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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  October 14, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. and good morning, at 4:00 for the first time the top five democratic presidential candidates met on stage to try to convince us, the voters, they can win this race, the good, the bad and the down right dirty. last night's debate coming up. first, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, chris, a toddler found dead in the woods now his mother is speaking out. we'll have her statement coming up. dave? >> reporter: sabina, good morning to you. philadelphia police continue to hunt for the person who shot and killed a 14 year old boy, as family and friends remember him. lauren? >> former nb a and reality steve lamar owed many hospitalized after being found unconscious. where medics found the ball nerve nevada is raising eyebrows for some people this
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morning. good day, it is wednesday, october 14, 2015. so look who decided to join us. >> good morning. >> fresh off few days off. you went to the gym. >> yes. >> try to clip -- >> , no here is the deal. this is a start back. i broke the mike clip, as i was just putting on. >> that's what i just said. >> here is the deal. i don't listen well. so i'll try to listen more. this is what i've learned in my time off. you know, go on vacation, you reflect on things. i think i need to be a better listener. >> okay. >> and little bit more -- >> gent until. >> yes, little more dexterity. >> okay, delicate? you could be a little more delicate. okay, what do you need there, glue? >> phenominal days to be off. weather was just perfect. >> just in time for you to be back, we will cool things down to seasonable levels. we've thanks to some clouds, it is not too bad out there this morning. here is your current temperature in the city, 59 degrees, with 7-mile per hour wind out of the west,
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10 miles visibility, 67% relative humidity, 7:10 now your sunrise time. days getter shorter and shorter, so we have temperatures in the 50's to the north of us for the most part, 49 degrees in lancaster, 47 in mount pocono. 59 degrees as we said in the city, same in atlantic city, 63 degrees in wildwood. so the chillier temperatures have not really settled in yet. maybe one, 2 degrees cooler than yesterday, but about the same, as it felt when you walked out the door. we do have the coldest air so far this season, ahead, that's happening this weekend, i think we've been giving you fair washing about that. frost, freeze concerns, yes, they'll be coming up in that seven day forecast. so yesterday's high in the super 70s, we got to 76 degrees. we will give you a nine out of ten today with a high temperature of 68 degrees, that's a more seasonable
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temperature, 49 degrees, is your overnight low. we'll have more details coming up in that seven day forecast, right now, good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning to you. 4:03, on this wednesday, hump day, a live look at the vine street expressway, still closed in both directions from that overnight construction. again, same deal all this week, both directions, closed until about 5:00, 5:30 or so, as they said in the steel beams across both sides of the vine street expressway. so, coming into the city, instead of the vine, use either spring garden, south street, or the 30th street interchange to work your way in toward downtown. they had the schuylkill closed most of the overnight, all of the lanes are open, they were repaving across the university ave. bridge. but again, all eastbound lanes of the schuylkill open for business this morning. a lot of construction, mainly, up and down the entire i-95 corridor. this is a live look, at i95, right near 452, where the ram raps still blocked. they're working out here in chester county along route 100
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between worthington and ship road. and they're also working on the boulevard, both directions, the inner drive is closed, between woodward and rhawn. otherwise, the bridges look fine. mass transit no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. following breaking news this morning, one woman is dead after her car rolls over into the woods, the crash happened just before 1:00 this morning, in gloucester township, new jersey, at sicklerville road in dickinson drive. no word yet on what caused the crash. of course as soon as we get any more information in, we'll let you know, of course if those roads are block off, bob will have the latest on that for us. >> more now on a story after three year old, brendan. >> he was first reported missing early yesterday morning, he was found hours later by police k9 unit in camden county. sabina kuriakose live with more on this very, very sad story. sabina? >> reporter: good morning, guys. well, new this morning, we hearing from the mother of three year old brandon, the little boy found killed, found
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dead, rather, three hours after he was reported missing from his family's haddon township home yesterday. authority say a police dog found brendan's body in a wooded area by the cooper river around 9:00. eight blocks from his home. he had been reported missing at 6:00 a.m. police have not said how brandon died, whether they suspect foul play. last night dozens of people carried candles as they walked through the family neighborhood during pray full vigil near his home on cooper street. >> we are grieving, tremendously saddened, goes on to say the family does not have any answer was what occurred. >> there is no sort of -- at this point i won't address that. >> please find them. >> he is a babe. >> i those that are investigating with them, and help them to find this person
