tomorrow on the practice field for what now is a big game monday night at the linc. they're playing the new york giants and eagles win puts the eagles would you believe this in first place in the division. forget the cowboys. the cowboys with a bye week this week are changing quarterbacks. brandon wheaton done. terrible quarterback. cowboys are going with matt castle who they traded with buffalo for a few week ago. he is now their starting quarterback the cowboys have lost throw in row.
3:55 am
they are now in free fall. this undefeated football team and it's in philadelphia that would be the temple owls. they're five-zero and the last time a temple team was undefeated aft five games, 1974. coach back then was guy named wayne hardin. the head coach now is matt ruhle in his third year as head coach. this week temple planes winless university of central florida at the linc so the owls should be six-zero the head coach does not want to put the pressure on his players. >> we lose one, we lose one but i want to have really high expectations for themselves and for us, you know, on the field as a program and in the classroom, and, um, don't -- if you have high expectations you rise to them and these kids right here are rising to them. they're working at a high level. >> matt, you need to win that game. all right. the mets fans are trying to take out their aggression on chase utley with the help of the new york daily news. let's go to new york. the daily news put a full size cut out of chase utley in the
3:56 am
subway. he's wanted much he sure is. but they take out their aggression. they want to just crush -- get him. get him. get him. he was a dirty player. get him. >> that's terrible. >> no, it's not. it's good. >> he took -- >> did he had do out of the playoffs. >> chase utley is no longer a phillie. move on kathy. >> full hour of entertainment news coming up next. tmz followed by dish nation and then the chasing news and the simpson. >> i'm so happy we don't have cut outs of us that's all i can say. we're back here for your morning news at 4:00. >> your mega million lottery drawing is up next.
3:57 am
test. test.
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4:00 am
>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. and good morning, at 4:00 for the first time the top five democratic presidential candidates met on stage to try to convince us, the voters, they can win this race, the good, the bad and the down right dirty. last night's debate coming up. first, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, chris, a toddler found dead in the woods now his mother is speaking out. we'll have her statement coming up. dave? >> reporter: sabina, good morning to you. philadelphia police continue to hunt for the person who shot and killed a 14 year old boy, as family and friends remember him. lauren? >> former nb a and reality steve lamar owed many hospitalized after being found unconscious. where medics found the ball nerve nevada is raising eyebws


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