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who perpetrated this terrible evil. >> one request that the grandfather had, one word, prayers, prayers. >> investigators are awaiting autopsy result to determine exactly how brandon died. the camden county prosecutor office has not said whether there are any obvious signs of injury when they found the little boy's body. coming up at 15:00 tell you how family members, neighbors, are trying to raise money for brendan's family. back to you guys. >> all right, sabina, thank you so much. >> investigators trying to get to the bottom after murder of a 14 year old boy. >> investigator telling us that he was shot in the head while riding his bike. this happened in north philadelphia, dave kinchen with more on this for us live, dave, good morning. >> good morning to you. homicide detective continue to work on this, they say it could be over a girl, that's what might have sparked this whole situation. meantime, family and friends of the 14 year old boy who died remembered him as a vigil
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yesterday. let guess to some video right now. dj de shield was remembered by family and friends at a vigil a few feet from where he was shot monday night on the 1200 block of tenth street in for the philadelphia. he died a day later. police are checking on the reports of the shooting being over a girl, investigators say, the victim road up on a bike, was shot, as he approached a group of boys. family and friends talk about dj, and also, spoke out against the violence. >> he was a great child. he was so fun, so talented. woe dance and sing, and he was so much fun and full of life. >> somebody got to be smart enough to realize that this got wheel of death got to stop spinning. >> a shame we are lining upgoing to a funeral more than we are going to our kids graduations. >> lots of passion there on the street as you heard from folks, their family and friends, cops say bb gun fell
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out of dj's clothes while officers raised him to the hospital after he was shot. friends say whatever the beef was over, it was not worth his life. police continue to investigate and at 5:00 we'll tell you how this is yet another tragedy for this family, that has seen so much sadness and cried so many tears before. guys? >> dave, thanks so much. another sad story this one in kingsessing. mr. is are trying to figure out why someone killed this man that lives with his wife and two kids were inside the house. >> fifty years old, three kids, this is so sad. here he is, tony harris shot once in the head, monday night, during home invasion on the 1100 block of south ruby. police say, three gunmen in their late teens burst in, demanding money from harris and his fiancee, while three young kids were asleep upstairs. now, family members at this point think his killers thought he had a bunch of money because of a facebook prank. >> he didn't even have the money. it was a joke. he made a comment, i misplaced the 2,000, i hope my wife didn't go shopping. but it wasn't even his money.
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be careful of what you put on facebook. because you never know who is watching, who are is paying attention. >> the men got away empty handed. there was no money inside that home. police are also looking for surveillance video from that night. >> and, police are looking for two robbers who they say went on terror spree last week, stealing women's purses, cash, and phones. it happened in the harrow gate section of the city. store surveillance camera captured them. minute later police say they followed a 56 year old customer down the block being grabbed her pursement detective say they're behind three more robberies, that morning, and two couple of days later, at least one they did have a gun. >> as the jobs progress, they seem to be getting more bold, and i think it was one of the last ones they actually showed a handgun in his waistband. >> police are hoping someone will recognize those men, and help get them off the streets. >> the state of delaware black caucus calling for independent federal investigation into a police-involved shoot that killed a man in a wheelchair. twenty-eight year old jeremy
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motorcycle dole died on september 23rd, police say, report of gunshots had them responding to the 1800 block of tulip street in wilmington. authorities say when officers got there, mc dole already had self inflicted gunshot wound. video shows officers firing at him, though, when he refused to drop a gun. officers say, they recovered a gun at the scene, now, some witnesses claim mc dole did not have a gun, and that officers used excessive force. happening today, reports that phillies top cop will announced to he plans to step down at the end of the year. >> yep, sources tell commissioner charles ramsey will announce his retirement today, in a e-mail, sent last night. mayor nutter's administration alerted reporters, of a major public safety announcement. six a year old has been in policing for 47 years now. democratic mayoral candidate jim kenny has said ramsey should retire as mayor, he would not hire a replacement outside the department. we will be there at the news
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conference live at 9:30. >> okay, no word on whether this sparked this, but it happened again. protesters at a town hall event, they were pretty vocal when charles ramsey took to the microphone. >> the commissioner was speaking at town hall event at the national constitution center, the subject, how police officers do their jobs. minute after ramsey began speaking, protesters sitting in the crowd stood up and began chanting, as you saw. park ranger escorted them out. this is not the first time something like this happened. last month protesters interrupted him speaking at eastern state penetentary. >> 4:11 this morning, wisconsin police officers $6 million richer after being shot on the job. why a court says the gun shop owner needed to pay up. >> great gains in the national league playoff yesterday, why some are saying the chicago
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cubs may be free of all of their curses. we'll wait and see, right?
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>> our very own alex holley hadn't present award, all part of the organization's 100 anniversary in that time, hemmed make a positive impact on the lives of more than 120,000 children in the philadelphia region.
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>> that's fantastic. >> it truely is. >> fancy smansy. >> i was going to say, chris and i could never stay awake for that. >> well, we corks we would just and wreck for 4:00 a.m. i think i might and wreck necessary tuesday. >> really? >> i want to go see the eagles and giant at the linc. >> oh, yes, that's a monday night football game. you will have to bundle up for. that will just little preview of coming attractions, let's talk about right now, first before we get to the seven day forecast, which includes monday night. this is a little bit of haze out there this morning, clouds around, but generally it is going to be sweater weather today. we will be back to temperatures that are average for this time of year. normal for mid october. we've got friday cold front that's going to change things rather dramatically for the weekend, and yes, we have frost coming up for the weekend, as well. and always happy to hear from you on social media. sue serio fox 29 is twitter and facebook, ya, engage.
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>> right now, we have a few clouds around the region, and that's what's kept us from getting too chilly overnight. actually tomorrow will be a lot colder than today. i know i said that yesterday. but it is going to be tomorrow that you will feel a chill. so, future weather shows that clouds on the increase the rest of the day today. and the possibility later on, because we have another weak cold front coming through, possibility later on, maybe spotty shower north and west of the city about 3:00 in the afternoon, if you see little sprinkle here, don't be surprised but it is probably not going to happen. like i said, north and west of the city, not a lot of moisture with the secondary cold front. it will reinforce seasonable temperatures already here. so, just a slight, slight, slight chance of shower today. not even enough for bus stop buddy to have umbrella. 59 degrees in the city right now, 47, mount pocono, 50 in pottstown and reading if we move to the south see there is 61 degrees in wildwood.
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>> 68 degrees today, 67 tomorrow, talking seasonable temperatures, more clouds and shower or two means six off degrees on friday, and then, highs in the 50's, both saturday and sunday, we've got our alzheimer's walk, walk to end altzheimer's of course saturday morning in wilmington, delaware, detail on that coming up. now, your monday forecast is for daytime high of 56 degrees. nighttime low of 36 degrees. so, bob, it will be cold out there at the linc. >> some good snuggling weather, 36, pull them covers up, hit the snooze button, come on, 4:17. getting up. getting out. no problems or delays on our major roadways. a lot of construction out, like right here, 42, at 295, and bellmawr. little slow here, along route 73. good morning to the shaders, let's go to maple shade new jersey, route 73, right at fellowship road, kind of quiet this morning, as we are waking up on this wednesday hump day. crews are still working out along route 100 in chester
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county, right near worthington, between worthington and route 113. that repaving project, so, watch for delays there, and still closed on the vine street expressway, until about 5:15, 5:30 or so. both directions, between the schuylkill and broad street. so if you are coming into philadelphia this morning, instead of the vine expressway, you connected at spring garden street, make the left. that will take you on to the parkway. being it 30 or south street, and work your way in toward downtown. then southbound lanes of 95, about four separate construction zones as you work your way from levittown, bucks county, 413 is the first one, they're working down there, cottman avenue. also working down there 452 in delaware county. otherwise, the blue route looking good between the schuylkill up through the pennsylvania turnpike, the northeast extension, there is some construction out there at quakertown, the turnpike local here between philly bensalem and valley forge, no problems, and mass transit, looking good
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on this wednesday morning. chris, lauren, back to you. >> hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders dominated the conversation in the first democratic debate last night. now two clashed over economic policies, us involvement in the middle east, one of the big issues of course with all of the mass shootings, gun control came up. >> that's right, clinton says, sanders isn't tough enough on guns, but the vermont senator defended his position. >> back in 1988, when i first ran for the united state conference, way back then, i told the gun owners of the state of vermont, and i told the people of the state of vermont, a state which has virtually no gun control, that i supported a ban on assault weapons. and over the years i have strongly supported instant background checks, doing away with this terrible gun show loophole, and i think we've got to move aggressively at the federal lawing in dealing with the straw man purchases. >> secretary clinton is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not at all. i think we have to lock at the fact that we lose 90 people a day from gun violence. this has gone on too long and
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it is time the entire country stood up against the nra. >> clinton took issue with the fact that sanders voted against the brady bill despite that sanders light ends the mood with clinton when he said this. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank up, me too, me too. >> you know? >> so brief moment thereof political solidarity, too, would like to talk about what end may they made during their political career that they're most proud of. >> i work hard for climate change and i want to work with the coal lobby, but his my time in the senate tried it bring them to the table so that we could address carbon dioxide, i'm proud to be at dodge for the coal lob. >> i governor owe male? >> national rifle association. (cheers). >> secretary clinton? >> well, in addition to the
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nra, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. (cheers). >> senator sanders? >> someone who has taken on probably every special interest that there is in washington, i would lump wall street and the pharmaceutical industry at the top of my list of people who do not like me. >> senator web? >> i would have to say the enemy soldier that through the grenade that wounded me, but he's not around right now to talk to. >> next democratic debate is of course on november 14th in iowa. >> we heard from all of the candidates. >> that's right. >> whichwisconsin gun store ordd to pay $6 million to two police officers. >> the officers were injured by a gun purchased at the store. jury handed down the decision after a lawsuit alleged the
4:22 am
shop ignored several warning signs that the gun used to shoot the officer was being sold to a straw buyer. that is someone who buys a gun for someone else who can't legally get one. so the jurors sided with the officers, the shooting happened in the summer of 2009 when the officer stopped a man riding had i bike on a sidewalk, surveillance video showed they scuffle with the man before he shot both officers in the face. investigators say the suspect got the gun a month before for just $40. >> bernie sanders talking about, straw buyers. >> big development doesn't always mean big business. why one company in center city is faced with the heart break of closing its doors. #
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>> authorities in nevada say lamb at odom was found unconscious in a brothel. no immediate word on the condition of the former nb a and reality tv star. county sheriff's department was found tuesday afternoon to love ranch, about 70 miles outside of las vegas, after a report after unresponsive man need ago ambulance. welshing odom was stable eyes dollars and drive tone a nearby hospital, the owner of the brothel said odom had been taking a lot of herbal viagra, but no illegal drugs found in his room. then we hear the kardashian's had rush to be by his side. >> meantime, shear more in the world of sport. >> this is fox 29 sport in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. to the national league playoffs yesterday, i'm sure it is just killing philly's
4:26 am
fans. chicago cubs got terrific manager this year, good young players, and all of the curses may be gone. the cubbies are moving on. they beat the team with the most wins in baseball. let's go to chicago. with the score five-four, it was four-four, kyle swab err crushes this baseball. makes it six-four, the cubbies win, they win this series and they move on. how about the chicago cubs six-four winners and they move on to the national league championship series. the cowboys, with bye week this week, now changing quarterbacks, blanton wheaton is down, cowboys now desperate. they're going with matt castle who they traded when buffalo for a few weeks ago. cowboys have lost three in a row, now in free-fall. >> and the eagles, back on the practice field today. they are getting ready. they are the favorite monday night against the new york giants as three and a half point favorites. they win, they're if first place in the division. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> the economy may be improving, but the majority of americans are not spending like they used to, why more
4:27 am
than half of us are keeping our wallets closed. ññ
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>> local cupcake visit lots of construction in fact blocked the sweet smell of suck he is, why big development doesn't always mean big business.
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>> packing heat on the side line of football game, what the referee says happens after he asked that cop to put his gun away. >> oh, oh? >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, october 14th, 2015. >> do you feel well recalls dollars after two days off. >> how dow look? >> look good. >> it is amazing, when you get off this shift, sue serio, for about three, four, five days, you look about eight years younger. >> it was amazing, yes. people were carting me in bars last week, right? ya, that will happen. anyway, we've got, and welcome back, chris, weaver some clouds in the central part of the state, little bit of rain, up to our north and west, from secondary cold front, and perhaps just a little bit of lake effect rain, as well. fifty-nine greets right now in philadelphia, 7-mile per hour breeze, look at the sunrise time, official at 7:10, this morning, other temperatures, to the north, we have 40's, 40's, mount pocono, 47 degrees, 56 in trenton, 59 degrees atlantic city, and wildwood starting off with 61
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today. temperatures not that much different than yesterday. maybe little bit cooler. but only couple of degrees cooler, headline of course how much chillier it will be over the weaken, coldest air of the season is headed our way, for saturday and sunday, and some frost and freeze concerns, in that seven day forecast, so think about that if you still have your plants outside, i'm sure, because we haven't had a frost yet. 76 degrees, is our high from yesterday. it was super-7's, and probably the last high in the seven's for awhile. maybe for long while, see how that goes, weather by the numbers today we bypass that eight and go right to nine out of ten. we will have clouds around in the ever so slightest chance of a shower, but, our temperatures will remain in the 60s all day, and our sunset time now 6:23 p.m. so that's your wednesday foxcast. not a bad day, seasonable temperature, but we'll see what we have ahead as far as that chilly, chilly weekend is concerned. coming up in the seven day forecast, good morning, bob kelly.
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>> i think i will gay to ac more, get me some of those plastic plants. >> ya. >> they always look good. >> keeps them safe from the frost, that's on the way. good morning, everybody, 4:32, on this wednesday. we're in pretty good shape on all of the major roadways here, live look, we go to the jersey side of the ben franklin bridge, admiral wilson boulevard working into the benny toll plaza, no problems or delays at all there, as you work your way up and over the bridges into philadelphia. here's an accident scene. down in delaware county, this is route 452 just off of i-95. there is the mickey d's there just to a locator, there off the ramp from i-95. and the crews are still working on the vine expressway, but seeing some traffic starting to roll both directions here. soap, i'm getting getting a sene probably ready to open up the lanes here, coming into and out of philly. again, the vine expressway all this week on the overnight is closed between the schuylkill and broad street. so probably best bet leaving
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the house right now, you will probably be good to go by the time you get there. the rest of the majors, the blue route looking good as you're up and down the northeast extension, no problems on the turnpike between philly bensalem, all the way over toward valley forge. they are still working though on the roosevelt boulevard. they've been paving on the overnight. where the inner drives are closed, between woodward and rhawn. they should be out of thereby about 5:30, 6:00 or so for the gang in northeast philadelphia. and if you are headed down to the airport this morning, so far so good, at philadelphia international airport. and mass transit running with no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, north philadelphia community mourning the loss after 14 year old, who was gunned down while he was riding his bike. >> that shooter still on the loose right now. dave kinchen on this live from police headquarters. dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. homicide detective pick up this case this morning, checking in to report that this senseless murder was over an argument about a girl. meanwhile, let's go to some video right now. fourteen year old devalue dj de shield was remembered by family and friends in a vigil
4:34 am
just few feet from where he was shot monday night, shot in the head-on the 1200 block of tenth street in north philadelphia. he died a day later. that was yesterday when he died. police say the victim reportedly road up on a bike, was shot as he approached a group of boys. family and friends talked about dj and spoke out against the violence, and it is also another tragedy for his family. his mother died of cancer in 2013 and then his sister died from cancer just last year. >> the family has been through a lot already from the passing of the mother, and the sister passed and now here goes the baby, he was the youngest, the baby, the baby getting killed now. it is a lot on a family. >> somebody got to be smart enough to realize that this wheel of death got to some spinning. >> this happened at such an early age. he didn't get a chance to really live his life out. >> family and friends have had enough of this violence, cops
4:35 am
say bb gun fell from dj's pocket while officers raised him to the hospital after the shooting. but friend say for whatever reason, whatever this was really about, it was no reason to take a young life. again, police continue to pick up the case today, guys, back to you. >> we'll keep an eye on. that will meantime a temple university school of medicine now renamed and dedicated to honor the late lewis cat. >> a ceremony held yesterday at the campus of education and research building. lewis katz was businessman, philanthropist and proud temple graduate, died in a plane crash in may of 2014. before his death he announced $20 million gift to the university. that's the largest single donation in temple's history. >> he wanted to be sure that temple university took its rightful place as one of the great urban universities in america and because of his effort, and because of all the guidance he provided, he succeeded in that.
4:36 am
>> his name now adorns the outside after medical school building, his daughter, son, daughter in law, also in attendance, unveiling portrait of their father that will now hang in the lobby. >> school officials say they were protecting religious and cultural beliefs when they tried to ban halloween. so why the superintendent reverse that decision, we'll take a look. >> first, here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck to you.
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>> according to new survey out, more say they've cut back on spending every month. we're getting smarter. 28% say they're not spending because their incomes have not changed. nearly 25% said it is because they needed to save more money, analysts say the result of the survey could be a sign americans won't be spending as much this holiday season, as they did last year. primary reason, according to the survey; wages, wages are stagnant, costs are rising, and very difficult for americans to make ends meet. very few americans have emergency funds, they don't have retirement savings. >> the bang rate survey shows americans between the ages of 50 and 64 are the most stingy with 73% holding back on their spending. >> they're facing retirement, right? >> yes, speaking every monday i local cupcake business has blocked construction is blocking business. >> so six years ago, philly cupcake company came to
4:40 am
12th and chestnut in center city, at a time when few stores were in the area. now major development underway. owners say it is negatively impacting their bottom line. >> the city should be much more responsible handing out permit. small businesses is what created philadelphia. >> so development that's market street, then the one here on chestnut became sort of blocked, all of the parking and all of the walk up on chestnut, also on samson street, and it made it very difficult for people to be able to walk to us. >> so the owners tell fox 29, the city commerce department offered them a list of other available locations, to move to, but they say, at the end of the month, they plan to leave and possibly rebuild somewhere else entirely. >> that stinks. here is the deal. it is a gamble where ever you go, construction all over the sit. >> i specially right in that area, yes. but five years from now, all the construction is gone, it will be booming. >> yes. >> can they hang on that long, though? passengers get so mad on american airlines flight they
4:41 am
start booing. so it all started when a flight attendant asked a woman to clear the aisle. >> she says, she didn't hear them, but they kick her off anyhow. >> i didn't even -- >> i know you didn't see it. >> you just lost a lot of customers. (crowd booing). >> so you hear the woman casino every crying as she's pleading to stay on that flight. then you can hear the fellow passengers bash the airline, saying you lost a lot of customers, we'll never fly american again. women, american airlines released a statement saying it is looking into what happened. the woman reportedly goat on the next flight headed to where ever she was going. >> flight attendant must have the worse job in the wormed. they're always tired, pouring drinks, and spilling, always claustrophobic.
4:42 am
>> everyone asking, can i get a blanket? i want ice. i want water. >> they get sassy. hey, the i starve fox's show empire is now making a name for herself as a model. >> we'll reveal the stunning magazine cover featuring taraji, when you can buy the issue of cookie on the cover. pea past .
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>> how old did we say he was? thirty-seven? >> thirty-seven years old. >> bob, do you know yourer? >> yes, i have heard of usher, yes. >> we will talk about the ushers at the catholic church in. >> no, that's not the church usher. >> just making sure it's clarified. >> this guy is rich. he doesn't have the basket out for monday. >> i right. he doesn't have to pass it around for the collection? >> never. >> what's on your facebook page? >> folks are always saying bobby want to go for a ride in skyfox. welshing take a look at this, we shot some video yesterday. skyfox, you know, has it come in for pit stop, i got to get coffee, i have to stop for donut and gas. put up some cool video of skyfox coming in for landing at the cockpit there. >> my. >> we land for gas over there delaware avenue, right buy your place there, lauren. you should learn to leave your shades down too, by the way. >> ya, that thing is equipped with cameras. >> avenue very good zoom lens on my jam cam mounted aboard
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skyfox. so go to my facebook page, bob kelly fox 29. get an identify he what it looks like from the cockpit of skyfox. we come in for land there for some gas and coffee. >> nice. >> word to the wise to all of us to invest in curtains. bob kelly's in the chopper, pull your curtains down. >> he could be anywhere. temperature right now in philadelphia, is 59 degrees. but as we look out to our west, we see temperatures that are in the 40's, about ten, 20 degrees cooler than where we are right now. get used to, that that will be the situation by the weekends. 20 degrees cooler. take a look at the west coast though, where we've had the heatwave. temperatures already at 77 degrees, in san diego, and where they had the debate last night, 78, right now. right now, we have clouds around. so it didn't get too, too cold last night. once skies clear overnight, that's when we start to get the real chilly mornings. that will will probably be the case tomorrow with clouds clearing out.
4:47 am
look at the future weather, do you see increase in clouds. we have another weak cold front coming through today to reinforce the chillier air that's in place, we won't get into the 70s again today. possibility, north and west of the city, about 3:00 in the afternoon maybe, up toward the lehigh valley, maybe the pocono mountains, some spotty showers, not too many of them making their way here, as that front comes through in the evening, but that's where the difference will be, when those clouds clear, in the overnight hours, then wake up tomorrow to temperatures that are cooler than these, 50's to the north of us, lower 50's, or 40's, if you're in mount pocono, 59 degrees in the city, 56 degrees wilmington, delaware, the site of our walk to end alzheimer's this saturday morning. 59 degrees atlantic city. wind are out of the west, they're in the process of changing direction now that the first cold front has come through, we're going to eventually see all northwesterly wind like we do up in mount pocono, and down in wildwood. so, if we look at the past seven days, we certainly had our warm times, cool times,
4:48 am
80 degrees last friday, 66 on saturday, and then that warming trend, past two days, high of 76 degrees, no 70s today, though, seasonable high of 68 degrees. and nine out of ten, 67 tomorrow, then the chill begins, friday, the cold front comes through, that will change our weather for the weekend. and by sunday morning and monday morning, we are talking low temperatures in the 30's. soap, it bert get out the fleece, i guess we have to start wearing socks, bob kelly? >> you know, i need my fox 29 official long johns. >> oh,. >> did we issue them yet? >> with the flap in the back? >> with the logo, and new blue and white graphic colors there. good morning, everybody, live look at i95, crews are still working, they're loving the cooler temps here on the overnight. ninety-five up near 413, in bucks county. lanes are open, but just be careful. you got the blinking signs out there, and the construction guys are throwing the cones in the back of the truck there in the process, cleaning things
4:49 am
up, and getting ready to roll out of here for the end of the day. the clinic err, i think we need a new battery for the clicker. hold on, sue. you stay right there. here is the vine expressway. open for business here. which is good. they had it closed for most of the overnight. but it looks like traffic starting to move again. so that's good news. i think we're okay. schuylkill expressway eastbound, from con she is into downtown, not bad at all, there was some construction overnight at belmont. good to go, 202, coming up from chester county in toward king of prussia. we're looking goodment double five's on that 42 freeway. and let's go to cherry hill new jersey, cherry hill, route 70, just off of i-295. not bad at all working your way from north jersey down into the freeway. and mass transit, looking good, chris, lauren, over to you. >> lots of tricks, but no treat in haverford township. >> police say for the past two days woman has been going door-to-door asking for donations every cash and halloween costumes for a local
4:50 am
charity. but according to police, she's lying. in one case the woman made her way inside the house where she stole an iphone. several neighbors tell us the woman was posting as a volunteer with the multicultural community family in upper darby. it is an organization that tells us they do not solicit door it door. >> they are accepting donations for halloween party, and she was like we're accepting cash or like donations and estimate i said oh, i'm sorry, i don't have any carbon me. i wasn't going to give money to someone i didn't know. >> so if you know anything about this woman, call haverford township police of course. >> we first told but this story yesterday. now, there is news of reverse decision in the works. >> so, things are looking really scary at a connecticut school district. officials decided to cancel halloween and ban the annual costume parade. but now, that's not the case. parents protested that decision, and the festivities are back on, rebecca lilly collected more than 2700 signatures for that petition. man? she was hard at work.
4:51 am
>> yes. coming up 4:51, on fox, star taraji, essence magazine. >> empire cookie lions has made name for herself on prime time tv. her character takes no prisoners, and neither does this emmy nominated actress. taraji talks about her rise to superstar dom, and her new legion every fans. you can read all about it on friday, when the issue hits news stands, and of course, you can catch an all new episode of empire tonight, right here, on fox 29. >> look at the cut on that dress. >> on both sides. >> dang. >> look at her, so sass. >> i both sides. off duty police officer bridges his gun to local football game. that will decision did not sit well while the referee filed a complaint with the police department.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> ♪ >> i love this song, in the hang over. this is yourer. >> this is usher. >> because he's got a birthday today. >> happy birthday, usher. >> living in my hometown, born in like chattanooga, but then moved down therefore his music career. >> the atl has rocking music. all of georgia does. mylong, from at ends georgia. >> i went to track camp there every summer. >> were you a track star watch was your event? >> one hundred, 200, 400.
4:55 am
>> so, speaking sport. somewhat here, florida police officer is coming under scrutiny for wearing his firearm. >> so the officer wanted to help coach a kids football game. he didn't want to take his weapon on. fox's ang lee davis explains. >> for 15 years there is man has made the cuff call from the side lines. but now, this referee, who doesn't want to be identified, is calling foul on a cops behavior. the incident happened last month during a bok academy football game. officer helped to coach in full uniform. >> half time i said, look, tell the officer if he is going to coach, remove the firearm. and no problem. >> referee said he made two requests to to the head coach. but officer chilly didn't change. cords together complaint, when leaving the game? >> he stopped me, i mean, i was walk to go my vehicle, so he basically brought me to a
4:56 am
halt, you know, stop, i need to talk to you. >> according to the complaint, the referee says officer whirly asked for his name, and wrote it down. and asked him if he had told the head coach law enforcement wasn't allowed on the field. >> when he walked off he said i'll check you out, so immediately i said i worked in law enforce. , i know what a check out is, when a cop just trying to ban someone. >> the referee said the weapons were the only thing he took issue with. >> so you had no issue with the uniform? >> no. after work, steak your stuff off, go out on the field, coach. >> launching internal investigation after the referee filed the formal complaint. they say whether or not an officer can be in uniform off duty falls into a gray area. >> you may have to run by the store on your way home, or run by kids ballgame or parent-teacher confront or something like, that you don't necessarily have to take the uniform off as soon as you leave. >> but on his football field
4:57 am
there is rev re said the rules are clear. >> just not allowed in sport. >> well, that controversy will continue. hey, here is another controversy. can jay-z go down for misusing music from a popular 1950's love song? the hit song is being questioned in court.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> hillary clinton got some unexpected help in putting her e-mail controversy behind her. which opponent said something short of shut that scandal down. good morning, sabina. >> hey, good morning, lauren, well, toddler found dead in the woods, now police are trying to figure out just how he died. and an update on the investigation coming up. good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning, sack even a philadelphia homicide detectives are check to go see if a 14 year old boy was shot and killed over a girl. the latest on the investigation coming up. chris? >> dave, and at 5:00 trying to yell the controversy over juice of fetal tissue, planned parenthood announced it would no longer except reimbursement for providing the tissue for medical reserve: the reason why the company made sudden change in policy. good day everyone, it is wednesday, october 14th, 2015. >> i think this is a first day i pulled out a sweater of sorts. because i wa


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